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    Sensei by Linkman 145 / YuGiOh15

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                  ___   _____   _     _   ___   __   _   _____   _____  
                 /   | |  _  \ | |   / / /   | |  \ | | /  ___| | ____| 
                / /| | | | | | | |  / / / /| | |   \| | | |     | |__   
               / / | | | | | | | | / / / / | | | |\   | | |     |  __|  
              / /  | | | |_| | | |/ / / /  | | | | \  | | |___  | |___  
             /_/   |_| |_____/ |___/ /_/   |_| |_|  \_| \_____| |_____|
                 _          __  ___   _____    _____        _____  
     	    | |        / / /   | |  _  \  /  ___/      /___  \ 
                | |  __   / / / /| | | |_| |  | |___        ___| | 
                | | /  | / / / / | | |  _  /  \___  \      /  ___/ 
                | |/   |/ / / /  | | | | \ \   ___| |      | |___   
                |___/|___/ /_/   |_| |_|  \_\ /_____/      |_____|
     	_____   _____        _____   _____   __   _   _____   _____   _  
           /  ___| /  _  \      /  ___/ | ____| |  \ | | /  ___/ | ____| | | 
           | |     | | | |      | |___  | |__   |   \| | | |___  | |__   | | 
           | |     | | | |      \___  \ |  __|  | |\   | \___  \ |  __|  | | 
           | |___  | |_| |       ___| | | |___  | | \  |  ___| | | |___  | | 
           \_____| \_____/      /_____/ |_____| |_|  \_| /_____/ |_____| |_|
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    Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising
    By: YuGiOh15 and Linkman 145
    FAQ - CO Sensei
    .:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:. Table of Contents .:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.
    0. Table of Contents
    1. Legal Stuff .....................................................[#1#]
    2. Introduction ....................................................[#2#]
    3. CO Sensei .......................................................[#3#]
    4. Sensei's Stats ..................................................[#4#]
    5. Strategies and Techniques for Sensei ............................[#5#]
    6. Sensei's weaknesses .............................................[#6#]
    7. How would Sensei fare against the other COs? ....................[#7#]
    8. Sensei Opinions .................................................[#8#]
    9. Special Thanks ..................................................[#9#]
    10. Version History ................................................[#10]
    11. Contact ........................................................[#11] 
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    Sensei, Advance Wars and all related characters are copyright of 
    Nintendo. All rights reserved.
    Copyright 2004-2005 Celso Rangel and Miguel Leandro.
    .:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.: [#2#] Introduction [#2#] .:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.
    In the end of 2001, near the GameBoy Advance's release, we were blessed 
    with the creation known as Advance Wars. It was an amazing game; we spent 
    countless hours playing such magnificent masterpiece. It brought portable 
    gaming to such levels; we didn't believe so many things could fit into 
    that tiny little cartridge. It was a Gamer's heaven.
    Dealing with over 20 different units, and 10 different Commanding 
    Officers (CO), while still maintaining some kind of balance is more than 
    impressive. Aside from using most elements of real warfare, Advance Wars 
    also had amazing Replay Value; Multiplayer was one of the deepest ever 
    seen in the GameBoy Advance, even by today's standards. It became an 
    instant classic, showing the GameBoy Advance's sheer power.
    And later, we were blessed again, with the release of Advance Wars 2: 
    Black Hole rising. With eight new COs, one new unit, and whole ton of new 
    maps, Advance Wars 2 didn't fail to impress either. Featuring all the 
    advantages of the first, and even more department than before, Advance 
    Wars 2 quickly won a place in our hearts. It perfected what was already 
    With a cast of amazing COs, filled with variety, Advance Wars 2 made us 
    happy. And among of all those COs, we found our dear child; An old man by 
    the name of Sensei. Sensei's true heart and experience touched us; but 
    more than anything we were really moved by his laziness. We just loved 
    him. We had to create something in his honor.
    And that's why this document is here, to honor this smart old man that 
    runs by the name of Sensei. We hope you enjoy reading it, as much as we 
    enjoyed making it. Maybe we can make you use Sensei like there's no 
    .:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:. [#3#] CO Sensei [#3#] .:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.
    Name: Sensei
    Army: Yellow Comet
    A former paratrooper rumored to have been quite the CO in his days.
    Hit: Lazy, rainy days
    Miss: Busy Malls
    Skill: Powerful Infantry and high transport movement range. Superior 
    firepower for Copters, but weak vs. Naval and Vehicle units.
    Power Meter: ooOOOO
    CO Power: Copter Command - Attack Copter firepower increased. Infantry 
    units with 9 HP appear in all allied cities, ready to be moved.
    Super CO Power: Airborne Assault - Attack Copter firepower increased. 
    Mech units with 9 HP appear in all allied cities, ready to be moved.
    Winning Phrase: 'Hm hm hmmm... I've still got what it takes!'
    How to unlock: Finish the Yellow Comet campaign, and buy Kanbei or Sonja.
    Sensei, for those of you that don't know, is Japanese for teacher. And 
    that's what Sensei is - a teacher. He is slightly difficult to use 
    correctly, and he even might seem weak at first; ah, what mundane minds 
    of those who believe Sensei is weak.
    Sensei is a Yellow Comet CO and a paratrooper as well. Or at least, he 
    used to be one. As of now, he is old and lazy, but his CO skills remain 
    powerful. He'd just like to relax and enjoy the rest of his days, but he 
    is forced to go back to his War days, to save his homeland.
    He taught Kanbei the ways of a Samurai, hence his name Sensei. On his 
    best days, he was rumored to be an invincible CO all through Wars World. 
    His reputation has declined, but his ability hasn't... And he shows it to 
    Adder while kicking him out of Yellow Comet. Sensei proves to be relaxed, 
    yet caring for his people and his country. He just wants peace.
    Sensei gets along well with everyone. He is the man!
    .:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.: [#4#] Sensei's Stats [#4#] :.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:
    Sensei's stats. We shall use a system like this:
    Those are stats. XXX is the attack percentage, and YYY is the defense 
    percentage. Consider Andy's units as a 100%/100%. Anything else shall be 
    said in brackets, next to the percentages.
    Normal Conditions
    Foot Soldiers: 140/100
    Direct Vehicles: 90/100
    Indirect Vehicles: 90/100
    Copters: 150/100
    Planes: 100/100
    Direct Sea: 90/100
    Indirect Sea: 90/100
    Transports: ---/100 [+1 Movement]
    CO Power: Copter Command
    Foot Soldiers: 140/110 [Infantries spawn in all Allied cities]
    Direct Vehicles: 90/110
    Indirect Vehicles: 90/110
    Copters: 175/110
    Planes: 100/110
    Direct Sea: 90/110
    Indirect Sea: 90/110
    Transports: ---/110 [+1 Movement]
    Super CO Power: Airborne Assault
    Foot Soldiers: 140/110 [Mechs spawn in all Allied cities]
    Direct Vehicles: 90/110
    Indirect Vehicles: 90/110
    Copters: 175/110
    Planes: 100/110
    Direct Sea: 90/110
    Indirect Sea: 90/110
    Transports: ---/110 [+1 Movement]
    Note: All CO Powers give a +10% defense bonus to all units for one turn.
    As you can see, Sensei's strength is crazy. His B-Copters and Infantry 
    far surpass any others in the game. Period.
    However, it does cost him. Sensei does get huge boosts, but only in three 
    units, and is weak in almost everything else. This would seem weak at 
    first, but it really isn't. It takes a little while for the average Joe 
    to understand Sensei, so we'll break it down for you.
    First of all, Sensei's transports are a big help when capturing. Although 
    he lacks any special capturing abilities, his transport are fast enough 
    to still maintain a property advantage over the enemy. Especially because 
    his infantries slaughter other infantries.
    With a property advantage, Sensei should start producing his trademark 
    units, B-Copters and Mechs. If you noticed, B-Copters and Mechs are the 
    two most versatile units in the game. The B-Copter fires upon ALL units 
    in the game, with the exception of planes. Even if it can't deal decent 
    damage to Anti-Airs and Cruisers, we're talking about 80% of the game 
    here, and that's pretty darn impressive. And Mechs deal amazing damage to 
    anything ground-based, considering their cost. Seven of Andy's Mechs 
    would defeat a Neotank, and they are about the same value. Think what 
    Sensei's would do then.
    So, a B-Copter + Mech assault suddenly becomes a huge threat. Anti-Airs 
    manage to OHKO Copters, and also fairly damage Mechs; but they still fall 
    to the very same Mechs they take out. Since an Anti-Air is 2.5 times the 
    cost of a Mech, it's not an effective counter. Not to mention Sensei will 
    fill himself up with Mechs after his SCOP.
    Sensei is one of the easiest COs to use, after you realize his strengths. 
    He uses, in our humble opinion, the two best units in the game. And his 
    weakness isn't that bad either.
    On top of everything, he is a wise old buddy! What else do you want?
    .:.:.:.:.:. [#5#] Strategies and Techniques for Sensei [#5#] :.:.:.:.:.:.
    Here, we will try and provide strategies to use with Sensei. Most of 
    these strategies are commonly known; if you came up with any of these, 
    they are so widespread we wouldn't know if you really created it. If 
    there's a specific creator for a strategy, he shall be fully credited. 
    Submit any strategies you have for the mighty Sensei!
    1.	Early Capturing
     >> Description: This strategy consists in using Sensei's extra movement 
    in transports, along with his powerful infantry, to maintain a city 
     >> Strategy: In the establishment phase, when you must capture cities, 
    build infantries and transports as usual. Instead of capturing the nearby 
    properties, load your soldiers to the transport. Try and get them to the 
    cities farther away, and start capturing. After you've captured the 
    cities a bit past half of the map, start capturing the ones before them.
    The idea of this technique is to assure Sensei gets more cities; and with 
    his mobile transports, he'll be able to do so. His infantry will be able 
    to protect the cities well, and make sure they don't get stopped during 
    capture. At this point, the only thing you will face is Infantry and 
    Recons. Block infantry with your transport! Their movement range is 
    small, so if you manage to block their path, they will be stopped cold. 
    Same applies to Recons; block the roads so they can't reach your units 
    through the slow moving plains. All in all, Sensei's infantry will be 
    able to hold off the cities, so you'll maintain a nice advantage. And if 
    you're having trouble holding him off, Copter Command shall re-supply you 
    with Infantry.
     >> Counter: The best way to counter this strategy is using Tanks. 
    Infantry and Recons won't suffice against a Transport; it'll take you 
    about 4 turns fighting like that. However, Tanks will pound Sensei. 
    Sensei's using his money to capture before you can, so he's not producing 
    any powerful units. If he used Mechs instead of infantry, tanks still 
    have the advantage - The extra movement will assure you the first strike.
    2.	Mech Flooding/Swarming
     >> Description: Build a lot of Mechs, support it with Airborne Assault, 
    and break through the enemy lines.
     >> Strategy: If you managed to do well in your establishment phase, then 
    you should have a couple of factories. The idea of this strategy is to 
    produce Mechs, a whole bunch of Mechs. As we've said before, Mechs beat 
    about anything ground-based, considering their cost. And Sensei's are 
    even better. Build a lot of Mechs, and advance slowly through your 
    opponent's defense - He won't be able to beat you, as you'll outnumber 
    him badly. Even Neotanks fall to this Technique.
    It's also very cost-effective, as Mechs are very cheap, and since your 
    enemy should be retreating, you can capture their cities. Even if it 
    takes a while, you eventually overwhelm your enemy with superior numbers, 
    while they struggle against their lack of funds.
    However, it's awfully slow. Mechs only have 2 movement, and that is 
    horrible. Even if it's nearly unstoppable, it's WAY TOO SLOW. Do not use 
    this in any campaign or War room maps, or you'll get a bad speed rating, 
    not to mention all those killed mechs will destroy your technique rating.
    Don't forget to support this strategy with APCs to actually get your 
    Mechs in the frontlines, and Anti-Airs for any Air units that may appear. 
    Note: This works very well when combined with 'Copter Blitzkrieg'.
     >> Counter: This strategy can be countered by Infantry. Infantries are 
    one third of a Mech's cost, and they deal effective damage to them. You 
    should be able to outnumber your enemy, forcing them to switch techniques 
    to defeat your Infantry units. Tanks should be deployed too, or you'll be 
    slaughtered by Anti-Airs.
    3.	Copter Blitzkrieg
     >> Description: Build a lot of B-Copters, support it with your Powers, 
    and break through the enemy lines.
     >> Strategy: For those of you that don't know, Blitzkrieg is German for 
    'Lightning War'. It was adapted to Advance Wars, to imply a constant 
    income of Tanks and/or Artilleries - Similarly to the previously 
    mentioned "Mech Flood".
    Well, Sensei can do it to... But Copters are what work for him. As we've 
    mentioned before, B-Copters are able to fire on almost anything in this 
    in this game - Imagine what a bunch of Sensei's crazy copters would do. 
    We calculated the damage, and B-Copters slaughtered almost everything, 
    including Cruisers (taking cost into account).
    However... There are some flaws with this technique. First of all, B-
    Copters fall to the cheaper Anti-Airs. If you can flood B-Copters, then 
    your foe can flood Anti-Airs, so it's not effective. Second, it's simply 
    ineffective against Planes. And lastly, it's too expensive. Unlike Mechs, 
    B-Copters are expensive, so you can't just pop out 3 or 4 every turn. 
    Even with your best income, it's hard to build more than 2, not to 
    mention the support they need.
    With all that being said, it's still darn impressive. With some support, 
    B-copters become amazingly powerful. They can break through enemy lines, 
    or they can just go around them. And with both of your powers getting 
    them to crazy levels, AND creating instant support for them, this easily 
    becomes one of Sensei's most effective techniques, as well as his 
    Note: This works very well when combined with 'Mech Flooding/Swarming'.
     >> Counter: The three weaknesses mentioned are what hinder this 
    technique, and they're not very exploitable. Planes are too expensive to 
    go against a large number of copters, not to mention the Anti-Air support 
    that should be nearby. Sensei's powerful infantry will assure him a 
    steady money flow, so it's hard to go against that too. The only 
    effective counter is using Anti-Airs, as they can manage to stop 
    Copters... But Sensei's Mechs will slaughter you in large numbers. Try 
    and combine all three weaknesses, and watch out for Sensei's power meter. 
    That, and some luck. You'll need it.
    4.	Soldier Joining
     >> Description: Use your COP or your SCOP to create foot soldiers, and 
    join them, so you get money from the surplus.
     >> Strategy: In one campaign mission, Sensei said to an enemy that when 
    2 units join together, the surplus is converted into funds. That's 
    basically what Soldier Joining is. When you join two units, the extra HP 
    goes to your funds. And since Sensei's powers net him a bunch of 9HP 
    units, there's a gold mine there to be exploited.
    This is useful in the middle of battle when you are in dire need of 
    building something, but you just need a little more G. The following 
    shows this: Pretend you have 21200 G and you want to build a bomber. You 
    have two infantry with 9 HP. If you join them...
    9 HP Infantry + 9 HP Infantry = 8 HP extra
    (9+9=18, which is 8 HP over the max amount, 10 HP)
    8 HP = 80% 
    (Type of unit)
    80% of infantry's cost: 800 G gained from the converted surplus. 
    You can then build a bomber, since 21200 G + 800 = 22000 G 
    This works best when combined with an Infantry or Mech swarm. Among your 
    units, there ought to be some damaged ones, so you can join them to 
    refresh your forces, and get some extra funds! It also contributes to 
    your technique in Campaign and War Room; when you join 2 units, and they 
    get destroyed, it only counts as one unit. It's an excellent way to use 
    those useless 2-3 HP units.
    If you learn how to use this strategy right, you'll get so much money you 
    might be able to build B-Copters from just the converted surplus. It's an 
    excellent way to support all of the above mentioned strategies.
     >> Counter: This is not a threatening strategy, but if Sensei gets some 
    funds, he'll beat the crap out of you with Copters. The best way to stop 
    this is to have one of your units block the distance between the cities, 
    so they won't be able to join (at least not immediately). However, then 
    you're getting attacked by two 9HP Mechs, so be extremely careful if 
    trying to stop this strategy. The old man is mighty!
    5.	Pre-deployed Deployment
     >> Description: Use your COP or SCOP in pre-deployed maps to actually 
    create new units.
     >> Strategy: This is actually just a simple Technique, there's no real 
    science here. In a pre-deployed map, Sensei's powers will allow him to 
    deploy units.
    Although simple, this is actually quite powerful. Do your best through 
    the battle to capture many cities, and then use your Super CO Power. You 
    should unfairly outnumber your enemy, almost assuring your victory, even 
    against COs like Kanbei, or with a certain advantage at the map.
    It's wise to count up your unit's worth. Each star in your Power meter is 
    worth $9,000, and every unit of yours that gets destroyed adds its worth 
    in funds to your Power meter. If you count up more than $54,000 that 
    means you will be able to use Airborne Assault at a certain point of the 
    battle, unless your HQ gets captured. Destroying enemy units nets you 
    half of their costs in your Power meter, so take that into account too. 
    Sometimes you just won't be able to use Airborne Assault, as there won't 
    be enough funds. Always calculate to see if you can use it, and if you 
    can, when to use it. Remember the more cities you have, the more units 
    you will deploy.
     >> Counter: This is like an ability of Sensei's, so it's hard to 
    counter. The best thing you can do is stop Sensei from capturing cities, 
    so he'll have fewer units to work with when using his Power.
    6.	Pierce - By Ababy
     >> Description: Attack a concentrated section of the enemy's front, 
    break your way through and attack his indirects, to secure the obtained 
     >> Strategy: Form a defensive line and make sure that you can hold the 
    opponent for two or three turns, or accumulate joined, healed and reserve 
    units while advancing relatively slowly. Concentrate units behind your 
    line and go for a gigantic attack on one concentrated section of the 
    opponent's line. When you break a hole in the line, send directs behind 
    and wreck havoc on indirects. You'll need to do this to secure or provide 
    safety for the land that you've gotten. 
    If you're confident, you can attack the middle, which is the most 
    dangerous section (opponents are surrounding you). If you manage to do 
    so, you'll split their line and force them to either launch a counter-
    attack at the position or retreat to regroup. 
    The Left and Right are also good fronts to attack, especially with naval 
    support (battleships can do wonders here, even just one can suffice). 
    Sensei is marvelous here because he can wipe out meat-shields in one hit 
    with a bunch of cheap B-Copters. Just get three or four and rush them in, 
    they should create holes in the opponent's line for your directs to move 
    in and get two or more attacks in. 
    Either way, after advancing, make sure that you move some reserve 
    indirects up to somewhat keep the ground you've gained. MAKE SURE TO 
    ALWAYS KEEP YOUR LINE WHILE YOU DO THIS or you'll just give your opponent 
    a route to your HQ (you can make a trap out of that though.....). This 
    strategy devastates the opponent if successful.  
     >> Counter: The only way to counter a pierce attack is to be aggressive 
    yourself, or to have effective scouts (as pierce relies on the element of 
    surprise). If you know that a pierce attack will come and know which 
    place your opponent will attack, you can easily set up a trap. This 
    applies to all COs, not just Sensei. Pierce, if not prepared against, is 
    7.	Gosu Flanking - by konscript
     >> Description: Surround your enemy with Mech units while your heavier 
    units stay to the middle and prevent the enemy from breaking through and 
    separating you.
     >> Strategy: Like a few other CO's, Sensei's transports can move an 
    extra space. Well this is INCREDIBLY useful. While you can use B-Copters 
    and tanks to form a defensive mid section (about the middle of the 
    terrain you are fighting on), you can use your mechs to take the sides. 
    Build a few transports and mechs. While your heavier units hold the 
    middle ground, you can take your mechs and load them into the transports 
    secretly. Due to their ability to move an extra space, you can move them 
    around to the sides of the battlefield, preferably out of view. Make sure 
    that you do this to both sides of the battle field. Continue to unload a 
    few mechs on both sides until you have enough to counter most of the 
    units that you will be facing in the middle. Now, start to move your 
    mechs in; within a few turns your opponent will realize that he is being 
    attacked on three fronts. With you being able to attack him with more 
    men, you have the advantage. If you can pull off a surround with this 
    tactic, go ahead.
    In other words, you should try pulling off something like this (E = enemy 
    A = you):
    The above formation will either allow you to completely decimate your 
    opponent, or force him to retreat, allowing you to take ground and most 
    likely properties.
    You can also set up a few mechs in mountains or forests before-hand in an 
    area you need to take (many cities). If the enemy has control of the 
    area, you can send a few B-Copters in, and harass his infantry trying to 
    capture. In his haste to expand, he will most likely push you and your B-
    Copters back, but your mechs will still be there. Move them in once he 
    has taken the bait, and now he is outflanked again. Due to the fact that 
    most of the time he will be traveling through plains (easier movement), 
    your mechs (who receive almost NO movement penalties), will be able to 
    attack on more fronts. He will be severely weakened from his advancement 
    and forced to give you more territory while he attempts to build back his 
     >> Counter: The best way to counter this is to be prepared - Spread out 
    your units. Anti-Airs and Recons should be great counter to the flanking 
    units, so don't forget to deploy some around the area. Avoid getting 
    surrounded, and always be alert.
    8.	Double Copter Command - by gameguy146
     >> Description: When you have filled you Power meter, use Copter Command 
    twice instead of using Airborne Assault.
     >> Strategy: Although this strategy is very situational, it can be very 
    useful. Sensei's powers only differ in which unit spawn from cities - the 
    boost is the same. What if the Mechs you're getting simply aren't worth 
    it? Use Copter Command twice! Your copters will get to crazy attack 
    levels, for 2 turns in a row.
    And even if you're getting loads of Mechs, Infantry units aren't too 
    shabby. You'll be getting a whole load of them, so you could try to swarm 
    your enemy with them. Especially with Sensei's amazing Infantry.
     >> Counter: There's no real counter to this, except a whole bunch of 
    Anti-Airs. If Sensei's using this strategy, you can expect a lot of 
    Copters, so be careful.
    .:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.: [#6#] Sensei's weaknesses [#6#] :.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.
    Ah, what a short section this should be. Sadly, we'll have to detail 
    Well, as mighty as the old man is, he still fails in some occasions. 
    Sensei excels incredibly in his maps, yet he fails at almost everything 
    else. That is his main weakness - He's too focalized. Getting crazy 
    boosts for 3 units is amazing, as long as you get to use them thoroughly. 
    But only 3 out of 16 units (excluding transports) is a bad ratio. Chances 
    are you'll find maps where one, two, or even all three units are 
    neglected. This limits Sensei in a fair amount of maps.
    The fact his Air units are normal helps him out a bit, as they are widely 
    versatile. They can be used in ALL maps; as long as you can deploy them, 
    they'll do fine. His weak units aren't too bad either; they have slightly 
    less firepower, and are perfectly usable.
    What really kills Sensei, are his Powers. While they are amazing in the 
    right maps, they are way too focused. In a Sea map without Air units, 
    Sensei's Powers only give the traditional +10% defense. All the other 
    type-specialized COs (Based on Air, Sea or Ground) have special effects 
    in their powers, that help them even if not in their specialty. Drake 
    reduces fuel, which brings him the edge at Air battles, Eagle's Lightning 
    Strike works in Ground and Sea as well; and Jess' refueling help in Air 
    or Sea battles. Yet, our buddy Sensei only gets boosts in his strength. 
    It simply hinders his chances at some maps.
    He also relies a lot in large numbers. Sensei almost always relies on 
    some kind of swarm - whether it's Mech, Copter or whatever, he needs them 
    in large numbers. So he's highly susceptible to any kind of generalized 
    damage, like damaging Powers, or Missile Silos.
    With all that being said, Sensei still is no pushover. He has a slight 
    advantage - ALL maps shall include cities. If it's pre-deployed, he'll 
    get extra units, and if it has deployment, he can get extra funds, as 
    well as easier capturing time. Do not under-estimate him, or you might 
    get a nasty surprise.
    .:.:.:. [#7#] How would Sensei fare against the other COs?  [#7#] .:.:.:.
    Here, we'll try to show how Sensei would fare against all the other COs 
    in the game. Skill is a lot more important than anything you see here - 
    using the best CO won't assure your victory. It's still important, so 
    let's see how Sensei stands up to the rest of the gang.
     >> 1. Andy
    Many people call Andy the prime all-rounder. That means he'll fall to 
    Sensei's strength, but will also be able to exploit his weakness.
    When it comes to capturing, Sensei definitely has the advantage. The far-
    moving transports, accompanied by the powerful soldiers simply outperform 
    Andy. Sensei should assure a fair amount of properties. But aside from 
    that, it's just about the map. Sensei shall shine when Copters and Mechs 
    are around; but he'll fail miserably at Sea. Try to get the best out of 
    him, building a balanced force and trying to use his powerful units. 
    Hyper Repair and Hyper Upgrade won't be really significant to actually 
    hinder you, so just play normally.
     >> 2. Max
    Max can fall to Sensei's abilities very easily. Since he suffers a lot 
    not having defensive strategies, you can use an all-air-unit rush to 
    destroy Max or capture his HQ. Max won't stand a chance since the 
    indirect range of Max is reduced and therefore, defensive strategy is 
    Sensei has the advantage at capturing, and using infantry loaded into T 
    Copters with Bombers and Fighters, you can easily win. With extra 
    firepower, B Copters can also be used.
    When it comes to maps, even though Sensei fails at sea, Sensei still 
    fares better than Max. On a sea map with many islands, Sensei has the 
    advantage over Max since Sensei's landers have +1 movement, and 
    therefore, Sensei could capture a lot more properties than Max. Sensei 
    can then build many strong units and start to do an offensive attack, 
    which will probably succeed because of Max's lack to go on the defensive. 
    Like Andy, just play normally with Sensei against Max. Sensei might 
    become handicapped in a battle if air is excluded and there are only 
    ground and sea units.
    Nevertheless, Max is not to be underestimated. Even though Max is 
    absolutely helpless when defending from Sensei, if he manages to do so, 
    the roles will change and Sensei will be the one at the defensive. Max 
    has tremendous offensive capabilities, and unlike Sensei, they go for all 
    direct units, which means Max can launch a much more varied assault, 
    which makes it much harder to counter it. This situation would be 
    completely disastrous for Sensei, so don't allow the battle to get there; 
    establish an early lead and you'll keep the bull that is Max tied up.
     >> 3. Sami
    Ahh... Two amazing COs in an epic battle. This should be interesting...
    Although both COs share some similarities, they differ in many aspects. 
    Sensei is too focalized - he relies on sheer power for his boosts. Sami, 
    in the other hand, requires more strategy. They excel on slightly 
    different occasions, and in different ways.
    Sami's foot soldiers are slightly weaker than Sensei's, which gives 
    Sensei the advantage in normal battles. However, the extra capture more 
    than makes up for it. Sami should get many more cities than Sensei, and 
    that's saying something. Sami should be the only CO to match Sensei in 
    Even if Sensei's Infantry has a bit more attack, they aren't up to par 
    with Sami's. Why? Well, it's quite simple. Sami's Powers give great 
    boosts to her Foot soldiers. Even if Sensei outnumbers her when using his 
    powers, he still fails to the 1.5 capturing, and the huge boosts they get 
    with Sami's powers.
    Never-the-less, Sensei matches Sami almost everywhere else. They're equal 
    in almost everything, and Sami's normal Indirects are evened out with 
    Sensei's normal Air units. Except for the Battle Copter - Sensei's B-
    Copters simply obliterate Sami. While this evens out with Sami's 
    capturing ability, it's much more versatile. It can be used in a much 
    wider variety of maps, to give Sensei the advantage over her.
    With all that being said, we believe Sensei and Sami are pretty much 
    even. They excel in different maps, albeit being so similar. Do not 
    under-estimate Sami, or you'll face the fate many n00bs have already 
    experienced, and many experts as well.
     >> 4. Nell
    Nell is an all-around CO, so you shouldn't vary your game against her. 
    Just play normally, like you would against Andy.
    Her extra damage is devastating, but Sensei isn't more affected than any 
    other COs. His best units are what we'd like to call "dog-fightable". 
    That means they can deal nice damage, and are killed quite easily - Like 
    in a Copter Dogfight, whoever gets the first strike wins. Since your 
    units shouldn't be too usable without the added damage, they won't be 
    much worse with it. Sensei still suffers what any other CO suffers with 
    Nell. If an Infantry destroys your B-Copter, just smile and don't feel 
    sad - You know she's cheap.
     >> 5. Hachi
    Elder COs face off!
    Now, Hachi is a triple star CO. That means he's designed to be cheap, and 
    have unfair advantages. In this case, Hachi gets 10% cheaper units, for 
    absolutely no weakness. Which is totally horrible for us.
    Sensei is a natural swarmer, and relies on large numbers. Well, Hachi can 
    swarm better than him. Hachi will have slightly more units than Andy 
    would, and that's not too much of a problem for us. What kills is his 
    powers - 50% cheaper units put him far above Andy's levels. And the fact 
    he will be able to deploy from cities also screws us up, as it allows for 
    instant defense from Sensei's swarm (as it's usually slow). Although you 
    could try to block the cities to prevent it, it's still a killer.
    Well, what do you guys suggest? We shall remain silent. Hachi is one heck 
    of a CO, and the only things you can do are play normally, and try to 
    defeat him. Do your best, as this guy is quite the CO. The disciple 
    overruns his Sensei!
     >> 6. Olaf
    Well, he had to fall someday...
    Sensei plays normally against Olaf. He shouldn't have any trouble... If 
    Olaf doesn't use his Powers. 
    Sensei has a lot of trouble with Snow. His best units fall to it; 
    specially the B-copter, whose amazing movement is greatly hindered. 
    Sensei will perform poorly in Snow, so avoid it at all costs. 
    And then, there's the damage. Sensei relies on large numbers of units, so 
    generalized damage is a no-no for him. Since ALL units Sensei has will be 
    damaged, he'll lose a lot of power, and losing all that money feels 
    Still, do your best to defeat him using the normal strategies. The Powers 
    only come once in a while - Don't freak out about it!
     >> 7. Grit
    Grit is hard for the old man.
    If the map is ground-only, Grit shall have the advantage. Grit's normal 
    strategies will suffice against Sensei's weaker directs, and his Infantry 
    units won't help either, as they're too slow to actually reach the 
    Indirects before getting blasted to bits. Not everything is lost, 
    however, as Sensei can and will manage to have a great property 
    advantage. Grit is a defensive CO, so he won't have much time to capture 
    - allowing you to capture even more than usual. Still, Grit should be 
    able to overcome the lack of funds, and eventually beat Sensei. The best 
    you can do is try to stop him before he fills himself with indirects, 
    while also capturing most of the properties.
    If Air units are involved, Sensei gains a whole new level of power. Grit 
    is a very defensive CO, so he will take time to set-up his forces; and 
    there's when you strike. Sensei's B-copters can successfully assault Grit 
    before he's ready, screwing up his capturing, and not giving him time to 
    re-group. With a constant income of B-copters, you should be able to 
    breeze through even Anti-Airs, eventually winning you the capturing 
    battle, or the battle altogether.
    In Sea and Air, Grit simply falls to Sensei. Watch out for battleships, 
    but outside of that, it shouldn't be hard to beat him.
    As a finishing note, we'd like to say that even with Copters; Grit is a 
    hard foe to face with Sensei. You should be able to defeat him, as long 
    you're playing in an open map. The availability of Copters is a very 
    deciding factor - You want to reduce those Artilleries and Rockets as 
    much as you can.
     >> 8. Colin
    Colin is an interesting CO against Sensei. Colin's cheap units allow him 
    a very powerful early game, as he will be able to expand faster and more 
    effectively. So, if used properly, Colin can be a big problem for Sensei. 
    Sensei's swarming advantage can be countered by Colin's swarm of cheap 
    This can be countered by a cost-efficient strategy that is perfect for 
    Sensei. In this situation, an all around army force can be the best way 
    to counter it. First of all, since Colin's foot soldiers are weakened by 
    Colin's abilities, you should do your best to out-capture him and his 
    superior numbers. When Colin saves up enough, he'll move up to high-tier 
    units; much faster than us, if we may add. Make sure to build Indirects 
    once you saved up enough money, to hold off your lines.
    Colin's units are equal to Sensei's vehicles, so Sensei won't be 
    handicapped, as usual. If Sensei does manage to secure enough properties, 
    Colin's cheap prices will match his money advantage, making the money 
    game fairly even. Although in that case, the battle sides to Sensei due 
    to his B-Copters and Foot Soldiers.
    So, what must you do when battling Colin? Capture! If Colin gets enough 
    money, Sensei's swarming abilities are limited, and Colin will eventually 
    best him. Do your best to stop Colin from capturing, if you manage to, 
    the battle will be over. Good Luck; Colin is a real bitch.
     >> 9. Kanbei
    Ahh... This is interesting.
    Kanbei can be very challenging for Sensei, but it depends what kind of 
    map it is. Kanbei definitely has the advantage on pre-deployed maps and 
    small maps, while Sensei is a more all-around CO. Sensei can be used 
    better on larger maps because of the faster transports. Even though 
    Kanbei has the advantage in strength, Sensei will capture faster on those 
    Well, what are you supposed to do with the funds? RUSH. Kanbei has a weak 
    early game, as he will have few units, and they will be low-tier 
    (Infantry, Recons). Therefore, if you manage to attack him quickly, he 
    will have a very hard time keeping up with your offensive, as he still 
    has very limited funds. Sensei's B-Copters are perfect for the job, being 
    fast, powerful and versatile.
    However, if you are facing a good Kanbei player, your opponent might use 
    his best tricks to try and survive your assault. Kanbei is very powerful 
    in terms of defense and offense, by far outweighing his cost 
    disadvantage. So, if Kanbei actually survives the early game and gets 
    some properties, he becomes a real beast. Sensei's 90/100 units will 
    suffer in front of Kanbei's equal units. Remember to kill him early, or 
    you'll die later.
     >> 10. Sonja
    Facing Sonja can be tricky, depending on if it is Fog of War or not. 
    Sonja obviously has the upper hand in Fog of War, but can also play mind 
    games with Sensei without it. Sonja's HP is not shown to Sensei, and can 
    mix up the units together, making Sensei unable to know when her units 
    are going to be destroyed.
    The easiest way to counter this is to put animations on, for players 
    only. You will then know what the HP is after the battle animation. It 
    might take long, but it's worth it, Sonja will no longer confuse you.
    Using a balanced Airforce supported with indirect units can rout Sonja 
    easily after Sonja's mind games don't work against Sensei. Just watch out 
    for Sonja's SCOP, Counter Break, which delays your destroying strategy. 
    Make sure you have enough units to actually go over the loss of the first 
    strike, or Counter Break might stop your plans.
    Don't worry about Sonja's +1 vision or her COP, because it does nothing 
    without Fog of War. If Fog of War is on, make sure to build a lot of 
    recons to match Sonja's advantage of vision. B-Copters also have pretty 
    good vision, and with Sensei's strength in them, B-Copters become 
    important in Fog of War. Even though you need a lot of recons, build a 
    more powerful force with it, like a B-Copter Blitzkrieg supported with 
    indirect units and a Mech swarm.
     >> 11. Sensei
    Facing yourself. Can it be challenging?
    A Sensei VS Sensei match is pretty much equal, since the pros and cons 
    are the same. To counter your mirror image, build units that counter the 
    units your enemy builds. Also, build infantry supported with transports 
    to capture faster than your opponent. The last thing you want happening 
    is your opponent getting 20 mechs from Sensei's SCOP. 
    Start to use your CO Power more than your Super CO Power against Sensei 
    so your Battle Copters get a boost faster and your infantry production 
    increases, resulting in more capturing. The only way you'll get the upper 
    hand against someone with the same abilities as you is to have more 
    properties. More properties equals more money, and more money equals 
    better units. 
    Just do your best facing Sensei. It might become tricky since there 
    aren't many strategies used to counter Sensei when you are Sensei. 
     >> 12. Eagle
    Facing the flyboy who relies on Blitzkrieg...
    Everyone knows Eagle, the Green Earth CO with the infamous air unit 
    force. Fighting him with Sensei can be very tricky. Eagle's 100/100 
    ground force outperforms Sensei's ground force any day, and Sensei's 
    copters don't fare well against Eagle's strong advantages in air. Both of 
    them are weak in sea, not much difference there.
    It's true that Eagle has the advantage in strengths. However, Sensei has 
    the advantage in strategies and techniques. Sensei's mechs and supported 
    with indirects can beat Eagle's normal ground force if used properly, and 
    with Sensei's +1 movement in his transports, he can capture a lot more 
    properties than Eagle. This makes Eagle run into a bad situation, since 
    he needs a lot of money to swarm air units. 
    Sensei's main strengths, the power in his infantry and copters are cost-
    efficient. Unlike Eagle's Blitzkrieg force, his OHKO Copters easily 
    outmatch Eagle in a dogfight. In a Copter VS Copter battle, Eagle falls 
    to Sensei's strengths. 
    Once Sensei has enough properties, he can use his 100/100 air force. Even 
    though Eagle's air unit force is stronger and burn less fuel, Sensei can 
    gain the upper hand easily. If Sensei is used properly, Eagle won't have 
    time to build many air units before Sensei destroys them all with A-Airs, 
    Missiles, or Fighters.    
    Watch out for Eagle's ultimate attack, his SCOP, Lightning Strike. If you 
    don't know Eagle has it, you might not be prepared for 2 attacks with 
    almost every unit in the middle of a battle. Check the menu on CO, and in 
    Eagle's profile, you can see if he has his Super CO Power or not. That 
    way, you can prepare for Lightning Strike and go on the defensive for one 
     >> 13. Drake
    Drake can beat Sensei if you're not prepared. His +1 movement with naval 
    units gives him the same advantage Sensei has with landers. Drake's 
    100/100 ground force also outmatches Sensei's, and Drake's infantry force 
    is pretty much normal too. The only advantage Sensei has over Drake is 
    his air force and his infantry.
    Sensei's main problem against Drake is the CO Powers. Drake's powers half 
    fuel, giving a big disadvantage when Sensei uses the B-Copter Blitzkrieg. 
    When this happens, the B-Copters will eventually run out of fuel and die. 
    Also, the generalized damage hurts many of Sensei's techniques.
    The solution to this problem is to use a lot of APCs against Drake. 
    They're cheap; they supply ammo and fuel, and can be very useful when 
    supplying air units. Drake's powers lose half of their effect when APCs 
    just supply the fuel back. 
    If your air units are supported with APC units, then rush air units, 
    since naval units' strength is no match for bombers, fighters, and 
    copters, which obliterate just about everything. 
    Another way to gain the upper hand against Drake is by using the Soldier 
    Joining technique. When APC units aren't close to the infantry, you can 
    just join them to get more money. Besides, on a large map, who needs 
    infantry to go on the main offensive army? 
    As always, the techniques of capturing properties give you the upper 
    hand, as naval units are the most expensive and Drake needs the money. If 
    you don't capture first, Drake could build his mighty battleships fast to 
    attack from afar.
    >> 14. Jess
    Jess is a good CO against Sensei. Though her powers become all around 
    with the supplying effect, she is slightly weak for a lot of units and 
    only slightly strong for ground units without the powers. Her abilities 
    can be below average against Sensei, but in an all-ground battle, she 
    obviously wins. 
    As usual, if you're on the offensive, use B-Copter Blitzkrieg supported 
    with a mech swarm and indirect units. Advance with all the units in the 
    group slowly, and do a large attack once you reach your opponent. If Jess 
    builds a lot of MD Tanks, the copters destroy it. If A-Airs come, the 
    mechs destroy it. If air units come, use missile units to destroy them. 
    If naval units come, artillery and rockets destroy them in range. 
    If you use this strategy, which is very effective against Jess, back it 
    up with APC units, since mech's ammo runs out fast, B-Copters' fuel can 
    run out in a large map, and indirects need ammo to attack every turn for 
    Eventually, your opponent will figure out a way to counter this 
    technique, so it's pretty much temporary. When this happens, you've 
    already destroyed many of her units, so swoop in for the kill with air 
    On the ground battle, Jess obviously has the upper hand. You'll have a 
    lot of trouble if there are only ground units at your disposal. The only 
    thing you'll have that Jess doesn't have is the powerful infantry force. 
    Even though Jess has better stats at ground battling, don't be afraid to 
    use the stronger units, like MD Tanks. Try to capture a lot of properties 
    in a ground battle, and use your SCOP to gain the upper hand. After all, 
    getting lots of units when you're losing can give you a great comeback!
    If you are in a ground battle, which out for Jess's powers, which become 
    more useful than Sensei's in a ground only battle. If you play with many 
    of the strategies Sensei can use in a ground battle, you can win.
     >> 15. Flak
    Flak is like a weaker version of Nell, and if you combine his pros and 
    cons together, he's a pretty balanced CO. If you're not careful, a Flak 
    player can take you by surprise and take the upper hand. Underestimating 
    Flak is the last thing you want to do when facing him.
    While Flak has a couple of different things, he's just a normal CO. Play 
    as you would against anyone else; his bonuses won't be really 
    As for his Powers, they won't do much damage, as you'll be dealing mostly 
    with cheap units, easily replaceable. Remember to exploit your Airforce, 
    and watch out for Sea maps.
     >> 16. Lash
    Lash is one of the best COs of Advance Wars 2. In our eyes, she's quite 
    broken. How will Sensei fare against an almost Star CO?
    Well, he must watch out at Land. Lash's ground forces simply obliterate 
    Sensei's, as the most common type of Terrain is plains, and Lash excels 
    there. Sensei will be struggling with his weaker tanks, while Lash breaks 
    through his lines.
    At Air, Sensei does a bit better. With no terrain to take advantage of, 
    Lash is in for a pounding. Just attack her with your superior Copters, 
    and support yourself with your Powers. Since Lash's Powers are useless at 
    Air battles, Sensei will have the edge here.
    At Sea, Sensei is just as weak as always. Lash's strength won't be very 
    exploitable, so just consider her a normal CO. Her CO Powers aren't too 
    useful either, with Reefs being a bit uncommon. Do your best to win the 
    property battle, so you can outnumber her. Your Landers are better than 
    hers, so don't be discouraged.
    Still, Lash will pound Sensei at ground, and match him at Air and Sea. 
    Try and make use of your strong Infantry to win the property battle, and 
    attack her with your B-Copters and Mechs.
     >> 17. Adder
    You've kicked his ass at Yellow Comet's campaign. He should be easy by 
    Adder is just a normal CO, so play normally. Don't be scared by his 
    Michael Jackson face, and pound him with your usual strategies.
    His powers are a bit worrying... But nothing too special. While your 
    units rely a lot on the first strike, they should be in large numbers - 
    so it's not a big deal when some of them die. Especially since they're so 
    All the mentioned strategies should work normally, so just kick his ass, 
    like in Yellow Comet. Go Sensei!
     >> 18. Hawke
    Hawke is Star CO, but he isn't that big of a deal.
    While he has above average stats, it's not really a difference. He's just 
    a bit stronger than Andy, so you can play normally. Apply all the 
    techniques you see fit, and don't fret about his extra attack.
    His Powers are bad stuff. Generalized damage is not a good thing for 
    Sensei, and we can't stress it enough. But luckily for us, this is 
    Hawke's weakness! His Power meter is way too long to be really effective. 
    Still, when he gets to use it, your frontlines will be badly damaged. And 
    since Sensei is a very offensive CO, you should have loads of units in 
    the frontlines. Remember, generalized damage = NO GOOD.
    However, Sensei is quite capable of defeating Hawke. He shouldn't be too 
    hard - be sure to have a property advantage, and just play normally. 
    Watch out for his Powers, and trigger them only at best situations.
     >> 19. Sturm
    Well, there's much you can do against Sturm. He's powerful, he's cheap. 
    How do you beat him?
    First of all, be glad your Copters and Mechs still beat his. Now be sad 
    he totally obliterates you at Ground and Sea. His free movement overruns 
    many of your techniques. For example, Recons can now reach your Infantry 
    easily, through the Plains, and that eliminates your property advantage. 
    His ground and sea units will be able to fully use terrain, as now 
    there's no penalty on them, and with his extra defense, that makes him 
    almost invincible. You're in for rough waters with this one.
    Do your best to go against him. You're not too bad at Air, so use T-
    Copters to maintain a city advantage (even if slight). Your Copters are 
    still powerful enough to pound his troops, so take advantage of that. 
    Block the best terrain, so he is forced to move through plains. Use 
    Indirects to go around his extra attack. Try your best, and combine all 
    of the strategies we've mentioned in the FAQ.
    His Powers are easy to go around. While Meteor Strike is powerful, it 
    targets the mass of units worth more money - so mass Mechs! It's cost-
    effective, but expensive enough for Sturm to go for them. Plus, you can 
    support the mass with your SCOP, so you shouldn't have much trouble with 
    Taking everything into account... We must repeat - Broken/10. Just... 
    try. Try to go against the nature of this game, and beat the most utterly 
    broken CO we've seen in a while.
    .:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.: [#8#] Sensei Opinions [#8#] :.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.
    These are varied opinions about Sensei. Got your own? Post it in the 
    boards, or e-mail us!
    Xenesis Xenon says:
    'Sensei's good at mixed combat. His airforce is always useful and his 
    copters are quite brutal. Mix that in with strong mechs and infantry and 
    you have a balanced CO. He can hold his own in most theaters of war, 
    although he suffers a bit in pure sea combat. 
    He works well with general combat tactics, while using his powers to 
    support his forces with additional units and beef up his copters. His 
    powers also allow him to stall and blockade for much longer than most 
    COs, as he gets free cannon fodder and the mechs can usually be pulled 
    out of nowhere in a tricky spot to defend against most vehicular and 
    soldier type troops. Not to mention, his B-Copters will OHKO opposing 
    copters, and thoroughly wreak indirect units. 
    Sensei's strength is in his cheap and powerful troops.'
    ThrawnFett says:
    'He's one of my favorite COs to use. His units are slightly weaker, but 
    his foot soldiers and copters have a significant boost. So, primarily 
    using foot soldiers and copters, but with a good mix of supporting units, 
    Sensei can be a force to be reckoned with. He can be tricky to use, 
    especially against an army of Anti Airs. But with good strategy and 
    planning, his other (slightly weaker) units can overcome that. Since his 
    COP and SCOP both boost his Copters and give him plenty of foot soldiers 
    to mass, those will really help in a tight situation. It can also provide 
    money, allowing for more expensive back up. Oh, his planes are still 
    100/100, so his Bomber is just as devastating as normal. 
    And while this doesn't affect gameplay, his music is awesome! His music 
    is tied with Grit's for my favorite in the game...'
    Terragent says:
    'Ah, Sensei. Personally, I find him at his best when he's supplying the 
    comic relief; his absent-mindedness, his effortless defeats of Adder - 
    and of course his music. As a one-time fan of big-band Swing myself, I 
    love Sensei's theme; a fast, jokey piece, it's almost a celebration of 
    the genre. 
    At the same time, his tactical strengths are considerable. Even before 
    you consider his financial advantages from joining power-produced units, 
    he has truly vicious copters and infantry. His tanks are the same as Sami 
    and Colin's - that is to say, underpowered but by no means useless - and 
    his sea units are perfectly usable, just like with Jess and Colin. 
    Another killer is his rockets; while they're weak, they work very nicely 
    in conjunction with a mech flood. 
    He's especially nasty in maps with rivers and little cover, as his mechs 
    and copters can sweep enemy vehicles away - his powers ensure a constant 
    supply of meat for the grinder. 
    Overall, Sensei is a balanced and enjoyable CO to use: never to be 
    I Blame Video Games says:
    'Sensei isn't my favorite CO, but that doesn't change the fact that 
    he's a great one.  He is one of the cheapest COs to use, I mean,  
    Copters are the cheapest in the air, and Mechs are the cheapest decent 
    damaging unit on dry land.  This doesn't mean he can't use his other 
    units, though.  Sensei can easily get a quick, strong force ready to 
    combat the opponent while they might be still setting up, building 
    Tanks, which Sensei's copters beat down, or perhaps some more 
    expensive units. 
    His powers and Transport movement boost all help this out in later 
    game, making him one of the faster COs, despite the low movement range 
    of the Mech.  Spamming Mechs and Copters is no problem for him, and he 
    can easily support it with his weaker but still easily useable other 
    Not only can he spam, but he can tear apart foolish spammers.  His 
    Copters and cheap infantry make a Mech flood cry, and his tanks can 
    cripple an AA enough to make it prey for one of his Battle Copters. 
    Grit is probably even easier to take down, with his AA helpless 
    against Tanks or Rockets or Mechs while Copters wipe out his 
    Artillery. Not bad for an old guy, huh?'
    Inuyashafan648 says:
    'Sensei is a truly gifted CO. Old, lazy, and yet, drove Adder out of 
    Yellow Comet with ease. Funniest out of battle, deadly in battle. He can 
    match with Sami in an infantry battle... providing she doesn't use her 
    powers. Ye could clobber Nell, Flak, Sturm... anybody with ease in a fair 
    Stat wise, he isn't the greatest, with all of his stats on 6 units... but 
    he still gets the job done quite nicely.  His power lies in his powers. 
    For every 2 cities you have, you get 800 funds and an infantry on his 
    power. Super power wise, you get 2400 funds and a mech. On some maps, you 
    will out match colin in funds. His powers are helpful defending cities 
    and flaking the enemy with fresh units.  
    In drawbacks, he is much like Grit, and the lowered indirect units of 
    Max. Still, considering that his tanks are still decent, he has adapted 
    to technology very well. He, Eagle, and Drake hold an interesting 
    strategy.  First, attack with weaker your weaker units like Eagle's 
    ships.  The enemy doesn't expect this, so they will be crippled. When 
    they are focusing on your weaker units, mass strong units like Eagle's 
    bomber and pound them into a million pieces.
    Theme wise, he is the best. The song sounds just like him....'
    .:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:. [#9#] Special Thanks [#9#] :.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.
    First of all, we'd like to thank Nintendo for the GameBoy Advance and 
    Intelligent Systems for Advance Wars. They made all of this possible.
    CJayC, for GameFAQs, and hosting us.
    Neoseeker.com, for hosting us. 
    Xenesis Xenon, for letting us use Sensei's stats in his FAQ, for his 
    opinion, and for being an overall cool guy. Thanks a lot man! Whoever's 
    reading this, check out his FAQ!!
    Terragent, for his opinion, feedback, and support to the guide. Check out 
    his Adder FAQ when it comes out! Thanks a lot Terr!
    For their strategies submitted:
    For their opinion:
    Xenesis Xenon
    I Blame Video Games
    I Blame Video Games, for motivating us to create CO FAQs.
    Rune, for a heads up on the 'Sensei vs. other COs' section.
    Linkman_145 and Yugioh15, for being such cool guys. And sexy too.
    Sensei himself, for being such a badass mofo. Go Sensei!
    And you, for reading all of this!! Thanks a lot!
    .:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.: [#10] Version History [#10] :.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.
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    Version 1.13 - 2/08/2006
    A slight edit on Max's section, and a change on Linkman's e-mail.
    .:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.: [#11] Contact [#11] :.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.
    To contact us, e-mail us to:
    Linkman 145 - linkman145@warsworldnews.com
    Yugioh15 - kingofgames_15@hotmail.com
    Or just post in the Wars World News board. You'll probably find us 
    To e-mail us, you must:
     >> Use 'SENSEI FAQ' as topic. Otherwise, you might get deleted along 
    with some spam.
     >> Use correct Grammar and Spelling. If we don't understand you, we'll 
    probably ignore you.
     >> Do not ask us questions already explained here -_-.
    We'll accept feedback, praise, donations and constructive criticism. If 
    you flame us, you'll get hacked or something. Yeah.
    That's it. See you next version!!!

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