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    Eagle by Juigi Kario

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    Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising
    Character FAQ - Eagle
    Version 0.961
    By Juigi
    Table of Contents
    1. Introduction
    2. Version Notes
    3. Stats
    4. General usage
    5. Team Conditions
    6. VS Other COs
    7. Battle Conditions
    8. Other players' input
    9. Credits
    1. Introduction
    Hello. In case you don't go to the GameFAQ Boards and haven't seen my 
    contributor info or Fire Emblem FAQs, I am Juigi, elder half of the Kario 
    Brothers, who are ripoffs of the Mario Brothers (from the Mario series). My 
    email address is juigikario@yahoo.com . But enough of that.
    Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising is the sequel to Advance Wars for the GBA, 
    and the 8th installment of the Wars series, including the 4 Gameboy Wars 
    games. The other 2 installments that aren't already mentioned are Famicom 
    Wars (NES) and Super Famicom Wars (SNES).
    I'm writing this to write an individual CO FAQ. The AW2 community is writing 
    FAQs for individual COs. Of course, Ababy has taken Kanbei (my primary 
    favorite) and Urnitemare got Max (my second favorite) as well. But I saw that 
    my 3rd favorite, Eagle, didn't have anybody writing an FAQ for him.
    Oh yeah, about me:
    *RN: Not publically disclosed
    *A/S/L: 18 as of July 9/M/San Pablo (SF Bay Area), CA
    *How to contact me:
    -Email: juigikario@yahoo.com
    -AOL: Juigi Kario
    -YIM: Not disclosed
    -MSN: figaro_brothers@hotmail.com
    -ICQ: Not used
    *Major GameFAQ contributions: Fire Emblem 1 FAQs (3-part Walkthrough, Basic 
    and Mechanics FAQ, Character FAQ, Class FAQ, Item/Weapon FAQ, Shop/Arena FAQ, 
    and Talis Quest Walkthrough) and the FE Series FAQ
    *Anything over half a Megabyte without me approving of it first. My box is 
    already using almost half of the space, and I constantly get spam too.
    *ANYTHING answered in my Fire Emblem Series FAQ. Effectively, this means 
    asking anything about characters being defeated, Marth and Roy, and Marcus 
    (who is a JEIGAN) is grounds for getting blocked IMMEDIATELY with NO chance of
    being an exception, ESPECIALLY if the email was a joke email designed to get 
    on my nerves. (Effective as of first release for Fire Emblem 7 Weapons/Items 
    *Flames. They will not be tolerated. You will instead get counterflamed AND 
    *Criticism unless it is good enough. It won't be tolerated either, but you'll 
    just be blocked.
    *Spam. I get enough of it already. You'll be counterspammed, flamed, AND 
    blocked all at once, and if you think of blocking me first, I'll report you 
    to your email service if you do this.
    *Prejudice. Yes, I am listing this and I'm sick of it to no end. Long story. 
    If you decide to be prejudiced, you'll be reported.
    *Any information I find/know to be false and so do you. You will be malleted 
    as a warning, and if you continue, you'll be blocked as well.
    *Any unreasonable attempts to be funny. This includes but is not limited to "I
    can't get in the FAQ. Get in it for me, Juigi", "I have a suggestion: 
    EVERYBODY dies", and such. None of that is funny, and instead, you will be 
    blocked on the spot if you even try.
    2. Version notes
    *Version 0.961 (3/30/2005) - minor fix; just a problem in the Credits section 
    and a typo taken care of.
    *Version 0.96 (3/29/2005) - 2 new sections (although one of them is including 
    information already in the FAQ), so this is a slight revamp. Some information 
    has also been added relating to CO Powers.
    *Version 0.95 (12/27/2004) - Merry Christmas. Not that I am really feeling 
    the Christmas spirit too much. -_- But anyway, quite a few things have been 
    Version 0.8 (12/11/2004) - this FAQ's submission onto GameFAQs. Nearly 
    everything besides strategies has been completed.
    3. Stats
    The character's story
    Eagle is the leader and hero of the Green Earth air force. He probably 
    inherited his skills as a pilot from his father, who lived with a strong 
    legacy. Eagle might be difficult to get a Christmas gift for because he 
    already has the lucky goggles he wants. Of course, trying to make him swim is 
    just asking for trouble, especially considering that his ego seems to be a 
    bit above average in size.
    In the original Advance Wars, Eagle fought Red Star (or Orange Star if you 
    prefer the American translations) because he was attacked and fooled into 
    thinking the person who led the attack on him was Andy. Of course, it was 
    actually Evil Andy, a clone of Andy created by Sturm, who had initiated the 
    attack on Eagle. Fortunately, Drake spends the time you have to fight your 
    way through Green Earth trying to get Eagle straightened, so he helps you out 
    later on, against Evil Andy. Of course, if you have him as your 3rd CO in The 
    Final Battle too, he challenges Andy and if you beat him, you get commended 
    by him as a brilliant strategist.
    In Advance Wars 2, Drake and Eagle have problems repelling Black Hole, until 
    Jess returns, much to Eagle's dismay. During the course of the campaign, 
    Eagle and Jess argue, with the former discouraging excess caution and the 
    latter being a bit against offense tactics. Despite this, both manage to 
    accomplish their missions and ultimately liberate Green Earth from Hawke's 
    grip, and also help out in the final battles against Sturm in the Black Hole 
    reigon of Macro Land.
    One more thing: Eagle seems to have a relationship with Sami. Just thought I 
    point that out for the sake of completeness.
    War abilities
    Eagle is a favorite CO for battling as among most AW players, and for good 
    reason: a strong air force, an SCOP that allows units to move twice on the 
    same turn, and the only price for it being the firepower of the navy. Beware, 
    though: if poorly used, a strength can suddenly become a weakness. Eagle is 
    no exception to this rule, and the air force's power can prove to be the 
    downfall of new players, who could very well find themselves defeated by 
    Max's (Anti-Air) Missiles, of all units.
    However, in the hands of an expert, Eagle is a nearly unstoppable CO. If you 
    are said expert, then just be sure to watch out for fellow experts, because 
    even Max's Artillery may be deadly under their very command. (I'm not even 
    exaggerating; I even BUILT Artillery as Max in Great Sea Battle, to quickly 
    trash the north Cannon while still having plenty of money for Tanks, a set of 
    Rockets, and some other good units.) If you have that checked off too, then 
    you're all set to prove that it's no wonder his AW1 quote is "Do you really 
    want to challenge me?".
    To use Eagle outside the Campaign mode, just beat all Green Earth missions 
    and he'll be available to buy as a useable CO for 600 points. Then after he's 
    useable, you can get his Color Edit for 150 points.
    These are Eagle's stats in war:
    *No CO Power is active:
    -Air units deal 115% of the normal damage and take 90% of the normal damage
     -Planes use up 3 Fuel at Gasoline Check instead of the standard 5
     -Copters use up no Fuel at Gasoline Check instead of the standard 2
    -Sea units deal 70% of the normal damage
    *Lightning Drive (Regular CO Power - 3 full Stars minimum) is active:
    -Air units deal 130% of the normal damage and take 70% of the normal damage
    -Sea units deal 70% of the normal damage but take 90% of the normal damage
    -All other units take 90% of the normal damage
    -Gasoline Check rules aren't changed, obviously
    *Lightning Strike (Super CO Power - all 9 Stars full) is active:
    -Any non-Infantry that moved between Phase beginning and SCOP usage may move 
    -Otherwise the same as Lightning Drive
    Note: I'm using this stat format because I feel it makes more sense. After 
    all, every amount of defense is taken from the percentage of normal damage 
    taken. Although in AW1, it's still technically impossible to take more than 
    double damage (or even close to it) from Olaf or some other CO who deals 
    normal damage.
    As you can see, Lightning Drive isn't as useless as it may seem. Sure it 
    doesn't give the second move bonus that Lightning Strike provides, but 
    Lightning Strike requires 3 times the Stars and doesn't give more power than 
    Lightning Drive. So for every Lightning Strike you can activate, you can 
    smack the opponent's army with TWO Lightning Drives and still probably have 
    nearly enough power in your CO Guage for a third one, making Lightning Drive 
    easily more useful than widely believed (providing there are air units), as 
    additional phases with air units having good defense may prove as useful as 
    multiple moves in one phase. (Remember: air units don't get terrain benefits.)
    I'm not intending to discourage use of Lightning Strike. Actually, it's 
    pretty useful too. The second move bonus is really hard to repel if you don't 
    know how. Even Sturm may be taken down with Lightning Strike. But of course, 
    Lightning Strike is easily known about, so players are naturally going to 
    find ways to fend it off. This is where Lightning Drive comes in handy: as 
    the CO Usage FAQ (by Flying Hamsta) points out, players will easily expect a 
    harsh Lightning Strike, and will probably rush Eagle using opponents to make 
    it basically useless. Got Battle Copters deployed? Good. Use Lightning Drive 
    and blow your opponent away with the element of surprise. Just watch out for 
    Anti-Air Tanks and Anti-Air Missiles, and their rush attempt will fail or 
    even backfire.
    Some new information relating to CO Powers has been discovered. I'm not 
    really the one who discovered this, but I DID try checking it out for myself 
    to see if it was true. This tidbit I'm talking about? After CO Powers are 
    used 10 times, the CO Power Star Value goes back down to 18000G of damage 
    taken and will never change afterward in the battle. So what does this have 
    to do with Eagle? As I mentioned, Eagle can usually use Lightning Drive twice 
    or maybe three times in a row with a full meter, so if he doesn't have to use 
    Lightning Strike as much, he'll reach Power #10 MUCH faster. Of course, this 
    applies to other COs as well, so watch out for COs like Adder. (Fortunately, 
    this rule is minor; most battles, unless they're fairly lengthy, tend to be 
    over before ANY CO gets to Power #10.)
    4. General usage
    My tips on using Eagle
    *As Flying Hamsta pointed out, it's perfectly okay to use your ground forces, 
    because they don't get any penalties under Eagle's command. Also, bear in 
    mind that the Lander doesn't even have a weapon to begin with, so it doesn't 
    suffer either. Although with weak navy units, you may find it difficult to 
    guard Landers from Submarine attacks.
    *Watch where you place your air units. Terrain won't affect them (except for 
    Pipes and such blocking them) so they won't be slowed down, but this also 
    prevents them from gaining the defense bonuses. Of course, you can still 
    block spaces of good terrain if you want to keep the enemy from a defense 
    *Planes have a lot of Movement Power, but remember: you don't have to have 
    them use it all each phase. Movement Power is just the MAXIMUM number of 
    spaces a unit may move during a phase. That's without terrain hinderance, but 
    since air units aren't affected by the terrain anyway, they can get from one 
    end of the map to the other more quickly than anything else. Why this tip? 
    Because they already use up fuel each turn AND may be shot down along the 
    way. Using up all Movement Power will use up even more fuel AND may have your 
    unit even easier to ambush if you moved closer to the enemy. (The 
    disadvantage of a purely offensive attack is that you would forget about 
    defense and could run into a trap easily.)
    *DO NOT just ignore Lightning Drive if you have air units. An extra round or 
    two of the power boost to the air units may be more useful than the second 
    move Lightning Strike gives to all non-Infantry, especially if you're under 
    enough pressure keeping you from using a 9 Star Power.
    *In fact, do NOT assume activating Lightning Strike is an automatic win. It 
    isn't much if any harder to defeat than Kanbei's Samurai Spirit, and I've 
    repelled that in Predeployed, as Colin no less. (And no, I did NOT use Power 
    of Money. It wouldn't have helped me much there anyway, as it wouldn't even 
    give much of a defense boost.)
    My tips on fighting vs. Eagle
    *Deploy more anti air units than you would vs. a well rounded CO, obviously. 
    They are the best units for getting rid of Eagle's planes. Be sure to have 
    guards for anti air units, though, because Eagle doesn't lose any power with 
    ground troops. That and the opponent may decide to deploy a Battleship to 
    blow away your troops by surprise.
    *Avoid any unnecessary air unit deployment, but make sure you deploy a few 
    air units if Eagle is going to deploy air units too. Eagle's planes are the 
    most deadly units in his forces, but remember: they are EXPENSIVE. That's one 
    of their weaknesses, and if you force him to deploy more Fighters, it means 
    less Bombers to put up with too. However, be aware that unnecessarily 
    deploying aerial units may make them more important to your strategy and that 
    will make Eagle's Fighters not so useless anymore.
    *Be ready for Lightning Drive AND Lightning Strike AT ALL TIMES. The former 
    can be used multiple times for each time the latter can be used, and is 
    actually going to shock you if you don't see it coming from a reasonable 
    distance. The latter will easily cause havoc on your units, so you need to 
    have an ultra-strong defense prepared if Eagle is guaranteed to have the 9 
    stars full by the end of an all out attack during his next phase.
    *Name: Transport Strike
    -Author: Linkman 145
    -Description: Load a transport to a transport, and use Lightning Strike for 
    extra movement.
    -Strategy: No real science here. Just load a transport to a transport, and 
    use Lightning Strike to increase the distance, and end with the original 
    loaded unit. (Juigi's note: Linkman provided an example, but I'm cutting it 
    out due to the fact that it takes up several lines. His point is that an 
    Infantry can move a total of 33 spaces under the right conditions, using 2 
    Landers and an APC.)
    -Pros: This can get Eagle to obtain distant properties in a hurry. And since 
    air units require a large amount of money, those distant properties can 
    become handy quickly, as a player would naturally want to develop their 
    territory along the way.
    -Cons: Lightning Strike is required, so it will be hard to use this technique 
    often at all. Also, this requires multiple transports and probably requires 
    minimal disruption for much effect.
    -Counter: Naturally, keep your border from being pierced. If something passes 
    it, you can shoot it down with ease. If this is for capturing distant 
    properties behind Eagle's border, though, there's really nothing you can do 
    about it.
    *Name: Battle Copter Blitzkreig
    -Author: Jax Omen (although it's really the general Blitzkreig strategy)
    -Description: A blitzkreig with Battle Copters, adding Tanks into the mix to 
    get rid of those pesky AA Tanks.
    -Strategy: Send a combination of Small Tanks and Battle Copters to give the 
    enemy some severe problems early on. The Small Tanks take care of AA Tanks 
    and the Battle Copters tear apart the biggest threat to the Small Tanks.
    -Pros: If used correctly, this strategy will make sure the opponent will have 
    wasted a lot of money on an offense or a defense that does them little good.
    -Cons: Battle Copters are shot down easily by AA Tanks and Fighters. When the 
    opponent has too many funds, the smarter thing to do is to deploy any strong 
    units you can and if the opponent has the advantage, try to hold him/her off 
    as best as you can until you can strike back and strike hard with a Lightning 
    Strike. But if the opponent has Fighters, Battle Copters aren't going to help 
    much at all.
    -Counter: Guard the AA Tanks from the attacks of the Small Tanks. That way, 
    no matter what the Battle Copter attacks, it would be shot down afterwards.
    5. Team Conditions
    Note: I will NOT cover 2-on-1 OR 3-on-1, since both have multiple armies 
    dogpiling on one army, and descriptions of both can become complicated anyway.
    This is Eagle's top team condition. With only his army to take care of and 
    only one enemy army to worry about, he may very well have an advantage 
    considering his stats.
    The first thing to remember is to avoid unnecessary navy battles and try to 
    force the opponent into dogfights. Eagle is the best at gaining air 
    superiority and if you make that the most important factor, then the whole 
    battle is in the bag.
    Bear in mind, however, that land units are the cheapest of the 3 groupings of 
    units, so most battles that aren't full of islands tend to rely on those. 
    Fortunately, Eagle's land troops aren't weakened, but he still has to go 
    through the adversity of Lightning Drive being useless in land battles and 
    Lightning Strike costing an arm and a leg if he wants to succeed in land 
    Other than that, there's not much else to say, except stuff that would be 
    found in other parts of the FAQ.
    Eagle may be a great soloist, but he's not a good team player. In fact, he 
    suffers the most here. Eagle's teammate might be skilled or inept, and 
    considering Eagle himself tends to be the better CO, this could easily change 
    First, we'll discuss the scenario where your teammate is more inept than you. 
    Obviously, your job is now to help him/her and keep his/her mistakes as close 
    to worth shrugging off as much as you can. That shouldn't be too difficult, 
    Well, bear in mind that Eagle is already kind of handicapped in a ground 
    skirmish. Sure he has normal day-to-day units (with no penalties), but his 
    Lightning Drive is USELESS except for a minor defense boost unless you have 
    air units, and Lightning Strike is awfully expensive as well. Why isn't the 
    air force being mentioned? Simple: it costs more money than a land force.
    Long story short, he's not too reliable in the early game of 2-on-2 matches.
    Fortunately, Eagle tends to be a late game CO, and smart players would bear 
    that in mind anyway. But your inept ally might not be a smart player. So you 
    may have your work cut out for you.
    If your teammate is too much of a dimwit, then he/she will likely get his/her 
    force killed. Try to see if he/she is planning on a full-scale attack that 
    would definately be useless, and if he/she is, then concentrate on your own 
    survival; it's not really worth the trouble protecting a teammate that 
    shouldn't even be playing the game when he/she doesn't even know the first 
    rule of strategy. I apologize for talking harshly. It's best not to help 
    people who push their luck.
    However, a smart enough teammate will actually do SOME things right. Although 
    given that he/she is still more inept than you, he/she WILL make mistakes. 
    Find any and all flaws in his/her strategy and cover them. If you accomplish 
    this correctly, then your teammate's desired results, which will likely 
    benefit you overall given the fact that you're using a soloist CO, will be 
    Be careful at all times; both opponents may decide to concentrate on YOU 
    instead. Instead of breaking the chain at the weak link, they'll simply try 
    to take out the tougher soldier to make the weaker one helpless. In that 
    case, just try to keep them from knocking you off balance. Hopefully, you and 
    your teammate will repel the attacks or, better, tire out their armies.
    Now we are on the scenario where your teammate has better skill than you.
    Okay, so you are using a basically late game CO and your teammate can defeat 
    you in an even Adder vs. Adder match anyway. Early on, you are at a 
    considerable disadvantage, and the opposition is bound to realize this. If 
    their mindset is going by the "a chain is as strong as its weakest link" 
    rule or they know how hard beating a good Eagle player in the late game is, 
    then they'll try to hammer you. If that's the case, be ready to fend off the 
    same sort of merciless attacks you typically would rely on as Eagle.
    Keep track of your teammate's moves. Even though you have a more adept ally, 
    a smart human player can still make mistakes, and may not realize the flaws 
    of their strategy when you would catch on to them quickly. Also build off of 
    his/her strategies whenever you can; the faster you can drown the opposition 
    in planes, the better.
    You should definately devote some bodyguards to your teammate too. The 
    opposition may instead decide to thrash your teammate as quickly as possible 
    to make you helpless. Provide protection for your protector, and you'll get 
    more precious time to build up your forces for that dreaded air force.
    Remember: if you can withstand the heavy pressure in 2-on-2s, you'll be able 
    to strike back and dish out the same merciless damage you took.
    For the record, Free-For-Alls are matches with more than 2 people but no 
    official alliances whatsoever.
    Tread lightly; most likely, your 2 or 3 opponents will decide to team up 
    against you, knowing that your army would be more of a threat later on than 
    it is in the early game. Try to survive until you can pull off Lightning 
    Strike and then use it to tear one of your opponents to ribbons.
    If immediate ganging up isn't allowed, however (and given how unbalanced FFAs 
    can get along with the nature of FFAs themselves, it probably wouldn't be 
    allowed), then Eagle is one of the most effective players in brawls. Yeah, 
    you heard me, and let me say the reason why.
    In an FFA, as there are no teams, everybody will be fighting amongst 
    themselves. Within all the confusion, only the best players will still have a 
    good enough defense vs. both of Eagle's CO Powers after fending off the other 
    players. So you would just need to worry about adept players and pick off 
    anybody else.
    Don't try to make your army powerful too fast; if you do, then you'll 
    probably be a primary target for BOTH/ALL of your opponents. But if they 
    target you anyway, then just Anti-Rush to keep them from stopping your 
    development altogether. Once you can ram opponents with your speedy strong 
    attacks, they'll be on the run.
    6. VS Other COs
    Opponent COs who will have trouble
    COs in this list will get the business end of trouble if they are up against 
    Eagle. If you're Eagle, all you have to do is avoid being outstrategized by 
    the players controlling them and you'll prove that the Eagle soars above 
    them. Now for the list:
    *Sami - Mechs are stuck using machine guns vs. Battle Copters, so if you can 
    send enough Battle Copters and keep them protected, Sami won't stand a 
    snowball's chance in HFIL, because her direct attack units are weaker too. 
    Oh, the indirect units don't get any penalty, but they are vunerable vs. 
    Lightning Strike. And the only thing that would help Sami would be the +1 to 
    the Movement Power of transports anyway; Capturing Speed is only any good 
    when the Infantry is damaged, and if she deploys only Infantry and Mechs, her 
    powers aren't going to get anywhere fast, so the Victory March will be 
    basically useless. Oh, and the Infantry don't get any defense boosts, which 
    makes them suffer BADLY if they get struck first.
    *Grit - indirect units are vunerable to direct attacks, and if you get a 
    Lightning Strike in, then it won't matter how much distance they cover, 
    because they'll be destroyed in a matter of turns. Without indirect units, 
    Grit is basically a sitting duck.
    *Sensei - Battle Copters may be strong under Sensei's command, but they have 
    two major weaknesses: Fighters and Anti-Air Tanks. The former is Eagle's 
    pride and joy, while the latter also shreds apart Infantry and Mechs when 
    attacking. Once you can deploy planes like crazy, Sensei is finished, making 
    experience, the one advantage of being his age, useless. And if the player 
    wants to try being an *** by drowning you in Mechs, you can always deploy 
    clusters of Recons in a Mech Flood Counter attempt. (You may be taking off 
    only 1200-2100G worth of HPs for each kamikaze 4000G unit you deploy, but 
    protecting the Mechs or expanding borders will eat up more cash from the 
    opponent, and the damaged Mech will take longer to capture properties too.)
    Opponent COs to be ready for
    These COs will put Eagle at a disadvantage, and will beat you down if you 
    aren't careful while playing as him. And here they are:
    *Olaf - Snow, which Olaf's powers bring about, will make air units require 2 
    Movement Power per space instead of 1 for ALL Terrain. (This even includes 
    the HQs.) You should use ground units, which thankfully get no penalty from 
    Eagle's command, and have Lightning Strike ready as often as possible, 
    especially if you decide to use air units. If Olaf decides to use Blizzard 
    BECAUSE of the LS, you probably should simply refrain from using the LS and 
    try holding Olaf's force off until the snow is gone and then smack him on the 
    next turn with the LS. ThrawnFett's Olaf FAQ says that EAGLE would have the 
    advantage, but I have to disagree, which would say something because Eagle is 
    topped as a favorite of mine only by Max and Kanbei.
    *Drake - Tsunami and Typhoon both cut fuel in half, which hinders air units 
    considerably. They also reduce your units' HP, but since the fuel problem can 
    easily be the higher priority problem, you'll want your APCs ready to supply 
    your Fighters and Bombers for continuing air assaults. Just be glad Rain 
    makes only vehicles (both on Treads and Tires) require 1 more Movement Power 
    for just Plains and Forests and have Vision ranges reduced by 1 apiece in Fog 
    of War. (The latter also hits Drake, thankfully.)
    *Lash - this %$@%#$ is cheap enough to give KANBEI a run for his money in 
    single unit strength in ground skirmishes. That is NOT a good thing. Can you 
    say Anti-Air Tanks on Cities? Try to take her off the good terrain or just 
    keep her from using it to begin with.
    *Sturm - the cheapest of the cheapest goes here for obvious reasons. The only 
    REAL way to counter him is to have Olaf as an ally in team battles since Olaf 
    can dump Snow on Sturm, destroying his Movement capabilities......and also 
    slowing down Eagle's air units at the same time. Either that or you have to 
    outstrategize the player who is Sturm. Of course, Terragent said it in the 
    best way possible in fighting a Sturm player: "it will give you a great 
    excuse to beat up your 'friend.'"
    *Hachi - if "cheapest of the cheapest" was a contest, Hachi would get second 
    place. Consider this: Hachi can deploy units for cheaper, and whenever he 
    activates his power, he can deploy units for only 45% of the normal price. 
    That means you're guaranteed to put up with about 50% more units than normal. 
    AGH! You better find a way to use his annoying strengths as his weaknesses if 
    you want to stand a chance.
    Opponent COs that are even vs. Eagle
    *Andy - an all-arounder is NOT going to be advantaged or disadvantaged vs. 
    Eagle. Just battle Andy like a normal CO, but be aware that his powers repair 
    his units.
    *Max - if you get into the dogfight Eagle is meant to get into, the primary 
    rule to remember that the first to sucessfully strike will obtain victory, as 
    on the offensive, Eagle has only a 7% bonus advantage.
    *Nell - luck-based damage is Nell's only good trait. Other than that, she's 
    just another all-arounder.
    *Colin - another all-arounder, except that he can deploy more units. 
    Unfortunately for rich boy, they are also weaker, and the only threats are 
    being spammed because of Gold Rush and being hit by Power of Money. And the 
    former can be beaten easily if you get Lightning Strike activated.
    *Kanbei - while Kanbei's aerial units can match those of Eagle's when they're 
    under the effect of either CO power, he also has to pay 120% the normal price 
    for each unit, which punishes him when sending expensive units. So primarily, 
    you don't want him to have too much control in the late game.
    *Sonja - Fog of War can put Eagle at a disadvantage......but it puts about 
    nearly anybody else at a disadvantage anyway. Thus, you may find strategies 
    to counter Sonja's extra vision naturally.
    *Eagle - Eagle vs. Eagle........sounds like a battle against a mirror, 
    doesn't it?
    *Jess - vehicles with slight boosts might mean trouble for a ground campaign. 
    So unless you want to rely on Lightning Strike, you'd probably have to take 
    to the skies. And even there, you might not win, since Jess's powers refuel 
    her units, which means she would save money by deploying fewer if any APCs.
    *Flak - basically Nell with the chance of dealing less damage.
    *Adder - yet another all-arounder. Only this time, his powers boost his 
    Movement Power. Pity for him Lightning Strike can beat his Sidewinder any day 
    of the week. Just be ready to repel Sideslip at all times because it can also 
    allow Adder to smack you with sneak attacks AND reach Power #10 a bit quickly.
    *Hawke - THANK GOD Hawke's CO powers take a good while to be able to be 
    activated. Because of that, with only a 10% boost to his units, he's just 
    another all-arounder.
    7. Battle Conditions
    Maps that are easier to dominate
    These are the types of maps that will usually let Eagle dominate if he avoids 
    being pushed around like a toddler. While it is still quite possible to 
    defeat an Eagle player on maps like these, accomplishing that task will be 
    harder. Now onto the map types:
    *Medium to large size maps with airports - usually, the property amount is 
    heavy on these maps, so planes will be more affordable. On large size maps, 
    where fuel becomes a more major issue, you can deploy a good few APCs and 
    still not have to worry about your defense otherwise.
    *Airport-heavy maps - with more airports, Eagle is more deadly, as he'll be 
    able to deploy or resupply planes from closer to the enemy, especially 
    without an APC. Once the opposition is pushed back, they probably won't stand 
    a chance because of taken airports right at their front doors.
    *Rough terrain maps with airports - air units won't suffer from the rough 
    terrain, so the only thing to watch out for are, natch, the Anti-Air Tanks 
    that survive the bombing raids. The rough terrain will usually punish most 
    ground units by slowing them down, so they can't really expect to get away OR 
    advance far.
    Maps forcing heavy caution
    Eagle players will typically find themselves disadvantaged on these map 
    types. If you aren't careful, you'll suddenly find yourself overwhelmed 
    quickly. Now for the list:
    *Navy-heavy maps - Eagle easily has *THE* worst navy in the whole game. In 
    fact, if it weren't for Lightning Strike, he'd be COMPLETELY disadvantaged on 
    these maps. The only CO who has a worse naval unit than Eagle's is Max, and 
    Max only suffers with Battleships' range and power (which is easily 
    compensated for by having a Submarine around for sinking other COs' 
    Battleships). Fortunately, since naval units are expensive, Lightning Strike 
    can be used more easily. You're still stuck relying on LS though.
    *Small size maps - on these maps, air units are easily expensive since 
    properties are fewer, and Lightning Strike is fairly hard to obtain unless 
    the battle decides to be very long too. Also, these maps may favor other COs, 
    meaning Sami, Sensei, and Grit may suddenly have the advantage over you, so 
    you have to watch out and be ready to counter them appropriately. Just be 
    glad there's likely to be a small navy too, not just a small airforce.
    Helpful battle conditions
    In these conditions, Eagle can put things under his control. If the Eagle 
    player capitalizes on them, it will be VERY hard, if possible, for ANY 
    opposition to stand a chance. So here are the conditions.
    *Rain without Fog of War - air units are not affected by rain, but vehicles 
    move slower on Plains and Forests during the showers. If it's not Fog of War, 
    consider yourself lucky and simply watch out for Drake and any COs that could 
    make your life a living HFIL. Olaf certainly will be none too happy too.
    Battle conditions that are a hinderance
    When these conditions apply, Eagle may find himself having a rough time. You 
    better be ready at all times and simply do not rush except when necessary. 
    Remember: Eagle's air units have less fuel problems and can stay longer in 
    the air as a result. Now to list the conditions.
    *Fog of War - that's right. This condition can easily force camping tactics, 
    and air units are meant to be used for offensive strikes. So you'll want to 
    have a Battle Copter to help scout out the map, since it has better Vision 
    than the planes and doesn't use up fuel during the Gasoline Check. Oh, and 
    watch out for those pesky Missiles; they're bound to hide in Forests while 
    being basically all-seeing.
    *Snow - a painful unit killer. Air units suffer the most, as ALL terrain now 
    require double Movement Power per tile. Simply keep an APC around at all 
    times, keep track of any AA units, and use a ground force to help you repel 
    the foe. Lightning Strike can be a lifesaver, so try to get that often if you 
    can. (Don't neglect Lightning Drive, though.)
    8. Other players' input
    "Eagle's biggest strength is his Air units. Most of his units are the default 
    100/100, with only his sea units suffering a 70/100. His SCOP lets him move 
    twice in a single turn, an incredible power if planned for and used right. At 
    first glance, he seems well rounded, or perhaps stronger than the normal CO, 
    but his biggest weakness is hidden. His COP is mostly useless, giving him an 
    offensive boost only to his Air units. Which, unless it's a mostly air map, 
    won't help as much as most other COPs. Now, his SCOP is incredible, but it 
    also takes significantly longer to charge than most COs. By the time you get 
    it, the opponent likely have used his/ her COP or SCOP multiple times. So, 
    while Eagle's SCOP is great, I'd prefer to use a different one several times. 
    Look at his oceanic counterpart, Drake. While having similar unit stats, 
    benefits from a powerful COP and SCOP, both of which take an average time to 
    charge. So, unless air is your main thing, Eagle's powers are too difficult 
    to use effectively in normal land or sea battles. Not saying that he's 
    necessarily bad, but he's not someone you'd want to learn with, nor someone 
    to use in any map without an airport."
    "Eagle is, in my opinion, a very fun CO to use. Offensively, his air units 
    are barely weaker than Max's, and at the same time they also enjoy increased 
    defence and a long operational lifespan. While his cruisers, subs, and 
    battleships are absolute rubbish, there's nothing wrong with his landers - or 
    his ground units, for that matter.
    "The thrill you experience when using Lightning Strike is almost unrivaled in 
    this game - being able to pound your enemy once and then come back for more 
    in the same turn is enough to get even the most level-headed AW player 
    rocking back and forth with evil laughter.
    "His cocky attitude and cool music are also fun aspects, and let's face it: 
    everyone loves air units. In this way, Eagle is probably the most 
    newb-friendly CO in the game, and yet he still gives more experienced players 
    many tactical options in the field. In short, Eagle is a great choice both 
    for beginners and for experts - brash and dangerous."
    9. Credits
    I'm going to thank Terragent for not only posting the topic with the idea of 
    FAQs for each individual CO, but also for sending me his Jess FAQ (albeit an 
    incomplete copy) to give me ideas and proving the idea CAN work.
    Also thanks to various FAQs, particularly the general CO FAQs (especially the 
    CO stats) for giving me necessary information for this FAQ.
    This is copyright 2004 Juigi and any of the sources. If I find out you've 
    been copying or selling this without permission or doing any other illegal 
    stuff involving this, you're gone!

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