Review by allamagoosa

Reviewed: 10/29/07

Kong in a Zelda fashion...almost

The game is based on the remake of the Kong movie so the story is pretty linear and will never bring a decent surprise, but the idea to make a Zelda like game makes the game interesting. It is a nice adventure where you control three different characters at the same time and you need them all to solve the puzzles you find on your way. And you get to play Kong too for a great fun!

Gameplay 8/10
You usually control three characters, each one with his/her own special abilities, moving on the island where the game takes place or in the three dungeons. You need them all because the puzzles are well designed to use everyone's abilities and often you will need to make them co-operate so that one can reach the objective. This is a great feature and makes the game interesting. When you don't control the main characters, you can have fun using Kong in small cut-scenes where he usually gets to destroy everything on his way. These are a nice addition to the game and really fun to play, especially in the end.

Control 8/10
It's pretty easy to control, there are no special moves or button combination in the game and every button has always its well defined function. The controls can be mastered in less then ten minutes and will never be a problem throughout the game. And there's a good inventory too where you can find a lot of information and simply organize the items while the game is paused.

Story 6/10
Well this is not the best part of the game. You already know the main story so don't expect surprises. On the island it is really simple: find the girl, save the girl, run. This is all, unfortunately there aren't great addition to the story for the game and it is pretty linear...a little too much for this kind of game.

Graphics 7/10
The Graphics won't probably make history but the job is nicely done. The characters and Kong are well done but the cut-scenes could have been done better. The jungle and the dungeons are ok but they look always the same during the game; I know it is a small island but a little variety is always nice to see. No real complains anyway.

Music-Sound 8/10
You get a nice jungle-tribal soundtrack while wandering on the island. It is good and well suited for the game even if it is always the same. In the dungeons the music changes according to the "mysteries" hidden on your way and provides the right atmosphere. I think also the sound effects are well done in this game and cannot find a single complaint about it.

Replayability 5/10
Unfortunately there are only three dungeons and no real secrets in the game making it a little short and easy. Also on the island and in the dungeons the minsters are always the same from the beginning to the end. It is a nice game but you probably give it away once finished because you won't find a reason to play it again unless you love it or the scenes with Kong like I do.

Final 7/10
This is a nice game, not great or to remember for years to come, but fun and with a couple of interesting ideas. The use of three characters is a good feature and it is also well implemented making the game different from a lot of similar games. Also the fact that you can use Kong is a good idea and provides a lot of fun. Unfortunately, as said, the game is too short and easy so it will end too soon to leave you completely satisfied. If you like games like Zelda, this is a nice title to try for its differences, but never expect the same experience.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

Product Release: Kong: The 8th Wonder of the World (US, 11/21/05)

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