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    Boss FAQ by Warfreak

    Version: 0.4 | Updated: 01/23/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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    | |  | |  __/ (_| | (_| | | | | | | (_| | | | |  / /|  __/ | | (_) | |__   _|
    |_|  |_|\___|\__, |\__,_|_| |_| |_|\__,_|_| |_| /____\___|_|  \___/     |_|  
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            | __ )  ___  ___ ___   / ___|_   _(_) __| | ___ 
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            |____/ \___/|___/___/  \____|\__,_|_|\__,_|\___|
    Author: Warfreak
    Version: Completed
    Date Started 15/1/06
    Table of Contents
    [1] Introduction
        [1.01] Introduction
        [1.02] Version History
    [2] Intro Bosses, and what wimps they are
        [2.01] Sub Core
        [2.02] Carnage O
    [3] 4 Einherjar bosses and sub-bosses and how strong they really are
        [3.01] Sub-Boss Fire Renant
        [3.02] Boss Noble Mandrago
        [3.03] Sub-Boss Ribops
        [3.04] Boss Popra Cocapetri
        [3.05] Sub-Boss Spy Larue F
        [3.06] Boss Heat Genbelm
        [3.07] Sub-Boss Gear Bank
        [3.08] Boss Fenri Lunaedge
    [4] Intermission Bosses - Stupid Intermissions
        [4.01] Commander Craft
        [4.02] The Giant
    [5] Reminding 4 Einherjar Bosses and their sub-bosses
        [5.01] Sub-Boss Tyrine
        [5.02] Boss Sol Titanion
        [5.03] Sub-Boss Spy Larue I
        [5.04] Boss Tech Kraken
        [5.05] Sub-Boss Spy Larue E
        [5.06] Boss Pegasolta Eclair
        [5.07] Sub-Boss Clabanger NS
        [5.08] Boss Mino Magnus
    [6] Final Bosses, and the complexity.
        [6.01] Commander Craft EX
        [6.02] Random Bandam
        [6.03] Cyball
        [6.04] Dr Weil (Form 1)
        [6.05] Dr Weil (Form 2)
    [7] Glossary, where I define terms
        [7.01] Glossary
        [7.02] Q & A
    [A] Contact Information
    [B] Webmaster Information
    [C] Credits
    [D] Sites FAQ is on
    [E] Copyright
    [1.01] Introduction
    The Reploids...
    They were robots
    designed to look like
    These technical marvels
    were given unique
    personalities and were
    intended to be the 
    perfect workers and the
    perfect partners for
    The wheels of peace
    between Reploids and 
    Humans were beginning
    to grind to a halt
    The Reploids were well
    designed. Perhaps too
    well. Their humanity 
    bagan to sow the seeds
    of rebellion. The rebels
    were labeled Mavericks
    and feared by their
    Human masters...
    The Humans decided to
    pit Reploid against
    That was the fate given
    to them.
    The Reploids fighting for 
    humanity were never
    given a chioce...
    Thus the war of the
    machines began and the
    Humans just watched...
    War begot war...
    And time passed...
    Even with the
    construction of the
    utopian Human city
    Neo Arcadia,
    the war dragged on...
    The Mavericks defeated
    the leader of
    Neo Arcadia.
    And now...
    Neo Arcadia is under the 
    control of the criminal
    Dr. Weil.
    The former utopia is now
    only a shadow of its 
    former glory.
    Many have started to
    flee the city.
    We are one of those
    groups fleeing from 
    the clutches of Dr. Weil
    in our caravan...
    Well, nice story, now to get on with the guide. This guide is to give you, the
    player a through guide on all the bosses and how to kick their asses. I'll
    detail all attacks and all the different ways to beat them. Happy reading!
    All bosses will be rated on stars, showing how hard they are. 1 the easiest
    and 10 the hardest.
    Health will refer to how much health the boss has. Weakness shows what element
    the boss is weak to and strength show what he is resistant to. The weather
    is what the EX skill weather condition is. I will only go through the EX skill
    weather condition, because it is harder. Subbosses will not have health bars
    levels because we don't know how much health it has. Bosses will only use EX
    Skill in their weather conditions.
    [1.02] Version History
    Verison 0.1 [15/1/06]
    Started Guide.
    Version 0.2 [16/1/06]
    Nearly finished.
    Version 0.3 [17/1/06]
    Finishing Guide.
    Complete [23/1/06]
    Finished Guide, Completely.
    [2.01] Sub Core
    Description: Large core. Pull the plug to halt the lasers.
    Health - 2 Life Bars
    Difficulty - *
    Weakness - Burst Bombs
    Strength - None
    Twin Beam Laser       - The core will glow red before releasing two red 
                            beams that will reflect off the floor and bounce. To
                            avoid, stay between the beams or hide under the core.
    Triple Blue Laser     - The core will glow blue before releasing three blue
                            beams in a row. To avoid, dash under the beam and 
                            when the beam moves past, move back and avoid. Move 
                            back to have enough room to dodge and dash under the
                            next beam. To stop this attack, pull the plug, so use
                            your Z-Knuckle, if you have nothing on them and then
                            quickly pull out the four blue wires. The boss will 
                            not use this attack for the rest of the battle.
    Beamwalker Summon     - The Core will summon 4 beamwalkers to assist it. It
                            will summon 1 on the top, then bottom, then top and 
                            bottom again. Attack the core while this is happening
                            and beamwalkers will die in a single sabre shot.
    This boss is easy. Before facing him, go to the crates on the caravans and use
    your Z Knuckle to attack the crates. You will get 3 Burst Bombs. This will 
    lower the boss' hp to nearly a quarter of his max health. It is not needed
    but it will help. When he summons his beamwalkers, you will jump and attack
    him and kill the beamwalker at the same time. That way, you can kill the boss
    a lot easier and you take out two for the price of one. 
    [2.02] Carnage O
    Description - Built from ancient blueprints. It's code name is Mod-CF
    Health - 3 Life Bars
    Difficulty - **
    Weakness - None
    Strength - None
    Carnage Punch         - This is by far the worse move. You have to be on his
                            fist so that he can punch you. Every easy to avoid
    Missile Salvo         - This is another easier attack to avoid. He launches
                            two large waves of missiles. As long as you are on 
                            the middle of a platform, you will be safe. 
    Green Ring Lasers     - A harder attack to avoid. Carnage will give under
                            ground and pop up on either side of the battle arena.
                            He will launch 3 waves of 5 green lasers. Because he
                            is on one side of the screen, you will have to go to
                            the other side to avoid the attack.
    The only way you can damage this boss is buy smacking it in the head with your
    Z sabre because it is the best weapon. You can three hit combo him without 
    much risk. When he is launching is missile salvo, you can three hit combo him
    one, duck underneath, and if you are lucky, you can hit him again. The green 
    ring lasers are harder to dodge, but after you dodge it, you will have to
    move to the centre to pound him with some more damage. Despite the large 
    health bar, the three hit combo with the Z Sabre will easily dispose him to 
    the scrap yard. 
    [3.01] Sub-Boss Fire Renant
    Description - This ant Mechaniloid burns intruders of Underground Forest
    Health - ???
    Difficulty - ***
    Location - Underground Forest
    Weakness - None
    Strength - None
    Flamethrower          - This sub boss will walk around the room with a 
                            constant flamethrower. You cannot deflect or reflect
                            this attack
    Egg Bomb              - Once on low health, this sub boss will drop egg bombs
                            as it walks along. They have a short fuse and explode
                            quickly causing damage. You can use your Z Knuckle to
                            pick one up and use it against him if you like.
    This guy might be hard with the constant flame thrower and the egg bombs but
    there is a way. Two charged sabre shots will force this ant to turn around and
    go in the other direction. Use this to your advantage. Charge up and wait on
    either the bottom or top platform, near the edge but not too close. When the 
    ant comes, unleash a charged attack and then quickly hit him again to force
    him to change direction. By doing that, you will not get hit buy the flame
    thrower and egg bombs will pose little to no threat. Simple. 
    [3.02] Boss Noble Mandrago
    Description - Reploid that lies in the Underground Forest. Can recover on 
                  sunny days
    Health - 2 Life Bars
    Difficulty - ****
    Weather - Sunny
    Location - Underground Forest
    Weakness - None
    Strength - None
    Mandrago Spin         - Mandrago will spin around on the lower floor and 
                            if you get hit, you will take damage. Stay on the 
                            wall above the floor to avoid getting hit. 
    Mandrago Drill        - Mandrago will drill into the ground or drill into the
                            ceiling. As long as you don't stand near her, you 
                            won't get hit but she would.
    Seed Planting         - Mandrago will throw some seeds, which will hurt you if
                            you get hit by it. During the battle, it will grow and
                            they will grow into plant arc cannons or those 
                            annoying traps that suck your health. Seeds and plants
                            can be plucked with Z Knuckle but only plants can be
                            hit by the Z sabre. When you pluck it, you can try to
                            aim it back at her to damage her.
    Triple Nectar Bomb    - This will happen after Mandrago drills. She will fire
                            three nectar bombs that will stick to you, slowing 
                            Zero's movement and summon some bees to sting you. 
                            Easy to avoid. 
    Mandrago Ultra Spin   - Like the Mandrago Spin but this time in the air. 
                            When she finishes, there will be some rocks on the 
                            floor so stay on the wall. This attack is quite rare.
    Mandrago Recover      - Great Skill. Mandrago will recover health with you see
                            some white stars around her. You cannot damage her in
                            this mode so attacking her is quite pointless. 
    As you see now, Mandrago is really a giant, ugly, hairy plant. There is one 
    great weapon against plants. Its called the Z Knuckle. When she shows herself
    after drilling around, use your Z Knuckle to pluck her from the ceiling or 
    wall and pluck her towards you. Dodge that and she will hit the wall and get
    hurt. Her problem. This will also cancel all attacks she can do, which is the
    Triple Nectar Bomb. When she is stop trying to really kill you, try some three
    hit combos against her. As long as you can damage more than she can recover, 
    you can sooner or later beat her. That should finish her. When you finish the
    level with the right weather, you will get an EX Skill. The Sky Chaser which 
    is an non-elemental down stab with the sabre. 
    [3.03] Sub-Boss Ribops
    Description - Destroy or pull the eight key disks to stop this monstrosity
    Health - N/A
    Difficulty - ****
    Location - Living City
    In this tower, there are 8 plugs that you can pull out. Sound simple right?
    Wrong. Although the bonsect that inhabit the tower pose no real threat, well
    none that the Z sabre can fix. The Triaformers however, are the real threat.
    They aim three indestructable sparks at you, which does a fair amount of 
    damage. It is a real pain in the rear end if it gets you whilst climbing the
    wail. Try to kill them before they do any lasting damage. Other than that, 
    you have to destroy the 8 disks. There are two ways. The first way is to beat
    them to death like any other enemy. But the easier way is to use the Z
    Knuckle to pull them out. Other than that, you choose how to kill him
    [3.04] Boss Popla Cocapetri
    Description: Bird Reploid entrusted with the security of the Living City
    Health - 2 Life Bars
    Difficulty - ****
    Location - Living City
    Weather - Sunny
    Chicken Jump          - Petri will just jump around since chickens can't 
                            really fly and walking is too slow. Don't walk at him
                            and you won't get hurt
    Mindless Ramming      - Petri will ram you, well, attempt to ram you even if
                            that means ramming other objects such as walls and
                            Z sabres
    Chicken Feather Shed  - Petri will jump and unlease 6 feathers, 3 on each side
                            and it can actually damage you. Jump around and you 
                            can avoid it. It can cause a fair amount of damage and
                            sometimes hard to avoid. 
    Feather Shed          - Not as bad as the Chicken Feather Shed but will only
                            unleash 3 feathers at you.
    Stinky Green Blobs    - Petri will unlease three green blobs at you. He will
                            throw them in your direction and only the middle one 
                            will be aimed at the left corner and the other ones
                            will be scattered to try to hit you. 
    Egg Dropper           - Petri will lay a small egg (roosters can lay eggs?) 
                            that damages you on contact and will hatch into a 
                            small chick to get you
    Petrify               - Petri will shoot you with a green wave, that will 
                            petrify you, that means, turn you into stone. You will
                            be frozen so smash buttons or get hit to break free
    Time Stopper          - Petri will jump and flashes the screen. You will be
                            frozen and there is no way for you to avoid this part
                            of the attack. He will spin around and drop green 
                            blobs all over the screen. Then, the game will start 
                            again and you will have to dash in between the green
                            blobs to avoid the attack
    The boss will be easier, but the EX Skills will hurt. He won't move much and
    if he does, it won't be quick because of his jumping and mindless ramming
    attacks. Because of this, you can three hit combo him with you sabre to get
    some health off him. He will move the levels of the floor around but will 
    disadvantage his mindless ramming since he will stop after he smashes into a
    wall, which he does quick often. Dodge the attacks he will send after you and
    try hard to avoid time stopper skills. Other than that, it should be a walk in
    the park. When you beat him with the right weather conditions, you will get 
    the EX Skill Time Stopper, which will freeze weak enemies for a short period
    of time. Pointless in my opinion. 
    [3.05] Sub-Boss Spy Larue F
    Description: Wyvern Mechaniloid that fires incendiary shots
    Health - ???
    Difficulty - *****
    Location - Particle Beam
    Weakness - Thunder
    Strength - Ice
    Fire Whirlwind        - Larue F will produce a fire whirlwind that will suck 
                            you into the whirlwind. You have to dash away to try 
                            to get away from it as it does a fair amount of 
                            damage to Zero. Keep running till is fades away
    Tail Laser Cannon     - Larue will fire 3 random lasers at you. The ones on
                            the top, don't jump, you'll get it, so do nothing. On
                            the middle ones, jump over it or dash under it to 
                            avoid it and the low ones, just jump.
    Latch and Slam        - Larue will fly towards you and try to grab you. If he
                            does, he will grab you into the air and then slam you
                            onto the ground. Does a fair amount of damage.
    Okay, this guy is real hard for a sub-boss. He has a fair amount of health and
    the attacks restrict your attacking capacities. When he tries to latch you, 
    do a three hit combo to make him retreat and go away. When he tries to 
    whirlwind you, when he starts the attack, dash towards him and slam him. When
    you get close, slam him with your sabre. When he tries to latch you, three hit
    combo him. When he whirlwinds you, if you are on the left side of the 
    whirlwind, you can slice him with your sabre, the right side, you can just use
    your buster. On the tail cannon, when you jump, fire a barrage of buster ammo
    into his face. When on lower health, his latch will be faster so that is an
    indication of when he is about to die.
    [3.06] Boss Heat Genbelm
    Description: This turtle reploid can reflect all attacks with its shell
    Health - 2 life bars
    Difficulty - *******
    Location - Particle Beam
    Weather - Sunny
    Weakness - Thunder
    Strength - Ice
    Turtle Fire Spin      - This attack is extremely annoying, because he nearly
                            always does this at the start of the battle and the
                            following attack is even more annoying. Genbelm will
                            start spinning, with flames around him and if you 
                            get it, you will take a fair amount of damage. Jump on
                            the wall to avoid the attack
    Wavy Flamethrower     - Genblem will raise his feet and withdraw his head back
                            into his shell. Then, flames will come out in a wavy
                            pattern that makes it easier to avoid as you can stay
                            in the same spot and not get attacked. The spot in 
                            front of Genblem is the perfect spot for you to attack
                            him as flames can't reach that spot.
    Flaming Sky Uppercut  - There are two versions of the uppercut. The first one
                            is when Genbelm charges a fire punch with several 
                            flames so dash under him and pound him from the back. 
                            That one will send Zero into the wall. The second 
                            uppercut will result in one punch and one flame so
                            jump over the flame and smack him.
    Solar Death Cannon    - This attack almost always follows the turtle fire spin
                            and only sometimes the attack doesn't follow through. 
                            He will spin in a clockwise direction, and fire a 
                            massive solar cannon. You can avoid it by dashing over
                            on the wall and jumping over the flames and over the
                            stupid turtle himself. It is handy to have double jump
                            here because it is hard to clear those flames around
                            him and he spins quite fast. He will spin in a clock
                            wise direction on the left wall and in an anti-clock
                            wise direction on the right wall. He will go through
                            3 cycles so it might be hard and you might lose health
                            doing so.
    Just because he is a turtle, he is quick so be alert but he is not as fast as
    Zero so relax. Thunder as a weakness does no good to you, because even if you
    have the thunder attacks, it does little damage and only stuns him for a 
    second or two. He also dodges any attack you send him so your only time for
    offence is when he takes on the offence. He will reflect any attack while in
    Turtle Spin Mode so that is pointless. When he uses the flamethrower, move 
    quickly next to him, dash if need be and slash him as much as possible. Keep
    using three hit combos when he is in that mode. When he spins, he will reach
    the ceiling and if he doesn't stop mid-air, you are lucky that he is not going
    to Solar Death Cannon you. He will though if he stops in mid-air. When he uses
    the Death Cannon, dash over him like I mentioned before and when you have to 
    go under him, unleashed a charged sabre attack on him and deal some damage to
    him before you have to start the cycle again. Repeat for the next 2 cycles and
    when he falls down, three hit combo him before he can back away and defend 
    himself. Only do the attack if you are positve you can clear the cannon ray 
    and have enough time to get over the next cannon. Its fun isn't it? Chasing a
    death cannon ray. When you jump to hit him, avoid the flames because that 
    could sting your health meter. When he is on the ground, use the buster or 
    sabre to get him to charge an attack. If it is the uppercut, you will see him
    holding some flames. Don't go near him while he is charging an uppercut
    because I don't need to mention that it does hurt and is quite painful. When
    he finishes or if you dash over his head with double jump, you can slash him
    in the back to deal some massive damage into him. This is one of the hardest
    bosses, other than Weil, so a subtank or two to recharge your health can be
    used. And having a good nurse Elf Level is nice too. I was lucky that he 
    didn't use his Cannon on me at all. To stop him, try to attack him, so when
    he wants to release an attack, unless you can tell it is the uppercut that you
    can avoid, keep attacking him till it is then you can pound him with your
    sabre. I finished the battle in under 30 seconds, a record for me. When you
    defeat the EX level, you will get the Flame Fang attack, allowing you to do
    an uppercut move with your fire sabre. Very useful for the next bosses.
    [3.07] Sub-Boss Gear Bank
    Description: Spits out Serpent Gears. Weak spot are the four hatches
    Health - ???
    Difficulty - ***
    Location - Hibernation Chamber
    Weakness - Fire
    Strength - Thunder
    Serpent Gear          - Gear Bank will open a hatch and unleash 6 serpent 
                            gears named for the fact that they move like a snake,
                            in a line. One sabre slash and wipe out severals at a
    Easy boss, high health. Use your Flame Fang skill, if you have it to wipe the
    floor with him. Use the sabre to kill the hatches, where the serpent gears are
    unleashed and use the Flame Fang to do more damage. You will need to start 
    jumping about to remove the top hatch. Use Flame Fang as well for the gears as
    it can wipe out all 6 if you are lucky. This sub-boss should give you no real 
    [3.08] Boss Fenri Lunaedge
    Description: Wolf Reploid that spits sharp fangs of ice.
    Health - 2 Life Bars
    Difficuly - ****
    Location - Hibernation Chamber
    Weather - Snowy
    Weakness - Fire
    Strength - Thunder
    Ice Slash             - Fenri will move in and attempt to cut you with the ice
                            blade on his wrist.
    Ice Wheel             - Fenri will move into a ball formation and bounce 
                            around the room. You cannot hit him in this mode so 
                            wait until he reaches the centre
    Ice Foam Tail         - Fenri will do this if you are near him. He will jump
                            and ice the air, damaging you if you are near him. 
                            This attack will lead into the next attack but if you
                            can stop him here, the next attack is cancelled.
    Ice Mirage Attack     - Fenri will stand in one of the two corners and create
                            two mirror images of himself. Destroy them because 
                            they can do damage after a while. 
    Triple Ice Blade      - This is Fenri's second most dangerous attack. This is
                            hard to avoid because of its speed, something that 
                            Fenri lacks. When you are on the wall opposite him,
                            this is the procedure of attacks. First attack will
                            up to the middle part of your wall, releasing the 
                            blade downwards, the second part will go to the 
                            opposite wall with blades running vertically both up
                            and down. The final blade will go towards your lower
                            corner of your wall, releasing a blade upwards.
    Ice Shockwave         - Fenri leaps into the air and slashes the floor giving
                            off large shockwaves. The blades take the lower and 
                            upper parts of the room, very hard to dodge.
    The floor will be filled with ice which makes this battle much more harder 
    than what it is. So, watch where you decide to dash, mainly on the triple ice
    blade attack and of course, the game rigs it that Fenri is at no dis-advantage
    at all. Fenri doesn't move much except to attack but it doesn't mean you 
    should let your guard down, because Triple Ice Blade, Ice Slash and the Ice
    Shockwave are quite fast and hard to dodge. Triple Ice Blade requires you to 
    dash under the first attack, dash CAREFULLY under the second attack and climb
    onto the middle part of the wall to avoid the third one. Ice Shockwave is a 
    pain because of the speed so when you see it, dash to the top of the wall and
    when the lower one passes, jump down immediately to avoid the second one. He
    will sometimes use it twice to make it hard for you. Use the Flame Fang to
    destroy him because that does HUGE amounts of damage. Once you beat him, you
    will get his Ice Blade (Shockwave) attack for your sabre.
    [4.01] Commander Craft
    Description: Neo Arcadian combat reploid that was an old friend of Neige's
    Health - 3 Life Bars
    Difficulty - *********
    Weakness - None
    Strength - None
    Homing Missile        - Craft will launch a homing missile onto you. Slash it
                            to destroy it, but it will leave behind an explosion.
    Laser Cannon          - Craft will use his gun and fire a straight red beam.
                            It won't kill you but he will then fire a straight 
                            blue laser at you. You will have to jump behind him or
                            double jump to avoid this attack.
    Acute Laser Cannon    - Craft will go to one side of the screen and hover and 
                            point his gun at the ground. Then, at a 45 degree
                            angle, he will fire his laser cannon on the floor. You
                            have to slash Craft to stop this attack. Jump into the
                            air to do it.
    Scatter Bomb          - Craft will jump into the air and fire a large grey 
                            bomb at you. When it hits the ground, it will open up
                            to 6 fragments, each dealing damage to you if hit. 
                            Destroy the bomb while it is in the air but be careful
                            of the explosion.
    Dodge                 - Not really an attack but Craft will dash across the 
                            screen, allowing you to pass through him without 
                            taking damage. You cannot attack him in this mode.
    Serrated Bayonet Stab - Craft will dash towards you with his gun, unlocking a
                            serrated bayonet in-built in the gun. If you get hit, 
                            you basically get stabbed, then, he releases the 
                            bayonet, smashing you into a wall, making you take a
                            second hit. Nasty. Jump over Craft or move back when 
                            he pulls out the knife.
    Grenade Lob           - Craft will bend down and lob 3 grenades at your 
                            direction. Either stay away, jump over it or destroy
                            it with the Z sabre. Careful of the explosion.
    This guy is a handful. He has several attacks at his disposal and no weakness
    for you. Your sabre will be your primary weapon with your buster giving you
    support. Three of his attacks, Grenade Lob, Homing Missile and the Scatter
    Bomb can be destroyed, so when you destroy the attack, attack Craft as well. 
    The most damaging attack is the bayonet but it is quite short ranged, so jump
    over him and slash him in the back. The laser cannon attack will require you
    to jump over him or the attack. If you go behind him, slash him. Needless to
    say, you must attack him at every possible chance before he can do some major
    damage. Use your subtanks wisely and have your Cyber Elf ready. His dodge
    move will have two endings, another dodge move or, most likely, an attack.
    [4.02] The Giant
    Description: Has spent a long time in prison. Attacks with a hammer punch
    Health - 3 Life Bars
    Difficulty - *****
    Weakness - None
    Strength - None
    One Armed Smash       - Giant will use one arm to attempt to smash you. Jump
                            to the opposite side and slash him on the way.
    Two Armed Smash       - Giant will use both arms and attempt to smash you in
                            the middle. Dash to the corners.
    Smash Shockwave       - Giant will use both arms to smash and floor and create
                            at shockwave along the floor. Dash onto the wall, jump
                            to his face and slash him. This will also make some
                            rocks fall from the ceiling and that will drop and if
                            it hits you, you will take damage. They will then 
                            serve as obstacles.
    The Giant is not quick on attacking but has plenty of life to boot. If you are
    very slow at dodging attacks, you will take a lot of damage as Giant will do
    plenty of damage. You can only attack Giant in his face, making it harder to
    hit him if he is performing an attack. He might take a fair amount of attacks 
    to bring down due to high defence but makes up for it in slow movement. Should
    not be hard to subdue him.
    [5.01] Sub-Boss Tyrine
    Description: Mechaniloid with Eight GlassCannons in tow.
    Health - ???
    Difficulty - ***
    Location - Artificial Sun
    Weakness - None
    Strength - None
    Glass Bullet Barrage  - Tyrine will get all available glass cannons to fire
                            bullets from its glass cannons. Jump to avoid getting
    Glass Energy Ball     - Tyrine will get the glass cannons to fire 8 
                            consecutive energy balls at you in odd intervals. That
                            means you get it on the 1st wave, 3 wave, 5 wave, etc.
                            Jump to avoid.
    Glass Chain Beam      - This is just like Genbelm's Solar Death Cannon. It 
                            will fire many energy balls, in a beam shape, at you
                            when it losses all the 8 Glass Cannons surrounding it.
                            Use same strategy as the Death Cannon but it does not
                            stop at three cycles. 
    Use your sabre and / or your Mega Axe on the glass cannons. You can easily
    dodge the Bullet Barrage and Energy Balls but the Chain Beam is slightly
    harder to dodge. Your axe and sabre should easily kill the glass cannons so
    get be prepared for the Chain beam and strike at every chance you get. It is
    hard to finish this boss off, but easy to get it down to low health. 
    [5.02] Boss Sol Titanion
    Description: Butterfly Reploid that flaps around on it wings of fire.
    Health - 2 Life Bars
    Difficuly - *****
    Location - Artificial Sun
    Weather - Sunny
    Weakness - Thunder
    Strength - Ice
    Green Circular Blade - Titanion will fly to a corner and summon two green 
                           blades. They will fly to the opposite lower corner, the
                           first going up and the other sweeping the floor
    Red Circular Blade   - Titanion will fly to a corner and summon two red blades
                           which will curve down the curve up. Harder two dodge 
                           than the other one
    Flamethrower         - Titanion will fly across the screen while breathing a
                           continious stream of fire. Stand under the fire at the
                           points where the flames don't reach. She will do it 
    Fire Mine            - Titanion will drop three mines in the field. They will
                           explode into 4 seperate fireballs so be careful and
                           dodge if possible.
    Burning Shot         - Titanion raises her hands and summons a large fireball
                           which will split into 6 smaller fireballs. Easier to 
    Her weakness, Thunder, is here for stunning effects. All the attacks except 
    the flamethrower and burning shot can be destroyed. If you have the mega axe,
    this battle is easiers. Rotors can be destroy with three hit combos or two
    axe swings. She has less defence, with a trade off for speed, making her 
    faster, but slow enough for you to pound her with the axe. When you defeat 
    her, you will get the Burning Shot skill, which allows you to charge your
    buster, and release a large fireball, which will split into 6 mini explosions.
    [5.03] Sub-Boss Spy Larue I
    Description: Wyvern Mechaniloid that spits out ice shards.
    Health - ???
    Difficulty - 
    Location - Deep Sea
    Weakness - Fire
    Strength - Thunder
    Tail Laser Cannon     - Larue will fire 3 random lasers at you. The ones on
                            the top, don't jump, you'll get it, so do nothing. On
                            the middle ones, jump over it or dash under it to 
                            avoid it and the low ones, just jump.
    Latch and Slam        - Larue will fly towards you and try to grab you. If he
                            does, he will grab you into the air and then slam you
                            onto the ground. Does a fair amount of damage.
    Ice Wind              - Larue will breath the ground, freezing some water 
                            vapour and summon 5 to 6 ice javelins. 3 of them will
                            travel fast and the rest, slower. You will have to 
                            dodge both waves to avoid the attack. If you stand in
                            the way, you will get frozen.
    Any fire attack will destroy this boss like eating cake. If you have the 
    Quick 3 Helmet, you will charge fast and this boss is a walk in the park 
    Without fire attacks, just three hit combo him to death.
    [5.04] Boss Tech Kraken
    Description: Squid Reploid inside the Submarine. Attacks from admist ink.
    Health - 2 Life Bars
    Difficuly - ***
    Location - Deep Sea
    Weather - Rainy
    Weakness - Fire
    Strength - Thunder
    Quadriple Sea Hunter  - Kraken will release 4 purple seed things through the
                            water and onto the ground. Once on the ground, the 
                            hunters will move along the walls and floors and 
                            injure anything along the way.
    Reflective Chain Beam - Kraken will release 2 green beams, one along the top 
                            and one along the bottom. They will reflect off any
    Ice Wall              - Kraken summons a wall made of ice the will reflect the
                            beams and freeze you if you get hit by the beam making
                            the wall. Use a fire attack to get rid of it.
    Hideaway Ink          - Kraken creates an ink field that he will run into and
                            hide him. Then, at intervals, he will use his 
                            tentacles through ink fields to attack you. It can 
                            only travel in one direction however.
    Ice Javelin           - Kraken floats to the middle of the battlescreen and 
                            releases two ice beams, similar to those used to 
                            summon ice walls. They will freeze you and ice
                            javelins will float out from it. Start dashing and
                            jumping to avoid the attack hitting you.
    This is the easiest of the eight Einherjar battles. His weakness is a very
    big weakness, 6 Flame Fangs attacks and he is history. There is another combo
    for this level. You can use the Burning Shot Attack and then use the Flame
    Fang attack, and that will both count as Karken will not flinch in that time
    which means it easier still to defeat him. The only was to stop his quick 
    defeat is to use the Hideaway Ink skill to protect him from you. When you 
    finish him off, you get the Ice Javelin Skill, for your buster. A very good
    attack and mainly used as EX SKILL for busters.
    [5.05] Sub-Boss Spy Larue E
    Description: Wyvern Mechaniloid that spits out electricity.
    Health - ???
    Difficulty - ***
    Location - Hanging Gardens
    Weakness - Ice
    Strength - Fire
    Tail Laser Cannon     - Larue will fire 4 random lasers at you. The ones on
                            the top, don't jump, you'll get it, so do nothing. On
                            the middle ones, jump over it or dash under it to 
                            avoid it and the low ones, just jump.
    Latch and Slam        - Larue will fly towards you and try to grab you. If he
                            does, he will grab you into the air and then slam you
                            onto the ground. Does a fair amount of damage.
    Electric Chain        - Larue will fire three green lightning balls that will
                            seperate into lightning bolts when they stop so the
                            ball will change into two lightning bolts, one going
                            you and one down. Easy to dodge.
    Your best bet is to use Ice Javelin if you have it. It is quick as does a
    fair amount of damage to him. Otherwise, just use the three hit combos as with
    the previous Larues to finish this guy off. From now on, no more Larues.
    [5.06] Boss Pegasolta Eclair
    Description: Pegasus Reploid destroying natue from Hanging Garden.
    Health - 2 Life Bars
    Difficulty - ******
    Location - Hanging Gardens
    Weather - Cloudy
    Weakness - Ice
    Strength - Fire
    Twin Lightning Rods   - Eclair will drop down two lightning balls. Do not go
                            between them because they will conduct in a straight
                            line and anything in between gets zapped.
    Lightning Charge      - Eclair will go to your side of the field and start
                            zig zagging down to hit you. Use give him a free three
                            hit combo to send him packing.
    Lightning Line        - Eclair will focus his electricity, creating a line of
                            electricity. When this happens, go to the middle
                            platform and start dashing when it comes near you. You
                            shouldn't sustain damage if you do it correctly.
    Lightning Kick        - Eclair will came swoop down and give you a nice kick
                            in the back, with the hopes of smashing you into the
                            pit and die does to height. For a boss, that is a new
    Thunder Stab          - Eclair charges up like Lightning Line but this time,
                            the charges, goes off the screen, then charges where
                            you are and stabs you. You cannot harm him until is
                            lightning aura is gone.
    Quite hard unless you have Ice Javelin which makes it easier since he is weak
    to ice. He doesn't have a low AI score since he will dodge attacks you send 
    at him while he isn't doing anything. The wind and rain will make it harder
    for you to stand your ground, but double jump will give more advantage in
    this level than with those boots that prevent that movement. Careful not to 
    end up off the platform, or else you are in trouble. Ice Javelins should be
    your main weapon but Ice Blades might help if he is charging at you and you
    can counterattack with Ice Blade. His EX Skill, Thunder Stab gives you an
    alternative to dashing and attacking.
    [5.07] Sub-Boss Clabanger NS
    Description: Crab Mechaniloid that guards the Magnetic Zone from intruders.
    Health - ???
    Difficulty - **
    Location - Magnetic Zone
    Weakness - Ice
    Strength - Fire
    Summon Electric Crabs - Clabanger will summon small versions of himself onto
                            the field. Don't do anything about it because he will
                            release another one, of the opposite polarity and kill
                            the first one, damaging itself. That sucks.
    Raise Platform        - Just uses electricity to move the platforms closer to
                            him. A real waste of time since stepping on it will
                            make it back to normal.
    Some ice javelins and some friendly fire will kill this stupid boss so easy
    that you could use sit back and relax literally. The ceiling is electric so
    that is the only threat to you when offloading Ice Javelins.
    [5.08] Boss Mino Magnus
    Description: Reploid capable of coming apart & combining using its magnet.
    Health - 2 Life Bars
    Difficulty - 
    Location - Magnetic Zone
    Weather - Thunder
    Weakness - Ice
    Strength - Fire
    Magnetic Fields       - Magnus will create a glowing red ball that will either
                            repel you or attract you to him. Just dash if needed.
    Trash Collector       - Magnus will summon a green ball that will pull any
                            magnetic trash out of the ground in waves of three. It
                            will damage you if the trash hits ou en route. Then,
                            once he has collected enough metal, he will just dump
                            the whole lot on you. What a dumper. Then, after he
                            drops it, he jumps, axes it into halves and then it
                            goes to both walls. Dash onto the wall for safety.
    Slam                  - Magnus will dash towards you and tries to grab you. If
                            he does, the will damage you and magnetically charge
                            you to attract junk from the ground. This will weigh
                            you down a lot and your movement will be hindered.
    Magnus Spilt          - Magnus will jump into the air and throw his axe into 
                            space. He will seperate his body into 3 sections and
                            5 parts. 2 arms, 2 legs and a head. Head will stay in
                            the centre, it doesn't move. The arms will stay in the
                            upper corners, then moving to join in the centre and
                            the head. Legs will dash to the middle and up the wall
                            bouncing. To dodge the legs, dash under them or double
                            jump. The arms require you to jump up the wall. Blast
                            him in the head while you are at it. Then, Magnus will
                            join together again and finishes the move.
    Tractor Shot          - Magnus will shoot a green ball, like collection trash
                            but it returns from a wall with a lot more junk. Do
                            what you did with the Trash Collector move as it is
                            nearly the same.
    Magnus is tough, but his weakness is from ice javelins. They do the most 
    damge. So, because his axe blocks frontal attacks, attack him from the back
    as there is no such thing as cowardice here. He will fall quickly if you do
    it right. When he splits, jump up the wall and blast his head more. Do not
    stay in the corners because his most dangerous moves work best in the corners.
    Use your subtanks because this is just another Heat Genbelm you have to 
    defeat or slay. When you beat him, you get the Tractor Shot, which allows you
    to charge your busters, and when enemies fire bullets at you, it gets absorbed
    and makes your green charge stronger.
    [6.01] Commander Craft EX
    Description: Neo Arcadian combat reploid that was an old friend of Neige's
    Health - 3 Life Bars
    Difficulty - *********
    Weakness - None
    Strength - None
    Homing Missile        - Craft will launch a homing missile onto you. Slash it
                            to destroy it, but it will leave behind an explosion.
    Laser Cannon          - Craft will use his gun and fire a straight red beam.
                            It won't kill you but he will then fire a straight 
                            blue laser at you. You will have to jump behind him or
                            double jump to avoid this attack.
    Acute Laser Cannon    - Craft will go to one side of the screen and hover and 
                            point his gun at the ground. Then, at a 45 degree
                            angle, he will fire his laser cannon on the floor. You
                            have to slash Craft to stop this attack. Jump into the
                            air to do it.
    Scatter Bomb          - Craft will jump into the air and fire a large grey 
                            bomb at you. When it hits the ground, it will open up
                            to 6 fragments, each dealing damage to you if hit. 
                            Destroy the bomb while it is in the air but be careful
                            of the explosion.
    Dodge                 - Not really an attack but Craft will dash across the 
                            screen, allowing you to pass through him without 
                            taking damage. You cannot attack him in this mode.
    Serrated Bayonet Stab - Craft will dash towards you with his gun, unlocking a
                            serrated bayonet in-built in the gun. If you get hit, 
                            you basically get stabbed, then, he releases the 
                            bayonet, smashing you into a wall, making you take a
                            second hit. Nasty. Jump over Craft or move back when 
                            he pulls out the knife.
    Grenade Lob           - Craft will bend down and lob 3 grenades at your 
                            direction. Either stay away, jump over it or destroy
                            it with the Z sabre. Careful of the explosion.
    Exodus                - Craft will jump into the middle of the battle, point
                            his gun down and fire the laser cannon. Then, he 
                            unleashes three waves of massive missiles, which 
                            should not harm you if you stay on the corner.
    Same old Craft. Except for his Exodus attack. That is dangerous. It does
    heavy amounts of damage and without elf upgrades, you are in serious trouble.
    It is a quick attack so you might not see it coming. Use any attack you want,
    mainly Ice Javelin because of its speed to demolish Craft once and for all.
    Ice Blades will be handy and Flame Fangs as well. It is a very hard battle.
    Subtanks should be used if need be. 
    [6.02] Random Bandam
    Description: Protects the Teleporter Base. Connected with four computers.
    Health - 3 Life Bars
    Difficulty - ***
    Weakness - None
    Strength - None
    Random Bounce         - Bandam will just randomly bounce around. Pull out the
                            sabre and start slicing and dicing this fool away.
    Random Shots          - Bandam will disappear and start to get some multiple
                            gun turrets on the walls and shoot you. Use the 
                            Tractor Shot skill to absorb the bullets and shoot 
                            what was his back at it.
    Random Lasers         - Bandam will disappear and start to go to the back
                            ground.  It will flash and an eye will pop up. Slice
                            it before Bandam launches lasers in a hexagon shape.
    Random Sparks         - Bandam will start shooting sparks like Genbelm Death
                            Cannon. He does it in a counter clockwise to clock
                            wise direct or vice versa depending where you are.
    Random Projectiles    - Bandam will shoot 5 waves of projectiles. The ones at
                            the bottom require you to scale the wall to dodge. The
                            ones in the middle make you stay away from the wall 
                            then the top, do nothing, then middle and then bottom.
    This guy is easy, except for the fact that he keeps running like a cat. He 
    likes to run and that annoying laugh makes me want to sue Capcom because it 
    gets repeated so many time. Dodge correctly and attack at every change and you
    should get it. 
    [6.03] Cyball
    Description: Protection program in the Teleport Circuit. Can utilize 
    Health - 3 Life Bars
    Difficulty - *****
    Weakness - None
    Strength - None
    8 Figure              - Cyball will circle the field in an 8 shape starting 
                            with the top first. Move around and dash to dodge it.
                            Very easy attack to dodge and hit off.
    Indestructable Ball   - Cyball will launch 3 indestructable balls of goo at 
                            you. Although you cannot destroy it, use your sabre
                            to move it back and avoid you. When it flashes, it 
                            will soon disappear.
    Electric Fence        - Cyball will go off the screen and the cannons will
                            connect together to form a electric fence in a 
                            rectangle shape. Stay in the centre to dodge.
    Cell Division         - Cyball will divide into 4 blobs and spin around in
                            a diamond shape across the screen. Stay on the top
                            platform and jump to avoid this attack.
    Large Pink Lasers     - Cyball will glow pink and turn into a cannon. Then two
                            cannons on the same side as Cyball will become laser
                            cannons. Stay in the centre and jump or dash to avoid
                            the centre laser. Don't worry about the other two.
    Quite an easy boss but takes a long time to defeat. He will use his 8 Figure 
    attack every two turns, making Zero have an easy time against him. Charge up
    and slash or shot him. You can  destroy the cannons on the side with two 
    charged slashes, but it isn't worth the risk. 
    [6.04] Dr Weil (Form 1)
    Description: Strapped with Ragnarok parts, this Dr. Weil is powered up.
    Health - 3 Life Bars
    Difficulty - **********
    Weakness - None
    Strength - None
    Fade                  - Weil will fade away a few times, making him invincible
                            to your attacks, but you can pass through him. This is
                            the most annoying stalling move.
    Phantom Split         - Weil will go off screen and reappear with 3 more 
                            Weils, one of which is real. Wait for him to solid
                            himself up and slice him before he moves on to this 
                            sequal move. Note you cannot stop him from using it.
    Electric Kunais       - After he reappears after splitting himself, he will
                            summon six kunais to the field, so stand under him to
                            avoid getting hit. Then, he will raise to the top and
                            charge a purple ball and leave it. The electric ball
                            will shoot a electric ball at each kunai, which 
                            conducts the energy to the floor, which sends out two
                            balls of electricity along the floor, one left and the
                            other one right. You will have to jump in the clear 
                            area over the electric balls, because they are fast 
                            and deal damage. You can use your sabre or mega axe or
                            an empty Z Knuckle to destroy kunais but remember that
                            your main objective here is to dodge the attacks, not
                            destroy it because you simply don't have enough time
                            to. Use your EX skills, main Ice Blade to destroy the
                            Kunais. If you destroy an uncharged kunai, the purple
                            ball will still send a charge, but it does right 
                            through the floor.
    Recover               - Weil will summon 4 green blobs onto the field. Destroy
                            these blobs before Weil can use them to recover a tiny
                            amount of health each. It heals about 10 for him.
    Triple Diamond Cutter - Weil will summon a hexgonal shaped ice block with
                            pointy edges and will split it into three smaller
                            diamonds that will be homing onto you. Jump and dash.
                            They cannot be destroyed.
    Blue Ball Spray       - Weil will summon an array of blue balls, used to throw
                            onto the ground in an arc formation. You will have to
                            be on the move and won't be able to attack him much as
                            he fires 4 waves of this attack at you. He will always
                            fire from top to bottom, so use this to your 
                            advantage. Do not stand under him because you won't 
                            have any room and you will get hit. He will stand in
                            the upper-mid sections of each wall. His attack is by 
                            far the most annoying. Sometimes you might be lucky 
                            he might only summon 2 waves instead of the usual 4.
    Meteor Shower         - Weil will summon two waves of meteor at the top of the
                            field to hit you and deal liberal amounts of damage. 
                            There are two waves, the first containing grey meteors
                            and the second with three grey meteors and three gold
                            meteors. The grey meteors will fall down in a diagonal
                            pattern and are quite easy to avoid. The gold meteors 
                            however are annoying because they are homing meteors
                            and hunt you down. This might be hard to dodge with 
                            the grey meteors falling at the same time. Use your
                            dash skills here to avoid injury. When you are near
                            Weil, attack him with the axe or sabre.
    EX SKILL (In this case ULTIMATE SKILL)
    Graveyard Summon       - Weil will summon a multi colour ball which will float
                             to the middle of the battle and summon the 8 warriors
                             that you defeated in Megaman Zero 3. Talk about deja
                             vu. They won't last long but he will summon all eight
                             warriors. They names aren't important but they come 
                             in the same order. You cannot kill them.
    Fire Flower            - Goes to your nearest corners and hits you with a 
                             flamethrower that will cover more than half the lower
    Ice Driller            - Drills into the floor, releasing two ice shards in
                             both directions. Jump to dodge. He drills at the
    Robot Bat              - Appears in the corner furthest from you and is like
                             Spy Larue tail laser attack. He will summon electric
                             balls of various heights, low, medium and high. You
                             should know how to dodge that by now.
    Praying Mantis         - Appears in the corner nearest to you and sends his
                             scythe cross wise, so dash under it. Then he will 
                             change the scythe vertically so jump, dash jump or
                             double jump over it.
    Robot Fox              - Goes to the middle and fires 2 fireballs each side
                             in arc shapes. In two waves. Dodge like the Weil's
                             blue ball spray attack.
    Giant Duck Thing       - Appears out of the sky and trys to land or squash
                             you, can't tell the difference.
    Electric Eel           - Plugs his tail into the ground, charging it to make
                             the floor electric. Jump and double jump to dodge.
    Big Trash Guy          - Magnus wannabe. Like the Duck Thing, he will try to
                             land on you, and damage you.
    This guy is really hard, harder than Craft. There are no easy ways to beat him
    but I can only give you some pointers. On the meteors, try to figure out which
    way the grey meteors go and lead the gold ones there, therefore, you avoid 
    both without taking damage. Like always, attack at every possible chance, time
    is of the essence, because, it is a battle of who can last longer. Him or you.
    Meh, Battle of Attrition. Make sure you got the mega axe before hand because
    it is strong. In the slower parts of battle, when Weil is summoning, blast him
    with the axe but otherwise, the sabre should be your primary weapon. No need
    to use your buster here. Dodging is a bigger priorty, more so if you don't 
    upgrade to at least level six of nurse with your elf to give you decent hp.
    Just dodge, attack when you know you can escape. If you are not going for S
    Rank, time doesn't matter. Use subtanks, but a maximum of two. Finish Weil and
    find out why.
    [6.05] Dr Weil (Form 2)
    Description: Dr. Weil after melding completely with Ragnarok. 
    Health - 3 Life Bars
    Difficulty - **********
    Weakness - None
    Strength - None
    Guard                 - Not an attack, but it blocks all attacks launched 
                            against Weil when it is up and will damage you on
    Spike Projectiles     - Weil will suck you in and launch a light purple 
                            rotating crystal that will fire two sets of spike
                            projectiles, first in a cross shape and the second in
                            an X shape. It will damage you, but unlike normal
                            spikes, not a one hit kill.
    Blue Ball Spray       - Like the original, but it is on the top of the screen
                            and launches 5 blobs and there is only one wave per 
                            turn. Better than the 2 to 4 waves before.
    Lock On Spider Webs   - Weil will summon heaxgon shaped spider webs to stop
                            you. Once it makes contact, Weil will summon it to the
                            centre, lowering his guard and firing a massive beam 
                            at you. That takes a lot of health from you. Also, you
                            can destroy the webs. If you have the mega axe, or 
                            using the sabre, just to his face, slash it and when 
                            if you turn in time, it will follow through, and slice
                            the webs that are close to you. This is the most time
                            consuming move if you get caught but if you are good 
                            enough, you can destroy one and a half bars of health
                            in one attack like me :)
    Guard Bommerang       - Weil will lower his guard, place thorns all over it 
                            and fire it along the floor at you. Then, after it 
                            reaches the left side, it will come back at him. This
                            is a perfect him to attack him.
    Triple Sphere         - Weil will release 3 red balls, large ones and send the
                            balls at you. If you try to destroy it, it will divide
                            into three smaller balls. Destroy one large sphere and
                            get some breathing space. 
    Face Cannon           - Weil will suck you closer to him, then fires a very
                            large horizontal beam at you which takes the middle 
                            then lowers, decends onto you and you will have to 
                            dash under what is left of the large beam. 
    Summon Bonsect        - Remember the first level. How you use bombs to kill
                            the boss. Now, if you don't have the mega axe, you 
                            can grab 4 bombs off a bonsect, when Weir summoms one
                            and toss it at him. It is hard to get it pass the
                            shield and hit him however.
    This boss can be hard to some, but there is a reason he is hard. There is a 
    120 second time limit. And of course, he now has a guard. But don't let that
    deter you from killing him. You have 120 seconds, that is ample. I killed this
    SOB in 45 seconds. You might think that he has his shield up. But, his attacks
    are limited if he keeps his shield up. You can easily destroy half of his
    health on the Spider Webs attack. That needs some skill. If this is your 
    second or third time round, this would be a piece of cake. This is the only
    battle that I'm going to say, don't worry about dodging. If you have at least
    two subtanks, then you can let all hell break loss and kill him. Take damage 
    and use subtanks to heal. On Lvl 7 Nurse, you have two bars of health, against
    his three bars. You have experience. Weil is extremely slow, third to Genbelm
    and Magnus. He doesn't even move so once the guard is down, FULL OUT ATTACK! 
    His attacks are not quick and you can see it coming. Jst attack like crazy
    but don't take extremely stupid risks. That will kill you. That is the only
    thing that will kill you. Just calm down and forget about the time limit. Only
    if the time comes down to 30 seconds, do you worry, but you have more than 
    enough time to kill him. In fact, I finished that last stage enough to earn
    20 points. Good Luck
    [7.01] Glossary
    Buster - Zero's Z Buster
    Cyber-Elf - Your assistant that can help you
    Dash - Quicker movement. Default key is L
    Dodging - Avoiding Attacks
    Double Jump - Piece of Equipment that allows you to jump twice
    EX SKILL - Bosses special move gained when the battle is set on the correct
               weather before deploying
    Field - Battle Screen
    Fire - One of the three elements. Deals more damage.
    Ice - One of the three elements. Can freeze enemies.
    Life Bars - Amount of health a boss has. One bar equals 32 health points
    Mega Axe - Weapons that can be used with Z Knuckle. Steal weapon from Axeloids
               the blue-green monsters that carry axes. Found in Artificial Sun 
               and final stage before facing Weil.
    Nurse - One of the three areas you can level your Cyber Elf in hat raises life
    Sabre - Zero's Z Sabre
    Slash - Attack with Z-Sabre or equipped Mega Axe
    Three Hit Combo - Means you press the B button or the button that allows you
                      to use your sabre three times to hit three times
    Thunder - One of the three elements. Can stun enemies
    Triple - Three
    Zero - Main character of the game. You should know that
    [7.02] Q & A 
    Q. Where can I find the Rom?
    A. Somewhere ... 
    Q. What is so good about the sabre?
    A. Its stronger than the buster
    Q. Do I have to get the Mega Axe?
    A. Its optional but you should get it
    Q. How do I use the Z Knuckle?
    A. Listen to Creveau and you might find out
    Q. Why can't I use the buster?
    A. It is too slow and does low damage
    Q. Do I have to get the EX Skills?
    A. No, but it is recommended that you do
    Q. Do I know you from somewhere?
    A. No
    Q. Is there an element circle?
    A. Thunder is good against Fire, which is good against Ice, which is good 
       against Thunder
    [A] Contact Information
    Before you E-Mail me, read the guide first. If the answer is not in here, then
    E-Mail me. If it is, don't bother as I won't reply.
    To contact me, e-mail me at
    hillsdragon13 [at] hotmail [dot] com
    Replace at with @ and dot with .
    Don't add me to MSN Messenger List because if I don't know you, I won't accept
    you, simple as that. 
    E-Mail me (and anyone else you want to e-mail) with courtesy and respect as 
    we are living people like you. Have a title of what you are sending so I know
    what is going on. If you try to send attachments, I won't open them so stick
    the information in the E-Mail. 
    Please write in English or anything close to it. It can't understand foreign
    languages so please don't give me a page long quite in Mexican or Antarctic
    penguin language cause I don't understand.
    Don't write in sloppy English. I mean, who the hell would understand "Hwo Od 
    Yoi Di Tjih Ni Methdan?" Don' be too formal, a question is not a freakin
    business agreement so don't say "Dear Sir, In accordance to your Walkthrough
    to the PC Game, MMZero 4, ..." it makes me wonder if I'm talking to a freak
    the President of the United States of America or Bill Gates or Donald Trump.
    I will credit you if your send me information about this game that is not in
    the FAQ. I will also be grateful if you see this FAQ somewhere else other than
    Gamefaqs or a site which has my permission. If you do, tell me so I can kick
    their ass to Pluto and make them bounce off to the other side of the Universe.
    I will not respond to:
    * Spam
    * Bill Gate's Spam (He gets spam of up to 4 million per day)
    * Something not related with the Megaman Zero 4
    * Something already covered
    * Illegal stuff, like CD-Keys and Pirated Versions
    * Technical Problems
    Technical Problems I will not answer as they should be sent to Capcom not me.
    I didn't design the game so I shouldn't know what's wrong with it, its your
    game not MINE.
    [B] Webmaster Information
    [C] Credits
    This section is where you see your name. It will be long. The names are either
    Board Names from the Boards or your e-mail so if your name is Bob Rob and 
    another Bob Rob posted the message, the First Bob Rob will not be credited so
    in short, someone around the world who shares the same name as you will not
    be credited for your work.
    CJayC for hosting this FAQ
    Capcom for developing the game
    Me for making it
    http://www.rootsecure.net/index.php?p=ascii_generator for the art
    Windows Media Player to play MP3's while typing.
    [D] Sites FAQ is on
    Current FAQ is On
    www.gamefaqs.com will always have the latest versions
    [E] Copyright
    This game is Copyright 2005 Capcom Co. All Rights Reserved
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    is for personal use only. This is not to be used for commercial or personal
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    This document is protected by the copyright laws that were founded in the
    Bernes Copyright Convention in 1968. It states that:
    The expression “literary and artistic works” shall include every production
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    form of its expression, such as books, pamphlets and other writings; lectures,
    addresses, sermons and other works of the same nature; dramatic or 
    dramatico-musical works; choreographic works and entertainments in dumb show;
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    are assimilated works expressed by a process analogous to cinematography;
    works of drawing, painting, architecture, sculpture, engraving and 
    lithography; photographic works to which are assimilated works expressed by a
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    If you fail to follow the law, you will be indited for fraud and is a criminal
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    You are not to sell this piece of work, claim it as your own, make any 
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    Please abide with the terms. If not, you will be facing a lawsuit you cannot
    This document is copyright 2006. All Rights Reserved.

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