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"Change is good."

Yoh Asakura is your main character, as a shaman, he can see ghosts and spirits and capture them. With the help of a boss ghost, and a 600 years dead samurai spirit, Yoh ultimate goal is to win all tournaments and be the shaman king.

You can wander around, fight spirits and catch them. Each spirit has its own attributes, you can level them up to be stronger, or fuse them with other spirits and make a whole new one.

You can go to different locations in the game, each area has some battles to fight. You can if you want, abuse battles to level up your spirits, since each time you have a fight in any location, and then you leave, that spirit will recover its health, and so you can fight it again and again. At first you have only few areas to visit, but as you progress in the story, more locations will be available.

Inside battles you will use your spirits to fight, like pokemon each spirit has its own attacks and moves. There is the element system in battles, spirits attacks has an affinity with different elements, some elements are stronger against others, choosing the right element is very easy, since the game always highlighting it with gold. You win the fight after you reduce you enemies spirits life points to zero.

This game has two versions, there is no deference in the story line, but different spirits are available, which you can fuse together to make new one, getting the other version is only for die hard fans.

The graphics are very good, background are colorful and the towns are bright, all characters are detailed and spirits look cool.

You will spend a good amount of time on this game, collecting all spirits is fun, and of course beating the story will also take you some time, the game is not easy or short.

If you want something new and fresh, or bored of playing pokemon games, and you want a good change, this is where to go, its not just a clone of pokemon, it has its flaws and pros.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 05/13/05

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