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    FAQ/Walkthrough by DolFina

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    Danny Phantom:
    The Ultimate Enemy
    Game Software Copyright THQ
    Characters and Story
    Copyright Nickelodeon Studios
    For Use on the Nintendo Game Boy Advance
    System copyright of Nintendo
    FAQ/Walkthrough (v1)
    Copyright Digi-Dolphin (Dol)
    Typed by Dol
    Email: digidolphin@cashette.com
    A solo effort this time, as Warsong isn't as interested in the Danny
    Phantom game as I am. Again, searching online for a guide of sorts
    for this game yielded nothing more than some codes and a tip or two.
    So, I decided to put together a walkthrough for this game to sort of
    say 'There's one out there, go look it up' to myself. Before I start,
    I need to say a few things first, so please bear with my ranting. It's
    short, I promise.
    First, any questions about the guide and any helpful info you might
    have to help me fully polish it should be emailed to the above
    address. Put 'Danny Phantom FAQ' in the header or else I'll panic and
    delete it by mistake. I'm still paranoid. Also, if you want to put
    this on your own site or whatever, let me know first. 99 percent of
    the time, I'll say sure and let you have at. Just keep it in the
    original format and we'll be cool.
    Next, I don't actually own the game. I got my hands on a ROM for the
    sake of seeing what the hell the whole thing was about. Needless to
    say, it was short. (I finished it in a few hours.) But while short
    it was kind of entertaining, so eh, why not put out something about
    it for others to use. You know, in case there are people who manage
    to get lost in the game. (Mind you, that includes me. I got stuck in
    one level for a while because I had no idea how to make the dude walk
    through walls.) So if you try to send me mail about the fact I used a
    ROM to write this, you get a free trip to the trash can. I'm broke,
    get over it.
    That's about it. On with what I originally set out to do.
    	1. Start Menu
    	2. Controls and Result Screen
    	3. Playable Characters
    	4. Level Screen
    	5. Powers and Weapons
    	6. Level Ups
    	7. Walkthrough (Story Mode)
    	8. Walkthrough (Mission Mode)
    	9. Mini-Games
    	10. Dol's Rant (Time Travel Explained... Sort Of.)
    	11. End
    Since it's short, there doesn't seem to be a need for the search tips
    to work through it all.
    Start Menu
    	You start with two menu options when first playing the game,
    Start Game and Options. Start Game takes you to a list of three slots
    to name your save file for the game. You get three letters to name it.
    Scroll through letters by pressing Up and Down on the control pad,
    and use Left and Right on the control pad to move to the next space.
    When you finish, hit A button to confirm the name.
    	Options gives you another menu to choose new options from:
    	Ghost Gallery: Lists various ghosts found in the game and in
    the cartoon series. Not all ghosts found in the Gallery are in the
    game. Eventually, some of the ghosts will get a Beat Number, which
    just records how many times you've beaten that particular ghost.
    	Passwords: Place to enter 4-letter passwords to unlock mini-
    games and stuff. You get a password from completing the game the
    first time, another from completing Mission Mode's storyline, the
    others I have yet to figure out.
    	BK Promotions: The mini-games themselves. This is where all
    the mini-games are stored. I'm not sure why they call it BK
    Promotions, maybe Burger King had something to do with it? Anyway,
    go here to goof around with the games. More on that later.
    	Credits: Earned once you beat the game the first time. It just
    plays the credits again.
    	Once you've beaten the game the first time and entered the code
    VLAD in the Passwords menu, a third Start Menu option appears. The
    Difficulty level is default on Normal Mode, but you can change it to
    Easy or Hard by pressing Left or Right on the control pad.
    	Control Pad - Scroll through choices
    	A Button - Confirm
    	B Button - Cancel
    	L/R - Scroll through Ghost Gallery; Check Mission Info (hold
    		down R to check info, L does nothing)
    	Start - Nothing
    	Select - Nothing
    	Control Pad - Move Danny around (it's a side-scroller, guess
    			how you move)
    	A Button - Jump; Press Up + A while in mid-jump to make Danny
    			Phantom fly, hit A again to make him land
    	B Button - Attack; Danny has a standard punch attack, but if
    			you just keep mashing it, he'll do three punches
    			and a upward kick. Good for combos which are super
    			easy to get. When you get a weapon, it will start
    			to alternate between using the weapon and his
    			punches; sometimes, that messes up combos. More on
    			Danny's weapons and attacks later.
    	L Button - Power Select; when held down, it temporarily halts
    			the action so you can select the 'Power' you can
    			use from an icon screen in the top right corner
    			of the screen. Use Left/Right on the control pad
    			to select the 'Power', then release L to return
    			to the game. More on Powers later.
    	R Button - Use Power; lets you use the currently selected Power
    			and is also used in some combinations to release a
    			variant of certain powers. When in the form of Danny
    			Fenton, the selection is stuck on the Fenton Thermos.
    	Start - Pauses game, brings up Pause Menu; you get three options
    			in the Pause Menu; Continue, Restart, and Quit.
    			Continue returns you to the current level; Restart
    			will restart the current level; Quit takes you back
    			to the opening screen of the game.
    	Select - Transform; You start each level as Danny Phantom. Use
    			Select to turn into Danny Fenton, which allows you
    			to charge Ghost Power at an accelerated rate. Hit it
    			again to change back to Phantom. Useful when you
    			need to recharge Ghost Power in a pinch.
    Results Screen
    	Only shows up when you clear a level. It tells you information
    about your results.
    	1. Number Beaten: Counts the number of enemies you've beaten.
    	2. Max Combo: Records your highest combo attack count.
    	3. Time: The time it took to clear the level.
    	4. EXP: Amount of experience earned.
    	5. Next: The amount of experience needed to Level Up.
    	I'm not sure if the number of enemies beaten, time, and the
    combo have any effects on the amount of experience you can earn at
    the end of the level. It'll take a while to test it out.
    Playable Characters
    	Only three playable character are available; Danny Fenton, Danny
    Phantom, and Dan Phantom (only in Boss Arena Mode and at the beginning
    of the game in either Story or Mission Mode).
    	1. Danny Fenton:
    		Very weak, no attacks, can only jump and his jump is a
    little dorky (he kinda shows his teeth but for what I don't know).
    He can only use the Fenton Thermos in this state, but he can't use any
    weapons (which makes the thermos just useless). It makes no sense, he
    can use them fine in the show as a kid, so why make him so pathetic in
    the game? Oh well. He's kind of a slow mover and looks as if he's trying
    to tip-toe around, so only use Fenton when you need a quick Ghost Power
    charge up as he can charge Ghost Power faster than even Dan Phantom.
    	2. Danny Phantom:
    		Hero of the storyline. Starts off kinda weak but as he
    Levels Up and learns new tricks, he can be a powerhouse fighter. His
    punches start off simple but they're fast to pull out and he can even
    attack in mid-air. When hovering, instead of punching, his attack is
    in the form of using his fingers like guns and firing off little shots
    of invisible energy at very short range. *This doesn't count as a
    Plasma Attack!* His selection of Powers is greater than Fenton's, but
    he can't use Ghostly Wail until he reaches a certain part of the story
    or hits Level 10. A bit faster moving than Fenton and can fly, he's
    more manueverable in the levels.
    	3. Dan Phantom:
    		Basically, the main villain of the game. He's much faster
    moving than Danny Phantom and his combo attacks are greater as well as
    more powerful. He also starts with Ghostly Wail in his Powers selection
    but it takes a while for him to reach enough Ghost Power to actually use
    it. And since Danny Fenton's basically nonexistent in his era (um, yah,
    he's dead), Dan cannot transform to do a fast charge. His combos are
    fairly cool as he can utilize his cape as a weapon and adds Ghost Power
    to his final kick. (Actually it's his knee, but meh.)
    Level Screen
    	I'm not gonna do an ASCII art of the screen. It's too hard for
    me to get it right and there's little on the screen that I can't tell
    you about in words. I can direct you to a screenshot of the level
    screen, but that's about it.
    	In the upper left corner is your character's icon. For Danny,
    it changes based on whether he's in Fenton form (he looks totally
    scared, ^-^) or Phantom form (he gets really confident-looking, -_-;).
    In Dan Phantom's case, it always looks insane. Note, for those who saw
    the cartoon, Dan's profile icon has the same expression as when Danny
    Phantom first went insane. I think it's a mix of Young Dan Phantom and
    the older form.
    	Next to the Character Icon are both the Health Gauge and the
    Ghost Power Gauge. Your health is in orange and Ghost Power is in
    green. Ghost Power always starts empty. Dan Phantom's gauges are both
    at max limits, while Danny Phantom starts with a pretty short gauge. It
    grows as he Levels Up. Eventually, it matches Dan Phantom's limits.
    Recharge your gauges by sucking up colored goo from ghosts or letting
    Fenton charge up your Ghost Power.
    	In the upper right corner is the Powers Icon, which lets you
    select from different powers to use with R in the game. More on it
    later. Whenever you pick up a weapon, it shows up as an icon to the
    left of the Powers Icon.
    	Power-ups you find that affect your speed, offense or defense
    will show up just under your Ghost Power Gauge.
    	That's it. Not much to it.
    Powers Icon and Fenton Weapons
    	Powers Icon
    		I have no idea what the real name for that icon in the
    upper right corner is, so I just call it the Powers Icon. Hold down
    L to access it during the level and use the control pad to select a
    Power. Here's a list of your powers.
    	1. Fenton Thermos: I have no idea why this is called a Power.
    		It's a thermos, but it sucks up the goo left behind by
    		some ghosts. It's useful because that goo can recharge
    		your Ghost Power, your Health, or both at once. It's
    		set as the default Power. The thing to remember about the
    		Fenton Thermos is that you don't need to hold R down to use
    		it. Just hold it until the goo flies up in a ball, then
    		release it. The goo will continue flying towards you but
    		you won't be stuck in that sitting duck pose waiting for it.
    	2. Plasma Blast: Basically a blast of ectoplasmic energy. It fires
    		in a straight line and hits everything from ground-level
    		to about Danny's height. The Plasma Blast can be divided
    		even further once you learn combos with the Control Pad.
    			Plasma Blast - Default; fires with R Button.
    			Plasma Wave - Ground-level double shock waves, it
    					spreads in two directions; Down + R.
    			Plasma Ring - Round blade of energy that bounces
    					around the screen, capable of hitting
    					enemies from ground-level to high-
    					level but is erratic; Left/Right + R.
    			Super Plasma Blast - Enhanced PB; Up + R.
    	3. Insubstantial: It looks like it should make you invisible,
    		but it doesn't. It just lets you phase through walls and be
    		immune to attacks for a short while. It auto-activates if
    		you are hit, but the effect is much shorter and it uses no
    		Ghost Power.
    	4. Ghostly Wail: It starts as a question mark for Danny Phantom
    		and appears as a green ghost with sound waves coming from
    		its mouth. The Ghostly Wail will clear the entire screen
    		of enemies and drain you dry of Ghost Power. You can even
    		use it on Bosses to tear out huge chunks of their life bar.
    		So much fun. Be warned; when Danny Phantom uses it, he
    		auto-reverts to Danny Fenton, which can screw up some
    	Fenton Weapons
    		There are several kinds of weapons the Fenton Family
    created to battle ghosts, and most of them are lying around the levels,
    hidden as props. Punch a prop to get the weapon out, then walk over it
    to pick it up. The weapon lasts for a short time, but they have infinite
    ammo while you have them. Here's what I found so far. Mind you, I'm not
    sure what the real names for the weapons are so I made some up. All of
    the weapons you find are used with the B Button.
    		The ones with stars are names I'm not sure of.
    	1. Fenton Anti-Creep Stick: A green baseball bat. Danny does some
    		way cool combos with this bat and it basically takes over
    his punches when he has it. It can clear enemies from 						ground-level to
    high-level, but there's a chance he'll miss
    		some ghosts 'cause he does a long jump at the end of the
    	2. Fenton Specter Deflector: A strange little belt. It increases
    		Danny's defense for a short time. It has no effect on your
    	3. *Fenton Spook Shoes: A pair of purple winged boots. Increases
    		your speed for a short time. Danny really hauls it for a
    		while and that can get you moving through the level much
    		faster. Makes him a little hard to control though,
    		especially when you still need to fight ghosts.
    	4. Fenton Foamer: Fires a ball of energy that can hit through
    		several ghosts. Can also be fired in mid-air. Don't mash
    		the B button when you have it 'cause you'll switch to
    		punches instead of use the Foamer. When standing, the
    		shot can hit in the same range as the Plasma Blast.
    	5. *Fenton Goggles: They look like red glasses. Danny pretends
    		he's Cyclops with these. Short range, rapid-fire shots
    		come from his eyes when he wears these and they can also
    		be used while jumping. As long as he's standing still,
    		Danny can use them in rapid sequence (you can mash B to
    		keep firing).
    	6. Fenton Ghost Gloves: A pair of black gloves. Increases
    		Danny's offense, so his punches do more damage. They
    		last a short time, and as far as I know, don't affect
    		his Plasma attacks.
    	7. *Fenton Discus: Looks like a gun with a shield on it. It acts
    		like a boomerang; when you fire it, it travels across the
    		screen, hitting enemies, then returns across the screen
    		for a second hit at them. Can also be fired in mid-air.
    		Once it's fired, you can only punch until it makes the
    		second pass. Then you can fire it again.
    	Of the three characters, only Danny Phantom can actually use any
    of the weapons. Don't know why they don't let Fenton use 'em too.
    Danny Phantom's Attacks
    	1. Rush: Press B for a punch, press it three times to get
    		a combination of three punches, press it four times to get
    		the same punches followed by an upward kick.
    	2. Flying Kick: While in mid jump, press Down + B to execute a
    		downward kick that does quite a bit of damage. Learn at
    		Level 2.
    	3. Rush 5: Press B four times to start the standard Rush, then
    		hit it a fifth time to do a Ghost Power-enhanced dash
    		punch that sends Danny across the screen quickly, slamming
    		into anything that's in his path. Learn at Level 5.
    	4. Rush 6: Press B five times to trigger Rush 5, then hit it a
    		sixth time to do a Ghost Power-enhanced uppercut that will
    		drag an enemy from the ground-level to the high-level while
    		attacking it. Learn at Level 8.
    Level Ups
    	Whenever Danny Phantom Levels Up, he learns some new attack or
    gains a bonus to existing stats. Here's what you can get. Also, it's
    really hard to keep track of the Exp points since they don't actually
    tell you how much you already have and it spills over into the next
    set of points needed. So I estimated using the points I earn in one
    level and adding it to the points needed to Level Up. Not accurate but
    it will have to do.
    	| Level | Level Reward | Experience|
    	|   1   |   Default    |    none   |
    	|   2   | Flying Kick  | 1000 EXP  |
    	|   3   | Plasma Wave  | 1500 EXP? |
    	|   4   | Offense + 1  | 2900 EXP? |
    	|   5   |    Rush 5    | 3000 EXP? |
    	|   6   | Plasma Ring  | 4000 EXP? |
    	|   7   | Offense + 2  | 4000 EXP? |
    	|   8   |    Rush 6    | 4200 EXP? |
    	|   9   | Super P. B.  | 5000 EXP? |
    	|  10   | Ghostly Wail | 5200 EXP? |
    Walkthrough (Story Mode)
    	Okay, now we get to the meat of the guide. There's going to be a
    ton of spoilers and stuff, but if you saw the movie, there's no point
    in warning you. The game follows the cartoon rather closely, with a
    few deviations here and there to add length to the game. I have only
    one real issue with the game; Danny's suit doesn't have the DP emblem on
    it even though this game (as does the cartoon) occurs after Memory Blank,
    the episode where he gets the damn thing. Rant done, walkthrough now.
    Future Amity Park
    	You get a short little series of dialogue that sets up the start
    of the game before you enter the actual level. It follows the cartoon's
    opening a little so no surprises here.
    	World 1
    	Level 1-1
    	This is the only time you'll play as Dan Phantom, so either enjoy
    the hell out of it or thank God it's only once you have to work with
    this guy. It's easy to work through. Just move forward, smashing
    anything that gets in your way with your combo attacks. When you reach
    the end of the level, you'll see an arrow pointing at a panel on the
    wall. This is your target. It's the control panel for the Ghost Shield.
    There are two ways of destroying this thing; you can smash at it until
    it breaks, which takes a while, or you can switch your Power to Ghostly
    Wail and let it rip, which kills everything on the screen including the
    panel. Pick one and get it done. You won't earn any EXP for this, but
    that's okay.
    	Another short little cutscene that involves Future Valerie and
    then you get thrown into a boss battle. If you manage to lose this,
    there's something wrong with you. (^-^; Just kidding. Sorry.)
    	Level 1-2
    	Boss: Future Valerie
    	She packs heat and throws discs at you. Not really formidable as
    she looks. Just nail her with your combo until she's stunned, then wait
    about three seconds before you start the combo again. This will keep
    her from making any attacks at all. However, if you push her off the
    screen, she'll be immune to your attacks and will counter. Dan
    Phantom's stun time is worse than Danny Phantom's because he stands
    still and it's hard to tell when he's recovered from it. She only has
    one life bar, red, so once it's empty, it's over. This fight shouldn't
    even take a minute.
    The Eyes in the Shadows
    	After the fight, you'll get another cutscene about the Observers
    and Clockwork. They'll talk about how Danny becomes Dan and it's up to
    Clockwork to get rid of Danny in order to keep that from happening.
    He claims to see a different future for Danny and will do what he can
    to make sure Danny never turns evil. (There's a hint to where his true
    intentions lie there.)
    	It jumps from there to Casper High, where you get a scene with
    Danny and his friends. (Danny looks like he's already got the crud beat
    outta him. He's that way quite a bit in the game.) He complains about
    needing to study for the C.A.T., then Sam pops in and says that the
    school is full of ghosts. Tucker will make some comment on Danny
    becoming a ghost hunter, which makes Danny gripe about that and then he
    will go off to do his Phantom thing.
    	World 2
    	Level 1-1
    	I don't know why they call them Worlds, it sounds like something
    from Super Mario Bros. or something. Anyway, it's a straight-forward
    level. Hit Select to become Danny Fenton until you fill up your Ghost
    Power Gauge and don't move. Moving will attract ghosts and they'll bash
    Fenton up pretty badly. Once you're charged, change back to Phantom and
    move on. Up ahead is a bucket that you can punch for a Fenton Weapon.
    The props give you randomly selected items, so you never know what's
    in it. Grab it and start pummeling the ghosts around you. You'll notice
    that Danny's bars are half the size of Dan Phantom's, so you really
    can't afford to take a lot of hits. Luckily, you have the Fenton
    Thermos, and large ghosts like to drop goo. There are a bunch of little
    ones roughly the size of Danny's head that are annoying as hell, but
    the ones that are Danny's size and bigger drop goo all the time. Suck
    'em up with the thermos to refill health and Ghost Power when you need
    	You can only progress to the next section of the level when all
    the ghosts in the current area have been defeated. A GO! sign will
    flash on the right hand side of the screen when you're done. For speed,
    have Danny fly through cleared areas to get to the next section, then
    land once you reach the new area. There will be another bucket with a
    Weapon in it just a few more steps ahead. Sometimes, props don't have
    Weapons, but another ghost. If it's black, kill it quick because it
    will run away and vanish and those things are rare. They don't net you
    anything but bragging rights but meh. You're a ghost hunter, it's a
    ghost. Just do your job, okay? Clear the ghosts and continue. Be sure
    to travel the whole area to be sure you got them all, because ghosts
    like to appear in random areas to throw you off. Move to the next
    	There's no bucket here, but that's all right. This is the last
    area of the hallway level. Just keep punching ghosts until it's clear,
    then leave to end the level.
    	Level 1-2
    	You'll get dropped off outside in what looks like a suburban
    sidewalk/park area. Maybe it's the school yard or something. Up ahead
    is a gray mailbox that you can knock over for a Weapon or bonus ghost.
    Clear the area of ghosts until you can reach the next section. In the
    second area, you can find a gray newspaper stand that holds another
    item for you, be it Weapon or ghost.
    	The final section has no prop, but you should have no trouble
    clearing out the ghosts. Combos work like a charm on the bigger
    ghosts while you might want to just stick with single potshots when it
    comes to those little ones. Once this third section is clear, the
    level is done. You should have your first Level Up at the end of it.
    	Level 1-3
    	Returning to the school, you're dumped in what looks like a
    set of classrooms. There are walls dividing each room, so you have
    several rooms to clear out. There don't appear to be doors, so how do
    you move on when you clear the ghosts? Simple. Turn into Danny Fenton
    once it's safe, (they introduce a new ghost in this level, another
    annoying small one) then let him charge up Ghost Power. Turn back
    into Danny Phantom, change your Power to Insubstantial (the invisible
    guy), hit R and walk through the wall. There's one more wall to walk
    through in order to reach the next area, so rush on through that or
    hit R again to turn insubstantial.
    	The next section still has no props to use, but since nearly all
    the ghosts here are little ones, it shouldn't be too bad. Keep going
    through walls and rooms until you reach one that has a lot of yellow
    sinks and a water cooler. That will be the end of the level once you
    clear out the last of the ghosts. This is the level that I was stuck in
    for several minutes, trying to figure out how to get through that first
    wall. The solution came to me when I got whapped by a ghost and it
    knocked Danny halfway through the wall. As he often says, 'Duh! Ghost
    	Level 1-4
    	You'll wind up in the cafeteria for this next part. There's a red
    trashcan up ahead that you can knock over for a bonus ghost or a Fenton
    Weapon. The big ghosts return here, including one that can do several
    punches fairly quickly if you're not careful. Clear them out and move on
    to the next half of the cafeteria. There won't be any props here for
    you, so watch yourself. This area also overlaps the previous one a
    little, so you might have to cover a lot of ground to flush out ghosts.
    Start getting the hang of flying, 'cause you'll be relying on getting
    Danny off the ground in a hurry soon. Once this area is clear, move on
    to the kitchen.
    	Just up ahead in the school kitchen is another red trashcan. Grab
    whatever's inside and get to pummeling ghosts. If you're lucky enough
    to get the Fenton Anti-Creep Stick, that green bat, then abuse the hell
    out of it. It clears out little ghosts like it's nobody's business, it
    beats the hell out of the big ghosts for easy kills and it clears Danny
    across the screen faster than his run. If you still have it when you
    move to the next section of the kitchen, keep using it. Its reach can
    hit the little ghosts that hover over his head so you don't have to
    bother jumping around to get them. Clear them out, then run to the end
    of the room with the row of ovens to exit the level.
    	First Timely Encounter
    	Okay, the school's saved and now Danny's back home, still
    griping. Yes, he still looks like he got the crap beat out of him.
    There's a short little scene with him and his sister talking about the
    C.A.T. A mini-image pops in with Danny's ghost sense going off and Box
    Lunch behind him. Just hit A to get past that 'cuz there's no dialogue
    that goes with it. Danny yells at Jazz to beat it, so she does, acting
    all huffy even though she knows what's going on. He does his little
    Phantom thing and goes chasing after Box Lunch and this next part just
    *pisses* me off. It says Danny chases the ghost outside, but it says it
    IN DANNY'S FREAKING DIALOGUE BOX! Honestly, don't people pay attention
    to proper programming anymore? Are they in too much of a hurry to get
    coffee to clear Danny's name off the screen for this part?
    	World 2
    	Level 2-1
    	Yay, flying level! You have to chase Box Lunch through this but
    it is so easy it really shouldn't take much explaining. But there are
    changes that will require it, so here goes.
    	First, you're confined to only two attacks, the Plasma Blast and
    a little rapid fire attack I call the Ecto Burst. Just hold down B
    Button to ensure a continuous fire. Also, the Health and Ghost Power
    Gauges got screwed up. They're both orange now. The bar on top is your
    health, the bar on the bottom is your Ghost Power. Try not to get them
    confused, 'cuz they'll screw you over fast with 'em. Also, you can't
    recover any health or Ghost Power at all, so be really careful here.
    	Box Lunch will hover before you for a bit, then fly off-screen to
    let a line of ghosts deal with you. For a better part of this level,
    most of the ghosts you contend with are in a line. Easy to kill with
    rapid-fire. The orange ghosts tend to be in columns that move up and
    down or in a staggered formation that does the same, plus they fire
    little shots at you. Blue ghosts like delta formations (that's a V-shape
    for easy understanding) and move around a bit.
    	At some points, Box Lunch will reappear and hurl a fast food item
    at you. Stay at a height level with or above her head to the far left of
    the screen and she'll always miss.
    	The ghosts will start changing tactics about halfway through the
    level, or after Box Lunch appears twice. There will be one group who
    does a huge delta form that takes up the whole screen, and some lines
    of ghosts will start moving to intersect in the middle of the screen,
    fly off, then come in from behind you to do it again. That's really
    annoying. Then the blue ones start a double V-formation that swallows
    up both halves of the screen, so just kill off one half and ignore the
    other. Trying to hit both will only result in a collision, unless
    you're really good at hitting them.
    	You'll come to the end of the level when you find three purple
    ghosts that can take a lot of damage from the bursts and still keep
    coming. They act a little like they have homing capabilities, so just
    keep moving around to avoid colliding with 'em. Or, get mad and fire a
    Plasma Blast at 'em, assuming you still have enough Ghost Power for it,
    'cuz you can't regenerate the stuff in the air. Once they're dead, the
    level is done.
    	Conflict with Box Lunch
    	Another little scene takes place in front of the Nasty Burger,
    which is the pivotal location in Danny's timeline. LOCATION, not event;
    don't argue with me, I've watched Back to the Future enough times to
    get the idea that multiple pivots can exist to alter time. In this
    case, the location for the pivotal event is the Nasty Burger resturant.
    	Anyways, Danny has his little chat with Box Lunch, where she
    tells him she's the daughter of the Box Ghost and the Lunch Lady,
    grossing out the half-ghost. A couple of taunts later, you get a Boss
    	World 2
    	Level 3-1
    	The fight with Box Lunch occurs on top of the Nasty Burger, and
    the ends of the field are cluttered with pipes and signs that obscure
    vision. It's really hard to see what's going on here. But, luckily, if
    you stay in the center of the roof, you have a clear view of things.
    Now, Box Lunch has only one red bar, but you don't have the luxury of
    Dan Phantom's huge life bar and auto-charging Ghost Power in ghost mode.
    Pull several combos on her to shove her off the screen, the run back to
    the center and wait a bit for her to return before doing it again. You
    might get hit a few times by her food hurling, but if you don't let up
    on the punching, she won't have time to throw out fast food in rapid
    sequence. She'll disappear into the future once you wipe out her bar.
    	Cheat Sheet
    	The fight with Box Lunch sets off the Nasty Burger's special
    sauce, causing a huge explosion that basically destroys the place and
    sends Danny flying through Mr. Lancer's briefcase, which is very
    convienently holding the C.A.T. test answers. (Hint, hint!) He, Sam
    and Tucker will find a shiny medallion left behind by Box Lunch and
    decide to take it along to see what it is and figure out what's going
    on. When Danny finds the answers stuck on him, he thinks his study
    troubles are over.
    	Jumping over to the Observers who planted them there (the
    cheats), they use that as further evidence that Danny will turn evil
    and needs to be gotten rid of. (Well, their words are that he'll cheat,
    which will change the future and make him evil.) See, this is why
    people need to watch Back to the Future. They'll point out he's got the
    medallion so Clockwork has to do something about it.
    	Returning to Danny and the gang, they continue their little scene
    in Danny's room at Fenton Works. Tucker's poking around with the
    medallion, trying to figure it out. While he's doing that, Danny's
    messing with the answer sheet, still interested in opening it up and
    studying that. The whole thing gets interrupted by Skulktech 9.9, which
    is Future Skulker and Future Technus fused together. A quick taunt and
    off Danny goes to deal with him.
    	World 3
    	Level 1-1
    	This takes place in the Fenton Works lab, identified by that
    glowing portal in the background. It's just one area to clear and
    there's a bucket a few steps ahead with a hidden item or ghost inside.
    Clear out the ghosts and that's it. Run to the end of the room to exit
    the level. Really, if this was the Fenton lab, wouldn't there be more
    weapons around for you to use? Or, how about a security system that
    will attack ghosts for you? Better yet, that same system will hit you
    if you're in ghost mode, so you have to clear the level as Danny Fenton
    and give programmers a reason to make him able to do SOMETHING. I mean,
    c'mon, there's a ton of ways to make this level just a bit more
    interesting. Oh well.
    	Tucker to the Rescue
    	Near the Nasty Burger... yet another hint. Skulktech 9.9 gives
    his little intro to Danny, which gives Tucker the idea of hacking
    into him to mess up his controls. Skulktech retreats to regain control
    and Danny goes chasing after him again. Gee, I wonder where this will
    end up?
    	World 3
    	Level 2-1
    	Back on the sidewalk again, there will be a blue mail box that
    you can knock over. Clear the ghosts and head for the next area, you
    have to make your way to the Nasty Burger again. There's no prop in
    the second area, so just clear ghosts the old-fashioned way until you
    can get to the third area. If you have the Plasma Wave by now, it
    could come in useful against the big ghosts, just be sure to switch
    back to the Fenton Thermos to grab the goo they leave behind.
    	In the third section, there's a red trashcan ahead that you can
    knock over and lots of ghosts. If you get a Fenton Weapon, start
    using it on everything there. You'll probably have to move across the
    screen several times to flush everything out, but once all the ghosts
    are gone, exit the level by leaving towards the right, where the
    yellow house is located.
    	Level 2-2
    	Remember what I said about getting used to Danny going off the
    ground fast? Well, here's why. This level is on lots of rooftops, and
    Danny can't clear the gaps in a single jump. Well, maybe one of 'em,
    but why jump when you can fly? Be careful, 'cuz ghosts will hover over
    the gaps in attempts to lure you off to your doom. Also, if you get hit
    while flying, you'll fall right to the ground. Lure the ghosts over
    the roof so you can knock them out easier, then fly over gaps to keep
    going across the area. The thing to remember about Danny's hovering is
    that it's stuck at the height you trigger the flight at, so you can't
    adjust his height once he's in the air. Kind of a pain, but if you
    can get the hang of triggering flight at just the right time, well,
    you have it covered. Hopefully. Anyway, clear the first area and move
    on to the next, which has a longer stretch of roof, so it's a little
    less stressful.
    	There are no props anywhere so just keep clearing ghosts until
    everything's gone and hit the third area. This time, your roof is an
    island, with gaps on either end. But it's still fairly wide for easy
    moving and you can get rid of ghosts without too much danger of
    falling off the building. With the third section clear, head to the
    right to exit the level.
    	Level 2-3
    	This is the most round-about way to get to the Nasty Burger that
    I've ever seen. What the hell is Danny doing at the city limits? Well,
    there's a big billboard declaring Amity Park as a 'Nice Place to Live'
    in the background. I guess it went up before the ghosts started to
    come through. There's a road sign up ahead you can knock over for an
    item or ghost. Clear the area and move to the next section. There's no
    prop but if you keep up your pace and use the Plasma Blast and Wave
    a few times, you shouldn't have any problems.
    	In the third area is another road sign for a prize. Continue
    clearing ghosts from this section, then move to the final area. Once
    again, there is no prop, but you can see what looks like a factory in
    the background. This is the sign that this is the final area. Kill off
    the ghosts, then leave. You should have another Level Up by now.
    	Conflict with Skulktech
    	Finally in front of the Nasty Burger, Skulktech 9.9 will use a
    device called the Pummeler, which shorts out Danny's ghost powers and
    reverts him to human form in the cartoon. The ghost says it doesn't
    work on him in the future (well, duh! Danny doesn't exist in the
    future so the damn thing can't turn Dan Phantom into a human) but it
    works fine on him in the present. Danny can't figure out what the heck
    he's talking about, so they just duke it out in a Boss Battle.
    	Level 3-3
    	In this Boss Battle, which takes place in front of the Nasty
    Burger this time, be sure to have a high Ghost Power Gauge if you can.
    The Pummeler in the game is a bunch of mechanical arms that stretch
    out about a third of the screen to smash into you and it hurts a lot.
    The Plasma Blast can hit him from beyond their range. Skulktech likes
    to fly above your head and sometimes he stays up there, shooting his
    guns. That would be an ideal time to turn into Fenton and charge Ghost
    Power. Skulktech uses lots of guns along with the Pummeler, so getting
    too close to him isn't that great an idea. You can combo him a few
    times to knock some health off his bar, but he recovers quickly and
    will return with the Pummeler immediately and you don't have much time
    to escape it. Your best bet is to nail him with Plasma Blasts from
    a distance, charge when you have a chance to keep the Ghost Power
    Gauge high, and use the Insubstantial power if you want to get in up
    close. Eventually he will disappear into time.
    	Breaching Time
    	After the battle, Tucker will give you a cheer and there will be
    a little scene where the second time medallion is found. They start to
    get the idea of what the medallions do and figure out that they let
    ghosts travel through time. (Which is actually wrong, but eh.)
    	The Observers are starting to freak out now that Danny's group is
    using the medallions to travel to where they are. (Again, wrong.) For
    a game that's supposed to follow the movie, they sure get a lot of
    things wrong. Anyway, Clockwork starts to get a bit nervous and says
    that he doesn't have much choice but to stop Danny himself. (Not wrong
    but it is kind of a lie.)
    	So now Danny and the gang are in Clockwork's lair. Tucker's
    freaking out over being lost, but Danny's got some idea of where they
    are. He's been in the Ghost Zone enough times to recognize it, but this
    place is new to him. (Apparently, mapping the Ghost Zone is a pain in
    the ass to do.) So, in the spirit of trying to figure out what the hell
    is going on, Danny's gonna go play happy wanderer and Tucker's gonna
    snoop around locally for some clues.
    	World 4
    	Level 1-1
    	Clockwork's lair is kinda cool-looking. A few steps ahead of you
    is a gray grandfather clock that you can knock over for a ghost or
    Fenton Weapon. (How the hell did those wind up here?) Clear the ghosts
    and move to the next section. There's no prop here, but keep at those
    ghosts. You might want to charge up Ghost Power to make things a bit
    easier with the Plasma Blast or Wave.
    	The third section has another grandfather clock for you to knock
    over and some more ghosts. Clear them out, then leave the level.
    	Level 1-2
    	Okay, a warning here. There's a gap right beyond a grandfather
    clock that you can easily fall off of trying to get the item. Beyond
    that is a short little bit of floor, followed almost immediately by
    another gap. Try to clear the ghosts for this section in that first
    chunk of the level, where you got the item, then fly over the two gaps
    to reach the next section.
    	The second area has another gap in the middle of the area, and
    surprisingly enough another grandfather clock. They don't usually show
    up in second areas. Clear the ghosts while in the first half of this
    section, then fly over the gap, knock over the clock near the end of
    the section, grab the item and run to the next area.
    	There's another big gap in this third area and it's placed so
    that you can easily fall in if you don't watch what you're doing. I've
    fallen for that so many times, it's annoying. Luckily, you have all the
    continues in the world; you just get dumped at the very beginning of
    the level. When the ghosts are finally gone, leave the level.
    	Level 1-3
    	In this first area, there's another clock to knock over and a
    new ghost to be a pain. This green ghost uses its arms like tentacles
    and likes to slap you around. Once you punch it, it will fly up to the
    top of the level and hover there, slapping away at nothing and keeping
    you from jumping up too many times. It's a little hard to knock him
    down. This is the perfect time to use the Plasma Wave and Blast to get
    rid of the big ghosts that like to crowd around Danny. This level looks
    really weird, are those big films back there?
    	The second area has another clock and more of those annoying big
    ghosts. It's a good idea to get into the habit of switching back and
    forth between Fenton and Phantom for quick charges on the fly. The very
    short time it takes for him to transform makes him temporarily immune
    to ghost attacks, so learn to time it to charge and avoid hits at the
    same time.
    	The third area has no clock but if you've been sucking up goo and
    switching to Fenton regularly then you should have plenty of Ghost Power
    to clear this room in no time. Leave the level once you show these ghosts
    who's boss.
    	Level 1-4
    	This place looks cushy. Does Clockwork live here? You have a huge
    space between you and the clock prop so switch to Fenton and fill up
    your Ghost Power, then turn back to Phantom, put your Powers Icon on
    the Plasma Blast and charge on forward. Knock over the clock to see
    what's there. If it's an item, great. Get it after you blast the big
    ghosts that are rushing after you. If it's the black ghost, let the
    Plasma Blast loose and wipe them all out in a snap. Finish off the ghosts
    and switch back to Fenton to recharge before moving to the next area.
    	There's no clock in the second area, so just let the plasma fly
    on every ghost you see. Wipe them out, recharge your Ghost Power, then
    move on to the next area. In the third section, you'll see another
    clock and more big ghosts. Doesn't blowing them away with a single
    Plasma Blast feel sooo good? Do it again and grab whatever was left
    behind. Since it takes a while for new ghosts to sniff you out, you
    have a few precious seconds here and there to recharge Ghost Power.
    Clear them out and head for the next area.
    	Blast away the ghosts here, 'cuz there's no prop with item in it
    for now. You might have to sweep the area a few times to flush out more
    ghosts, but blowing them away is so sweet. All that goo just dropping
    in a group, nice.
    	Conflict with Clockwork
    	Sam freaks out that Skulktech disappeared ('Tucker did it!' Red
    vs Blue plug, sorry. ^-^) Of course, Tucker insists it wasn't him, and
    Clockwork will pop in to say he did. Danny starts demanding information
    from him and Clockwork will introduce himself, saying he's trying to
    change Danny's future. (More hints on what his real plan is.) He tells
    Danny that he will turn evil in the future and Clockwork can't let that
    happen. Of course, Danny will insist that he will never turn evil and
    gets ready to battle. Clockwork simply says it's just a matter of time
    before Danny becomes evil and wants to show him something. But first,
    let's tire Danny out so he actually sits down to watch. He's such a
    jumpy boy!
    	World 4
    	Level 2-1
    	The battle with Clockwork is weird. You only have time to punch
    him about three times before he teleports away. Run about for about 3
    seconds and keep yourself alert 'cause Clockwork will reappear with an
    axe to slam the floor. It takes him a half-second to make the move, so
    you have time to give him another short combo. You can keep that up
    until he falls, or you can do the Plasma Blast sniping like with
    Skulktech. It'll be harder, though, as Clockwork also has a cannon he
    will sometimes use, but he prefers up close and personal fighting. (Be
    glad he doesn't frick with time like in the movie.) Eventually, he will
    wilt and that will be that.
    	Escape to the Future
    	After the battle, Clockwork will show Danny the immediate present
    and his future (you don't actually see it though) and tells him the
    evidence doesn't lie. The first thing that pops up in the mini-image is
    the C.A.T. answer sheet. Sam exclaims that Danny's future cheating on
    the test causes him to turn evil and attack Amity Park. Tucker thinks
    that the exam is Danny's turning point. (It sort of is, it's actually
    the trigger to the turning point.)
    	Clockwork points to the future and tells Danny that he lost his
    humanity and became totally evil. Danny freaks, watching himself fight
    against police forces and the army. Clockwork explains that he tried to
    change Danny's past to alter his future but what he did hadn't made a
    difference; Danny still wound up evil. (There's a reason for that.
    Trust the BttF girl!) And then, for the sake of keeping the Observers
    happy, Clockwork declares that the only option left to save the future
    is to destroy Danny right there. Danny decides to take his friends into
    the future to escape Clockwork (which is what he wanted all along. I
    may as well explain this at the end of the guide.)
    	Future Valerie spots Danny as soon as he shows up and makes a
    move to get closer to finish him off. She's a bit worried because she
    sees two Dan Phantoms, one the current one, the other the Danny of the
    past. Here's where things get a little confusing, unless you've dealt
    with time-travel plots a lot. Dan Phantom pops in with his little
    scene, laughing about how he's been waiting for Danny to show up and
    how he's finally arrived.
    	Tucker's freaking out at how the future looks because of Danny's
    cheating on the test (which hasn't even happened yet). Lost and
    confused by all this, Danny sets out to investigate the area and see
    what's going on.
    	World 5
    	Level 1-1
    	There's a new little ghost here, a dragon looking one. Switch to
    Fenton, charge up your Ghost Power, then switch to the Plasma Blast and
    go on to scope out the place. There's a road sign ahead to knock over.
    Clear the ghosts and recharge your power before moving to the next area.
    There's another road sign there. Keep clearing out ghosts, this level is
    very short.
    	Level 1-2
    	More of the same background. Switch to Fenton and charge up
    again, you are seriously gonna need the Plasma Blast now. There's a new
    big ghost and it's freaky mean. It's like twice the size of Danny, it's
    ugly and it drops red goo, which refills both Health and Ghost Power by
    a lot. It also likes to charge at you like a bull and it takes a ton of
    hits to get rid of. Unless you use Plasma Blast, then it's not that
    much of a problem. Ahead of you is an upright rock that you can break
    for a ghost or Fenton Weapon. (Those things shouldn't even exist
    anymore but oh well.)
    	The second area is just a repeat of the first, with another rock
    to break to grab another item or ghost. At this point, don't try to
    turn back into Fenton, it's too risky. Stick to refilling your Ghost
    Power with the goo from the ghosts. When all is clear, leave the level.
    	Conflict with Future Valerie
    	Danny's horrified at what the future becomes because of him (he
    still looks like the crap was beaten out of him). Future Valerie
    appears and yells at him, even calls him ghost. (Oddly enough, Danny is
    in human form, yet Valerie recognizes him as being a ghost. In the
    cartoon, this is easily explained by the fact that Danny never reverts
    to Fenton form the entire time he's in the future. The game,
    however....) Danny's happy to see Valerie, even though he's a little
    confused at how she looks. Future Valerie declares that she's been
    looking forward to this day for a long while and even calls Danny
    'Phantom', yet another indicator that she knows exactly who and what
    Danny is. (The cartoon does otherwise.) Time to fight again!
    	Level 1-3
    	Future Valerie plays just like the beginning Boss Fight, and you
    can beat her the same way. The only change is she has an instant
    recovery time, so don't pause when you combo her. Keep at her
    constantly. When she recovers from the combo, she'll throw three little
    shirukens into the air over your head, the lowest one will almost
    always nail you. You will probably get hit a few times by this, but the
    damage is minimal compared to how much you can dish out on her as long
    as you keep in her face. She'll fall after a few seconds of this.
    	Meet Dan Phantom
    	Tucker and Sam will interrupt after the battle and demand that
    Future Valerie stop shooting at Danny. Future Valerie is stunned to see
    them; after all, they died when they were just kids in her time. Tucker
    is startled to realize that both he and Sam are dead and wonders how
    that happens. Future Valerie looks angry and says that it was all
    Danny's fault that they died. Dan Phantom finally joins in and corrects
    her, saying that it was he who killed them, not Danny. (This is true.
    I'll explain that later.) But if Danny becomes Dan, and Dan killed Sam
    and Tucker, then technically doesn't that mean Danny killed them?
    	No. And like I said, I'll explain it later.
    	Well, Future Valerie is shocked by Dan's appearance and realizes
    that Danny and his friends are actually from the past. This pisses off
    Dan Phantom, who remarks that Clockwork is meddling with time again.
    And that is yet another clue to what is really going on. Danny gets
    ticked off as well, saying that it's Dan who caused the mess in the
    future, not Clockwork. He even calls Dan a 'mess-causer', which will go
    down in  history as the lamest insult to ever come out of that boy's
    mouth. Dan just smiles and says that after 10 years, he should
    introduce Danny to the future. Of course Danny denies Dan as his future
    self (wouldn't you if puberty does THAT to ya?) and makes the attempt
    to escape to the past, telling Sam and Tucker to go first by removing
    the medallions.
    	Dan's confused by Sam and Tucker disappearing, wondering where
    they could have gone. Danny replies that they returned to the past by
    taking off the time medallions, just like he's about to do. Dan doesn't
    want that at all, so he grabs the medallion and Danny, and uses his
    ghost powers to fuse the medallion with Danny. According to Dan,
    neither ghost nor human can remove it now. Now he wants to throw Danny
    into the Ghost Zone so he can never return. Guess what Danny's answer
    to that is?
    	Conflict with Dan Phantom
    	It doesn't really count as a level, oddly enough. And Dan is a
    tough dude to beat. Remember all the crap you can do with him in the
    very first level? Well, he can still do it and now he's doing it to
    you. Just be grateful he forgot he could use Ghostly Wail. Your best
    bet is a lot of hit and run attacks. Get in, do a quick combo and get
    out before Dan recovers enough to grab you with his version of the
    Fenton Thermos. Since Dan has no access to Fenton Weapons, his version
    of the thermos is his hand, which will drain health from you and give
    it to him. You don't have that much health to donate and still keep
    fighting, so try not to get too close to him too often. Changing to
    Fenton form is highly risky, but if you get desperate for a distance
    attack you might not have much choice but to risk it for the charge.
    	Luckily, Dan likes to monopolize the skies and waste time just
    comboing up there and firing off Plasma Waves that either pass way over
    you or knock you upside the head. Use that time to charge up Ghost
    Power and either knock him down to your level, comboing him to buy time
    to get the distance you need for a Plasma Blast, or wait until he comes
    floating down on his own and shoot him. Again, your blast has a greater
    range than the Plasma Ring he likes to fire at ground-level, and is
    faster than the Plasma Wave he uses a lot. But, he can also just turn
    insubstantial or hover to avoid the hits, so be careful. Cautious
    attacks and timely uses of the Plasma Blast will net you victory. Too
    bad Dan still chucks you into the Ghost Zone at the end of it.
    	Last Hope?
    	Danny's wandering around in the Ghost Zone, desperate to escape
    and get the time medallion out of his body. His only chance is in his
    old rival, Vlad, the only other half-ghost in the world. So he decides
    to travel through the Ghost Zone in search of the Masters Ghost Portal,
    Vlad's version of the Fenton Ghost Portal. (In the cartoon, a message
    from Jazz alerts him to the idea of seeking out Vlad for help. He also
    gains the Ghostly Wail at that time, but we have to wait a touch longer
    for ours.)
    	World 5
    	Level 3-1
    	The Ghost Zone is so cool-looking, all those doors.... Okay,
    switch to Fenton and charge up. That big ugly ghost is back. There's a
    glowing purple door ahead that you can bust for an item or bonus ghost.
    Blast the big ghosts and when all is clear, move to the next area.
    There's no prop there, but there's a ton more ghosts. So keep blasting
    away and suck up every bit of goo you see.
    	The third area has what looks like a prison in the background;
    that's Walker's Ghost Jail. Another door ahead holds a goodie for you.
    Clear out the ghosts and then exit the level, you still have a ways to
    go to get out of here.
    	Level 3-2
    	A graveyard in the Ghost Zone seems a little redundant but who
    am I to bash a ghost's decorating sense? There's a prop ahead of you
    that you can grab a goodie from, but charge up your Ghost Power.
    There's a new ghost in the gang. It's blue and looks like it's dripping
    slime, plus it likes to hop over you to avoid hits. Very annoying. Be
    sure to keep blasting and sucking up goo; you'll clear the area in a
    flash. The next area has no prop, but between goo from the ghosts and
    Plasma Blasts clearing the field, you probably won't even notice it.
    	The third area has another door prop to knock over and more
    ghosts to blast, so grab what you can and start shooting. Clear out
    everything you see, and you might need to sweep the level a few times
    to flush out everything. When the level is clear, leave it.
    	Level 3-3
    	This level takes place in front of a creepy looking castle that
    I'm going to assume belongs to Pariah Dark. It looks like it to me but
    then I haven't seen Reign Storm in a while, so I could be wrong. Again,
    charge up Ghost Power before you even move. There are more big ghosts
    than small ghosts here. Run forward and blast the crowd that's coming
    in, then punch the door to get what's there. Clear the area and move to
    the next. The second section has no props, so it's just a straight
    extermination section before you move to the third area.
    	This third one has a door as well. Grab what's there and just
    keep blasting everything until you're clear to leave the level. You
    should get another Level Up by now.
    	Level 3-4
    	In the cartoon, Danny gets batted about by the other ghosts in
    the future, Ember, Johnny 13, the Box Ghost and others. Here, though,
    you get to deal with Walker and his guard goons. You have a very short
    time to charge up Ghost Power. You'll be lucky to charge enough for one
    Plasma Blast. Walker is the ghost in white, his goons are like burly
    cops. Three of them will charge you and you can attack them to make
    them disappear, but for every one you get rid of, another takes its
    place a second later. To get out of this, attack Walker himself. The
    bar doesn't shrink with the goons, you must attack Walker. Once you get
    rid of him, you'll finally earn the coveted Ghostly Wail. Too bad it
    takes this long to get it.
    	Meeting Vlad
    	Danny's finally out of the Ghost Zone, and the whole ordeal was
    pretty tiring. Vlad pops in for his little scene and he looks like
    hell. Seriously. Man needs a haircut and trim. They have a little
    conversation over what happened to Vlad, but mostly over what happened
    to Danny.
    	Ten years ago, two explosions went off in the Nasty Burger. All
    of Danny's friends and family were killed in the second explosion.
    Danny is startled by that, he had no idea a second explosion went off
    after the battle with Skulktech 9.9. It dawns on him that the fatal
    blast was his fault; Dan was right the whole time.
    	Again, things get weird. Vlad goes on to say that all Danny
    wanted at the time of his family's deaths was to make the pain go away,
    the hurt of losing everyone he cared about. He wanted to escape it so
    much, he was willing to sacrifice his humanity so he could no longer
    feel. (This is actually very wrong, and I'll tell you why later.) Using
    the Ghost Gauntlets, Vlad's version of the Fenton Ghost Gloves, Vlad
    removed the part of Danny that was human, separating Danny Fenton from
    Danny Phantom. Danny Phantom couldn't handle being a complete ghost and
    turned on Vlad, ripping out Vlad's own ghost half and taking it over.
    But Vlad's evil ghost half overwhelmed Danny Phantom and drove him
    insane, turning him even more evil than Vlad Plasmius could ever be on
    his own.
    	Danny thanks Vlad for telling him what happened and asks if he
    still has the Ghost Gauntlets. Vlad answers that he does and wonders
    what Danny is up to. The boy explains his plan; if the Gauntlets had
    the ability to pull Danny's humanity from his ghost self, then surely
    it had the ability to pull the time medallion from his body so he could
    return to the past and stop the flow of events. Vlad declares that the
    attempt could kill Danny, but the boy has enough confidence that Vlad
    can figure out how to do the operation. Hope renewed by that, Vlad
    agrees to help. (Man, that is so wrong. But I guess they had to censor
    the real scene from the movie for the game.) Just as they get ready to
    do the operation, Danny picks up other ghosts coming through the
    Masters Portal. Vlad believes that Dan sent them to stop Danny, so he
    gives him the Ghost Gauntlets to help in the battle.
    	World 6
    	Level 1-1
    	This is an incredibly short level and is the first opportunity to
    try out the Ghostly Wail. Change to Fenton and fill up your Ghost Power
    a little over half full. The Ghostly Wail takes a lot of Ghost Power
    and each use will drain it dry no matter how much you have, be it a
    half or a full charge. But, it is so much fun, you won't care. So,
    charge it up and lure in as many ghosts as you can onto the screen with
    you. Switch to Ghostly Wail and enjoy the moments of completely owning
    every ghost in the field with the sheer power of Danny's voice.
    	Of course, he'll go right back to Danny Fenton when the Wail
    ends, but that's good. He'll start recharging Ghost Power right away so
    don't be too hasty to pop back to Phantom mode. When it's high enough
    again, switch back and start over luring ghosts into another 'encore'.
    And since there will be LOTS of goo from the first Ghostly Wail, you
    can move around as Fenton to gather them up, filling your gauge that
    much faster. Abuse the hell out of the Ghostly Wail while you can, it's
    gonna be hard to charge up for it later. When you've killed off every
    ghost around, take a moment to breathe in that scent of power the
    Ghostly Wail has given you, then exit. You have a future to save.
    	Return to the Past
    	Vlad successfully removed the time medallion and now Danny is
    back in his own time. Now he has to stop the second explosion from ever
    taking place, and Dan said that he was the one who caused it. And since
    Dan took Danny's place in the past, that's probably what he's planning
    to do. Time to fly off and be the hero he really is!
    	Level 2-1
    	Another flying level, you have to get through all the ghosts
    here in order to reach the Nasty Burger. It plays like the first flying
    level only without a Boss Ghost to bother you at random times. The
    ghosts will do the same tricks as before, delta formations, line and
    column forms, and the last three ghosts will take several blasts of the
    Plasma Blast to get rid of. Once they're gone, the level is done.
    	Final Conflict
    	Danny arrives at the Nasty Burger, yelling out an insult sure
    to get his older self's attention. And of course, Dan returns it by
    telling Danny his time's been up for ten years. At this point, Danny
    realizes that it wasn't his cheating on the C.A.T. that turned him
    evil, it was the deaths of his family and friends that triggered the
    change. Dan confirms this and tells him that he must make sure that
    those deaths occur, so that the timeline goes as it is supposed to.
    Danny declares he won't let them die again and he must get them away
    from the Nasty Burger sauce, the source of the explosion. Dan wants to
    stop him so the fight begins.
    	Level 3-1
    	The battle with Dan Phantom is gonna be a bit tougher than the
    first one. If you want to try charging up for the Ghostly Wail, good
    luck with it. Try to do the charging when Dan's wasting time showing
    off above your head. Unlike the other ghosts, using the Ghostly Wail on
    Dan, or any other Boss for that matter, won't kill them outright. It
    will knock a huge chunk of health from them, though, so if you can pull
    one out, it is so worth it. Again, it only really needs a half-full
    charge so stay human long enough to hit a little over half GP to do the
    Wail; any attempt to fill it up completely is pointless unless you're
    trying to shoot Dan with a Plasma Burst or two before letting 'er rip
    with Ghostly Wail.
    	Again, Dan likes grabbing you to drain health to refill himself,
    so more hit and run tactics are going to be really tricky but it can be
    done. If you can stay far away from Dan, pray he gets distracted by how
    cool he thinks he is, and just charge away with Fenton. You might even
    be able to just stand there until he comes for you himself and unleash
    the Ghostly Wail on his unsuspecting butt. Keep your Fenton time short,
    remember that it only needs a half-full gauge minimum to work and you
    have to switch back to Phantom on the fly to use the Power. It takes
    about two Ghostly Wails to blast Dan to kingdom come, if you can manage
    	Time Out
    	Dan's shocked as hell that Danny used Ghostly Wail on him because
    he isn't supposed to get it until ten years in the future. Danny sucks
    him up in the Fenton Thermos, declaring that the future isn't as set in
    stone as Dan thought. Just before disappearing into the thermos, Dan
    has one last stab at his younger self. The battle took too long;
    Danny's family and friends are still going to get blown away, just like
    history dictated. Danny reverts to human form after the Ghostly Wail
    drains him dry of energy, and he realizes that there's not enough left
    for him to transform back into Danny Phantom to save his family and
    	Just before the explosion goes off, Clockwork steps in and stops
    time, bringing Danny's family and friends out of harm's way. He tells
    Danny that he couldn't let the event happen, and he also sent Dan
    Phantom into the future so he couldn't interfere with 'this past'.
    Danny is happy about this; once Clockwork starts time over again, the
    explosion will not take place and his loved ones will be fine. Clockwork
    agrees by saying that everything is the way it's supposed to be.
    	And time begins flowing properly.
    	We see Mr. Lancer asking Danny if there's a problem with the test
    he's taking. Looking beat up as usual (I guess it's the only pic they
    have to make him look guilty), Danny shows him the answer sheet and says
    he found it at the Nasty Burger. Mr. Lancer points out that the seal is
    broken. Danny apologizes about it, but insists he isn't a cheater and
    will never be one. He's given a chance to prove that with a makeup exam
    the next week. Happy with that, Danny is relieved to know that the future
    is changed for the better and he even gets cheers from his friends for
    the choice he made.
    	Enjoy the ending credits, you'll get a password at the end of it.
    Or, if you don't care, just hit Start and skip it all. Now, for Mission
    	Oh God, more writing....
    Walkthrough (Mission Mode)
    	Okay, so you finished the Story Mode. If you return to your save
    file, you'll notice that it turned red. That means Mission Mode is now
    active. Go back to your file and start it up.
    	Time Flows Wrong
    	The 'story' begins with Danny called back into Clockwork's lair.
    He's been summoned to deal with a new issue and Clockwork has to tell
    him all about it. Though Danny insists that everything is back to
    normal, Clockwork reports that all he's done hasn't changed the future
    at all. Danny will still turn into Dan Phantom; something else is acting
    as the new pivotal trigger for Danny Phantom's descent into evil. Danny
    is taken aback by this; the explosion was stopped, his family and friends
    are alive, there shouldn't be anything to alter his timeline. Clockwork
    isn't entirely sure, but Danny has to go back to Casper High, to the time
    he had been fighting Box Lunch. To figure out what is the new trigger,
    Danny will have to relive the entire sequence of events from the first
    time through.
    Stage-Select Screen
    	For this mode, you are given a Stage Select screen, which is a
    misnomer because for the first run through, you can't really pick a
    Stage at a whim. You have to follow them in sequence to pinpoint where
    things went wrong for Danny. On the left of the screen, you'll see a
    picture of Danny and his current level (which should be around Level 6
    by now) and below him is a small shot of what the background for the
    currently highlighted Stage looks like, along with a set of three empty
    dots that represent the missions in that Stage. Each mission you clear
    fills a spot with a circle of yellow.
    	The R Button brings up the mission card for each Stage. Hold it
    down to read the card. Some missions can be done all at the same time,
    while others take several runs to complete. Once you clear a Stage, you
    are able to reenter that Stage again anytime you want.
    	Okay, that's it for the screen.
    	Stage 1-1
    		Execute a 5-hit combo.
    		Do NOT use any Plasma attacks.
    		Beat the Boss in under 1 minute.
    	You're back in Dan Phantom's shoes. Joy. Pulling a 5-hit combo is
    easy, just rip into the first bunch of machines you see and be done
    with it (don't do the full combo 'cuz that screws it up, do quick
    punches to put together the combo requirement). Heck, you can even do it
    on the panel at the end of the level. Resist the urge to use Plasma
    attacks, but the Ghostly Wail is excluded. So if you wanna Wail on
    everything in sight, go right ahead. Once the panel is broken, you're
    dumped into the battle with Future Valerie. The new change for her and for
    all Bosses after Valerie is that the Bosses now have double life bars. The
    bar starts yellow, and as you wear that down, it empties to reveal the red
    bar. Deplete the red bar to finally defeat her and continue resisting the
    urge to use Plasma attacks 'cuz it's still counting the Boss fight as part
    of the same mission requirements. That ends the Stage.
    	Stage 2-1
    		Defeat 5 ghosts in less than 30 seconds.
    		Do NOT use any Plasma attacks.
    		Execute a 6-hit combo.
    	The entire Casper High ghost invasion scenario takes place here,
    and each one is under the same mission objectives. So if you're trying
    to clear the 'No Plasma attacks' mission for Stage 2-1, then you can't
    use Plasma attacks in ANY of the levels within the Stage. Hard, but it
    is doable. Rely on the Rush attacks and the Fenton Weapons to get
    through the levels, and I hope you didn't think you got to keep the
    Ghostly Wail. 'Cause you don't. (Ha ha, you probably thought you could
    still abuse it!) Insubstantial doesn't count as a Plasma power, so you
    can get through that all wall level just fine. And 6-hit combos are
    easy to pull off on big ghosts. The Rush 5 is a near guaranteed 6-hit
    at least. Don't panic about the 5 ghosts in less than 30 seconds deal.
    You've done that a ton of times before already and never realized it.
    Just keep beating up ghosts wherever you see 'em and you'll have that
    mission cleared without breaking a sweat.
    	Stage 2-2
    		Get 40 Max Combo Points.
    		Land 40 hits on Box Lunch.
    		Avoid Box Lunch's attack.
    	This is the flying level again, and it looks like getting the 40
    max combo points will be hard to do. Actually, it's not. It took a bit
    for me to figure out but if you hit Box Lunch with a Plasma Blast, you
    can kill two missions with one shot. I counted about 30 max combo hits
    from using the blast on her one time, so pile on normal shots until you
    get a 10 hit combo, then fire one off and that's a guarantee you'll get
    that mission cleared. Box Lunch is easy to nail, she doesn't move
    around much, she doesn't stagger and she holds still for hits. She
    makes such a lovely target. Avoiding her attacks is also easy to do.
    Just stay level with her body and on your end of the screen. Her
    attacks will always fall short of you and you can still keep shooting
    at her without missing a hit.
    	If you like the flying and want to power level, stick around on
    this Stage and keep blasting Box Lunch with Plasma Blasts. You can get
    about 600 EXP from this Stage per run, and I think that is influenced
    by the max combo points. Just to be safe, don't try going for more than
    99 Max Combo points, the game can't register triple digits and will
    bump you down to the last two digits of the triple. So if you made a
    110-Hit Combo, the game will only register a 10-Hit Combo. Sucky, huh?
    	Stage 2-3
    		Execute a 6-hit combo attack.
    		Do NOT use any Plasma attacks.
    		Defeat the Boss in under 1 minute.
    	You're fighting Box Lunch on the roof of the Nasty Burger
    again, and she has a double life bar, too. Just hit her with a full
    combo attack and never let up, not even when she goes off screen. You
    can take a few hits, it won't penalize you, so just keep attacking
    until she falls. Keep an eye on your health, keep an eye on hers and
    mash that button until your thumb is sore! Heck, you might not even
    need to use Ghostly Wail on her, she's that easy to deal with. Well,
    that's assuming you Leveled Danny enough to get him to keep Ghostly
    Wail or decided to do the last mission at a later time. No problems.
    Take it at your own pace.
    	Stage 2-4
    		Execute a 6-hit combo attack.
    		Use Plasma Blast twice.
    		Defeat the Boss in under 1 minute.
    	Your Boss for this fight is Ember McLane, the rock singer ghost
    with flaming hair. I like her, she's a cool ghost (plus she made Danny
    act like a total goofball for a whole episode, so that gives her a lot
    of points in my book). You can use your Plasma Blast, and you have to
    use it twice in the fight. Don't try getting fancy with it, it must be
    the default PB or it won't count. It doesn't have to hit either, just
    be used. So switch to Fenton, charge up the Ghost Power, let a couple
    of the Plasma Blasts go (preferably in Ember's general direction),
    then start pummeling her with combos. Ember will try to beat you with
    her guitar or fire energy beams from it. They hurt a little, but keep
    on her to beat her within the time limit. She also has a double bar,
    so mash, mash, mash!
    	Stage 3-1
    		Defeat 5 ghosts in less than 30 seconds.
    		Defeat 10 ghosts in less than 30 seconds.
    		Do NOT return to Fenton form.
    	Really short level, you're back in the Fenton lab. It may look a
    little intimidating to get the first two missions cleared, but don't
    panic. There are quite a few ghosts that come at you in groups, so all
    you have to do is nail as many of the groups as you can to get the two
    missions out of the way. Also, you can't turn into Fenton, so you have to
    resort to sucking up goo for the Plasma Blast. Given the length of time
    this level has and the number of ghosts, I doubt there will be enough
    goo for you to fire off a Blast, but if you get any amount of it in the
    bar, try for a burst. Can't hurt to try and the Stage can be replayed
    if you didn't clear one or two of the missions somehow.
    	Stage 3-2
    		Do NOT use the Fenton Thermos.
    		Defeat 5 ghosts in less than 30 seconds.
    		Do NOT use Plasma attacks.
    	This one's trickier; you're gonna have to pass up on a lot of goo
    to clear that first mission. For those who power-leveled and got Danny
    to Level 10, Ghostly Wail everything and keep charging with Fenton. You
    aren't penalized for using the Wail. Use combos to clear the second
    mission and everything is done neatly in one sweep. The Stage is kinda
    long, so don't worry about the 5 ghosts in 30 seconds thing. You'll hit
    that somewhere along the way. It's just really hard to fight the urge
    to use the Thermos and Plasma attacks when you're surrounded by ghosts.
    	Stage 3-3
    		Execute a 6-hit combo attack.
    		Use Plasma Blast twice.
    		Defeat Boss in under 2 minutes.
    	It's Skulktech 9.9 again. Joy. Charge up some Ghost Power as
    Fenton, switch back to Phantom, then lay into Skulktech with the Rush
    attack to rack up your combo and clear the first mission. Then, use the
    Ghost Power you charged to blast him a couple of times with the normal
    Plasma Blast. Yeah, the default one, don't alter it, okay? After that,
    waste him however you like, and definitely abuse the Plasma Blasts and
    Ghostly Wail if you have it.
    	Stage 3-4
    		Execute a 6-hit combo attack.
    		Do NOT use any Plasma attacks.
    		Defeat the Boss after 3 minutes pass.
    	Oh, look. It's the Box Ghost. This guy is a total pushover so
    it's kinda hard to waste 3 minutes of your time to pass the last
    mission objective. You can fly to the top of the screen and just sit
    there for a while. Make yourself a sandwich, get something to drink,
    go to the bathroom... by the time you get back, the time should have
    racked up enough to clear the mission. Now, lay into him with the Rush
    attacks and that clears the first mission. Since the Box Ghost acts
    just like Box Lunch in that he mostly hurls things at you, just punch
    the hell out of him anytime he isn't stunned so he never gets the
    chance to move. Simple, really.
    	Stage 4-1
    		Clear in under 3 minutes.
    		Do NOT use flying powers.
    		Do NOT use any Plasma attacks.
    	This one's kinda mean but doable. It starts you in that level
    for Clockwork's lair, the part with all those gaps that you just flew
    over for quick runs, but you can't fly at all if you want to clear
    the second mission. You can't even hover or anything, but jumping is
    allowed. So do yourself a favor and clear out the ghosts on the
    starting platform and carefully jump the gaps to get to the next area
    of the level. Once you reach the end of that level, you don't have to
    worry about flying for any reason for the rest of the Stage. So there
    shouldn't be any reason to botch it when you do that mission. This is
    one of those Stages were you would probably be better off doing the
    missions in separate runs. To do the first mission, just ignore the
    other two missions and fly and blast your way through the Stage. Make
    another run to clear the no-flying mission, and a third one for the
    no-Plasma-attacks mission.
    	Stage 4-2
    		Execute a 6-Hit combo attack.
    		Use Plasma Blast twice.
    		Defeat Boss in under 3 minutes.
    	Back to dealing with Clockwork again. It's tempting to hit
    the guy with Ghostly Wail over and over, but don't do it if you're
    trying to get the first two missions done. For the second mission,
    just use the default PB twice. Not a problem. The third mission is
    just as easy. As soon as you are able to move, get as far from
    Clockwork as possible, switch out to Fenton and charge the Ghost
    Power to just over half full, or completely full if you like. Then
    just switch back to Phantom and let loose with the Ghostly Wail if
    you have it. Rinse and repeat until he wilts. For those without
    the awesome power of screaming your head off, just stick with PBs
    and the same strategy for beating him in Story Mode and he'll go
    down pretty easily. The 6-Hit combo is a whole other story. Tough
    to pull off, 'cause I haven't done it myself yet. I can get it up
    to 5 just hitting him with the Plasma Blast, but 6 is painful. Got
    a tip? Send it in. It would help.
    	Stage 4-3
    		Execute a 6-Hit combo attack.
    		Defeat 20 Meat Ghosts.
    		Defeat Boss after 3 minutes pass.
    	You should know by reading the mission roster who the boss
    is gonna be. That's right! The Lunch Lady! Joy. Okay, the first
    mission is easy to do. Just hit the Lunch Lady to rack up the 6
    hits you need. She's fairly easy to punch as she moves around
    about as much as the Box Ghost and wastes time with throwing stuff
    at you. The hassle is in those Meat Ghosts that like to waddle in
    and screw you over. The second mission has you dealing with them.
    Again, this is one of those separate run Stages, so it's a bit
    hassling. Charge up Ghost Power with Fenton when you are able,
    then use the default Plasma Blast to clear out the Meat Ghosts
    when they appear. Try to stay under the Lunch Lady when she's up
    in the air above you. She throws junk as the ghosts come in, so
    it's just about the only way to avoid some of the hits. Trust me,
    you are still gonna get pummeled but at least you'll have
    enough health to finish the mission with Ghostly Wail. Count out
    the twenty Meat Ghosts as you blast them; they come about two at
    a time but they may change it up as time passes. When you've got
    enough of them under your belt, charge the GP to full blast and
    let loose on the Lunch Lady with Ghostly Wail a couple of times.
    This mission will be much easier with Ghostly Wail in your arsenal
    so I highly recommend Leveling Danny up to get it. For the final
    mission, just fly up to the top of the screen and keep an eye on
    the closest clock. After about three or four minutes, drop Danny
    down and finish her off as you please and you should have the
    Stage cleared.
    	Stage 4-4
    		Clear with Ghost Power over half full.
    		Use Plasma Wave twice.
    		Defeat Boss in under 3 minutes.
    	Believe it or not, you can do all the missions for this
    one at the same time. Your Boss for this round is Technus,
    version one. I dunno which I like better, the old Technus 'cause
    he's kinda scrawny, which makes him funny to watch, or the new
    one 'cause the voice just doesn't seem to match his much cooler
    look, which makes it equally as funny. Right, so to start this
    off right, switch to Fenton and max out your Ghost Power. Go
    back to Phantom form and let loose a couple of Plasma Waves while
    Technus is close to you and is at your level. It'll knock a good
    chunk of health from him. Next, switch back to Fenton and refill
    the gauge, return to Phantom and hit Technus with constant combo
    attacks. Technus loves to move around a lot and he can be pretty
    fast, but lay into him with combos and he can't move worth a crap.
    Keep it up and you'll roast him in no time, letting you clear the
    first and third missions without any problems.
    	Stage 5-1
    		Do NOT use the Fenton Thermos.
    		Defeat 5 ghosts in less than 30 seconds.
    		Do NOT use any Plasma attacks.
    	Ignoring the goo is kinda hard to do, but if you want to
    use the Ghostly Wail, stick to switching to Fenton anytime you
    want the Ghost Power to use it. You have a Boss battle with the
    Future Valerie at the end of this Stage, and the same rules stay
    with you the whole time. Use the Fenton Weapons that you find in
    the levels in order to get rid of the ghosts easier so you won't
    be tempted to use the Plasma Blasts. And if you whip out the
    Ghostly Wail trump card at any time, make sure to fill the screen
    with ghosts before you do so you can easily clear the second
    mission. You shouldn't have any problems with this Stage or its
    	Stage 5-2
    		Execute a 6-Hit combo attack.
    		Do NOT return to Fenton form.
    		Defeat Boss in under 3 minutes.
    	It's tempting to hit Dan with Ghostly Wail in this first
    appearance of him as the Boss, but don't fall for it. Wait until
    he's done with showing off above your head, 'cause he loves to go
    over your head and flail around and keep you from jumping, then
    when he comes down to try a Plasma Wave, quickly nail him with the
    Power Rush 5 or Power Rush 6. You're guaranteed to have a 6-Hit
    combo at the end of it. Keep your eyes peeled for his Fenton Thermos
    ability (he grabs you and drains your health to heal himself) so you
    can avoid it and just keep hitting him with combos so he doesn't
    ever have a chance to fly over your head again. His aerial showing
    off eats up time and you can't afford that with the third mission.
    	Stage 5-3
    		Do NOT use the Fenton Thermos.
    		Do NOT return to Fenton form.
    		Defeat Boss in under 3 minutes.
    	This Stage is incredibly mean to you. You can't use the
    Fenton Thermos AND you can't switch over to Fenton to charge up the
    Ghost Power gauge. You're trapped with using only your fists and the
    Fenton Weapons to deal with the ghosts and even worse is the fact
    that you can't heal yourself either. So for the first three levels
    of the Stage, watch your health like a hawk! If you're fast with the
    button-mashing, you can get in close to the ghosts and keep hitting
    them with the combos to get rid of them before they do too much
    damage to you. Otherwise, play it cool and stay in motion to avoid
    getting nailed too badly by the ghosts. Your Boss battle is with
    Walker and his ghost guards. Focus on hitting Walker (the white
    ghost) with as many combos as you can and watch him carefully. He
    will jump for the air and stay up there if he can and that will
    eat up time you can't lose. He will also move around and hide among
    his guards, so stay in motion and keep punching so you will hit him
    sooner or later and pin him down. Stay on him and the mission should
    be cleared.
    	Stage 5-4
    		Clear with Ghost Power over half full.
    		Use Plasma Wave twice.
    		Defeat Boss in under 3 minutes.
    	This is one is kinda easy. You don't have to do all those
    levels, you just go straight to the Boss battle. In this case, you
    get to fight the original, unmodified Skulker. Fun. Skulker is a,
    to put it bluntly, sniper jerk. He likes to shoot at you from a
    distance, go invisible while moving around and float over your head
    to eat up time. He practically begs you to hit him with Ghostly Wail
    so you can screw yourself over in two missions. Here's a pretty good
    strategy that makes quick work of him.
    	Switch to Fenton form and fill your Ghost Power completely.
    Switch back to Phantom and nail Skulker with the Plasma Wave (Down+R)
    a couple of times, then blast him with Ghostly Wail until he's roughly
    halfway through the red bar. Switch back to Fenton, fill your gauge
    again, then use Phantom to just beat on Skulker with normal punches
    and combos until he goes down. You'll clear all three missions in one
    fell swoop.
    	Stage 6-1
    		Defeat 10 ghosts in less than 30 seconds.
    		Defeat 15 ghosts in less than 60 seconds.
    		Do NOT use any Plasma attacks.
    	This Stage is just too easy. Simply start off with Fenton to
    charge up your Ghost Power, switch back to Phantom and start beating
    up on some ghosts. Knock around a few with combos, then cut loose
    with the Ghostly Wail. Suck up goo where you can, then go back to
    Phantom and repeat. Since the Ghostly Wail doesn't count as a Plasma
    attack, you can just wail away and clear this level in no time. Oh,
    and if you manage to kill off the 15 ghosts in less than a minute,
    that counts as clearing the first mission as well. So you clear two
    for the price of one. Sort of.
    	Stage 6-2
    		Get 30 Max Combo Points.
    		Defeat 40 ghosts.
    		Clear in under 60 seconds.
    	Now it gets nasty. This one will take several runs to get all
    the missions cleared. For the first one, 30 Max Combo Points is kinda
    difficult to get. There's no Boss to hit with the Plasma Blast for the
    easy combo. However, you can pull it off with the three tough purple
    ghosts at the very end of the level. Simply stay to the far left of
    the screen and hold down the B Button to fire the Ecto Burst in a
    constant stream. Let the ghosts come at you, even hit you if need be,
    but don't let up on the button. See, the ghosts will continue to go
    straight for where you are and never dodge the hits, and they take a
    lot of damage before they go down. I did this myself and racked up
    about 37 Max Combo Points by the end of it all and my health wasn't
    that badly beaten up. You can use the Plasma Blast if you want, but
    it forces you to stay in one place and you can't adjust it slightly to
    stay on the level with the ghosts so there's a chance of losing the
    combo. Defeating the 40 ghosts is fairly simple; just shoot as many of
    them as you can and you should get the mission cleared. As for the
    final mission, good luck on that one. I still can't pull it off so if
    you have any tips, by all means share with us all, please. Thanks.
    	Stage 6-3
    		Execute an 8-Hit combo attack.
    		Use Super Plasma Blast twice.
    		Defeat Boss after 3 minutes pass.
    	For this one, get as far from Dan Phantom as you can and switch
    to Fenton to charge up your Ghost Power to just over half. Switch back
    and hit Up+R while the Plasma Blast is selected to use the Super Plasma
    Blast. You'll know it by the fact that it is twice as wide as the normal
    Plasma Blast and both of Danny's hands are used in firing it. It would
    be awesome if you managed to get both shots of it to hit Dan, as just
    one direct hit of the beam will rack up enough hits to clear the first
    mission. If the first charge of Ghost Power wasn't enough for both
    blasts, just switch to Fenton to finish filling up the gauge for the
    second hit. Once that's done, max out your Ghost Power and wait for Dan
    to fly off and do his showing off in the air, then quickly fly up to the
    top of the screen before he catches on to what you're doing. Stay up
    above him for a few minutes, but keep an eye on Dan. He hasn't pulled
    anything with me yet, but you don't want to take any chances of him
    firing something off that will knock you to the floor and leave you open
    to a slaughter. When three minutes pass, drop down to the floor and let
    loose the Ghostly Wail. It will take a few hits of the Wail to deplete
    Dan's two health bars, but that should finish the last mission for this
    	Stage 7-1
    		Clear with Ghost Power over half full.
    		Use Super Plasma Blast twice.
    		Defeat Boss in under 3 minutes.
    	You start this mission with a little cutscene. Danny 'senses'
    someone around and demands that they reveal themselves to him. Bam! It's
    Vlad Masters! He's his usual suave and arrogant self, so he obviously
    hasn't been screwed over by Dan and the altered timeline. As a matter of
    fact, Vlad set things up so that Danny is forced to become evil and have
    Dan be born anyway. Apparently, Dan Phantom made contact with Vlad while
    in Danny's time to set up a contingency plan, just in case his own plot
    to kill Danny's family and friends failed. Danny just walked into a trap,
    and Vladdy there is gonna set off a new explosion to kill them all and
    ensure Dan's future stays put. Danny declares that, despite knowing Vlad
    helped him in the future, he's still going to fight him to save his
    	Watching Vlad transform into Plasmius is kinda cool. Dorky, but
    still kinda cool. Now, you switch to Fenton and start charging up Ghost
    Power to get ready for the Super PB. Keep an eye on Plasmius, he likes
    to fire off these little red plasma orbs to hit you and raise a pink
    ecto shield to block your physical attacks and heal himself with them.
    (Highly annoying.) You can bust through it with the Super Plasma Blast,
    though. He'll fly over your head now and then to escape, fire more red
    orbs and eat up time. Like Dan, he loves to show off flashy physical
    moves up there, so don't try to jump and whap him down. He acts a lot
    like Dan and that's no surprise since Dan is a fusion of Danny Phantom
    and Vlad Plasmius. So know yourself and know Dan and you can kinda get
    a good idea of how Vlad's gonna move around. Fire the Super Plasma
    Blast twice at him and be sure to leave a little bit of his yellow bar.
    Next, fill up your Ghost Power with Fenton again, then cut loose a shot
    of Ghostly Wail to bring Plasmius down to almost gone, then charge up
    to max Ghost Power. Finish off Vlad with normal attacks or another Super
    Plasma Blast and you've cleared all three missions in one run. Nice. And
    Vlad deserves that Ghostly Wail blast; he's had the advantage over Danny
    for too freaking long.
    	Timeline Repaired
    	Danny reappears in Clockwork's castle, declaring that everything
    should be fixed now. Clockwork pops in and tells him that he saw the whole
    thing. He thanks Danny for putting the future back to its happier, brighter
    path. Danny is cheered by the news, but gets a warning. Even though his
    future now is just and good, the smallest change could still bring about
    his evil self, so he should always keep that in mind. Danny ponders over
    that, wondering if it was all up to him to make sure that Dan's time never
    comes around. Apparently so, as Clockwork warns him that the future is what
    he makes of it. Then he adds on that he will always be watching him, then
    sends Danny on his way back to his normal timeline. Thus, we end this story
    (at freaking last) with Danny learning a valuable lesson. (Or some such
    	You get another password at the end of the credits. I still have no
    clue as to how you get the other ones. I'm working on it.
    	To unlock mini-games and the Difficulty option, you need to get the
    passwords. You can find those passwords on the 'Net, but for the sake of
    ease, I'll just put them here again.
    	VLAD - Unlocks Difficulty Option on Title Menu screen.
    	RUSH - Enters Boss Arena Mode. Only appears when you enter the code.
    	ECTO - Unlocks Hidin' Ghost Seek in the BK Promotions Menu.
    	JAZZ - Unlocks Levitating in the BK Promotions Menu.
    	DASH - Unlocks Dash's Haunted Locker in the BK Promotions Menu.
    	SEEK - Unlocks Sam's X-Ray Ecto Detector in the BK Promotions Menu.
    Boss Arena
    	This mini-game is a gauntlet of Boss Ghosts that you get to beat up
    one after another. It opens with a Character Select screen, where you can
    choose to run through the battles with Danny Phantom or Dan Phantom. Note
    that each picture of them changes a bit when you select one or the other.
    Danny looks so indignant if you pick Dan, and Dan's just plain pissed that
    Danny is always auto-selected first. Cute. If you highlight Danny, you have
    the ability to select his Level with Left/Right on the Control Pad, while
    Dan has no Level, but keeps all the powers he started with. Different Levels
    with Danny allow him different powers, so at Level 10, he'll have Ghostly
    Wail in his arsenal.
    	*No matter what Level Danny is at in your saved game, he will always
    have the ability to enter the Boss Arena at Level 10 with all powers if you
    select him and set his Level to 10.*
    	Once you've chosen a character, you're dumped right into the Boss
    Battles. Every Boss Ghost you've fought against in Story Mode and Mission
    Mode will appear here, a total of 11-12 Fights. There's no ghost goo to use
    to replenish health and Ghost Power, so you must rely on Fenton form to
    fill your gauge. And watch your health carefully, because if you take damage
    in any of the battles, it will only recover a little bit at the start of the
    next Fight. So damage carries over, basically. And since both Vlad and Dan
    are the final Bosses (if you're playing as Danny, 'cause Dan only has to
    deal with Vlad alone as the final Boss), you may want to save as much health
    as you can, which means play smart, watch the enemy's movements, and save
    the Ghostly Wail for emergency blasts on those Bosses that are really
    annoying. The further you go in the Fights, the less generous the healing
    becomes at the beginning of the Fights.
    	You really don't get much from the Boss Arena except some bragging
    points but it's a nice way to just clobber Bosses without having to go
    through all the levels and Stages.
    Hidin' Ghost Seek
    	All this really does is unlock the red hidden ghost in the Dash's
    Haunted Locker mini-game. It's a weird ghost that randomly appears in the
    mini-game and it moves quickly to get out of your targeting range. Kinda
    annoying little freak. Not much to it.
    	This is a jumping game with Skulker. Once again, I am not gonna
    do an Ascii art of the screen. I can point you to a screenshot, that's
    	In the upper left corner of the screen are the number of lives
    you have. In this case, you have three little Danny heads, so you have
    three lives. Across from that, on the upper right, is your score. Each
    time you successfully jump over one of Skulker's shots, you get some
    points. Just below it is a 0/40. It's right over Skulker's head. This
    is the number of shots Skulker can fire and the number he's already
    fired on you. At the bottom of the screen are the only moves you can
    make; A Button to jump, and B Button to drop. Drop is only usable after
    you've jumped and all it does is make you touch down to the floor
    faster so you can jump again. You lose a life each time you're hit by
    one of Skulker's shots.
    	Skulker fires his gun at random intervals, sometimes he fires
    immediately after the Go! and sometimes it takes him a while to shoot.
    The shots can come at you either fast or slowly so time your jumps so
    you don't get hit by a shot on your way up or down. The timing is a
    touch strange, but with practice you'll get the hang of when to jump.
    The game ends when you lose all three lives and your highest score
    gets saved. I'm not sure what happens if you survive all 40 shots from
    Skulker as I keep getting clipped by the slow shots, so if anyone can
    get through it before me, share your findings. Thanks.
    	By the way, what the hell are Skulker and Danny Phantom doing
    in the high school playing this game? You'd think somebody would notice
    them there and make a call to the Fentons or something.
    Dash's Haunted Locker
    	A whole bunch of ghosts have decided to invade Casper High and
    are using Dash's locker as a makeshift Ghost Portal. Dash himself gets
    in the way a lot, but it's up to Danny Phantom to deal with this mess.
    	The opening screen gives you the instructions on how to play,
    but here's a brief overview of it.
    	Control Pad - Aim the targeting cursor.
    	B Button - Fire Ecto Bursts.
    	R Button - Reload Ecto Bursts.
    	Okay so here's the screen layout for when you jump into the
    game. On the left of the screen are these four orange symbols that
    represent the Ecto Bursts. When you use up all four shots, you have
    to hit R Button to load another four although you can reload anytime
    you use up a shot. At the bottom of the screen is the current highest
    score for the game. Above Danny's head is your current score in white
    and the time in blue. You have 3 minutes to shoot as many ghosts as
    you can to rack up points.
    	Every once in a while, a big gray ghost will appear, dragging
    Dash around by the scruff of his neck. When it shows up, there will be
    a small green life bar over its head and a similar green life bar will
    replace your High Score at the bottom of the screen. The longer you go
    without hitting that ghost to make him drop Dash, the faster your life
    will drain away. If your life empties completely, it's game over. At
    the end of the 3 minutes, whatever your score is, that's what gets
    recorded as the high score. Also, if that red ghost was freed up from
    Hidin' Ghost Seek, it will show up here and that jerk likes to run if
    you get close to it with the target cursor.
    	Again, why the hell does this crap happen only when Danny's in
    the school? And what the hell is Dash doing getting in the way? I want
    to shoot him.
    Sam's X-Ray Ecto Detector
    	Sam and Tucker want to test Danny's memory and recognition
    abilities by showing him a small piece of a ghost's image and giving
    him four answers to pick from to identify the ghost. Show 'em who's
    master of the ghosts!
    	L Button - Answer the Green line answer.
    	R Button - Answer the Blue line answer.
    	B Button - Answer the Orange line answer.
    	A Button - Answer the Red line answer.
    	Above Tucker's head in red numbers is your point score. That
    gets saved as the High Score at the end of the game. The bigger blue
    numbers, 0/30, represent the number of questions asked over the total
    number of questions in the test. Above Sam's head is a set of three
    orange symbols that represent your lives. Get three wrong answers and
    you get a game over. Now, you're timed on answering and the timer is
    a little green bar above the answer choices and it will drain out as
    you're deciding what to answer. The black screen between Sam and Tucker
    has a small round opening that moves around to show you bits of the
    ghost and you have to rely on glimpses to ID the ghost. You only get
    one shot at answering it, so get it right 'cause you'll be moving on
    to the next question whether or not you got it right.
    	If you make it to the end of the test without getting an answer
    wrong, good for you. Tell me what happens, 'cause I panic too easily
    and screw myself over with the answers.
    	Poor Danny; tests at school and tests at the lab. He can never
    get a break. ^-^
    Dol's Rant (Time Travel Explained... Sort Of.)
    	You knew this was coming. This game, though fun and fairly
    close to how the cartoon went, had some stuff in it that seriously
    made me want to bash my head against the keyboard and hunt down the
    guys who did the game. So here is my ranting about it. You can go
    ahead and read it if you want, you don't have to, but if you care to
    peek through it, you may get some insights on time travel in Danny
    Phantom's storyline. Otherwise, just use Ctrl-F, enter in the word
    (bai) without the parentheses so you can skip to the end and be done.
    	I don't like the fact that they forgot or just chose not to
    put the DP emblem on Danny's suit. Dan's got it, that little white
    bit on his chest; why couldn't they do the same for Danny? And why
    the hell does that poor boy look anorexic? I know that boy eats.
    Ghosts can gain weight, look at future Ember. Fattest ghost I ever
    	Clockwork is a piece of work. At the beginning of the whole
    thing he says that he sees a different future for Danny and will make
    sure he never turns evil. Don't take it at face value, people! It does
    sound sinister, but knowing his personality and the way he likes to
    do things, it has another meaning. He sees the future that Danny will
    have by continuing to do what he knows and feels is right, a future
    where he lives and stays a hero. Clockwork will do what he can to be
    sure that the future Dan created for himself doesn't contaminate the
    timeline Danny lives in, forcing Danny to become Dan. Apparently, Dan
    is a paradox creation, and ends up being a contained paradox, existing
    outside the loop of time and fate. That gives him the power to screw
    with other timelines, other Danny Phantoms, and it's possible that this
    particular Danny Phantom is somehow much more special than the others.
    Hence why everyone's so freaking gung-ho on getting him to follow one
    path or another.
    	Pivotal events and pivotal locations don't have to be tied
    together to change the course of someone's life. This is a good example
    of it. The turning point in Danny's time, the event that seals his path
    to one future or another, is the explosion that kills his family and
    friends. It doesn't *have* to be at the Nasty Burger, the pivotal
    location, because it was just a convienent place for the original blast
    to take place. The deaths of Danny's support group drives him to Vlad,
    who then screws him up more by separating Phantom from Fenton. Now, think
    about it for a moment. Ghosts tend to hang onto a single thought or
    emotion when they are created, and in Phantom's case he held onto anger
    borne from anguish. Anger at himself for failing to be the hero, and
    anger at the world for never understanding that all he wanted to do was
    be a hero for them.
    	The Nasty Burger is a pivotal location only because it was made
    to become the place where the explosion kills the Fentons, Lancer, Sam
    and Tucker. And *who* made it that way? Step backwards from it. The first
    blast came from the detonation of the Nasty Sauce, which was triggered by
    a ghost fight breaking out between Danny and Box Lunch, who was sent to
    battle Danny by Clockwork, who was ordered to do so by the Observers, who
    wanted Danny gone so Dan can't exist. Link it all up and you'll see that,
    ultimately, the Observers are responsible for Dan Phantom.
    	Want more evidence? The first blast of sauce at the Nasty Burger
    shoves Danny through Lancer's briefcase, which had the answers that the
    Observers had placed there. (Well, the answers were already there, but
    they *did* manipulate Lancer to be at the restaurant when Danny blew into
    it.) They wanted Danny to take the test answers so that he would be
    tempted to cheat, which is their proof that he was destined to be evil.
    Cheating would have Lancer call Danny's family to alert them to the fact
    that he cheated and they would meet at the Nasty Burger (where Lancer
    had made a show earlier about it being a place where those who failed
    the C.A.T. would end up) to discuss it, just in time for the second blast
    to go off and kill them all. Sam and Tucker's original reason for being
    there to be killed? Probably to act as support for Danny, who would
    probably be lured away by a ghost to keep him from being the hero and
    saving his family and friends.
    	Why would the Observers want things set up so Dan is created even
    though they say they didn't want him to exist? Beats me. I think, though,
    it has something to do with an experiment gone wrong in messing with one
    Danny's timeline so that they could figure out how to have control of
    Danny go to them because something about *this* Danny Phantom warranted
    their attention enough to make them want to have him under their power.
    And because they screwed up, they want to be sure it doesn't spread to
    the other Dannys and make them lose the one they wanted. So, rather than
    lose the Danny they wanted, they chose to just get rid of him. Only, the
    steps they took to get rid of him futher refined how Dan was created. And
    they still blame Danny for it. Jerks.
    	What caused the second blast at the Nasty Burger, the one that
    killed the Fentons, Sam, Tucker and Lancer? The fight between Danny and
    Skulktech 9.9, which set up the remaining Nasty Sauce to detonate in a
    time-bomb fashion. And Skulktech was sent by Clockwork, who was ordered
    to do it by the Observers. Trace it all back and you'll see that the
    Observers are to blame for Dan.
    	The Pummeler is a weapon developed by Technus and Skulker to be
    used on Dan Phantom, but it doesn't work. However, it works great on
    Danny. Why is that? Well, if you saw the cartoon, then you'll know that
    Dan's birth occurs in Vlad's mansion. Danny Fenton was split from Danny
    Phantom, and Phantom split Masters from Plasmius, then joined with
    Plasmius to become Dan Phantom. Because none of the other ghosts ever
    knew that Dan was now a pure ghost, they continued trying to fight him
    as though he were still a halfa. The weapon was designed to force Dan
    back to human form so that he can be easily killed. Dan has no human
    form anymore; Phantom killed Danny the minute he fused with Plasmius and
    lost his mind. That's why it doesn't work on Dan.
    	The time medallions don't let people travel through time, it
    anchors them to a different time until it gets removed and snaps them to
    Clockwork's lair, where he can send 'em back to their own time or just
    boot 'em back to where they were with another medallion. Team Phantom
    was connected to Skulktech at the time he lost his time medallion, so
    all of them got jerked into Clockwork's lair. That's how they end up at
    Clockwork's place. They didn't have a clue as to how the medallions
    worked. Not till Tucker started playing with the medallions during
    Danny's fight with Clockwork.
    	That part about Clockwork having no choice but to stop Danny while
    he was in the lair was kind of a lie. The point behind the battle was to
    drive Danny and his friends into the time portal that will take them to
    the future Dan created.
    	He told Danny that he was there to change Danny's future because
    he will turn evil and Clockwork can't let that happen. Again, it sounds
    like he's on the Observers' side, but that's the point. He has to *sound*
    like he is following orders, but really what he's doing is helping Danny.
    Clockwork sees that the current path Danny is on will change him to evil
    and he wants Danny to have the good future he had seen, so he is going to
    do his best to alter events so that it looks as if Danny stumbled onto the
    path of a hero.
    	He claims that he tried to change Danny's past to fix the future,
    but it didn't work. Why didn't it work? Because Clockwork's interference
    indirectly *causes* Dan to exist, not the other way around. So, to fix it
    all for real, Danny must be the one to change his own past. But to give
    him the motivation to really try it he has to see what his future will be
    if he chooses wrong in his life. That's why Clockwork threatens to kill
    him; to force Danny to escape into the future that Dan created so he can
    see for himself what he could do as Dan.
    	Dan remarks about how he had been waiting for Danny Phantom to
    show up once Danny pops into the future. Remember that Dan still has all
    of Danny's memories, and the knowledge that Danny possessed up until the
    moment of separation. Phantom is still part of Danny when he got chased
    into the alternate future (which is currently set as the true future),
    so Dan remembers going into the time he dominates in. It's a paradox;
    Dan is able to plan for Danny's arrival in the future because he
    remembered it and he only remembers it because Danny arrived in the
    future to gain the memory of arriving there. Dan's memories depend on
    the Dannys he has corrupted over the course of his existence. All of
    those Dannys were exactly the same, with the same memories, the same
    experiences; so Dan follows the schedule that those Dannys had in their
    	So why is Dan able to live on even though Danny altered his own
    time? Because *this* Danny is slightly different from the others, and it
    didn't help that Clockwork took off with Dan in isolation, forcing him
    out of the loop of fate. The tie between Dan and Danny has been broken
    and both of them exist independently of each other.
    	Valerie recognizes Danny Phantom as Fenton in the cartoon, and
    vice versa in the game. Why? It's possible that sometime in the future,
    between the current time of crisis and the time Future Valerie exists,
    Danny's secret is revealed to her. You can get that from the fact that
    (in the game) Valerie refers to Fenton as a ghost and even calls him
    'Phantom' despite him being in Fenton form during the dialogue scene,
    and (in the cartoon) from Valerie saying that Danny Phantom was still
    as cute as she remembered him being. Valerie developed a kind of crush
    on Danny Fenton later on in the series, a memory that stayed with her
    in her adult years even though it hadn't been created yet in Danny's
    current time. And knowing that Fenton is Phantom allows her to keep
    that affection towards young Phantom even though she wouldn't hesitate
    to blow away the older one.
    	Now about Dan saying that *he* was the reason why Danny's
    friends and family died, not Danny. This is truth and here is why. Now,
    normal logic says that Danny Phantom becomes Dan Phantom, and Dan
    Phantom takes responsibility for their deaths; therefore, Danny Phantom
    killed his family and friends. Wrong. We are dealing with timelines and
    paradoxes. This is a cross of two timelines, allowing Dan from one time
    to affect the Danny of another time. Remember how Dan threw Danny into
    the Ghost Zone at the end of their first fight? Well, if Danny is stuck
    in the future Ghost Zone, how is he to be in the past to trigger the
    events that lead up to the deaths of his family and friends? The same
    way all the other Dannys were corrupted; bait and switch. With Danny
    out of the way in the future, Dan can simply take his place in the past
    and lure all the pawns in one place for the blast to go off. Once he's
    confirmed that they're all dead, he retrieves the Danny of that
    timeline and puts them back in their place, where they would receive
    the full brunt of the sorrows and anger that would turn them evil.
    	Thus Dan Phantom is responsible for the deaths of Danny's family
    and friends; the real Danny was trapped ten years in the future and
    unable to do anything about it.
    	Dan makes a remark about how Clockwork is meddling with time
    again once Future Valerie realizes that Danny and friends are from the
    past. There are two possible explanations for this. First is the paradox
    of information and memory. Danny sees his jump into the future as the
    first time Clockwork messed with time as far as he was involved. This is
    put into his memory. When Danny becomes Dan, that memory stayed with him
    and seeing Danny arrive in the future under Clockwork's influence is the
    second time he's played with time in Dan's understanding. Danny's first
    memory is recorded in Dan as being both the first and second times he's
    had experiences with Clockwork messing with time.
    	The second explanation is that Clockwork had tried once before
    to stop Dan from corrupting a Danny Phantom's timeline and failed,
    probably because that Danny wasn't strong enough to overcome the
    challenges. Dan kept that in mind as a warning that Clockwork may try it
    again. When Future Valerie blurts out her shock at seeing a past Danny
    *and* his friends, that was an alert to him that Clockwork was trying to
    stop him again. After all, Sam and Tucker had to stay in the past in
    order for him to gain their trust and lure them to the Nasty Burger. To
    have them in the future with Danny meant he would be getting support
    from them and they would have advance warning of his nature and plans.
    And the only way all three of them would be together in the future is if
    Clockwork pulled the strings to get them there.
    	That whole deal with Vlad saying that Danny wanted the hurt to
    go away so much he was willing to sacrifice his humanity? That's a load
    of bull. The one who was in pain was the one who had the humanity, Danny
    Fenton, not Danny Phantom. However, the two are one and the same, so
    they both share the pain of the loss. Separating them would not change
    that. What they probably meant was that Danny blamed himself for not
    being strong enough or fast enough to help his family, or that his
    efforts at being a hero as Danny Phantom cut so badly into his school
    life that he had resorted to cheating and thus brought about the deaths
    of his family and friends. To mince words, Danny blamed himself for
    putting his life as Danny Phantom above the responsibilities he had as
    Danny Fenton. So, he decided he wouldn't have anything to do with Danny
    Phantom anymore and asked that the ghost self be removed from him so he
    could just be a normal kid again.
    	Recall the last time Fenton and Phantom were split apart; each
    had half a personality, the extremes that matched them best at that
    moment of separation. Fenton wanted relaxation, but he also wanted to
    still be a hero as Phantom, so in the division Fenton became that overly
    'Fun' self and Phantom puffed himself up as a super-hero. This is what
    happens when you split a single entity with two forms apart. The current
    extremes of the personality that exists now are sorrow and anger;
    Fenton's sorrow, Phantom's anger. That anger was masked very well by the
    sadness of what had happened, so Danny Phantom was equally as miserable
    as Fenton (no matter what form he took, Danny would still be in pain).
    	When Phantom was separated from Fenton, the emotional mask of
    sorrow was gone and what remained of the divided personality latched
    onto the only emotion he had left, which was anger. He was angry at
    himself for not being the hero he had wanted to be, angry with the world
    that refused to recognize his efforts at being a hero, and now he was
    angry that Danny Fenton (the missing half) betrayed him by rejecting what
    he was and what they had tried to accomplish together. So in attempts to
    seek someone that understood him, he ripped Vlad and Plasmius apart and
    fused with Plasmius to figure out what to do with his new freedom and
    find some stability. Unfortunately, he only got the insanity and the full
    brunt of it fell on the first target of his anger that he saw. That's why
    Danny Fenton was killed so quickly after Dan was born. Sad, but true. At
    least, in my opinion.
    	Dan is startled to find that Danny could use Ghostly Wail when
    they fought again at the Nasty Burger to stop the second explosion. In
    his words, Danny isn't supposed to get that power until ten years from
    that point in time. Well, actually, Danny did exactly as Dan said. Note
    that in both the game and the cartoon, Danny was trapped ten years from
    the time of the explosion. It was at that point that he gained the power
    of the Ghostly Wail. Exactly as Dan and history had decreed, Danny got
    that power ten years in the future. It never said that Danny had to live
    the ten years completely in order to gain it, just that he had to be ten
    years in the future in order to get it. Well, he fulfilled those
    requirements and Dan can only blame himself for it. Isn't time funny?
    	That bit about Clockwork taking Dan with him so that he couldn't
    interfere with 'this past' was a big clue that Dan had been doing this
    kind of thing for a while now, and that other pasts, other timelines,
    had suffered because of him. Danny Phantom of 'this past' had been strong
    enough and, in a sense, wise enough to overcome the challenges Dan had
    thrown at him to show he could rise above trials with the support of his
    friends, even if they couldn't really do anything to help him at that
    moment. (But then that's just me.) There could be other reasons as to why
    Clockwork chose to interfere so much with this Danny, and for that I fall
    back on the original theory of him being more special than the other
    Danny Phantoms that had existed.
    	Note that in the cartoon, the Observers charge Clockwork with the
    duty of watching over Danny because of all the crud he pulled in playing
    with his timeline and fixing it so that Danny gains the power Dan had in
    the future while still young, but they're not happy at all with it and
    accuse Clockwork of cheating. Looks like they still wanted to have power
    over Danny but lost it to Clockwork because of the time interference, an
    ability they tried to wield and yielded disastrous results. In some ways,
    this makes Clockwork kind of like a mentor to Danny. Or at least a voice
    of reason and a whap to the ass if he starts goofing up again.
    	Dan still existed even though Danny broke the cycle of his
    creation. The bond between them broke because of Clockwork's interference
    and Danny's gaining the Ghostly Wail at the age of fourteen, two key
    events that had been altered from the flow of time that Dan had lived
    through. Add to that the fact that *this* Danny is different from the
    others that had been corrupted and there is little to tie Dan to Danny.
    So now that he's freed of Danny's time and exists within his own loop, he
    has the ability to get rid of Danny with no repercussion to himself.
    However, I believe there is still a way to permanently erase Dan from
    existence. If Danny is able to reach the age Dan was when he began to
    destroy other timelines and still maintain the path to the future
    Clockwork had foreseen for him, then that may be enough difference
    between the times and the two of them to overwrite Dan with the new Danny.
    After all, history is written by the victor, and Danny could change time
    simply by surviving to hold the pen in his hand.
    	Why Vlad *wants* Dan's future to come about in the game is beyond
    me. Maybe Dan lied to him and said that if he helped Danny become him, Dan
    would eventually be the son and partner Vlad had wanted all along. If Dan
    had taken in all of Vlad's memories when fusing with Plasmius, it is
    possible that he gained Vlad's ability to manipulate others believably and
    used those memories in the game to locate Masters and Danny in the future
    to stop them from sending Danny back to the past. But then Danny has
    overshadowed other people before and never gained access to their memories
    and knowledge, so that would be ruled out. How does Dan convince Vlad to
    purposely get Maddie (the woman he loves and Danny's mother) killed and
    eventually have his own fall from power just to have Dan be born? Dunno,
    but it's a sign that whatever Dan has that can do that is really good.
    	That's the end of my rant. Sorry it was so long. Now that it's
    off my chest, let's wrap this up and be done.
    End (bai)
    	Well, that's the end of the walkthrough and my seriously long rant
    about time-travel and paradoxes. Oh, may as well answer a couple of
    questions that might pop up here.
    	1. Sometimes in the middle of a lot of fighting, I'll hit the R
    Button and a Plasma attack comes out even though I don't have the Plasma
    Blast power selected. Why?
    	Well, I'm not entirely sure myself. It's kinda random, but I do
    know that any Plasma attack fired that way when the power isn't selected
    is often much faster but also weaker than the same attack when you
    purposely select and fire it. It may also screw up missions where you are
    told not to use Plasma attacks so be careful. Do note that if you don't
    have enough Ghost Power to support the attack, it won't fire, not even in
    that random ability.
    	2. The Ghostly Wail is touted as the best attack in the game 'cuz
    it always hits and does ungodly damage to Bosses. Why did <insert name of
    ghost here> not get any damage from it when I used Ghostly Wail?
    	There are three reasons I know of for why Ghostly Wail would ever
    fail to hit. The first is that the ghost isn't entirely in the screen and
    thus the Wail's range. If the ghost is partially out of the screen, even
    if you can see a big chunk of it, there is a greater chance of it being
    missed by the Ghostly Wail. This is why I say to lure the ghosts into the
    screen with you. It reduces the chances of them escaping the effects if
    a majority of their bodies is on the screen with you. The second reason
    is that the ghost was in the middle of changing sprites or moving rapidly.
    This gives the ghost a brief bit of immunity to the Wail because they are
    unable to switch to the sprite that reacts to the Wail when you unleash it
    and so just skips over it completely. The final reason is simple. If the
    ghost is insubstantial when you unleash the Ghostly Wail, it will pass
    right through them with no effect. It happened to me with Dan and Skulker
    and both of them have the ability to become insubstantial at whims.
    	Just because the Ghostly Wail can kick ass, it doesn't mean that
    it is infallible. Time your use of it and it will rarely fail to deliver
    that sweet damage that makes it my favorite Ghost Power, next to the
    flying, of course.
    	There, done. Remember to email me if you have any other issues
    or want to send in a tip about something to help me finish up the guide.
    Thanks for listening to my ranting and if you have any arguments about
    my theories, please remember that they are my own opinions and thoughts
    and should not be taken as die-hard fact. You are free and entitled to
    your own opinions on to how and why things went the way they did in the
    game and cartoon. That's half the fun of these time-travel/paradox plots.
    So much fan-fic fodder. However, if my ranting and raving helped you in
    working out your theories on things, then you're welcome in advance and
    I'm glad that my musings helped you out.
    	One last thing and then I sign off. If you use my email to spam
    me with ads and junk like that, know only that it won't bother me in the
    least. I'm using a filter that pays me for that kind of stuff, so I kind
    of like the excess crud that comes to me for putting my email on the 'Net
    like that. Gets me some spending money. ^-^
    	Well that's enough outta me. Thanks again and have fun with the
    game! Fly on, dear Danny, fly on!
    Completed October 11, 2006

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