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    Tumnus Items List by always777

    Version: 1.3 | Updated: 01/09/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    		Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe
    Tumnus Items
    Version 1.3
    9 January 2006
    Table of Contents
    I. Intro
    II. Chapters
    III. Items
    IV. Final Notes
    I. Intro
    	After Mr. Tumnus is arrested by the White Witch's Secret Police, some 
    16 of his possessions are scattered through the parts of Narnia that we visit.
     If you collect all 16,you will be able to use the Option command to set the 
    Difficulty to a new highest level: Epic (after Easy, Normal, and Hard).  I will 
    do my best to let you know how to get to these items.  I refer to 'rooms': 
    here I mean the divisions that get you to a whole new area, and where some of 
    your enemies are respawned every time you cross the border.
    II. Chapters
    	The most convenient way to refer to different sections of the game is 
    by the Chapters the game itself offers to us.  When you select a Chapter, you 
    can go over a section of the game that you may not have covered completely 
    before; specifically, to pick up a Tumnus item that you missed the first time 
    around.  Here I list the Chapters; although the game gives them to you.
    1. Lucy Meets Mr. Tumnus
    2. Edmund & the White Witch
    3. Through the Wardrobe
    4. Forest Passage to the Beavers
    5. Searching for Edmund
    6. The Long, Cold, Walk
    7. Dash to the Tunnels
    8. Escape to the Enclave
    9. Edmund in the Witch's Castle
    10. Crossing the Frozen Lake
    11. Race to the Great River
    12. The Great Thaw
    13. Journey to Aslan's Camp
    14. Peter's First Battle
    15. Aslan's Training Ground
    16. Frozen Allies
    17. The Battle for Narnia
    III. Items
    Here my format will be: Item #, Item Name, Official Description, Chapter and 
    1. Muffler
    A muffler knitted for Tumnus by his dear great-aunt.  He liked it so much that 
    she made him two more - so he'd never be cold.
    (3. Through the Wardrobe)
    Outside Tumnus' house, past the rocks Mr. Beaver has you move.
    2. Umbrella
    When it doesn't flip inside-out from the wind, this umbrella can be quite 
    useful for keeping out the snow.
    (4. Forest Passage to the Beavers)
    South of the frozen pond
    3. Pan Pipes
    Tumnus' ceremonial pan pipes.  He only brings these out for special occasions, 
    such as the celebrations on the first day of Spring.
    (5. Searching for Edmund)
    Just up the slope from where the mother bear starts, into the next room, left 
    of the bonfire.
    4. Book of Songs
    Songs to play on the panpipes - from "A Fine Day for Dancing" to "The Dwarf 
    Afraid of Rocks."
    (8. Escape to the Enclave)
    NE in tunnels, go NW past two rocks, which two bad guys will push shut behind 
    you.  The book is to the NW.
    5. Bundle of Letters
    Letters from other allies of Aslan - many people would be in trouble if the 
    Witch caught sight of these!
    (Ed. note - some incompetent Wolves scattered these without reading them!)
    (10. Crossing the Frozen Lake)
    Opening room, S of where you meet fox
    6. Teakettle
    The perpetual winter of the Witch means that Tumnus drinks 8 cups of tea a day 
    to fight off the cold.
    (10. Crossing the Frozen Lake)
    3rd room, up slope and light stick on bonfire.  Then go down and to the right, 
    melt an ice wall and proceed to the next room.  Go carefully across the frozen 
    lake so it doesn't crack; the Teakettle is to the NE, right on the lake. 
    7. Writing Quill & Inkwell
    Tumnus used to spend his time writing many letters and songs, but lately the 
    Secret Police's raids have made him nervous.
    (11. Race to the Great River)
    Opening room, SE corner, behind line of snow.
    8. Parcel
    A gift from neighbor Tumnus visited just before meeting Lucy.
    (11. Race to the Great River)
    Leap from leaping place near bonfire, SE to next room
    9. Painting: The Lamppost
    The lamppost in Lantern Waste is said to have been planted in the first days of 
    Narnia,when it grew from the ground like a tree.
    (12. The Great Thaw)
    On a solid island to the NE.
    10. Book: "Human Stories"
    Tumnus was always strangely fascinated with the tales of Humans, and sought to 
    learn all he could about them.
    (13. Journey to Aslan's Camp)
    3rd room, behind bonfire, beyond line of stalagmites
    11. Quilt
    A gift from Mrs. Beaver, and the perfect quilt for curling up with a nice book 
    and a cup of tea.
    (14. Peter's First Battle)
    Right from where Peter and Aslan start
    12. Book: "Is Man a Myth?"
    Narnians only know of Humans from their fables and stories.  Some don't even 
    believe that Humans exist.
    (15. Aslan's Training Ground)
    Go to the far right room, to the upper right section of it.
    13. Copper Pot
    In happier times, Tumnus delighted in having friends over for a homemade lunch 
    or dinner.
    (15. Aslan's Training Ground)
    Coming back from #12, go back one room and then go south, and go right from 
    14. Portrait: Tumnus' Father
    Dear old Dad back in his younger days.  Tumnus used to play hide-and-seek with 
    him every morning as a child.
    (16. Frozen Allies)
    Just inside the gates, to the NE section of it.
    15. Iron Lamp
    An ordinary looking lamp, but a very sentimental one - it used to belong to 
    Tumnus' mother.
    (16. Frozen Allies)
    Stomping Giant room, in the North of it.
    16. Toy Centaur
    The delicately carved toy Centaur was Tumnus' very first toy - a gift from a 
    Centaur friend of his father's.
    (17. The Battle for Narnia)
    In the last room, before Peter says something like "Back to the ridge," go 
    North and Right.
    IV. Final Notes
    	I think it's a pretty good game, from a great set of books.  I hope 
    this helps you to find all the items.
    Copyright 2006 Alexander J. Wei

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