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    Cutscene Guide by RobinRules

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     RebelStar: Tactical Command
                       _                 __   ____      _                         
     _  ___   ______  | |        ______  | | / __ \    | |                        
    | |/ __| / ___  \ | |       / ___  \ | || /  | | __| |__   ____    _  ___     
    |   /   | /    \ || |      | /    \ || || |  |_||__   __| / __  \ | |/ __|    
    | /     | ______ || |____  | ______ || | \ \__     | |   | /  | | |   /       
    | |     | ______/ |  ___ \ | ______/ | |  \___ \   | |   | |  | | | /         
    | |     | |       | |   | || |       | |  _   \ \  | |   | |  | | | |         
    | |      \ \_____ | |___| | \ \_____ | | | |   | | | |   \ \__| | | |         
    |_|       \______| \ ____/   \______||__\ \ \__/ / |__\   \___/\_\|_|         
     ___     __ ___    __            __  __                          __           
      |  /\ |    |  | |    /\  |    |   /  \  /\/\   /\/\   /\  |\ | | \          
      | /--\|__  |  | |__ /--\ |__  |__ \__/ /    \ /    \ /--\ | \| |_/          
                            IN DEPTH GUIDE BY Christopher Taloc
                                 ~~Cut Scene FAQ~~
                                    Version 1.0
    Version History
    09/22/05-Making this FAQ
    09/25/05-Submiting the FAQ, hope they would accept it
    09/28/05-Getting rejected, losing hope
    10/01/05-Keep on writing the FAQ
    10/04/05-Yay! It got accepted (about time)
    10/05/05-The First update
    10/06/05-More update, corrected alot of spelling errors!!!
             Adding more sections and added donations, FAQ, Special thanks and
    10/07/05-MORE update, almost finish. Wrote up to mission 21.
    10/08/05-MORE UPDATE, Yay! Just one more update and I'm finished.
    10/14/05-Yay!!! I'm finally finished!! Corrected spelling, finished the 
             entire cut scene or script if that's what you want to call it. No 
             more updates!!! It's all finished!!! Yaaaaaaaaaay!
    Table of contents: Use Ctrl F
    I. List of mission cut scenes
    II. Cut scenes
    III. Credits
    IV. Copyright and Contact 
    V. Donations
    VI. FAQ
    VII. Special thanks
    VIII. Miscellaneous
    I. List of Mission cut scenes
    Use Ctrl F to find each of the Mission Cut scene
     Introduction of the game
     Mission 1 Boot Camp (111)
     Mission 2 Fog of the War (112)
     Mission 3 Overwatch (113)  
     Mission 4 Grenade Practice (114)
     Mission 5 Speed Chanlenge (115)
     Mission 6 Team Work (116)
     Mission 7 First Patrol (117)
     Mission 8 Escape (118)
     Mission 9 Rescue (119)
     Mission 10 Flight (120)
     Mission 11 Bot Factory (121)
     Mission 12 Base Defense (122)
     Mission 13 Fraylar Outpost (123)
     Mission 14 The Breach (124)
     Mission 15 The Hive (125)
     Mission 16 Ghost Town (126)
     Mission 17 Arelian Lab (127)
     Mission 18 Perimeter (128)
     Mission 19 Arelian Base (129)
     Mission 20 Reaper Valley (130)
     Mission 21 The Awful Truth (132)
     Mission 22 Counterattack (132)
     Mission 23 Journey North (133)
     Mission 24 Abduction (134)
     Mission 25 Mothership (135)
    II. Cut Scenes
    Introduction of the game
    At night I dream of them, but I've never have seen them. Sometimes I see 
    their huge ships drifting silently through the clouds. I know their servants,
    the savage Zorn. They took my farther on his thirtieth birthday and I haven't
    seen him since. My mother tried to escape with me, but the Zorn used her 
    tracking chip to find us. They took her away too. They took anyone older than
    thirty. I didn't want to wait for that to happen to me. I wanted to fight 
    back. So I escaped and headed South to join the rebels.
    Mission 1 Boot Camp (111)
    Jonlan: My name is Jonlan... Corporal Jonlan, and I have been assigned as 
    your field instructor. What is your name, soldier?
    Jorel: Jorel, Sir!
    Jonlan: Listen and learn, Jorel. Today you will start your basic training 
    with the standard Rebel Assault Rifle. Learn to use it well and listen to my 
    advice, understand?
    Jorel: Yes Sir!
    The start of the mission-
    Jonlan: Four servant bots have been reprogramed and armed with guns. They 
    will act as the enemy forces in this training mission. Your objective is to
    destory all four bot. Is that clear?
    Jorel: Yes Sir. Destory all the bots.
    Jonlan: Well don't just stand there. Get moving.
    After you destoried the first bot in the mission-
    Jonlan: Good work, Jorel. Stay behind the sandbags for the moment. They give
    you some protection against being hit.
    When you got hit-
    Jorel: Ouch!
    Jonlan: You got hit. Fortunately, your armour can absorb a lot of damage. 
    Still, use cover when ever you can and watch your back.
    Jorel: Okay, I'm trying.
    Jonlan: This bot is a bit further away. Select 'shoot' then 'Aimed Burst'. 
    Aimed shots are more accurate than snapshots, but they cost more action 
    After you killed the second bot-
    Jonlan: Nice shooting.
    Jorel: What shall I do next?
    Jonlan: You should elminate the other bots. I will give you some advice when 
    needed. But you will have to figure out how to do it yourself.
    When the third bot moved to the window-
    Jonlan: This bot behind the window will be difficul to hit. You should try 
    get behind it and attack its blind side at close range.
    Jorel: I'm still not very good with this rifle.
    Jonlan: Stop moaning, kid. Your skill will rapidly omprove with expreience.
    After the mission-
    Jorel: Jonlan Sir, may I ask you a question?
    Jonlan: Permission granted.
    Jorel: How did you get so old with out being caught?
    Haha, such an impudent lad!
    Jorel: Sorry Sir. I...
    Jonlan: Its not such a bad question. In fact, just like you my brain rejected
    the Arelian tracking chip.
    Jorel: Rejected? But it was implanted when I was born.
    Jonlan: Yes, but your brain was somehow strong enough to make the chip 
    malfunction. Most Rebel here have had their implant surgically removed. Or it
    has been damaged accidentally. But you and I are different somehow.
    Jorel: But how can a brain rejected it?
    Jonlan: You will have to ask Doctor Bronstein these questions. He is the 
    chief scientist base at our camp. Now I have other recruits to train, get on 
    with your drills.
    Jorel: Thank you Jonlan, Sir.
    Mission 2 The Fog of War (112)
    At sunrise the new recruits prepare for training at the Rebel Camp.
    Zak: Morning Ruby. How ya doin'?
    Ruby: Tired, Zak. I had nightmares again.
    Zak: Ruby, you mustn't push yourself so hard.
    Ruby: Don't worry about me Zak. It's the training that stops me from thinking
    about it. Have you seen the new recruit?
    Zak: No, I've been busy.
    Ruby: Oh look. Here he is.
    Jorel: Hi-er-I'm Jorel.
    Zak: I'm Zak and here is Ruby. Gotta go. See ya Ruby.
    Jorel: What's up with him?
    Ruby: I'm late for training. See ya later, Jorel.
    The start of the mission-
    Jonlan: This building contains five Bots for you to fight.
    Jorel: I can't see them. Where are they?
    Jonlan: Normally you can't see the enemies until they are spotted. I just 
    made them easy for you last time.
    Jorel: So how do I spot the enemy? 
    Jonlan: There are several factor involved. For a start you can't see through
    Jorel: Well that's obvious, I guess.
    Jonlan: Advance through the doorway, and you will see the first Bot.
    When you spotted the second Bot-
    Jonlan: Well done Jorel. You turned to spot the enermy.
    Jorel: I will keep my eyes peeled in the future.
    Jonlan: Now finish the Bot and continue down the corridor.
    When you spot the third Bot-
    Jorel: I spotted another Bot, Sir.
    Jonlan: Has the Bob spotted you?
    Jorel: I don't think so. It's not facing towards me.
    Jonlan: Correct, and there's an easy way you can know for sure.
    When you killed the Bot-
    Jorel: That Bot was a sitting duck.
    Jonlan: True, but you will find the next two Bots more of a challenge.
    Try to spot them before they can spot you.
    After the mission-
    Jorel: Where am I? This is weird. I am having one of those dreams again.
    Arelian: Jorel, don't be afraid.
    Jorel: Oh no, it looks like that Arelian again. What a nightmare.
    Arelian: Jorel, I am not your enemy. I am Klaatu.
    Jorel: Oh I wish I could just wake up.
    Klaatu: Don't wake yet. I have something to tell you.
    Jorel: Go away.
    Jorel: Awake at last. That Arelian is really creepy.
    Mission 3 Overwatch (113)
    Jorel: Blast! I'm late.
    Ruby: Didn't sleep well?
    Jorel: No, I keep having this stupid dream.
    Ruby: I have nightmares too. It's always the same. I'm surrounded by these
    creatures. One of the is holding something long and sharp. It is sticking
    into my head.
    Jorel: Ouch! That's horrible, Ruby. It must be some memory of yout brain 
    Ruby: Maybe, but why me? I've been told that they erase your memory after-
    wards. They can read your mind you know.
    Jorel: The Arelian? Wow. I always thought they were creepy.
    The Start of the mission-
    Jorel: Reporting to duty, Sir!
    Jonlan: About time, boy! It's already Gam. You're wasting good daylight.
    Jorel: Sorry, Sir. It won't happen again.
    Jonlan: Good. Now listen carefully. Today you will learn about a very 
    important technique called Overwatch. Move out to the sandbag position 
    between the trees.
    Jorel: Yes, Sir. Moving out.
    Jonlan: Ok, now end your turn and watch what happens carefully.
    Jorel: Hey, the bot ducked behind that wall! If it won't stay in the open,
    how do you expect me to shoot it?
    Jonlan: Select Overwatch, and then select Aimed Burst. And then you should 
    end your turn. Watch what happens when the Bot moves again.  
    When Jorel killed the Bot-
    Jonlan: Nicely down, lad. You see how it works?
    Jorel: Overwatch let's me shoot during the enemy's turn?
    Jonlan: Basically, yes.
    Jonlan: Advance through the warehouse but stay on the grass. Don't go past
    the sandbags by the road understand?
    Jorel: Yes Sir.
    Jonlan: Now you must end your turn.
    Jorel: Why can't I look around the corner?
    Jonlan: Because there is a Bot with Chain Gun and Overwatch selected.
    Jorel: Is this Chain Gun dangerous?
    Jonlan: Extremely. It fires alot of high caliber rounds very quickly. And
    your initiative is low beacause you don't have many APs left.
    Jorel: What's initiative?
    Jonlan: I will explain in good time. End your turn now.
    Jorel: So how do I attack this Bot?
    Jonlan: Move just around the corner and shoot. But use 'Snap Burst' not 
    'Aimed Burst'. Then you must get back into cover behind the wall and end
    your turn.
    Jorel: But what about the Overwatch?
    Jonlan: As long as you use a lower proportion of your APs than the Bot 
    needs to shoot... then you will have the initiative, and the Overwatch is
    not triggered.
    Jorel: So that means the chain gun must take alot of APs to fire?
    Jonlan: Precisely. It' not such a good weapon for Overwatch.
    When Jorel killed the Second Bot-
    Jorel: I did it!
    Jonlan: Bravo! Now let's see if you can succeed with the next bot. Advance
    through the doorway, but remember the tactic. 
    Jorel: End turn before advance around a dangerous corner? 
    Jonlan: Yes, and if you spot an enemy with Overwatch?
    Jorel: Shoot and duck into cover without spending all my APs? 
    Jonlan: Yes, unless you are really confident that you can hit and destroy
    with one shot.
    When Jorel killed the third Bot-
    Jonlan: Well done. You are nearly finished. There is just one Bot left to
    When spotted the last Bot-
    Jonlan: Ahh, now this Bot has a Pistol.
    Jorel: Well, that doesn't sound so dangerous.
    Jonlan: Don't be fooled. It takes very few APs to fire a Snap Shot with a 
    Pistol. And it can hit at close range.
    Jorel: So now what do I do?
    Jonlan: In this case it might be better to attack from it's blind side.
    After the mission-
    The recruits and rebel civilian staff gather in the mess hall during the
    Jorel: Are you Dr. Bronstein?
    Dr. Bronstein: Why, yes young Jorel. I have heard about you. Doing very 
    well in your training, Jonlan tells me. 
    Jorel: not bad, so far. But I can't wait for some real action. These 
    training Bots don't put up much a fight. 
    Dr. Bronstein: Er-well, we do our best to make it realistic, you know.
    Jorel: Do you know how I rejected my brain implant?
    Dr. Bronstein: An interesting question. I have some theories of course.
    Come and see me at the lab after training tomorrow.
    Mission 4 Genade Practise (114)
    Jorel: How did you get here, Zak?
    Zak: My parents escaped from Texas when I was very young. They joined the 
    Rebels in Mexico. I was fighting Zorn for years before I came here.
    Jorel: Where are your parents now?
    Zak: I don't know. Our camp was attacked and we were scattered. I fled 
    south and ended up in Chiapas.
    Jorel: I can't wait to get even with the Zorn.
    Zak: Don't worry, training will be over soon. I am learning how to use 
    heavy weapons.
    Jorel: What will you do after training?
    Zak: We will probably in the same squad. With Gordo as our leader.
    Jorel: Gordo?
    Zak: Yeah, Jonlans says he has leader ship potential. But I don't like 
    him much.
    Jorel: I would like to be a squad leader some day.
    Zak: Maybe you will be.
    At the start of the mission-
    Jonlan: Training gets tougher from now on. Are you ready?
    Jorel: Hey, where's my Assault Rifle?
    Jonlan: You only start with grenades this time.
    Jorel: That's not fair!
    Jonlan: Stop bleating like a lamb.
    Jorel: What am I supposed to do with these grenades?
    Jonlan: Throw them at the Bots and see how effective they are.
    Second Turn-
    Jonaln: Try not to let a grenade land close to you. If you get caught in 
    the blast you might injure yourself.
    Jorel: These things are heavy. I can't throw them very far.
    Jonlan: You will be able to throw them further when you get stronger. 
    Third turn-
    Jonlan: I am showing you all the bots hiding here. Grenades can be used to 
    attack indirectly. Just throw a grenade next to a doorway.
    Jorel: Huh, that makes things a bit easy.
    Jonlan: Haha, don't count on it.
    On the fourth turn-
    Jonlan: If you really need a gun, you can always pick one up from a dead
    Jorel: But do I really need one?
    Jonlan: If it makes you happy.
    When you killed the bot behind the window-
    Jonlan: Excentlent work, Jorel. All bots are destroyed in this section. 
    The garden, however may contain some unpleasant surprises.
    Jorel: More bots hiding behind windows?
    Jonlan: Your power of deduction are amazing.
    When you walked close to the grenades-
    Jonlan: Pick up some more grenades from here. You will even find a smoke 
    grenade which can be used for cover.
    After the mission-
    Jorel: Hello Dr. Bronstein.
    Dr. Bronstein: Hello Jorel. More questions?
    Jorel: I was wondering why the Arelians are here.
    Dr. Bronstein: It's a mystery, to be sure. 
    Jorel: And why are our parents taken away?
    Dr. Bronstein: We know they are not going to paradise. That's just Arelian 
    Jorel: And why do they need the Zorn?
    Dr. Bronstein: We think the Arelians are busy with something else. And 
    they just empty the Zorn to control the earth.
    Jorel: The Zorn certainly seem to enjoy being slave masters.
    Dr. Bronstein: Indeed, but that doesn't explain everything. If only we could
    capture an Arelian.
    Jorel: Why don't we try?
    Dr. Bronstein: They don't like to show themselves. Their base are hidden. 
    Anyway, I must get back to work.
    Jorel: Thanks for talking to me, Dr. Bronstein.
    Mission 5 Speed Chanlenge  (115)
    Gordo: So you're the new kid in town?
    Jorel: Yes, and you must be Gordo?
    Gordo: Indeed. How's the training?
    Jorel: It's difficult, but I think I'm doing pretty well.
    Gordo: Huh, I thought it was pretty easy. Jonlan says I could be a squad 
    leader soon. What about you?
    Jorel: I just want to fight the Zorn.
    Gordo: Sure, don't we all. I'll give you some advice, Jorel. Stick with me, 
    and I'll get you promoted.
    Jorel: Thanks Gordo what I don't need your help right now.
    Gordo: Suit yourself. I'll catch up with you latter.
    At the start of the mission-
    Jonlan: You will now face a test of speed and observation. Run as fast as 
    you can to the building furthest to the south. Avoid the bots by moving on 
    their blind sides.
    Jorel: Um, which building do I have to get to?
    Jonlan: The one with the tables and chairs.
    Jorel: That is just too easy.
    Jonlan: Such arrogance is not worthy of a true leader, Jorel.
    Jorel: Leader? I just want to fight. Lets get on with it.
    If you get hit-
    Jorel: Ouch! There's just too many bots around.
    Jonlan: If you let one bot spot you, it will alert the rest. You should
    avoid being spotted at all costs.
    Jorel: Well at least these bots can't move. I will try and hide behind the
    trees in future.
    After the mission-
    Jonlan: Jorel, your training has gone very well. You show great potential.
    Jorel: Thank you, Sir.
    Jonlan: I'm going to put you in charge of a squad. 
    Jorel: I-er-are you sure, Sir?
    Jonlan: It's a bit premature, I know. But your training needs to be sped up.
    Jorel: I will do my best, Sir.
    Jonlan: Zorn patrols have been spotted recently. They are getting closer to 
    the camp. So I need you in the field as soon as possible.
    Jorel: Understand, Sir. 
    Mission 6 Team Work  (116)
    Jonlan: Ah, Dr. Bronstein. I need to talk to you about Jorel.
    Dr. Bronstein: He's an inquisitive chap, isn't he?
    Jonlan: I hope he hasn't been annoying you. But I have promoted him to squad
    leader. He could be the leader we are looking for, in time. What do you 
    Dr. Bronstein: Yes, he is determined and thoughtful. And most importantly, he
    has psionic resistance. Stronger than yours in fact.
    Jonlan: Do you know for sure?
    Dr. Bronstein: Early rejection of the brain implant is the key. And I haven't
    seen such strong rejection so early.
    Jonlan: It's a goog sign. The Zorn are getting closer every day.
    At the start of the mission-
    Jonlan: Jorel, you are in command of the squad. Your mission is to eliminate
    all the bots in this are. This time, I will only give you limited advice. It
    will be tough so good luck.
    Jorel: Don't worry Sir, we won't need any luck.
    Zak: Yeah, now I have my new chain gun nothing will stop me.
    Ruby: And I'm pretty good with my sniper rifle. Don't let the bots get too 
    close to me, Jorel.
    Sure Ruby, you are much better at long range. Zak, you should engage the 
    enemy at close range if possible. Right then. Let's move out.
    When you see two bots with sniper rifles from the building you started from-
    Jorel: Uh oh! Bots with Sniper Rifles.
    Zak: If only I could get close without them spotting me.
    Jorel: It might be better to go around the other way.
    Ruby: I could try sniping from the doorway.
    Jorel: Maybe, but you need alot of patience.
    At the end of the mission-
    The Arelian: Jorel, can you hear me?
    Jorel: Oh no, not again.
    Arelian: You are in danger, Jorel. Do you understand?
    Jorel: No I don't. I just want to sleep. Go away.
    Arelian: You must believe me, Jorel. You must trust me.
    Jorel: I really don't like this dream.
    Arelian: The threat is close. Tomorrow there is danger. Your patrol will not
    go according to plan.
    Jorel: This is silly. Time to wake up.
    Mission 7 First Patrol  (117)
    Jorel: This is my first real mission as squad leader. I hope it works out.
    Ruby: You seem nervous, Jorel.
    Zak: At least we don't have Gordo in charge.
    Jorel: Lets just make sure this mission is a success. Before Jonlan realizes
    his mistake.
    Zak: Well here's the town. What are we waiting for?
    Ruby: Something's not right. There's nobody around. 
    Jorel: It does look deserted. That means the Zorn has been and gone.
    Zak: Or the people are just hiding.
    Jorel: We'll find out soon enough. Let's go.
    At the start of the Mission-
    Jorel: We've reached the town, Jonlan.
    Jonlan: Good. Remember this is a patrol mission. Look for any sign of Zorn
    activity. And report back if you find anything.
    Jorel: Yes, Sir.
    When a Zorn patrol has been spotted-
    Jorel: We have spotted z Zorn patrol, Jonlan Sir.
    Jonlan: You must eliminate them from the area. Be cautious, and don't be too
    When you killed the first Zorn patrol-
    Jonlan: Jorel, I think that's all of them. 
    Jorel: Great! Our first patrol is a success.
    Jonlan: I'm not sure. There is something wrong here. You had better adopt 
    defensive positions. Cover the roads from windows if you can.
    Jorel: Yes Sir. Zak-Ruby- get ready.
    Ruby: Behind windows- that's my favorite attack position.
    Zak: If they want some more, they'll get some more!
    Jonlan: We have detected reinforcements heading your way.
    Jorel: Ready and waiting, Sir. 
    Zak: Bring 'em on!
    Ruby: I hope I have enough ammunition.
    After afew turns-
    Jonlan: Jorel, this is a trap! You must get your squad out of there 
    Jorel: But I think we can sort them out.
    Jonlan: No, there are just too many of them coming. You can't go back the way
    you came. Get your squad to the North West road.
    Jorel: Yes Sir. We'll do our best.
    After the mission-
    Zak: Are you Ok Ruby?
    Ruby: Fine, Zak. What now, Jorel?
    Jorel: We have to find our way back to the camp, fast. I can't contact Jonlan
    on my radio.
    Ruby: We can't go back the way we came. The place is crawling with Zorn.
    Zak: We should go into the jungle. It will be safer than the roads.
    Jorel: What a disaster. klaatu was right.
    Ruby: Klaatu?
    Jorel: He speaks to me in my dreams.
    Zak: Jorel, are you losing your mind? Get a grip, man.
    Ruby: Don't be so unkind, Zak.
    Jorel: I will explain later. I've been foolish.
    Ruby: You couldn't have done anything better Jorel.
    Jorel: I don't know. We should get going before the sun sets.
    Mission 8 Escape (118)
    Carlos: What have you done with Sapphire?
    Zorn: Your companion has been very helpful. Tending to our wound warriors.
    Carlos: If you hurt her, you will regret it.
    Zorn: Hahaha, I don't think you are in a position to make threats. But we can
    make a deal. You tell us where your base is. And you will get to see your 
    friend again.
    Carlos: Carlos the Panther does not betray has comrades!
    Zorn: In that case I will leave you tied up for a while. Let me know when you
    want to talk. But don't wait too long. We are getting very hungry.
    At the start of the mission-
    Carlos: Free at last! those ropes were tough. Nothing can restrain Carlos the
    Panter! I must get out of here and find Sapphire. But how to get past this 
    When you see another Zorn behind the window-
    Carlos: Aha, there's another guard. It looks like he has dropped his knife. 
    Just what I needed to make my escape.
    When you killed the guard blocking the doorway-
    Carlos: Now I can get out of here. But I'm not getting any response from 
    Sapphire's radio. She must be held in another camp. I had better go back into
    the jungle towards the South.
    When You see a Urdog-
    Carlos: Urdogs! Ack, I hate those critters. I had better avoid them if 
    Carlos: Umm, looks like this side of the camp is too heavily guarded. It 
    might be quicker to go around the other side.
    At the end of the mission-
    Carlos: Carlos, you fool. So stupid- getting caught by Zorn. Idiotic, 
    careless, stupid Carlos. I must find Sapphire. At least I know the jungle 
    better than any Zorn.
    Mission 9 Rescue (119)
    Jorel: I wonder what happened to the other patrol.
    Ruby: Who was in the squad?
    Jorel: Gordo, and two others. I don't know them. One of them likes to mask 
    his face.
    Zak: That would be Carlos. He was probably on a spying mission. 
    Ruby: But he normally works alone.
    Zak: Weird.
    Jorel: Why does Carlos do spying mission?
    Ruby: He has trained in stealth skill. It's difficult to learn, but very 
    Zak: Yeah, for creeping around without being seen. It's not my style.
    Jorel: I hope I get to learn it. If we ever get back to the camp.
    At the start of the mission-
    Jorel: What is this place?
    Ruby: It's a big Zorn base, I think.
    Jorel: We had better find another way back to the camp. It will be far too
    dangerous to go through here.
    Sapphire: Hello, who's there? This is Sapphire.
    Ruby: Oh Sapphire! It's so good to hear your voice. Where are you?
    Sapphire: Ruby! I'm glad you found me. I'm being held captive. please get me
    out of here.
    Jorel: OK, we're coming to get you, Sapphire. 
    Zak: Just find me a nice big gun, Jorel.
    Jorel: Yes we must get some better weapons somehow. We should proceed with 
    extreme caution.
    On the third turn-
    Carlos: Sapphire, are you here?
    Sapphire: Carlos! You escaped.
    Carlos: Carlos the Panther cannot be restrained for long. I am coming to get 
    you, Sapphire.
    Sapphire: There's another squad from camp here. Led by that new kid, Jorel.
    Carlos: Haha, let's see what he can do. Perhaps we can take on the whole 
    When Sapphire is free-
    Sapphire: Free at last. Thank you. Let me heal the wounded, Jorel.
    When someone was on low health-
    Sapphire: Jorel, I still have my medik. I can heal injures and repair armor.
    Jorel: That will be very helpful Sapphire.
    Sapphire: The Zorn only kept me alive was beacause of my healing skills.
    Jorel: Haha. They have certainly been suffering alot recently.
    At the end of the mission-
    Ruby: Sapphire, we thought we would never see you again.
    Sapphire: Thanks to your friends and Carlos, I am free.
    Carlos: It was my mission to find you, Sapphire. But I was caught in a Zorn 
    Sapphire: What were you doing here, Ruby?
    Ruby: We were surrounded while patrolling the town. It seemed they were 
    expecting us. What happened to the others?
    Carlos: Gordo and Eris were behind me. I don't think they were caught. I 
    guess they must have fled back to the camp.
    Ruby: We'll find out soon.
    Mission 10 Flight (120)
    Jorel: Do you know the way back to the camp, Carlos?
    Carlos: Yes of course. We must cross the valley.
    Zak: But that's in the open. The Zorn will spot us.
    Carlos: It's the quickest way.
    Zak: I think we should fight them at the river.
    Carlos: No, we must flee. There are Urdogs.
    Zak: And lead them all the way back to our camp? That's stupid, Carlos.
    Carlos: What should we do, Jorel?
    Jorel: I just don't know.
    Zak: Come on Jorel, you're the leader. Make a decision.
    Jorel: Right, we will get across the river as fast as we can. If there is a
    suitable defensive position, we can use it. We should try and stop the Urdogs
    at least. Otherwise, we continue to the camp.
    At the start of the mission-
    Carlos: We just have to get across this valley. The Rebel camp is just 
    Ruby: I hate to mention it, but I can see Zorn coming up behind us. With a 
    pack of Urdogs too.
    Jorel: Let's get going as fast as we can.
    Jorel: We can defend ourselves in the ruins ahead. It is important to stop
    the Zorn from finding our camp.
    Zak: Sound like a plan.
    Ruby: I'm not sure if we can hold them off for long.
    Jorel: But we can try.
    On the 15th turn-
    Jonlan: Jorel, are you there?
    Jorel: Here, Sir. We are holding off the Zorn in the next valley. Carlos and
    Sapphire are with us.
    Jonlan: You must get back here as soon as you can. The Zorn are approaching 
    from all sides. 
    Jorel: understood Sir. We're on our way.
    After the mission-
    Sapphire: I can see the camp ahead. It's good to be back.
    Ruby: What happened to you Sapphire?
    Sapphire: I left the camp to go home. To see my brother and sister were still
    Ruby: Have you lost faith in our cause?
    Sapphire: I was tired of fighting, Ruby. And I missed my family. Anyway, I 
    didn't get very far. The Zorn captured me afew weeks ago. And they force me 
    to work as a doctor. Carlos found me, so Jonlan sends a rescue mission.
    Ruby: So what will you do now?
    Sapphire: I will stay with the Rebels. They are my family now. Anyway, I like
    your new squad leader.
    Ruby: I see.
    Mission 11 Bot Factory (121)
    Meanwhile, back at the Rebel Camp.
    Jonlan: Glen, we need some more Bots.
    Glen: Yes, Sir. I noticed our stocks were low. Thanks to those new recruits.
    Jonlan: We have located a factory not far from here. It seems to be abandoned.
    There might be some Bots worth recovering.
    Glen: Will I need any support?
    Jonlan: No, all the Zorn are occupied elsewhere. But take some weapons to arm
    the Bots. Just in case you run into trouble.
    At the start of the mission-
    Glen: All the bots are reprogrammed now. I had better give them some guns. Oh
    dear, not enough pistols for you all.
    Bot: Please to serve you, Sir.
    Glen: Indeed. Have a pistol.
    The second turn-
    Glen: I seem to remember there was an armory across the road. I should go and
    investigate. I don't know where all the Zorn have gone. But they could be 
    back any time.
    Bot: Please to serve you, Sir.
    Glen: For goodness sake! Serve yourself and go and find a gun.
    Bot: As Sir wishes.
    After your third turn-
    Glen: Fraylar! What are they doing here? I guess they are after the Bots too.
    And they have laser weapons. Oh deary me!
    When one of your Bots get killed-
    Glen: Oh deary me. Jonlan will be annoyed if all these Bots get shot to 
    After the mission-
    Jonlan: I am concerned about the Fraylar, Dr. Bronstein. They are not 
    normally active in this area.
    Dr. Bronstein: Um, yes, this is very intersting. Fraylar always like to be 
    near the Arelian bases. So they can acqurie technology.
    Jonlan: So there could be an arelian base near here?
    Dr. Bronstein: Yes, just recently constructed, I would guess.
    Jonlan: Our security is becoming very precarious.
    Dr. Bronstein: True, but there may be opportunities too.
    Jonlan: Capturing an Arelian, eh? Let's deal with our security problems 
    Mission 12 Base Defense (122)
    Jonlan: Thank you for your report, Jorel. We need to act quickly. Zorn are
    approaching from all sides. I am promoting you to Lieutenant.
    Jorel: But Sir...
    Jonlan: There's no time for arguments. You are now resposible for chosing and
    deploying squads. And you can select equipment from the armory, too. 
    Jorel: I think so, Sir.
    Jonlan: One more thing. Gordo and Eris will be joining your team. 
    Jorel: I don't think Gordo will like that.
    Jonlan: He will get use to it. He can be a good leader too. Use him to lead 
    squads if you need to. Now get your squad deployed to the East Gate.
    Jorel: Yes, Sir.
    After the mission-
    Jorel: The East Gate is secured, Sir.
    Jonlan: Well done, lad. The other assaults have failed too. Unfortunately we
    are no longer safe here. We need to move camp straight away.
    Jorel: But we can defeat any Zorn attack, Sir.
    Jonlan: It's not the Zorn I am worried about. We need to head into Fraylar
    Jorel: But why? They are as bad as the Zorn.
    Jonlan: Mainly we need better equipment. The Fraylar are the best source. And
    we need to keep one step of the Arelians.
    Jorel: We haven't seen any sign of Arelian activity, Sir.
    Jonlan: Trust me. They are not so far away.
    Mission 13 Fraylar Outpost (123)
    Jorel: Dr. Bronstein, we were wondering about the Fraylar.
    Dr. Bronstein: They are an interesting species with a physiology similar to
    Glen: And they have awesome technology.
    Dr. Bronstein: Yes, laser weapons are standard for Fraylar. But you need a 
    power cell to use them.
    Jorel: Power cell?
    Glen: Yeah, they have to be fitted to armor. 
    Dr. Bronstein: Exactly, Glen. You must equip a power cell to use energy 
    weapons. But we don't have many of them.
    Jorel: Well, I need to get a squad together for a mission. We are going into
    Fraylar territory.
    Dr. Bronstein: Be sure to pick up any useful equipment.
    Jorel: We will retrive as much as we can find.
    After the mission-
    Jorel: Hello Eris, you look very thoughtful.
    Eris: Jorel, you rejected your implant, right?
    Jorel: Yes, so?
    Eris: Do you ever get a strange feeling in your head? A kind of Arelian 
    Jorel: Er, yes. I think so. How did you know?
    Eris: I get the same thing.
    Jorel: I thought I was the only one. It's a relief to know that I'm not going
    Eris: But do you know what it is?
    Jorel: I have a idea. But I can't talk now. I have a very important mission 
    to plan.
    Eris: Are we launching an attack on the Fraylar?
    Jorel: Yes, very soon.
    Eris: I will leave you alone then.
    Mission 14 The Breach (124)
    Jonlan: Jorel, Gordo. I am briefing you about our plan. We need to breach the
    Fraylar defenses, then locate their hive.
    Jorel: Hive?
    Gordo: That's where they breed.
    Jonlan: And it's where they rear new Fraylar soldiers. It's a very important
    strategic objective. But first we must get through the outer defenses.
    Gordo: How do we do that? Their walls are too tough.
    Jonlan: We have located a weak spot. Part of the wall is from an old factory.
    Use explosives to breach it.
    Jorel: I think we should use heavy armor for protection. It's quite open 
    terrain there. 
    Jonlan: Good thinking, Lieutenant. I will leave you to it.
    After the Mission-
    Sapphire: What was that giant insect thong?
    Eris: The Fire Beetle is a native to the Fraylar's homeworld.
    Sapphire: Well, I hope we don't meet one of those again. Jorel planned that 
    mission well, though. Don't you think?
    Eris: Yes, but something is troubling him.
    Sapphire: Apart from the burdens of leadership? Maybe he was promoted too 
    Eris: No, it's something else.
    Gordo: Hello ladies. What are you gossiping about?
    Sapphire: None of your business, Gordo.
    Gordo: Has your hero finally cracked?
    Sapphire: What? 
    Gordo: Don't think I don't know about you and Jorel.
    Eris: Grow up, Gordo.
    Gordo: Well, if the kid can't take the heat. I will always be here to step 
    in. So you all don't need to worry, OK.
    Sapphire: I don't. Jorel's doing a great job. I'm going to get dinner. Will
    you join me, Eris?
    Eris: Sure. 
    Mission 15 The Hive (125)
    Dr. Bronstein: Jonlan has asked me to give you a special briefing.
    Jorel: Is it about the hive?
    Dr. Bronstein: Yes, the mission objectives are different. You must destory all
    the eggs that you can find.
    Jorel: What will that do?
    Dr Bronstein: It will force them to leave the area. Without eggs, they have 
    no future here.
    Jorel: No way to breed new warriors.
    Dr. Bronstein: Exactly.
    Jorel: But how will this benefit the rebel cause?
    Dr. Bronstein: Well, I shouldn't tell you this. But we think there is an 
    Arelian base somewhere.
    Jorel: So once the Fraylar are gone we can search for the base?
    Dr. Bronstein: Yes, that's what I hope for. I will have Arelian technology to
    research for the first time.
    Jorel: I had better go and start planing.
    Dr. Bronstein: Good luck with your mission, Jorel. We're counting on you.
    After the mission-
    Arelian: Jorel, the time is approaching. Can you hear me?
    Jorel: Klaatu! I wonder when you will appear again.
    Klaatu: I must warn you about our race. 
    Jorel: Are you real?
    Klaatu: I am real. You must trust me.
    Jorel: Then show yourself.
    Klaatu: All in good time.
    Jorel: So, why talk to me in my dreams?
    Klaatu: It is the safest way for me. If I am discovered, I will be convicted
    for treason.
    Jorel: Are you an Arelian?
    Klaatu: yes, but I am your friend. Not all of us agree with Arelian policy 
    Jorel: Well tell me something useful, then. And I might just forgive you for
    gate crashing my dreams.
    Klaatu: You must beware of psionic power. All Arelians possess this power.
    Jorel: What is this pisonic power?
    Klaatu: At its simplest, the ability to communicate telpathically. But it is 
    also the power to influence, even harm, another mind directly. It is a power
    that you also have, Jorel. You just don't know it yet.
    Jorel: This doesn't make any sense.
    Jorel: It will do. I will speak to you again soon.
    Mission 16 Ghost Town (126)
    Jonlan: What's the situation, Lieutenant?
    Jorel: I have some intelligence, Sir. And I think you and Dr. Bronstein need 
    to hear it.
    Jonlan: Go on, then.
    Jorel: I have information directly from an Arelian source. I know the 
    location of a planned Arelian mission in a nearby town. This is our 
    opportunity to capture an Arelian for the first  time.
    Jonlan: But how can you know this Jorel?
    Jorel: I can't be sure it's for real. But this Arelian, called Klaatu, has 
    contacted me several times. He uses something called psionics.
    Dr. Bronstein: This is remarkable! I knew it was something like this.
    Jonlan: But it could be a trap. I don't want to take unecessary risks.
    Jorel: I think this is genuine, Sir. I had been foolsh enough to ignore 
    Klaatu before. I am willing to lead a squad into this town.
    Jonlan: Alright, Jorel. But don't take unecessary riskd. 
    Jorel: Understood, Sir. Thank you, Sir. 
    After the mission-
    Dr. Bronstein: This is really exciting! Our research indicates that the 
    Arelians also have brain implants. The circuitry seems identical to normal 
    human implant.
    Jonlan: Well that doesn't seem so remarkable. The brain implant is just a
    tracking chip.
    Dr. Bronstein: Or so we thought. The Arelian chips are programed differently.
    They allow active brain control over the transmitting device.
    Jonlan: Well that explained the telepathy. Which Arelian use to communicate
    with each other.
    Dr. Bronstein: But it's even more than that. The chip allows psionic powers 
    to be used.
    Jonlan: Intriguing. Does that mean we can adapt the implants we have?
    Dr. Bronstein: Yes, indeed. Then we can learn to use psions powers.
    Jonlan: Excellent! This could be the breakthrough we needed.
    Dr. Bronstein: I will get Glen to help me with the programming. We will get
    started immediately.
    Mission 17 Arelian Lab (127)
    Jonlan: What's your report, Carlos?
    Carlos: I have found an Arelian facility. It's small, and not well defened. 
    Jonlan: What do you think, Bronstein?
    Dr. Bronstein: I'm not sure what it's for. But it might contains some useful
    Jonlan: I will get Jorel to prepare a squad. Psionics skill will be useful 
    for this mission. Off you go, Carlos. 
    After the mission-
    Ruby: This place is spooky, Jorel. Just like my nightmares.
    Zak: What is it for?
    Jorel: It's an Arelian implantion facility. Which means we have a big supply
    of implants. And the equipment to fit them.
    Ruby: I knew it.
    Zak: Ha! Now they will get a taste of their own medicine.
    Jorel: This is just the begining, Zak. I feel much more confident now. 
    Ruby: And psionic power is no longer a secret.
    Jorel: We should try to establish contack with other Rebel groups. So they
    can make use of our discovery too. 
    Mission 18 Perimeter (128)
    Jonlan: Jorel, a major victory is in our sights. Carlos has discovered a 
    large Arelian facility. But the perimeter is heavily guarded by Zorn and 
    Jorel: I am sure we can handle them, Sir.
    Jonlan: But there are also Saucers. 
    Jorel: Saucers?
    Jonlan: Yes, Arelian tactical battlefield craft. A small flying saucer, in
    Jorel: Do we need any special tactics to deal with them?
    Jonlan: Yes. Run like hell!
    Jorel: Sir? 
    Jonlan: Concentrate on getting to the Arelian base. You can't defeat all the 
    saucers. Understood?
    Jorel: Yes, Sir.
    After the mission-
    Gordo: Listen, Jorel.
    Jorel: What's up, Gordo?
    Gordo: I have been thinking. You know, we make agreat team.
    Jorel: The whole squad has performed brilliantly.
    Gordo: I just hope we cant put our differences aside. And get along better. 
    Jorel: We have a tough mission ahead, Gordo. I will be relying on you. Don't
    let me down, OK?
    Gordo: Yes boss.
    Mission 19 Arelian Base (129)
    Jonlan: This will be your toughest mission yet, Jorel. It's not enough to 
    eliminate the defenders. The Arelian Base must be neutralized. Before the
    Arelians can send reinforcements.
    Jorel: How do we do that, Sir?
    Jonlan: You must destroy all the power generators.
    Jorel: Are they very tough?
    Jonlan: You will need some powerful weapons. Or you can use some explosives.
    Jorel: Understood, Sir.
    Jonlan: Good luck, Lieutenant.
    After the mission-
    Jonlan: A remarkable victory, Jorel.
    Jorel: Thank you, Sir. 
    Jonlan: But now we can expect anArelian counterattack. We must scout for a 
    new base straight away. There is a nice secluded valley not far from here. I
    want you to put a scouting party together.
    Jorel: Yes Sir. Can we expect any hostile forces? 
    JOnlan: I don't think so. But don't let your guard down. Look out for 
    Arelians, Zorn or Fraylar. They will be searching for us.
    Mission 20 Reaper Valley (130)
    Sapphire: What's wrong, Carlos? I have never seen you so nervous.
    Carlos: There is a strange smell in the air.
    Sapphire: I can't smell anything unusal.
    Carlos: The jungle is too quiet. The birds are gone- even the insects.
    Sapphire: Well, now that you mention it. That does seem strange.
    Carlos: I think the alien beasts might live here.
    Sapphire: The Reapers? I hope not. You had better warn Jorel.
    After the mission-
    Ruby: What is this plac, Jorel?
    Jorel: I don't know. But it's definitely not the sancturay we hoped for.
    Ruby: This valley seems so alien.
    Glen: I think the Zorn have transformed it.
    Jorel: Why would they do that?
    Glen: I have a theory. They are making it more like their home world. So they
    can breed Reapers and Urdogs.
    Ruby: Then we can't be far from a big Zorn camp.
    Glen: That's very likely. Probably more than just a camp.
    Jorel: I had better go and submit my report. Come on, we should hurry back.
    Mission 21 The Awful Truth (131)
    Carlos: Jorel- terrible news! Ruby! They've taken her.
    Zak: Who? Where?
    Jorel: Slow down Carlos. Tell us everything.
    Carlos: On our way back from Reaper Valley. She was caught in a Zorn Trap. I
    saw them taken her, but there were too many. I couldn't fight them. I'm 
    sorry, Zak.
    Zak: Those Zorn will pay for this. Let me go after her, Jorel.
    Jorel: Wait Zak, you can't do this alone. I will get a squad togehter now. 
    Carlos, you lead the way.
    After the mission-
    Jonlan: How is Ruby?
    Jorel: Recovering well. She is much stronger than she realizes. But she has 
    discovered something horrible.
    Jonlan: About Zorn?
    Dr. Bronstein: Yes and the abductions.
    Jorel: All of our parents were taken to the Zorn city. And not to another 
    world, like the Arelians say.
    Jonlan: But we  suspected the Arelians were deceiving us. Where are the 
    Jorel: There are noun. It's too horrible to describe.
    Dr. Bronstein: It seems the Zorn have an appetite for human flesh. This is 
    how the Arelians paid them. Such a waste.
    Jonlan: That's outrageous! The whole conspiracy needs to be blown wide open.
    We should let all of our people to know the truth. 
    Mission 22 Counterattack (132)
    Jorel: We are expecting an Arelian attack any moment.
    Gordo: Sure, boss. 
    Zak: How did they find us, Jorel?
    Jorel: We have destroyed an Arelian base. And afew Zorn towns. So I guess 
    they are pretty upset with us.
    Zak: I think I need a weapon with explosive power. Or grenades.
    Gordo: Always like to make a big impression, eh, Zak?
    Jorel: Zak's right. We will need to use the best weapons we have.
    After the mission-
    Klaatu(Arelian): Jorel, the time is approaching. My plan is working. Your 
    psionic powers are attracting attention. The Arelian High Command are taking
    an interest.
    Jorel: I don't see how that works. Our base is decimated once again. We 
    aren't safe anywhere.
    Klaatu: Soon we will meet. I will explain everything then. All you have to do
    is survive.
    Mission 23 Journey North (133)
    Jonlan: Lieutenant, this will come as no surprise. We need to evacuate the
    Jorel: Yes Sir. I guessed as much. Ruby has something important to say.
    Jonlan: What is it, Ruby?
    Ruby: I learned something from the Zorn camp. I met afew other people there, 
    before they were... They told me about another rebel group. Further North,
    near Veracruz.
    Jorel: We should join up with them, Sir. If we can get there.
    Jonlan: Yes, now we have the technology. And the skills. We need to find more
    After the mission-
    Jorel: I think we've gotten away from the Fraylar, at last. There's time to 
    relax a bit.
    Eris: How far are we from Veracruz?
    Jorel: I'm not sure. We've been walking for six days now. Another day, 
    Ruby: There's something in the sky, Jorel.
    Jorel: Well, I hope it's not a swarm of Snakeflys.
    Ruby: No, something in the clouds. Look.
    Eris: Oh dear. It's getting bigger.
    Jorel: Wow! It's a huge spaceship.
    Mission 24 Abduction (134)
    Klaatu (Arelian): Jorel, can you hear me?
    Jorel: What happened? I was looking at this huge space ship in the sky. And 
    now I am dreaming.
    Klaatu: You have been beamed aboard our Mothership. Don't be scared. It's all
    part of the plan.
    Jorel: What do you mean? Where's Ruby, Eris and the others?
    Klaatu: THey are all safe aboard.
    Jorel: Then this is the end. for us.
    Klaatu: No, not at all. You are just beginning to fulfill your destiny.
    Jorel: What do you mean?
    Klaatu: I have no time to explain everything now. When you wake up you must 
    find me. Then we will go and release the others.
    After the mission-
    Klaatu: We meet at last, young Jorel.
    Jorel: You look exactly the same as in my dreams!
    Klaatu: Haha, what did you expect? I am just an old Arelian.
    Jorel: Was this really all part of your plan?
    Klaatu: Yes, indeed. Somehow I needed to get you aboard the ship. But I had 
    to make sure you got noticed. Your military victories and psionic powers
    helped. The high Command became very interested in you. Enough for me to
    persuade them to study you more closely.
    Jorel: But what do you need me for? 
    Klaatu: There were just few of us that opposed the High Command. But I am the
    only one left alive. I couldn't fight them on my own.
    Jorel: I still don't see how we can defeat them. 
    Klaatu: It's not over yet. Let's go and find your comrades.
    Mission 25 Mothership (135)
    Klaatu: Is your squad ready, Jorel?
    Jorel: Yes, I think so. They haven't quite recovered from the shock. But they
    will fight well.
    Klaatu: I have been waiting hundreds of years for this. It's going to be the
    most important battle of our lives. We must take control of the ship.
    Jorel: Is it really possible? You said there were two million Arelians 
    Klaatu: None of them know we are here. They are busy.
    Jorel: Busy?
    Klaatu: Don't worry about that for now. All we have to do is to capture the 
    bridge. Then we will be in control of the ship.
    Jorel: You make it sound easy.
    Klaatu: They aren't expecting an attack inside the ship. So we have the 
    advantage of surprise. But it will still be a tough battle.
    After the mission-
    Jorel: Now we control the ship. I think you owe us an explanation.
    Klaatu: Yes, you deserve to know the truth. In a way, you already know the 
    worst part.
    Jorel: The Zorn camps, yes. But why wait until thirty?
    Klaatu: It was all part of the arrangement with the Zorn. They would enslave 
    the earth with our help. We put implants into every human infant. Which 
    transmitted their thoughts and experience to us. Until the Zorn took them
    thirty years later.
    Jorel: I just don't see the point of it all.
    Klaatu: Have you ever wondered what it's like being an Arelian? To share 
    everything as a common, collective mind? No secrets, no intrigue, no 
    individual experience?
    Jorel: I guess it would be a little dull.
    Klaatu: An incredibly depressing emotionless life. So we sit up here in our 
    ship. Soaking up the experiences of the entire human population. Which are
    transmitted by the implants. It's nothing more than entertainment, you see?
    Jorel: But at a terrible price for us!
    Klaatu: Yes, something I could never justify. But It seems I was in a small 
    minority. Now I will put a stop to it.
    Jorel: How?
    Klaatu: First I will return you to your camp. Then I will take the ship back 
    Jorel: Won't your passengers notice something?
    Klaatu: I have rigged the receivers to play recorded material. They won't 
    notice for quite a while. Enough to give you Rebels a fighting chance, 
    Jorel: Thanks, Klaatu. I think we stand a good chance now.
    And so Jorel and his band of Rebels return to Mexico. The war is not over 
    yet, but thanks to one Arelian they have a fighting chance. The liberation of
    Earth is no longer just a dream.
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    VIII. Miscellaneous
    This section contains Miscellaneous things and is rated:
    (R) and contains *High nudity*
                     *High violence*  
                     *Adult theme*
                     *Super natural theme*
                     *coarse language*
    So if you are over 14, please do not look at this part!!! 
    Oh, By the way, any word in this section that have * infront or behind is not 
    true but a typo!
                                                        "This town don't feel mine
    					              I'm fast to get away far
    					          I dressed you in her clothes
    							 now drive me far away
    					 it feels good to know you're all mine
    							 now drive me far away
    					     I don't care where just far away"
                                        ~ Deftones - Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away)
    "Who said that I wasn't right?
    I've lived for years without a life
    don't have a soul on my side
    still ridiculed despite how hard that I have tried
    don't take me under your wing
    I don't need a hand, don't need anything
    I've got a roof over my head
    as if I'd rather be alone with me instead"
    ~ CKY - Close Yet Far
                                                  "Space may be the final frontier
    				         But it's made in a Hollywood basement
    					       Cobain can you hear the spheres
    				          Singing songs off station to station
    						   And Alderaan's not far away
                                                             It's Californication"
                                         ~ Red Hot Chili Peppers - Californication
          ___           ___           ___           ___           ___ 
         /  /\         /  /\         /  /\         /  /\         /  /\
        /  /::\       /  /::\       /  /::\       /  /::\       /  /:/
       /  /:/\:\     /  /:/\:\     /  /:/\:\     /  /:/\:\     /  /:/ 
      /  /::\ \:\   /  /::\ \:\   /  /::\ \:\   /  /::\ \:\   /  /:/  
     /__/:/\:\_\:\ /__/:/\:\ \:\ /__/:/\:\_\:| /__/:/\:\ \:\ /__/:/   
     \__\/~|::\/:/ \  \:\ \:\_\/ \  \:\ \:\/:/ \  \:\ \:\_\/ \  \:\   
        |  |:|::/   \  \:\ \:\    \  \:\_\::/   \  \:\ \:\    \  \:\  
        |  |:|\/     \  \:\_\/     \  \:\/:/     \  \:\_\/     \  \:\ 
        |__|:|~       \  \:\        \__\::/       \  \:\        \  \:\
         \__\|         \__\/            ~~         \__\/         \__\/
          ___                         ___           ___     
         /  /\          ___          /  /\         /  /\       
        /  /::\        /__/\        /  /::\       /  /::\      
       /__/:/\:\       \  \:\      /  /:/\:\     /  /:/\:\  
      _\_ \:\ \:\       \__\:\    /  /::\ \:\   /  /::\ \:\ 
     /__/\ \:\ \:\      /  /::\  /__/:/\:\_\:\ /__/:/\:\_\:\
     \  \:\ \:\_\/     /  /:/\:\ \__\/  \:\/:/ \__\/~|::\/:/
      \  \:\_\:\      /  /:/__\/      \__\::/     |  |:|::/ 
       \  \:\/:/     /__/:/           /  /:/      |  |:|\/  
        \  \::/      \__\/           /__/:/       |__|:|~   
         \__\/                       \__\/         \__\|    

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