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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Vyse_the_King

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    Rebelstar Tactical Command
    *Finally, an update*
    Last update: 03/02/07
    The Guide is definitive. Reality is frequently inaccurate. 
                                                                     --Douglas Adams
    By: Vyse_the_King, prophetoftruth@gmail.com
    Table of Contents:
    I.  Revision History
    II. Story
    III. Rebels
    IV.Alien Species
    V. Controls
    VI. Campaign Walkthrough
    VII.  Compedium of Knowledge (tactics, tips and other stuff)
    VIII. Credits and Special Thanks
    IX.  Legal Information
    I.  Revision History
    No updates yet, work began on 05/06/06 (May 6, 2006 for those of you
    w/ different dating systems.)
    First uploaded on 07/01/06
    Overhaul, both content and grammar, on 07/10/06
    mission five and Compendium(Tactics) update on 07/22/06
    Compendium Weapons update on 07/23/06
    Finally, on 09/04/06, I updated again. Whew.  I'll try to update more often.
    Updated a very few weapons in the compendium, and moved all ascii
    maps to an alternate source.
    03/02/07-Far from carrying out my promise to update more often, I'll tell
    why I haven't been: my classes are tougher than I expected.  I will update
    this at least semi-frequently in the summer, but you'll have to make do
    with this very small guide until then.  Oh, and if you think that I've forgotten
    about this guide (as I often do) you can jog my memory with an email.
    In fact, the only reason I'm updating now is to add an emailed strategy by
    alex2143.  Yay for an update!
    II. The Story
    The story, taken straight from the manual, goes like this:
    "The year is 2117, and the Arelian Empire is in total control of the planet 
    Earth.  Well, almost.  A brave group of resistance fighters have evaded 
    the regime of the Arelians and are starting to fight back.  It has been 70 
    years since the invaders came, and the new generation of resistance 
    fighters have known nothing of Earth as it was before.  Now they live in 
    fear of the Zorn, the Arelians' vicious henchmen, and their sadistic 
    brutish methods of control.  On the other hand, many people tolerated the 
    Arelians because they brought stability and prosperity to a world ravaged 
    by war,disease, and ecological devastation.  They even tolerated the 
    abductions.  Under the imperial regime, each human child is taken soon 
    after birth and implanted with a small device inside the skull.  No one 
    knows the exact purpose of the device, except that it enables the Arelians 
    to locate a person anywhere, no matter where they may hide.  The human 
    population is allowed to live in relative freedom, without any obvious 
    sign of interference from the Arelians, except when the age of 30 is 
    reached.  At this point the skull device is used to locate the 30 year old
    for abduction.  The Zorn, a mutant green humanoid race, are used as the
    police service of the Arelians.  They come during the night and take their 
    victims away by force.  Some humans with important roles are spared this
    fate but the majority are taken.  Nobody know the purpose of these 
    abductions, or what happens to them afterwards.  All they know is that on 
    their 30th birthday they will disappear and no one will ever see them 
    again.  These brave rebels are on a quest for the truth, and the truth is 
    not so pleasant.  The Arelian's conquest of Earth was not driven by a 
    noble purpose."
    Jorel:  "Jorel is a young, idealistic, natural-born leader, determined to
    avenge the abduction of his entire family as they tried to fight against 
    the abduction of his mother by the Zorn.  Once his family was gone, Jorel 
    traveled south to join the rebels.  He is plagued by strange dreams in 
    which a  mysterious Arelian contacts him telepathically." 
    Jorel is best with rifles and hand guns, but fairly effective with stealth.
    Ruby:  "Ruby is a skilled marksman from South America and fled home as
    soon as she could.  She was selected for special tests by the Arelians and
    was abducted at regular intervals.  However, her skull implant 
    malfunctioned after she fell in a riding [motorcycle or horse, we'll never 
    know] accident and nearly lost her life.  After being nurtured back to 
    health by her mother and sister she was urged to flee.  She finally 
    gathered the courage to run, after her mother was taken away by the Zorn."
    Ruby is incredible with rifles.
    Zak:  "Zak is a heavy weapons expert, and one of the older recruits at 
    the training camp.  He is immensely strong and loyal, but does not speak 
    much about his past.  He has had experience fighting the Zorn in his
    hometown, which rebelled en masse against abductions.  He longs to find his
    younger sister, who fled before the town was attacked and his parents 
    Zak is very good with heavy weapons and close combat.
    Corporal Jonlan:  "Jonlan is one of the oldest, and grizzliest, rebel 
    soldiers.  He is charge of [It's a typo in the manual] training new 
    recruits.  He was once a highly respected leader.  An incident occurred 
    where many people perished in a raid where he commanded rebel troops.  
    Although he was cleared of blame by the rebel tribunal, he opted for 
    demotion out of a sense of guilt and responsibility."
    Gordo:  A squad commander that ends up coming under Jorel's command.
    Good news: Well rounded
    Bad news: Mediocre
    I usually use command with Gordo, but it requires that he have the
    highest command skill of any allied character.
    Eris:  A member of Gordo's squad.
    Eris is absolutely the best character for psionics, other than maybe Klaatu.
    If properly trained, she can exceed him.
    Sapphire:  A member of Gordo's squad.  She is a medic, and was 
    captured by the Zorn to act as doctor.
    Good as a medic and not shabby with handguns.
    Carlos:  A member of Gordo's squad.  Captured by the Zorn. 
    Nickname:  The Panther.
    Good with rifles, great with stealth.
    Glen: Some other guy that ends up working with/for you.    :)
    I haven't used him much yet, but I know he is good with psionics.
    Dr. Bronstein: A non-combat scientist who discovers various things.
    Nothing real specific, though.
    Bots:  Servant bots of the rebel army, most are used for honing the skills
    of trainees.
    Surprisingly effective in the stealth catagory, but nothing else.
    Klaatu:  Talks to Jorel during his dreams.
    Joins during mission 24 .  Starts with 9 in psionics.
    IV.  Alien Species
    First Up:
    The manual says:  "The Zorn are muscular, humanoid aliens that stand
    eight feet tall, have a green leathery skin, fiery red eyes and a mouth full
    of sharp teeth.  Their violent ways have proved useful for the Arelians, who
    employ them as soldiers and policemen in the conquered earth territories.
    To aid them in their tasks, they raise vicious Urdogs for baiting and
    trapping humans."
    I say:  Big ugly green guys that look like less the incredible hulk with guns.
    They are the primary enemy for a short part of the game.  They are fairly
    weak, but don't expect pushovers.
    Urdogs:  Mutant, green dogs that the Zorn have trained for killing people
    with.  Low health, and can't equip weapons.  Combat abilities are distinctly
    similar to Snakeflies.  Don't end your turn near to one, because they will
    move up to you and attack physically multiple times in a row.  (They can do
    this because their attacks take very little AP).
    The manual says: "The Fraylar have a skinny, humanoid appearance, with
    an insect-like exoskeleton and bony appendages.  They are renowned
    throughout the galaxy as traders and thieves, and are quite happy to fight
    if they see an advantage.  They also employ the services of Snakeflies
    -large, flying, insect-like creatures with a poisonous bite."
    I say:  Insectoids with a passion for laser weapons.  In fact, they won't use
    anything BUT laser weapons (with one or two exceptions).
    (Don't confuse laser with warp)
    Snakeflies:  Close your eyes, and imagine a bumblebee.  With a stinger 
    like a yellow jacket.  Magnify x100, and make the stinger "poison" and you 
    get these guys. (the manual says poison, but I have never observed any 
    poison effects.  Maybe it was just for show.)
    As for combat info, they're almost exactly the same as Urdogs.
    The manual says:  "The Arelians are small, grey-skinned, humanoid
    creatures with a very large head and large, black, almond shaped eyes.
    They don't like to participate in battles, but when they do, they prefer to
    rely on their unique psionic power and advanced technology to win.  They
    generally lack courage or much battle skills, but they are still formidable
    opponents if encountered."
    I say:  What the manual says about them lacking battle skills is quite wrong.
    They have far superior weaponry and have those ever-annoying psionic
    abilities.  Speaking of which, beware "Induce Fear".
    V.  Controls
    I assume that you know the names of the buttons.  
    If you don't, get a photo of a GBA from Google.
    A:       Menu selections/confirmations/scroll dialogue
    B:       Cancel stuff/open pause screen
    D-Pad:   Move cursor-box/manipulate window cursor/change between 
    armory and personnel equipment screens
    L:     Cycle between people with AP left that aren't on overwatch/same 
    as last function of R, but backwards
    R:     Check vision of allied and enemy units, cycle through characters 
             in the personnel equipment part of the armory
    Start:   Skip dialogue/open pause screen
    Select:  Open help page
    VI. Campaign Walkthrough 
    In this section, I will be going over campaign maps, strategies, and 
    enemies. [duh.]  Now, as for the part you didn't know.  For each 
    mission I'll have the number, name, the type that it is, the general 
    overview of what it looks like, the number and kind of enemies and their 
    weapons, and the general strategy.
    About mission types, I have designated 4 different kinds of missions.  
    They involve the following:
    Training-  You have to do certain actions at certain times.  It is almost a
    staged victory.
    Destroy objective-  You are given a target (or targets) to kill, and it 
    doesn't matter if some enemies survive.
    Flee-  There are green tiles with an arrow pointing away.  Get a 
    character on one of these, and he/she disappears.  When all of the 
    characters have Vanished from the map, you win.  NO casualties are 
    Search and Destroy-  Eliminate all enemies. This is the most common
    form of level.
    Also, one other thing is that I will attempt to make intelligible ASCII maps,
    but since the game is isolinear, I'm giving the map a half turn right, or
    left, it usually ends up being a different direction each time :).
    One other thing is that when I refer to North/South/East/West, I mean:
         w   -|-    e
    Anyway, here is where the guide begins.
    I had trouble getting the ascii maps to align correctly, so I moved them to
    Even though they are not contained in this document, they are bound
    by the same legal contract.
    Mission 1   Boot Camp
    Alright.  Here it is, the first mission.  Luckily for you, the first few
    levels of this fairly complicated game are training missions.
    When the mission starts, follow Jonlan's advice; it is very helpful.  Just 
    get used to the controls and whatnot.  
    Nothing will go wrong.
    Bot----level1----trainer rifle----no skills
    Bot----level1----trainer rifle----no skills
    Bot----level1----trainer rifle----no skills
    Bot----level1----trainer rifle----no skills
    There are no reinforcements in this level.
    Mission 2: Fog of
    In any event, you can't see the bots, until they fall into your vision range,
    as will be the case for the rest of the game.
    Just follow Jonlan's advice.  
    Bot----level1----trainer rifle----no skills
    Bot----level1----trainer rifle----no skills
    Bot----level1----trainer rifle----no skills
    Bot----level1----trainer rifle----no skills
    Bot----level1----trainer rifle----no skills
    Mission 3
    Alright, this mission is a bit different from the ones that you have done 
    so far.  For one thing, all of the enemies use real weapons.  The trainer 
    rifles previously used by the bots did 1 dmg. per shot.  The chain gun, 
    and to a lesser extent, the pistol, do more than that.  Also, if you like, 
    you can use a pistol or chain gun in this mission.  For the chain gun, 
    just pick it up off of a dead bot.  The pistol requires you to probably 
    get shot up really bad.  You should save if you attempt this.  (I haven't 
    gotten it before, but it should be possible to run the 2nd chain gun guy 
    out of ammo.)
    If something goes wrong, you can't do a lot about it (no medikits), but 
    just make sure not to get ambushed by the pistol guy.  Don't 
    underestimate that thing.  It only requires a wee bit of your AP to be
    gone before you get gunned down in the hallway.  Also be that aware,
    that you and the enemy, are not restricted to one overwatch per turn.
    Bot^----impossible to tell level----unarmed----unknown skills
    Bot*----lvl. 1----chain gun, ammo x1----no skills
    Bot*----lvl. 1----chain gun, ammo x1----no skills
    Bot!----lvl. 1----pistol, ammo x1----no skills
    Mission 4  
    Grenade Practice
    Alright, this mission will likely mark your first use of weapons other 
    than the assault rifle.  First, remember that every time you throw a 
    'nade, you become unequipped.  You have to re-equip to throw again.  
    This means that if you stand entirely still, you can likely throw, reequip,
    and throw again.  If you move, you probably won't be throwing again that
    Just nade each bot, and remember, grenades do not have 100%
    accuracy, but they are usually very close to that.  Also, they have a very
    large blast radius, so be very far from your target, like 4 spaces if you
    don't mind taking 1~3 damage, or 6ish spaces if you want 0 self
    Now, as long as you don't waste 'nades, and don't bother with smokes
    (I never do.), you should be fine.  (Nading the wall is not a waste, but 
    make sure to hit the brick part, because the steel part is invulnerable.)
    Also, have a rifle, but don't use it unless run out of explosives.
    (remember, each bullet does 1 damage, so you will have to sneak up on 
    each bot's side/back, and hit it w/ 2 snap bursts.  Don't fire if you can't 
    finish him off that turn, or he will see you and snap burst you back.
    A lot.  Like 3 times.)
    Don't forget, all the garden bots are on overwatch.  This is bad because 
    you will get shot at a lot at long range, but also good because they won't 
    Bot----lvl. 1----trainer rifle----no skills
    Bot----lvl. 1----trainer rifle----no skills
    Bot----lvl. 1----trainer rifle----no skills
    Bot----lvl. 1----trainer rifle----no skills
    Bot----lvl. 1----trainer rifle----no skills
    Bot----lvl. 1----trainer rifle----no skills
    Bot----lvl. 1----trainer rifle----no skills
    Mission 5
    Speed Challenge
    All right, this map is very large, and very crawling with bots (approx
    12) Because of those numbers, you are probably not going
    to kill all of them.
    All bots are on overwatch/snapshot on this mission.
    There is yet another problem.  All bots have assault rifles instead of 
    trainer rifles.  These deal 5 damage per bullet instead of the 1 that you
    are used to, meaning about 4 bullets will kill you.  If you get badly
    wounded, your morale will start to drop, turn by turn, until it hits zero and
    you panic, thus getting mowed down.
    With only 25 turns, it would be a tight fit to kill them all, and if you get 
    discovered by a close-by bot, you'll run the risk of death.  It took me
    18ish turns to get 7 kills, and would have gotten 9, but I ran out of bullets.
    If you save before you move, you'll have a fair crack at it, and make sure 
    to grab a new rifle when your current one hits 10 shots left.  Another
    complication arises when you make them panic by killing enough of
    them. They will run around erraticly, thus making hard to sneak about
    unseen, and hard to find them when you need them.  My current
    standing record is 9 kills, so that I have beaten my old record.
    On the other hand, you could just run, only shooting when absolutely
    neccessary.  You won't really get much xp, but this map is designed for
    speed instead of fighting anyway.  Make sure to stop before corners,
    because there's always a bot where you least expect it.  (Well,
    that is if you don't have a convenient ascii map)
    All 12 bots:
    level 1-no skills-assault rifle
    Mission 6
    Team Work
    Sorry, I'll add this either soon or when summer starts.
    VII. Compendium of 
    These are valuable tactics, but some are just common sense :)	
    Fortify-  Take a structure on the map, and set up camp there.  Don't let 
    the enemy in.
    Lightning Charge-  Charge, and control an advantageous area before
    the enemy does.
    Hit & Run-  Stay behind a wall, step out, shoot an aimed shot, step back,
    end your turn.  Works well against overwatching people.
    Lead Storm-  Have 2-5 people with automatic weapons get shoulder
    to shoulder, and burst overwatch the same area with everyone.  Unwitting
    enemy walks in, and boom.  Gets shot at by 15-20 bullets, many more if
    using the SMG.  For example, if you do three smg's on snap burst, and
    each person only has enough AP to burst once, you have the potential
    to do 3 people * 5 bullets * 4 damage=60 damage.  The Reapers (huge
    dinosaurs) in mission 20 have ~70 health, to give you an idea how much 
    damage this does.
    Point Blank-  Using someone w/ high rifle skill and an SMG/Assault Rifle
    (preferably the former), run up to an enemy and snap burst  them from an
    adjacent panel (not diagonally, if you can help it.  It actually has a chance
    to miss that way).
    Weapon Replication-  After some missions, the armory is refurbished 
    with new weapons.  If this happens, then say the rocket launchers are 
    affected.  If Zak has a launcher, then the armory will replace the "lost"
    one; the one he has equipped.  Thus, his+the armory's=2 launchers.
    When you do this, the character does not even have to be deployed.
    Be careful though, because if you are supposed to have 1 launcher,
    but have two (in the armory), then at the next restock, you'll lose one.
    Surgical Incision- Take two people with Sniper Rifles and hide around a
    doorway like so:
    ----------------------            --------------------------
                           X>           <X
    Overwatch with snapshot.  If they pass between you, one person shoots a 
    powerful SR shot at point blank.  If they survive, the next person shoots.
    If they don't, they second person (in theory) won't shoot and wound the first
    person.  That last part is why you do this with single shots.  If you do
    bursts (such as with two SMGs), the extra shots hit your ally.
    Contributions by
    other people
    alex2143's Storm of Lead:
    "Give [Carlos] a machine pistol and move him around some enemies
    (he has very high AP so that should be easy). Make sure there's no
    more then 2 enemies with no more then 16 hp each (or 20, if you feel
    lucky). Sneak up on them (preferably unseen, though it also works when
    you get spotted without being Overwatched) and fill them with lead
    using a snap burst on both of 'em. If he has a high hand gun level,
    snap bursts with a machine pistol (5 pretty inaccurate shots doing 4
    damage each) cost about 4 AP. Means you can get close and make an
    enemy 10 bullets heavier.
    My comment:  similar to my point blank SMG spam tactic, but this
    involves a touch of stealth.  Nice.  By the way, the machine pistol is a fun
    weapon to use.  It's on my list of good weapons, though not at the top.
    Develop your own, send em' in, and if they are good, 
    I'll add them here and credit you.  
    [Don't forget to name them :)]
    It is possible to greatly reduce lag if you turn off the music and/or sfx.
    Do that in the options menu in battle.
    The music takes off more lag than the sfx.
    Attributes of skills:
    Rifle weapons:  Increases accuracy, decreases AP cost, and increases
    damage for rifle weapons.  Different weapons increase power at different
    Heavy weapons:  Same as rifle weapons, but applies to heavy weapons
    Hand Guns: Same as rifle weapons or heavy weapons, but only applies to
    hand guns.
    Close Combat: Same.  Only applies to close combat weapons.
    Stealth:  Stealth level *10 is the percent chance of dodge a character
    has against an attacker the defender can actually see. (Dodging takes 
    1 AP) Also makes a character harder to see, reducing the range s/he can
    be spotted from by the target's Stealth level number of panels.
    Command:  Affects the "Rally" skill, which recovers morale.  Only the
    person with the most number of command points on the each team can
    use rally.  More points=better range and more points recovered.
    Medic: More medic level means more health/stun/morale recovered by
    medkits and also reduces required AP.  1 point or more is required to use
    Arelian medikits.  As for normal medkits, I don't know.
    Psionic:  An interesting and powerful skill.  Psionics requires absolute
    devotion to work, however, considering that 3 of the 4 skills it gives you
    require the targets psionics skill to be lower.  The four psionic techniques
    Scan: reveals all enemies in range that have lower psionics stat.
    Boost Morale: increases morale of the target.  The game says that it
    requires more psionic points than the target, but that is NOT true.  It is like
    Rally, except it requires much more AP.
    Induce Fear:  This is the reason why you should use psionics.  It reduces
    enemy morale if they have a lower psionic stat than you.
    Stun:  Inflicts stun damage on your opponent (it greys out their life bar,
    and when their life bar is totally white, they can't move).  Does not require
    the target to have a lower psionic stat than you.
    Attributes of stats
    Coming soon, but in the meantime, press select in battle for help.
    Attributes of weapons:
    An explanation of weapon damage growth math:
    Take the assault rifle, for example.  Damage=5+(skill*5%).
    First step:  This means 5 damage, plus take your skill and multiply it by
    5%.  If you have four in "rifles", then it would look something like this.
    5+(4*5%), thus 5+(20%).
    20% of 5 is 1, thus
    If you have a four in rifles, you do 6 damage per shot.(with an Assault Rifle)
    If you have an eight in rifles, you do 7 damage per shot.  (With an AR)
    Accuracy is really easy to figure out.
    The AR's snapshot is 20%+skill*3.
    If you have a 10 in Rifles, it would be
    For AP cost, it is a little bit different.
    The AR's snap shot equation is 33%-Skill*1
    First, take your max AP and multiply it by the percent.
    21 ap*33%= 7
    If you have a 6 in rifles, then it would be
    7-(6*1), thus (7-6), therefore 1.
    I am not sure as of now if ap cost has a minimum of one, or if it can be 0.
    It makes sense that it should be limited to 1.
    Format is as follows:
    weapon name
    My commentary (I says):
    What other people generally think (they says):
    The game's description (the game says):
    	Firing Mode 1 (repeat this for all modes)
    	Shots, ammo/shot
    	AP cost
    Ammo Weight:	
    Assault Rifle
    I says:  The assault rifle will likely be your primary weapon for the first part
    of the game.  It has a variety of firing modes, good damage, and medium
    good accuracy.  The only real problem is the AP cost.  It doesn't start bad,
    but the AP use growths (or lack thereof) don't help it at all.
    They says:  Most people use it more than I do.  I usually ditch it for the SMG
    first chance I get; they usually keep using it longer.
    The game says:  Standard Rebel infantry rifle.  Flexible and effective.
    	Firing Mode 1---Snapshot
    	1 shot, 1 ammo per shot
    	5 Damage + skill*5%
    	Accuracy 20%+skill*3
    	AP cost 33% - skill*1
    	Firing Mode 2---Aimed
    	1 shot, 1 ammo/shot
    	5+skill*5% damage
    	40+skill*5 accuracy
    	AP cost 50%-skill*1
    	Firing Mode 3---Snap Burst
    	3 shots, 1 ammo/shot
    	5 +skill*5% damage
    	17%+skill*3 accuracy
    	AP cost 40%-skill*1
    	Firing Mode 4---Aimed Burst
    	3 shots, 1 ammo/shot
    	5+skill*5% accuracy
    	AP cost 60%-skill*1
    Weight: 4
    Ammo weight:1
    Sniper Rifle
    I says:  This is very likely the best weapon in the game.  With a 10 in rifles,
    you can get 98% snapshots that do 10 damage 6 times per turn with a few
    points left over for moving slightly.  With this set-up, the only limiting
    factor is ammo.  I use this weapon every chance I get.
    They says:  Most people don't think the SR is as good as I do, but many
    agree that it is still quite useful.
    The Game says:  Highly accurate long range rifle.
    	Firing Mode 1---Snapshot
    	1 shot, 1 ammo/shot
    	6+ skill*8% damage
    	35%+skill*6 accuracy
    	AP cost 45%-skill*3
    	Firing Mode 2---Aimed
    	1 shot, 1 ammo/shot
    	6+skill*8% damage
    	80%+skill*4 accuracy
    	AP Cost:  85%- skill*3
    Weight:  4
    Ammo Weight:  1
    SMG (Sub Machine Gun)
    I says:  Aah, this must be one of my favorite guns.  This weapon alone has
    gotten me out of more jams than any other weapon other than the sniper
    rifle.  If you get point blank to an enemy, the super-cheap (APwise) snap
    burst=automatic 20 damage.
    They says:  Most people like this weapon better than the AR, but ditch it
    for laser or warp rifles when they get the chance.  Meh.
    The Game says:  Fully automatic, close range gun.
    	Firing Mode 1---Snap Burst
    	5 shots, 1 ammo/shot
    	4  damage
    	10% + skill*2 accuracy.
    	AP cost 30%-skill*2
    	Firing Mode 2---Aimed Burst
    	5 shots, 1 ammo/shot
    	4 damage
    	20%+skill*3 accuracy
    	AP cost 55%-skill*2
    	Additional:  Never use this.  If you get in any situation where
    	you think this might be useful, use two snap bursts.  It's an
    	oxymoron to use an SMG on accurate.
    	Firing Mode 3---Spread Burst
    	9 shots, 1 ammo/shot
    	4 damage
    	12%+skill*3 accuracy
    	AP cost  60%-skill*2
    	Additional:  Only use this when point-blank with an enemy.
    	They don't call it spread burst for nothin'.  If your character
    	is the tip of a cone, the affected target area is the base of
    	the cone (not up and down, just side to side).
    Ammo Weight:1
    Laser Rifle
    I says:  For most intents and purposes, this weapon is better than the AR.
    It is also better than the SMG damagewise; but costs much more AP
    to shoot.
    They says:  Everyone I know that doesn't like SMG or Warp rifle uses
    this as their staple rifle.
    The Game says:  Laser powered rifle.  Requires a power cell to function.
    	Firing Mode 1---Snapshot
    	1 shot, 3 ammo/shot
    	7+skill*4% damage
    	18%+skill*2 accuracy
    	AP cost 33%-skill*2
    	Firing Mode 2---Aimed
    	1 shot, 3 ammo/shot
    	7+skill*4% damage
    	35%+skill*4 accuracy
    	AP cost 50%-skill*1
    	Firing Mode 3---Snap burst
    	Shots 3, 3 ammo/shot
    	7+skill*4% damage
    	12%+skill*2 accuracy
    	AP cost 45%-skill*1
    	Firing Mode 4---Aimed Burst
    	3 shots, 3 ammo/shot
    	7+skill*4% damage
    	32%+skill*4 accuracy
    	AP cost 70%-skill*1
    Weight: 5
    Ammo Weight: 2/4/6
    Warp Rifle
    I says:  Great damage (usually kills in 2 hits), nice accuracy on the aimed,
    and the ability to blow chunks out of brick walls mark some of this
    weapon's highlights.  No burst though.  Also, don't get triggerhappy.
    Your ammo won't last long.
    They says:  Most people are fans of the warp rifle, but the "no-rapid-fire"
    thing rubs some people the wrong way.
    The Game says: Arelian energy beam rifle.  Requires a power cell to
    	Firing Mode 1-Snapshot
    	1 Shot, 10 ammo/shot
    	AP cost=35%-skill*1
    	Firing Mode 2-Aimed Shot
    	1 Shot, 10 ammo/shot
    	AP cost=75%-skill*1
    Weight: 5
    Ammo Weight: 2/4/6
    Chain Gun
    I says: Chain Gun is an underrated heavy weapon that can devestate
    enemy emplacements.  Or it might not, thus dependability (or lack
    thereof) is this gun's greatest weakness.  To me, it is worth it if you can
    get in close.  If every bullet hits it's target on snapburst, 8*5=40 damage.
    They says:  A lot of other people think the chain gun just isn't very useful.
    I will agree with them when they say to use the rocket launcher if possible,
    The Game says:  Rapid firing heavy machine gun.
    	Firing Mode 1-Snap Burst
    	Shots-8, 1 ammo/shot
    	Accuracy= 10%+skill*2
    	AP cost= 70%-skill*3%
    	Firing Mode 2-Spread Burst
    	Shots-12, 1 ammo/shot
    	Damage= 5+skill*5%
    	AP cost= 90% -skill*3
    Ammo Weight-3
    Though the weapon compendium is incomplete, I will be putting it on
    hold until I get more of the main game guide finished.
    VIII. Credits
    Namco for making this, er, interesting little game.
    Me, for quitting Bahamut's Lagoon, and later, Unreal Tournament 2004
    long enough to write this.
    A l e x - for writing several high caliber faq's and for giving me a 
    basic idea how to structure an effective faq.
    (The FF VI one was awesome)
    My Contributors:            alex2143
    (Now only contributor)
    You- if nobody read this (as may well be the case) there would be no
    point in it, now would there?
    IX. Legal Stuff
    Simple, really.  Only
    have permission to post this.
    If you see it anywhere else, tell me.
    If you wish to host this, then you must agree to the 
    following conditions:
    1.) I receive full credit
    2.) No editions whatsoever other than updating a new version take place.
    3.) You email me at prophetoftruth@gmail.com.
    4.) You post the most updated version that you can.
    5.) I reserve the right to ask you to remove it at any time.
    If there are any discrepencies, go to the www.gamefaqs.com version.
    It is the master version.

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