Review by btantra

"A decent strategy game for it's $19.99 price tag"

Story (6.5/10):
The storyline seems quite cliche to me. It's what expected from a strategy game. There's no plot twist, it's just so linear that I don't bother reading the story anymore after a while. It just gets rather old and boring. But again, for a $19.99 game, it's forgivable.

Game play (8/10):
The game play is surprisingly good and smooth. Each of your character is allocated a certain amount of movement points depending on your equipment and personal abilities. You use certain amount of that point(s) every time you do something, turn 45 degree, shooting, walking, etc.

The map offers you very very heavy fog of war. It pays to be patient and keep looking to your sides and back every turn to watch over the surrounding. You will know what I mean once you go through the first few levels of tutorials.

Hitting the enemies depends on distance, weapon and your skill on the type of the weapon that you are using. Just like in real life, if you shoot to a character in front of you, it's a definite hit, even using a chain gun which only has 12% chance of hitting in this game.

...and there's the RPG element where you can gain experience and levels. As you gain levels, your attributes will increase and you can allocated one skill point to your liking.

Graphics (7/10):
It's no eye candy, but the graphics are decent enough to keep you entertain.

Re-playability (5/10):
Not much here, once you know where your enemies are located in each map and found the easiest route to back stab them, it won't be challenging anymore.

Overall (7/10):
If you are a strategy game fan, you should give this game a chance. There's definitely a lot of strategy and thinking involved playing this game. You can't just barge in and explore haphazardly because, chances are, you will get blindsided by the enemy. So, this game should please a lot of strategy game enthusiasts, just like myself. The $19.99 price tag is just an icing on the cake.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 09/26/05

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