Review by buchit666

Reviewed: 05/09/08

This game sucks, its lame, its pathetic. Shame on you EA

This game couldn't bring even the single bit of fun. This game is a complete waste of money. It's not worth it, I'd rather buy Daredevil than this. Everything in this game sucks, Gameplay, Music and most especially the Graphics. Maybe a little child can still enjoy this, but the rest of us organized people won't and will never. I need something to get out of my chest about this game.

Gameplay- 1/10
This game is one of the world's worst in terms of gameplay. You don't get to smile in this game for even a septillionth of a femtosecond. First of all, the main menu sucks. It is not presentable, its not even worth looking for. If at the beginning of the game, and this one is already screwed. What more about the others? First, you only get to race on very few tracks. Then, the AI is very poor. You can beat them easily in any race (except for some) And, you only get to choose from 15 cars and most of the cars there are crappy. You'd expect a Lamborghini to be smooth from the Garage, but no! What you see is like a Lamborghini fresh from the....... Scrap yard! Not all races here are worth racing for, not all events are complete. It's just like a race from one house to the other, so don't expect me wasting time on all of the races. You will definitely get irritated in this game not because of the game itself but what is inside the game itself. 1 is screwed, 2 to go.

Music- 1/10
The music here can surely break every kind of glass. Why? Because it sucks! This shouldn't even be considered music. You can only hear your car's sounds, but the music, no! Even on the loudest volume, all you get to hear from this game is like 3 turtles smashing their carapaces on the wall. Yes, that's true! You will be disappointed from what you here in this game. What I'd like to hear in this game is my hand crushing it's cartridge. That's the sound I'd like to hear from this game.

Graphics- 1/10
This is the worse game I've ever seen in terms of Graphics. While on a race, you will be irritated with what it shown to you....... bad Graphics. What you're seeing is like a rock on a microscope. You won’t be able to finish a race without a bump, I'm telling you that. And because of the bad graphics, speed doesn't have a meaning here. No matter what the speedometer and tachometer reads, you're still going slow. Whether you are hitting 200 MPH, your car looks like it goes 20 MPH. This game really sucks, it can't bring even the slightest bit of fun.

Overall Score- 3/30
This game is really, really crappy. A total waste of money, not worth buying. If you ask my opinion about this game, you know what my answer will be, right? This one is a disgrace for the Need for Speed series. This gives me some reason to hate EA. Really hate this game.

Rating:   0.5 - Unplayable

Product Release: Need for Speed: Most Wanted (US, 11/15/05)

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