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    Bestiary by ARobinson

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    "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire" for Game Boy Advance - Bestiary
    Version 1.01
    Last updated: April 5, 2006
    By Andrea Robinson
    Part 1 - Introduction
    Part 2 - Spell List
    Part 3 - Bestiary
             - Blast-Ended Skrewt (Adult)
             - Blast-Ended Skrewt (Young)
             - Bowtruckle
             - Bubotuber
             - Dugbog
             - Erkling
             - Fire Crab
             - Grindylow
             - Hungarian Horntail Dragon
             - Niffler
             - Red Cap
             - Salamander
             - Vampyr Mosps
             - Voldemort
    Part 4 - Miscellaneous
         4.1 - Disclaimer
         4.2 - Acknowledgements
         4.3 - Version History
     NOTICE: This guide does not contain plot spoilers, but does spell out quite
             clearly how to defeat each enemy type. If you would rather work out
             strategies on your own, you're best advised to turn around now, or to
             use Ctrl-F to jump to the specific monster or enemy you need help on.
    Part 1 - Introduction
    This document lists all the monsters and enemies in the Game Boy Advance 
    "Goblet of Fire" game, the stages they appear in, and various ways to defeat or
    otherwise dispose of them. Portions of this guide - namely, spell descriptions
    and a couple of strategies - are taken directly from my walkthrough for this
    game. I hope this document will be of help to someone.
                                             -- Andrea 'AquaHaute' Robinson
    Part 2 - Spell List
    As a quick review, here are the spells you will encounter in this guide as a
    means of defeating assorted enemies. They're listed in the order you receive
    them in the game.
    * Confundus
      What it does: Supposedly "causes confusion in creatures," but it's actually
                    a damaging spell.
      When you get it: Beginning of the game
      How to cast it: Press A
      Use to defeat: Bowtruckle, Dugbog, Erkling, Fire Crab, Salamander, Vampyr
                     Mosp, Voldemort
    * Wingardium Leviosa
      What it does: Levitates objects and some creatures.
      When you get it: Beginning of the game
      How to cast it: Hold B and move items with the D-pad
      Use to defeat: Blast Ended-Skrewt (Young), Bubotuber, Dugbog, Grindylow,
                     Niffler, Red Cap, Salamander, Vampyr Mosp
    * Verdimillious
      What it does: Shoots a jet of green sparks.
      When you get it: Chapter 3, Forbidden Forest
      How to cast it: Hold B
      Use to defeat: Dugbog, Erkling
    * Aqua Eructo
      What it does: Shoots a jet of water.
      When you get it: Chapter 3, Forbidden Forest
      How to cast it: Hold B
      Use to defeat: Fire Crab, Salamander
    * Glacius
      What it does: Freezes water and some creatures.
      When you get it: Chapter 6, Prefects' Bathroom
      How to cast it: Hold B
      Use to defeat: Grindylow, Vampyr Mosp
    * Incendio
      What it does: Shoots a jet of fire.
      When you get it: Chapter 7, Care of Magical Creatures
      How to cast it: Hold B
      Use to defeat: Blast-Ended Skrewt (Adult)
    Part 3 - Bestiary
    Name: Blast-Ended Skrewt (Adult)
    Found in: Chapters 7 and 9
    Strategy: In Chapter 7, lure them into blasting away large pumpkins in order to
    proceed through the path; at the end of each path, use Incendio to direct them
    into the stone pens. Avoid their fireballs as best you can.
    An adult Skrewt also appears in Challenge #9 of Chapter 9. Avoid it and
    concentrate solely on the Mosps in the stage - you can't do anything about
    the Skrewt.
    Name: Blast Ended-Skrewt (Young)
    Found in: Chapter 7
    Strategy: These little guys are so dumb they'll sometimes wander into a crate
    all by themselves, saving you a little work. Grab the sparkly red fruits with
    Wingardium Leviosa and tease the baby Skrewts with them, luring them across 
    each screen and eventually into the wooden crates, which will close
    Name: Bowtruckle
    Found in: Chapters 1, 2, 3, and 9
    Strategy: Fire Confundus at the stump to get them out, then fire Confundus 
    wildly at the three or four Bowtruckles that emerge. The other party members 
    try to help. If you don't beat them all before they jump back in the stump, 
    future attempts at that stump will bring out only the ones you didn't finish 
    off before.
    Name: Bubotuber
    Found in: Chapters 3 and 7
    Strategy: Use Wingardium Leviosa to pick one up, move it, and drop it. It'll 
    explode, damaging part members if they're too close, and causing a chain 
    reaction of exploding Bubotubers if they land close enough, which reduces the 
    work you have to do. They'll also explode without being picked up if you get 
    too close, but in that case they'll regenerate. Best to neutralize them from a
    distance before you're close enough to take damage.
    Name: Dugbog
    Found in: Chapters 1, 2, 3, 9, and 10
    Strategy: There are several ways to beat these guys. One is to just shoot 
    Confundus at them, and since the other party members will do so as well, this 
    is really the best and easiest way to do it. You can also zap them rather 
    ineffectively with Verdimillious. The other strategy is to drop objects on them
    while they run - usually rocks, but you're required to do it using a dresser in
    part of chapter 9. There, you need to repair the dresser in between attempts, 
    so you might wish to practice defeating them with this method before you get 
    that far.
    Name: Erkling
    Found in: Chapters 2 and 9
    Strategy: Early in the game, there's just one way to beat them in the field, 
    and that's to hit them with Confundus while avoiding their damaging musical 
    notes. But once you have Verdimillious, you have a powerful weapon against them
    - in fact, they're the only enemy Verdimillious seems to significantly affect. 
    Thanks to vaguely_aware on the GameFAQs message boards for tipping me off about
    Name: Fire Crab
    Found in: Chapter 3
    Strategy: Run in a circle to keep away from it, except when its shell is
    raised, its body glowing yellow as it shoots fireballs at you - at those times,
    press the A button over and over to spam it with Confundus. The first time you
    fight one, you'll be prompted when the time is right to press L and hold B to
    shoot Aqua Eructo at it; the second time, you'll have to get it for yourself -
    it's when Confundus stops making it flash and it doesn't start moving right
    Name: Grindylow
    Found in: Chapters 6, 8, and 9
    Strategy: They'll shoot poison at you if they get a chance. Use Glacius on them
    as soon as their heads appear above water. In most cases, this is enough, but
    you're free to levitate them onto dry land afterwards, since they'll sometimes
    drop jelly beans or Chocolate Frogs. In chapter 9, however, levitating them
    onto dry land is required in order to beat the challenge.
    Name: Hungarian Horntail Dragon
    Found in: Chapter 4
    Strategy: All you can do is avoid her. Use up and down on the D-pad to move
    Harry up and down, right to give him a slight speed boost, and B to jump over
    In the beginning, it's nothing but dodging and jumping obstacles. You have 
    plenty of time to prepare for most of these, although later there are some 
    slaloms and tunnels very close together. However, there are only two levels 
    Harry can fly at, so precision isn't necessary.
    When the dragon appears, you'll see that she also has only two levels she flies
    at, so watch her: when she moves down, move Harry up; when she moves up, move
    Harry down. You can avoid both her bites and her fire breath this way - the
    fire missiles she eventually shoots are harder to avoid, although staying up
    when she's down and down when she's up will keep you away from most of it. Just
    do your best; they don't do very much damage anyway. The other advantage you
    have is that you rarely have to contend with obstacles and the dragon at the
    same time. As always, if you run out of stamina, you'll restart at the most
    recent auto-save with five full hearts.
    Name: Niffler
    Found in: Chapter 7
    Strategy: These little guys are hard to see, but easy to catch - grab them with
    Wingardium Leviosa and drop them in a crate, which will close automatically.
    Name: Red Cap
    Found in: Chapters 2 and 9
    Strategy: Turn your character's back to the cabinet with the Red Cap inside.
    When the Red Cap comes out, wait until it starts to charge toward the group
    (rather than just creeping), then turn around and levitate it into the
    cauldron. In chapter 9, you need to trigger a switch to open a trapdoor to
    reveal a puddle - if you're careful, you can get them to run right into the
    water without actually touching them.
    Name: Salamander
    Found in: Chapters 3, 7, 9, and 10
    Strategy: There are a number of ways to get past Salamanders. When you need to
    defeat them, the early-game strategy is to hit them with Confundus when they're
    yellow, and levitate them into pools of water once they're black (but hurry -
    if you wait too long, they'll regenerate and you'll have to beat them all over
    again). Once you get Aqua Eructo, you can just hit them with that right off the
    bat for a one-hit kill.
    In Chapter 7, you're supposed to capture them, not kill them, so fight them
    with Confundus as usual until they turn black, then levitate them into a crate,
    which will close automatically.
    Name: Vampyr Mosp
    Found in: Chapters 6, 9, and 10
    Strategy: Usually you at least need to hit them with Glacius or Confundus
    (Glacius is much easier, and doesn't wear off). You can sometimes leave them
    alone after that, but most of the time you need to levitate the disabled Mosp
    onto a steam vent. Move away; in a few seconds the vent will explode, damaging
    any characters in the area, usually dropping some beans, and most importantly
    clearing a path to continue through the level.
    Name: Voldemort
    Found in: Chapter 11
    Strategy: This fight involves two different styles of "combat."
    Part 1: Hit Voldemort from a distance by pressing A, hiding behind the
    gravestones between shots. Eventually the gravestones will be destroyed, and
    you'll just have to run in the small area you're given, avoiding straight-on
    shots and overhead spells. When Voldemort is surrounded by wisps of blue and
    white smoke, don't even try to hit him - you can't damage him when that shield
    is up. Eventually - I don't know what triggers it, whether it's damage-based
    or time-based - this part of the fight will end. For me, it's after I've hit
    him 18-20 times.
    Part 2: It's just like the Yule Ball again, except with more regular timing,
    and in well-spaced spurts, and without L and R. You can mess up a bit - just be
    successful enough, often enough, to eventually get the meeting point of the
    wands all the way to the left.
    Part 4 - Miscellaneous
    4.1 - Disclaimer
    I am not affiliated with Warner Brothers, EA Games, Nintendo, Scholastic, J.K.
    Rowling, or any publishers of guides or walkthroughs, and I do not claim their
    work as my own, nor am I profiting from this guide, monetarily or otherwise.
    This guide was written out of love for the Harry Potter universe and a desire
    to help other players.
    However, the design and contents of this guide are copyright 2006 Andrea
    Robinson. Please do not copy or plagiarize this guide or claim it as your own
    The only site that may host this guide is http://www.gamefaqs.com.
    If you have questions, please reread the guide and make sure your question
    has not already been answered. If it isn't there, or if it falls outside the
    scope of a bestiary, check my walkthrough and any other FAQs, and if that
    doesn't help, direct your question to the "Goblet of Fire" message board on
    GameFAQs, located at:
    4.2 - Acknowledgements
    I gathered this information on my own over the course of several playthroughs.
    Some of it appears in my walkthrough for this game, but that was information I
    collected completely on my own as well. That said, I'd like to extend special
    thanks to...
     - vaguely_aware on the GameFAQs message boards, for mentioning an easier way
       to defeat Erklings once you've finished chapter 3.
     - J.K. Rowling, for creating the wonderful Harry Potter universe.
     - The guys on FFT General, for their overall kindness and constant pimping of
       my FFT guides.
     - And, as always, thanks to Aaron, who bought me the GBA I played this game
       on, read the Harry Potter books at my urging, and without whom I would never
       have become a serious gamer. I love you, Aaron. Thanks for everything.
    4.3 - Version History
    * Version 0.1 - January 3, 2006
      Began writing the guide by making a list of enemies and when they appear.
    * Version 0.2 - March 14, 2006
      Began actual substantial work by structuring the FAQ and doing writeups for
      several monsters and enemies.
    * Version 0.8 - March 14, 2006
      Added a spell list, all of Part 4, and strategies for most of the creatures.
    * Version 1.0 - March 15, 2006
      Fixed line breaks and removed generic touchscreen references from the GBA
      version of this guide.
    * Version 1.01 - April 5, 2006
      Fixed a couple places where the FAQ exceeded 79 characters per line. First
      version submitted to GameFAQs.

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