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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Warfreak

    Version: 0.6 | Updated: 02/25/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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    Author: Warfreak
    Version Complete
    Day Started 4/9/05
    Table of Contents
    [1] Introduction
        [1.01] Guide
        [1.02] Version History
    [2] Getting Started
        [2.01] Create a Sim
    [3] The Real World [Where you make TV]
        [3.01] Starting
    [4] Season 1
        [4.01] Buried by the Mob
        [4.02] What Digs Beneath
        [4.03] Aliens Arrived
    [5] Season 2
        [5.01] Blackout!
        [5.02] A Brand New Scent
        [5.03] The New Cola
        [5.04] There Was This Mummy
    [6] Season 3
        [6.01] Triassic Trouble
        [6.02] The Doomed Earth
        [6.03] It All Came to an End
        [6.04] A Very Special Reunion
    [7] Stores
        [7.01] Skills
        [7.02] Saloon
    [8] Mini Games
        [8.01] King Chug Chug
        [8.02] Car Commerical
        [8.03] Bigfoot Loves Chickens
        [8.04] Cattle Cleanup
        [8.05] Canyon Jumping
        [8.06] Chop Shop
        [8.07] Keelhaulin' Cards
    [9] Plot Twists
        [9.01] Twists!
    [10] Social Moves
        [10.01] Friendly
        [10.02] Romantic
        [10.03] Intimidating
    [11] Telephone
        [11.01] Calls
    [12] Errands - Summary
        [12.01] Season 1
        [12.02] Season 2
        [12.03] Season 3
    [13] Hidden Wants - Summary
        [13.01] Season 1
        [13.02] Season 2
        [13.03] Season 3
    [14] Random Plurges
        [14.01] Characters
        [14.02] The Cast
    [-] Questions and Answers
        [--.01] Q&A
    [A] Contact Information
    [B] Webmaster Information
    [C] Credits
    [D] Sites FAQ is on
    [E] Copyright
    [1.01] Guide
    Hi, everybody. By now, you should know me on the Sims 2 arena, I have a large
    range of guides on those games. Anyway, welcome to my fifth guide. Well, first
    of all, this is not the Sims 2 from PC transferred to the GBA. Well, that 
    could happen, but the time to create all that data and transfer it to GBA will
    be impossible, unless, a GBA cartridge can hold about 4 gigs of memory. This 
    is basically a follow up of the Urbz - Sims in the City, which was my second
    guide. Although many consider the Urbz was a better game, this will entertain
    you for quite some time. Have fun!
    [1.02] Version History
    Version 0.1 [4/11/05]
    My fifth guide. Lets begin. 
    Version 0.2 [5/11/05]
    Finished most of the walkthrough
    Version 0.3 [6/11/05]
    Finishing the rest.
    Version 0.4 [18/12/05]
    Fixing up the nitbits.
    Version 0.5 [20/12/05]
    Added ASCII art to title.
    Complete [26/1/06]
    Finishing off bits and pieces.
    [2.01] Create a Sim
    First things first. All you have to do to start is to create a Sim. Give you
    Sim a name. Well, that is how people know who you are. Press select to change
    your capital letters into non-capital letters
    After you finish, click on the done key. Now onto phase 2. You have to give a
    gender to your Sim. After the gender, you have to give a skin tone to your Sim
    so make him / her any colour you like.
    Now, phase 3. You have to select a hair style for you little Sim. You only 
    have four choices so pick one. Now, you can pick the hair colour of your 
    little sim. Change the direction on the pad to change the colour. 
    Phase 4 and you select what type of shirt you want your Sim to have. Then you 
    get to customise your shirt. Pick any colour and move on. 
    Phase 5 and it involves what leg wear you want your Sim to have. It is 
    basically the same as phase 4. After that, choose what colour your shoes are.
    Now you get to choose what aspiration you want your Sim to have. There are 
    three aspiration as opposed to the 5 in the Sims 2 for PC. You get to have 
    friendly, romantic and Intimidating. You get ratings for having conversations
    that involve your aspiration.
    Now, confirm and you can enter the outside world.
    [3.01] Starting
    After Mr Boss finishes chucking a hissy fit, you get your first orders. Press
    Start to find out.
    Go Upstairs and Explore the Town
    After you see the house that you will be living in, go outside and you will
    see Dusty Hogg, a character than came from The Sims Bustin Out, and the Urbz
    Sims in the City. You will have your first, proper conservation with this
    Have a nice look at that chat screen. Get used to it, you will be seeing it 
    a lot. For every successful interaction, the rating bar, on the right will go
    up. For every negative interaction, the rating bar will go down. Your 
    objective here is to complete this conservation by filling up the diamond.
    Now, after you finish, you will have new plot points.
    Buy a piece of furniture from the Pawn Shop
    You have 499 Simoleons to spend at the pawn shop. Move up the road and you 
    will have a cutscene of the pawn shop. Enter it and Dusty will be in there. 
    You will be told that the shop gets more stuff everyday so keep checking. The
    things you need right now is a bed and shower. They are the move important at
    this current point. After you buy the stuff you need, you will finish and get
    a new plot point
    Use the Toilet.
    Hurry home to use the toilet. You will be filled in on the performance meter
    at the bottom of the screen. Hurry home to use your newly installed toilet.
    When you arrive at your green toilet, you see a green alien. Now that is 
    weird. Guess aliens have to use toilets as well. Well, talk to him. 
    You are forced to leave the bathroom. Then you are told by your boss that the
    alien is Burple, an alien actor he hired to stir things up. Now you have some
    more orders.
    Intimidate the alien off the toilet.
    Now start the conservation with intimidating conversation. Just annoy and 
    insult the alien until the diamond is full red. After that, Burple will go 
    away and you recieve new plot points
    Fix the toilet
    Meet Daddy Bigbucks in the boardroom downstairs
    First of all, go to the toilet and choose repair. The toilet will turn white.
    Now, use the toilet. Time to move on. Go downstairs. To open the door, you 
    have to go to the valve to open it. Open the door and move in. Now, you get
    to make Commerical Breaks. Its like a mini game where you earn your money. You
    will be made to do them every now and then so get used to it. You will be told
    that while you were busy, Dusty wanted you. 
    Go to the Saloon to see what Dusty wants
    Before you go, you get a Cell Phone. Before you go, place down the items. You 
    should know how to do it. Go to your inventory and select the item. Then move
    the D pad and place it. Use R and L to rotate it. 
    Now head to the saloon, its near the pawn shop. Its after the gate by the way.
    You get a welcoming party. Enjoy!
    Episode Complete.
    At the end of the episode, you get rated by the Goths. You use the rating 
    points to get things like upgrades.
    [4.01] Buried by the Mob
    Stars *
    Mobster Frankie Fusilli has a favor to ask of just about everyone in town. 
    Where do your loyalities lie?
    When you move towards the door, you will get a message from Jimmy "The Neck". 
    It looks like he won't move so lets give him some insults. This guy takes a 
    while to intimidate so what your moves. After that long conservation, you get
    some new plot points.
    Find and return the briefcase to Jimmy "The" Neck
    Invesitgate the pawn shop and the Saloon for clues
    Gain Frankie Fusilli's confidence
    Lets head to the saloon. When you enter it, you will find a pile of sand to 
    the left hand side. You'll investigate the pile. Talk to Dusty and he'll tell
    you about his broken freezer door. Remember this for now. Head over to the 
    pawn shop. You might as well check what is in store. When you head to the 
    store, go to the left and open the door. You'll see another pile of sand, this
    time with some paint and glass. 
    You have completed this plot point. Head to Frankie's house for the next one.
    He is below your house. Wow, what a nice house. Enter the house, through the
    door and give him a What's Up. His daughter has been down for the last few
    weeks and you have to cheer her up.
    Make Friends with Ara Fusilli
    Ara is next to the casino, north of the pawn shop. She won't move an inch with
    the What's Up button and she doesn't look too happy. Give her a friendly 
    conservation and make her happy. After that, you get a new plot point.
    Get something to distract Giuseppi Mezzoalto so Ara can get to the Casino
    So to the pawn shop and get the paddleball for 250 Simoleons. Give the paddle
    ball to him as a gift and he'll be distracted. Such a simple thing, so easily
    amused. Before you do anything, head to the Zoo, two screens west and talk
    to the Zookeeper and ask for an errand. We'll do this later.
    Now, head back to Frankie and his house. You and Ara make up a great story and
    you get a new plot point. 
    Speak to Jimmy the Neck about what you learned
    Jimmy is next to your house so talk to him. After you have a nice chat, you
    get a shovel and a new plot point.
    Dig in the desert and bring the briefcase back to Jimmy
    Now to finish off some unfinished business. The errand you needed to do. To 
    give the plug to Kayleigh, you need to go to the power plant. You have to go 
    to the parking lot and up those stairs. After you are on the platform, head to
    the room at the far back. Give the item to her and you have finished the
    errand for this episode. 
    For the hidden want, you need a mechanical point to fix the freezer. Head 
    south from your house and go across the foot bridge and talk to the guy. You
    can buy the mechanical book for 175 Simoleons. Read the book and head back to
    the Saloon. Fix that door for the hidden want to be done. 
    After you have fixed the door, head back to where you bought the book. Head
    south and you will find a pile of sand. Dig there with your shovel and head
    back to Jimmy. Give him a Whats Up and you finish the episode and get the
    Super Drencher Tool
    [4.02] What Digs Beneath
    Stars *
    Something strange is lurking under the arid sands of Strangetown. Is it a 
    friend ... or a foe?
    You begin this episode with Jimmy going on about how elephants sat on him. 
    You sure it wasn't the other way around Jimmy? Anyway, you see a giant white
    rat. Jimmy finds it cute. Then you see another one. Where are they coming from
    you wonder?
    Investigate where all the rats are coming from. 
    First of all though, head to Frankie's house and search the chimney. You will
    find the Microfiche so give it to Jimmy, thats is your hidden want complete.
    While we are sidetracking, we might as well get the errand out of the way. Go
    east from the main town as talk to Jebediah. He wants you to give a luxury
    chair to Mrs Hogg. She is normally at the power plant so find her and give it
    to her. That is the errand done for this episode. 
    Now, back to the main quest. Head north of the town and go west to enter the
    salt mines. After you talk to Lord Mole, you will be encountering Penelope 
    Redd and she will ask you about the moles and she thinks that they are going
    to make some suicidal weapon of mass destruction. 
    Pluck the spines of a flowering Spiny Cactus
    Acquire a chuck of fissionable plutoium
    Find a pair of rubber waders
    Get a pile of scrap iron
    Anyway, head to the workshop north of you and talk to Optimum Alfred and you 
    will start to play Chop-Shop. After that, you realise that you are not strong
    enough to get the iron so you have to get Jimmy. 
    Find someone strong to help rip out the iron
    Be friendly to Jimmy and he will follow you to the factory and help you rip
    out the iron. Now we have the iron. Head to the pawn shop and buy those gloves
    for 450 Simoleons. You will need it to pluck needles. Head south from your
    house and go to a cactus. Pluck those needles. That is another one completed.
    Head to the Casino. Talk to Luthor and for a small price of 300 Simoleons, you
    will recieve a chuck of plutoium in the mail. Is that safe? While you are 
    there, talk to Pepper Pete and he will tell you where you can find some waders
    that he lost.
    Dig Up the waders in the field behind the factory. 
    Pick up the plutoium behind the City Hall.
    To get the second objective, go to the mail and pick up the note. Then head to
    city hall, go behind it, near the tunnel and go pick up the plutoium. Now for
    the waders. Go behind the factory, via the right hand side and dig the patch
    of sand. Now you have the waders and the final objective
    Return to Lord Mole with all of the items
    Simple. Go to the mole and give him the items. Make sure that your aspiration
    meter is full, the hidden want and errand complete for the full ratings. You
    will go to a commerical break before you enter. After you enter, you will face
    a showdown with Penelope or the Mole. Choose what team you will side for.
    Choose who to side with by talking to Penelope Redd or Lord Mole
    Choose who you want and you will play a strange human mole whacking game. If 
    you sided with the mole, have to hit the humans, and vice versa. The result 
    of it will end the episode. 
    [4.03] Aliens Arrived
    Stars ****
    Buy the Weirdness Plot Twist to unlock.
    The shrewd Emperor Xizzle launches a full scale invasion ... with a twist: you
    may not be able to find his army. Be careful!
    You talk to Dusty whether you should build a dirt track here or not when Tank
    comes along acting pretty weird. He wants you to deliver something.
    Give Tank's "bonquet" to Kayleigh.
    Lets sidetrack here. The Errand for this level is from Ava in the Gothic 
    Gardens and she wants you to deliver a bottle of green goo for Penelope. So,
    lets head off to the Gothic Gardens, west of the nuclear power plant and find
    Ava. She will give you the errand and you have to give it to Penelope. Thats
    the errand done.
    Back on the task at hand. Dusty and Kayleigh are at the power plant discussing
    what Tank is up to as he seems a bit weird. Dusty also has the bonquet of 
    flowers and when you give her your flowers, Kayleigh decides to confront Tank
    at his barracks.
    Confront Tank at his barracks about his gift
    When you arrive at Tank's barracks, you see Tank, denying that he was the 
    person that wanted you to give the flowers. Then, Tank walks in. Another Tank!
    Then, the other tank runs out and you see that it was an alien imposter. You 
    have to sort out alien from human.
    Check the Canyon and Dam areas for a way to reveal alien impersonators
    When you go to the dam, you find that aliens what water. 
    Drench those aliens.
    Pull out the drencher that you got from Jimmy earlier, and start firing! Once
    you fire on an alien, they reveal their plans to destroy ... a dance club?
    Go to the Dance Club to save it from the aliens. 
    Opposite the factory is a dance club, with a music note on it. Enter it and
    try to save it from the aliens. Its a trap and you are captured and place in 
    the salt mines. Talk to the Lord Mole. 
    Enlist the aid of Bigfoot and Optimum Alfred to defend the town. 
    The Lord Mole suggests that you move to the north western corner and dig a 
    hole to escape. You will be at the dam and kill the aliens. When you dig out
    of the hole, go to the factory and you will find Optimum Alfred who wants you
    to do a favour for him.
    Clear the Factory of aliens, then speak to Optimum Alfred
    First of all, go to the Dance Club and kill all the aliens. That will complete
    your hidden want. Then, do the same at the factory and speak to Optimum Alfred
    who will guard his shop. Then talk to Bigfoot, he is near the tunnel that 
    leads to the power plant. After you talk to Bigfoot.
    Return to Lord Mole
    Head back through the tunnel you made and talk to him. After you talk to him
    Clear the Dam of aliens, then speak to Lord Mole
    Yep, were going on a water shooting spree. Kill every alien in sight. When you
    finished with the aliens, report back to Lord Mole for the final kill.
    Stop the aliens at their ship near Jebediah Jerky's Ranch
    Head over to the ranch and pull out your water pistol. Follow the bottom 
    pathway to the staircase and keep following the trail. Now, see that orb on 
    the ground? Use it and it will make you an alien. Now enter the ship. 
    Disable the aliens' weapon in the computer!
    Head over to the computer and rewire it and watch as the emperor blows it all
    up. Watch the cutscene and that is the end of Season 1. 
    [5.01] Blackout!
    Stars **
    A suspicious power failure at the Power Plant raises question of sabotage. Is
    the guilty party one of your friends? Or are greater forces at work?
    You start off by talking to Pete and Kayleigh with Pete having a crazy idea to
    build a sundial with chewing gum when BOOM!, there is an explosion at the 
    power plant. 
    Investigate the explosion at the Nuclear Plant
    Time to break off the main task. Lets run the errand shall we. Head down to
    Frankie's house. He wants you to deliver a black and white lava lamp to Luthor
    so find Luthor and give it to him. He should be lurking at the dance club that
    is near the mines. Then, head off to the Ranch and Jebediah wants to get some 
    green goo or whatnot. We'll have to come back later. Now head to the Nuclear 
    Power Plant. 
    Bring 10 Nuclear Fuel Rods to Momma Hogg
    Ask about town about the little insignia
    Once you finish the conversation, you will get a phone call that Kayleigh has
    fallen ill. Head to the medicial centre near your house. After that little 
    chat, you return to your quest. 
    Look on the floor for those fuel rods. It are all over town so keep looking. 
    Go to the pawn shop later and talk to Ava. She will tell you what the insignia
    is and tell you that Kent Hackett used to be Chaz Dastard. 
    Anyway, when you have the 10 Nuclear Fuel Rods, go back to the Medicial Centre
    and give them to Momma Hogg. 
    With Kayleigh in a strange mood, you have to find Kent. He is in the warehouse
    so go there.
    Investigate the Warehouse
    Go south to the warehouse where Kent is. Then you see something is wrong.
    Find a way past the locks and enter the Warehouse
    The vents normally open with picking the locks of the middle, then the left
    and then the right. Failing to pick the right one will land you in prison. 
    When you finish picking the locks and enter, you will see all those fuel rods
    that Kent is hoarding and you pass out. You end up in hospital and you are 
    told to find someone with Safety Suits
    Recover Kent's nuclear rod stockile
    Get the radiation protection from Penelope Redd
    First, go to city hall and talk to Penelope. She says that she can make the 
    whole suit if you get her some Skin Cream and some thorium. 
    Get the Skin Cream from Misty Waters
    Find Thorium in the Salt Mines
    Go to the salt mine and talk to Lord Mole. He tells you that you need to use
    your Super Drencher on the salt walls to find the metal or gold. Then, go 
    around the mine and soak all the purple crystals. You will find the thorium in
    the end. If not, keep looking. Now to get the skin cream. You will find Misty
    in the Gothic Garden but you have to cough up about 1000 Simoleons. 
    When you have finished, go back to City Hall and give the items to Penelope. 
    Then head to the warehouse. Then Commerical Break. 
    When you come back from the commerical break, go and take all those nuclear 
    fuel rods. On the base of the warehouse, take the bottle of green goo and 
    give it to Jebediah, who wanted it earlier remember? That should complete the
    hidden want for this episode. When you pick them all up, you recieve a phone
    call that Kayleigh is better. So to the factory and give the 45 Nuclear Fuel
    Rods and that will complete the episode.
    Episode Complete! 
    [5.02] A Brand New Scent
    Stars **
    Kayleigh Wintercrest's sweet new perfume has surprising effects on the single
    men of Strangetown.
    You start off with you talking to Honest Jackson, who has fallen for Kayleigh
    and her perfume. You get your orders after Jackson stops his love talk and
    gives the orders
    Use the Pawn Shop Telescope to spy on the eligible bachelors of Strangetown. 
    Look at all those 6 locations.
    Dust Vale - Tristian and Giuseppi talk about horses
    Death Gulch - Nothing
    Nuclear Plant - Emperor Xizzle talking out loud
    Canyonero Grande - Nothing
    Strangetown Zoo - Jebediah and Sancho talking about beetles
    Wastelands - Auda and Ara
    After you finish spying, you have an new objective
    Go see Honest Jackson at City Hall.
    But first, time to sidetrack. The hidden want is started by going to the right
    room in the casino and talking to Misty Waters. Now, head outside and talk to 
    Penelope. Then, head to the Gothic Gardens to talk to Ara and head to Ara'a 
    House and talk to her. Then head back and talk to Misty and finish that want.
    Talk to Honest Jackson and he is basically making you take out all those other
    competors to get to Kayleigh. First, we do the errand for this episode. So to
    the Salt Mines and talk to Lord Mole. He will give you a map which you have to
    give to Penelope. Give it to her and that will finish the errand for this 
    Ruin Sancho's gift for Kayleigh
    When you head to the Zoo, you will find that Jebediah has information about
    the beetle. Head to the ranch and talk to him. 
    Ask Jeb what he knows about the Desert Fuzz Beetle
    You will find Jeb at his ranch. Talk to him. Jeb says that when dry, the 
    beetle is a cute thing. When wet however, it will be the nastiest thing 
    around. You know what to do.
    Soak the Desert Fuzz Beetle with your Super Drencher
    Head back to the zoo and go past Sancho. The beetle looks like a overgrown
    mouse with blue fur. Time to drench it. When you drench it, it looks like a 
    overgrown green beetle. Too bad Sancho, better luck next time. After that, its
    time to report to the head boss.
    Go see Honest Jackson at City Hall
    Well, go see him. He wants to ruin another person in the running. His mayor is
    turning evil. And its terrorism!
    Ruin Adua's reservations at the Casino
    Well, head outside and go to the Casino. Talk to Pepper Pete and he'll say 
    that ruining the reservation is none of your business. Well, time to do it the
    dirty way. Well, start a friendly conservation with him and he'll agree that 
    he'll stop Auda's reservation. Thats 2 down. Time to see the Mayor.
    Go see Honest Jackson at City Hall.
    Well, the mayor has fallen for Kayleigh good and you have to ruin another 
    suitor, Tristian. Time to stop the horse ride. Well, talk to Tristian who is
    at the ranch and he will say that Kayleigh hates the mess. Giuseppi is 
    cleaning the mess. Lets see what we can do. Giuseppi is still cleaning the
    mess and confirms that Kayleigh will dump him if she sees the mess. Time to
    make it dirty. 
    Get manure from Jebediah Jerky to spoil the clean barn
    Well, talk to Jeb and he'll say that you can get some manure but not to get
    greedy because he nearly didn't make his quota. You will be forced to play
    Cattle Cleaner and you get paid for it. You get some manure. Time to spoil 
    the barn. Go to the barn and soil it.
    Go see Honest Jackson at City Hall
    Lets see what he wants this time. He wants you to take down the final person,
    the Emperor Xizzle. Lets head to the Emperor's last location, the Nuclear 
    Power Plant. 
    Find out what Emperor Xizzle's plans are, and foil them.
    Now you see a cut scene with the emperor who wants some make up
    Acquire Make-Up from warehouse. 
    Lets head down there. Talk to Kent and he will give you some expired make up
    from 1986. Thats 19 YEARS!!! Lets head back to the Nuclear Plant and give him
    some make up. Heh, he looks funny when he is invisible. Time to see the mayor
    Go see Honest Jackson at City Hall
    I really think this guy should join the mafia. See that mayor and he wants her
    phone number? Head outside and we cut to a commerical break. After the nice
    game, you see Kayleigh and see wants to dump the perfume. You have to find 
    someone, who isn't made of flesh and bones to dump it. Time to see Alfred
    Find the perfume in the Kayleigh's office at the Nuclear Plant
    Ask Optimum Alfred to dispose of the perfume safety
    Maxis, spelling error. Anyway, head to the office and find the control panel. 
    Look for the hatch and you will find the perfume. Time to see Alfred and he
    will dispose of it. 
    Episode Complete!
    [5.03] The New Cola
    Stars ***
    A delicious new cola with a secret formula has an unexpected effect on your 
    Okay, you start with Ava and Dusty arguing over a ladybug swarm. Then Tank 
    shows up with a 6 pack of Cherry Guava King Chug Chug cola. He drinks it and
    you will be placed in a mini game. 
    After that, you drink the cola and your SHRINK!?!, meanwhile, you see Kayleigh
    at the power plant with an invoice of 500 nuclear fuel rods that are spent. 
    Now, you see that you have shrunk and you have to get to normal size.
    Find a way to return to normal size!
    Okay, follow the only path and Tank follows you. After a while you will see 
    some ladybugs. They look big and mean.
    Defeat the Lady Bugs blocking the path
    You realise that water doesn't effect them so move to your left. Then you see
    that there is some repellent on the floor. Fill up your drencher with it and 
    fire on those bugs. That should get rid of them.
    More ladybugs on the trail so have your gun, I mean, water gun, I mean, bug
    repellent gun equipped. Then, the lights go out, and Tank starts running.
    Find Tank!
    First of all, kill the ladybugs attack you. Then find Tank. If those ladybugs
    attack you, you will lose performance. To regain that lost performance, there
    will be some jelly beans on the floor that you can eat. Eat them and find Tank
    before its too late. Kill those bugs and go down the rope.
    More ladybugs. They just don't quit do they? Kill those bugs and enter through
    the wall. Kill those bugs guarding Tank and rescue him. Time for another job.
    Intimidate Tank into Fleeing
    Switch to your hand and start to intimidate him. Once you finish, he gives in
    and start moving north. Wow, we see the black ladybug. Lets kill her. Its he
    hidden want but I kill her cause she looks ugly. Anyway when you finish the
    bugs and attack her, she will retreat so kill the two ladybugs that she 
    summoned and she will come down again. Repeat until she dies and that is the
    hidden want done. By the way, there is no errand for this round. 
    Lets go back to Tank and make him follow. Try being friendly or intimidate 
    him if he doesn't follow. Head up the shoelace rope and you will see that a 
    can of that cola has been spilt. Do we drink it? 
    Investigate the Broken Bowl
    Lets drink the Glug Glug cola. There no harm in that is there? Drink it and 
    you will be back to normal. Then Tank makes Dusty drink the cola ...
    Episode Complete
    [5.04] There Was This Mummy
    When things start disappearing in Strangetown, your Sim vows to unravel the
    Stars ****
    Buy the Mystery Plot Twist to unlock this episode.
    You talk to Penelope about being a lion tamer and that she gave that up to
    join the FBI. Then Luthor comes up saying that he lost his gold medal or that
    someone stole it. You have to find it since Penelope says this isn't a 
    Federal matter.
    Find Luthor's gold medal
    Head outside the dance club and you will see Bigfoot, who says a toilet paper
    man took his favourite teddy bear *sigh* guess we have to find that too.
    Find Bigfoot's teddy bear
    Head off to the main town and you will see that Honest Jackson says that 
    Penelope has been captured. Well, that is another thing we have to find. 
    Find Penelope Redd
    Go down the road and talk to Giuseppi. He will talk about the amount of sand
    on the road. Lets dig it up and see. Down the road, is Ara. She says that she
    hears a large sound in the desert about 7 pm and 5 am in the morning. Time
    to investigate.
    Head down the cliff road near the Ziggurat and you will see a mummy. He says
    he can't be scared. Lets just see about that.
    Intimidate the mummy to get into the Ziggurat
    Intimidate him. Then he lets you into his home. You find the gold medal and 
    then some blood sucking flies come along. You need to get rid of them
    to rescue Penelope. Lets find a creature expert.
    Get some strong insect repellent
    Time for the hidden want and errand. Note that the mummy follows you. Head to
    the warehouse where Kent says it is on fire. Well, use your Super Drencher to
    stop the fire. Hidden Want complete.
    Head up to the town and Luthor will find his medal and all is good and well. 
    The errand is from Kayleigh, who is in the Saloon and wants you to deliver a
    radioactive couch to Frankie. Thats the errand for this level.
    Now, according to the mummy, we have to find a creature expert. Looks like 
    Sancho is our man. He can get some repellent, but he needs !?! 2000 Simoleons,
    thats a lot. Time to start earning some money. 
    Give him the money and you get some repellent. Now to spray the flies.
    Spray the tsetse flies in the Ziggurat
    Lets head there and spray some flies. Kill the flies and advance further into
    the home. Well, you see that Penelope is missing. Head outside and there is
    Penelope. Seems she got out alive. You are about to see the mayor, when its 
    time for a Commerical Break. 
    We are back and we are talking to the mayor. The mayor seems happy to find
    that Penelope is back. Then Bigfoot wants his teddy. Seems like we have to 
    keep moving. Mummy can tell if we are far or near so lets go. The bear is 
    near the ship, where the guy sells books. Is south of him, near the cactus. 
    Dig at the pile of sand. Then you will give it to Bigfoot and thats the end.
    Episode Complete!
    [6.01] Triassic Trouble
    Oops! Honest Jackson has misplaced a dinosaur. Or, rather, its bones. Your Sim
    can help him recover the pieces. 
    Stars ***
    You are at the Saloon, when Jimmy wants you to go to Frankie and forgets what
    he is about to say. Lets head to Frankie's house
    Talk to Frankie Fusilli at his house.
    Lets get the errand first. Talk to Pepper Pete and he will give you an invoice
    to give to Sancho. Lets do that and get the errand out of the way. Sancho will
    be at the zoo. While you are at the zoo, talk to Sancho and he goes on about
    a Megalodon Jawbone and how he wants to see one. Go outside and go near the 
    bridge. Go to the side of the bridge and there is a patch of firt you can dig
    at. Dig there for the Jawbone. Then, go inside and give it to Sancho. That 
    will give you the hidden want for this episode. 
    With that all said and done, lets head over the Frankie's House. Go in and 
    talk to him. Ara will be there and you decide to dig up Jeb's ranch. You can't
    let him spot you says Frankie.
    Dig up all the dinosaur bones on Jeb's Ranch.
    Lets ride there and dig it all up. Jeb won't be around so just dig up all 
    those patches of sand. We have to pillage the sand and get the bones and sell
    it for a tidy profit. There are 5 seperate bones to collect on Jeb's farm so
    make sure you collect them all. 
    You will find a Dinosaur Tail Bone, a Dinosaur Spine Bone, a Dinosaur Skull
    Bone, a Dinosaur Rib Bone and a Dinosaur Leg Bone. Now, lets get out of here. 
    Once you get on the road, you get caught by "Honest" Jackson and Jeb. Jeb 
    points out that you have dinosaur bones and Jackson, being as honest as he is
    decides not to send you to prison since you've done his dirty work. 
    Put the bones in the proper boxes
    Tell Frankie Fusilli about Honest Jackson's actions. 
    Jeb stands guard over you go use place them in the box via the A button. Once
    you have done that, Jeb moves out of the way. Now its time to break the bad
    news to Frankie. Go to Frankie's House and tell him. Frankie thought that is 
    was a trap and Daddy Bigbucks give you a call for a commerical.
    After the commerical, its another day and Jimmy comes to deliver a message, 
    from Honest Jackson, except that he forgot the message he was meant to pass
    on, so I guess we have to see him?
    Go see Honest Jackson at City Hall
    Well, you get used to this one before. Remember A New Scent? Well, lets see
    what he wants now. Look like Honest Jackson screwed up big time. Apparently,
    he sold the fossils on an auction when he thought he was programming Optimum
    Alfred to send them to Minipolis. Looks like we have to get them back.
    Recover the bones from the buyers for Honest Jackson
    We have to examine the auction invoice. We have to find the five different
    buyers get them back. First of all, we have to find Helen Hogg, Dusty's Mum. 
    She is at Dusty's place so go there. She won't part with them because she is
    making a soup? What kind of soup is that? She will only part with it if Dusty
    is allergic to Dinosaurs
    Convince Dusty to pretend to be allergic to dinosaurs.
    Well, lets find Dusty. Dusty is at the saloon. Looks like be have to be a good
    friend to stop Dusty drinking that soup. Look like we have to be friendly. 
    When you are done, Dusty will say that the bones belong to everyone and he 
    will like to his mum that he is allergic. I think they checked him at birth 
    to see if he was allergic or not. Mrs. Hogg wants to get rid of the bone so
    that is one thing down. 4 more bones to go. 
    Next on the list is Ms Kayleigh Wintercrest. She will be at her Nuclear Power
    Plant as usual. She only wanted the spine for the DNA sample. She will sell it
    to you for 500 Simoleons
    Pay Kayleigh for the dinosaur spine
    So pay her and you can have your spine bone back.
    Thats 2 Down, 3 to go. Apparently, she is going to make hairspray with the 
    Next one, Misty Waters. She is in the Casino spa area so talk to her there. 
    She made the ribcage a chair? She wants to trade the Triassic chair for a 
    more expensive chair. What a rip off. 
    Buy a really expensive chair and trade it for Misty's ribcage chair.
    Head over to the Pawn Shop and buy the Golden Chair for 3000 Simoleons when
    you have the money. That is a lot of money for a bone. Jackson is gonna pay 
    for this. Misty will trade the golden chair as it is part of the BigBucks gold
    collection. Time for the next person on the list. 
    Mr Bigfoot, who is outside Sancho's home. Bigfoot hurt his foot and needs 
    someone strong to help him out. He admits that they are stinky so be careful.
    Get enough strength to massage Bigfoot's foot. 
    You can message his foot with about 4 strength. You basically tickle his foot
    and you will get the leg bones back. There is only one more to go.
    Ava Cadavra has the last set of bones. Ava want an artefact that is cooler 
    than the dinosaur skull so I guess we have to go treasure hunting. She says
    that some impressive stuff can be found in the Mohokum Ziggurat as there are
    macabre pieces there. 
    Search the Ziggurat for a really old decoration for Ava
    Lets head off to the Ziggurat and find this decoration for Ava. Might have a
    time looking. Mummy will stop you from taking the urn so you have to 
    intimidate him again for it. He never learns does he? Oh well, him to scare
    him. Then you get the Egyptian Funerary Urn from Him. Give it to Ava and that
    is the final bone. 
    Okay, lets head back to city hall and talk to Honest Jackson. Now we have to
    find a place for these bones.
    Find a place to display the dinosaur bones.
    When you go outside, Frankie will call you and tell you to mess up the exhabit
    and you now have two choices.
    Assemble the skeleton correctly as Honest Jackson asked
    Or assemble the skeleton incorrectly, as Frankie Fusilli asked.
    The place we can place the dinosaur is the saloon. Dusty says that it is large
    enough so lets start. You have to listen to him carefully and what he asked.
    The right answer is Leg, Tail, Spine, Rib, Skull but it really doesn't matter
    as it will be the same result anyway.
    Episode Complete
    [6.02] The Doomed Earth
    An errant asteroid hurtles towards Earth, much to Emperor Xizzle's delight.
    Stop this natural accident before it's too late.
    Stars ****
    Your see the Emperor looking at the asteroids and calls for Burple to help
    him get a ship to flee. Meanwhile, at the Ranch, Jebediah is pressured by
    Kent Hackett to sell his farm. Jeb need 500 Simoleons to pay the mortgage. 
    Give §500 to Jebediah
    But first, lets sidetrack again. The errand for this episode is from Auda who
    is in the dance club. He wants to deliver Shark Jaws to Dusty. So, find Dusty
    who is in his home and give it to him. Now, back to the ranch we go and we 
    will give the §500 to poor old Jeb who is about to lose his farm.
    When you give the money, Jeb will so all happy and Kent will come and plans
    to take over the farm when Jeb shows him the money. Kent gets all pissed over
    this foiled plan and then, a meteor comes out of space and lands on Jeb's 
    farm. Kent walks off all happy as the farm is basically worthless with this
    giant crater in the way. Then, move around and Penelope will come along saying
    that its all normal. She even quoted that she saw a pig with several heads.
    She wants you to get a telescope to help look for more asteroids and warn 
    people of their impending doom. 
    Acquire a telescope.
    Go to the barracks and talk to Tank. Apparently, the military doesn't have a
    telescope. Lets look harder. Lets warm up to him a little bit. Start a 
    friendly conservation with him. Okay, warming up to him doesn't work. Lets
    taunt him. That doesn't work either. So Tank doesn't seem to have the 
    telescope. Talk to Misty Waters and she'll say otherwise. Tank is spying on
    Ara with his telescope and to get him, someone has to flirt with Ara.
    Find someone to flirt with Ara Fusilli
    Find Luthor and ask him. His not sure so make friends with him. He will agree
    to help you out and you get your orders.
    Meet Ara in front of Frankie Fusilli's house between 6PM and 11PM.
    Go to that location. Ara wants Luthor to help move a bookcase so lets so 
    follow them.
    Follow Ara into Frankie Fusilli's house.
    Go into the house. Head into the fish room and you will find Ara and Luthor
    trying to move the bookcase. Then Frankie comes in and wants to kill you and
    Calm Frankie Fusilli Down
    Start a friendly conservation with him. He'll calm down and let you go. Go 
    outside and you see Tank talking to Ara. 
    Check out Tank's place while he is still distracted.
    Head over to his barracks and take the telescope off him. Now, give the 
    telescope to Penelope who is still at Jeb's Ranch. When Penelope sees another
    asteroid, she is concerned and wonders who in town can help. 
    Ask around town for help in stopping the Asteroid. 
    Go to the factory and talk to Optimum Alfred. He will help you stop the 
    asteroid for a mere §5000. 
    Pay §5000 to Optimum Alfred
    Just pay him. 
    Return to Optimum Alfred's Workshop after Midnight.
    Just return when it is past midnight. Simple.
    Destroy the Asteroid!!!
    Use the teleporter and land on the asteroid. There will be a crack smack bang
    in the middle so place the bomb there. Once you place the bomb, cut any wire
    you want but to complete the hidden want, you need to cut the red and blue 
    wire to destroy the asteroid to kingdom come. Once you finish that, that is
    the end of the episode
    Episode Complete!
    [6.03] It All Came to an End
    In a scheme for higher ratings Daddy Bigbucks decides a tradegy should befall
    Strangetown in this season ending cliffhanger!
    Stars *****
    You start the season finale with Daddy Bigbucks planning on make Optimum 
    Alfred amok. You need another bad guy according to Bigbucks. Time to get
    Get a high-powered Super Drencher from Emperor Xizzle
    Talk to the Emperor, who is in his little space ship and you have to convince
    him why he should make a mega drencher. Intimidate the Emperor and that will
    convince him that he should hand it over to you. Now you have a very strong
    drencher. You should see Burple beam up and talk to him for the errand. 
    Drench Optimum Alfred to turn him evil!
    The errand is to deliver a toy to the Emperor. Walk outside for a commerical
    break. Finish the game and back on task. Anyway, head to the factory and give
    Alfred, who is standing outside, a nice quick blast of water. 
    Anyway, after the blast, Alfred goes boom and Ara and Dusty come in. They then
    wonder off to Tristan who probably invented him. You get a call from Daddy 
    Bigbucks to head off to the Office, which your Sim forgot about. Head there 
    Report back to Daddy Bigbucks in his Boardroom
    Head back to the boardroom and Daddy is stand there waiting. Daddy now wants
    to sell Alfred's parts online. So. you have new orders.
    Find all five pieces of Optimum Alfred
    Walk outside and talk to Mrs Hogg. She said she saw Alfred's head fly to the 
    warehouse. Lets proceed there. While we are going on the warehouse, you will
    find Alfred's arm and torso so pick that up as well. When you arrive at the
    warehouse, you will see Frankie with the head at his feet, so pick up the 
    head and move on. In the town, Tank saw a flaming hand fly to the greenhouse,
    so lets head there next. On the way there, you will see the Emperor so give 
    him his toy. Now you will see Ava and Honest Jackson standing over the arm.
    The realise that is it Alfred so take the piece and run. Head to the workshop
    and you will see Jimmy. He says that a leg flew over to the dam. First, pick
    up the pick of Alfred near Jimmy and then proceed to the dam. You will see the
    feet at the beginning of the dam. Then when all five pieces of Alfred is 
    together, he talks. Yes, he realises that he was on a reality television show
    and thought that you would stand up to Daddy Bigbucks. But you lost his trust
    by killing him off so you have to find someone else to fix him.
    Convince Tristian Legend to rebuild Optimum Alfred.
    The hidden want is to get the Jar of Plutoium from Lord Mole's throne and give
    it to Penelope Redd. She'll run off and that is your Hidden Want done.
    Tristian is in the casino. Talk to him. He doesn't want to rebuild Alfred 
    because his time was nearly up so you have to convince him. Be friendly with
    him and he'll help. Tristian built Alfred at the age of 5! So Alfred is over
    30 years old. 
    Tristian rebuilds Alfred and Alfred rats you out by telling the town that they
    are all on Television. Strangetown is a television show. The town fights you 
    and you end up in prison. They realise that Daddy B is the main crook behind
    this. Daddy B walks in and gives you a choice. You can either continue to do
    his bidding or go against him. 
    There are two alternate choices with two alternate paths.
    "OK. just let me out!"
    This one involves you convince 3 people that Strangetown is not a television
    show at all. Also, you have to get rid of Alfred.
    Convince three people that Optimum Alfred lied!
    You have to be friendly with people so use friendly conversations with people.
    Then, they will realise that Alfred went bonkers and lied about the whole TV
    thing. You can talk to Mrs Hogg who is next Dusty's House, Pepper Pete who is
    near the saloon and Ara who is in Frankie Fusilli's house. Now for phase 2.
    Get Optimum Alfred to leave town!
    Alfred is at the workshop. He agrees to leave town if you pay a sum of §4,000
    to him. Alfred will leave town and Daddy B has arranged the town to do 
    something to you at the city centre. Head there to see what it is ... 
    I won't spoil the ending, watch for it yourself. 
    "I'm not your pawn!"
    Daddy B decides he doesn't need you anymore and you have to try to get out of
    the slammer. 
    Convince Jimmy the Neck to let you out of jail!
    Talk your way out of trouble. Start a friendly conservation with Jimmy and he
    will let you out ... on a condition
    Destroy all of the town's surveillance cameras (one per area).
    Right, lets get started. Use your super drencher on it to destroy it. The 
    first camera is on the side of the casino. Second, on Dusty's Home. Third is
    next to the red ship, near the guy selling books. Fourth is on the warehouse.
    Fifth on near the UFO crash site. That should be the last of the cameras. Time
    to pay Daddy B a visit. Head to the Boardroom.
    I won't spoil this ending either.
    [6.04] A Very Special Reunion
    Five years after the final episode, it's time to cash-in on Strangetown's 
    cult status. Help Kent Hackett find the best loved stars and most reviled 
    villians for one last action-packed adventure!
    Stars *****
    Unlocked by linking two GBA's together
    You start off reading a letter that Strangetown has been cancelled. It was
    replaced and now, you have to get the crew back again. Kent has already got
    Ara, Kayleigh and Giuseppi to make a reappearance but they need a ride. And
    Mayor Xizzle needs some convincing.
    Convince Emperor Xizzle to host a reunion
    Arrange a ride with Frankie Fusilli for Kayleigh, Ara and Giuseppi.
    Well, lets convince Xizzle first. Start a friendly conservation with him. 
    After that, he will agree for host the reunion. Now, to see Frankie. When 
    you walk around town, you will see a lot of aliens. Now, kill them all 
    because like before, they can still harm you. Frankie will agree to help
    you but you need to pay for Kayleigh and Giuseppi. For over 2000 Simoleons
    to make him happy. 
    Walk outside and you will find Tank's pre-recorded message. Lets find him
    as he needs our help.
    Find Tank and convince him to attend the reunion. 
    First of all, lets do the errand. Go to the Ice Caves and you will find the
    Yeti. He wants you to deliver something to Bigfoot. Before we leave, we head
    to the fireplace and you will see Tank. Lets convince him shall we?
    Knock some sense into Tank. 
    Lets be friendly. Okay, that doesn't help. Lets intimidate him. He says his 
    house was taken over. 
    Get Tank's house barracks back for him. 
    Lets go. Head outside and its that time for a commerical. Head over to the zoo
    and give Bigfoot his doll. Thats the errand complete. Okay, back on task. 
    Inside Tank's house is Burple, who can't find the toilet. He will gladly 
    disappear for a mere 500 Simoleons. Pay the alien. Now, head back to the ice 
    caves to convince Tank.
    Now, Tank goes and we have a reunion to go to. Lets talk to everyone.
    Go to the Club for the reunion!
    Talk to Pepper Pete on the way back. He is at the dam. Talk to Optimum Alfred
    at his workshop. Lord Mole in his cave. Misty Waters in the sauna room of the
    casino. Dusty Hogg in his trailer. Sancho at the zoo. Now, off to the dance
    club. The hidden want is to play all five mini games and then talk to Optimum
    Alfred. That is what I think it is. You have to talk to Alfred and he will
    complete it. If not, leave and enter the factory and finish that want. 
    Walk in and you will see Ava, lets keep going. Then Xizzle comes in after the
    Disarm the Bomb!
    Hurry, lets disarm it! The "bomb" is behind the bush next to Misty. Then, 
    it will be fireworks and you and the Emperor Boggie. 
    Episode Complete!
    [7.01] Skills
    The store that sells skills is located south of your house, with the guy on
    the red. Boat. You have 5 books on each skills. 
    Book 1 - Skill 1 - §175
    Book 2 - Skill 2 - §700
    Book 3 - Skill 3 - §1,550
    Book 4 - Skill 4 - §2,800
    Book 5 - Skill 5 - §4,375
    Book 1 - Skill 1 - §180
    Book 2 - Skill 2 - §720
    Book 3 - Skill 3 - §1,620
    Book 4 - Skill 4 - §2,880
    Book 5 - Skill 5 - §4,500
    Book 1 - Skill 1 - §175
    Book 2 - Skill 2 - §700
    Book 3 - Skill 3 - §1,575
    Book 4 - Skill 4 - §2,800
    Book 5 - Skill 5 - §4,375
    Book 1 - Skill 1 - §150
    Book 2 - Skill 2 - §700
    Book 3 - Skill 3 - §1,350
    Book 4 - Skill 4 - §2,400
    Book 5 - Skill 5 - §3,750
    Book 1 - Skill 1 - §150
    Book 2 - Skill 2 - §600
    Book 3 - Skill 3 - §1,350
    Book 4 - Skill 4 - §2,400
    Book 5 - Skill 5 - §3,750
    Book 1 - Skill 1 - §200
    Book 2 - Skill 2 - §800
    Book 3 - Skill 3 - §1,800
    Book 4 - Skill 4 - §3,200
    Book 5 - Skill 5 - §5,000
    [7.02] Saloon
    The saloon sells food and water. It is above the pawn shop. The hostess will
    serve you.
    Hamburger    - Hunger   - §20
    Cherry Soda  - Thrist   - §15
    Root Beer    - Thirst   - §25
    Iced Tea     - Thirst   - §20
    Turkey Leg   - Hunger   - §30
    Cheese Pizza - Hunger   - §20 
    Hot Dog      - Hunger   - §15
    Chicken Soup - Hunger   - §15
    [8.01] King Chug Chug
    Don't let King Chug Chug catch you! Tap the A button repeatedly to run away. 
    But be careful: if you run too fast your cola will explode. Press Down to 
    drink and relieve the pressure, and Up to jump over obstacles.
    This will be your first ever commerical for Daddy B. All you have to do is to
    keep running from this Giant Cola thing and try not to burst your drink. You
    have to tap A for a long time to get a decent lead but then, you cola bottle
    will rise and when you see a red lining around it, you have to drink it to 
    relieve the pressure or it will burst and that will end the game. Also, if you
    get caught by the Giant Psycho Cola Can, you get eaten by it and that will 
    also end the game. Look out for boxes of cola on the floor because if you trip
    over it, you won't lose but it will slow you down a lot and let that Giant 
    Cola Can catch you and eat you. This game will probably do one of two things.
    It will most likely make your finger on the A button feel pain and the second
    is that your A button will get mashed and won't work. 
    Level 1 - None
    Level 2 - Score 60, Hotness 1, Personality 1
    Level 3 - Score 60, Hotness 3, Personality 1
    Level 4 - Score 60, Hotness 4, Personality 2
    Level 5 - Score 60, Hotness 5, Personality 3
    [8.02] Car Commerical
    Take Amazonite's latest ride for a test drive! Your quick responses to 
    marketing department slogans will boost your score! Careful though ... crash
    this car and your score will drop.
    This is the second commerical for Daddy B and it is by far, more entertaining
    than the cola commerical. Basically, all you have to do is to drive the car
    with A as accelerate and B as brake and the D pad as the steering. When a 
    slogan is on the top of the screen, you have to do it. Doing what the slogans
    tell you to will net you points while crashing will lose you points. The 
    highest speed is on the indicatior on the top left hand corner and you have
    to reach red when it means highest speed. It is by far the easiest of all the
    mini games you have to play. Also, the car can go really fast.
    Slogan                   | What you have to do
    It's Fast                | Drive at the top speed around the circuit
    All Terrain Vehicle      | Drive on the dirt or the grass but not on the road
    Easy Handling            | Pass though the middle of the two brown pole on the
                             | road
    Stop on a Dime           | Go at the highest speed and brake suddenly
    Eco-Friendly             | Go near one of the deer on the dirt and miss it
    Dual-Side Airbags        | You get to crash, on purpose. You don't lose points
    Looks Great              | You have to find on of those cameras and stop right
                             | in front of it or near it
    Level 1 - None
    Level 2 - Score 750 , Confidence 1, Hotness 1
    Level 3 - Score 800 , Confidence 2, Hotness 2
    Level 4 - Score 1000, Confidence 3, Hotness 4
    Level 5 - Score 1500, Condifence 4, Hotness 5
    [8.03] Bigfoot Loves Chickens
    ... but he's picky about their color. Use the + Control Pad to find the 
    correct color combination that will satisfy this sasquatch. Press the A button
    to see if your combination matches Bigfoot's appetite!
    This is more of a trial and error game. You get four chickens and you have to
    choose which colour is the one that Bigfoot wants. Use the D pad to move the 
    colours. The left and right buttons will change the colour and the Up and 
    down buttons will change the chicken you are going to change. Note that you
    have a time limit on this game. In the first few levels, you have pink, blue
    and yellow to choose from. After about Level 3, you get another colour, green.
    When you think you have the right combination, press A and Bigfoot will give
    you a score out of 4. If you have 1/4, that means you have 1 right and 3
    wrong. If you have 2/4, you have 2 right and 2 wrong. If you have 3/4 you have
    three right and 1 wrong. If you get a smiley face, you have guessed correctly
    and you win. Stick with a plan at first and it might work. For instance, I 
    choose all blue on Level 5 and get about 5300 Simoleons because it was under
    3 seconds. Level 5 nets you a lot of Simoleons if you complete it faster. 
    Level 1 - None
    Level 2 - Time Less Than 0:30, Intellect 1
    Level 3 - Time Less Than 0:25, Intellect 2
    Level 4 - Time Less Than 0:15, Intellect 3, Strength 1
    Level 5 - Time Less Than 0:10, Intellect 4, Strength 2
    [8.04] Cattle Cleanup
    Help Jeb clean-up his farm. Fill your canisters by collecting poo! Watch out
    for the charging bull and the green radioactive poo. If you have any methane 
    left, hit the L Button or R Button for a boost!
    This game basically involves you cleaning up cow manure. You have to go around
    in a tractor moving to the poo and you scoop it up. You will see a meter on 
    the top left hand corner and that will indicate how much poop you have in your
    cans. There are 3 different types of poo to collect. There is the big blob of
    poop, which has flies over it and that will contribute to one quarter of the
    meter. Then smaller blob of poop, that looks like a dot, will contribute to
    a quarter of a quart, one sixteenth of the meter if you like to the meter. 
    You need four of those for a whole quarter. The green radioactive poo is the
    one that you need to look out for. That will lower the meter by one whole 
    quarter so be careful. Next to the meter is a can and a X sign. That means 
    that everytime you fill the meter, that is another full canister and you get
    paid by the amount of canisters you have. Methane is from collecting poo and 
    if you use the boost, that will allow you to jump over objects. Obstacles 
    include stationary cows and one angry red bull. He will charge at you and make
    you lose all your speed. Jump over him. Use the A button to move and B to 
    brake. By the way, the scoops for the poo are somewhat magnetic to poo. 
    Level 1 - None
    Level 2 - Canisters = 8 , Mechanical 1
    Level 3 - Canisters = 10, Mechanical 2, Strength 1
    Level 4 - Canisters = 10, Mechanical 3, Strength 2
    Level 5 - Canisters = 11, Mechanical 5, Strength 3
    [8.05] Canyon Jumping
    Tap the A Button repeatedly for a good take-off speed. After the jump press B
    Button to pop out your wings. Use the + Control Pad to find a perfect angle
    that will keep your speed up! Watch out for geese and weather balloons, and
    This is by far one of the most entertaining games in the Sims 2. To start, 
    press the A button to take off. The best speed to take off on is on the red
    bars. When you take off, press B to use your wings or else gravity will send
    you elsewhere. Watch out for the weather balloons and geese, because they will
    pop your speed back to zero and if you are near the bottom without speed, you
    will fall and lose. When you get near the end, you will see and landing plank
    so land on it at the right angle or else you will crash. Not landing on the
    plank will crash you on the mountain and its game over for you. When you land,
    hope that your speed doesn't make you crash into the mountain. When you finish
    the landing, add 250 to your score and that will be your end score.
    Level 1 - None
    Level 2 - Score 950 , Mechanical 1, Intellect 1
    Level 3 - Score 975 , Mechanical 2, Intellect 2
    Level 4 - Score 1000, Mechanical 3, Intellect 3
    Level 5 - Score 1050, Mechanical 4, Intellect 4
    [8.06] Chop Shop
    Welcome to Mr. Fusilli's private and not-so-legal chop shop. Help sort out the
    various car parts. Press the A button to grab a part and use the + Control Pad
    to pick a bin to drop it in. Your score is based on the bin with the least
    amount of parts. So make sure you seperate them evenly!
    One of the more repetitive games in the Sims 2. There are basically three 
    parts for you to sort out. There is the wheel, in blue, the engine in red and
    the bottle !?! in green. Sort them out in the retrospective barrels to score
    points. Try to even things out to get a good amount of points. In later levels
    there will be bonuses. The will be a black and white screw thing and that will
    count as one to any barrel you choose. There will be all three parts merged as
    on which will give one to every barrel and then there is the battery, for 
    which there is no use. Keep your eye on the conveyer belt and the score at the
    same time. This will help you. In the end, you should be able to get a score 
    of 15 quite easily.
    Level 1 - None
    Level 2 - Score 8 , Strength 2
    Level 3 - Score 9 , Strength 3, Mechanical 1
    Level 4 - Score 10, Strength 4, Mechanical 2
    Level 5 - Score 12, Strength 5, Mechanical 3
    [8.07] Keelhaulin' Cards
    Collect pirate cards and earn three of a kind. Turn them in and watch your 
    pirate walk the plank. Play a ghost card for extra points! At the end of your
    turn, don't forget to discard. First player with at least 200 points at the
    end of a round: WINS!
    The game is quite simple and confusing. You have to get three or more of one
    pirate through drawing cards and picking up the discard of the CPU. Once you
    have three or more, press A on this card and you will get to play it. You can
    use a ghost card, a card this is lighter in colour than the pirate if the 
    ghost card is the ghost of the last pirate played. First player to finish the
    game without any cards in their hand will win the vault next to the combo 
    pile. There are bonus cards with every level. There is the keg of rum, which
    allows you to draw 2 new cards. There is the cannon, which subtracts points 
    off the CPU and there is the Bonus 5 card which gives you 5 points. A combo
    or bonus card can only be played once per round, so your can only play a keg
    once every turn. The more cards per pirate combo, the more points you will 
    score and add to the vault. 
    Level 1 - None
    Level 2 - Score 200, Intellect 1, Personality 1
    Level 3 - Score 200, Intellect 1, Personality 2
    Level 4 - Score 200, Intellect 2, Personality 3
    Level 5 - Score 200, Intellect 3, Personality 4
    [9.01] Twists
    To buy a plot twist, you have to use your rating points gained from your
    episodes and that will allow you to continue.
    New Plot - Weirdness
    Cost - 50 Ratings Points
    "Glowing lights, goofy gadgets, quirky contraptions ... make it happen!"
    What is Does - Adds "Aliens Arrived" to Season 1 (Unlocks Episode)
    New Plot - Mystery Plot
    Cost - 50 Ratings Points
    "What the audience wants is more intrigue!"
    What is Does - Adds "There Was This Mummy" to Season 2 (Unlocks Episode)
    New Set - Friendly
    Cost - 65 Ratings Points
    "Fun and frivolous objects will make the scene more festive and lively!"
    What it Does - Changes your house to a decor that is more friendly
    New Set - Romantic
    Cost - 85 Ratings Points
    "Add some pillows, soft music, and a little candlelight to set the mood in 
    your new pad."
    What it Does - Changes your house to a decor that is more romantic
    New Set - Intimidating 
    "A house full of bold and brazen items will certainly give viewers something
    to talk about."
    What it Does - Changes your house to a decor that is more intimidating
    New Prop - The Chopper
    "Get your paws on the throttle! Built by Dusty Hogg himself, this fine ride
    will make you the envy of Strangetown."
    What it Does - Gives you a bike to ride around town. Press A to change the 
    colour and ride. Its like walking except you move at a higher speed.
    [10.01] Friendly
    Chit Chat
    Basic Friendly Move. High Level of success, low increase in the conversation
    Secondry Friendly Move. Lower level of success, high increase in the 
    conservation bar. Continued failure in a conservation will lead to you being
    embarrassed and the action will be blocked for the rest of the conservation.
    First Move that can be bought
    Wrap your arms around them and squeeze! Move can be bought for 50 Ratings
    Points. Low level of success, high increase in the conservation bar.
    Second Move that can be bought
    You're pround of yourself and you aren't afraid to show it. This can be 
    bought for 80 Ratings Points. Average level in success and an average 
    increase in the conservation bar.
    Final Move that can bought
    Go on, say you're sorry. It's OK. Everything will be fine. This can be 
    bought for 100 Ratings Points. Very High level in success and a very low 
    increase in the conservation bar.
    [10.02] Romantic
    Note - This can be use on several members of the OPPOSITE sex.
    Sweet Talk
    Chit Chat
    Basic Romantic Move. High Level of success, low increase in the conversation
    Secondry Romantic Move. Lower level of success, high increase in the 
    conservation bar. 
    Blow Kiss
    First Move that can be bought
    Lighter than air and more romantic than a regular kiss. Move can be bought 
    for 40 Ratings Points. Average level of success, average increase in the
    conservation bar.
    Second Move that can be bought
    Plant a big smooch right where it counts. This can be bought for 85 Ratings
    Points. Low level in success and a high increase in the conservation bar.
    Show off Bod
    You're totally buffed up and proud of it. This can be bought for 120 Ratings
    Points. Low level in success and a high increase in the convervation bar. 
    [10.03] Intimidating
    Basic Intimidating Move. High Level of success, low increase in the 
    conversation bar.
    Secondry Intimidating Move. Lower level of success, high increase in the 
    conservation bar. 
    You aren't going to take this lying down! Move can be bought for 60 Ratings 
    Points. Average level in success and average increase in conversation bar
    Rude Gesture
    This gesture is forbiden in over 30 countries around the world. Move can be
    bought for 75 Ratings Points. Average level in success and average increase
    in conversation bar.
    Karate Chop
    Fists of steel, feet of stone, stomach of iron. Can be bought for 115 Ratings
    Points. This has a low level in success and high increase in the conversation
    [11.01] Calls
    Sometimes you will get calls give or taking away money and informing you of
    events taking place in town. It will call you and you will have to answer it
    pressing L.
    Honest Jackson calls and says "There was a bank error in your favor, you've
    been refunded §125."
    You will be given §125
    Momma Hogg calls and says "There's a big sale going on today. All items in 
    all stores are 25 percent off!" (Note that is means every single store in 
    town is 25% off)
    Means all shops have their items 25% cheaper for the rest of the day
    Honest Jackson calls and says "Thank you for your donation of §200 to the 
    Policeman's Pastry Fund"
    You will lose §200
    Honest Jackson calls and says "Congratulations <Insert your Sim's name here>,
    you've won §240 in the Lottery!
    You will get §240. What kind of lottery pays that little cash?
    [12.01] Season 1
    Buried by the Mob
    Talk to the Zookeeper and take the value and give it to Kayleigh who is in 
    the power plant. 
    What Digs Beneath
    Talk to Jebediah on his farm and he wants you to get his chair and give it
    Momma Hogg who is working in the nuclear power plant on the control panels.
    Aliens Arrived
    Talk to Ava who is in the hut in the Gothic Gardens and take the Green Goo
    that she gives you to Penelope to complete the errand.
    [12.02] Season 2
    Talk to Frankie Fusilli and take the expensive lava lamp and give it Luthor,
    where ever he is.
    A Brand New Scent. 
    Talk to Lord Mole in the salt mines and give the map he gives you to Penelope
    who is camping outside the casino.
    The New Cola
    No errand to be completed here. Well, you really can't if you are drawved by a
    little bug.
    There Was This Mummy
    Talk to Kayleight and she will give you couch that you have to give to 
    Frankie. It amazes me that you can carry a couch in your pocket.
    [12.03] Season 3
    Triassic Trouble
    Go to Pete the pirate and take the penguin invoice and deliever it to the
    zookeeper who is in the zoo
    The Doomed Earth
    Talk to Auda the actor in the dance club and he wants you to deliever some
    Real Shark Jaws to Dusty Hogg who is in his shack.
    It All Came to an End
    When you upgrade your soaker to a better soaker, Burple will beam up to the
    spaceship and ask you to give a little toy to Emperor Xizzle who is outside
    the power plant. 
    A Very Special Reunion
    After you hear Tank's automated message, you have to go to the ice caves and
    take to Yeti who wants you to deliver a doll to his brother, Bigfoot who is 
    outside the zoo.
    That is the end of the errands
    [13.01] Season 1
    Buried by the Mob
    The freezer in the saloon is broken and Dusty needs it fixed. Go get a 
    mechanical skill point from the skill seller and go to the back of the saloon
    and fix that freezer
    What Digs Beneath
    You need to find the microfiche and return it to Jimmy. The microfiche is
    found in the fireplace of Frankie's house. Find it and return it to Jimmy.
    Aliens Arrived
    When aliens have taken over, head off to the dance club, next to the workshop
    and pull our your water gun and start shooting the aliens. Reminds me of FPS.
    What a shame they didn't put more aliens for more killing fun.
    [13.02] Season 2
    Talk to Jebediah who is on his ranch and he talks about a green goo making
    his plants do something or anotherm, I forget. When you are in the warehouse
    picking up the nuclear fuel rods, on the bottom floor, there is a bottle of 
    green goo that you can pick up and give it to Jebediah.
    A Brand New Scent
    The hiddent want is from Misty Waters who is in the sauna / spa area of the
    Casino that is the door on the right. She wants you to talk to Penelope, Ava
    and Ara about Kayleigh's new perfume. Talk to them and report back to her to
    complete the want.
    The New Cola
    When you recover Tank who is on the lower level, if you head up, Tank will
    do a "tactical retreat" because of a "giant" ladybug. Go up to the ladybug
    and kill her sub-ordinates and she will come down. When she does, soak her
    with your bug spray water gun. Keep doing so until the "giant" ladybug finally
    There Was This Mummy
    I don't exactly know when you can start this want but, you have to put out the
    fire that is consuming the warehouse. You have to go inside the warehouse, 
    pull out your water gun and spray out all the fires by shooting at them. If 
    you manage to extinguish all those fires, which is an easy feat, you will 
    complete the hidden want for this episode.
    [13.03] Season 3
    Triassic Trouble
    Talk to the Zookeeper and he will mention that he would love to see a jaw of a
    Megalodon. So go outside, blast any giant rats in the area and head to the 
    bridge. Go beneath it and you will see a patch of dirt above the river or 
    water line. Dig there and you will find the megalodon jaw bone. Go back inside
    and give the jawbone to Sancho the zookeeper.
    The Doomed Earth
    When you are on the asteroid, you will have to select an option. Although 
    every option will net you an episode complete, if you select the second option
    you will complete the hidden want by destroying the asteroid.
    It All Came to an End
    Talk to Penelope inside City Hall and she says she wants something interesting
    or another. All you have to do is to go inside the salt mines and find the jar
    of plutonium that looks harmless (???). Well take the jar of plutonium and
    give it to Penelope who seems happy.
    A Very Special Reunion
    Talk to Optimum Alfred in the Workshop and he will complain how he has to do
    5 jobs. That means that you have to play the 5 mini games, Bigfoot Loves 
    Chickens in the Zoo, Keelhaulin' Cards in the casino, Cattle Cleanup on 
    Jebediah's farm, Chop Shop in the workshop and Canyon Jumping on the canyon,
    do good in them and report back to Alfred who will complete the want. If it
    doesn't complete it then, leave and reenter the workshop.
    That concludes the hidden wants. 
    [14.01] Characters
    Welcome to my random info corner.
    Reoccuring characters include
    Dusty Hogg - Who appeared in the Sims Bustin Out and the Urbz
    Giuseppi Mezzoalto - Same as Dusty, appeared in Bustin Out and Urbz
    Luthor L. Bigbucks - Appeared in Urbzs, Sims in the City
    Daddy Bigbucks - Appeared in both Sims Bustin Out and the Urbz
    Misty Waters - Same as Bigbucks, Appeared in Bustin Out and Urbz
    Tank Grunt is a character in the Sims 2 for PC who happened to live in the 
    neighbourhood of STRANGETOWN. It is true that he is a son of an army general
    who wanted Tank to follow in his footsteps.
    Pepper Pete is the brother of Salty Sam who appeared in Bustin Out and Urbz.
    [14.02] The Cast
    Emperor Xizzle
    BEHOLD! Alien Emperor Xizzle the Feared! The Reviled! The Loathed! The Canny!
    The Misunderstood! The UNINTELLIGIBLE.
    A bitter little off-worlder, Burple is one hot-tempered extra-terrestrial.
    Fortunately, he's very easy to understand. 
    Ara Fusilli
    Ara is extraordinary smart, undeniably sassy, and terminally bored daughter
    of local gangster Frankie Fusilli
    Auda Sherif
    The world of big-budget, action-packed, specticle films can be divided into
    two phases: Pre-Auda and Post-Auda. He put the "Oo" in boom!
    Ava Cadavra
    Ex-drummer for the cult band The Germinators, Ava Cadavra has shifted gears
    and spends most of her time tending and talking to plants in her glasshouse.
    For decades, people assumed Bigfoot was a mere creature of rumor and 
    imagination. Now that they know he's real, they don't pay much attention to
    Frankie Fusilli
    Frankie Fusilli runs the town, understand? Don't cross him or you'll be 
    rubbed out. Eventually. It may take fifty or sixty years but it'll happen. 
    Get it?
    Dusty Hogg
    Dusty has a mean streak much larger than his patience, but if you can prove 
    you're tough, he just might like you.
    Giuseppi Mezzoalto
    Since moving here from SimValley, Giuseppi has ditched his black-market 
    dealings. Now he's just a shady guy.
    Honest Jackson
    Honest Jackson rose to political power prominence after beating Andy Scandal
    in the race for mayor. Now he's working hard to shape the city.
    Jebediah Jerky
    Jebediah has lived in Strangetown longer thanthe place had a name. He's trying
    to keep his farm alive, but to tell the truth, he can't remember what he used 
    to grow.
    Jimmy the Neck
    Jimmy "The" Neck is a lunk with a heart of lead. He's nice and dumb and gets 
    along well with children. But if you cross him he'll probably consider 
    fighting back.
    Kayleigh Wintercrest
    Intelligent, enigmatic, egotistical, irresistible ... many have tried to woo
    this brilliant nuclear scientist. All have failed.
    Luthor L. Bigbucks
    Luthor is the handsome, talented, and arrogant son of Daddy Bigbucks. Easy
    to hate but impossible to ignore.
    Momma Hogg
    The only woman tough enough to keep Dusty in line - his mother.
    Misty Waters
    One-time lifeguard turned fitness guru, Misty is in Strangetown to live large
    and scout locations for her new business
    Lord Mole
    Self-proclaimed ruler of a subterranean race of mole people, Lord Mole is a
    feisty man with utopian dreams.
    Horus Menhoset the ninth, son of Horus Hipsomet the fourth, grandson of 
    Horus Kliptosap the eighteenth, great-grandson of Horus Palimpsest the
    Optimum Alfred
    A robot mechanic whose A.I. proved so sophisticated he was able to secure a 
    loan from a bank and open his own business.
    Penelope Redd
    Penelope is a cool and calculating woman on a mission. She was sent here by 
    the FBI to investigate a matter of urgent importance.
    Pepper Pete
    Pepper Pete, swashbuckling brother of Salty Sam, is temporarily land-locked 
    in Strangetown in search of a few good oarsmen.
    Kent Hacket
    Once a star of a cult science fiction television program, Kent now works in a
    warehouse, dreaming of a movie deal that may never come.
    Sancho Paco Panza
    Sancho earned his Masters in Zoology from Minipolis University. He has spent
    the last 5 years collecting specimens for Strangetown Zoo.
    Tank Grunt
    The son of an Army General, Tank was destined to follow in his father's 
    footsteps until an injured funny bone left him permanently without a sense of
    Tristan Legend
    Not much is known about the infamous Tristan Legend except that he is more
    handsome, more charismatic, and more talented than anyone on earth.
    Bigfoot's high-altitude cousin, the Yeti has been seen fewer times than the
    Strangetown unicorn. (The WHAT?!?)
    [--.01] Q&A
    Q. How do I unlock this episode ...?
    A. Read the corresponding episode to find out.
    Q. How do I do this .....?
    A. Read the guide. I'm tired of getting requests for help when it is provided
       and it is because some people are too lazy to read it. You don't read it,
       your problem if you don't find the answer.
    Q. I can't find this person ... at the time you said.
    A. They should be there. If not, leave the screen and come back. 
    [A] Contact Information
    Hey, what do you know, it looks just like my previous legal things, cause I'm
    too lazy to make another one.
    Before you E-Mail me, read the guide first. If the answer is not in here, then
    E-Mail me. If it is, don't bother as I won't reply.
    To contact me, e-mail me at
    hillsdragon13 [at] hotmail [dot] com
    Replace at with @ and dot with .
    Don't add me to MSN Messenger List because if I don't know you, I won't accept
    you, simple as that. 
    E-Mail me (and anyone else you want to e-mail) with courtesy and respect as 
    we are living people like you. Have a title of what you are sending so I know
    what is going on. If you try to send attachments, I won't open them so stick
    the information in the E-Mail. 
    Please write in English or anything close to it. It can't understand foreign
    languages so please don't give me a page long quite in Mexican or Antarctic
    penguin language cause I don't understand.
    Don't write in sloppy English. I mean, who the hell would understand "Hwo Od 
    Yoi Di Tjih Ni Tje Sdgs?" Don' be too formal, a question is not a freakin
    business agreement so don't say "Dear Sir, In accordance to your Walkthrough
    to the GBA Game, The Sims 2, ..." it makes me wonder if I'm talking to a freak
    the President of the United States of America or Bill Gates or Donald Trump.
    I will credit you if your send me information about this game that is not in
    the FAQ. I will also be grateful if you see this FAQ somewhere else other than
    Gamefaqs or a site which has my permission. If you do, tell me so I can kick
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    I will not respond to:
    * Spam
    * Bill Gate's Spam (He gets spam of up to 4 million per day)
    * Something not related with the Sims 2
    * Something already covered
    * Illegal stuff, like Roms and such
    * Technical Problems
    Technical Problems will not be answer as they should be sent to Maxis not me.
    I didn't design the game so I shouldn't know what's wrong with it, its your
    game not MINE.
    [B] Webmaster Information
    [C] Credits
    This section is where you see your name. It will be long. The names are either
    Board Names from the Boards or your e-mail so if your name is Bob Rob and 
    another Bob Rob posted the message, the First Bob Rob will not be credited so
    in short, someone around the world who shares the same name as you will not
    be credited for your work.
    CJayC for hosting this FAQ
    Maxis and EA for developing the game
    Me for making it
    Amaze Entertainment for helping to make this game
    Hotmail for giving me the e-mail account
    http://www.rootsecure.net/index.php?p=ascii_generator for ascii art
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    Current FAQ is On
    www.gamefaqs.com will always have the latest versions
    If other sites have this guides, trustworthy sites like IGN and DLH and
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    [E] Copyright
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