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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Spatvark

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                                 Gunstar Super Heroes
                                           by Spatvark (spatfaqs@hotmail.co.uk)
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                        <          [01] Introduction          >
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    In the past... two heroes fought against the terrible Destructor. These two
    noble heroes were known as the Gunstar Heroes, but nothing else was known
    about them. They beat the Destructor in an epic battle on the moon. The
    Destructor exploded, resulting in a genesis, a genesis of four new moons that
    orbited the earth. As time passed, development ocurred on the four moons. It
    was a prosperous era; then a fifth moon appeared. This moon served as an
    ominous omen: A huge military satelleite... created by the Empire. It plans to
    resurrect the Destructor, the God of Ruin, its obsession since the find of a
    relic, the Megalith. But the Empire's grab for power hasn't gone unnoticed.
    The 3YE force on Earth has created a unit to stop it. This elite unit has been
    given the codename...
    Gunstar Super Heroes!
    As the long-hoped for sequel to Gunstar Heroes, arguably the greatest Platform
    Shooter ever, Gunstar Super Heroes is an all out blast fest aiming to at least
    equal, if not better, its predecessor!
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                        <           [02] Disclaimer           >
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    Listen up you mangy lot, this bit is important. You are free to use this FAQ
    for personal reference but if you plagiarize any sections, well... I'll have to
    come up with something evil to do to you...
    The only place allowed to host this FAQ is:
    GameFAQS - http://www.gamefaqs.com
    If you see it anywhere else, please contact me at: spatfaqs@hotmail.co.uk
    You can also contact me with any questions that pertain to Gunstar Super
    Heroes that AREN'T answered in this FAQ, or any corrections to mistakes I've
    made (this does not include typographical errors; I'm not THAT anal retentive
    about my work).
    Also, do not bother to email me and ask whether you can host this FAQ on your
    site, the answer is no. GameFAQs is the only place I particularly feel like
    trusting, while sites that have to go soliciting for FAQs strike me as
    desperate to get a reputation even a tenth of that GameFAQs has. So don't
    bother, I won't even reply to your emails.
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                        <        [03] Version History         >
                          \ =============================== /
    v1.20 - Updated the Copyright. [09/01/09]
    v1.15 - Changed my email address and updated the formatting.
    v1.10 - I've added a FAQ section after reading through the GameFAQs board for
            Gunstar Super Heroes, adding questions I felt needed answering. I also
            made a correction to the Normal A control section and fiddled with the
            ASCII title.
    v1.00 - It's not like there's a whole lot that can be done with a FAQ for this
            kind of game, and I think I've got it all down here.
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                        <            [04] Contents            >
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     **>Introduction -------------------------------------- [01]
     **>Disclaimer ---------------------------------------- [02]
     **>Version History ----------------------------------- [03]
     **>Contents ------------------------------------------ [04]
     **>Characters ---------------------------------------- [05]
     **>Controls ------------------------------------------ [06]
     **>Weapons ------------------------------------------- [07]
     **>Walkthrough --------------------------------------- [08]
       ==>Earth: Nakano Station ------------------------------ [08a]
         -->Sky Port --------------------------------------------- [08a.1]
         -->Headquarters ----------------------------------------- [08a.2]
         -->Rescue Yellow ---------------------------------------- [08a.3]
           >>>BOSS: Super Droid ---------------------------------------- [08a.3A]
       ==>Moon 1: Sky Road ----------------------------------- [08b]
         -->Air Drift -------------------------------------------- [08b.1]
         -->Save The Cobits -------------------------------------- [08b.2]
           >>>BOSS: Papaya Dance --------------------------------------- [08b.2A]
         -->Save The Chicks -------------------------------------- [08b.3]
         -->Waterfall Stairs ------------------------------------- [08b.4]
           >>>BOSS: Bravoo Man ----------------------------------------- [08b.4A]
         -->Hunter's Attack -------------------------------------- [08b.5]
           >>>BOSS: Pinky Roader --------------------------------------- [08b.5A]
       ==>Moon 2: Unblinking City ---------------------------- [08c]
         -->Lightning Strike ------------------------------------- [08c.1]
           >>>BOSS: Mega Cruiser --------------------------------------- [08c.1A]
         -->Fight In The Storm ----------------------------------- [08c.2]
           >>>BOSS: Swapping Reg mk.2 ---------------------------------- [08c.2A]
           >>>BOSS: Orange --------------------------------------------- [08c.2B]
       ==>Moon 3: Force Canyon ------------------------------- [08d]
         -->Running Fight ---------------------------------------- [08d.1]
           >>>BOSS: Smash Daisuke -------------------------------------- [08d.1A]
         -->Seven Force ------------------------------------------ [08d.2]
           >>>BOSS: Seven Force ---------------------------------------- [08d.2A]
       ==>Moon 4: Black City --------------------------------- [08e]
         -->Fortress Raid ---------------------------------------- [08e.1]
           >>>Hanging Gunship ------------------------------------------ [08d.1A]
         -->On The Board ----------------------------------------- [08e.2]
           >>>BOSS: Valvalion ------------------------------------------ [08e.2A]
           >>>BOSS: Timeron -------------------------------------------- [08e.2B]
           >>>BOSS: Super Gondola -------------------------------------- [08e.2C]
           >>>BOSS: Minion Soldier ------------------------------------- [08e.2D]
           >>>BOSS: Bubbles -------------------------------------------- [08e.2E]
           >>>BOSS: Turret --------------------------------------------- [08e.2F]
           >>>BOSS: Vortex Base ---------------------------------------- [08e.2G]
           >>>BOSS: Item Room #1 --------------------------------------- [08e.2H]
           >>>BOSS: Aberanbou Gel -------------------------------------- [08e.2I]
           >>>BOSS: Melon Bread ---------------------------------------- [08e.2J]
           >>>BOSS: Barracks ------------------------------------------- [08e.2K]
           >>>BOSS: Smash Daisuke -------------------------------------- [08e.2L]
           >>>BOSS: Item Room #2 --------------------------------------- [08e.2M]
           >>>BOSS: Teddy Bear ----------------------------------------- [08e.2N]
           >>>BOSS: File Crasher --------------------------------------- [08e.2O]
           >>>BOSS: Black Widow ---------------------------------------- [08e.2P]
       ==>Moon 5: Gigapolis ---------------------------------- [08f]
         -->Enemy Path ------------------------------------------- [08f.1]
         -->Space Strike ----------------------------------------- [08f.2]
           >>>BOSS: Laser Cannon --------------------------------------- [08f.2A]
           >>>BOSS: Enemy Hanger --------------------------------------- [08f.2B]
         -->Sign Of Ruin ----------------------------------------- [08f.3]
       ==>G-ARC: Final Stage --------------------------------- [08g]
         -->Big Fight -------------------------------------------- [08g,1]
           >>>BOSS: Pink Butterfly ------------------------------------- [08g.1A]
           >>>BOSS: Orange --------------------------------------------- [08g.1B]
           >>>BOSS: Black Gambit --------------------------------------- [08g.1C]
           >>>BOSS: Green ---------------------------------------------- [08g.1D]
         -->Dead End --------------------------------------------- [08g.2]
           >>>BOSS: Golden Silver--------------------------------------- [08g.2A]
         **>FAQ ----------------------------------------------- [09]
         **>Thanks -------------------------------------------- [10]
         **>Legal Stuff --------------------------------------- [11]
         **>Next Version -------------------------------------- [12]
         **>Working On... ------------------------------------- [13]
         **>Goodbye!~ ----------------------------------------- [14]
                          / =============================== \
                        <           [05] Characters           >
                          \ =============================== /
        The goodie-goodie girl, her expressions are amusing to look at.
        Sarcastic Mr. Know-It-All, always ready with a smart alec joke at hand.
        Daughter of the scientist who first discovered the Megalith, Yellow is
        also Green's sister, the knowledge base of the Gunstars and the pilot of
        the support craft. When she's not being kidnapped that is.
    General Gray:
        The madman behind the evil scheme, General Gray is in possession of the
        Megalith and intends to resurrect Golden Silver, the Great Destructor!
    Smash Daisuke:
        General Gray's second-in-command, Smash isn't nearly as funny in this game
        as he was in the original. Plus he has a scraggly beard.
        Yellow's brother, Green was a Gunstar until he disappeared in the Mines of
        Moon 3.
                          / =============================== \
                        <            [06] Controls            >
                          \ =============================== /
    A           = Jump
    B (Tap)     = Sword Slash
    B (Hold)    = Shoot
    Down + A    = Slide
            NOTE: Red does a standing slide, while Blue does a low slide
    Up + A      = Flying Uppercut
    A, A        = Jumping Kick
            NOTE: You can aim the Jumping Kick with the D-Pad to either go
                  sideways, diagonally, or straight down. However, if you jump
                  straight up, you cannot do a Jumping Kick sideways, i.e. you
                  need momentum for that to work
            NOTE: Blue's Jumping Kick looks so much cooler
    L           = Change Weapon
    R, R (Hold) = Super
    In the Options, there is a choice of four different control methods, and this
    is what they affect:
    R (Hold)                   = Fixed Shot
                           NOTE: This means that you can't move, but you can
                                 change your aim to any of the eight angles
    D-Pad + R + B (Hold R + B) = Fix aim in direction pressed
                           NOTE: This means you can move about, and always be
                                 firing in the same direction, very useful for
    D-Pad + R (Hold R) = Fix aim in direction pressed
    R + B (Hold)       = Fixed Shot
    B (Hold)               = Begin Autofire
    B (Hold) [In Autofire] = Fixed Shot
    D-Pad [In Autofire]    = Changes aim, whilst moving you
    R + B                  = Cancel Autofire
    R                      = Super
    B                           = Begin Autofire
    D-Pad + B (Hold) [Autofire] = Fix aim in direction pressed/Begin Autofire
    B (Hold) [In Autofire]      = Fixed Shot
    B, B                        = Cancel Autofire
    R                           = Sword Slash
    R + B (Hold)                = Super
                          / =============================== \
                        <            [07] Weapons             >
                          \ =============================== /
    Unlike its predecessor, Gunstar Super Heroes has a far smaller weapon
    selection, and has removed the weapon combination system, instead adding a
    Super Shot to each of the four possible weapons.
    Double Fireball: (Red Only)
        A strong weapon, it fires straight ahead with a little vertical spread,
        making it useful for hitting anything you need to.
        SUPER: Largish flames shoot out of the cannon in a straight line, doing
               good damage.
    Lightning: (Blue Only)
        Not as strong as Red's Double Fireball, the Lightning gun shoots in
        straight lines with no deviation, so you have to be very precise with the
        SUPER: Largish blue flames shoot out of the cannon in a straight line,
               doing decent damage.
    Exploding Fireball:
        The strongest of the four weapons, it explodes on impact, but it also has
        an abysmally short range.
        SUPER: A gigantic explosion fills most of the screen, but doesn't really
               do that much damage
    Chaser Lightning:
        The weakest of the weapons, the Chaser Lightning homes in on targets, but
        has a bad habit of choosing to go for things that can't be destroyed.
        SUPER: A largish green flame circles around the screen, damaging anything
               it comes into contact with.
                          / =============================== \
                        <          [08] Walkthrough           >
                          \ =============================== /
    When you start the game, you need to choose which character you want to play
    as, Red or Blue. Which to pick then? Red, despite being a woman (and let's
    face it, female characters are almost always weaker in computer games), is
    actually stronger than Blue, especially on the higher difficulties, where
    Blue's Lightning gun takes an age to kill anything. However, the storyline is
    far better as Blue, but still... this is Gunstar Super Heroes! Who cares about
    storyline, we wanna blow stuff up!
    <---[08a] Earth: Nakano Station--------------------------------->
    ==[08a.1] Sky Port==
    The 3YE base on Earth is under attack! Gunstars, we need you to investigate
    and eliminate the threat!
    Start by heading left, blasting whatever's in your path. At the end of the
    screen, you'll find a Giant Droid; just fix your aim on it and it won't get a
    chance to attack. Make sure to grab the Health Sphere it drops before it
    Screen Two, just fire directly to your left and charge through.
    On the next screen, fix your aim upwards, and run back and forth across the
    lift whilst it's going up to destroy the Hoverbots.
    ==[08a.2] Headquarters==
    Screen Four, edge to the left slowly, until you see another Giant Droid. Let
    it get closer to you and then blast it away, grabbing the Health Sphere it
    drops. Now, run left, doing a diagonal Jumping Kick over the crate to avoid
    the Droid manning a gun implacement above. Clear out the floor, and then aim
    up into the gunner. When he's been destroyed, head a bit further to the left,
    and repeat the process with the next gun implacement. With them cleared, run
    to the left and up the slope, firing all the way.
    Screen Five, switch to the Lightning Chaser weapon if you haven't already, and
    jump up onto the box in the middle of the room. A Giant Droid is on this
    screen, and it likes to roll around, but the elevation the box grants you will
    lift you clear of it. Just fire with the Lightning Chaser, and it'll die
    quickly enough, with no effort on your part. Grab the Health Sphere it drops.
    Screen Six, just run up the slope to find General Gray! During your oh so
    pleasant chat with him, Yellow radio's in, saying that she's under attack! As
    General Gray makes a run for it, charge to the right to the next screen.
    ==[08a.3] Rescue Yellow==
    Screen Seven is basically the same as the third screen; fix your aim upwards
    and weave back and forth to take care of the Hoverbots.
    Screen Eight, head to the right and as soon as the Armourbot walks on screen,
    attack it with a super if you have one available; I prefer the Double Fireball
    Super for this guy. Grab the three Health Spheres it drops and then charge to
    the right, blasting clear a path.
    Screen Nine, back outside, head to the right until "WARNING" starts flashing
    on your screen...
    [%%%]BOSS: Super Droid [08a.3A][%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%]
    Using Yellow's ship as a weapon, the Super Droid will try to crush you with
    it, but it's fairly easy to dodge. It's only weak point is it's head, which it
    often covers with Yellow's ship. However, there is a rather large flaw in the
    Super Droid's attack plan; jump up onto Yellow's ship, and you can't be hit!
    If you have the Lightning Chaser gauge maxed, unleash that. When the Super
    Droid raises Yellow's ship to smash it to the ground, jump upwards, and as
    you're coming down, hold down on the D-Pad and hit the A button to do a
    vertical Jumping Kick, which should do a lot of damage to the Super Droid.
    Just keep repeating the process until it's dead.
    With the 3YE destroyed, all that remains are the Gunstar Super Heroes, only
    they can stop the Empire's plans to resurrect the God of Ruin, Golden Silver!
    You now have a choice of four moons to attack, but I'll assume you're doing
    them in order.
    <---[08b] Moon 1: Sky Road-------------------------------------->
    ==[08b.1] Air Drift==
    The first section of Moon 1 shows off the sheer awesomeness of 2D graphics,
    with you atop Yellow's ship as you soar through the skies. Rotate the screen
    clockwise by pressing left, or counter-clockwise by pressing right. There are
    three different attacks to avoid here: first, the Heli-Platforms fire missiles
    at you which you can avoid by spinning away from them, or shoot them down.
    Second, mercenaries in mecha armour fly about, shooting at you with large
    cannons; jsut blow them from the sky. Thirdly, you get waves of what seem like
    moths, that will try and divebomb you.
    ==[08b.2] Save the Cobits==
    Finally on solid ground, destroy the huts that are on elevated ground (it's
    easiest to do so with the Flying Uppercut) and grab the Health Spheres they
    drop. When you reach a gun implacement, jump to the plaform above, move behind
    it and drop down to you have an unobstructed view, making it easier to destroy
    it. Below you will be a droid in a van; jump on top of it and aim straight
    down, grabbing the Health Sphere it drops. Jump up as high as you can go, and
    launch yourself to the right, jumping over the hut. Drop down a floor to find
    yourself behind another gun implacement, with another van below you. Repeat
    the process from last time. Once they're done, run to the right, and the
    moment you see a third gun implacement, do a sideways Jumping Kick to sail
    over it, bringing the mini boss into play:
    [%%%]BOSS: Papaya Dance [08b.2A][%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%]
    Papaya Dance has three attacks; it fires single berries that explode upon
    contact with you, it fires cluster berries that explode in a large cloud upon
    contact with either your or the floor, and it spawns large grubs which don't
    attack, but push you to either side, trying to pin you to a corner.
    Stand underneath Papaya Dance's head and aim upwards, jinking from side to
    side to avoid the single and cluster berries. When it spawns a grub, take it
    out quickly, and resume blasting Papaya Dance's head. This is a pretty easy
    fight, and you should be looking to come out of it unscathed.
    When Papaya Dance is defeated, it's head will fly off. Slide into it to make a
    Health Sphere drop. Grab it, and slide into it to make another drop. You can
    get a total of five Health Spheres from the head before it explodes.
    ==[08b.3] Save the Chicks==
    Honestly, this section just annoys me. I like the reference to Flicky, an old
    Sega game, but the actual section is just irritating.
    Firstly, like the section atop Yellow's ship, moving left or right makes the
    level spin, whilst also moving you. Bear this in mind whilst trying to avoid
    the sparkle points; these indicate that the snake monster is lurking in the
    wall, floor or ceiling nearby, which will come out when you get nearby. It is
    also indestructible, making it a serious nuisance, but bear in mind that there
    is only one, and it can't come out of two points at the same time. To grab a
    Flicky, you need to make contact with it, and it'll join a line trailing
    behind you; however, if a monster hits you, the line will disband and they'll
    all go back to where you grabbed them. There are sixteen total, and when
    you've got them all, take them back to the Exit door where you started. Note
    that you get more points by taking them all at once, rather than in small
    ==[08b.4] Waterfall Stairs==
    On the third section, jump onto the boat, and then onto the South American
    style pyramid. Stick to the right hand side until you spot a gun implacement
    above you; do a Flying Uppercut to get rid of it, and then go the to left side
    of the pyramid, doing the same for the next one that appears. Make your away
    up cautiously; you should be able to see every gun implacement before they see
    you, so you can position yourself where they can't hit you. Upon reaching the
    top, you'll find:
    [%%%]BOSS: Bravoo Man [08b.4A][%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%]
    I'm pretty damn sure this guy doesn't attack at all. Walk into it and do
    vertical Jumping Kicks to get rid of it quickly.
    ==[08b.5] Hunter's Attack==
    [%%%]BOSS: Pinky Roader [08b.5A][%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%]
    After falling into the center of the pyramid and blasting the rubble out of
    your way, you'll find the boss of this level, the Bounty Hunter Pink.
    This is ridiculously easy. Select the Double Fireball shot, and slide
    underneath one of Pinky Roader's feet. Jump up onto the main body where Pink
    and the Duck Batallion are and either use the Super Shot or do vertical
    Jumping Kicks to get rid of it quickly. You can't get touched at all from this
    Note that upon defeating Pinky Roader, a sphere with a green star inside will
    fall to the ground; that's a Super Sphere, and will boost the Super Gauge for
    whichever weapon you have selected when you pick it up.
    <---[08c] Moon 2: Unblinking City------------------------------->
    ==[08c.1] Lightning Strike==
    This level is an absolute nightmare, no two ways about it. You'll find
    yourself piloting a helicopter; use the D-Pad to move it, the L and R buttons
    to rotate it, B to fire the machine guns and A to fire the Air-to-Ground
    Missiles. Ideally, you should always hold down B and be jamming on the A
    button, to do as much destruction as possible.
    There are two routes through this level; the rough n' tough man's way, or the
    coward's (READ: Smart) way. The first wave of enemies are easy enough to deal
    with, just head straight upwards, until you enter the city. Head to the right
    hand side of the screen and stick there as you make your way along, using the
    skyscrapers as cover from the tanks. You'll come a point where you have to go
    towards the center of the screen to progress; stick to the right hand side as
    the big ship appears, and pick it off with your machine guns. Once it's gone
    head through the impasse, and prefer for the nastiest boss in the game:
    [%%%]BOSS: Mega Cruiser [08c.1A][%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%]
    There are twelve weapons, that's right, TWELVE WEAPONS, all firing at you at
    once here. You are gonna take a beating, no way to avoid it, but how do you
    minimise the damage? Take out the four gunships in the water as soon as you
    can and then get in as close to the boss as you can, firing both weapons
    ==[08c.2] Fight in the Storm==
    Orange's battleship will rise from the water, and you need to get on before it
    launche into space, fast! Atop Yellow's ship once more, destroy the Hoverpack-
    toting Droids as soon as they come on screen, to prevent them from throwing
    Skull Bombs, and when the big flying bots come, just do a Flying Uppercut from
    underneath them to destroy them quickly.
    Once you board the battleship, head to the right and you'll find:
    [%%%]BOSS: Swapping Reg [08c.2A][%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%]
    Well, I call it Swapping Reg, but it's not the same as the one from the
    original. Jump onto one of the three towers and jump again to grab onto the
    cable running overhead. The bots in the towers will chuck skull bombs at you;
    they'll miss, but if they hit the top of the tower right below you, you'll get
    hit by the splash damage, so as soon as they throw the bomb, jump to another
    position. Each tower drops a Health Sphere once defeated.
    Once they've been defeated, drop to the floor and run to the right. The large
    gun implacements each drop a Health Sphere, and there are four of them (so, if
    you beat Swapping Reg without taking a hit, you should have gained 70 Health
    from this section). Eventually, you'll reach the boss of this section:
    [%%%]BOSS: Orange [08c.2B][%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%]
    Like in the first section of this level, you have two choices in how to fight
    Orange; you can try to outfight him, which will kill him faster, but as far
    riskier, or you can outsmart him, which takes a while, but can be done without
    taking a single hit, easily.
    Select the Chaser Lightning weapon and stay atop Yellow's ship. As the Harrier
    Jet tilts to one side, run to the other and jump up onto the edge of the wing,
    firing away with your gun. As soon as Orange tries to shoulder tackle across
    the wing, jump off the plane and back onto Yellow's ship; with luck, Orange
    will shoulder tackle himself right off the plane, doing major damage to
    himself. If not, repeat the process on the other side. As soon as the Chaser
    Lightning gauge is maxed, let loose with the super, that'll massively speed up
    the process.
    If you insist on fighting him properly though, select the Exploding Fireball
    weapon and jump onto the Harrier's wing. Go over Orange's shoulder tackle with
    a sideways Jumping Kick, and then start firing at him. Provided your range is
    right, your shots will explode and hit him. While Orange has a habit of making
    himself invincible, the explosions will at least make him perform his pain
    animation, and that's exactly what we want. Just keep your shots focused on
    him, and soon enough, he'll be knocked off the Harrier, dealing 25 damage
    (which is mammoth damage, considering he has 100 health total). He'll jump
    back up and land on the center of the Harrier, so get to an edge, and jump
    over his shoulder tackle, and repeat the process. However, note that you
    cannot kill him by making him fall, you must do the final one damage with an
    actual shot.
    <---[08d] Moon 3: Force Canyon---------------------------------->
    ==[08d.1] Running Fight==
    This seem familiar to you? Yup, while Moon 1 was similar to Pink's level from
    the original Gunstar Heroes, this is almost exactly the same as Green's level.
    The biggest differences come in the form of your vehicle; whilst in the
    original you had a mine cart, you now have a mecha, AND instead of hitting
    double jump to switch between floor and ceiling, you now press jump to move to
    either the floor, ceiling, or MIDDLE of the screen, the latter will be
    incredibly important when it comes to the boss.
    Get near the right side of the screen and blast the gun implacement that'll
    appear in the bottom-right corner, and then quickly follow the platform it was
    on, shooting it, to make a Health Sphere drop. A Giant Droid will appear in
    the bottom-right corner next; stay about a third of the screen away from it
    and destroy it quickly, repeating the process with the platform for another
    Health Sphere.
    Once inside the mine, you'll see a train come by; the Droids aboard will pop
    up with two types of gun implacements; one is a rotating flamethrower, and the
    other is a missile launcher. Either way, position yourself underneath it and
    fire straight upwards to take it out fast. Note that you'll also come across
    another Gun Implacement/Giant Droid combo before the tunnel turns vertical.
    When it does so, you need to either kill the Droids fast, or switch surfaces
    quickly to avooid the Skull Bombs they throw.
    Horizontal once more, make sure you're on the bottom of the screen, and take
    out the next Gun Implacement/Giant Droid combo. You'll catch up to the train,
    so take out the Implacements that pop up, and when you get to the front of the
    [%%%]BOSS: Smash Daisaku [08d.1A][%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%]
    Get into the hover position and aim straight forward. Easy.
    ==[08d.2] Seven Force==
    [%%%]BOSS: Seven Force [08d.2A][%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%]
    Oh joy, the second toughest boss in the first game is back, and tougher than
    ever before. Comprising of seven different forms, each with their own
    individual Health totals and attacks, you need to know how to beat each one to
    stand a chance of making it through this boss. I'll go through them in the
    order that they were listed in the original, but bear in mind that the order
    they appear in is random:
        [%%%]FORM: Soldier Force[%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%]
        In the figure of a man, Soldier Force is nasty if you don't know how to
        deal with him. It'll start by firing a spread of blue laser shots; counter
        this by using the Super shot of your main weapon. In fact, I recommend
        using it constantly for this form. You should almost kill it before
        Soldier Force finishes firing the blue lasers. When it does, it will
        either fly right at you, in which case you need to switch to the floor,
        fire it's arms at you which will home in upon you, in which case you need
        to jump about to dodge them, or it will throw bombs in an arc from it's
        head, which can be avoided by being in the middle or on the floor.
        As I said earlier, use the Super of your main weapon until Soldier Force
        finishes firing the blue lasers, and then stick to normal attacks to drain
        the last bits of health it has.
        [%%%]FORM: Tails Force[%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%]
        While most of the other forms are fairly easy, Tails Force is the one I
        have most difficulty with. That is, unless I just own it with my main
        weapon's Super shot.
        It attacks in two different phases; firstly, it'll tilt its head back and
        then fire a volley of large green laser blasts horizontally, as it moves
        down the screen. To avoid it, head to the very bottom of the screen and
        fix your shot diagonally upwards.
        The second phase is the one I hate; it spits out fireballs from its tail,
        and they alternate between being on the left side and in the center.
        Apparently you can use the sword to destroy the fireballs, but that's
        never worked for me; instead I jump between them, which takes a hell of a
        lot of skill to get right, hence I take a beating.
        However, if you're being smart, just blast Tails Force to hell with your
        main weapon's Super shot, and kill it before it reaches the second phase.
        [%%%]FORM: Tiger Force[%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%]
        Running along on all fours, this yellow Force fires lasers straight
        forwards from it's head, fires gas bombs that explode upon contact from
        it's tail, and loves to do somersaults, smacking you with it's body.
        To start, get above it and aim straight downwards, until the gas bombs
        start to get close. Head to the back of the screen and Tiger Force will
        probably start somersaulting; hover in the middle and shoot straight
        forwards, but be ready to switch back to the ceiling once it settles down
        [%%%]FORM: Eagle Force[%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%]
        This is another pretty easy form, and it attacks in three phases. Firstly,
        it'll alternate between firing a spread of three blue flames down the
        center, and throwing six spears to the sides, three on each side. Fix your
        aim straight upwards and hit A to flip between the shots.
        In the second phase, Eagle Force will turn itself over, and start to fire
        blue laser shots downwards. With your aim still fixed upwards, get to one
        side to avoid the initial burst down the center, and once it starts to
        move towards you, switch to the other side. Don't try to concentrate on
        attacking it in this phase, just hit it as you pass by it.
        Soon enough, it'll enter the third phase, where it fires big rings of blue
        flame. If the flame touches both sides, then stay in the middle, and if it
        touches only one of the sides, then jump to a side; note that it doesn't
        matter which side, the flame only actually hits the center of the screen,
        not the sides. Soon enough it'll die.
        [%%%]FORM: Bow Force[%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%]
        This one wasn't actually in the original Gunstar Heroes, but has come in
        to replace the ridiculously easy Blaster Force. Shame that this one's
        really easy too.
        Bow Force attacks in a very strict pattern; first it fires one arrow
        through it's center, then it fires two arrows going diagonally, then three
        combining the previous directions, and then fires a blue flame through its
        center, which explodes upon contact. And then it repeats the pattern.
        Move a bit away from the left-hand side so you can avoid the blue flame,
        and blast away at Bow Force. When it draws back to fire the first arrow,
        switch to the floor or ceiling, once it's past, switch back to the center
        and continue firing; the double arrow shot will go either side of you.
        When it aims the triple arrow shot, switch to the floor/ceiling. Getting
        hit by this pathetic form is truly shameful.
        [%%%]FORM: Urchin Force[%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%]
        This form is incredibly easy. It has two attacks; it will bounce from wall
        to wall firign out mines which only go to about halfway up or down the
        screen, and then Urchin Force will spin in place before tearing down the
        wall fast.
        Fix your aim straight up with your main weapon and hover in the middle of
        the tunnel, at the bottom of the screen. When Urchin Force picks a side to
        spin down, switch to the opposite side and move to the top of the screen.
        Fix your aim downwards and hover in the middle of the screen. Repeat the
        process until you defeat it.
        [%%%]FORM: Crab Force[%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%]
        Crab Force has four different attacks, but only one is really difficult to
        avoid. Firstly, it fires machine guns from it's center, but your weapons
        will block that whilst you're in the middle of the screen. Secondly, it
        fires mines along the floor and ceiling; just hover in the middle to avoid
        them. Thirdly, it fires a large blue flame from it's center, straight
        ahead. Dodge it by switching from the center to the floor or ceiling, but
        make sure that you're about a quarter of the screen inside of the right-
        hand side, to avoid it's explosion. Finally, the fourth attack is the
        nasty one; Crab Force fires out expanding walls that only leave one of the
        three positions open, and often does so in a sequence. It's easy to avoid
        if they're all on one surface, but once it starts interchanging them, you
        need to be really fast on that jump button.
        For actually attacking it, just sit in the middle and fire straight at it.
        You should be able to beat this form without being hit, though the walls
        truly are tricky.
    Finally, we're done!
    <---[08e] Moon 4: Black City------------------------------------>
    ==[08e.1] Fortress Raid==
    Jump up to the main platform and run to the right, firing all the time. Jump
    to the floor below and run to teh right of the screen, for the first mini
    [%%%]BOSS: Hanging Gunship [08e.1][%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%]
    This guy is fairly easy; get underneath it and keep doing Flying Uppercuts
    into it; each hit should reduce its rotating cannon by one gun, but that's no
    real worry, since it should never get a chance to fire.
    Jump off the platform to the right onto a Heli-Platform, and jump to the next
    one. When you reach the final one, do a sideways Jumping Kick into the opening
    across from you. If you miss, you'll fall down to the floor below, and have to
    fight an Elite Soldier, which can be quite nasty. At range, fire at it,
    jumping over the short beams it fires, and when it gets in close, do a Flying
    Uppercut on it and run to the other side.
    If you had to fight the Elite Soldier, head to the right and stand between the
    flames that are fired downwards; fix your aim upwards and you should be able
    to take out two of the flamethrowers at once. Jump up to the top and you'll
    see the opening I suggested you take.
    Head right again and stand in the center before dropping down a level; fix
    your aim downwards and you should take out two blue flamethrowers. Once
    they've been destroyed, move so that you're a quarter of the width of the
    platform from either side and drop down to the next floor. Again, fix your
    aim downwards to take out another two blue flamethrowers, leaving one on the
    side opposite from you. It's up to you whether to destroy it or not. Either
    way, drop down to the bottom floor and run to the right, where you'll find a
    lift that takes you into...
    ==[08e.2] On the Board==
    The map below shows the layout of Black's Dice Maze; the letters in each room
    corresponds to the letter at the end of the reference code for each Boss
    section below; i.e. say you land on the L square, and you want to know what it
    is and how to beat that particular boss, open the search function and enter
    [08e.2X], where X = the square's letter, so for this instance, you would enter
    [08e.2L], and that would take you to the Smash Daisuke Boss section. Got it?
      |     |
      |     |             _________
      |  O  |_____/______|         |
      |     |     \      |    P    |
      |_____|            |_________|
        Drop                  |
         |   _________________|
      |     |
      |  N  |
      |_____|                                   _____
     ____|____    _____   _________    _____   |     |
    |    M    |/_|     |_|         |/_|     |/_|     |
    |_________|\ |  L  |_|    K    |\ |  J  |\ |     |
        Drop     |_____| |_________|  |_____|  |     |
         |                     Drop            |  H  |
         |             _____\___|              |     |
         |          __|__   /   |      _____   |     |
         |         |     |      |___/_|     |/_|     |
         |         |  B  |    __|__ \ |  I  |\ |_____|
         |         |_____|   |     |  |_____|   __|__
         |          __|__    |  C  |           |     |
         |         |     |   |_____|           |  G  |
         _______   |     |    __|__            |_____|
        |       |  |  A  |   |     |   ______   __|__
        | START |_\|     |   |  D  |  |      |_|     |
        |       | /|     |   |_____|  |  E   |_|  F  |
        |_______|  |_____|      |___\_|______| |_____|
    NOTE: You have to land in Square H to progress in the Dice Maze, or else
          you'll loop round eternally via Square I.
    [%%%]BOSS: Valvalion [08e.2A][%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%]
    This is an annoying fight; the only weak spot on Valvalion is the head, so
    that's what you need to be aiming for. However, you'll probably spend most of
    the fight in the water, where you can't use your guns, so use the Flying
    Uppercut whenever you can. If you manage to jump up on Valvalion, do as much
    damage to his head as you can, and watch out for the electrical pulse it
    passes through its body; you have to jump over the affected part as it comes
    towards you.
    [%%%]BOSS: Timeron [08e.2B][%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%]
    This guy is far tougher than he was in the original. It fires out a spread of
    three flames downwards whilst moving side to side, but that's easy to avoid.
    However, Timeron also spits out three different types of orb; one looks kinda
    like a fish head and homes in on you (Note that it moves like a King in Chess;
    teh background has a grid upon it and it can only move one square at a time,
    whether left, right, up, down, or diagonally), one has a + in it and the other
    has an x in it. The latter two are the important ones; when the timer at the
    top of the screen hits 0, the +/x orb will fire out flames in the directions
    the symbol within it shows; you need to be in a position where they cannot hit
    you. Once the flames have gone, the orbs all disappear and Timeron floats to
    the top of the screen, before beginning the process again. It's at this point
    I recommend you run in with your main weapons Super shot and finish it
    [%%%]BOSS: Super Gondola [08e.2C][%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%]
    This is just plain nasty. Switch to the Exploding Fireball weapon and Flying
    Uppercut the various assortment of nasty weapons above you. When a bomb blows
    a hole into the floor, I recommend you jump into it, and save yourself the
    pain of trying to finish this boss. Instead, you'll be taken to the next one.
    [%%%]BOSS: Minion Soldier [08e.2D][%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%]
    Oh hell yeah, I love this little dude. He's really tough, but c'mon, he's just
    so adorable! Let loose with the Exploding Fireball Super as soon as you can,
    and then try to pin Minion Soldier (the green one) into a corner, and
    repeatedly slide him; if you're doign it right, you'll do about three damage a
    hit while he keeps jumping, but it's better than getting your arse kicked all
    over the place.
    [%%%]BOSS: Bubbles [08e.2E][%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%]
    While fairly fun, this can be incredibly exasperating. Basically, use your
    physical moves (Flying Uppercut, Jumping Kicks and Slides) to get around the
    screen, destroying the bubbles for points. There's a point where you have to
    destroy a turret to progress; use a Super on it straight away and then do
    Flying Uppercuts to blow it up, opening up some doorways on the screen. Take
    the new path and near the end, you have a few choices to make; you can grab
    the Super and Health Spheres that are in the pits, you can jump into the warp
    out in the final pit, or you can carry on past it to end up in the next boss
    [%%%]BOSS: Turret [08e.2F][%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%]
    Basically, it fires out a stream of blue flame as it rotates counter-
    clockwise, but it is intermittent; when it lets up, you have to run through it
    fast. Otherwise, position yourself underneath it and roast it with your main
    weapons Super shot.
    [%%%]BOSS: Vortex Base [08e.2G][%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%]
    This is almost identical to the original version, albeit with the middle lower
    platform removed. Your target is the yellow bulb in its center; aim your shots
    at it whilst noting the order in which the red spheres flash - this is the
    order in which the yellow laser beam it fires will travel from the bulb to the
    first sphere, from that to the second, and so on. If you haven't destroyed it
    before the laser beam finishes moving, then the Vortex Base will fire small
    blue lasers as it moves from side to side.
    [%%%]BOSS: Item Room #1 [08e.2H][%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%]
    Well, this isn't really a boss, but so what?
    Anyway, head left and smash the blocks to get the first Health Sphere. Jump
    kick up the middle pathway and grab the Super Spheres to charge up your weapon
    gauges. Back to the middle pathway, resume doing Jump Kicks to get to the top
    of it. Head to the right and drop down two levels to get a second Health
    Sphere, and then jump back up. Smash the blocks to the left and go all the way
    down to land upon a lift. When it reaches the top, take the last Health Sphere
    and head to the right, doing Jump Kicks to reach the warp out.
    [%%%]BOSS: Aberanbou Gel [08e.2I][%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%]
    As soon as you can move, jump up onto the left hand side of the bathtub, and
    fire straight at Aberanbou Gel. When it fires the first swirly thing, jump
    straight up over it and resume firing. When it shoots the second, do a
    sideways Jumping Kick over both the swirly thing and Aberanbou Gel and head
    for the opposite edge of the bath tub and repeat the process.
    [%%%]BOSS: Melon Bread [08e.2J][%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%]
    Oh wow, Melon Bread actually does something this time! Spewing out a constant
    stream of blue flame, you don't want Melon Bread getting near you, that's for
    sure; luckily, you CAN control where Melon Bread moves to. See, Melon Bread
    will only move when he's hit, and in that situation, he'll move in the
    direction that he's facing, UNLESS he's in a corner, in which case he always
    moves to the center. While it may take a while, basically, only shoot Melon
    Bread when he's facing away from you.
    [%%%]BOSS: Barracks [08e.2K][%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%]
    I find this to be one of the nastier rooms in Black's Dice Maze. You start off
    in a room with several Hoverpack-toting Droids and two Elite Soldiers; fire
    straight up until the two Elites Soldiers both launch a physical attack, and
    then slide underneath the one to the left. Run most of the way down the slope
    and turn around. Wait 'til they both try to do a diagonal Jumping Kick on you,
    and then pull out your main weapon's Super and fire it diagonally. Push them
    into the far right corner and finish them with the Super.
    Once you've defeated the two Elite Soldier, move to the next screen, and stand
    underneath the gun implacements, firing straight up at them. When you've
    cleared all four out, head to the top and jump to the ropes. Use them to move
    over the platform in the center of the pit, and a wave of Hoverpack Droids
    will appear, throwing Skull Bombs at you. Make sure you don't fall into the
    pit, or else you'll end up back at the Super Gondola room, and you do NOT want
    to go back in there. Once the "GO!" starts flashing, head to the left and
    either jump over the lift to the warp out of the level OR take the lift down.
    Jump to the ropes and a Giant Droid will roll underneath you; blast it once it
    stands up, and you'll jam it there until it's destroyed. Grab the Health
    Sphere it drops and head left to find:
    [%%%]BOSS: Smash Daisuke [08e.2L][%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%]
    Much akin to two of the fights against him in the original Gunstar Heroes,
    Smash Daisuke will take to the sky and litter the place with bombs. Whip out
    your main weapon's Super and fire it straight up; it'll destroy any Skull
    Bombs that get too close, and deal major damage to Smash, giving you an easy
    win. Grab the Health Sphere he drops.
    [%%%]BOSS: Item Room #2 [08e.2M][%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%]
    If you just survived the Barracks, then this room will be a welcome relief.
    Ignore the blocks to the lower left, and take out the upper right ones instead
    to get your first Health Sphere. Go through the opening to the left and do a
    downwards Jumping Kick through the first set of blocks, but let go off the
    jump button quickly, or you may find yourself falling to the Start. Grab the
    second Health Sphere and jump out of there, heading to the left once more.
    Shoot a path through to the left and grab the first Super Sphere, and then
    clear a path downwards. Tap Down + Jump when the platform is underneath you to
    get to the third Health Sphere, and then jump back up. Head to the left and do
    a Flying Uppercut from underneath each Super Sphere to make them drop down,
    and then do sideways Jumping Kicks to get to the Health Sphere at the top.
    Once you've got those comes the tricky bit: just to the left, you have two
    moving walls; you need to do a sideways jumping kick to the second one, and
    bounce off it into the first one, and then over the second to the warp beyond
    [%%%]BOSS: Teddy Bear [08e.2N][%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%]
    You'll find yourself out in a grubby alleyway, with a truck coming your way!
    Slide twice to the left side of the screen and it'll miss you, but get out of
    that corner as soon as you can, coz' it's Super Happy Teddy Joy Fun Time! YAY!
    When the Teddy Bear raises itself to its feet, you need to keep your distance
    and aim for its head. If you get to close, it'll start doing moves that seem
    rather like Curry and Rice from the original Gunstar Heroes game. It's
    important to note that you can slide underneath the Teddy Bear while it's
    standing since you'll need to get to the left hand side of the screen whenever
    another truck comes by; you'll know one's coming by the sound of its horn.
    If the truck hits the Teddy Bear, it'll do a lot of damage AND knock it to the
    ground. Do a diagonal Jumping Kick over it, so you hit its head, and then
    blast it at point blank range with the Exploding Fireball weapon.
    After you get it down to half health, it will start throwing blue fireballs
    over your head, so make sure you're not too close to the edge of the screen.
    [%%%]BOSS: File Crasher [08e.2O][%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%]
    This boss completely loses half of its fun with the warning from the JP
    version taken out. Originally, it said something along the lines of that the
    File Crasher would wipe your file if you died in the level. And then that
    madcap chase, oh man, I hadn't been that hyped in a game since the chase scene
    in Metroid Fusion (Which was the best set piece in a Metroid game, ever).
    In the US version, of course, that warning is removed ;_;
    Anyway, what you have to do is make your way to the bottom of the level, as
    your Save File makes its way down the screen to crush you. However, you've got
    to destroy all the blocks in the way, and it's a LONG way down. I heavily
    recommend using the Exploding Fireball weapon here, since it's good at taking
    out large segments of blocks at a time, including the annoying low ones. When
    it comes down to it, while getting out is possible, it's ridiculously hard,
    and so not worth trying this room. Avoid it at all costs. I went from 217
    Health to 18 when I finally managed to escape XD
    [%%%]BOSS: Black Widow [08e.2P][%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%]
    After some of the manic bosses in the Dice Maze, it's a relief that Black is
    so much easier. He attacks in five phases, though only three of them are
    different. To start out, you'll be underneath the Black Widow; when it raises
    its left legs, run underneath them, so that you're now directly underneath
    Black, and aim at him, whilst taking out and missiles that are fired at you.
    After you do 100 damage, he'll switch to the other side of the Black Widow. As
    soon as the left legs are raised, run underneath them again. Black will now
    fire large flame jets from left to right, which do about 30 damage a hit. When
    you do a further 100 damage, he'll switch back to the first phase, and back to
    the second phase when he's down to 200 health.
    When you finalyl get him down to 100 health, Black loses control of the Black
    Widow, and starts spinning counter-clockwise around the room. Use slides to
    catch him from behind and then start firing diagonally upwards as you run in
    the same direction. Once Black slips off screen again, start the process again
    until the Black Widow explodes.
    You might think that's all, but it ain't. Shoot Black until he's in a corner
    and then slide into him; he'll drop a Health Sphere, so grab it. Back up so
    you're on the flat floor, and slide him again, quickly running away from him
    as he drops a Skull Bomb. You need to make him drop four Skull Bombs in total
    and then Yellow FINALLY shows up to take you outta there!
    <---[08f] Moon 5: Gigapolis------------------------------------->
    ==[08f.1] Enemy Path==
    Atop Yellow's ship, minus Yellow piloting it, fix your aim straight upwards
    and move from side to side to wipe out the Hoverpack-toting Droids. When you
    land, head to the right, taking your time to destroy the flame jets blocking
    your path. You'll have to fight an Elite Soldier when you reach the end, but
    you know how to deal with them.
    ==[08f.2] Space Strike==
    Inside your dinky little space ship, go right as fast as you can, taking out
    the purple missile launchers along your way, ignoring everything else. When
    the arrow indicates to go downwards, rotate the ship 180 degrees with the L or
    R buttons, and get ready for:
    [%%%]BOSS: Laser Cannon [08f.2A][%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%]
    This is pretty easy if you know how; take out the two purple missile launchers
    on either side of the Laser Cannon, and wait for the large laser beam to be
    fired and to dissipate. Dodge the yellow energy ovals and go into the crevice
    which houses the Cannon. Lower yourself so that you're half in the wall, and
    then angle yourself so both streams of fire can hit the Laser Cannon; nothing
    can hit you here so you can wipe it out easily enough.
    Follow the arrows, and take the lower path when you come to the + shaped chunk
    of ship. After destroying the two large pods that come, you'll find the next
    [%%%]BOSS: Enemy Hanger [08f.2B][%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%]
    Again, like the Laser Cannon, there's a spot you can tuck yourself into where
    you can't be hit. While you can't get into the Hanger's crevice, you can wedge
    yourself into the overhang just to the left of it. Rotate your craft so that
    the lower stream of fire can hit the Launcher, and hold down fire.
    ==[08f.3] Sign of Ruin==
    Like Air Drift on Moon 1, you're atop the spaceship and rotating the screen by
    pressing left or right on the D-Pad. This section is annoyingly long, and far
    too easy. Frankly, as far as I can tell, its only purpose is to drag out the
    length of the level and of the game, since it really is pretty short.
    <---[08g] G-Arc: Last Stage------------------------------------->
    ==[08g.1] Big Fight==
    If you've been thinking that this game isn't been all that tough, then you're
    about to get proved wrong as we take on five bosses in a row.
    To start off, head slowly to the right. Ignore the big green glowing cannons,
    and go nice and slow, grabbing each Health Sphere as you go. The cannons WILL
    fire, but only after you've passed them and they can't hit you. However, when
    you reach the final cannon -you'll be able to tell by the dip in the floor
    in front of it- jump clear to the afore-mentioned pit. The cannon will fire
    over your head; once the beam dissipates, run to the next pit and wait. Repeat
    this process until you come across...
    [%%%]BOSS: Pink Butterfly [08g.1A][%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%]
    Oh man, considering your first encounter with her was so easy, this one is
    quite a shocker, though she does look rather fetching in that suit.
    Now, it's important to note that the Duck Batallion are accompanying her here
    also; the tall one with a cannon is a major nuisance, but the fat one in the
    hovering pod is actually quite useful; it fires out a spread of five pod-like
    bombs; if you slash them with your sword before they explode, they drop Health
    Spheres, which will be damn helpful if you mess up.
    In theory, this battle is easy if you can get into Pink's blindspot, just to
    the right of the center of the screen, and fire your main weapons Super
    straight upwards. The fat Duck Batallion guy will float into your line of fire
    eventually, but don't worry about it; it's when the thin one jumps into the
    gully that you're stood in; turn your super on him and kill him as fast as you
    can before turning your attentions back onto Pink.
    Alternately, start by taking out the tall Duck Batallion dude and then move
    into Pink's blindspot. Let the fat one throw his pod-bombs at you, and slash
    'em open for Health Spheres until you reach 300, and THEN take out Pink with
    the Super.
    Make your way up the slope, avoiding the green cannons and you'll find:
    [%%%]BOSS: Orange [08g.1B][%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%]
    Orange is dumber than even in this fight, seriously. He'll start by doing a
    shoulder tackle across the lower floor, setting it alight, but don't worry
    about it, instead jumping to the upper platform. Move to about two thirds of
    the way along it and as Orange does a Tornado to reach the upper level, lower
    yourself (Down + Jump) so you're hanging from the platform. Orange will do a
    shoulder tackle along the top platform, but of course, it won't hit you. The
    thing is, he'll KEEP doing shoulder tackles along the top. Switch to Chaser
    Lightning and blast him away.
    Head to the right and a large door will open. Step through to confront:
    [%%%]BOSS: Black Gambit [08g.1C][%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%]
    This guy is pretty easy all around. Platforms appear from the ground and rise
    to the ceiling whether they explode in a gas cloud. Just keep running off the
    platforms whilst holding down fire on your main weapon; don't actually aim for
    Black, just take the hits that you get. When you get him down to 200 health,
    green flames will appear in one of three positions along the ground, but
    they're easy to avoid, especially since the platforms become smaller, and thus
    control where you move a lot less.
    Get off the lift and head right to have your final battle with:
    [%%%]BOSS: Green [08g.1D][%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%]
    Time for Seven Force to kick your arse again! Yay! This fight is more akin to
    the second fight against Seven Force, in the Space Stage of the original, in
    how it's a cumulative health total for Seven Force, not individual like in the
    first encounter. Here's a run down of what each form does and how to avoid it:
    Soldier Force: Runs at you and tries to kick you; just get to the corner
                   furthest away.
    Tails Force:   Spins on a spot, don't stand too close to it.
    Tiger Force:   Somersaults about the screen; slide underneath it when it's in
                   the air.
    Eagle Force:   Fires a spread of small blue laser shots; either block it with
                   your main weapons Super or slash it to make it drop a Super
                   Fires a blue beam that tracks you; run from one corner to the
    Bow Force:     Fires either one or three arrows at you; stay about two thirds
                   of a screen's width from it and jump whilst firing; you'll jump
                   over the middle of the first three it fires, be underneath the
                   one it fires, jump over the third, under the fourth and so on.
    Urchin Force:  Spins towards you rapidly; jump it.
    Crab Force:    Drops blue flames; aim straight up and blast it with your main
                   weapon's Super shot; it'll neutralise the blue flames and deal
                   major damage.
    The only nasty forms here are the Bow and Eagle Forces, the rest are basically
    free damage. Just be careful to watch where Green runs, and head the opposite
    way, so he doesn't change into one of the forms right on top of you.
    When you defeat him, you have a sequence with the four gems and Golden Silver
    before the final battle!
    ==[08g.2] Dead End==
    [%%%]BOSS: Golden Silver [08g.2A][%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%]
    Actually, I'm a bit loathe to call Golden Silver the final boss, since you
    don't fight him at all actually. It's ALL the gems this time around.
    There are a few ways to do this fight, but any way you look at it, this fight
    is ridiculously easy. The Chaser Lightning Super is pretty damn useful here,
    but it's very slow to charge up if you don't have it ready. The Exploding
    Fireball Super, on the other hand, is utterly useless as usual. Red's Double
    Fireball Super is damn good, though it does mean you'll get knocked about the
    place a lot, but that's still cool. Note that you can use it to block the
    Force and Lightning gems attacks, but frankly, it's not worth bothering with
    it. Flying Uppercuts also work well on the gems, especially if you time it so
    that you hit at least two gems at once. Any of these are easy methods to kick
    Golden Silver's arse.
                          / =============================== \
                        <              [09] FAQ               >
                          \ =============================== /
    ==Q. Is Red a guy or a girl?==================================================
    A. Well, it's confirmed that Red is female in the US version of Gunstar Super
       Heroes, but has not yet been confirmed in the JP version, nor by Treasure
       employees upon being questioned about it. However, it seems likely that Red
       is just a highly effeminate guy in the JP version taking into account
       several factors, such as his voice. But, without learning Japanese and
       replaying the JP version, I can neither confirm or deny it. It would kinda
       make sense if Red was actually a masculine chick. but still, I really can't
       say for sure.
    ==Q. Pink calls the Duck Batallion guys Kain and Kotaro. Which one is which?==
    A. The hell if I know, though others have called the fat one Kotaro, so I
       assume Kain is the lanky one. However, I don't know what they have to back
       up that claim either XD
    ==Q. With all these returning characters, are they the same as the ones from
         the original Gunstar Heroes?=============================================
    A. With the possible exception of Colonel Red/Smash Daisaku ("I NEVER DIE!" he
       screams in the first game, though whether he's immortal, or just doesn't
       die in battle, I'm not sure), no, they aren't. Gunstar Super Heroes is set
       one hundred years after its precursor, so it'd be foolish to think any of
       the characters are the same, excepting, of course, Golden Silver.
    ==Q. Doesn't the release of Gunstar Super Heroes break the "No Sequels" rule
         Treasure has?============================================================
    A. Firstly, Advance Guardian Heroes came out before GSH, so if the rule was
       broken, I'd assume that one would have, though, funnily enough, even the
       people at Treasure said that they were going to release GSH with the slogan
       "Our first sequel in ten years!" Either way though, it doesn't matter,
       since the rule was completely made up by a games magazine called Gamefan.
    ==Q. Well, even if there was no such policy, doesn't the release of Gunstar
         Super Heroes suggest that there may well be sequels to other Treasure
         games in the not so distant future, maybe even a Gunstar Heroes III?=====
    A. Let's hope that there's a Radiant Silvergun sequel (Hell, even a remake
       would be awesome!), but don't get your hopes up for it. Treasure seem to
       only do games that they want to make, and they might not want to bother
       rehashing old games. Especially a Gunstar Heroes III. I mean, it took ten
       years for them to release this one, and I see it more as a kind of
       anniversary game, celebrating ten years of independence from Konami.
                          / =============================== \
                        <             [10] Thanks             >
                          \ =============================== /
    This list is gonna be pretty short methinks =P
    My brother      - for buying a Megadrive way back when, Gunstar Heroes was the
                      first game I bought for it and I've loved it ever since, and
                      hence, I HAD to get this as soon as it came out!
    DJellybean      - for clueing me in for the basics of FAQ presentation.
    Phoenix 1911    - I stole the copyright stuff from him coz' it sounded all
                      professional and stuff XD
    GameFAQS        - for hosting this FAQ.
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                        <          [11] Legal Stuff           >
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    This unofficial document is protected by the international Copyright law. All
    content within is created and owned by Peter Carter. Absolutely no profit must
    be made from this work; it may not be reproduced, in part or in whole, and/or
    altered in any way or under any circumstances without the prior consent from
    the author, except for personal and private use. All copyrights and trademarks
    contained within are  owned by their  respective holders.  No copyright
    infringement was intended during the creation of this document.
    Copyright 2005-2009 Peter Carter.
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                        <          [12] Next Version          >
                          \ =============================== /
    Well, to be honest, I'm not sure if there will be a next edition of this FAQ,
    being that it is virtually complete. It really depends on what you guys and
    girls think SHOULD be in here that I've missed out.
                          / =============================== \
                        <         [13] Working On...          >
                          \ =============================== /
    Fallout 1.
                          / =============================== \
                        <            [14] Goodbye!            >
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    And that's all for now folks!

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