Review by knuckles_sonic8

"Atomic Betty fans will have a diffciult time finding something to enjoy from from this abysmal game."

Pros: Switching between three characters on the fly, good adaptation to the series completing missions at school and for Admiral DeGil, Mini-Games are sometimes found within select levels making them more enjoyable

Cons: Very low replay value, too easy to beat, levels get repetitive, school missions tend to be very boring, some Mini-Games are such a drag, mediocre sound


Personally, I'm not an Atomic Betty fan but I find the series okay and I watch it occasionally (I'd watch it more if new episodes aired), but even for an Atomic Betty fan, unfortunately, this game is just the pits. Way too easy to beat even for children. Some of the bosses, though, can be a little unfair and more challenging but other than that, solving puzzles found within each level isn't much of a challenge.

The replay value for this game is very low considering that once you beat the final boss - Maximus - the game is pretty much useless to you. I strongly wouldn't recommend a buy for anyone, especially not Atomic Betty fans.

As for the missions, well, they could've been better. The missions at school are quite repetitive - finding homework so you can participate in your upcoming game whilst enduring the antics of Penelope. Not very exciting, though. Some of the missions Admiral DeGil asks of you will easily remind Atomic Betty fans of some previous episodes - for instance, the battle with Iciclia.

Within some levels, to advance (for instance when X-5 must hack computers and, at school, once Betty finds her homework), you must participate in them. Some of the Mini-Games aren't so bad. For instance, there is a Mini-Game that has a somewhat Frogger-take on it. Whenever you find Betty's homework, at school, however, the Mini-Games are quite annoying considering they only involve you shooting basketballs into a basket to prep you for the upcoming game. Not very exciting.

Overall, the game wouldn't be recommendable to anyone, neither Atomic Betty fans nor people just looking for a solid Platformer. All in all, I think it's safe to say that if you would like to waste your money on buying it, go right ahead, but I'd suggest a rental instead, because you'll find you're just going to end up being disappointed.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

Originally Posted: 02/06/06

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