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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Ishtar_Dark

    Version: 1.01 | Updated: 08/23/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

      __                            |\  /|  __      ____
     /  \                           | \/ | /  \    |     _
     \__      _        _            |    | \_______|__  | \       ___  ____ 
        \|_| /_\ |\/| /_\ |\ |      |   /_\   \ |  |    |_/      |   ||   
     \__/| |/   \|  |/   \| \|  []  |  /   \__/ |  |____| \      |___||___ 
                  | /                     __    |       |  \          |
                  |/       __            /  \   |     _______     ____|__
                  |\ ||\ || _   []       \__  _ | _  |  | /  \   /    |  \
                  | \|| \||__|              \|_|||_| |  | \__             \
                                         \__/|  || \ |  |    \            /
                                                          \__/     ______/
    Shaman King: Master of Spirits 2 FAQ/Walkthrough by Ishtar Dark
    System: Gameboy Advance
    Version: 1.0
    Date of Last Update: 08/23/2005
    This is NOT a spoiler-free FAQ/Walkthrough. It is quite the opposite.
    Quick Note: If any good person has a better ASCII to offer than that thingy up
    there, please contact me via my e-mail. You will, of course, be given credit.
    1. Legal Section             --------------------------------------      [lglsc]
    2. Version History           --------------------------------------      [vrhst]
    3. About                     --------------------------------------      [about]
    4. Introduction              --------------------------------------      [intro]
    5. Gameplay                  --------------------------------------      [gplay]
    6. The Walkthrough           --------------------------------------      [wlkth]
    7. Training Mode             --------------------------------------      [trnng]
    8. Important Items           --------------------------------------      [mgbls]
    9. Spirit Guide              --------------------------------------      [sprgd]
    10. Jukebox Collection       --------------------------------------      [jbcll]
    11. Credits                  --------------------------------------      [crdts]
    1. Legal Section                                                         [lglsc]
    This FAQ was solely intended for the public use on the worldwideweb. It cannot
    be reproduced, retransmitted, or re-written in any other form except by the
    notice of the author. Any violation of this code will result in strict
    penalty and high fines susceptible by law. If this legal document is
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    code of law and will be punished. In full contrast, this document
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    used by the public itself and cannot be sold. Revisions of this FAQ are
    only to be done with notice of the author before hand and may be done so
    as long as the name of the author of the document appears in due credit.
    You may juxatpose this document with other documents as well without
    notice of the author but it must not be used for sales and broadcasting
    or commercial use. This FAQ may not be included in a promotional gamepak,
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    solely used and ONLY used for public use only and may not be used in a
    promotional ad that sponsors any type of monetary use. This FAQ is to be
    used "just like a book" meaning that it can be read over and over again
    by anybody who wishes to do so. Just like a book it can be moved around
    from one person to another, but unlike a book the document can be viewed
    by more than one person at once. This FAQ is in no way supposed to be
    plagiarized, doing so not only damages the person you had intentionally
    forged, but it also damages yourself in terms of self guilt or in termsof law, 
    whether the punishment be civil or criminal law.  To put it at
    MY PERMISSION! The only thing automatically allowed is for you to read it.
    This document is (C) John Parker; 2005
    Sites that have permission to use this FAQ/Walkthrough are as follows:
    2. Version History                                                       [vrhst]
    Version 1.01 - made even more changes, corrected some spelling and grammar 
    mistakes, added a way of avoiding Spirit of Fire's giant fireball, and made a 
    list of sites with permission to use this FAQ/Walkthrough
    Version 1.00 - made some more changes, rearranged Forbidden Forest - Level 4 and
    Star Sanctuary - Level E, and added Record 11 to the list. 
    Version 0.98 - made some spelling and grammar corrections, some minor thingies, 
    and added the location of Record 02.
    Version 0.97 - finished the original intention, the full Walkthrough and other
    stuff. Only missing Records 02 and 11. Submitted to GameFAQs. 
    BTW, people, I am located in a completely different time zone then most of you, 
    so don't be mad if I'm sometimes late with e-mail answers and such. :D
    3. About                                                                 [about]
    Let's make this short, shall we? My name is John Parker, known at GameFAQs as 
    Ishtar Dark. I'm 14 years old, live in Europe, and have decided to write a 
    FAQ/Walkthrough for this worthy sequel to the Shaman King: Master of Spirits 
    game for the GBA. You are obliged to read the Legal Section. Ignorance is not an
    excuse. I can be contacted on my e-mail address, dario.papic@email.t-com.hr. 
    Please contact me if you have a suggestion for the FAQ/Walkthrough, or would 
    like to report a mistake in it. OR if you have a problem not answered here. :D
    4. Introduction                                                          [intro]
    If you're up for it, grab this game and start. The game has its pros and cons, 
    but overall, it's a worthy sequel to the Master of Spirits game. It features a 
    new mode, Training, in which you can fight any of the bosses you've fought in 
    the game. Look into its appropriate section. There are, of course, more spirits 
    and spirit combos in this game, while it brings a new gameplay style, in which 
    you collect certain items which upgrade certain spirits in your possession. 
    Also, random extra tidbits were bound to appear in the game, and so they did. 
    There is the Card Viewer, which allows you to look at Shaman King pictures 
    you've won in Training mode. There is the Jukebox, attained when the game is 
    finished, which allows you to listen to various music from the game. Also, if 
    you find anything wrong with this FAQ/Walkthrough, or would like to contribute 
    to it in some way, please e-mail me on the aforementioned address. All in all, 
    I'm tired of this section, so let's get it on.
    5. Gameplay                                                              [gplay]
    First of all, the simple-to-understand controls for the game.
    START - brings up the STATUS screen in a level, or the main menu on world map 
    SELECT - switches between equipped spirit decks in a level
    A Button - jump, advance conversation, select things, etc.
    B Button - attack with current sword, cancel selections, etc.
    Left Shoulder Button - uses spirit equipped to the L button
    Right Shoulder Button - uses spirit equipped to the R button
    Directional Pad - if you can't figure this out, you're done for...
    And now, the random tidbits and advice...
    - Every time you find yourself on the world map after finishing a level, SAVE.
    - Every time you find yourself on the world map with at least 500 money, go to 
    Patch Works (SHOP) and buy yourself healing items, as this game is much more 
    challenging than the previous one, and you'll find yourself running out on items
    in a couple of levels...
    - The game has a distorted sense of humor, making the first boss one of the 
    toughest, and one of the last bosses the easiest. Never underestimate your 
    enemies, they like to deceive.
    - Have patience, the game can get annoying at times, but if you keep your calm, 
    you will prevail. 
    - And THE MOST IMPORTANT ADVICE: Have fun!! (ugh, this is such a cliche :P)
    6. The Walkthrough                                                       [wlkth]
    In this full walkthrough, I will guide you through the game as best as I can, 
    giving you all the info you'll need on passing it successfully, with a 100% 
    Completion Rate, which will from now on be referred to as CR.
    Note that this Walkthrough is made for the Easy difficulty, and in co-operation 
    with poweraTion's map, which is available at GameFAQs. As to my knowledge, the 
    difficulties only differ in the toughness of enemies and bosses, so whichever 
    difficulty you choose, you can get 100% CR. It is recommended to the new player 
    that he/she plays under the Easy difficulty, just to familiarize him/herself 
    with the game easily. However, most players will see that the Easy difficulty 
    poses very little challenge, and will decide to take on higher difficulties. 
    Best of luck to you all. :D
    The Grand Shaman Committee
    has just issued an
    official statement -
    "The King of Spirits has
    grown strangely quiet.
    Without knowing his will,
    we cannot proceed with
    the Shaman Tournament."
    Committee Leader Goldva has
    summoned the Grand Shaman
    Council to gather
    information and discover
    the reason behind the
    King of Spirits'
    sudden silence.
    But until further notice,
    the Shaman Tournament
    is suspended.
    "Please take this time to
    take advantage of Dobie 
    Village's many fine shops
    and boutiques!"
    This is the scene the game starts with. If you have seen the anime, you'd notice
    that this is similar to how the anime ended. However, we seem to play this game 
    somewhere in the last episodes of the anime, where Zeke enters the Star 
    Sanctuary and gets the King of Spirits. So, don't break your pretty little head 
    with those things, just play and enjoy. Also, you will notice that every level 
    has an IT list... that stands for the Important Things in a level... like 
    equipment and spirits... 
    Now we get a scene with Amidamaru and Yoh wondering why Dobie Vilage is so quiet
    and peaceful today. They reckon something's not right. Then (surprise, surprise)
    Zeke, Opacho and Luchist appear out of nowhere and Zeke explains that it's a 
    Soul Hunt: his Spirit of Fire has devoured every soul here. Yoh stupidly throws 
    a Celestial Slash at Zeke, which gets the Sword of Light broken... again. Now we
    have to stop Zeke with a crappy Wooden Sword... meh, let's go.
    DOBIE DIVISION - Level 1 |
    IT: nothing...
    Whenever you're ready, head to Dobie Division - Level 1. The level serves as 
    nothing but butt-kicking grounds... familiarize yourself with the controls and 
    basic enemy movement... just proceed out of the level when you've had enough of 
    stupid skeletons and annoying bats (who you will miss later on in the game). :P
    DOBIE DIVISION - Level 2 |
    IT: nothing again...
    There's a novelty in this level. Sorry to disappoint you, it's not a new spirit,
    but a new item. A Blueshroom. When you pick this silly up, you get a ten-second 
    boost in defense, which means that you'll take less damage from enemies. Other 
    than that, this level is as useless and the first.
    DOBIE DIVISION - Level 3 |
    IT: Spirit #11, Magnescope
    Guess what... we get our first spirit in this level!!! 'Bout time... In the 
    first part of the level, you'll see a hawk with a bluish aura around him. This 
    bluish aura always notifies us that the enemy holds a spirit. This hawk is also 
    the first hawk in the stage... anyways, beat the hawk and you'll acquire 
    Magnescope. He's not very useful, but hey, he's a worthy addition to our big 
    list... other than him, just continue through the level.
    *NOTE* After the level, you'll encounter Dobie Gate I. *NOTE END*
    DOBIE DIVISION - Level 4 |
    IT: Magatama Bead
        Spirit #18, Kanta
    Yay, a desert level! The only thing you might find annoying here is the crooked 
    sand floor, the Sarcophagus enemy, the puppy skeleton... so, pretty much 
    everything. :P Anyway, right at the start of the level, on a raised platform, is
    our first Magatama Bead, so go get it.
    Kanta is found on the second raised platform, right after the one the Magatama 
    Bead was on. So go get him, too. He is weak, but again, he's a worthy addition 
    to the team. Continue through the level and exit.
    DOBIE DIVISION - Level 5 |-> BOSS LEVEL: Mikihisa Asakura
    IT: The Tome of the Shaman
        Spirit #02, Tokageroh
        Spirit #27, Yamagami
    Mikihisa is pretty tough for a first boss... not what you'd expect, considering 
    we're used to first bosses being a joke. There are four floating platforms in 
    the stage which you can jump on to reach Mikihisa on his stationary wooden 
    platform. He can summon two foxes and mold them to look like himself, so that 
    they try to kick and punch you. They are easily rid of with a few swipes with 
    the Wooden Sword, so you shouldn't really be on your guard around them.
    The main danger are his Shikigamis. At the start of the battle, he throws two, 
    but when you take half of his health, he starts throwing up to four. They 
    basically follow you around wherever you go for quite a long while. They take 
    one hit with the Wooden Sword to "die", but it's difficult to hit them since 
    they're so fast and slickery. :P Also, Mikihisa often teleports around the 
    platforms, so you never know where he'll appear next.
    When you take half his health off, he will use a new kind of attack. Some weird 
    signs start spinning around you. Don't worry, they won't hurt you... yet. When 
    the signs close in on you, jump from them, because Mikihisa will fire a beam 
    through them which hurts you and shifts you into "slow-mode"... that's when you 
    start moving at about 30% your normal speed. And it's very annoying, so you'd 
    better avoid it... That's about all you need to know about Mikihisa. Good luck 
    in beating him.
    After the battle, you'll get your first Tome of the Shaman, along with Yamagami 
    and Rio's Tokageroh. What I'm wondering about is: WTF is Rio doing there, 
    fainted? Did Mikihisa nail him or what? Meh... Now, moving on, we go into 
    another region of the map, False Factory. 
    FALSE FACTORY - Level 1 |
    IT: nothing, bah...
    Here you will encounter your first puzzle. It's simple, use Tokageroh's Big 
    Thumb to push the box west, onto the switch. That will summon down a platform 
    which you can use to continur forward. There's nothing interesting further on 
    through the level, so simply go through it and exit.
    FALSE FACTORY - Level 2 |
    IT: Book of Learning I
        Spirit #19, Gussy Kenji
        Spirit #37, Chimi-Moryo
    At the start of the level, jump up on the platforms to get to the upper part of 
    the level. Just go left and you'll encounter Book of Learning I, which gives you
    the Diving Slash Ground Skill, performed by pressing ->->+B, as written in the 
    book. Books of Learning are a new addition to the game, and they're quite nice, 
    giving you new normal skills.
    In the second part of the level, on the higher platform, you'll encounter the 
    Gussy Kenji enemy, glowing with a blue aura. Beat him and you'll get Gussy 
    Kenji's spirit. Yay! Also, in the third (and final) part of the level is a 
    Chimi-Moryo enemy with a blue aura. Defeat him to acquire Chimi-Moryo (duh!).
    FALSE FACTORY - Level 3 |
    IT: Magatama Bead
        Magatama Bead (Required: Talisman)
    In the second part of the level, before falling down, jump up and left on the 
    platforms to reach our second Magatama Bead. Also, return here after upgrading 
    Lee Pai-Long. Near the end of the level is a space which can be Triangle Jumped 
    to reach another Magatama Bead. I suggest you just use CTRL+F to find this if 
    you happen to forget about the level, 'cause we won't be upgrading Pai-Long for 
    some time now... heck, we don't even have him yet. :P
    FALSE FACTORY - Level 4 |
    IT: Spirit #55, Ian
        Left Glove
    Ian is easy to find. After riding the moving platform, jump up the stationary 
    platforms and you'll find Ian. Easy as pie... I wonder what that means...
    Anyway, besides Ian, there is also the Left Glove, also easy to find. In the 
    second part of the level, just follow the upper platforms and you'll find it. 
    It's near the exit to the next part of the level. After you get all that, just 
    go through the level and exit.
    FALSE FACTORY - Level 5 |-> BOSS LEVEL: The Lees Robo
    IT: The Tome of the Shaman
    Here you'll meet up with the Lees: Sharona, Elly, Milly, Sally and Lily. They 
    appear to be working for Zeke... WTF? Since when? Meh... Anyways, they seem to 
    have a robot toy which we must fight. Ugh, such nags...
    The aim here is to attack the central, gray part of the Robo. After a while, the
    Robo will go to the upper part of the level. At that moment, you should go left 
    and push the box onto the switch. That action will call upon a platform in the 
    right part of the level so that you can climb up to the Robo. Also, when it's 
    had enough beating, the Robo will shift back to the lower part. If you don't 
    know how to get back down, here's how: go to the white part of the floor, hold 
    down on the directional pad and press A. Ta-da...
    It uses many attacks. A dangerous one is when he creates two thunderballs and 
    sends them after you. They electrocute you on touch, but will eventually 
    "explode" themselves. Avoid them. 'Nuff said. The Robo will also create a 
    boulder in one of his hands from time to time. If you see this happen, jump off 
    the central platform, in the direction opposite of the hand with the boulder. 
    For example: you're standing on the central platform, slashing the Robo. 
    Suddenly, you see the boulder in his right hand (from your point of view). Just 
    jump left of the central platform and you'll be fine.
    When you take around half of his HP off, he'll also start using an attack where 
    he turns both his hands into boulders and starts smashing the ground with them. 
    Just try to avoid this as skillfully as you can... Also, he will send two big 
    rockets after you. RUN LIKE A BEHEADED FLY!!! That means RUN LIKE HELL!!! Just 
    run around, trying to shake them off. Eventually, they'll blow up on their own.
    After the battle you'll get another The Tome of the Shaman... what?! No spirit? 
    No present for us? Aww...
    FALSE FACTORY - Level 6 |
    IT: Spirit #30, Footballer
    To get Footballer, go to the very left of the first part of the level and he's 
    there, surrounded in a blue aura. Just hit him on the front. When he crouches, 
    he is invincible, and you should jump because he'll rush at you. He does that 
    every 3 seconds or so, so be ready.
    Anyway, to access the next part of the level, go up the platforms and enter the 
    eastern door. From there, just make your way to the level's exit.
    FALSE FACTORY - Level 7 |-> BOSS LEVEL: Joco
    IT: Spirit #04, Mic
        The Tome of the Shaman
    Basically, all the bosses from MoS are in thi game, too, and they all have the 
    same abilities. Some are powered-up a bit, but it's nothing special. Anyway, on 
    with the strategy.
    During the entire fight you'll see a stone totem head floating in the 
    background. That head will fire a wind blow of sorts from time to time. 
    Basically, to avoid this, just keep away from its mouth. Now, Joco has one 
    attack and that's Jaguar Swipe. He rols into a glowing orange ball and starts 
    flying all over the stage. This can get annoying since he'll usually end up far 
    above your current position. Just avoid him while he's doing this and you'll be 
    Also, he can make a move in which he hides in a bush. Then, shortly after, you 
    see all the bushes shake. He'll come out of one of them, and that's where you 
    should go and attack. The other bushes will either contain a bomb (which will 
    explode quickly) or nothing. Be aware of the fact that Joco CAN be hurt by his 
    own bombs, so if you (somehow) manage to get him near one of the bombs, "BUM!"
    After the battle you'll receive Mic and another Tome of the Shaman.
    FALSE FACTORY - Level X |
    IT: Spirit #72, Uriel
    OK, this is our first X level. X levels basically signify eXtra levels, which 
    are either optional or inaccessible until a certain spirit is gotten. And now 
    that we have Mic, this X level is open to us. So go through it to get back down.
    Uriel is in plain sight in this level, so no special explanation is needed...
    After passing the X level, cross False Factory - Level 3 to get to another area.
    FORGOTTEN LANDS - Level 1 |
    IT: Spirit #38, Antonio
        Magatama Bead
    First of all, from your starting position, drop as far straight down as you can.
    You'll then see a box and a switch. Push the box onto the switch to activate a 
    platform northeast of your current position. So jump up onto the stationary 
    platform and right onto elevated solid ground. Go right and defeat the mexican 
    spirit with a blue aura to get Antonio. A little further right of him is another
    box and switch. Push the box onto the switch to activate yet another platform.
    Go left of this box and jump onto the platform we summoned when we pushed the 
    first box. Then jump right onto solid ground again. Head further right and 
    you'll see the platform we summoned by pushing the last box. Now push the box 
    you see here all the way to the right, onto another switch. Now climb the two 
    platforms, but don't go left to solid ground with a chest. Instead, while you're
    standing on the top-most platform, jump to the right using Mic and you'll get to
    a teensy-weensy platform holding a Magatama Bead. Yay! Now feel free to jump all
    the way back down to the first box we pushed and go right, out of the level.
    FORGOTTEN LANDS - Level 2 |
    IT: nothing... *cries*
    As you can read from the IT, this level holds nothing of value right now. It's 
    just a short desert level with a new enemy, the pyramid-farty (tm). :D Don't let
    his farts get to you or you'll get poisoned. Anyhow, just run through the level,
    acting like you don't care that you've just crossed from a factory to a desert.
    *whistles innocently*
    FORGOTTEN LANDS - Level 3 |
    IT: Spirit #59, Frankensteiny
    Alright, this level's a bit complicated as it has various paths for you to 
    follow. However, I'm sure we can manage. Firstly, just cross the first part of 
    the level. Now, in the second part, head up the platforms and exit via the 
    upper-right exit. If you followed my instructions, go right until you find a 
    medium-high ledge with a barrel at the bottom. Instead of dropping, use Mic to 
    jump right to a falling platform, from which you should quickly jump upwards and
    to the right to get a key.
    Now, wait until the falling platform materializes again. Then drop onto it and 
    keep the directional pad pressed to the right. This way, then the platform 
    falls, you'll end up on a ledge. Go right and open the door, passing into a 
    secret part of the level. Now use all your skills to successfully climb up to 
    the top of this area, where you should see an electric skeleton and a skeleton 
    puppy, glowing with a blue aura... you know what this means. Beat the puppy to 
    get Frankensteiny. Now simply go back to the area with the unlockable door, drop
    down and go right to exit the level.
    FORGOTTEN LANDS - Level 4 |
    IT: Magatama Bead
    Hmm... a factory, a desert, a factory, sea... do you see a pattern here? :P
    Anyways, I don't know about you, but I hate sea levels... they make me so slow.
    Now, the first thing you should do after exiting that little starting cave, is 
    jump straight up using the platforms. On your left is an oxygen tank, and on 
    your upper-right is our fourth Magatama Bead, which will bring you a HP upgrade.
    Woot, woot!! Yay! After getting the Magatama Bead, return left to the highest 
    platform. Then simply walk right, letting the sea carry you to another big 
    platform, from which you should keep heading right to the next part of the 
    This next part of the level is straight-ahead and you'll see the Headphones in 
    plain sight. Now just head east and you'll stumble upon the exit.
    FORGOTTEN LANDS - Level 5 |
    IT: Spirit #57, Dreisa
        Spirit #26, Orona (Required: HolyWood Sword)
        Lucky Charm
    At the start of the level, jump up the two platforms and climb the stairs. Go 
    left to the edge and jump up the platforms above you to eventually reach Dreisa.
    Then just go back left and jump left to the exit. Now, in the second part of the
    level, climb up the stairs and go left. You'll see a big wooden box. Return here
    after you upgrade Tokageroh, because past that box is Orona. Now go back a 
    little right, climb the platforms and stairs. At the stairs' peak, use Mic to 
    jump right onto another ground, from where you should head straight right, 
    eventually coming to a secret part of the level.
    Jump up the various platforms until you reach the top-most one, where you'll see
    a new item waiting for us. It's the Lucky Charm, our first defensive item. Yay!
    Now go back to the "stairs' peak", as I called it, and head left to exit the 
    IT: The Tome of the Shaman
        Spirit #07, Eliza
    This time, unlike in MoS, you don't have to finght the big skeleton first - you 
    go straight to Eliza. She's quite an easy boss, all things considered. Her most 
    often done attack is the one when she jumps back to the edge of the battlefield 
    and then swipes across it, trying to ram you. Just jump over her or hit her with
    a Halo Bump to stop the attack. 
    Another of her attacks is to jump up into the air and use her guillotine axe to 
    send a boomerang-ish shockwave of sorts that will do an arch-shaped movement in 
    front of Eliza and then go away. It's not hard to evade, so don't worry. And the
    last attack in her arsenal is to rise into the air and summon a few skeletons. 
    Just get rid of them and hit her. We are so evil, hitting a girl. Well, she IS a
    girl who wants to cut our head off, so I guess it's justified. :D
    After the battle you'll get Eliza and another Tome of the Shaman, which will net
    you an SP upgrade. Yay! 
    THE BADLANDS - Level 1 |
    IT: Spirit #33, Jack
    The first part of the elvel holds nothing, so to get to the exit quickly, jump 
    across the two platforms, climb down the next stairs and just walk left. Ta-da.
    Now, in the second part, jump left and push the box all the way to the wall, so 
    you can jump up. From there, go and jump left and you'll see a "witch" enemy 
    shining in a blue aura... yup, another spirit. Defeat her the best way you can 
    and get Jack. After getting him, simply make your way to the bottom of the level
    and go left to exit.
    THE BADLANDS - Level 2 |
    IT: Spirit #58, Yophia
    Ohh, no, another underwater level... Now, after you enter the water, head ALL 
    the way west until you hit a wall. And I mean a real, brown, ground wall. Then 
    jump up the platforms attached to the wall to reach Yophia. After getting her, 
    drop back all the way down to find the exit. Pretty short, innit?
    THE BADLANDS - Level X |
    IT: Spirit #71, Gabriel (Required: Lee Pai-Long)
        Spirit #45, Gledhill
        Magatama Bead
    Alrighty, this X level is not like the previous one. This one is a one-way trip 
    back to Dobie Division. However, it contains a few spirits and another Magatama 
    Bead, so I will take you there right now. Don't worry, we won't be going back to
    Dobie Division... as soon as we get everything from this level, we go back to 
    The Badlands levels. Now, moving on. As soon as you enter this level you'll see 
    that it's very dark. Maneuver left through it until you find the exit to another
    part of the level. However, you will spot a spirit unreachable without the 
    possession of Pai-Long. When you DO get him, return here and get Gabriel.
    Now, continue left into the other part, which is (thank God) filed with light.
    Head left and you'll find a very dangerous and annoying enemy that I like to 
    call "devil". He's glowing with a blue aura, so do your best to beat him and 
    you'll get Gledhill. At the bottom-left part is our next Magatama Bead. After 
    getting that, just go back right, through the darkened part and out of the 
    level, going further to:
    THE BADLANDS - Level 3 |
    IT: Spirit #73, Metatoron
    And here's our first poisoned level. Be sure to equip yourself with Eliza before
    you enter here or you'll get poisoned (duh). In the top-right of the area is a 
    little room with Metatoron and another key. After that go elft, drop down and go
    right through the locked door and out of the level. Short and sweet.
    THE BADLANDS - Level 4 |
    IT: Magatama Bead
        Spirit #52, Jangalian (Required: Corey)
    After killing the second skeleton archer, jump left to get our next Magatama 
    Bead. After that, just continue to the second part of the level. In there, there
    is a spirit unreachable without the possession of Corey, so come back here after
    you get him (which is just one level away). :D
    Anyways, if you came back with Corey: go left and freeze the first jumping 
    fireball in your way (the one near a totem enemy). Jump on it, then jump up and 
    right to a platform with annoying goblins, who you should slaughter. After that,
    head right, jumping across two falling platforms and get Jangalian.
    THE BADLANDS - Level 5 |-> BOSS LEVEL: Trey
    IT: The Tome of the Shaman
        Spirit #03, Corey
    Now, to kick Trey's frozen butt. He uses attacks at an approximately equal rate,
    so be aware at all times. One of the attacks is Nipopo Punch. IF the Nipopo 
    Punch succeeds in hitting you, you'll freeze over and Trey will immediately go 
    to make a combo with his icicle-below-snowboard attack. In order to avoid it, 
    quickly press the directional buttons to free yourself of the ice before he can 
    hit you. Of course, he'll sometimes use the icicle-below-snowboard attack on its
    own, so you should be careful even if he didn't use Nipopo Punch first.
    The last move in the arsenal is snowboarding: he goes to one of the 
    battlefield's edges and gets on his snowboard, swiping across the field two 
    times. Like with Eliza's similar move, simply jump across him or hit him with a 
    Halo Bump. Eventually, you'll get rid of him, after which you'll get Corey and 
    another Tome of the Shaman.
    IT: Spirit #75, Remiel
    After entering, jump up the two falling platforms and then jump to the left to 
    get Remiel. Then go back right and climb through the level, which is a 
    challenging task, considering there are monsters, traps, spikes and falling 
    platforms at every step. Near the exit is a wall of flames which you should 
    first freeze with Corey's Nipopo Punch and then break with a hit of the Wooden 
    Sword. Anyway, after exiting the level, go across Forgotten Lands - Level 4 to 
    another area.
    THE SWAMPS - Level 1 |
    IT: Spirit #31, Shion-Shion
        Right Sandal
    Just freeze and break the flames at the beginning of the level and proceed 
    right, where you'll see a Shion-Shion enemy. Defeat him to acquire Shion-Shion 
    (well, duh). You may notice a platform that needs extreme jumping maveuvers to 
    reach, but it contains only a treasure chest, so if you wanna break your nerves 
    for it, go do so. Instead, I recommend you simply head right to the next part of
    the level.
    In the second part, go down the stairs and jump up the platforms to reach the 
    Right Sandal, our second-to-last clothing equipment. After that, go right to the
    next part of the level. Just find your way right, through this part and exit the
    THE SWAMPS - Level 2 |-> BOSS LEVEL: Iron Maiden Jeanne
    IT: The Tome of the Shaman
        Spirit #28, Mash
    Ahh, finally, a chance to defeat the innocent, little, Iron Maiden... guh...
    Actually, she doesn't attack at all. It's Mash that does. Jeanne closes her Iron
    Maiden for a certain time period in which she cannot be harmed. When she opens 
    the Iron Maiden: that's when she can be hurt badly. *evil laugh* Mwahahahaha...
    Also, to make things more difficult, there is a conveyor-belt floor that 
    switches directions from time to time.
    Anyways, one of Mash's attacks is to send bombs floating horizontally through 
    the air towards you. The attack is very easy to evade on solid ground... but 
    here, with the conveyor belt, it is very hard. Your best bet is to jump onto the
    higher ground and jump around there. Another variation of the attack is when 
    Mash goes above Jeanne and throws the bombs vertically (down) towards you. It is
    easier to evade that the horizontal variation.
    Another attack in his (very big) arsenal is to make two pendulums drop down from
    him, tipped with sharp sythes, swinging left and right... you should stay away 
    from them as best as you can, as they're very dangerous. Also, he has an attack 
    where he drops a golden cage onto you, trapping you inside. Quickly attack the 
    cage until it breaks, because when it reaches a certain height, an axe witll cut
    you hard. 
    It isn't really necessary to avoid the cage as you can easily break it before it
    reaches that height, btu if you want, here's how: at the precise moment that you
    see Mash opening a book, move away from your current position quickly. If you 
    move around a lot, you'll evade this attack almost always, so don't worry. 
    Anyways, the last attack in Mash's arsenal is to summon a wall of fire which 
    will travel on the conveyor belts. Just use Corey to freeze and break it. After 
    you beat her, you get another Tome of the Shaman and Mash.
    THE SWAMPS - Level 3 |
    IT: Sword of Light
        Spirit #65, Mosuke
        Magatama Bead
        Spirit #47, Skunk
    There are tons of Shikigamis flying in waves here. It's almost impossible to 
    avoid them, so just hit them with your sword. In the second area, you'll meet up
    with Mosuke, who you will get along with the Sword of Light. Finally!!
    Now go left into the last part of the level.
    You will immediately see a Magatama Bead on a heightened platform. Find your way
    to that platform, collect the Magatama Bead and defeat the pyramid-farty with a 
    blue aura to get Skunk. By the way, I must note something: now that you have the
    Sword of Light, don't use Halo Bump anymore. Three hits with the Sword of Light 
    are like three hits of Halo Bump.
    THE SWAMPS - Level 4 |
    IT: Book of Learning II
        Spirit #70, Raphael
    This is in my opinion the most complicated level in the game. You can easily get
    lost, so bear with me, please. Pass the first part of the level, trying not to 
    get hit by the fire-breathing dragon skeletons. Now, the second part is tricky.
    Now, go left to the edge and wait for a moving platform to come by. Jump onto 
    one and wait until it takes you upwards. Then, when you get to the upper-left of
    the route, jump left to the upper-left section of the level. Go left and collect
    the Book of Learning II, which gives you the Air Twist Slash Aerial Skill, 
    performed by pushing down+B while in air. Now, go right and wait for a moving 
    platform. Take one going downwards, go right onto a "platform" with a treasure 
    chest, from which you should drop right. Keep going right to a secret area.
    In here, immediately climb up the platforms and go east, wait until a moving 
    platform comes by, then ride it right to Raphael. Yay! Now go back to the 
    previous part of the level where you should wait for a moving platform to come 
    by. Ride it left and then you'll get to a "crossroad" of sorts where three 
    platforms will switch directions. Jump on the one that's going left and then 
    upwards. Riding this platform, you'll come to the exit, so jump left and go out.
    THE SWAMPS - Level 5 |-> BOSS LEVEL: Lyserg
    IT: The Tome of the Shaman
        Spirit #06, Chloe
    Lydork is a very annoying boss because he keeps running away, whether by foot or
    using the pendulum to act as Tarzan. His Homing Pendulum attack works in the 
    same way as it did in MoS. Just run away from the pendulum and you'll be fine.
    He also has an attack using the pendulum, but it isn't Homing Pendulum... it's 
    shorter and has a determined path. Don't worry about this one.
    He can also send Chloe after you. If she touches you, she'll hurt you for barely
    noticable damage and confuse you, which will screw with your controls. It's very
    temporary, so don't worry about that, unless Lyserg immediately follows up with 
    a Big Ben Attack, which he'll use only after you take half his HP off. Also, 
    another annoying fact about Lyserg is that, when you "beat" him, Chloe comes out
    and recovers half his HP back. Eventually, after you beat him, you'll get 
    antoher Tome of the Shaman and Chloe.
    SNOW HAVEN - Level 1 |
    IT: Spirit #56, Nizba (Required: Lee Pai-Long)
    OK, here's your first chance to test out Chloe. When you get to a pendulum hook,
    jump up and use Chloe to attach yourself to it. Then, pull yourself up to the 
    hook and jump straight up. At the peak of your jump, use Chloe again to attach 
    yourself to another hook, straight up from the first one. Now, swing on this 
    hook and jump left, across the barrels and into the second part of the level.
    Go left and when you come to some platforms, drop down them. See that treasure 
    box underground? Well, you can get underground by pressing down+A on the white 
    floor. By using Pai-Long, you can get under the low floor left of you and reach 
    another spirit, Nizba. So, come back here when you get Pai-Long. For now, jump 
    back up and go left, out of the level.
    SNOW HAVEN - Level 2 |
    IT: Spirit #29, Blaumro
    Start by going along the path. Soon, you'll see a bat hanging from the ceiling 
    below you, glowing in a blue aura. Yup, he holds a spirit, but we have to lure 
    him out first. And to do that, we have to take some damage. Equip Metatoron (who
    reduces damage from needle piles) and jump onto the falling platform left of 
    you. When it falls, just go with the flow, and you'll hit the needle ground. 
    After that happens, immediately jump back up so you don't take any damage. This 
    will lure the bat out, so just beat it to get Blaumro. Now just continue through
    the level and exit.
    SNOW HAVEN - Level 3 |
    IT: Magatama Bead
        Spirit #69, Deht the Viking
    Equip Eliza again because it's another poisoned level. Anyway, after passing the
    unlockable door, drop all the way down to a flame-elemental archer skeleton. Go 
    all the way right and defeat the huge, axe-wielding viking to get his spirit, 
    Deht the Viking. Also collect our next Magatama Bead, which should net you 
    another HP upgrade if you've been following the walkthrough. Now go all the way 
    left to exit the level.
    =====================SNOW HAVEN - Level 4 |-> BOSS LEVEL: Lee Pai-Long
    IT: The Tome of the Shaman
        Spirit #05, Lee Pai-Long
    And now, to uf-gnuk that kung-fu master's face. Basically, all he does is escape
    and punch you around from time to time. His only special move is Daodando, where
    he does a move that works in the same way as Trey's icicle-below-snowboard. 
    Basically, he'll do everything a kung-fu master can do. :P Just hit him 
    wheneveryou see a hole in his defense and you'll be fine. After the battle 
    you'll get 
    another Tome of the Shaman (ugh, how many times have I said this!!) and the guy 
    you just defeated, Lee Pai-Long.
    SNOW HAVEN - Level X |
    IT: Spirit #48, Kamaitachi
    We're going in here to get another one of the Lees' spirits. The first one was 
    Jangalian, and next is here. Simply go right, ride the moving platform going 
    right and you'll see Kamaitachi just floating there. Get him and ride the 
    platform back and exit the level.
    SNOW HAVEN - Level 5 |
    IT: Left Sandal
    Yeah, the famous Left Sandal that many people seem to have a problem finding is 
    here. Go right along the snowy level adn drop down at the first chance you get. 
    Go left, stand on the yellow-black striped elevator and press down on the d-pad 
    to go down to the underground. When there, go left, jump over the "pit", 
    continue left and climb to the high platform where you'll find the Left Sandal 
    in plain sight. There, was that so hard? Meh... After you get it, just make your
    way to the bottom of the level, go right, swipe under a low ceiling and continue
    out of the level.
    SNOW HAVEN - Level 6 |
    IT: Spirit #68, Vodianoi
    Another underwater level. *sniff* Ooo, and another spirit. Before you drop down 
    into the sea, walk all the way right from the start to find a viking-ish enemy. 
    Defeat him to get Vodianoi. Now drop down into the water. There's nothing 
    important in this part of the level besides Vodianoi, so here's how to exit 
    quickly: after you drop onto the two barrels in the water, head right and simply
    drop down from the edge. Just wait until you get to the bottom, from where I 
    think you can find your way out. In the second part, don't even enter the water 
    'cause there's nothing valuable. Just walk your way out of the level.
    SNOW HAVEN - Level 7 |
    IT: HolyWood Sword
        Magatama Bead
    Yay, we'll upgrade Tokageroh in this level. Firstly, go right and jump over the 
    pit between the barrels. Continue right, passing a few screens until you get the
    HolyWood Sword. Now, drop left from the ledge the Sword was on, then drop left 
    again and go right to the next part of the level.
    Use Tokageroh here to push the big box into the pit and continue right, using 
    Pai-Long to get under a low ceiling where you'll find a Magatama Bead. Go back, 
    climb up the platforms and continue right to the exit.
    COLLEGE CAMPUS - Level 1 |
    IT: Bear Claw
        Spirit #50, Enra-Enra (Required: Jaguars)
    Push the big box into the pit and continue right. Halfway up the slope you'll 
    see a pendulum hook. Use Chloe to attach to this, swing left and jump to a 
    purple archer skeleton, which you should immediately eliminate in order to 
    peacefully retrieve our second defense item, the Bear Claw necklace. After that,
    just head right to the next part of the level.
    Here, on an upper part of the grounds, is a breakable wall. After you upgrade 
    Mic, come back here to retrieve a spirit. Break the wall, take the elevator up. 
    There, go left and do some extreme maneuvers with (possibly) Mic and Chloe. 
    After the terrible amount of Tarzan-like swinging, you'll reach your present. 
    Enra-Enra, a really cool spirit, also one of the Lees' spirits. Yay! Anyways, go
    back down and find your way to the next part of the level, from where you should
    simply go right along the bottom grounds to the exit.
    COLLEGE CAMPUS - Level 2 |-> BOSS LEVEL: Great Ogre
    IT: The Tome of the Shaman
        Spirit #43, Great Ogre
    Another boss level. The "fight" starts with you trying your best to jump up 
    various platforms to escape from the raging Great Ogre. I can't help you with 
    that, just apply your best jumping skills to cross this part. Now, to the fight 
    The Great Ogre's attacks depend on the level of his anger. You can see how angry
    he is depending on his color. If you keep hitting him constantly, his rage will 
    build up quite quickly. Now, the attacks. If you're quite close to him he'll 
    simply raise his foot and try to hit you with it. Just back off a little if you 
    see that happen. Though, if you're a "little" away from him, he'll take out his 
    spiked-mace/hammer thingy and try to bash you. If you see that happen, back off 
    a little more. :D BUT if you're too far away, he'll throw his spiked-mace/hammer
    thingy at you. Freaky...
    Now, IF you've gone belowground, he constantly does one of two attacks: he 
    either simply jumps and shakes the ground so that the underground spikes 
    activate (if you're not below them, don't worry about this one) OR he takes his 
    spiked-mace/hammer thingy and impales the ground with it, hoping to hit you. :P
    Now, there's an attack that he'll use only when he's extremely angry (red). 
    He'll make moves with his body like he's laughing (which he is). If you see 
    that, quickly hide belowground because he's gonna tackle you, and you don't want
    to see that.
    Anyways, he'll also use an attack when his HP is very low. He jumps up above the
    horizon. To avoid him stomping you, either run in one direction or simply hide 
    belowground. Yeah, that's quite an attack arsenal. Just keep slashing him with 
    the Sword of Light until you finally defeat him, which'll net you yet another 
    Tome of the Shaman and his spirit, Great Ogre. 
    COLLEGE CAMPUS - Level 3 |
    IT: Spirit #39, Jose
    Ahh, yet another mexican guy with a blue aura. Defeat him to get Jose. Now head 
    right to an up-down moving platform. Wait until it's around the middle of the 
    path and then jump right to the upper grounds. Enter the next area and you'll 
    find the Talisman, which upgrades Pai-Long. Go back to the previous area and 
    drop down, entering the next area again (only from the lower grounds this time).
    Go right and you'll get your first chance to get used to using Triangle Jumps. 
    If this is your first playthrough, it will probably take some time before you 
    master this, so don't get your nerves up. Basically, when you jump right to a 
    wall, press right+L/R to reboud off of it. It's not like wall-jumping in other 
    games, where you needed to press the directional button in the opposite 
    direction of the wall... here you need to press onto the wall. So, if the wall 
    is left, you'd press left+L/R to rebound. Use the technique to climb up this 
    narrow path. Then go left, drop down, Triangle Jump up another path and continue
    going until you exit the level.
    COLLEGE CAMPUS - Level 4 |-> BOSS LEVEL: En Tao
    IT: The Tome of the Shaman
        Spirit #09, Grand Tao Dragon
    And here's our beloved uncle. Too bad we don't have Len to team up with so we 
    can beat his ugly face to a pulp. Anyways... At the beginning, he'll summon the 
    Grand Tao Dragon. Now, he's very annoying as he keeps floating out of reach so 
    we can't hit him. Your best bet is to wait for him to enter reach, jump up, 
    slice him ONCE with the Sword of Light and then immediately follow up with a 
    Halo Bump. This way, you'll hit him twice in one jump... saves time.
    Now, his attacks. When you see the Dragon sucking in air, back off away from his
    mouth, 'cause he's gonna blow fire. Where's the logic in that? He's a plant-like
    dragon, he'll burn his own back with the flamethrower! Meh, never mind, just 
    evade the attack and you'll be fine. Another attack is when he uses his tail to 
    either stab you (easily evaded, as you can predict his movements) or swing it in
    an attempt to slice you (also easily evaded). He also has an attack where he 
    summons mortuary tablets to spin around you. Destroy them as fast as you can 
    because, after a while, the tablets will fly towards you, trying to hurt you.
    That's about it, after you defeat him another Tome of the Shaman is yours, along
    with one of the most useful spirits in the game, the Grand Tao Dragon!!
    VOLCANO AVENUE - Level 1 |
    IT: Ikupasui
        Magatama Bead (Required: Jaguars)
        Spirit #67, Badbh
    Slide down the slope and jump onto the second higher grounds you come by. Follow
    it right, up a slope and into another area. Head right and you'll stumble upon 
    Corey's upgrading EX-Item, the Ikupasui. Go back to the previous part of the 
    level and onto the first slope you got on. Drop down and you'll see a breakable 
    wall. For this, you need the upgraded Mic, so when you get Jaguars, return here.
    Break the wall and jump up all the platforms, finally coming to a treasure 
    chest. Drop right onto a white platform, from which you should walk straight 
    left, so that you drop to a platform below the one with the treasure chest. This
    one holds the Magatama Bead. Yay!
    Now, right of the breakable wall are green flames. Now that you have the 
    Ikupasui, freeze and break it, then go right to the next part of the 
    level.Simply walk east, jumping over pits. Eventually, you'll come to a platform
    spikes and an enemy glowing in a blue aura. Defeat the enemy to acquire Badbh. 
    Now, continue going right to exit the level and come to a Dobie Gate. Now that 
    we have Deht the Viking, Vodianoi and Badbh, we can make the spirit combo Viking
    Ship which we need to get to Magister. However, there is a Golem enemy on the 
    way, so it is recommended to get the Antiquity first, which we'll do in a short 
    while. So, this walkthrough is going to do it in that sequence. 
    VOLCANO AVENUE - Level 2 |
    IT: Spirit #46, Spirit of All
    There's a cool, Horus-headed egyptian enemy at the start. Defeat him to get the 
    Spirit of All. Try him out, his function's funny, but almost useless. Continue 
    straight through the level as there's nothing interesting here... yet.
    VOLCANO AVENUE - Level 3 |
    IT: nothing... phew...
    Nothing interesting in the first part, so just ram through it straight ahead 
    until you see a scene in which Zeke'll BAM Silva so hard that the poor guy's 
    gonna loose all five of his spirits... again. Anyways, it's our job to get them 
    now. But first, let's finish the level. Go west and pass the part trying not to 
    fall through the floor. See, almost every part of the floor here falls on step, 
    so you better watch it cause there's lava below you. Anyway, when you pass this 
    part you'll see dropping walls. You now have to use Pai-Long to Trangle Jump to 
    the upper platform. Believe me, it looks much harder than it really is. After 
    you succeed, go left and exit. 
    When on the world map, you'll see that the Silver Tail spirit is in Volcano 
    Avenue - Level 2. So, use the Grand Tao Dragon to quickly go back and get it. It
    is in the second part of the level, you have to jump up many platforms to get to
    it. After you get it, come back here and head to the next level.
    VOLCANO AVENUE - Level 4 |-> BOSS LEVEL: Zenki & Kohki
    IT: Spirit #20, Ponchi
        Spirit #21, Konchi
        Spirit #15, Zenki
        Spirit #16, Kohki
        The Tome of the Shaman
    When you enter, you'll meet up with Tamara, Ponchi and Konchi. After a bit of 
    talk, Ponchi and Konchi fall into our possession. Mwahahahahahahaha... ehm... 
    Anyway, Yoh automatically goes left and meets up with Zenki & Kohki. They say:
    "Those who know the secret... must perish!!"
    What do they mean by that? Meh, another one of the game's secrets. At least they
    didn't say "Grrrr" like most of the bosses. Anyways, they rush the floor below, 
    it breaks and you start falling. You can take this time to deal damage to Zenki 
    & Kohki, which will easen the battle a bit. Just keep doing the Aerial Skill 
    given to you by the Book of Learning II. I managed to take half of their HP by 
    doing this. 
    After you stop falling, the real battle will start. Immediately jump all the way
    left across the various platforms available to you and jump onto solid ground. 
    The safest thing to do is to simply stay on the left solid ground and attack 
    from there. Zenki and Kohki will circle around the stage, always within your 
    range. They have a few common attacks. First of all, it is often that one of 
    them will take a deep breath and fire three fireballs that spread outwards in 
    the direction they were fired (which is usually your direction :P). Don't risk 
    jumping over them unless you're absolutely sure that you'll manage to do it. 
    Instead, use Ponchi's Angel Shield to block the fireballs.
    Another attack is when one of them creates a purple Shikigami-like ball in his 
    hand and throws it at you. This is extremely easy to evade: just jump over it.
    A most dangerous attack is when they rush you like they rushed the floor above, 
    which made it collapse. You will first see some "energy waves" going around 
    their legs, along with a "zh-zh-zh" sound. When you see (or hear) that, use 
    Ponchi immediately as the attack is almost impossible to avoid or jump over.
    They have one, most powerful attack, which they only use if you find yourself  
    on one of the middle platforms, above the lava. They both (one left and one 
    right) use a beam that connects them and hurts you a lot if you find yourself 
    hit by it. Just follow my advice and stay on the left of the stage, never 
    getting between them, and you won't experience this attack. After beating them, 
    you'll get another Tome of the Shaman, Zenki and Kohki. Yay!
    VOLCANO AVENUE - Level 5 |
    IT: Magatama Bead
        Spirit #76, Tamegoroh (Required: Jaguars and Crystal Pendulum)
    At the start of the level, just break the fake wall. You'll see a Magatama Bead 
    on the platform above and probably think: "I need Blocks to get this..." Well, 
    you don't. We'll be getting that right now. Keep heading left until you get to a
    barrel. Use the barrel to jump up-right to the platform with the samurai and 
    goblins. Slaughter them and head right, jump across the falling platform and 
    you'll find the Elixir, Eliza's upgrade. Now, jump on the barrel here. You have 
    to make a very handpicky maneuver with Mic. You have to swipe right using Mic 
    and then press A on the very tip of the barrel to jump all the way right, to 
    that Magatama Bead we said we'd be getting. You need to pin-point the exact 
    moment... or have a lot of luck. :D Either way, do your best to get the Bead.
    Now, go back left to that barrel and you'll see an up-down moving platform, jump
    on it and jump left from its peak. Go left and you'll see a crossroad, one up 
    and one down. Now you again have to make a complicated maneuver with Mic. Swipe 
    with him and, somewhere in the middle of the slope, jump up so that you arrive 
    to the upper grounds. This HAS to be done, as the bottom part leads to nowhere 
    for now. You might be lucky and succeed on your first try, or you may be unlucky
    and do it 20 times, still without success. Just keep your cool, and after you 
    succeed, continue to the next part of the level.
    Head down the slope and jump onto the second platform you see to the left. Go 
    left from there, breaking a fake wall along the way, after which you should drop
    left and get the key. Then drop down and pass through the unlockable door. Now, 
    you have two ways to pass this part of the level. Either use Corey to freeze the
    fireballs and use them as platforms to jump up, OR use Pai-Long to rebound off 
    the walls and pass through. Either way, exit.
    When you have the Jaguars and Crystal Pendulum, go back to this level and take 
    the lower path instead of the higher one, the one you needed to use Mic to get 
    to. Drop down and break the wall using Mic. Head all the way left, break the 
    treasure chests, and the fun may begin. Firstly, jump left and rebound off the 
    wall using Pai-Long, then immediately use Chloe to attach yourself to the hook. 
    It may take a while before you succeed, but after you do, continue maneuvering 
    the hooks towards the right, and when you get to the last one, swing yourself 
    towards the right, jump and rebound off the wall using Pai-Long to get Tamegoroh
    there. Yay! 
    VOLCANO AVENUE - Level 6 |
    IT: Spirit #62, Silver Rod
        Magatama Bead
        Spirit #34, Chuck
    Equip Eliza to stop the gas from slowing you down. Walk your way left and when 
    you get to three barrels, make a U-turn right on the upper grounds. At the "end"
    you'll find the Sivler Rod spirit. Now go back left to those three barrels. Jump
    up-left to another Magatama Bead. There is also an enemy here, glowing with a 
    blue aura. Beat her to get Chuck. Now just head left and out of the level.
    On the world map, head across The Badlands - Level 5 to gain access to another 
    DREAMLAND - Level 1 |
    IT: Spirit #74, Sariel
    Keep Eliza equipped to stop the gas from slowing you down. Jump your way up to a
    platform with an immortal skeleton on it. Jump on the falling platform here and 
    jump left to get Sariel. Now go back to the falling platform and jump right to 
    get the key. Go back down, unlock the door, and proceed out of the level.
    DREAMLAND - Level 2 |
    IT: Jaguars
    When you get out of the little cave, jump up and right to a small platform, and 
    then up and right again to a big, amrble platform. Walk east and simply drop off
    the edge, holding right, to find the Jaguars. Now jump up into the cave and out 
    of the level.
    DREAMLAND - Level 3 |
    IT: Spirit #35, Carlos & Joao
        Spirit #63, Silver Wing
    At the start, either freeze the fireball or use Chloe. I don't care. Just pass 
    the first part unhurt and I'll be happy. :P Anyway, in the second part, you'll 
    run into another mexican guy. Beat him to get Carlos & Joao. Jump up the 
    platforms just a little past him and head right to get the Silver Wing. The 
    Silver Wing, Yophia, and Black Raven are my three most-loved spirits: they all 
    increase furyoku recovery speed. After you get them both, keep heading right, 
    freezing fireballs and acting like Tarzan along the way until you exit the 
    DREAMLAND - Level 4 |
    IT: Magatama Bead
        Spirit #49, Korogashi
    After you Triangle Jump up the narrow passage, jump on the upper ground right of
    you to get another Magatama Bead. Anyways, just keep heading through the level 
    until you get to a part with falling platforms set above a spiked ground. You 
    may want to equip Raphael (to keep the platforms from falling immediately),  
    Metatoron (to reduce the damage done to you by the spikes if you do fall) and 
    Mic (to jump over the distant platforms). After you pass this part, you will see
    a spirit hanging in the air near some spikes. Keep Raphael and Metatoron 
    equipped. Jump and grab him, as he turns out to be Korogashi, another of the 
    Lees spirits. Then just exit the level.
    DREAMLAND - Level 5 |-> BOSS LEVEL: Tao Len
    IT: The Tome of the Shaman
        Spirit #08, Bason
    He is, like, the easiest boss in the entire game. All of his attacks are totally
    predictable and avoidable. Let's see. One of his attacks is Rapid Tempo Assault.
    He creates this big, yellow kwan-dao (or I think that's what it's called) and 
    rushes a bit forward with it. As soon as you see it in his hand, just jump back 
    or onto one of the platforms to avoid it.
    Also, he has a tricky attack. When you see him shining with a blue aura, don't 
    hit him, because then he'll zoom behind your back and try to slice you with a 
    knife or the Sword of Thunder (it's hard to tell what is it). Just avoid it. The
    problem with his attacks is that he executes them very slowly, so you have 
    plenty of time to escape them.
    His most-used attack is Golden Thunder Impalement, which has three forms, 
    depending on your whereabouts. If you're on one of the four platforms, the 
    swords and spears come out of them. Just jump away when you see Len take out the
    Sword of Thunder and you'll be fine. The second form is performed if you're in 
    front of him, but far away. The form causes the spears and swords to move from 
    Len to you in a wave-ish form. Also easy to avoid by just jumping on the 
    The third form is performed if you're very close to him, whether you're on 
    ground or on one of the platforms. There are about five swords and spears that 
    come out at the same time around him. If you're in this position, run away 
    because they are bigger than normal. Anyways, his last attack is to summon Bason
    on one side of the battlefield. He uses it only when his HP is extremely low. 
    Bason basically floats above you, trying to punch you and deal lots of damage. 
    Just hit him a few times with the Sword of Light and he's out of the picture.
    After you defeat Len you'll get yet another Tome of the Shaman and Bason.
    THE SILVERMINE - Level 1 |
    IT: Spirit #60, Silver Horn
        Spirit #22, Shaolin
    The first part of the level has no by-ways or anything. Just ram through it. But
    the second part... that's a challenge. You have to maneuver with Chloe high up 
    into the air. So, be careful not to fall down into the lava and good luck. :P 
    Anyway, when you get to the middle platform (the one with the volcano), go up to
    the platform up and right (the one with the spikes). Maneuver across the spikes 
    and get the Silver Horn spirit. Now maneuver back down and out of this part of 
    the level.
    In the third part, make your way to the right, killing enemies and whatnot along
    the way, until you come to a white-robed enemy glowing in a blue aura. Defeat 
    him to acquire the Shaolin spirit. After you do that, jump up onto higher 
    grounds using Mic and continue right, out of the level.
    THE SILVERMINE - Level 2 |
    IT: Spirit #40, Pancho
    Pass through the level, doing what you must to survive, until you stumble upon 
    another mexican guy glowing blue. Beat him to get Pancho. After that, just 
    continue right and out of the level.
    THE SILVERMINE - Level 3 |-> BOSS LEVEL: Yohmei Asakura
    IT: The Tome of the Shaman
        The Antiquity
        Spirit #36, Shikigami
    Ahh, and here we are, fighting our grandpa, who is close to being the most 
    annoying boss in the game (alongside with En Tao). The first part of the battle 
    consists of him floating around on a Shikigami, throwing the same at you. Unlike
    Mikihisa's, these Shikigamis don't follow you around, so you could say that 
    they're easy to avoid. Anyway, you'll be amazed at how little HP Yohmei has. 
    But, there's the trick.
    When you deplete all of his current HP (which should happen pretty quickly), he 
    will rise again (mwahahaha) and another "HP bar" will appear, consisting of 
    Shikigamis. From now on, Shikigamis will fly all over the screen, and you must 
    hit them all. There's no real strategy to it, just avoid getting hit and slash 
    them. After a while, you'll get rid of all of them and get another Tome of the 
    Shaman, along with the Shikigami spirit and our final weapon, The Antiquity.
    THE SILVERMINE - Level 4 |
    IT: Spirit #61, Silver Shield
        Book of Learning III
    Pass through, massacreing the enemies, blah, blah... Aywho, in the second part 
    of the level, near its end, there's some higher grounds. Jump up onto them, then
    up and left to another higher grounds, where you'll find a poison bee hive and 
    the Silver Shield. After you get it, head left into the final part of the level.
    Keep going left until you have a choice. Either up onto higher grounds or 
    straight, below the higher grounds, into a cave-like space. Head into the latter
    and break the wall using Mic, and within is the final, Book of Learning III. Now
    just go back, take the higher grounds and exit the level.
    THE SILVERMINE - Level 5 |
    IT: Magatama Bead
        Crystal Pendulum
        Spirit #44, Skelesaur
    Watch out, the ceiling collapses here. :P Just wait in the small ledges until 
    the ceiling restarts, then continue. You'll run into another Magatama Bead on 
    the way. Woot! Also, at the beginning of the second part of the level is Chloe's
    upgrade, the Crystal Pendulum. Yay! If you kill the skeleton fire-blowing dragon
    you'll get Skelesaur. Anyway, continue through the level and to the end. Near 
    the end you'll have to use Chloe to cross a big patch of water, so do that and 
    Now, in case you forgot, I advise you to go back to Volcano Avenue - Level 5 and
    get Tamegoroh, because his function is very useful. Anyway, now that we have the
    Antiquity, I will guide you in this walkthrough back to the College Campus area,
    through levels X1, X2 and X3. Let's go there now.
    COLLEGE CAMPUS - Level X1 |
    IT: nothing... *mouth wide open in awe*
    Firstly, equip Badbh, Vodianoi and Deht the Viking to form the Viking Ship 
    spirit combo. Now use it on the water in order to cross. After you cross, jump 
    up and go left to the next part. Here, go into water at the first possible 
    "entrance". Now simply drop ALL the way down and go to the next part of the 
    Head left and make your way through the area, finally exiting left to another 
    part of the level. Here, drop down, go elft, jump back up and exit. Easy as pie.
    COLLEGE CAMPUS - Level X2 |
    IT: Spirit #25, Golem
    Right at the start is the Golem enemy, shining blue. He is a very enduring and 
    strong opponent, so you better watch yourself. His attacks pack quite a whallop,
    so try your best to avoid them. When you beat him (after LOTS of hitting) you'll
    get him as a spirit... and trust he, he's worth it. :D Anyway, head left into 
    another part of the level.
    Jump across the falling platforms to quickly exit into another part of the 
    level. Simply pass through these next few parts, killing Zeke's henchmen along 
    the way (Footballer and Shion-Shion) and exiting.
    COLLEGE CAMPUS - Level X3 |-> BOSS LEVEL: Magister
    IT: The Tome of the Shaman
        Spirit #10, Triglav
    Magister is a really tricky boss. He has many moves and even more variations of 
    them. His most common attack is the green card. He throws two or more green 
    cards to sides of the screen, out of which these green, snakey thingies grow. 
    The snakes weave across the field, and when they reach the opposite side of the 
    screen, they explode into millions of little fireballs that spread around in a 
    circle. Your best bet is to destroy them before they explode.
    Another one of his attacks, the blue card. He throws a blue card in the center 
    of the screen, from which a wheel is created. The wheel is surrounded by three 
    long spikes and will constantly circle around the screen until it expires (which
    won't happen very fast). Make sure it doesn't hit you. Another variation of the 
    blue card is when Magister throws a few of them around you. They circle around 
    you, after which they stop, and a spike comes out of one of them. Just jump away
    from the one with the spike.
    His third attack, the red card, is used only when his HP falls below 1/2. He 
    creates a big, red dragon who you then have to slice and dice. After you've 
    slashed every part of the dragon, it disappears and you fight Magister again. He
    uses this attack very often, when the conditions are met. Anywho, he also has 
    the annoying habit of hiding behind cards, and you have to guess which card he's
    behind in order to hit him. Anyways, after you beat him, another Tome of the 
    Shaman is yours, along with Magister's Guardian Ghost, Triglav, who can 
    transport you back to Dobie Village in an instant... it looks cool, too.
    Anyhow, we're done with these X levels, so go back to the point just right of 
    Dobie Gate IV.
    FORBIDDEN FOREST - Level 1 |
    IT: Spirit #51, Oni Fire Tama
        Battle Clothes
    Right at the start of the level, you'll see the Oracle Barrier (the totem). Now,
    equip all the Silver Spirits to be able to use the Totem Attack spirit combo. 
    Blow up the Oracle Barrier and proceed right, into the second part. Pass the 
    second part using your very expert skills (yeah, right) and exit to the third 
    In the third part, climb up the first slope, jump left to the second slope, 
    climb up that one half-way (just to the green slime enemy) and jump up-right to 
    another slope, where you'll see Oni Fire Tama, who you should get. He is the 
    last of the Lees spirits, so now you can use the Final Beam spirit combo. Plus, 
    Oni Fire Tama is very cool by himself, too. Anyway, now continue along the level
    and to the next part.
    Head right through the almost completely empty part and when you get to some 
    "platforms", jump up them and onto the higher ground with the treasure chest. Go
    right on that higher ground and you'll acquire our last defense item, Battle 
    Clothes. Now, continue right and out of the level.
    FORBIDDEN FOREST - Level 2 |
    IT: Magatama Bead
        Spirit #23, Tao the Great
    Right at the start of the level, before you enter the water, jump up and rebound
    off the wall using Pai-Long to get another Magatama Bead. Now enter the water. 
    Head right along the bottom of the level, past the barrel, below the broken 
    pillar, up the platforms, right and drop down through the narrow passage, 
    finding a cave with Tao the Great. Now, exit the cave, go right below the broken
    pillar and into another cave which takes you to the exit of the level.
    FORBIDDEN FOREST - Level 3 |-> BOSS LEVEL: Marco
    IT: The Tome of the Shaman
        Spirit #17, Michael
    And we fight Michael, the leader of the X-Laws' archspirits. At first, he'll be 
    in the distance and shoot you with bullets of some sort. After a few shots, 
    he'll come closer and fly above you... now all you can see of him are his teeny-
    tiny feet. That looks so yuck, it's like his feet are still in fetal state... 
    ugh... Anyway, you have to jump up and slash at his legs to hurt him.
    When you see his sword swinging across the ceiling of the stage, don't find 
    yourself below it because when you do, he'll impale the ground below it. Anyway,
    the attack's pretty easy to avoid, so, yea. Also, when you see him make a 
    movement like he jumped off the air, either set yourself between his legs or 
    away from them, because he's gonna drop down. After a while of doing this, he'll
    switch to being on the right of the screen, so you can hit his ugly face. In 
    this mode, he'll summon some guns to shoot you again. Anyway, he'll switch 
    between these modes until you beat him. Just avoid his attacks and slash him.
    When you beat him, you'll get another Tome of the Shaman and Michael.
    FORBIDDEN FOREST - Level 4 |
    IT: Spirit #24, Gororo
    Float through the easy first part of the level and then, at the second part, 
    go all the way left, where you'll see a breakable wall. So, do a Rolling Attack 
    and jump to the wall in order to break it (thanks to Jeffrey Ow-young for 
    pointing this out).
    Now, when you get up there, go all the way right and take the elevator up, then 
    head left and into another part of the level, where you'll find Gororo in plain 
    sight. Now drop down and move left, out of the level, entering the light.
    STAR SANCTUARY - Level A |
    IT: Magatama Bead
    Head left across the first part of the level and enter the second one. Here, 
    head all the way left, drop down the white platforms, head right and jump up the
    first platforms you see, and jump right to the platform with the mask-enemy. 
    Defeat him and get the Magatama Bead. Now just continue through the level and 
    STAR SANCTUARY - Level B |
    IT: Spirit #78, Jen
        Red Dobie Ring
    Go through the level, there's nothing interesting in the beginning. However, 
    when you come to a choice of either going straight left, or up a falling 
    platform and then left, choose the latter. So, jump onto the falling platform 
    and then jump left. Keep walking left until you encounter a genie enemy. You'll 
    notice that his magic lamp is glowing blue, which means that he'll give us a 
    spirit. So, kill him and collect Jen. Now head left and into the next part of 
    the level. In this part, you have to time your jumps on the up-down moving 
    platforms. After you pass them, head left and when you drop down you'll see a 
    Mic-breakable wall right of you. Break it and collect the Red Dobie Ring inside.
    Now just exit the level.
    STAR SANCTUARY - Level C |
    IT: nothing... *wtf*
    Right at the start is the Red Oracle Barrier. Now that you have the Red Dobie 
    Ring, you can use Totem Attack to get rid of it. So, do that and move on. This 
    is a very boring level, so you just ram through it and enter the light.
    FORBIDDEN FOREST - Level 5 |
    IT: Spirit #66, Black Raven
    Head into the water at the first chance you get. Drop down, head straight west 
    and you'll find Black Raven in a cave. Yay! HUGE amount of furyoku recovery! Now
    head left of his location and you'll find the exit to another part of the level.
    In this part, immediately jump up onto the platform and further up to the 
    level's exit, and into the light.
    STAR SANCTUARY - Level D |
    IT: Spirit #41, Zapata
        Sword of Thunder
    It's very straight-forward, so go through it until you stumble upon another 
    mexican guy, who you should beat to get Zapata. After him, keep going right and 
    climb the platforms to Bason's upgrade, the Sword of Thunder. Now just head left
    and to the exit.
    STAR SANCTUARY - Level E |
    IT: Magatama Bead
        Spirit #32, Ashcroft
    Head through the level, fighting bad guys and whatnot... When you come to a 
    choice whether to break the left or right wall using Mic, first break the left 
    one and go get the Magatama Bead. Then go back and break the right one. Continue
    through the level until you enter the second part.
    Here, jump up onto the barrels and climb the slope. Near its top, dash left 
    using Mic and jump to a ledge with an enemy. Beat her and you'll get Ashcroft. 
    Now go right and follow the path until you get to a Mic-breakable wall which 
    seems to be a bit out of your reach: it's set on a higher level of the wall. 
    Just do a Rolling Attack and jump up to the wall in order to break it. Now 
    continue through and exit.
    STAR SANCTUARY - Level F |
    IT: nothing... *awww*
    Ugh, another Red Oracle Barrier. If we can break one, we can break another!! 
    What's the point?! Meh, anyways... break the stupid Barrier and move along the 
    straight-forward level, exit and enter the light...
    FORBIDDEN FOREST - Level 6 |
    IT: nothing...
    Another straight-forward level without anything important. Pass through it using
    all your skills as best as you can and enter the light again. :D
    STAR SANCTUARY - Level G |
    IT: Spirit #14, Mama
    Finally, something besides "nothing..." in the IT. :P Anyway, Mama is in a sheep
    enemy, so when you see it, beat it and you'll get Mama. Other than her, the 
    level's not interesting at all, so just pass through and exit.
    STAR SANCTUARY - Level H |-> BOSS LEVEL: Luchist
    IT: The Tome of the Shaman
        Spirit #53, Cifer
    And here we fight our beloved evil archspirit, Cifer. The first part of the 
    battle is all about you running from Cifer, avoiding his cheaty attacks. It'll 
    last quite a while, so don't get annoyed. Anyways, after a while, the real fight
    against Luchist will insue.
    You might wonder why the pendulum hooks are here. Well, from time to time, 
    Luchist will snap his fingers, wind will start to blow, Cifer will escape, and 
    as he's the "ground" you're standing on, you'll lose foothold. So, before that 
    happens, you attach yourself onto one of the hooks. Now, for the attacks. 
    Luchist has a simple attack in which he takes off his cape, and three knives 
    rush toward you from his cape. Ooo, what a brilliant idea. Ugh... Just jump over
    them to avoid. A more dangerous variation of this is when he throws three 
    boomerangs, which hone in on your current position. Evade as skillfully as 
    possible. :D
    Also, when his body starts to burn with flames, take cover because he's going to
    use an attack very similar to a maximally charged Oni Fire Tama. Just duck to 
    avoid... Also, he may summon Cifer's mace to act as Michael's sword acted in the
    fight against Marco. Easily avoided. Also, when his HP falls below 1/2, he will 
    summon those thingys that tried to shoot you while you were running from Cifer. 
    After you defeat him, a scene insues. How sweet, Luchist admitted your 
    worthiness as Zeke's brother, fell unconcious and then Yoh stole Cifer from him.
    Like I said, how sweet... you get another Tome of the Shaman and Cifer.
    STAR SANCTUARY - Level I |
    IT: Magatama Bead
        Spirit #42, Miguel
    Yet another Red Oracle Barrier. They're really starting to anger me (would use a
    dirty word, but since it's a public thing, I can't). Anyway, get rid of it and 
    move forward. When you get a choice of either higher or lower grounds, choose 
    higher and enter the next area, getting another Magatama Bead. Heading further 
    through the level, you'll find another mexican guy. Defeat him to get Miguel. 
    After him, there's nothing else interesting, so just pass through, exit and 
    enter the light. Then, enter the red light to go to the final world map.
    KING OF SPIRITS - Level A |
    IT: Spirit #54, Matamune
    And here we meet up with Matamune, the strongest spirit we can use in the game. 
    Yay! It's the shortest, non-boss level in the game, so just exit.
    KING OF SPIRITS - Level B |
    IT: Spirit #12, Pascal Avaf (Required: Blocks)
    Now, here you'll notice a spirit on a high, unreachable platform. Return here 
    after you attain the Blocks spirit and jump up to Pascal Avaf. Other than him, 
    there's nothing else interesting in the level. It is quite challenging, as you 
    need to make some smart maneuvers to pass it completely.
    KING OF SPIRITS - Level C |
    IT: Spirit #77, Gundari
    Firstly, go all the way left, defeat the skelesaur, climb up using Chloe, get 
    the key, Triangle Jump back up carefully and go back to where the skelesaur was.
    Now go a little right and Triangle Jump up the narrow pathway, head right, 
    maneuver up with Chloe and continue through to the second part of the level.
    Here, climb the slope halfway and then jump right to another slope. Climb that 
    one, dash left with Mic and jump to a platform, then head further left to pick 
    up Gundari and head left. Keep going left, through the next parts, until you get
    to the exit. Well, what are you waiting for? Exit! :P
    KING OF SPIRITS - Level D |-> BOSS LEVEL: Spirit of Fire
    IT: Spirit #79, Spirit of Fire
    Uh-oh. Here's our beloved burner. However, don't get your hopes up, the Spirit 
    of Fire's function is to heal, like it was in MoS. So just concentrate on 
    beating him.
    The fact here is: never get very far away from Spirit of Fire because you'll get
    incinerated by a wall of burning flames. :P You're stuck. Anyway, you have to 
    follow Spirit of Fire through a stage filled with tricks and traps, for which 
    you'll mostly need Mic equipped. Now, his attacks. He has a basic attack in 
    which he releases a fireball which floats for a while before bursting into many 
    little fireballs. It's not that hard to evade, so do your best.
    When he turns golden-orange and swings his right hand, prepare to get a fire-
    pillar wave attack. He sends a wave of fire pillars emanating from the ground 
    towards you. You can't jump over them because they're too tall. You COULD jump 
    over if you're standing on a barrel or if Spirit of Fire is below you in some 
    way... but in a normal way, your best bet is to use Zenki and Kohki's combo, 
    Force Field.
    Also, when he turns golden-orange and makes an attack like Golem's function 
    (which won't hurt you), prepare to get a few giant fire pillars come out of the 
    lava. You can see where the pillars are gonna come out by looking at the lava. 
    The places where the pillars are going to come out of have air pockets of sorts 
    on them. Avoid at all costs.
    When he turns golden-orange and puts his hands in an I'm-holding-something 
    shape, he'll throw a few fireballs at you. Easy to evade, don't worry. And his 
    final and strongest attack: when he turns golden-orange and just stands still, 
    you'll see him make a little fireball in front of him, which will then turn into
    a huge fireball and rush forward. There's absolutely no way to block this as far
    as I know. If anybody does, please notify me. You can, however, avoid it by 
    making a correctly-timed Daodando (Pai-Long's move) to slide below the giant 
    fireball. Also, you can use one of those combos which freeze the screen for a 
    couple of moments... like Blizzard, Ray of Light, Final Beam, etc. Anyway, good 
    luck in beating him... you're gonna need it. After you deplete his HP, he's 
    going to "die" in a very, very cool (or should I say, HOT) way... You'll also 
    acquire him. He heals you for every enemy you kill. Now enter the light again to
    be transported to a near area...
    KING OF SPIRITS - Level E |
    IT: Magatama Bead
    Head through the straight-forward level until you come to a white floor, which 
    you can use to drop down to a lower level. Do so and then head back right to 
    find our last Magatama Bead, which should give you your last HP upgrade, if you 
    collected all the other ones. After collecting that, go back left and zoom 
    through to the level's exit.
    KING OF SPIRITS - Level F |
    IT: Spirit #13, Blocks
    And here's our most-beloved spirit. Blocks. Most people miss him because his 
    whereabouts are very secret. So, let's get going. Pass the first part of the 
    level to get to the second (duh). Then pass the second to get to the third. Here
    defeat the Golem and go into the fourth area. This one is like the second. Here,
    climb the first slope, go a bit right and climb the second slope. On top of it, 
    jump left to see a hook. Now, how to get to it. Simple. Go a bit right from the 
    slope's peak, equip Mic and Chloe, use Mic to dash left and jump to the hook 
    then use Chloe to grab hold of it.
    Now maneuver up the various hooks, and when you get to the end, you may wonder: 
    "WTF?!! All this for nothing??!" Well, look up, my friend. Traingle Jump the 
    wall above you to enter a secret area where you can find a Lego dinosaur shining
    with a blue aura... whoo-hoo!! After the dino kicks the bucket, a little Lego 
    figurine will appear and try to run from you. Kill him before he succeeds and 
    you'll get Blocks. Wheee... Now go back down and continue right, through the 
    level, jiggling happily (unless you want to return and get Pascal Avaf).
    Next is the final battle, so get ready.
    KING OF SPIRITS - Level G |-> BOSS LEVEL: Zeke Asakura
    IT: triumph over the game's creators, mwahahaha...
    OK, Zeke is very complicated as a boss. There's an obstacle that annoys you 
    suring the entire battle: Opacho. He turns into a sheep (like Mama) and goes 
    arounf the field, dealing damage if he touches you. Hmph, as if that isn't 
    Anyway, Zeke constantly has five flames circling around him, which, of course, 
    hurt you if they touch you. He can do lots of stuff with those flames. He can 
    either merge them into one flame that tracks your position and shoots fireballs 
    at you... OR he can make the flames "cough up" many little fireballs around the 
    stage that will just stay there for a while.
    When he raises his hand, often saying "Say good night!", he'll create a big bulb
    of dark power whcih will bounce around the stage, hurting you on touch. I think 
    that the creators did a stupid move by making this attack. I mean, come on, Zeke
    has mastery over all five elements, but he doesn't control dark powers... meh...
    Anyway, his most dangerous attack is a kind of a tornado. His cape starts 
    flapping around him as he stands in a check-my-body pose, often saying "I'll 
    burn everything to ashes!" alongside. When you see this happen, run from him as 
    far as possible, cause he's going to send two power pillars spinning around him 
    in a tornado-like manner, pulling you towards the eye of the storm. It deals 
    lots of damage if fully taken, so evade as possible. You may think that he has 
    very little HP... but after you deplete it, the REAL battle begins.
    He'll take off his cape, the stage will become firey-colored, as Zeke jumps 
    towards you, grabs you by the head and takes each adn every spirit out of your 
    possession. Only Amidamaru stays. Zeke becomes enveloped in flames for the rest 
    of the battle, which (surprise, surprise) takes part in space. You, like Zeke, 
    can freely move around. He will now use all of your spirits. Bason, Corey, Lee 
    Pai-Long, Mic, Chloe and, from time to time, Totem Attack. He also has an attack
    in which he summons meteors to hit you. They're hard to avoid, but do your best.
    After you deplete half of his HP, he'll summon two burning stars on the top and 
    bottom of the screen, which will produce flames from time to time. Avoid them, 
    as they burn hard. Also, in this phase, he may use the Spirit of Fire Sword, 
    which is an attack similar to Into the Antiquity and Matamune's function. After 
    a while, you'll manage to beat him and bring peace to the world, blah, blah...
    :P But he'll be back when the Tournament starts again. Remember? He can 
    reincarnate whenever he wishes. He reincarnated every 500 years because the 
    Tournament started every 500 years... but now, he might come back earlier, cuz 
    the Tournament is only a bit postponed. Yay! Zeke lives again! *evil laugh*
    When Yoh and the others
    came back to the inn, 
    they acted like nothing 
    But what ever happened
    to Zeke? 
    Yoh never says a word
    about it, 
    and Anny never asks...
    The Grand Shaman
    Tournament is
    still on hold. 
    I kinda prefer it like 
    this - everyone hanging 
    out, having fun.
    No fighting.
    But soon, 
    the battle for the title 
    of Shaman King
    will continue.
    The King of Spirits... 
    The origin of all souls
    on Earth and the place to
    which they all return...
    The thought of someone 
    getting control of
    something so powerful...
    What if it falls into
    the wrong hands?
    After this rolls over, you'll get the Jukebox and the chance to save your game. 
    Do so as you'll need this thingie to get 100% CR. 
    7. Training Mode                                                         [trnng]
    The Training Mode is a new feature, commonly referred to as Time Trial. It is 
    accessible at any time in the game by going to Dobie Village. In Training Mode 
    you can battle every boss you've beaten in the game, and a few other characters 
    who do not necessarily have to be beaten, like Rio and Silva.
    Every battlable character also has a time limit. If a character is beaten under 
    the time limit, you get a ShamanCard, featuring one of the characters from the 
    game, and/or a special picture.
    *NOTE* 5 of the 22 pictures feature Zeke and/or the Spirit of Fire, so Zeke fans
    (like myself) are going to like this. *NOTE END*
    Usually, it is very hard to beat a given character under his time limit, but 
    there are exceptions. This statement does not count in situations like: the 
    first boss facing the Antiquity. Those situations are out of context, and make 
    it obvious that it's easy to beat the character under the time limit.
    Anyways, there are a total of 21 battlable characters in the game, two of which 
    are optional (the second cannot be attained without the possession of the first)
    *NOTE* I'm guaranteeing you that it's an extreme thrill to come back and kick 
    the first boss's a$$ when you get the Antiquity, whilst shouting "REVENGE!!!!!!"
    *NOTE END*
    8. Important Items                                                       [mgbls]
    Magatama Bead #1 = Dobie Division - Level 4
    Magatama Bead #2 = False Factory - Level 3
    Magatama Bead #3 = False Factory - Level 3 (Required: Talisman)
    Magatama Bead #4 = Forgotten Lands - Level 1
    Magatama Bead #5 = Forgotten Lands - Level 4
    Magatama Bead #6 = The Badlands - Level X
    Magatama Bead #7 = The Badlands - Level 4
    Magatama Bead #8 = The Swamps - Level 3
    Magatama Bead #9 = Snow Haven - Level 3
    Magatama Bead #10 = Snow Haven - Level 7
    Magatama Bead #11 = Volcano Avenue - Level 1 (Required: Jaguars)
    Magatama Bead #12 = Volcano Avenue - Level 5
    Magatama Bead #13 = Volcano Avenue - Level 6
    Magatama Bead #14 = Dreamland - Level 4
    Magatama Bead #15 = The Silvermine - Level 5
    Magatama Bead #16 = Forbidden Forest - Level 2
    Magatama Bead #17 = Star Sanctuary - Level A
    Magatama Bead #18 = Star Sanctuary - Level E
    Magatama Bead #19 = Star Sanctuary - Level I
    Magatama Bead #20 = King of Spirits - Level E
    Right Glove = initial clothes (this doesn't mean that Yoh's naked) :P
    Left Glove = False Factory - Level 4
    Headphones = Forgotten Lands - Level 4
    Right Sandal = The Swamps - Level 1 
    Left Sandal = Snow Haven - Level 5
    Lucky Charm = Forgotten Lands - Level 5
    Bear Claw = College Campus - Level 1
    Battle Clothes = Forbidden Forest - Level 1
    HolyWood Sword = Snow Haven - Level 7
    Talisman = College Campus - Level 3
    Ikupasui = Volcano Avenue - Level 1
    Elixir = Volcano Avenue - Level 5
    Jaguars = Dreamland - Level 2
    Crystal Pendulum = The Silvermine - Level 5
    Red Dobie Ring = Star Sanctuary - Level B
    Sword of Thunder = Star Sanctuary - Level D
    Book of Learning I = False Factory - Level 2
    Book of Learning II = The Swamps - Level 4
    Book of Learning III = The Silvermine - Level 4
    9. Spirit Guide                                                          [sprgd]
    Amidamaru     *1. At the start of the game.
                  *2. When you obtain the Sword of Light from Mosuke.
                  *3. When you obtain the Antiquity from Yohmei Asakura.
    *1, 25 SP, L/R, active-type
    Halo Bump: Rip the enemy to pieces in an instant.
    *2, 25 SP, L/R, active-type
    Celestial Slash: Press L or R Button and +Control Pad left or right.
    *3, 60 SP, L/R, active-type, replaces Halo Bump
    Grand Halo Blade: Fast, repeated Halo Bump.
    *3, 110 SP, L/R, active-type
    Into the Antiquity: Press L or R Button and +Control Pad up.
    Tokageroh     *1. When you get him after beating Mikihisa Asakura.
                  *2. When you find the HolyWood Sword EX-Item.
    *1, 8 SP, L/R, active-type
    Big Thumb: Push wooden boxes before you.
    *2, 8 SP, L/R, active-type
    Can be used to push giant wooden chests.
    Corey     *1. When you get him after beating Trey.
              *2. When you find the Ikupasui EX-Item.
    *1, 30 SP, L/R, active-type
    Nipopo Punch: Freeze enemies and burning objects.
    *2, 30 SP, L/R, active-type
    Can melt the Wall of Green Flames.
    Mic     *1. When you get him after beating Joco.
            *2. When you find the Jaguars EX-Item.
    *1, 15 SP, L/R, active-type
    Jaguar Swipe: Sprint faster and leap further.
    *2, 15 SP, L/R, active-type
    Rolling Attack: Press L or R Button and +Control Pad down.
    Lee Pai-Long     *1. When you get him after beating him.
                     *2. When you find the Talisman EX-Item.
    *1, 4 SP, L/R, active-type
    Daodando: Use a fast special move & get under low places.
    *2, 4 SP, L/R, active-type
    Triangle Jumps: Press L or R Button near a wall after Jumping.
    Chloe     *1. When you get her after beating Lyserg.
              *2. When you find the Crystal Pendulum EX-Item.
    *1, 1 SP, L/R, active-type
    Homing Pendulum: Attach to a hook.
    *2, 1 SP, L/R, active-type
    Extends the length of the wire.
    Eliza     *1. When you get her after beating Faust VIII.
              *2. When you find the Elixir EX-Item.
    *1, passive-type
    Avoid the effects of poison.
    *2, passive-type
    Protects from Sleeping Gas.
    Bason     *1. When you get him after beating Len.
              *2. When you find the Sword of Thunder EX-Item.
    *1, 60 SP, L/R, active-type 
    Rapid Tempo Assault: Attack with Bason power. 
    *2, 50 SP, L/R, active-type
    Golden Thunder Impalement: Press L or R Button and +Control Pad down.
    GrandTaoDragon     *1. When you get him after beating Tao En.
    *1, 12 SP, L/R, active-type
    Grand Spiral: Warp to the exit if you've passed it.
    Triglav     *1. When you get him after beating Magister.
    *1, 140 SP, L/R, active-type
    Return to Dobie Village.
    Magnescope     *1. When you get him at Dobie Division - Level 3.
    *1, 1 SP, L/R, passive-type
    Look around.
    Pascal Avaf     *1. When you get him at King of Spirits - Level B.
    *1, 3 SP, L/R, passive-type
    Olmeca: Pause in mid-air.
    Blocks     *1. When you get him at King of Spirits - Level F.
    *1, 75 SP, L/R, active-type
    Produce blocks which you can step onto.
    Mama     *1. When you get her at Star Sanctuary - Level G.
    *1, 4 SP, L/R, passive-type
    Turn into a small sheep and move at high speed.
    Zenki     *1. When you get him after beating Zenki & Kohki.
    *1, 2 SP, L/R, passive-type
    Block attacks from the front.
    Kohki     *1. When you get him after beating Zenki & Kohki.
    *1, 2 SP, L/R, passive-type
    Block attacks from behind.
    Michael     *1. When you get him after beating Marco.
    *1, 62 SP, L/R, active-type
    Unleash an angel attack on the enemy.
    Kanta     *1. When you get him at Dobie Division - Level 4.
    *1, 12 SP, L/R, active-type
    Attack with a shower of white paint.
    Gussy Kenji     *1. When you get him at False Factory - Level 2.
    *1, 15 SP, L/R, active-type
    Use a short-range punch attack.
    Ponchi     *1. When you get him after meeting Tamara.
    *1, 6 SP, L/R, passive-type
    Angel's Shield: Block front attacks.
    Konchi     *1. When you get him after meeting Tamara.
    *1, 30 SP, L/R, active-type
    Cupid's Arrow: Fire an arrow to stop.
    Shaolin     *1. When you get him at The Silvermine - Level 1.
    *1, 36 SP, L/R, active-type
    Ethereal Punch: Attack with shockwave.
    Tao the Great     *1. When you get him at Forbidden Forest - Level 2.
    *1, 50 SP, L/R, active-type
    Tao the Great descends to do massive damage.
    Gororo     *1. When you get him at Forbidden Forest - Level 4.
    *1, 30 SP, L/R, active-type
    More powerful version of Nipopo Punch.
    Golem     *1. When you get him at College Campus - Level X2.
    *1, 38 SP, L/R, active-type
    Fire beams that can pierce anything.
    Orona     *1. When you get him at Forgotten Lands - Level 5.
    *1, 60 SP, L/R, active-type
    Wind of Laughter: Stop an enemy's movement.
    Yamagami     *1. When you get him after beating Mikihisa Asakura.
    *1, 3 SP, L/R, passive-type
    4 balls of fire spin around the player.
    Mash     *1. When you get him after beating Iron Maiden Jeanne.
    *1, 110 SP, L/R, active-type
    Decides if an enemy is guilty or innocent.
    Blaumro     *1. When you get him at Snow Haven - Level 2.
    *1, 12 SP, L/R, passive-type
    Reduce the enemy's health with a whip.
    Footballer     *1. When you get him at False Factory - Level 6.
    *1, 19 SP, L/R, active-type
    Blitzkrieg Blitz: Body slam to damage the enemy.
    Shion-Shion     *1. When you get him at The Swamps - Level 1.
    *1, 4 SP, L/R, passive-type
    Brandish a disc attached to a chain.
    Ashcroft     *1. When you get him at Star Sanctuary - Level E.
    *1, 20 SP, L/R, active-type
    Joust Attack: Attack by throwing spears.
    Jack     *1. When you get him at The Badlands - Level 1.
    *1, 4 SP, L/R, active-type
    Trick or Treat: Attack with throwing knives.
    Chuck     *1. When you get him at Volcano Avenue - Level 6.
    *1, 20 SP, L/R, active-type
    Rattle Time: Attack with a ring laser.
    Carlos & Joao     *1. When you get him at Dreamland - Level 3.
    *1, 30 SP, L/R, active-type
    Cactus materializes. Its thorns burst on impact.
    Shikigami     *1. When you get him after beating Yohmei Asakura.
    *1, 6 SP, L/R, active-type
    Throw a Shikigami at the enemy. Uses up leaves.
    Chimi-Moryo     *1. When you get him at False Factory - Level 2.
    *1, 4 SP, L/R, active-type
    Creeping ghosts slow the enemy. Uses up pebbles.
    Antonio     *1. When you get him at Forgotten Lands - Level 1.
    *1, 2 SP, L/R, passive-type
    Sets a small doll on the rampage. Uses up dolls.
    Jose     *1. When you get him at College Campus - Level 3.
    *1, 2 SP, L/R, passive-type
    Sets a small doll on the rampage. Uses up dolls.
    Pancho     *1. When you get him at The Silvermine - Level 2.
    *1, 2 SP, L/R, passive-type
    Sets a small doll on the rampage. Uses up dolls.
    Zapata     *1. When you get him at Star Sanctuary - Level D.
    *1, 2 SP, L/R, passive-type
    Sets a small doll on the rampage. Uses up dolls.
    Miguel     *1. When you get him at Star Sanctuary - Level I.
    *1, 2 SP, L/R, passive-type
    Sets a small doll on the rampage. Uses up dolls.
    Great Ogre     *1. When you get him after beating him.
    *1, 20 SP, L/R, active-type
    Imps chase down the enemy. Uses up devil's horns.
    Skelesaur     *1. When you get him at The Silvermine - Level 5.
    *1, 12 SP, L/R, active-type
    An inferno burns the enemy.
    Gledhill     *1. When you get him at The Badlands - Level X.
    *1, 20 SP, L/R, active-type
    Shooting Nails: Throw nails. In some cases, it causes a great damage.
    Spirit of All     *1. When you get him at Volcano Avenue - Level 2.
    *1, 3 SP, L/R, passive-type
    Less damage as a mummy.
    Skunk     *1. When you get him at The Swamps - Level 3.
    *1, 5 SP, L/R, active-type
    Stinks out enemies behind.
    Kamaitachi     *1. When you get him at Snow Haven - Level X.
    *1, 15 SP, L/R, passive-type
    Uses flailing arm attacks.
    Korogashi     *1. When you get him at Dreamland - Level 4.
    *1, 50 SP, L/R, active-type
    Attacks with a big mallet.
    Enra-Enra     *1. When you get him at College Campus - Level 1.
    *1, 3 SP, L/R, passive-type
    Use alter egos in battle.
    Oni Fire Tama     *1. When you get him at Forbidden Forest - Level 1.
    *1, 15 SP, L/R, passive type
    Unleashes huge fireballs.
    Jangalian     *1. When you get him at The Badlands - Level 4.
    *1, 100 SP, L/R, active-type
    Hamsters unearth items.
    Cifer     *1. When you get him after beating Luchist.
    *1, 60 SP, L/R, active-type
    Stop the enemy moving with a hammer attack.
    Matamune     *1. When you get him by meeting up with him.
    *1, 160 SP, L/R, active-type
    Carve up the enemy with a huge sword.
    Ian     *1. When you get him at False Factory - Level 4.
    *1, passive-type
    Increase attack power 1 level.
    Nizba     *1. When you get her at Snow Haven - Level 1.
    *1, passive-type
    Increase defense power 1 level.
    Dreisa     *1. When you get her at Forgotten Lands - Level 5.
    *1, passive-type
    Increase max health 1 level.
    Yophia     *1. When you get her at The Badlands - Level 2.
    *1, passive-type
    Increase furyoku recovery speed 1 level.
    Frankensteiny     *1. When you get him at Forgotten Lands - Level 3.
    *1, passive-type
    Increase movement speed 1 level.
    Silver Horn     *1. When you get him at The Silvermine - Level 1.
    *1, passive-type
    Increase attack power 2 levels.
    Silver Shield     *1. When you get him at The Silvermine - Level 4.
    *1, passive-type
    Increase defense power 2 levels.
    Silver Rod     *1. When you get him at Volcano Avenue - Level 6.
    *1, passive-type
    Increase max health 2 levels.
    Silver Wing     *1. When you get him at Dreamland - Level 3.
    *1, passive-type
    Increase furyoku recovery speed 2 levels.
    Silver Tail     *1. When you get him at Volcano Avenue - Level 2.
    *1, passive-type
    Increase movement speed 2 levels.
    Mosuke     *1. When you get him after meeting up with him.
    *1, passive-type
    Increase attack power 1 level.
    Black Raven     *1. When you get him at Forbidden Forest - Level 5.
    *1, passive-type
    Increase furyoku recovery speed 3 levels.
    Badbh     *1. When you get her at Volcano Avenue - Level 1.
    *1, passive-type
    Druid Magic: Thaw out.
    Vodianoi     *1. When you get him at Snow Haven - Level 6.
    *1, passive-type
    Reduces water resistance.
    Deht the Viking     *1. When you get him at Snow Haven - Level 3.
    *1, passive-type
    Stop slipping on icy surfaces.
    Raphael     *1. When you get him at The Swamps - Level 4.
    *1, passive-type
    Lengthen the time footholds take to fall.
    Gabriel     *1. When you get him at The Badlands - Level X.
    *1, passive-typeMake light in the darkness.
    Uriel     *1. When you get him at False Factory - Level X.
    *1, passive-type
    Reduce damage done when falling in a pit.
    Metatoron     *1. When you get him at The Badlands - Level 3.
    *1, passive-type
    Reduce damage from needle piles.
    Sariel     *1. When you get him at Dreamland - Level 1.
    *1, passive-type
    Reduce damage from fire.
    Remiel     *1. When you get him at Forgotten Lands - Level X.
    *1, passive-type
    Reduce damage from electricity.
    Tamegoroh     *1. When you get him at Volcano Avenue - Level 5.
    *1, passive-type
    Recover health slowly by staying still.
    Gundari     *1. When you get him at King of Spirits - Level C.
    *1, passive-type
    Occasionally stops effects of enemy attacks.
    Jen     *1. When you get him at Star Sanctuary - Level B.
    *1, passive-type
    Defeat 50 enemies to make a wish come true.
    Spirit of Fire     *1. When you get him after defeating him.
    *1, passive-type
    Recover health each time you defeat an enemy.
    Totem Attack     *1. Align Silver Rod, Shield, Wing, Horn and Tail.
                     *2. When you find the Red Dobie Ring EX-Item.
    *1, 160 SP, L/R, active-type
    Totem Attack: Shots even damage Oracle Barrier.
    *2, 160 SP, L/R, active-type
    Can destroy the Red Oracle Barrier.
    Ray of Light     *1. Align Michael and any four of the other archspirits.
    *1, 150 SP, L/R, active-type
    Ray of Light: Summon 7 angels against enemys.
    Mega Memorial     *1. Align Ian, Nizba, Dreisa and Yophia.
    *1, passive-type
    4 dolls carry you away when health runs out.
    Jaguarman     *1. Align Mic and Pascal Avaf.
    *1, 4 SP, L/R, passive-type
    Jaguarman: Use when Jumping to glide.
    UltraCavalryChg     *1. Align Bason and Black Raven.
    *1, 100 SP, L/R, active-type
    Ultra Cavalry Charge: An expanded R.T.Assault.
    GrandePhantasma     *1 Align Miguel, Zapata, Jose, Pancho and Antonio.
    *1, 80 SP, L/R, active-type
    Grande Phantasma: Slash with a gigantic sword.
    Force Field     *1. Align Zenki and Kohki.
    *1, 3 SP, L/R, passive-type
    Wraps body in a barrier.
    Exploder Kick     *1. Align Shaolin and Lee Pai-Long.
    *1, 45 SP, L/R, active-type
    Kicks away weak enemies.
    Final Beam     *1. Align Kamaitachi, Korogashi, Enra-Enra, Oni Fire Tama and 
    *1, 70 SP, L/R, active-type
    Emits a laser all around.
    Blizzard     *1. Align Gororo and Corey.
    *1, 60 SP, L/R, active-type
    Freezes multiple enemies.
    Viking Ship     *1. Align Deht the Viking, Badbh and Vodianoi.
    *1, 12 SP, L/R, active-type
    For crossing water.
    Javelin Tear     *1. Align Ashcroft, Jack and Chuck.
    *1, 70 SP, L/R, active-type
    Spears rain down on all.
    Homing Laser     *1. Align Shikigami and Golem.
    *1, 77 SP, L/R, active-type
    Lasers chase the enemy.
    10. Jukebox Collection                                                   [jbcll]
    In order to get 100% CR, you also need to collect all the Records and Voice 
    Cards for the Jukebox you get after beating the game. Here I will list the 
    locations of all of them. 
    Record 01 = Snow Haven - Level 5
    Record 02 = College Campus - Level 1 
    Record 03 = False Factory - Level 4
    Record 04 = Forgotten Lands - Level 5
    Record 05 = Snow Haven - Level 6
    Record 06 = Dobie Division - Level 3
    Record 07 = Forgotten Lands - Level 2
    Record 08 = False Factory - Level 3
    Record 09 = Forgotten Lands - Level 3
    Record 10 = Forbidden Forest - Level 2
    Record 11 = College Campus - Level 1
    Record 12 = Volcano Avenue - Level 4
    Record 13 = Star Sanctuary - Level H
    Record 14 = King of Spirits - Level A
    Record 15 = College Campus - Level 3
    Record 16 = False Factory - Level 6
    Record 17 = Volcano Avenue - Level 1
    Record 18 = Dreamland - Level 3
    Record 19 = The Silvermine - Level 4
    Record 20 = Dobie Division - Level 5
    Record 21 = King of Spirits - Level B
    Record 22 = Forbidden Forest - Level 3
    Record 23 = Volcano Avenue - Level 6
    Record 24 = Dobie Division - Level 2
    Record 25 = King of Spirits - Level E
    Record 26 = King of Spirits - Level F
    Voice Card: Yoh Asakura  = Dobie Division - Level 1
    Voice Card: Rio          = The Silvermine - Level 3
    Voice Card: Tao Len      = Dreamland - Level 5
    Voice Card: Trey         = The Badlands - Level 5
    Voice Card: Joco         = False Factory - Level 7
    Voice Card: Lyserg       = The Swamps - Level 5
    Voice Card: Lee Pai-Long = Snow Haven - Level 4
    Voice Card: Silva        = Volcano Avenue - Level 3
    Voice Card: Tao En       = College Campus - Level 4
    Voice Card: Magister     = College Campus - Level X3
    Voice Card: Mephias      = Star Sanctuary - Level D
    Voice Card: Zeke         = King of Spirits - Level D
    11. Credits                                                              [crdts]
    - My mom, for not going crazy over me hanging on the computer for the past 72 h
    - The creators, for making a sequel to MoS.
    - pharaoh02, for being my associate, friend, and helping me get 100% CR.
    - poweraTion, for making the map, without which this faq could not exist, for
      giving me various tips about the bosses, and many other things.
    - Ninetales38@aol.com for telling me the location of Record 02.
    - Ninetales38@aol.com and Robert Elliot for implying the location of Record 11.
    - Ninewounds for telling me how to break the wall in Forbidden Forest - Level 4.
      Me look stupid for not knowing you can jump while using Rolling Attack. :P
    - Ken Ko for telling me how to avoid Spirit of Fire's giant fireball attack.

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