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    FAQ/Walkthrough by The Ambassador

    Version: 2.50 | Updated: 11/09/10 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Mario Tennis: Power Tour Guide
    1. Introduction
    This is a guide on leveling up, general strategies, and, especially, the power
    shots. If you are looking for a description of the characters, this is not the
    guide for you.
    I created this because I saw that there is not a complete guide for the power
    shots; I also have some general strategies that have worked for me in hard
    (technical) mode, which I also wish to share.
    Author: The Ambassador
    Email: ambassador@wideopenwest.com
    Last Updated: 11.09.2010
    Version: 2.50
    Version History
    (# refers to the number from Table of Contents)
    0.75: My first version, complete up until #7 (+#12), only my own information.
    0.80: Added 3 records to Duckwalk, started on #7, added an 11 and 12 to #4,
    updated Dragon Shot in #6.
    0.85: Added to #7 and put my top 4 favorites in #6.
    0.90: Finished #7.
    0.95: Added many updates from readers, Up to Hand-Power Save in #8.
    1.10: FINISHED the guide. I also added a Secrets section.
    1.11: Added another mushroom and a second site to use my guide, supercheats.com
    1.14: Added three more contributions.
    1.18: Added two more contributions, added to #12.
    1.20: Revised Typhoon Save and an 1-UP location.
    1.21: A few minor changes, Blizzard Shot updated.
    1.24: Two contributions, more changes.
    1.44: Many of my own contributions. Updated some of my records. I beat
    Duckwalk. I also added a Training Minigames section.
    1.46: Added a record and updated #3 secondary stats.
    1.47: Updated #10 with new strategies and records.
    1.48: A few updates in #10 and #12
    1.88: Major changes all over. Totally revised #4. Added many new records.
    Basically added things everywhere.
    2.00: Totally Revised the Table of contents to make the updates easier to see
    (let me know if it didn't work). Also added in a few other areas.
    2.06: Added a new strategy, added a cheat to reflex rally, and updated Wall
    2.21: Added in a few areas. Added section 11: The Shots.
    2.30: Added to a few places, especially tacklebot.
    2.31: Updated Typhoon Save
    2.32: Added www.mogelgott.de to site list that can use this guide
    2.33: Added #17 to strategies: Nice Shots.
    2.40: Added to many different areas, especially Wall Practice.
    2.41: Added Reflex Rally cheat.
    2.50: Confirmed a cheat and added a strategy for the tacklebot! (Thanks Liam)
    2. Table of Contents
    (Note: The update notices stay up for only two versions)
    (Note2: The order of importance is Updated-UPDATED-TOTALLY REVISED-NEW)
    1. Introduction
    2. Table of Contents
    3. Leveling Up
      A. Overall
      B. Main Stats
      C. Secondary Stats
    4. General In-game Strategies UPDATED
    5. Power Shot Minigames
      A. Treadmill *Updated*
      B. Bicep Pump
      C. Jump Gym
      D. Swift Spin
      E. Duck Walk *Updated*
      F. Rope Climb
      G. Reflex Rally
      H. Tightrope
      I. Tacklebot
      J. Instinct Drill
    6. Power Shot Points & Points needed for each shot
      A. Levels
      B. Offensive
      C. Defensive *Updated*
    7. Offensive Power Shots
      A. Power/High Power
      B. Curve/Slider
      C. Control/Flashflop
      D. Tackle/Stunner
      E. Flying
      F. Gyro
      G. Dragon
      H. Sonic
      I. Blizzard
      J. Summoner
      K. Spector
      L. Volcano
    8. Defensive Power Saves
      A. Running/Superswift
      B. Lunging/High-Jump
      C. Quick/Quick-Step
      D. Hand-Power/Psychic
      E. Typhoon
      F. Bubble
      G. Illusory
      H. Spider
      I. Falcon-Dive
      J. Shark-Bite
      K. Shooting-Star
      L. Rainbow
    9. Secrets
      A. Other *Updated*
      B. 1-Up Mushrooms
    10. Training Minigames
      A. Tennis Machine
      B. Wall Practice *TOTALLY REVISED*
    11. The Shots
      A. Introduction
      B. Normal Shots
      C. Charged Shots
      D. Super-Charged Shots
      E. Lob Shots
      F. Drop Shots
    12. Contact and Legal *Updated*
    3. Leveling Up
    The Mario RPG sports games tend to have decreasing stats. That means that over
    time, all of the stats will decrease. This is counteracted by choosing one or
    more features to level up. The reason I believe Nintendo does this is so you
    cannot have one player who is perfect all-around. Thus, it makes for a more
    individualized game.
    With that in mind, you can only choose three of the four main stats to focus
    on. If you spend all of the levels on three and ignore the forth (I will refer
    to it as the "fourth stat" or something similar)(yes, it will go down to zero),
    then the three can be maxed out. If you try to do all four (which was my first
    try), you WILL end up with a character that is about halfway in everything.
    Also, as this game is setup with a doubles partner, know that it is generally a
    lot better to have two different "fourth-stats" as it will give you a more
    well-rounded team, no matter if you are facing human or CPU opponents.
    The Main stats are:
    POWER: This is pretty self-explanatory, you need power to make shots that are
    too fast to smash back. If you want to knock out power as your fourth stat, you
    are treading lightly, but it is possible to get a great character that doesn't
    have a lot of power. Try to keep power in since it is a good stat to have.
    CONTROL: DO NOT LOOSE IT. I have tried matches with a character with no
    control. I worked my way up to Peach on Technical, but could not beat her no
    matter how hard I tried (and I am quite good at this game). Without control,
    all of your shots will land in the general-middle area, making them easy to
    SIDE SPIN: This is generally the stat I loose. Note: side spin will NOT make up
    for control as that is what I tried to do and it doesn't work. Side spin means
    that your ball will arch as it flies. The downside to this stat is that no
    matter how good your stat is, if your opponent is at a certain distance, the
    curve of the shot will bring it right to him as if it was straight (and
    Technical players have a knack for finding that distance). By the way, the same
    holds true for if you are playing against a character with a nasty spin.
    SPEED: This is another very necessary stat. With that said, I am doing a decent
    job on Technical with a player that has no speed. The key is that she is my
    doubles partner, and my speed is nearly maxed out. Thus, she can smash a good
    portion of the shots, and I can back her up. This is the only way I would try
    speed as the fourth stat.
    The secondary stats follow a different approach. You have five stats, but they
    are all inter-related. If you increase one of stroke, volley, or serve, the
    other two have a chance of decreasing. Also, if you increase slice, top spin
    will decrease and vice-versa. Now comes the interesting part. As I previously
    stated, I generally knock out Side Spin as the fourth main stat. Thus, I spent
    all of my levels on the first three. Following tradition, the two spins should
    have decreased, but they are nearly par with my others. My only explanation is
    that basically whatever you choose to level, the rest will follow, as long as
    you spread it out to some degree. Generally speaking, I spend 20% on side
    spins, 40% on stroke, and 40% on volley. Ignoring serve means that serving aces
    will be rare, but that is only the first shot (albeit the most important shot,
    but still just one shot). Once the first shot is over, you will rock as the
    others will be fully maxed out. Also, note that these secondary stats are
    rather strong. I have noticed a significant difference in just one point of
    difference between top spin and slice.
    4. General In-game Strategies (In order of importance (in my opinion))
    1. Learn your OWN style. Don't use mine or anyone else's just because it works
    for us. Eventually, you will learn when and where YOU want to make each shot
    and how to get there. That is the real key to success in this game (and for
    that matter, any game). Some are good at playing the net, others are good from
    behind. Some rule with lobs, others like drops. The list goes on.
    2. The Lob Shot is probably one of the deadliest shot in the game. It is
    especially good right after a drop shot in singles and is also great in
    doubles, over the front guard's head (when the second is not right behind).
    Also realize that if you are right at the net, your opponents will likely throw
    lobs at you. One quite funny technique that I use is to use lobs when I am AT
    THE NET. It will surprise both human and CPU opponents alike and has almost a
    half chance of scoring a point against a Technical opponent (which is quite
    good). It does, however, take some quick reflexes to pull off.
    3. *UPDATED* Play against yourself. No. Really. This is really only good for
    those who have played the game for some time, so training modes are more of an
    annoyance than a help. If you play against your best character using Ace Mode
    (which you would have to unlock first), they will rock at the game (I was
    playing 99 vs. 89 and kept loosing). Then you can learn the computer's
    strategies for winning games and add them to your own, making your game improve
    drastically. Once you have beaten a 99 vs. 99 Ace match or better (with good 99
    players and not doing a saving cheat), give yourself a pat on the back as this
    is the test for being a true master of the game. My best is winning a game of
    anti-spin 99 vs. a second anti-spin 99 Ace (toughest char possible).
    3. Taunt! Especially in doubles when your partner is volleying. Not only does
    taunting decrease your opponent's PS gauge, it increases yours as well. Taunt
    before your opponent serves the ball, taunt when he is far away. Just make sure
    you still hit the ball when it comes to you!
    4. On returns from serves in both singles and doubles, return the ball to the
    opposite corner than where the server was. This is called returning "down the
    line" and is extremely effective in singles and is still deadly in doubles.
    Also, move forward some, so you can hit it sooner, giving your opponent even
    less time to react (just make sure you don't return it before the bounce).
    5. Don't give up. I have literally been at a match point for my opponent (5-set
    match, I believe), got it to a deuce, and kept winning until I got my match
    point and won it. It is possible to have a turn-around like that. Also, do NOT
    get too cocky when you are ahead, as the situation has also been the opposite
    for me, where I had them cornered, got cocky, and lost it all.
    6. *Submitted by Sykora* and updated by me: Watch out for your opponent in
    doubles mode. If he starts in the front, he will stay in the front (and back:
    stays in the back). He will expect you to do the same. Also, your partner will
    go after any shots in his range, even if it opens up the area on the his other
    side. Thus, make sure that you guard your half of the court (left to right),
    but watch for any times he does a long reach, as he is opening you both up to a
    slider shot that goes right in between the two of you.
    7. Don't try to be the hero in doubles mode. For once (*breath of relief*),
    your doubles partner is not horrible (don't even get me started into Mario
    Golf: Advance Tour), so let them take the shots. With that said, know that they
    are highly UNLIKELY to use their power shots on defense (actually power saves),
    so you must either use yours or loose the point (and who wants to do that).
    8. *Submitted by Sykora* (and checked by me): Don't give any experience to your
    partner, or keep it to a minimum. They will still be at about the same level as
    experience does not increase smarts. This way, they will be a little below-
    average as a doubles partner, but you will more than make up for it. Just be
    sure to give them a good power shot/save. However, your partner is not likely
    to use a Power Save, so if you have one, use it.
    9. Learn what power shots work for you. Some are all about the power, trying to
    do such a fast smash that your opponents won't have the time to recover. Others
    are about hitting the ball into hard-to-reach areas. Some give a very nasty
    spin to the ball. Others still have a lot of effect, meaning that if your
    opponent connects, they will be stunned, spun around, controls backwards, etc.
    Find one that works for you.
    10. Before you beat Willy, make sure that you have done all of the training,
    both normal and power shot training that you want to do actually in the RPG
    mode, as you will NOT be able to access them (besides ones you have beaten that
    are in the minigame mode) until much later (Spoilers: after you beat your way
    through the Peach Tournament).
    *submitted by Bombman*: If you quit right away after arriving at the Peach
    Tournament, you can still continue training. (Unconfirmed by me)
    11. This one goes along with #1: figure out how YOU want to beat the game.
    There are three main areas to think of: training, singles, and doubles. If you
    are having troubles with winning in singles, try beating doubles first. Also,
    the training might seem somewhat hard, but they will help your game (as long as
    you're willing to do nothing for the five-minute tour your first time there).
    12. This one goes with #11: Play through the training courts and the two
    minigames. They are annoying but will increase your playing ability. In fact, I
    think a part of quickly powering up the power shot meter is through using
    techniques learned in training.
    13. Never, never try using a power shot to return any sort of lob or high shot,
    unless you know that you will miss it. The computer, for some reason unknown,
    automatically will use the defensive power shot and you will waste it instead
    of perhaps getting a point with a smash. The exceptions are the Volcano Shot
    and Flying Shot, which will work with high shots.
    14. Realize that getting the four bonuses (serving aces, return winners, smash
    winners, and PS winners) will give you bonus EXP, but winning the game will
    give you more (in other words, know it but don't focus on it).
    15. Also unlike previous Mario sports games, the top spin and slice actually
    work. I made my way Mario Tennis (N64) using solely the smash. In this game,
    vary the shots. Most of the time, a top spin or slice will do better than a
    smash, but smashes are also helpful. Keep a variety and you will keep your
    opponents on their toes. NOTE: most of the time, top spins will not result in
    easy smashes (another problem from Mario Tennis).
    16. Don't forget about the Drop Shot (B to A). Drop shots are practically
    useless in doubles mode, but it is essential in singles to set up for a long
    lob. Also, drop shots are almost necessary to beat the Tennis Machine minigame
    (using it, I have gotten perfects in the first 3 and 204 in Master).
    17. Aim for Nice shots on serves: The way you get a Nice! serve is to hit it at
    its peak time. Hit the button the second time just before the ball is in
    equilibrium (so it would be momentarily stationary on the screen). The best way
    to get the timing down is to throw the ball up a few times without hitting it
    and watching for the peak height and try to judge when to hit it from there.
    This is one of those things that's hard to get the hang of, but after you do it
    once or twice, it becomes easier. The best way to get the timing down is to
    throw the ball up a few times without hitting it and watching for the peak
    height and try to judge when to hit it from there. This is one of those things
    that's hard to get the hang of, but after you do it once or twice, it becomes
    Power Shot Minigames
    TREADMILL: Ah, one of my favorites. Smash B repeatedly and jump with A. Sounds
    easy, right? WRONG. This is actually one of the more in-depth games. You will
    have to learn your own timing for the bananas and barrels. Know that you
    generally get hit harder when hitting a barrel when jumping and when hitting a
    banana without jumping. Eventually, there will be three bananas in a row. These
    are hard to jump (so are the barrels), so jump right before your feet touch the
    first one. Also realize that if you are at the far right at a relatively nice
    slope (slightly up, parallel, down), you will not be able to jump over the
    barrels. You also can fall off on the right side (especially true when tilted
    down. Just do the best you can do. As a final note, don't stop mashing B while
    you jump for when you come back down, you will slide back a little bit.
    Challenge Mode: Watch out around 90 and 140, as they have a tough line to jump
    over. The real challenge starts at 260, when you will get approximately 10
    barrels in a row on the strong upwards slope. If you make it through, be
    prepared for some tough jumping ahead.
    *submitted by Bombman*: The pattern repeats after 500 points.
    My Record: 495
    My Average: 270
    *AzNbLuE's Record*: 320
    *Sykora's Record*: 480
    *Michael's Record*: 999
    *Bombman's Record*: 861
    BICEP PUMP: This is one of those minigames that will be a pain in the neck. Up
    until a point, that is. I struggled for a long time to just get past level 2,
    and then I "got it" and was able to do quite well in it suddenly. The trick for
    me was in using quick but controlled button mashing, using my fastest finger
    and slowing it down when I needed to (or stopping it). This truly is one that
    you have to get a knack for.
    Challenge Mode: Realize this is just a repeated set of 10 balloons (21pts) that
    accelerates over time (with blue balloons accelerating the fastest). For the
    first 120, just go up and down once to catch them all. Around 120, switch your
    up to up, jump down for the yellow, back up for the red, and then back down.
    About 220, you can go back to just going up and down once per set (at a much
    faster pace). After 300, the balloons are going too fast to use a method, so
    just trust your instincts.
    My Record: 369
    My Average: 290
    *Ollie's Record*: 370
    *AzNbLuE's Record*: 298
    *Sykora's Record*: 460
    JUMP GYM: Another one that you will get a knack for, but, if I may say so, a
    bit easier than the Pump. The only real trick to this one is that you can break
    two at once (that are connected horizontally) by jumping at the crack between
    them. Besides that, you're basically on your own. Oranges are singles or two
    together. Greens are a square of four or three in a row. Blues are rectangles
    of either 2x3 or 3x2.
    Challenge Mode: At 30, greens start and at 70, blues start. After 100, the game
    starts to accelerate, moving really fast after 250ish.
    My Record: 284
    My Average: 220
    *Ollie's Record*: 301
    *AzNbLuE's Record*: 309
    *Ryan's Record*: 437
    *Michael's Record*: 132
    SWIFT SPIN: Another one of my favorites (and the record shows it). There are
    three tricks to this game. One is that you spin slower when trying to move in a
    direction at the same time. Number two is that you still have some time before
    the geysers spray when they are glowing, so use it. The third is to realize
    that while the blue coins are the most important, don't forget the other two,
    especially since the blue ones disappear the fastest, and there is nothing
    worse in this game (besides getting hit) than to realize you just gave up 1,5,
    or 6 points for nothing. Don't go for coins that will probably be gone once you
    get there.
    Challenge Mode: You start off with only one geyser and work your way up to only
    having one free spot left to stand. The trick is to be aggressive. I have
    literally gotten hit with flame as I leave a spot, but didn't die as it doesn't
    count as a hit. You need to be aggressive when you get to the point where there
    is only one place left to go.
    My Record: 999
    My Average: 700
    *Ollie's Record*: 850
    *AzNbLuE's Record*: 999
    *Matt's Record*: 892*Michael's Record*: 321
    DUCK WALK: You will either like this one or hate it. I used only my right thumb
    and got into the mindset of using the double-jump whenever I saw the doubles.
    My version is that slow and steady (thinking, not jumping) wins the race. While
    others' records beat mine, I only stumbled once.
    *Submitted by Kwokna*: Use the double-jump as much as possible.
    *Submitted by Robert*: Concentrate on the electric pads instead of good spaces.
    *Submitted by Darkfighter*:It is one of those games you need to get a knack
    *Submitted by Bryanb*: Instead of looking at what is right in front of you,
    take the game as sections at a time. Look ahead a good eight places and plan
    your jumps accordingly.
    Challenge Mode:
    *Submitted by Darkfighter*: It is how fast you can complete a 200-step course.
    My Record: 00:49:11
    My Average: 00:53:00
    *Darkfighter's Record*: 00:57:81
    *Kwokna's Record*: 00:47:06
    *Ollie's Record*: 00:39:07
    *Bryanb's Record*: 00:38:16
    *AzNbLuE's Record*: 00:36:55
    *Ryan's Record*: 00:39:01
    ROPE CLIMB: The other double PS point-getter. Following Duck Walk, the first
    (Bicep Pump) is better again. This one is easier than the Duck Walk. Mashing
    both A and B makes you climb faster, as does holding onto two ropes. Avoid the
    sparks, but if they are blocking the flags, it is faster to get hit than to
    wait. If you are having problems climbing further, look for a flag. This one is
    all about knowing when to climb and when to move horizontally.
    Challenge Mode: There's nothing really different here besides the fact that the
    background changes nicely. Also, know it takes a very fast time to get PS
    points (which is the reason I stick with the Bicep Pump).
    My Record: 01:05:23
    My Average: 01:09:00
    *Bryanb's Record*: 01:07:56
    *AzNbLuE's Record*: 00:49:68
    *Ryan's Record*: 0:52:32
    *Michael's Record*: 01:03:95
    REFLEX RALLY: This is certainly an interesting twist to rock, paper, scissors.
    The key here is to let your reflexes take over. How I did it was to learn the
    ropes, then listen to music (or some other distraction) while doing it. This
    allowed my reflexes to take over and beat level 3. Know that the challenge mode
    is actually easier than level 3 as you will get 80 PS points for getting a
    minute and will still get a nice amount, even for 1:05.
    Challenge Mode: This is easier than level 3. Try to get 60 (not the 100 that it
    says) hits as fast as possible.
    *CHEAT METHOD* (Not checked by me): This was sent in by Axe. If you play Reflex
    Rally on a GBA emulator, you can slow down the throttle rate (all aspects of
    speed), allowing you to get insanely fast times. Axe's record using this method
    is 00:41:76.
    *SECOND CHEAT METHOD* (Checked by Sonikku2008): I have another cheat method for
    the Reflex Rally. If you're using a GBA emulator, what I do, is I'll use the
    first save slot, and then I'll go through the first 5 and memorize them, then
    load from where I saved, and then go through fluidly, but right as the computer
    is deciding what it'll pull next, I save again, and then repeat, until I
    finish. My best time using this way is 00:39:16. Quite fast, eh?
    My Record: 00:56:81
    My Average: 01:00:50
    *Ollie's Record*: 00:48:94
    *AzNbLuE's Record*: 00:51:08
    *Michael's Record*: 00:54:23
    *Sonikku2008's Record*: 00:35:06
    TIGHTROPE: Once you have gotten used to Reflex Rally, this one should be
    easier. Tilt your stick and try to keep it as straight as possible. I have
    found that my major problem is actually over/undercorrecting, but I guess that
    would be about all of the problems that you could have. Still, try to learn how
    hard to tap. This one is difficult, but you do get a good amount of PS points
    for each try. Also, watch out for when the animals jump off, as that is where I
    wobble the most.
    Challenge Mode: This one is similar to level 3. You are bombarded with up to
    four things at once, but the last 10 meters don't have anything.
    My Record: 01:16:80
    My Average: 01:22:00
    *Ollie's Record*: 01:16:58
    *Bryanb's Record*: 01:16:54
    *AzNbLuE's Record*: 01:13:43
    *Michael's Record*: 01:27:91
    TACKLEBOT: NO. Noooooo. This is the worst minigame in the game. At least Duck
    Walk has a second game that covers it. This one doesn't. If you've read my
    review, you will notice I mentioned that it was annoying how one was based on
    luck. This is that one. Smash A and B together and hope the ball-guy doesn't
    block or charge too many times. I have maxed out PS BODY from this game, but
    that was through using Level 2 for hours. In level 3, the thing has a nasty
    habit of doing nothing but charge shots for at least the last 10 seconds. This
    one is the most frustrating of all of the minigames.
    *Contributed by LeerRosh*: Charge up, stand right next to the tacklebot, and
    defend until he opens his arms without much power charged, then attack for 10-
    15 damage each time.
    *Contributed by Jon Bon*: Continue holding to the right and charge using
    alternating A,B taps. Only defend when he is doing a full charge up as this is
    the only time when you cannot hurt him.
    Challenge Mode: This is the other one that has an outrageous PS point
    requirement (but it is much worse than Rope Climb, the other one). I barely got
    any points for my record time, which is 2/3 of the calculated time it would
    have taken on level 3. I want to know who made this game and equivalent PS
    points up. This game is absolutely horrid. It is totally dependent on the luck
    of the tacklebot not charging up. If ANYONE knows how to beat him, let me know.
    For anyone who still reads this guide, someone finally has a solution! Liam has
    a strategy. He charges up like normal but right before attacking, he presses to
    the left, which blocks incoming attacks while still stunning the tacklebot.
    Then he can wallop the bot for a bit and when it re-awakes, he again uses the
    pressing left right before he attacks. He has placed a video of it here:
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FOFo_GSgEog. I will state that I was rather
    impressed; it seemed to work well (I no longer have the game so I can't say if
    it works or not).
    My Record: 01:02:83
    My Average: 01:15:00
    *Russ's Record*: 01:02:03
    *Logan's Record*: 00:59:55
    *AzNbLuE's Record*: 00:55:38
    *Michael's Record*: 01:07:91
    *Liam's Record*: 00:34:00
    INSTINCT DRILL: The game developers saved the best for last. No offense
    intended, but this game's easy, if you know the key. That key is simply to use
    ESP in between shuffles, allowing you an extra peek. The thing about this game
    is that you need a decent memory to win.
    Challenge Mode: This is the most fun of the four levels. The large amount of
    cards makes randomness a lot more common.
    My Record: 00:32:33
    My Average: 00:42:00
    *Ollie's Record*: 00:37:16
    *Bryanb's Record*: 00:32:53
    *AzNbLuE's Record*: 00:28:63
    *Michael's Record*: 00:50:46
    6. Power Shot Points (PS pts)
    There are 10 levels to the PS points. They are as follows:
    You can keep playing the minigames after level 10, but you will never get over
    3000 PS points (why then are the five digits to the points...?). Also, the
    maximum you can receive from a single game is 300 PS points (known by Swift
    Spin, where I got 999 in-game points). I forget who said it, but the max is
    more than 300, done in Reflex Rally.
    Needed PS Points for Shots
    NOTE 1: The amount required may be lower one ones with multiple needed PS types
    as I may have been farther in one than I needed to be. Nevertheless,
    most are totally correct and the rest are at least a good general idea.
    NOTE 2: Each one is abbreviated: SPD=Speed, RES=Response, JUM=Jump, ESP=ESP,
    MUS=Muscle, SPN=Spin, BAL=Balance, and BOD=Body.
    Power Shot: 1 MUS
    High-Power Shot: 3 MUS
    Curve Shot: 1 SPN
    Slider Shot: 3 SPN
    Control Shot: 1 BAL
    Flashflop Shot: 3 BAL
    Tackle Shot: 1 BOD
    Stunner Shot: 3 BOD
    Flying Shot: 2 JUM + 4 MUS
      (A good shot for a CPU partner)
    Gyro Shot *corrected by Tallaan* : 5 SPN + 2 BAL
    Dragon Shot: *corrected by Kwokna* : 5 MUS + 2 BOD
      (2nd-best shot, in my opinion)
    Sonic Shot *corrected by Nick and Matt* : 3 ESP + 6 SPN
    Blizzard Shot *corrected by SonicJosh* : 5 SPD + 6 RES + 7 SPN
    Summoner Shot *corrected by Nick and EYC* : 7 RES + 7 MUS + 5 BAL
    Specter Shot *corrected by RAHC, Ryan, and Matt* : 6 ESP + 8 SPN + 6 BAL
      (The BEST shot, in my opinion)
    Volcano Shot: 10 JUM + 10 MUS + 10 BAL + 10 BOD
    Running Save: 1 SPD
    Superswift Save: 3 SPD
    Lunging Save: 1 JUM
    High-Jump Save: 3 JUM
    Quick Save: 1 RES
    Quick-Step Save: 3 RES
    Hand-Power Save: 1 ESP
    Psychic Save: 4 ESP (I don't know why this one is 4, not 3)
      (2nd-best save, in my opinion)
    Typhoon Save *corrected by Matt and Ryoma*: 4 JUM + 2 SPN
    Bubble Save: 3 SPD + 4 SPN
    Illusory Save: 4 SPD + 4 RES
    Spider Save: 3 RES + 4 BAL
    Falcon-Dive Save *corrected by Sykora* : 5 RES + 5 ESP
      (The BEST save, in my opinion)
    Shark-Bite Save *corrected by Ollie* : 8 SPD + 8 RES + 4 BOD
    Shooting-Star Save: 10 RES + 10 JUM + 10 ESP
    Rainbow Save *corrected by Russ* : 10 SPD + 10 ESP + 10 SPN + 8 BAL
    7. Offensive Power Shots
    This section is designed to give you a general idea on how each Power Shot
    handles. One thing to note is that the more powerful a power shot is, the more
    power it will drain from your meter, making you wait longer for each, which is
    carried over to the next round. Thus, it is a trade-off between a few almost-
    guaranteed points or plenty of lesser shots. This comes into play for my
    reviews of each.
    Efficiency is how easy it is to get a point with the shot. Used PS is for how
    much of the meter the shot depletes. Visuals is for how neat the shot looks.
    Effect is how it affects the opponent if they return it. Power is for how fast
    it is. Spin is for the curve of the shots. Control is for how much you can
    control where the shot lands. Overall is my rating for it.
    Efficiency: 3/5
    Used PS: 5/5
    Visuals: 0/5
    Effect: 0.5/5
    Power: 3/5
    Spin: 0/5
    Control: 4/5
    OVERALL: 3.5/5
    Comments: For a starting shot, it is quite good and gets the job done. This is
    a good shot to use if you like lower Power Shots but many of them.
    Efficiency: 3.5/5
    Used PS: 4/5
    Visuals: 1/5
    Effect: 1.5/5
    Power: 3.5/5
    Spin: 0/5
    Control: 4/5
    OVERALL: 4/5
    Comments: I have actually used this shot to beat the game on Technical. It is
    one of the better shots in the game for how long it takes to get and how much
    PS it uses. This is one of my more favorites.
    Efficiency: 2.5/5
    Used PS: 4/5
    Visuals: 0.5/5
    Effect: 0.5/5
    Power: 2/5
    Spin: 4.5/5
    Control: 2.5/5
    OVERALL: 2/5
    Comments: This is a decent shot with a character with good spin. Otherwise, you
    should stick with other shots.
    Efficiency: 4/5
    Used PS: 3/5
    Visuals: 1/5
    Effect: 1/5
    Power: 2.5/5
    Spin: 5/5
    Control: 3/5
    OVERALL: 3.5/5
    Comments: I have had good luck with this shot with a character who has a good
    side-spin. Otherwise, again this is not the shot for you.
    Efficiency: 1/5
    Used PS: 3.5/5
    Visuals: 0/5
    Effect: 0/5
    Power: 1/5
    Spin: 0/5
    Control: 0.5/5
    OVERALL: 0/5
    Comments: This is the WORST SHOT in the ENTIRE game (I don't mean to insult
    anyone who likes it, but this one is terrible). I don't understand how the
    CONTROL shot can be terrible in everything, ESPECIALLY in CONTROL itself!
    Efficiency: 1.5/5
    Used PS: 4.5/5
    Visuals: 2/5
    Effect: 2/5
    Power: 0/5
    Spin: 0/5
    Control: 2/5
    OVERALL: 2/5
    Comments: Welcome to the first Effect-based shot. It encircles the opponent in
    light so they cannot move (the shot itself is a drop shot, hence the 0 power).
    It is a decent shot for beginning Effect-based shots, but it is not that good.
    Efficiency: 4/5
    Used PS: 4/5
    Visuals: 1/5
    Effect: 1.5/5
    Power: 2.5/5
    Spin: 0/5
    Control: 3.5/5
    OVERALL: 4/5Comments: Looking at the majority of its stats, this one has
    efficiency. I never knew how good this shot was before writing this guide (as I
    had never tried it). It is a very good shot for those who like to use many (not
    as good) Power Shots.
    Efficiency: 4/5
    Used PS: 2.5/5
    Visuals: 3/5
    Effect: 3/5
    Power: 3/5
    Spin: 0/5
    Control: 3/5
    OVERALL: 3.5/5
    Comments: This is a decent shot. It will send your opponent back a bit.
    Overall, it is an above-average shot. As a side note, this is the shot I mainly
    used for getting through on normal.
    Efficiency: 3.5/5
    Used PS: 2/5
    Visuals: 2/5
    Effect: 3/5
    Power: 4/5
    Spin: 0/5
    Control: 1.5/5
    OVERALL: 2.5/5
    Comments: This is a pretty awful shot. It was the shot Sass used, and he barely
    ever got a shot past me. When I tried it, it wasn't much better. If you want
    this type of shot, my suggestion would be either High-Power or the Dragon.
    HOWEVER, I found this to be a great shot for my CPU partner, who was able to
    use this shot quite efficiently. Also, It is only one of two shots that I have
    found so far that gets the jump shots and even can get ones that are slightly
    far away.
    Efficiency: 0.5/5
    Used PS: 2.5/5
    Visuals: 2.5/5
    Effect: 1.5/5
    Power: 0/5
    Spin: 1/5
    Control: 1.5/5
    OVERALL: 0.5/5
    Comments: This might be the worst shot in the game. Any opponent I know can hit
    it back as it is a lob shot (hence the 0 power). I have only had this work once
    out of all my playing time. Don't use it. If you like it, use the Slider Shot.
    Efficiency: 4.5/5
    Used PS: 2.5/5
    Visuals: 3/5
    Effect: 4/5
    Power: 4.5/5
    Spin: 3/5
    Control: 3/5
    OVERALL: 4.5/5
    Comments: This is, in my opinion, the second-best shot in the entire game
    (second only to the Specter Shot). It uses a lower amount of PS than most other
    special power shots. It is quite fast and has a good amount of spin to it. The
    best part of it is that if your opponent hits the ball back, they are blasted
    back into a corner. Without a doubt, this is a good shot.
    Efficiency: 1/5
    Used PS: 2.5/5
    Visuals: 3.5/5
    Effect: 2.5/5
    Power: 1.5/5
    Spin: 0.5/5
    Control: 2/5
    OVERALL: 1.5/5
    Comments: This is another shot that should not have been put into the game. The
    only really good thing about this shot is that your opponent looks kind-of
    strange with the strange purple fuzz that is on them after being hit.
    Efficiency: 3.5/5
    Used PS: 2/5
    Visuals: 4/5
    Effect: 3.5/5
    Power: 4/5Spin: 0/5
    Control: 4/5
    OVERALL: 4/5
    Comments: What makes Elroy so good? This shot! It is actually my 3rd favorite
    shot. It gets past my opponent most of the time, and when it doesn't, they get
    encased in ice, making for a chance at a second-shot ace.
    Efficiency: 3/5
    Used PS: 3/5
    Visuals: 2.5/5
    Effect: 4.5/5
    Power: 3/5
    Spin: 4.5/5
    Control: 3/5
    OVERALL: 3.5/5
    Comments: I cannot stand this shot. How then, you ask, did it get a 3.5/5
    overall? The answer is quite simple; if you have a good side spin, this is one
    of the best power shots for you to use; it is also one of the best effect
    Efficiency: 5/5
    Used PS: 1.5/5Visuals: 4.5/5
    Effect: 4.5/5
    Power: 5/5
    Spin: 2.5/5
    Control: 3.5/5
    OVERALL: 5/5
    Comments: This is my absolute favorite shot. The visuals are Nintendo's attempt
    at humor as it is supposed to be "spooky." This shot also smashes the opponent
    into the corner (if they can even hit the ball). My partner could even easily
    get an ace with this shot. It moves so fast that it is hard to see, and when
    you can see it, it has a decent curve on it. This is the BEST shot in the game.
    Efficiency: 3/5
    Used PS: 2/5
    Visuals: 5/5
    Effect: 1.5/5
    Power: 2/5
    Spin: 0/5
    Control: 4.5/5
    OVERALL: 2.5/5
    Comments: For the final Power Shot, this one is awful. The visuals are the
    neatest, as you truly do ride a volcano. The rest is not so good. This is a lob
    shot, so it does not move fast. This shot is actually okay, but it should never
    have been made into the finale Power Shot. As a note, this is the one of only
    two Power Shots that I have found to be okay with hitting a high-fly ball (as
    to use this shot, you shoot up sky high).
    8. Defensive Power Saves
    NOTE: Depending on how far away from the ball you are, the used PS will change,
    mine is simply an average. Also, Efficiency is now based on how far you can
    reach the ball. I don't believe any Saves have an effect, but I am leaving it
    in case I am wrong.
    Efficiency: 2.5/5
    Used PS: 4/5
    Visuals: 0/5
    Effect: 0/5
    Power: 0.5/5
    Spin: 0/5
    Control: 1/5
    OVERALL: 1/5
    Comments: Even as the first save, this one is not that great. It has nothing to
    send back with, and it makes your character look like he/she's going to fall
    over. Do not use this shot.
    Efficiency: 3.5/5
    Used PS: 4.5/5
    Visuals: 1/5
    Effect: 0/5
    Power: 1/5
    Spin: 0/5
    Control: 1.5/5
    OVERALL: 3/5
    Comments: This one is loads better than the Running Save. In fact, I have used
    it high up in the story mode. It can reach basically anywhere INSIDE the court
    and has a slight fire visual (but you still look like you're falling).
    Efficiency: 2/5
    Used PS: 4/5Visuals: 0/5
    Effect: 0/5
    Power: 0/5
    Spin: 0.5/5
    Control: 0.5/5
    OVERALL: 0.5/5
    Comments: This may be the worst save in the game. Don't use it! It has
    absolutely no power to it (I almost gave power a negative rating!).
    Efficiency: 3/5
    Used PS: 3/5
    Visuals: 0.5/5
    Effect: 0/5
    Power: 2/5
    Spin: 0.5/5
    Control: 2/5
    OVERALL: 3/5
    Comments: This is a decent save. It can go outside of the court, but it doesn't
    have a large radius of save. It is, however, one of the first shots that
    returns with a bit of power.
    Efficiency: 3/5
    Used PS: 2.5/5
    Visuals: 0/5
    Effect: 0/5
    Power: 0.5/5
    Spin: 1/5
    Control: 1.5/5
    OVERALL: 2.5/5
    Comments: I cannot say much about this shot, besides that it is average.
    Efficiency: 4.5/5
    Used PS: 2.5/5
    Visuals: 0/5
    Effect: 0/5
    Power: 0.5/5
    Spin: 1/5
    Control: 1.5/5
    OVERALL: 3.5/5
    Comments: Doesn't this look like the Quick Save to you. It is literally
    identical to the quick save except for one major change, it has a very long
    range of saves.
    Efficiency: 1/5
    Used PS: 2.5/5
    Visuals: 3/5
    Effect: 0/5
    Power: 1/5
    Spin: 0.5/5
    Control: 1/5
    OVERALL: 0.5/5
    Comments: This one is not a good save at all. In fact, it is downright
    horrible. Don't use it.
    Efficiency: 2.5/5
    Used PS: 2.5/5
    Visuals: 3/5
    Effect: 0/5
    Power: 1.5/5
    Spin: 0.5/5
    Control: 3/5
    OVERALL: 2.5/5
    Comments: This one is much better than its counterpart. I really
    like its control, and actually about half of the PS Shots that make it past are
    from this shot, not my offensive one. USE IT. (Note: I have a character with
    excellent control).
    Efficiency: 4/5
    Used PS: 2.5/5
    Visuals: 3/5
    Effect: 0/5
    Power: 2/5
    Spin: 4.5/5
    Control: 3/5
    OVERALL: 4/5
    Comments: Since this is Elroy's shot, you'd better believe it's a good one. My
    character has practically no spin yet this one gave me a nasty slice. Also, it
    can reach just about anywhere. The only problem with it (for me) was that the
    visuals got annoying after a while (yes, I did use it a good deal on Story
    Efficiency: 3.5/5
    Used PS: 2/5
    Visuals: 2/5
    Effect: 0/5
    Power: 2/5
    Spin: 3/5
    Control: 3/5
    OVERALL: 3.5/5
    Comments: I have one the game with this save. It is quick to get in the
    minigames. It is only an above-average save; however, I happen to like it.
    Efficiency: 4.5/5
    Used PS: 2.5/5
    Visuals: 1.5/5
    Effect: 0/5
    Power: 1.5/5
    Spin: 3/5
    Control: 3/5
    OVERALL: 4/5
    Comments: Wow, I didn't realize how good this save was. It is a very nice one
    with practically unheard of efficiency. It also gets a decent slice to it.
    Efficiency: 3.5/5
    Used PS: 2/5
    Visuals: 1.5/5
    Effect: 0.5/5
    Power: 2.5/5
    Spin: 5/5
    Control: 4.5/5
    OVERALL: 4.5/5
    Comments: If only this shot looked cooler. This might be the best return in the
    game. Note that I said return and not save. While it has a decent range, it
    won't save every ball. With that said, It has an insane spin and has a great
    control. I also thought I saw a slight effect with it, but that might have just
    been my imagination.
    Efficiency: 4/5
    Used PS: 3/5
    Visuals: 3/5
    Effect: 0/5
    Power: 2/5
    Spin: 4.5/5
    Control: 5/5
    OVERALL: 5/5
    Comments: This is my favorite save. It has a great range and has a simple but
    nice visuals. It also has a nice spin and will return to wherever you want it!
    This is definitely a great shot, if not the best!
    Efficiency: 5/5
    Used PS: 3/5
    Visuals: 3.5/5
    Effect: 0.5/5
    Power: 3/5
    Spin: 0.5/5
    Control: 4/5
    OVERALL: 4.5/5
    Comments: This is an awesome save. The entire court turns into water as you
    swim as a shark to save the ball. It also has a decent control and very good PS
    used. I again thought that I saw a bit of an effect.
    Efficiency: 5/5
    Used PS: 2.5/5
    Visuals: 4.5/5
    Effect: 0/5
    Power: 4/5
    Spin: 0/5
    Control: 3.5/5
    OVERALL: 4.5/5
    Comments: This is one of the finale saves and it shows. It has some great
    visuals, insane efficiency, and is one of the fastest saves. Once again, the
    second to last is one of the best!
    Efficiency: 5/5
    Used PS: 0.5/5
    Visuals: 2/5
    Effect: 0/5
    Power: 0/5
    Spin: 0/5Control: 1.5/5
    OVERALL: 1.5/5
    Comments: Once again, the last one is not worth the energy to get it. This one
    has poor stats in everything except for efficiency. Do yourself a huge favor
    and take the Shooting-Star Save over this one as this one is plain awful.
    9. Secrets
    Note: All secrets have been tested by me to make sure that they work.
    Ace CPU in Exhibition: Using a SINGLE character, beat every other player on
    Pro.(You may have to beat the Mario characters on Pro-with-Star like I did, not
    sure)(Also, I had already beaten my other created characters, so I am not sure
    if you need to beat them as well or not). A nice time to do this is while you
    are creating a guide for every single power shot and save :) .
    Mushroom Kingdom (must be unlocked first): The pillar with the star by the PS
    Training Facility has stairs underneath it.
    It's not really a secret, but depending on what order you go through the game
    and where you are in the game (and if you're alone or with your partner), the
    chats with others characters will change accordingly. Sometimes, they are
    actually worth the time to stop and chat.
    Mel, a girl in the Island Open, is actually Chun-Li from Street Fighter.
    1-UP Mushrooms:
    As you leave the lodge, jump into the pipe on the left.
    *contributed by Andy*: On the bottom-right corner of the Junior Court is a
    basket of tennis balls; examine it to find the mushroom. Note: I did not find a
    mushroom, but I think I got this one earlier.
    *contributed by Andy and Matt*: On the bottom-left corner of the Senior Court
    is a vending machine; examine it to find the mushroom. You must be far enough
    along in the game for the buttons to be flashing in order to get the mushroom,
    beating varsity.
    *contributed by Andy*: Go to the pond in the upper right of the Training Court.
    (You might need to be a Senior or higher with a power shot). Talk to the guy
    reading the sign, leave, come back, and whack the sign 100 times in 10 seconds
    to receive the mushroom from three fairies.
    *contributed by SpcmnSpiff*: During the Island Open, head to the lower far
    right, towards the C Court, there is a statue beneath the court, near some
    trees. If your character is strong enough, you will get a mushroom.
    (As far as I know, after a relatively extensive search, there are no more
    10. Training Minigames
    First of all, this section is for the Tennis Machine and Wall Practice. I have
    decided to leave out the three teaching games on purpose as they really allow
    you to develop your own styles. If you need help with any of them, you can
    email me, just try it on your own first.
    OVERALL: You only need great control and some speed to beat these; power and
    side spin are not necessary for beating it. Also, use drop shots for the front
    shots and charged slice/topspin shots for the back areas (lop shots can also
    work well). As a final note, stay basically in the middle (left-right) and
    middle-back (between the two parallel lines) to be able to knock back over 90%
    of all shots.
    BEGINNER: Just do your best; you don't need drop shots.
    STANDARD: Again, this one is somewhat easy to pass; slightly harder for
    perfect, but it should not be that much of a challenge for higher-leveled
    EXPERT: This is where the difficulty curve is noticeable. Beating is not
    extremely hard, but perfect will provide some good challenge. There will be a
    few shots with decent curve and a few drop shots (my weakness) that the machine
    will send your way. Good luck.
    MASTER: This is the ultimate test. The first 80 or so points are somewhat easy,
    but the difficulty greatly increases. His drop/lob shots become much more
    numerous, mixed with nasty side spins and very fast shots, makes perfect very
    hard to obtain.
    My Records:
    BEGINNER: Perfect
    STANDARD: Perfect
    EXPERT: Perfect
    MASTER *UPDATED*: Perfect
    *Michael's Records*:
    BEGINNER: Perfect
    STANDARD: Perfect
    EXPERT: Perfect
    MASTER: Perfect
    OVERALL: I played with a level 70 or so Clay, so these strategies might not
    work for everyone. The basic idea is to always stay within the back rectangle,
    mostly staying in its direct middle, and use charge shots (the slow type,
    holding the A/B (I used top spins) instead of mashing the button (which gives a
    much more powerful shot)). Excellent control is needed for high scores, and
    some speed would be nice. You also need enough power that the ball is easily
    bounced back to you, but not too much that the ball slides between your legs or
    hits you in the noggin (both have happened to me). This is not checked, but a
    large amount of side spin might actually hinder you. NEVER use drop shots.
    Perfect is 999, although you can keep going and going and going (I played
    beginner until I became bored). Try to keep hitting the correct panels as the
    points compound up to 10 (up to 20 for volleys, but volleys are very dangerous
    to keep up).
    BEGINNER: Use basically any shots to pass. Make your shots smooth to make it
    perfect. I can use smash, slices, and top spins on this level easily hitting
    the ball back.
    STANDARD: Do whatever you want. I actually find standard easier than beginner
    for the only addition is two powered up edges every once in a while that always
    return to the center anyways.
    EXPERT *UPDATED*: For this one, stand just a bit behind the mid line and use
    straight, normal shots (just tapping once) or a lob (for when it is up). If you
    have to go in for a returned down arrow that is not moving fast enough, return
    the ball with a lob so that it moves slowly enough for you to scoot back to
    behind the middle line. Also use the lob shot if you feel the ball is moving
    too fast. Don't even look to the left or right. I have tried it. It does not
    *Submitted by Bombman*: Here is how I got 999 points. I just kept pushing A and
    if it hit the wall it wouldn't come zooming back to me because I had about
    halfway power or a bit less. Also I was gradually getting pushed back and when
    I hit the down arrow she would dive forward to hit it, and miss the one after
    that. So whenever I hit an up arrow, before volleying it forward I would nudge
    forward very slightly, I just tapped up on the D pad. So I would never have to
    dive forward for the ball.
    MASTER *UPDATED*: This one is actually a test of patience. Use normal shots or
    lob shots for the first 100 (if the down arrow forces you to move in close, use
    a lob shot to return the ball so it moves slow enough for you to move back in
    time to keep going). After the 100 mark is reached, the panels begin to move
    around in a circle. Stand somewhat far back and aim using lobs or straight
    shots. Avoid using hitting any panels that will send you running (such as being
    on the left side and hitting towards a right arrow in the middle). Combos will
    be hard to keep up, but after a half hour of monotony, the perfect score of 999
    will be yours.
    Email me if you need help on Expert/Master. Both are difficult and the
    strategies to beat them are hard to explain.
    My Records:
    BEGINNER: 999 (perfect)
    STANDARD: 999 (perfect)
    EXPERT *UPDATED*: 999 (perfect)
    MASTER *UPDATED*: 999 (perfect)
    *Michael's Records*:
    BEGINNER: 538
    STANDARD: 101
    EXPERT: 347
    MASTER: 517
    *Bombman's Records*:
    EXPERT: 999
    11. The Shots
    I have decided to write a section dedicated to describing the basics of each of
    the 11 shots. Technically speaking, there are only 5 shots, but three of them
    can be done three ways. Also, please note that while I try to keep my ideas
    generalized, I mainly play with a no-Side Spin character, so these shots will
    be slightly biased.
    The qualities are as follows:
    [Normal Name]: Simply hitting the button
    Semi-charged: Holding the button (very similar to normal)
    Charged: Rapidly tapping the button
    Super-charged: Charged shots from a star
    Top Spin/Semi-charged Topspin: These are counted as one of the three A-button
    shots, but are the ones that do not get a yellow trail. I rarely use them in an
    actual game situation, but this is my favorite shot in Wall Practice. They have
    minimal curve, but I think they are still increased by the secondary stat Top
    Spin. They also have slight power to them, but not that much.
    Slice/Semi-charged Slice: Similar to the above, these are much weaker versions
    of a charged slice. I think they are increased by the secondary stat Slice, but
    that is still unconfirmed. They are generally a bit weaker but have slightly
    more spin than their topspin counterparts.
    Smash/Semi-charged Smash: This is the third one in the weaker category. The
    difference here is that these fly straight and that the only difference between
    them and a charged smash is speed. Neither will leave a trail. Generally, I
    almost never use any of these aforementioned shots in a game, except when doing
    a lunging save or if I just don't have any time.
    Charged Topspin: This is the shot I use over 80% of the time. I generally
    prefer topspin over slice because I would rather have the slight extra power
    than have more curve. This shot is easy to control (however, I have gotten a
    fair share of out-of-bound shots with it) and has the second best speed of the
    charged shots. It is the middle-ground between the power of charged smash and
    the spin of slice.
    Charged Slice: As I rarely play a character with good side spin, I hardly ever
    use slice. Slice is the main stat for side spinners. It sacrifices some power
    from charged topspin to gain a bit more curve. If your strategy is side spin,
    this is the main shot for you.
    Charged Smash: This is the best all-around shot. However, it gets no boost for
    it in the second set of secondary stats. It relies on power and control to get
    the job done. You will see no spin, but this is a good shot to throw in every
    once in a while to hit the ball quickly into a corner. Also note that this shot
    has no color trail.
    Super-charged Topspin: As I normally max out topspin, I actually use this shot
    more than super-charged smashes. I get an extra 20% past my opponent over the
    smash counterpart, so in intense games (the only ones I generally play
    nowadays), this is the shot I use as with the maxed out stat, it has better
    control and speed than the smash.
    Super-charged Slice: Even if you like slice, I would not suggest using this
    shot as super-charged shots are about slamming the ball into the ground and
    over your opponent's head. Thus, loosing power for spin just doesn't make sense
    to me, but then again as I don't use it, I do not know how to maximize
    efficiency with it.
    Super-charged Smash: This is also called a Smash Winner. This is the only time
    you will ever get the purple trail (besides serves). It has some awesome power,
    but for once it does sacrifice some control. It is still a decent shot, I just
    like super-charged topspin better.
    Lob Shot: This is perhaps the shot that gets the most attention in the game. It
    is an extremely dangerous shot, IF your opponent has low speed. What I mean is
    that it will work all throughout the actual game mode, but if you are playing
    against an ace version of yourself, don't use it (unless for some reason you
    enjoy loosing a point each time). It is especially deadly during net-play (both
    you and your opponent are at the net and in doubles mode (as generally the
    backup player will assume that his partner will get it). Watch out for the
    returns if your opponent does return it as it will be fast. Also, one strategy
    that does work against good ace opponents in singles is for YOU to rush to net
    and then rush back as your opponent hits a lob to get the point (this is the
    only way I was able to beat my counterpart). This is a good but risky shot...
    for both parties involved.
    Drop Shot: This is a shot that fades into the background a lot. It is extremely
    useful in three situations, but that is about it. One is in the Tennis Machine
    as it is the only guaranteed way to get the close-net areas. Another is
    directly after a PS shot you used that was hit back by your opponent (as the
    hit normally knocks them back or confuses them). The third time is to set up
    your opponent for a lob shot that will go over their head (as after a drop
    shot, most opponents will play the net).
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