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    Mario by Karthnath

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    Mario Tennis: Power Tour Mario character FAQ [v0.70]             68.244[KB] 
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    ::By Karthnath::
    If you have any questions that are not stated in the guide or some new info 
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    Table of contents
             Book 1
    1. Game introduction
    2. Shot type basics/tactics
    3. Game position basics/tactics
    2. Mario stats
    3. Mario thesis
    4. Mario-specific tactics 
    5. Questions and Answers
             Book 2
    1. Mario vs. Luigi
    2. Mario vs. Bowser
    3. Mario vs. Peach
    4. Mario vs. Waluigi
    5.Mario vs. Donkey Kong [DK]
    6.Mario vs. Emi
    7.Mario vs. Roy
    8.Mario vs Flint
    9.Mario vs Skipper
    10.Mario vs Whisker
    11.Mario vs Paula
    12.Mario vs Elroy
    13.Mario vs Toni
    14.Mario vs Barb
    15.Mario vs Sass
    16.Mario vs Chas
    17.Mario vs Mel
    18.Mario vs Dweezil
           Book 3
    1. Overview of Doubles
    2. Backline Player
    3. Frontline Player
    4. Partners Choices
    5. Luigi
    6. Peach
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    Game Introduction
       Welcome to the world of Mario tennis: Power tour. Here you can feel and 
    experience a tennis game like no other . . . with Nintendo's talent for 
    bringing stunning sports games into the mix with crazy changes and quirks 
    that are left to keep you on your toes through the entire game. 
    This game is worth the time of ameture players and veterns alike that can 
    bask in this games goodness! Here you can learn the advanced procedures with 
    Mario that will be proved quite useful to you 
    thoughout your gaming experience.
     Mario was brought by many sports games as a all-around character and the 
    beginning character. However he has secretly excelled in many stats including 
    power and or speed [ in this game both.] Here in this guide you will uncover 
    the secrets to make an unstoppable player with Mario making you a serious 
    contender on the tennis court while its playing wireless with friends or 
    family or drilling agaisn't the A.I. you will find it a guide worth reading 
    for you knowledge and enjoyment.
    Shot types
     There are many shots you can pull off inwhich will have a different effect 
    with Mario when you play as him. It is extreamly important to have full 
    knowledge of all aspects of you shots characteristics to fully take control 
    of the game or might as well give up, but that won't be your option . . . .
    Uncharged shot:
    Thee uncharged shot brings little benefit to yourself our your game mainly by 
    the fact that it holds little aspects to whatever shot you try to swing it 
    as. For example an uncharged sliced will barely have any curve compared to a 
    fully charged shot. Therefore it should be never used since you should have 
    enough time to charge a shot before swinging if you've mastered the timing. 
    NOTE: The uncharged shot has no streak color thus giving you the sign of a 
    uncharged shot or UC shot.
    Semi-Charged shot: 
    This shot retains the usual characteristics of the respective shot however is 
    somewhat weakened in speed and power. Therefore you may accedentily used this 
    shot if you timing was slightly of a charged shot.NOTE: [The SCS can be 
    identified by a slim streak of the respective shot's color type.]
    Fully charged shot:
    This has the full value of the desired shot characteristics and has the most 
    power a player to fire into it, it will have the desired curve needed for the 
    shot and can even have the effects amplified if charged it more than 2 1/2 
    seconds.NOTE: [This shot will have the most obvious streak of color behind it 
    because of its brightness and width.]
    Topspin shot:
    Fired with a orange streak of energy following it, it will provide you 
    strongest hit with Mario, being as fast has his smash and even faster if your 
    lucky. Also it can provide good spacing if your foe is pressuring you during 
    you net game by swinging a topspin shot right at their face. However it does 
    lack a spin however I belief it as a useless stat that will only come to you 
    demise later on in the game if you overuse it like many other characters use. 
    Therefore it should be one of your most useful shots with Mario.
    Slice shot:
    Fired with a electric blue color trailing behind it lacks the power that 
    Mario needs to stay on top of his game and should only be a last-resort of 
    shots. I mainly use it for serves, just to keep my opposing players on their 
    toes and to try a chance at an ace if I can. Therefore I find no actual need 
    with it on the main tennis field since Mario's topspin gets the job done, 
    however in certian cases I have found my thumb closer to the B button than 
    the A button which I used the slice though its just a matter of choice. 
    Mathamathicly from my calculations the speed and power of Mario's slice tops 
    to about a 72.45% of the topspins power and speed so as you can see the 
    topspin would be a much better choice clinically.
    Straight shot:
    A rather interesting shot for Mario, as he surpisingly does not have the 
    power you would expect from a shot with a reputation with power though it 
    makes a great alternetive from the topspin angle shot this the straight angle 
    shot. When charged it doesn't increase its values very much compared to 
    Mario's other shots theirfore it shouldn't be used often.
    Advances shots 
    Smash shot:
    Mario has one of the better smashes in the game and it works quite well in 
    what its supposed to deliver, power. Though the control may be a bit 
    lackluster you can't expect much from a smash. If you have the skill when a 
    lob goes your way you smash shot by mashing the A and B button simotanously 
    is your best bet.
    Drop shots:
    Mario drop shots are okay, however they are effective tacticaly however when 
    put in the test of the game it might show far below expectations. The 
    character needs to be almost be behind the last line of the court for the 
    shot the successful, it provides much better effectiveness with doubles 
    matches if your the back player since it gives a tactical advantage to your 
    ally's opponent thus making it a very stratigic shot.
    Lob shots:
    Unlike its polar opposite [a.k.a the drop shot] this is very effective in 
    both the singles and doubles matches you face with Mario since it provides a 
    great element of surpise to your foe. The more you charge it the greater the 
    height and distance the lob shot goes, therefore I belief that a charged lob 
    shot would work best with Mario because it brings a much more powerful and 
    effective lob shot, since Mario is not a Power character which can do this 
    very easily. You find the lob shot the be your greatest friend when your foe 
    is off-guard from a angle shot or recovering from a close-ranged OPS.
    Angle shots:
    To preform a angle shot you do not have to do a new button combination to 
    Mario, instead its a combination of types of shots in a certian place on the 
    court. Since Mario has a better topspin than most of his shots I will be 
    using it in the example. First to guarentee a successful shot I suggest that 
    you go near the net, then while moving towards the net charge up your topspin 
    [or whatever shot works for you] and then after a good second of charging 
    swing at the ball towards the side of the court that your foe is farther from 
    so that it makes it nearly unreachable. This shot will be your greatest ally 
    with Mario since Mario thrives in his net game and this will be your main 
    source for points.
    General tactics
    Net game: If you've completed most of the coach missions in the Power tour 
    mode you should now this tactic since its overall very simple . . . 
    |                                     |         F=Foe
    |   F                                 |         B=Ball
    |                                     |         M=Mario
    |                                     |
    |                                     | 
    |                                     |
    |                                     |
    |          B                          |
    |                                     |
    |                                     |
    |                                     |
    |                                     |
    |                                     |
    |                                     |
    |                                     |
    |                                M    |
    |                                     |
    |                                     |
    As you can see the net game starts off with a serve your foe or you [ the 
    latter is much easier] Now the serve can be any kind of shot, but its easier 
    to have Mario serve a topspin since its his strongest shot besides the smash 
    shot. Remember to have it far the the side of where your opponent is CLOSEST 
    to therefore you next move will be much more effective and you might even get 
    a counter ace from it!
    PART: 2
    |                                     | 
    |  F                                  |       F=Foe
    |                                     |       B=Ball
    |                                     |       M=Mario
    |                                     |
    |                                     |
    |                                     |
    |                                     |
    |                                     |
    |       B                             |
    |                                     |
    |                                     |
    |                                     |
    |      M                              |
    |                                     |
    |                                     |
    |                                     |
    |                                     |
    Now you can see the wonder at work through this horrible tennis court above 
    you. During the time it takes for the ball to reach your opponent you use 
    that time to run upcourt with Mario so that the so that your closer to the 
    net. Now in this example the foe has chosen to fire the ball straight to the 
    left side which is a straight-in-my-face shot, which makes it easier to pull 
    off a weak angle shot if I'm lucky, since it becomes hard to stop the 
    momentuem from shots that are fired with a lot of charging or from a power 
    player. However if your opponent chooses to shot straight back at you, you 
    can change the tactic accordingly, if you are still blank on what to do just 
    halt your dash towards the net and fire it into the right if your opponent is 
    on the left so that their in hot water while you position yourslef correctly.
    PART: 3
    |                                     |         F=Foe
    |             F                       |         B=Ball
    |                                     |         M=Mario
    |                                     |
    |                                     |
    |                                     |
    |                                     |
    |                             B       |
    |                                     |
    |                                     |
    |                                     |
    |                                     |
    |                                     |
    |  M                                  |
    |                                     |
    |                                     |
    |                                     |
    |                                     |
    As you can see here again you can see the finished product of this tactic in 
    which should leave you with a well-powered angle shot that should be deadly 
    every time if you work hard and focus on it. Now if you foe manages to hit 
    the shot back at you just stay in the middle of the court and hit whatever 
    shots they fire at Mario. However if they have a higher PS regeneration rate 
    than you I suggest you play more aggresive and stay closer to the net for 
    stronger and more effective shots that will help you in the long run if you 
    work at it.
    However keep in mind that different character types will have different 
    behavior signals with this tactic and you must know it to work with this 
    tactic efficieantly.
    Power types are more likely to lob you shots to catch you off guard since 
    they can't run after the ball very well, however if you stay in the middle of 
    the net you could get some pretty cool smashes that will rack up some good 
    points if you are careful.
    Some all-around types might challenge you to a net match since they use the 
    net game while others will stay back and act like defensive-power types, you 
    may check the character Bios to see which character is more likely to do this 
    and how to play agaisnt it.
    Because they will always out-class Mario's speed the net game is unplayable 
    agains't these characters. therefore you have to find other ways to defeat 
    them from mixing up your shots or getting closer to the net and NEVER 
    challenge them to a net game otherwise they will out-prioritize you and could 
    end a match in a flash! Therefore I suggest you shake them off with Mario's 
    overall well skilled charged shots.
    Both of these players have the strongest differences in the shots and can 
    pull of curves with ease, however most of them are females and they lack in 
    power to lobbing you out of range shouldn't be a problem if you focus on you 
    net game correctly. Therefore watchout for their curves as they will catch 
    you off gaurd if your to close to the net and they will capitalize on you 
    with a OPS if your not careful. [Tactical and Technical characters tend to 
    have a better PS regenaration rate than Mario, therefore you should take 
    greater caution with the latter risk.]
    Mario's Stats
    Player type - All - Around
      In MTPT all-around are characters that bring a steady amount in skills in 
    all areas without many exploitable weaknesses, though they can't have any out 
    of the ordinary power shots that could be extreamly effective against 
    Offensive Power shot: [Hammer smash]
      Mario pulls out a large metal hammer twice the size of himself and smashes 
    it to provide a powerful fire induced PS that pushes the foe back a far 
    distance leaving them open for a counter shot or volley.
      This shot is the most basic of the PSs in the game. A straight shot that 
    smashes the foe into the wall if they hit it. You are able to to direct it 
    either to the right or left and with its above - average speed it proves to 
    be a good tie breaker in most situations.
    Defensive Power shot: [Spin jump]
      Mario pulles of his signiture spin jump to act as a life saver for 
    reaching a nearly impossible shot.
      Since this shot is done through the character moving the body to take the 
    shot their is a slight chance that the ball might be so far away that they 
    miss it and waste a PS. However this has only happened to me once, and has 
    not been a major wreaker of the many games I've played as Mario. Also as a 
    added bonus the return shot Mario makes has a very strong top spin to it thus 
    almost becoming like a counter attack to the opponents PS which in cases can 
    be found in little of the characters in MTPT.
    Character thesis
    Even though he is labeled as a All - Around type in the game, their are 
    small quirks and tidbits that tie into his character and that you should keep 
    in mind when playing as him.
    First off Mario has a pretty good arm when it comes to power he can easily 
    be on par with power players such as Bowser and even outmatch him with his 
    superior speed. Also his offensive PS can give these power hungry character a 
    taste of their own medicene along with a strong countering defensive PS 
    bringing most power players to their knees in mercy.
    Mario seems to favoritise the topspins of his shots as after I've 
    experimented abit I've found that his topspin has much more power, speed, and 
    curve that the rest of his shots.Because of this you'll be mashing he A 
    button more often that you might enjoy while playing as him since his slice 
    is practicly useless, heck it barely has any spin to it 
    and is practicly weaker in speed and power compared to his topspin and smash 
    shots. Also if you add a little more charging into the topspin it becomes a 
    main killer for all foes.
    Mario, compared to other characters dive shots have a slightly less hit 
    range because of his size thus his dive shots might not be as effective as 
    others such as Waluigi or Peach or even most of the students in the Tennis 
    Mario offensive PS is a pretty easy PS to exploit on compared to the many 
    other PS in the game.If the you use it and the foe takes it on they will be 
    sent flying into the wall leaving them much farther from wherever you well 
    hit the ball. Thus you can either go for a drop shot or slice it to a side, 
    though the first option is safer because many characters can retaliate from 
    the shot thus diving for the shotand wasting a valuable chance to get another 
    point for yourself.
    Mario specific tactics and combinations
    Strategy 1. "The Spinning Finisher"
    How to do:
    First you must have a full PS bar so that you can pull of the special needed 
    to pull off this tactic.You have to first start a rally to keep your opponent 
    occupied, swing wild shots and mix in some lobs,but don't ever do a drop shot 
    early on otherwise you'll ruin your chance. Then as you rally with yourfoe 
    you can slowly come closer to the net, if you foe slowly comes towards the 
    net that makes it all the more successful to you. Now when you have the ball 
    rushing at oyu when both of you are rightin front of the net you need to set 
    up the bait for your foe, then do a drop shot [ charge with B and swing with 
    A ] to force the AI or your wireless opponent to instinctfuly let loose a lob 
    shot. Now that the ball is regrettablly out of your reach you unleash your 
    defensive PS in which Mario will jump up and smash the ball with the killer 
    topspin that I informed of you earlier to give you yet another point to gain 
    for yourself.
    NOTE: Make sure your opponent does not have a *
    charged PS otherwise they can retaliate while *
    your still lagging from your defensive PS!    *
    - The trick is easy to do and effective on any AI level and most wireless 
    - The opponent has little option to do than dive for the ball and hope they 
    hit it
    - The trick is best suited for a "do or die" situation
    - If the foe has a PS they can use their Defensive PS to counter your shot 
    while your still in the landing animation with Mario.
    - It usually is a surefire way to be effective only on Power players in 
    NOTE by Karthnath:
     My sister has informed me of a a varation of this tactic in which 
    you use the offensive PS then while the foe is smashed to the other wall then 
    just drop shot in which would be very effective due to the fact that your are 
    right next to the net thus making the drop shot very effective.
    Questions 'en Answers
    Q: What are you saying by a charged PS?
    A: A charged PS can been seen when you can see the gauge when you press the R 
    button when your PS is not charged. Once this is filled you can unleash a OPS 
    or DPS if its fully charged. It can be charged over time and the power of 
    shots you put into your swings.
    Q: How does the PS gauge charge?
    A: The PS gauge charges from the shots you fire. However some actions can 
    make it charge faster than others. They are charged shots and dive shots. 
    These actions help you charge your PS much faster than pulling of a normal 
    uncharged shot or smash.
    Q: What is the "Clown charging" method?
    A: This method is where you hold the L button and always use dive shots since 
    it increases your PS charge extreamly fast and can cut almost more than half 
    the time it will normally take. However it is very risky and since dive shots 
    can lead to sharp angle shots by your opponents which can ruin your game 
    plan, therefore you yourself weigh when you want to take the risk and when 
    you don't want to.
    Vs Luigi
    Luigi can match you with the normal skills Mario has and might even be 
    better in some situations. His dive shots have more range than Mario though 
    this can only affect you in the very minute situations. Also Luigi has a much 
    better slice than you bringing more power and curve into his shot. Thus Luigi 
    player will have a almost opposite tactical approuch compared to you. His 
    topspinis just as good as mario's and I haven't seen much of a difference 
    between the two. For power you have the advantage with stronger shots in your 
    swings thus you won't have insane trouble with the speed of his shots as much 
    as he will have with yours. Speed wise your overall evenly leveled so that 
    won't be much of a problem.
    Luigi's offensive PS is a varation of Mario's except with what appears to be 
    a squeaky hammer to smash the ball with less power though more control and a 
    effective after-effect.If you hit the ball without hitting it with a your own 
    PS you'll have your controls reversed and you are unable to control your 
    player for a few seconds. Though not a PS to be too worried about  Luigi can 
    take a wild angle shot with it with much more manuverability than Mario's 
    Luigi's defensive PS is a very annoying one that can turn your game into 
    utter hell if your not careful. Luigi throws his racket then sucks it back 
    with the pourgalest 3000 to provide a unstoppable counter as a weak slice in 
    which again can be hit as a average angle shot. Luigi's defensive PS will be 
    a rival to the "Spinning Finisher" strategy because Luigi can counter no 
    matter how far it is so its rendered useless against him. 
    The A.I. for Luigi is specificly to go mostly for the net game because of 
    Luigi's excellent recoveries from losing shots, so he will be aggressivly 
    agaisnt you in any court.Therefore with Luigi play it safe, don't rely on the 
    net game as much as you can withthe other players. Instead try to outsmart 
    him with a mix of slices, smashes, Mario's effective topspins, and lobs. Use 
    your PS's wisely as Luigi's PS takes only 1/4 of thebar compared to Mario's 
    1/2. Thus use your Power shots wisely and play smart and safe.
    Vs. Bowser
    Bowser, being Mario's arch enemy should have been a massive trouble to Mario 
    . . . well in tennis he's a push over. He prehaps one of the easiest 
    characters to defeat.
    Being a Power character Bowser will have powerful smashes and topspins. He 
    seems to favor the topspin more like Mario in which his slice is weak, even 
    when charged for a power type. He has killer smashes that can be almost 
    unreachable in some curcumstances even with Mario's defensive PS, so you have 
    to be careful if you are going for the net game against him. As for speed 
    Bowser is lackluster as one of the slowest characters to play agaisnt. So the 
    net game would be a very good choice to play against him because of his 
    Bowser's offensive PS is almost exactly like Mario's in type and effect 
    except with a different animation. However Bowser's PS is slightly faster and 
    takes 3/4 of the PS gauge unlike Mario as well. Which can be a big plus for 
    you. If he has a fully charged PS stay back from the net to give you a better 
    chance to counter the ball. If you have to preform a dive shot go ahead but 
    keep in mind that it will only lengthen the time you're stunned by the shot.
    Bowser's defensive PS is exactly like Mario's again with a super strong
    topspin that is a decent recovery. However in some situations Bowser
    will use his PS in which will be unreachable like Mario so keep in 
    mind that angle shots near the net will be very effective against
    Bowser. Not only that but his DPS takes 3/4 of the PS guage itself!
    That gives a higher chance to you that you'll get your PS fully charged 
    before he does! However remember that Bowser's DPS has a strong topspin and 
    it may get you when your off guard so be careful of that tiny detail.
    For the A.I. of Bowser played by the computor they will always try to stay 
    away from the net game because of his lack of speed. Therefore he will 
    distract you with his legendary power shots until he charges his PS in which 
    he will finish you off with. However you have a much faster PS regeneration 
    rate so once you have a full PS go for the net game if he lobs over your head 
    use the "Spinning Finisher" tactic to beat him. Also remember to never do 
    drop shots when he is near the net at all becaues otherwise he'll either use 
    his PS or charge a topspin that will be so fast that it'll be very hard to 
    counter. Also another trick to keep in mind on the style the A.I. plays on 
    you is as follows, when Bowser has a full PS he'll slowly come closer to the 
    net make his OPS be more effective against you. To stop this cycle, fire a 
    charge lob at him in which he will instinctifly move backwards on in which 
    will give you more time to charge your own PS. Then after that rally with him 
    as you move farther away to prepare for a surpise PS. However in other 
    ceircomstances your speed will be death to him. So to wrap up the main points 
    just, charge your PS mix different shots without using lobs and drop shots to 
    much along with bringing your net game with a full powered PS in hand.
    Vs. Peach
    As a technical character her control and spins is what you should be worring 
    about, well thats the least of your concerns with her 
    troublesome PS shots . . . 
    Peach brings to the table some excellent control and spin that can catch you 
    off guard at first. You are on par with her on control though her spin is 
    much more effective than yours. Also her PS regeneration is extreamly fast 
    and it will frustrate you how she can hit you with a PS time and time again. 
    However her speed and power are much below your stats and you can overpower
    her in these stats at almost any situation. You extra speed will also be 
    proved useful for you agaisnt her as well if you play wisely.
    Peach's OPS is a curvy shot in which the after effect will lower your PS 
    charge and reverse your controls for a few seconds. This is very effective 
    agaist Mario as these seconds can be vital since Peach has excellent control 
    and spin on her shots plus Mario's stubbed dive shot range can be a sum of 
    disaster. Although it's hittable your net game will be seriously halted 
    because of her OPS. Therefore you can only go into the net game when you 
    yourself have a charged PS with you to contend with hers, until then just 
    rally to charge your PS.
    Peach's DPS is a simple yet effective shot that won't give much trouble in 
    singles matches. Her DPS is a unlimited ranged PS that will not miss the ball 
    whatsoever. However their is no added quirk to the shot, instead its just a 
    normal uncharged straight shot that can't be turned to a strong angle shot. 
    However if Peach is far from the net it will come forth as a lob shot and 
    rarely a drop shot! However this is not a very good counter for Peach so this 
    can give you a chance to pull of a charged shot to pull in another point.
    Peach as a computor will be wary of the net game and won't go up front or be 
    very aggressive at all in your matches. She will only go forward to go for a 
    PS and that should be a very good signal for you to get ready to counter a 
    OPS. Since Peach ismuch slower than you, your charged shots will be very 
    useful agaisnt her whenshe doesn't have a full PS. Therefore you have to 
    learn how to counter her OPS and learn how to make work of her quickly, you 
    can do that by learning how to control your character in the after effects of 
    her OPS. So although he might be on of the toughest matchups to work with 
    just be patiant and strike effecively to lead Mario to victory.
     Waluigi is labeled a defensive player which means he is a player that has a
    superior DPS compared to all in the game and  their main strategy is to play
    safe and cool. This will make matches with Waluigi long and toiling if you
    don't know how to properly exploit on his weaknessess. Waluigi has 
    average spin on his shots that rarely may get you off guard in most cases 
    and won't be much of a challenge when inducing them with his average shot 
    control. He is also slower that Mario though with longer dive range that make 
    up for each other though still fall short to Mario's manuverablity. Mario 
    slightly more power behind his shots compared to Waluigi so you have yet 
    another advantage in your disposal.
    Waluigi's OPS is a curved slice shot that's after-effect is a lowered 
    control of Mario and decreased the PS charge by 1/8. It is curved to the same 
    extent as his other shots so their is no hidden twist to it. However if you 
    are close to the net their is a 40-60% chance that Waluigi will curve the 
    ball around you making it unreachable without a DPS. The after-effect can be 
    seen as a watered down version of Peach's if you compare the two in which is 
    to your advantage. If you stay far from the net Waluigi's OPS will be a sinch 
    to deal with.
    Waluigi's DPS can be annoying because the A.I. will always use it to get far
    away shots no matter what. Even though its a weak return which can leave
    a opening for you to use Mario's strong topspin with Waluigi's dive shot
    range it would be hopeless to even try. Therefore try rallying with Waluigi
    and do a angle or lob shot to force him to use his DPS than hopefully when
    you've charged your PS [which should be by now] you can unleash you OPS to 
    get yet another point and lead you to victory.
    Waluigi will come for the net game for his curve and long range. Theirfore
    your best bet is to distract him with rallying and then pull a charge lob in 
    which he will either use his DPS or miss, if he does use his DPS just repeat 
    the cycle and save your PS if you think he's gonna shoot his OPS if you can't 
    handle it or are near the net.
    Donkey Kong [DK]
     How an ape can play tennis is beyond my comprehension . . .
    DK is yet another Power player in which Mario will beat in a blink of a eye.
    He is a real snail that can barely keep up with you on your shots. Not even
    his power compensates for his overall slowness. He has no spin whatsoever in 
    his shots and doesn't have a respectful dive shot either.
    DK's OPS is the same as Mario's and you will be able to dive for it easily 
    without much problems. Though be careful when near the net because you might 
    get hit before you even get to hit the ball back. So keep that in mind before 
    you get to focused on your net game.
    DK's DPS is simple and has good range. Their is no curve or other quirk that 
    changes how he hits the ball so it leaves  a good chance for a charged angle 
    shot if timed correctly.
    DK will like to stay in the middle of the court where he can move forward 
    for a OPS or move back for a fully charged shot or DPS. Therfore any method 
    or tactic could theoretically work on him. Though pay attention to his OPS he 
    will pull it off when you least expect it especially on lv 5 or when DK is in 
    Star mode. Therefore try not to be too aggressive on the court and watch out 
    for surpise lobs and OPSs when you least expect them.
    Note: I am skipping the Junior characters in the tennis acadamy because you 
    already have a strong advantage against them by you have a PS and they do 
    not, so therfore they should be extreamly easy to beat so I'll skip to the 
    Elite class characters
    Emi usually starts off her game through strong topspins and weak slices. She 
    also likes to favorotise lob shots in the proccess thus making it easy for 
    you as Mario to defeat her. Her speed is average and nothing to hard to 
    handle and her power is below your own.
    Her OPS is a simple spin hit which has a strong topspin and above-average 
    classes speed. Her OPS uses only 1/4 of her PS energy thus she will be able 
    to charge Power shots quite easily. Much like Mario's DPO it shouldn't cause 
    much trouble if you stay in the middle area of the court when she has a 
    charged PS.
    Her DPS is a super-human dive shot which provides a weak slice shot in which 
    you can use to your disposal for a charged angle shot or your own OPS. Their 
    is also a length limit so she won't be frustrating you at all with the DPS so 
    you can sit back and relax for her to give you the oppournuity to angle shoot 
    the ball.
    Emi is a very easy character agaisnt the A.I. and wireless players can make 
    much use out of her so go for the net game where Mario will do best and 
    retaliate wild shots that might pass you with DPS in which should catch and 
    keep the ball in play rather nicely. One last thing to not is that both her 
    Power shots uses only 1/4 of her PS energy thus she will be able to charge 
    Power shots again and again so be wary of that fact when playing agaisnt her.
    Roy is yet another easy character to deal with Mario as he is lacking in most 
    of his stats and has terrible control on the ball in which will land usually 
    in the middle area of the court thus giving a perfect victim for Mario's OPS 
    and killer net game tactic. Roy is slow for all around character and has some 
    useless spin on both his slice and topspin [the latter be a little sharper] 
    The only noteable good thing that keeps him in this guide is that he has the 
    range with dive shots that are almost on par with Waluigi himself.
    His OPS is a simple power shot that will push Mario 1/3 the distance Mario 
    could do himself and is not amazingly fast compared to the other power shots 
    avalable in the game. Therefore it does not pose much of a challenge to 
    Mario, though you still can't be careless either . . .
    Roy's DPS is exactly like Emi's so the same rules apply here as well take 
    advantage of his limited range for a DPS and shoot charged angle shots.
    For Roy's A.I. he will stay in the middle of the court and sometimes towards 
    to edge in hopes of pullin off a angle shot, even though he can't . . . 
    theirfore you can just abuse Mario's power to mix in lobs and drops shots or 
    quicken the match with sharp angle shots!
    Flint is a tactical player which means he has killer curves into his shots 
    that might be quite annoying if your not on your guard.
    After researching him in the game we found some interesting things about him. 
    First off he has weak power, my sister [who was mario at the time] could go 
    in the net game anytime she wanted to and Mario just kept shooting angle shot 
    and angle shot with ease. His speed is average along with some good dive shot 
    range which caused a little trouble for Mario in the net game. His OPS and 
    DPS only take 1/3 of his PS charge so don't be surpised of that detail. Also 
    one thing to note is that his spin messes with his control of the ball. He 
    can't do a angle shot because his curves almost always curves to the center 
    of the court making it even easier for you to pull of a good net game.
    Flint's OPS is a spin hit which curves much like most other players in the 
    Varisty team. If you dive for it, it should be reachable and shouldn't cause 
    to much of a problem. However if your having serious trouble, in which can 
    happen to some people then just rally until you PS is charged and then 
    unleash a OPS or DPS whenever HE uses his OPS.
    Flints DPS is a better version of Emi's and Roy's. Instead of diving for the 
    ball he will run right to it to hit however their is also a distance limit 
    but the limit is almost the same as Mario's limit so therefore he will rarely 
    miss the ball.
    Flint's A.I. stays in the back of the court so that his spins can work their 
    full effect on the court. Though its not a huge hassel on thing that will 
    help you alot is the fact that if he is in the very back of the court and he 
    swings a topspin it will have a slight lob to it because of the spin, 
    therefore you can smash at him all you want!
    For a defensive player SKipper has some decent curve into his shots. He also 
    has some surpising power and speed which give some good all-around stats 
    compared to other defensive players.
    For his OPS he tackles the ball to bring a above-averaged sped ball that 
    pushes Mario about the full length  of what you could do yourself. Therefore 
    its gonna a problem it fast and strong which could mean trouble for you, also 
    keep in mind that he can pull of some sharp angle shots if you are not 
    careful with your net game.
    His DPS is horrible you would think that a D-player would have a good DPS . . 
    . well in his case we're wrong. Skipper's DPS has the same range as Roy and 
    Emi and allows you to exploit on him all the angle shots you can think of.
    His A.I. will go for the net game making is ops deadly. You should charge up 
    your PS if you really want to risk going into the net game or mix in lobs 
    into your shots to confuse him and send him running all over the place. Also 
    try to keep your charged Power shots because Skipper might go for a sharp 
    angle shot with the OPS which might surpise you so use Mario's spinning DPS 
    to help yourself. NOTE: The "Spinning Finisher" tactic works really well with 
    this character because of his horrible DPS!
    Whisker is the first power type you'll see from the Varisty team, but your 
    Mario has it all covered. . . 
    Whisker loves his striaght shots a seasoned wireless player will know the 
    horrer of his straight shots as a return ace. However using mario superb 
    speed you'll will be able to stop it. He has slight spin on both of his shots 
    and has some pretty good dive range including decean drop shots and great 
    lobbing. Therefore stay in the middle and only use you PS when going for a 
    net game, otherwise just save it incase Whisker lobs you one.
    His OPS is exactly like Mario's so the same rules apply here as well. Stay 
    away from the net when he gets close for a OPS or save a DPS to use if you 
    you have massive trouble with his OPS angle shots.
    His DPS is the sames a Emi once again and is weak like all the characters 
    that use this DPS. Therefore if you pull of some nice angle shots that go 
    past him, he won't get a secound chance at it.
    Whisker will stay in the back because of his speed so his shots will land in 
    the middle of the court and a little closer to the net then might thought by 
    some. One good way to beat him is when he's serving. First he'll serve to 
    you, then straight shoot it to the other side like you learned from the 
    coaches in the Power Tour mode then while he dives for it he'll hit it either 
    giving you a lob to smash or a weak straight shot to angle shot to the 
    opposite direction. Its simple but it works extreamly well on Whisker.
    Paula is a speed type, thus being a character that will be much faster than 
    Mario . . . 
    Paula obviously much faster than Mario, thus she can catch most of Mario's 
    angle shots with her agility. However her power is lackluster, because of 
    that you won't get many threatening shots from here and you can forget about 
    sharp angle shots when playing. She favors the slice since it more curve and 
    power than her topspin. Her dive range is normal though she won't need it 
    much since she has great speed. Both of her PS take half of her PS charge so 
    her PS regeneration is slightly better than Mario's.
    Paula's OPS is a tackle PS which will send the foe flying to the back wall 
    and can be pulled off as a decent angle shot if controled correctly. Just 
    remember to just use your instinct on where she is going to place the shot 
    and dive only if you have too [since diving doubles the after-effect time] 
    and stay away from the net when she has a chance to shoot a OPS.
    Her DPS is a simple jump dive which has very limited range, again because of 
    her speed she might not need it much but if she does she will probably be 
    close enough to make the shot. I've played about 59 games against her at 
    highest difficulty and she only used to use a DPS 19 games and only 3 failed. 
    So the stats prove my point.
    Paula players will either stay in the middle or abuse their speed to play the 
    net game. IF the do the latter stay in the middle as you can stay on par with 
    her on speed and she'll outclass you and beat you if you don't move back. 
    Therefore defeat her with Mario's superior angle shots that can cause minor 
    damage at her if your persistant. However mix in some lobs to move her back 
    and forth and around the court and then unleash a PS. Now if your having 
    trouble with charging your PS gauge because she has a better PS regeneration 
    growth refer to the Tips and tricks section to find ways of charging it 
    faster than normal!
    Elroy is prehaps one of the best players you'll face from the tennis acadamy 
    and many wireless players will choose him if the other main mario characters 
    are unavailable to him. His OPS uses 1/2 of the PS charge and his DPS uses 
    3/4 of his PS charge so he has a worser PS regeneration than you're Mario.
    Elroy has some good power and spin that he brings to the table which can 
    combine to create tons of killer angle shots. His range is medicore and is 
    roughly the same as Mario. However he is much slower than Mario in which 
    he'll have trouble getting YOUR angle shots if you place them correctly and 
    Elroy's OPS is a ice elemented super PS which looks really cool, though is 
    basically the same as Mario's. Though his OPS's after-effect[instead of 
    smashing you to a wall and stunning you] will freeze you in a cube of ice 
    then break when it hits a wall. It lowers your PS charge slightly more the 
    Mario's and it is also much faster than his as well. Therefore keep that in 
    mind when he has a charged PS and move back from the net to have longer time 
    to retaliate with your own shot.
    His DPS is a very interesting looking shot which seems to use yet another 
    spinning shot as a PS shots. His has very limited range and shoots a very 
    weak counter shot in which will be easy pickings for a sharp angle shot or 
    Mario's OPS. If he uses the DPS far from the net it will be shot as a lob 
    which can then be counter by Mario as a smash or angle shot, so it shouldn't 
    be too much of a problem.
    Elroy's A.I. and any seasoned Elroy wireless player will start their match 
    with their core tactice of movement being, ay in the back. Therefore they can 
    allow the spin of his shots take the full effect agaisnt you. However Mario 
    can go up for the net game and angle shoot as much as you want to victory. IF 
    he pulls a OPS move back from the net and try to dive for it or us a DPS to 
    negate the after-effects. Therefore you might want to use the net tactic 
    spareingly and should only do it when you have a clear chance for a angle 
    Tori starts her reputation with terrible speed and horrible power. She has a 
    near useless curve on her slice that will rarely catch you off-guard and a 
    control that will make you laugh at her. Mario beats her in almost all stats 
    except spin, which is useless in itself anyway!
    Tori's OPS is a simple charged spin PS which gives a sharp angle shot if shot 
    to the far right or left other wise it is a weaker version of Mario's own 
    OPS. Therefore you will have no trouble countering it even when your right in 
    front of the net.
    Tori's DPS has about the same range as Mario's DPS and shoots a weak straight 
    shot with no charge. Therefore you'll be able to counter her DPS easily even 
    without a charged PS.
    Not many wireless players will pick Tori due to the fact that she sucks 
    horribly and is very hard to play with. So you won't face her to much unless 
    you choose her has your opponent yourslef. She is one of the few that favors 
    the lobs more than anyone else in the game and makes it even easier to smash 
    or angle shot your way to victory. The net game will work well with her 
    however she is known to throw a few lobs into her game plan here and there 
    unknowingly, so keep your eyes peeled incase she catches you by surpise.
    Barb starts off with some decent power and a better slice than topspin. Her 
    lobs and drop shots can be placed very nicely and her speed is only slightly 
    slower than Mario's. Her PS regeneration is exactly the same as Mario's so 
    therefore, stat wise she is pretty good all-around player compared to Mario 
    Barb's OPS is the simple fireball smash PS which lowers the PS charge by 1/8 
    or so. Treat it like all the other same PS's you've faced in your experience.
    Barb's DPS is the first water based PS you've ever seen. It has no after-
    effects and provides a weak straight shot in which can provide a easy angle 
    shot with Mario. However because of Barb's speed your counter angle shot 
    might not be as effective as you think it might be . . .
    Barb likes to shoot a variety of shots towards Mario and mixes up her tactics 
    in what ever situation you put her in. If she is far away from the net she 
    will either use her strongest shot [slice] or lob for you to smash at her. 
    She also is not reluctant to move farther beyond the court boundary to where 
    you can find that drop shots work very well on her. Not only that the net 
    game will also work if you force her to move back by rallying her, in which 
    should slowly move her back and leave you a chance to seal the win however 
    you want to!
    Sass is a pretty well powered power player with the normal slowness of a 
    Power player. However his horrible control stat makes it hard to make him 
    pull off angle shots which gives you a strong edge on him.
    His OPS is a cool on at that and brings a completely new effect to the table, 
    an unhittable stage while the ball is still moving. This makes it much more 
    effective agaisnt so so when he has a charged PS you HAVE TO move back from 
    the net other wise you will be swinging at thin air. It also has the same 
    knockback and stunnage as Mario's OPS, except without the added effect. 
    However Sass has limited control over his OPS and can't pull of much of a 
    angle shot in his matches so it gotta get through you to make him win.
    Sass's DPS is a simple lunge with limited range. Because he is slow its 
    worthless since he won't ussually get close to the ball if you play a good 
    net game with Mario and know how to shoot some killer angle shots, if not it 
    shoots a weak shot which can be countered as a charged topspin in which 
    should give you a point nevertheless.
    Sass loves to stay in the back so that his slowness won't mess up his game. 
    However this leaves room for the net game and even drop shots if your lucky. 
    Make sure you charge all your hits and only use Mario's topspin since it his 
    strongest stroke otherwise Sass will take advantage of you with your crippled 
    power if your not careful. Be prepared for a surpise slice or lob her and 
    their if you spend the whole game using the net tactic because your just 
    asking for it.
    Chas starts off his repetoure with stronger topspins than slices. His speed 
    is normal for a speedy type. His power is slightly below average in which 
    will make him much easier to defeat with Mario. His range for dive shots 
    is normal and on-par's with Mario, however since he is naturally a speed type 
    he doesn't need to use it much unless your godly with angle shots while 
    playing as Mario.
    His OPS takes up about 1/2 of his PS charge so he'll only be slightly better 
    in that area, other than that his OPS is the same power shot you see in 
    almost every character in some way. So stay from the net when he has a 
    charged PS and never dive, unless its in dire situations.
    Chas's DPS is a running dive shot that has longer range from the previous 
    version of it. Even with that fact in mind that doesn't help its horrible 
    weak counter thus leaving easy pickings for a sharp angle shot to Chas. 
    Chas's A.I. surpisingly is intimidated when I [as Mario] played agaisn't him 
    as in the net game tactic. However if you stay back and abuse Mario's power 
    he will go for the net game himself! Therfore I suggest playing right in the 
    middle where you can work to and fro for catching the ball and providing a 
    better advantage since he has a greater talent in speed then you do. Angle 
    shots work wonderfully with him and he can get tricked very easily to get 
    baited for a lob shot. Also he is on of the few characters to abuse drop 
    shots in the game. Therefore to play far from the net would be ridiculous.
    Mario once again will be out-classed in speed as Mel is a speed player. You 
    will have a very strong advantage agaisn't her in terms of power as she can't 
    pull off many sharp angle shots against you. Since she is a speed character 
    she will go for the net game in which you don't want to get close to as she 
    will outmatch you on your swings. As for PS regeneration she has a slightly 
    faster PS rate though her Power shots are clearly in the beginner stage.
    Mel's OPS is a spin angle shot that will curve around you from the right or 
    left. Just dive shoot it if you have trouble with it or stay back to play it 
    safe and to allow you to make a better return to her shot. However its after-
    effect is very annoying and it should be feared so play it safe and move back 
    from the net.
    Mel's DPS is a better version of the simplistic super dive shot thus having 
    greater range though no extra power added to it. Thus you can pull off any 
    charged shot you want at her. However keep in mind that if she is far from 
    the net or court their is a 1/4 chance that it will be returned as a lob so 
    be prepared if it ever happens as you might accidently miss the ball!
    Mel will pull off some killer serves on you if your not careful so stay 
    focused and never move you eyes off the game. Mel will play the net game and 
    she does a pretty good job of still getting lobs if their not charged 
    correctly. Therefore you NEVER want to move forward into the net unless its 
    one of the rare occasions where you can drop shoot it to your demise. There 
    are some instances where you can angle shot the ball away from her when 
    moving slightly forward agaisn't her though if you are to try this never fire 
    a shot that is aimed to her otherwise her OPS will be unreachable or she will 
    pull of a surpise angle shot in the opposite direction. She will abuse her 
    OPS when she is using the net game tactic, where it  can be very deadly, 
    therefore you should  be extreamly careful and stay back in hopes of 
    countering the shot better. Also remember to only move forward in a more 
    offensive position when you have a fully charged PS at your disposal so you 
    can shrug off any surpise OPS shots that may be shot at you or finish her off 
    with your almighty OPS.
      Dweezil is one of the easier players to defeat since of his lackadasical 
    skills in most of the important areas and skills needed in the game. Being 
    power and speed. Even with the annoying reputation of a defensive type he 
    lacks much threat in a match, so during a match, just think of him as a 
    punching bag . . .
     Dweezil's OPS is the acadamy's "stunner shot" which does as it says, stuns. 
    However unlike Mario's it won't push you back much[or at all] instead every 
    time you take a step as your player, you'll stagger for a half-second lag 
    thus causing some annoyence, however its far from a perdicament, since 
    Dweezil has some horrible shot accuracy and power it rare that he will 
    exploit on his OPS's after-effects.
     Dweezil's DPS is the "Superswift save." Is contains about the same range as 
    Mario's DPS however it lacks the strong counter that makes Mario's so much 
    more powerful. Because of this it shouldn't be too annoying, just watch and 
    predict where the ball will land and you'll hav enough time to charge and get 
    a strong angle shot to the other side of the court to his demise.
     Dweezil's A.I. will tend to stay back so that the spin in his shots can take 
    their full effect on you and to not let his low speed get the best of him. 
    Because of this you can easily play the net game since he isn't likely to lob 
    the ball much. Because of his inablilty to play right not many players will 
    choose him as your opponent, but its good to now how to play agaisnt him so 
    that its not a shocker to you. 
    [ To be continued ]
    Doubles Overview
     Doubles is prehaps is the hardest way to play a match in this game since you 
    add one small detail, another player. This adds a completely new aspect to 
    the game inwhich you actually have to rely on your ally to HELP you even when 
    it is a CPU, while it computes random values to make you win or lose. However 
    with proper practice and detailed tactical planning I believe that you can 
    surpass your CPU partner and still go on to victory.
    ----Basics of doubles play----
     Below I will compare the skill needed to play doubles verses playing singles
     Singles:                         Doubles:
     -Fast reaction time              -Coop skills
     -Know player tactics well        -Read your allies moves
     -Be aggressive                   -Able to read the game 
                                      -Be less outburstive and offensive
     As seen above, the basic difference from the two is shown through the 
    alternating ways you must play. As singles you can go aggresive and still 
    keep your back since you have the whole court to spare. While in doubles you 
    need to have a sharp mind and the ability to read the game before your allied 
    player or foe makes a shot. Thus if you have practiced through single plauer 
    to build up yout tennis skills and want to move to double you'll have to 
    change your mindset of the game.
     ----When in the back----
       When in the back side of your doubles team your main job is cover your 
    partners back if they make a mistake. However if you can read the game 
    correctly you may go offensive and send some pretty annoying lobs and charged 
    shots down their lane which can be very effective over time. You will also 
    need to provide back-up for whatever your partner tries to do offinsively so 
    that if he makes a mistake it won't cost your team. 
     On large problem that you will face is when your frontsman engages in 
    rallying with the other team, this can have horrible results, especially 
    against a power player. So get ready for some smashes towards you since it is 
    very unlikely that the shot will come as a weak counter to your partners. 
    Because whoever wins can be completely random at times so it demands fast 
     During OPS attacks to your team it's your job as the backline plauer to be 
    the final defense and beackbone of your defensive system. It is unlikely that 
    your front man will have time to retailiate shots like that and can leave a 
    huge hole in a defense and offense. Thus you have know most power shots and 
    what they can do, check the character bios in book 2, you'll be able to see 
    what power shot they have and what effect it has on a person. Also you 
    charged PS should be used only for a DPS, but in some instances they were 
    time where I could get close to the net and smash a OPS and go back to my 
    position without unharming the team. Though the main think to remember in 
    this situation is that your job is to retaliate, your frontsmen is their to 
     Keep in mind that during an OPS atack your positions may acciddentally be 
    switched for a short period of time due to the fact that the A.I. can confuse 
    positions when both players are running franticly from side to side and the 
    shots are being fired wildly, When this happens it is best to stay in the 
    positon you switched in until your computor partner is ready to switch 
    because if you switch back to early, you'll two people in the same section 
    and leave a part of a court wide open.
      As a frontsman you are the main offensive threat towards your opponents. 
    The position that you find yourself in is just the place you need to be to 
    control the game and react to how the game will play out.
     Your first problem will be the other frontmen. It is best to not rally with 
    them since that gives them plenty of chances for them to lob the ball over 
    your head or send the ball flying past you in which you will be putting more 
    pressure on your ally then you should. Instead you should put more pressure 
    on the BACKSMEN. This allows you to penetrate the last defense of the others 
    teams and if the backsmen as a charged PS it will be easier to counter than 
    the frontsmen's OPS.
     Unlike the backmen, power shots should always use an OPS mainly because of 
    the fact that you main job is to provide a single offensive threat and 
    wasting you PS on a DPS is ridiculous. Remember to place your shot in the 
    most stragitic place you can find. Remember you are playing against two 
    people, not one this your foes to punish you mistakes in the game much more 
    easily than in singles. So it is best to wait until the proper moment to 
    unleash you PS. When playing against a hard PS shooter like Peach or Waluigi 
    it is best to not shoot at them at all, because if you have trouble with 
    their OPS chances are that your partner will too and will likely miss most of 
    the time.
     When your opponent turns aggresive during a tie breaker or when their at the 
    brink of losing it is best to stay aggressive yourself. The A.I. has a weird 
    quirk in which when all of the players become aggressive they seem to make 
    stupid mistakes such as hitting the ball to you when you have a power shot or 
    lobbing it out of bounds! However in ceirten instances it is nessessary that 
    you help you backmen if you opponents are pounding you. This will increase 
    you chance of survival and will allow you to counter more easily now that 
    your focused more on the defensive side of your gameplay. Though throughout 
    your play as the frontsmen always remember to keep a healthy offensive-minded 
    strategy, tactical prowess, and aggressivness in the net because if you don't 
    rack up some points, no one will . . . . . .  
     Doubles Partners
     The next problem you'll likely face is exactly what character to choose to 
    team up with Mario. Many characters fall into the trap of picking a horrible 
    pair up which would have the exact same skills as Mario [which doesn't- 
    provide much benefit] or picking on that has a lot of weaknesses.
     Now a interesting thing to keep in mind is that because Mario is a all-
    around character [and prehaps arugably the best] its not what skills you what 
    to make up for, but what skills you wish to exploit on! Now in a ideal 
    situation you would know who you would be playing against and could chose the 
    player accordingly, however that is not always the case, because of this you 
    should find a character that would be best suited for all situations.
    ---- Partners ----
     To save time I won't list all the players that Mario can team up with in the 
    game, rather I'll list the best candidates for him to team up with and a 
    small thesis why and such.
    - Luigi
     Luigi makes a nice combination with Mario as Luigi can play both defensivly 
    and offensively when the situation demands it. It can also provide some good 
    insurance since Luigi's DPS is unstoppable. However not everything about 
    these two works out well.
     Sadly Luigi is too simalar compared to Mario and he can't exploit on much 
    with Mario. His lobs are worser than his and he only good things he has 
    verses Mario are better dive shot range and a stronger slice. So even though 
    they are a likeable pair, they fall short from sycronizing together or 
    exploited on one of the catigories of skill.
    - Peach 
     Peach yet again make quite a good pair in the long-run since Peach both has 
    the technical ability to add spins to Mario's strong angle shot attitude that 
    should be your main tactic in the game. Even with her somewhat slow movement 
    Mario is able to make up for it most times and will rarely cause more than a 
    simple annoyance to your team. Her OPS and her DPS will be an awesome 
    addition to your team as her OPS's aftereffects are the effects that Mario 
    can take advantage of with out firing it himself. Also Peach's DPS is a life 
    saver compared to Mario as it has unlimited range while Mario's doesn't.
     However with these things their still lay some problems that can cause some 
    problems. One is the fact that Peach is horrible at defense without a charged 
    PS. Her slowness can be devastating in the back end of the court and she's 
    slow to respond when in a frisk rally battle with the opposing front 
    playsmen, thus causing quite an annoyence. As for her A.I. she tends to lob 
    more in doubles than in her normal singles though it doesn't change her A.I. 
    much. [ If you wish for information on Peach's A.I. look at her bio earlier 
    in the guide.] 
    To-do list
    1. Finish [vs. character section]
    2. Finish [doubles section]
    Formalities and tiny tibits to know when reading this guide . . .
    - Even though this guide is focused on Mario in Mario tennis power tour you 
    can use it for other characters or for general knowledge as this FAQ has the 
    enough general information to help almost anyone.
    - All the information in this guide is proven and testing more than 10 times 
    [ seriously, I mean it!] to make sure its perfectly true.
    Contact and thanks
    Thanks to 
    - My family, for giving me a laptop to write this FAQ!
    - Nintendo, for providing a great game!
    - My sister, for providing her gameboy advance for experiements!
    Contact me for missing info or questions at Karthnath@gmail.com

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