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    Moves List/Collection Guide by AbyssDragon

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    | Shonen Jump's One Piece   |
    |  moves and collection guide.|
    Moves List
    A - Jump
    B - Punch
    B>B - OneTwo Punch
    B>B>B - Gum Gum Barrage/Gatling
    B>B>Up+B - OneTwo Punch Kick
    Down>Down(Hold) - Gum Gum Balloon
    A>Down+B - Gum Gum Spear
    A+B - Gum Gum Double Barrel
    Up>A+B - Gum Gum Axe (requires 2 special bars)
    Down(Hold)>B(Hold for more power) - Gum Gum Blast
    Up>B - Gum Gum Headbutt or throw bomb
    Double Tap Forward - Dash>B - Dash Kick
    A>B - Jumping Twist Kick
    L - Cycle crew members for special attack.
    R - Gum Gum Grab
    R used upon a pole - Gum Gum Rocket
    Start - Pause
    Crew Specials
    Zolo - Dashing Slice
    Up+Zolo - Tornado Slash
    Nami - Power Up (Nami comes in to give a power up 
                 item such as skull and crossbones or food.)
    Up+Nami - Lightning Strike
    Usopp - Confusion Shot
    Up+Usopp - Strong Shot (requires 2 special bars)
    Sanji - Triple Kick
    Up+Sanji - Roast Turkey (full heal)
    Page 1
      1.  Zolo's Stomach Band
           Stage 1-3
           When Zolo joins after beating Axe-Hand Morgan.
      2.   Rika's Rice Balls
            Stage 1-2
            Return to talk to Rika after getting Zolo in your crew.
      3.   Axe-Hand Morgan Statue
            Stage 1-3
            Defeat Axe-Hand Morgan.
      4.   Alvida's Iron Bar
            Stage 1-1
            Talk to Coby on the platform above the clear flag, 
             then leave the inside of the ship and go back up 
             to the place that was a dead end, just above
             the entrance to the ship's insides. Defeat Alvida 
             to take her club as your prize.
      5.   Map of the Grand Line
            Stage 2-3
            Defeat Buggy.
      6.   Treasure Key
            Stage 2-2
            After beating Monji, return to where Chouchou was 
            and he'll give you the key.
      7.   Cabaji's Unicycle
            Stage 2-1
            When you see Cabaji, hit him with a Gatling/Barrage, 
            then exit the screen and go back. Repeat until he flies 
            off the screen as opposed to just running away.
      8.   Chouchou's Dog Food
            Stage 2-2
            Defeat Monji.
      9.   Special Buggy Ball
            Stage 2-3
            Defeat Buggy.
    10.   Usopp's Sling Shot
            Stage 3-3
            Defeat Captain Kuro.
    Page 2
      1.   The Merry Go
            Stage 3-2
            Return to the Kaya's mansion after beating Captain 
            Kuro to get this.
      2.   Kotatsu-buton Cape
            Stages 2-1 or 2-2
            Defeat both Butchie and Siam in the same stage. 
            (Use same method as Cabaji's Unicycle.)
      3.   Chakram
            Stage 2-2
            Defeat Djiango the Hypnotist.
      4.   Cat's Claw
            Stage 2-3
            Defeat Captain Kuro.
      5.   Lollipop
            Stage 4-3
            Defeat Don Krieg
      6.   Mackerel Head One
            Stage 4-1
            Given to you by the Chef Pirates just before the 
            end of the stage.
      7.   Free Food
            Stage 4-2
            Defeat Ghin.
      8.   Gas Mask
            Stage 4-3
            Defeat Don Krieg.
      9.   Belle-Mere's Tangerine
            Stage 5-2
            After getting Nami back by defeating Arlong, return 
            to her sister.
    10.   Genzo's Pinwheel
             Stage 5-2
             After getting Nami back by defeating Arlong, return 
             to Genzo.
    Page 3
      1.    Snail
             Stage 5-2
             Find the Navy "Seal" (Get it? He's with the Navy and 
             he's wearing a seal hat...nevermind.) Defeat the Navy 
             soldiers, then just smack him upside the head to get this 
      2.   Hatchan's Octopus Trap
            Stage 5-2
            Defeat Arlong's henchmen to finish the stage and you'll get it.
      3.   Roast Pork
            Stage 5-2
            In a chest on the screen where you have platforms and a 
            grapple pole, you'll be ambushed and you can see a 
            cannon a couple platforms up, the chest is on a ledge to 
            the right of the screen.
      4.   Tooth Gum
            Stage 5-3
            Defeat Arlong.
      5.   Momoo
            Stage 5-2
            Find it in a locked chest.
      6.   Usopp's Goggles
            Stage 6-1
            Make sure Usopp is in your party and find the bounty hunter 
            in this stage.
      7.   Elephant Tuna
            Stage 6-1
            Have Sanji in your party and talk to the lady chef to get this 
      8.   Chop Chop Fruit
            Stage 6-1
            Find Buggy hidden in Rogue Town and beat him to receive 
            this item.        
      9.   Billow-A-Bike
            Stage 6-3
            Defeat Chaser.
    10.   Truncheon
             Stage 6-3
             Go back and defeat Chaser a second time.
    Page 4
      1.   Wado
            Stage 1-2
            Complete Stage
      2.   Kitetsu III
            Stage 6-1
            You must have Zolo in your party when you come to the swordsmith. 
            He will give you this item.
      3.   Yubashiri
            Stage 6-1
            You must have Zolo in your party when you come to the swordsmith. 
            He will give you this item.
      4.   Shigure
            Stage 6-2
            Defeat Tashigi.
      5.   Black Sword
            Stage 4-2
            Find Zolo and advance through the stage till you come across 
            the swordsman in black. Zolo will get the smack laid down on 
            him and you'll receive this.
      6.   Straw Hat
            Gain 70,000,000 Points.
            Teaches Gum Gum Spear.
      7.   Gum Gum Fruit
            Gain 25,000,000 Points.
            Teaches Gum Gum Balloon.
      8.   Master of the Near Sea
            Gain 100,000,000 Points.
      9.   Pansamay
            Gain 300,000,000 Points.
    10.   Pandaman
            Gain 350,000,000 Points.
    Page 5
      1.   Straw Hat Pirates
            Unlock every flag other than the Red Hair Pirates flag.
      2.   Navy
            After beating the game, go back and defeat Axe-Hand Morgan again.
      3.   Buggy Pirates
            After beating the game, go back and defeat Buggy again.
      4.   Black Cat Pirates
            After beating the game, go back and defeat Captain Kuro again.
      5.   Krieg Armada
            After beating the game, go back and defeat Don Krieg again.
      6.   Arlong Pirates
            After beating the game, go back and defeat Arlong again.
      7.   Alvida Pirates
            After beating Alvida in 1-1, find her in 6-1 and beat her again. 
            She's a bit different, as she's now eaten the Slip-Slip fruit, 
            but still not much of a threat.
      8.   Veggie Pirates
            Behind the Veggie Pirates in 3-1, you must have Usopp in your 
            party and the Treasure Key.
      9.   Cook Pirates
            Return to the first stage of the Baratie and have Sanji in your party. 
            Chef Zeff will give you the flag.
    10.   Red Hair Pirates
            First collect all the coins, which will unlock Boss Rush. Defeat Boss 
           Rush on all difficulties to gain the final flag.
    Upgrades are obtained when you reach a certain amount on your 
    wanted poster. They will help you, though you might not notice the 
    difference right away.
    $  45,000,000 - Life Bar Increase.
    $  65,000,000 - Extra Special Attack.
    $120,000,000 - Life Bar Increase.
    $240,000,000 - Extra Special Attack.
    Myself: After all, I wrote this. :P
    GameFAQs.com: Without you, I would have been stuck on many games.
    Scarecrow9: For making me feel like a giant noob about the Roast Pork
         item that I walked right by so many times...
    Kakorrot58: For the hint about Usopp's goggles before it was posted on
         the message boards.
    My girlfriend, Liz, for enduring my annoyance because I couldn't find items.
    My cousin, Casey, for being a douchebag and telling me it was a dumb game,
         because it just made me want to finish it out more and submit this.
    My best friend, Anne, why? Because she went through the same crap as my
        girl. lol

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