• Flags to unlock

    To get the flags you first need to beat the game than do the following.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Alvida pirate flagBeat Alvida in 1-1 then find her in 6-1
    Arlong's pirate flagbeat Arlong a second time around
    Black cat pirate flagBeat kuro the second time around
    Buggy's pirate flagBeat buggy the second time around
    Cook pirate flagget sanji and talk to Chef Zeff in 4-1
    Kreig's armadaBeat Don Kreig the second time around
    Navy flagbeat axe hand morgan or chaser the second time around
    Red hair pirates flagBeat boss battle mode in all difficulties
    Straw hat pirates flagget all the flags but the red hair pirates flag
    Veggie pirate flagit's behind the veggie pirates in 3-1,you have to have Ussop to get past them

    Contributed By: Americaanimelor.

  • Luffys Upgrades

    Obtain money in order to unlock new upgrades for luffy.
    (you can figth the bosses over and over to obtain money)

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Gum Gum Fruit (Learns G.G. Balloon)Get 25,000,000
    Master of the Near Sea itemGet 100,000,000
    More Deadly Techniques (Super Bar Grows)Get 65,000,000
    More Deadly Techniques (Super Bar Grows)Get 240,000,000
    Pandaman (Collectible)Get 350,000,000
    Pansamay (Collectible)Get 300,000,000
    Raise Life Limit (Health Bar Grows)Get 45,000,000
    Raise Life Limit (Health Bar Grows)Get 120,000,000
    Straw Hat (Learns G.G. Spear)Get 70,000,000

    Contributed By: doomsday_cl.

  • Other Modes

    Perform the task in order to unlock that mode.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Boss Battle ModeCollect all coins
    Mini-game modeFinish the game once

    Contributed By: Mykas0 and AlchemyFreak.

  • Sound Test

    To unlock the sound test in the options menu collect all the mini chests and then talk to gaimon in syrup village 2. (You must have completed the game and have the treasure key before you can pick them up)

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Sound testCollect all the mini chests.

    Contributed By: sontails.

  • Unlockables

    Perform the task in order to unlock the thing specified before.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Axe-hand Morgan StatueComplete level 1-3
    Billow-a-bikeComplete level 6-3
    Cat's ClawComplete level 3-3
    ChakramComplete level 3-2
    Chouchou's dogfoodComplete level 2-2
    Elephant TunaOn level 6-1, have Sanji talk to a woman
    Free FoodComplete level 4-2
    Gas MaskComplete level 4-3
    Hatchan's Octopus TrapComplete level 5-2
    LollipopComplete level 4-3
    Mackerel Head OneComplete level 4-1
    Map of the grand lineComplete level 2-3
    Master of the Near SeaComplete level 5-2
    ShigureComplete level 6-2
    Special Buggy BallComplete level 2-3
    Tooth GumComplete level 5-3
    Usopp's Sling shotComplete level 3-3
    WadoComplete level 1-2
    Zolo's Stomach BandComplete level 1-3

    Contributed By: Mykas0.

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