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"Dull music and weak difficult hamper this otherwise decent game"

It is a normal day in the Cul-de-sac except there is a jawbreaker machine in the cul-de-sac, but the Ed's have no cash so they do what they usually do and try to scam the kids out of cash.

Story wise the game is weak, and there really is no plot at all. Each level has a different story which starts and ends with a brief cut scene, but what little writing there is, is actually good. The characters act like their normal self.

Theme song from the show starts playing at the main menu, and this time the theme song is correct unlike Scam of the Century. This is probably the best part of the sound track because the rest of the music is dull, forgettable, and repetitive just like day time television.

The game begins with the player controlling Eddy, and the beginning of the game is nothing more than a simple tutorial. Getting the controls down is very simple thanks to fluid and responsive controls and the layout is great.

Shortly thereafter Eddy will run into Ed and Edd, and each Ed has their own set of skills. Ed can use his head to smash trash cans and stacks of paper, Edd can shot water balloons while Eddy can throw stink bombs yet each character also has a special ability. Eddy has tower of Ed's which allows him to grab out of reach items, Ed can be used as a battering ram, and Edd can use Ed and Eddy as a trampoline to reach out of the way platforms. The player can play as any of the Ed and changing to another Ed is done by a simple press of "R".

The Mis-Edventures is a plain platformer including items to collect and gaps to be jumped, and the game play is simple Eddy starts at the left side of the screen and must go right. The whole game is extremely linear and ultimately boring, and there are coins to collect to buy jawbreakers, jawbreakers randomly hidden, and health. Bulk of the game is leaping from platformer to platform while eventually avoiding any enemy. There is a lack of enemies which include dogs, seagulls, and squirrels, and that is not just the first level that is for the entire game. Unlike most platformers combat is ultimately useless, and while each Ed has different attacks the only one that is useful and has to be used for combat is Eddy's stink bomb.

The game is stretched over seven levels which do not take too long to play through, and I was able to beat it on my first playthrough in less than three hours mainly thanks to the difficult. The Mis-Edventures is laughably easy, and I found it harder to try stay awake then I did dying in the game.

Each level starts out simple, but they eventually get more complex. In some stages, Edd has to build platforms, disable switches, and open up umbrellas so the player can progress forward. Later levels have the player using conveyer belts while dodging crushers or slime and fumes, and along the way of the game, the player will learn each special ability for each Ed. These abilities have to be used to progress forward rather from using tower of Eddy to grab a beehive to throw on a dog or grabbing a television to throw at a switch.

Graphic wise the game looks great, and the developers got the style of the show down. Each character acts and look like their normal self including the animations, and every character from the show is in the game including the Kanker sisters, Nazz, Rolf, shovel chin, Kevin, Sarah, Jimmy, and Plank who is used for the checkpoint system. There are numerous locales from the show including Park 'n Flush, junkyard, and Cul-de-sac to name a few.

When it comes to replay value there is none other than replaying the game but being there is only one difficulty (very easy), there is no reason to replay play the game. Aside from the lack of replay value, there are a few other issues including the weak difficult and boring gameplay yet the biggest problem that I have is the save system which the game saves at random times usually right before the cut scene of the next level. There is a quick save feature yet I never used it so I cannot speak of its usefulness.

Ed, Edd, 'n Eddy: The Mis-Edventures is a decent game while not as good as the console version, it is one of the better portable Ed, Edd, 'n Eddy games and much better than Scam of the Century however the lack of replay value, short length and laughable difficult hurt the game the most. If you like the show, it is worth a playthrough, but there are better platformers on the GBA.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 08/28/12

Game Release: Ed, Edd n Eddy: The Mis-Edventures (US, 11/03/05)

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