How do I get past the level to get the double jump upgrade?

  1. The hall that you have to shoot the post to activate the timmer then go down and shoot the other one, so you can get the double jump upgrade.?

    User Info: jt222x3

    jt222x3 - 7 years ago


  1. It's a bit tricky. You need to master your diagonal movement, so practice.
    1) Clear the hall of enemies (at least non-respawning ones)
    2) Go to the upper floor, equip regular (centre) weapon
    3) Put as much distance between yourself and the switch
    5) Run to the other switch while ON ADRENALINE. If you run out of it, reactivate once gauge is blue
    6) Be sure to run DIAGONALLY ALONG the walls to save time, and avoid enemies respawning
    7) Once you sight the second switch, shoot regular weapon at it

    User Info: maizemaize

    maizemaize - 3 months ago 0 0

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