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"Ami And Yumi Have Entered The Gaming World"

Nintendo have decided to release Puffy Ami Yumi's First hand-held game. The game follows the animated versions of the Japanese band Puffy Ami Yumi. Similar to the hit t.v series Hi Hi Puffy Ami Yumi in many ways like characters, items and levels are what makes this game good. Ami and Yumi are resting after their world tour until Kaz comes in complaining about the girls not making new songs. The girls and Kaz start to argue until their self-proclaimed number one fan Harmony barges in asking Ami and Yumi to take her on a world tour. Not very amused, the girls tell her that they just got back from a world tour. Not happy herself, Harmony decides she will go on her own tour and kidnaps Kaz and steals the girls instruments. Now Ami and Yumi must rescue Kaz before Puffy is no more.

Story-Line 8/10

The Story-Line for this game is very similar to the first series of the animated show as it features the same characters, items and even the same locations in the order of the episodes. The story actually branches off into two bits as when you complete normal mode you only see the pretend ending so you have to keep playing and see if you can get the true ending.

Graphics 9/10

This game boasts some great graphics for the Game Boy Advance Console. The sprites are clear,well detailed and no lagging at all. You don't find graphics like this often on a Game Boy Advance

Game Play 10/10

The story is quite short at first but as you try the harder difficulty the game gets longer. Along the way there is World tour mode, Encore mode and the challenging Time Attack mode. Also remember there are many items to unlock such as costumes, Sounds and Pictures.

Sound 8/10

Your basic sounds for a hand held game but with a twist. The songs are all similar to some of the bands popular songs like the well known song Hi Hi. The music is smooth and is not bugging.

Difficulty 7/10

The game can start of pretty easy during the first levels but as you progress the puzzles, enemies and levels start to get tougher. Their is also hard mode to try and beat which may give you a nice surprise if you manage to win. Don't forget you can compete in Time-Attack mode and see if you can set a new record.

Overall Rating 9/10

A fine game for the Game Boy Advance with many puzzles and items to collect. Most fans of Puffy Ami Yumi will like this game and so would people who like to try a different game now and then. I recommend buying this game but rent it if you must.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 09/13/06

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