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Reviewed: 12/08/05

Japanese Girl Power Hits the Advance!

I have been a fan of videogaming since minesweeper was invented in the 70s. I have been known to have a good sense of games and have predicted scores that famous gaming sites like IGN, Gamespy, and Gamespot have given games. Given my immense videogame knowledge and my complete unbias towards Hi HI Puffy AmiYumi : Kaznapped, as I have no idea about the show except for the premise that the instruction booklet outlines, I believe I can provide the most reliable review.

Introduction : From what I can gather from preteen message boards and the instruction manual Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi is an immensely popular series in Japan. It has taken Japan by storm. Originating as a humble girl band to proclaim "Girl Power" in Japan, Puffi and Yumi quickly exploded into a massive pop craze. Apparently their popular influence has finally spilled over into America. And I must say if they continue to make games as great as this then their influence should be embraced.

Graphics / Sound : Many of my friends have asked me the difference between the "Playstation 2" and "Playstation 3". Also my friends have asked me what the difference between the "Gameboy" Advance SP Color and the "Nintendo" Dual Screen. Well besides the names (LoL!) I can tell you this from my experience with Hi HI Puffi AmiYumi: Kaznapped; there is no difference! The graphics of the game our so excellent that they surpass Nintendo's DS. I advise you not to buy the DS until the DS version of Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi is released (which according to GameFAQs will be released). The designers use a splash of white, blacks, greys, and rasberry colors to stimulate the visual senses. Even my dog coudn't help but watch this game thanks to it's excellent graphics. The Sound is equally as excellent with great voice acting and the jazzy guitar riffs Puffi and Yumi are known for. Great accomplishment! Graphics : 10/10

Story : Story is a really important factor in RPGs and Adventure games. Hence Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi: Kaznapped delivers in all aspects. Without spoiling anything I will say that the premise of the game is that your tour manager, Kaz, gets kidnapped(!). After a compelling introduction you are left with various mysteries such as why does the tour bus have a flat tire? What was Kaz doing in the bathtub? Why did I not hear about this game earlier??! Every level is designed with purpose in the story giving the player a sense of accomplishment and the levels are intelligently and clearly connected via story. 10/10

Play Time : The game is a typical with game standards, about 10 hours of gameplay. Once the game is beaten you can unlock bonus content and secret media about Hi HI Puffy AmiYumi's and new costumes. Also there are forums you can post on about this game allowing you to talk about it forever. 10/10

Gameplay: One of the most well built puzzle games I have ever played. Evolving from Hatris' method of dropping hats you must instead drop tunes onto the enemy. This will trigger really awesome music Ami and Yuni are known for. Levels become moderately more difficult with addition of "harder enemies". The multiplayer is really great as you can sit around with your friends and pass the system around before making your strategic moves. 10/10.

Final Recommendation : I would highly recommend buying this awesome game as well as the Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi DVDs. Watch the show and do whatever else you can to support this awesome cultural icon in taking over America and our youth.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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