Review by 5keeve

"Just a (below average Jump and Run"

After reading the other review for this game, which gives it a extremely high score, I thought to give it a chance. I'm not sure, which game the other person really tried, but it couldn't possibly be the same one I tried. After all it just looks like any other average Jump and Run to me and I was a bit disappointed. But on the other hand: That person wrote very biased towards Ami an Yumi so one shouldn't be too astonished ;-)

The sound is okay 5/10 It's very repetitive but doesn't irritate you.

Graphics might be okay compared cartoons one can watch these days on TV. Nevertheless I think it's below average compared to the many other - better - Jump and Runs one can find for the GameBoy Advanced. 4/10

Playability 4/10
I like it when platform games teach you how the different moves work. See for example Super Mario 64 on the Nintendo 64 or the 2 Klonoa games on the GameBoy Advanced: You come across signposts or robots that tell you how to perform certain tricks. These are spread across the first levels. Doing it this way results in a long learning curve, which means, that it lasts longer to get all the tricks, but it's easier to lean them.

Not so in "Kaznapped"!. This game also teaches you all the tricks, but in a way I really don't like: You have one introductory Level made up of several rooms. In each of those rooms you learn 1 or 2 tricks. Believe me: An old aged man like me tends to forget these lessons very rapidly ;-) I prefer the long learning curve other games have instead of the steep one Kaznapped has.

Story -/10
I really can not tell much about the story line because this game did not entertain me enough to play it longer than about a quarter of an hour.

All in all this game is just a 4/10 to me and I wouldn't buy it.

On the other hand:If you like Ami and Yumi and cartoons, this game might be okay for you. Just give it a try before spending money on it.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 01/11/06

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