5 Important Questions?

  1. 1.How can I recruit Zapdos in Mt. Thunder?
    2.Wonder Mail for receiving the Hoenn Legendarys(Groudon,Kyogre,Zapdos)
    3.Where is Moltres and Zapdos?
    4.How to recruit Moltres and Zapdos?
    5.Where is Deoxys?
    Please anser it honestly :)

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    6.I am in the Mt. Blaze Peak with the Friend bow,can I recruit Moltres for now?

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Accepted Answer

  1. 1.Zapdos is not recruitable until you beaten Rayquaza.
    Zapdos has a 30% recruitment rate.
    If you want a higher chance of recruiting, level up more and make the leader of the rescue team hold a Friend Bow.
    Here's a wondermail for the Friend Bow.
    4?89 !CS? 4R?1
    K+?T 64?6 KN?W

    The recruitment bonuses are given depending on your level.
    lvl 0-29 Bonus: 0%
    lvl 30-39 Bonus: 5%
    lvl 40-49 Bonus: 7.5%
    lvl 50-59 Bonus: 10%
    lvl 60-69 Bonus: 12.5%
    lvl 70-79 Bonus: 15%
    lvl 80-89 Bonus: 17.5%
    lvl 90-100 Bonus:24%

    Also make sure you have enough room on your team and make sure the leader takes the final blow.

    2. Apparently, there is no wondermail to recruit Groudon, Kyogre and Rayquaza.

    Groudon has a -10% recruitment rate. If you want more recruitment rate, look at the above answer for some tips. Also his size is 4 stars so you should probably go by yourself for a better chance of recruiting. Make sure you beaten the game (beaten Rayquaza) in order to recruit them. Groudon is found at Magma Cavern Pit. You will gain access to Volcanic Pit when you recruit Groudon.

    Kyogre has a 50% recruitment rate. The more chance of recruiting Kyogre can be found at looking at number 1. Kyogre's size is also 4 stars so better if you go solo. Make sure you beaten Rayquaza/the game. Kyogre is found at Stormy Sea 40F. To unlock Stormy Sea, first talk to Medicham and Lombre in the Town Square, then after go up to Whiscash Pond and talk to Whiscash himself, he should give you with the HM Dive which unlocks this dungeon.
    You will gain access to Seafloor cave when you recruit Kyogre.

    Rayquaza has a -10 recruitment rate. Again if you want a higher cahnce of recruiting look at number 1. It is not recruitable on the first try so you have to climb Sky Tower again. The second time you go there, you will need a pokemon that knows the move Fly or the TM Fly. Rayquaza's size is also 4 stars so make sure you know how to deal with that. You will gain access to Stratos Lookout when you recruit Rayquaza.

    3. Moltres could be found at Mt. Blaze Peak
    Zapdos could be found at Mt. Thunder Peak
    Articuno could be found at Frosty Grotto (Frosty Forest)

    4. The three legendary birds all have 30% recruitment rate so Friend Bow, leveling up and room in your team will help A LOT. You don't need a Friend Area for them, when they want to join your team, you will gain access to Legendary Island which is their Friend Area. Make sure you beaten Rayquaza first in order to recruit them.

    5. Deoxys is found in Meteor Cave, which is a 20 floor dungeon and you can only bring 3 items with you and only the team leader can go. When you meet Ho-Oh also known as the mirage pokemon, on your way to Whiscash pond, talk to Spinda. Soon Spinda will walk away and then leave the Town Square and go back. Talk to Alakazam and then he says something about the Legendary Island (make sure you recruited the three legnedary birds first). Go to your friend area. You will see the three legendary birds gathering around a gem. You will gain access to Silver Trench. it is a 99 floor dungeon and Lugia is at the peak. You need a Water pokemon that knows Dive or the TM Dive. Lugia has a 99.9 chance of recruiting. Also he has 4 stars size. After you recruited Lugia, Xatu will appear the next day at your base. IIRC Blastoise comes and talks to Xatu about a Cave he found. Xatu knows something and that cave is known as Meteor Cave. You will gain access to that cave.
    The three items recommanded are:
    X-Ray specs, Big Apple, Big Apple.
    Stamina Band, Friend Bow, Big apple.
    Deoxys has a -10% of recruiting so you might hang around here for a while.

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Other Answers

  1. 1. You need a strong pokemon and if you have it, a friend bow will make recruitment easier.
    2. There is no wonder mail. After you beat the game, you can recruit Groudon and you talk to Mecicham and Lombre and Whishcan to unlock the Kyogre stage.
    3. They're in the same place you fought them during the game, in Mt. Blaze and Mt. Thunder.
    4. Same as 1.
    5. You have to recruit Lugia in Silver Trench to unlock Deoxys' stage.

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