How Do i get Wish cave??

  1. Because i really wont 2 know how to get it on while i was and gamewinners they said something bout get the 3 ledgendary birds??

    User Info: Ace_Of_Gamez12

    Ace_Of_Gamez12 - 8 years ago

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  1. To get Wish Cave you have to get Sky Blue Plains friend Area from a random mission, and then talk to Ekans a Medicham once a day for several days to get Wish cave. they will be at the Wishcash pond, then the Message board.

    You can't have started the other special missions though, such as the Latios and Latias Mission, the Buried Relic Mission, and the Smeragle Mission. (by started, I mean It will say GO on the dungeon select screen)

    But you can have the Spinda and Lugia Missions available.

    Hope this helped. :)

    User Info: Oceanmage3

    Oceanmage3 - 8 years ago 2 0

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