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Additional ArtLaurence Dodd
Additional ArtRaymond Leung
Animation AdviserJean-Louis Vandestoc
ArtistAnton Chizhov
ArtistKatya Sidorova
ArtistInga Ugai
Associate ProducerDavid Pucik
Co-ProducerTatiana Markarova
Co-ProducerIliya Mikhailov
CreatorVincent Chalvon Demersay
CreatorDavid Michel
Current Series ManagerGuillaume Rostain
DirectorStephane Berry
DirectorPascal Jardin
Executive ProducerOlya Nikitova
Executive ProducerHudson Piexl
Graphic ArtistMathieu Beaulieu
Graphic ArtistRichard Sirois
Graphic ArtistMartin Tremblay
Head WritersMichelle Lamoreaux
Head WritersRobert Lamoreaux
Lead ArtistPaul Mitchell
Lead DesignerVannara Ty
Lead Graphic ArtistFrancis Malvesin
Lead ProgrammerChristophe Desplanches
Licensing Co-OrdinatorAlexandra Carriere
Licensing DirectorPatricia De Wilde
Music and SFXAllister Brimble
Music and SFXAnthony Putson
Music Co-OrdinatorJennifer Mc Cann
ProducerFrederic Bibet
ProducerVincent Chalvon Demersay
ProducerAndrey Mazing
ProducerDavid Michel
ProgrammerAlain Boulianne
ProgrammerChristophe Desplanches
ProgrammerFrancois Faucher
ProgrammerJohann Gagnon
ProgrammerLuis Torres Klauwer
ProgrammerAlexei Nordell Markovits
ProgrammerFrederic Marsolais
ProgrammerGilles-Philippe Paille
ProgrammerJean-Daniel Rondeau
ProgrammerFabian Schrayer
ProgrammerMartin Vachon
Programmer Co-OrdinatorJean-Daniel Rondeau
Senior ProducerSamuel Gatte
Technical DirectorUlrik Fremont
Technology DirectorIvan Tkachenko
Vice President of ProductionAndrey Pozolotin
Video CodecsAntonio Sovana


Data and credits for this game contributed by odino, knuckles_sonic8, Raph136, Cosmic!, and PZT.

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