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    Character Modification Guide by JuanAtari

    Version: 2.1 | Updated: 01/26/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Final Fantasy IV Advance Character Modification Guide
    (USA Version)
    Copyright 2006 by JuanAtari
                   a.k.a John Robert Douglas II
    Version 1.0 - Initial Version
    Version 2.0 - Major overhaul of many sections
    1/26/06     - Added Dark Knight Cecil and Young Rydia section
                - Added Introduction
                - Spelling mistakes corrected
                - Credits updated
                - Frequently Asked Questions section added
                - Fixed dropped item codes, they were screwed up
                - Fixed item codes, more easily understandable now
                - Table of Contents spruced up
    Version 2.1 - Minor update
    1/27/06     - More spelling mistakes corrected (bad spealler I am :-P)
                - Some bad grammar found and fixed
                - Introduction altered
    Welcome to my guide, this is my first guide that I've submitted to Gamefaqs, or
    anywhere for that matter, so I hope you enjoy it.  I tried to hack as much info
    as possible so you have complete control over your characters.  I love Final
    Fantasy II/IV/Easytype/Hardtype/Advance, whatever you want to call it, and have
    been playing it on and off for 14 years starting with the SNES version.  Now
    that Square added some new features I thought it was a good time to start 
    playing again, and to write this guide as well.  These were all made using the
    Visual Boy Advance cheat search, lots of trial and error, and some frustration.
    But it has all come together to be one pretty complete character altering guide.
    Anyways thank you in "advance" for glancing here (bad pun), and lets get started
    shall we?
    Table of Contents
    |I.----- Character Swapping Method ----------------|
    |II.---- Sprite Modification Method ---------------|
    |III.--- Dark Knight Cecil & Young Rydia ----------|
    |IV.---- Stat Addresses for all Characters --------|
    |V.----- Other Miscellaneous Codes ----------------|
    |VI.---- Frequently Asked Questions ---------------|
    |VII.--- What's to come? --------------------------|
    |VIII.-- Credits ----------------------------------|
    I. Character Swapping Method
    This method was discovered by "TheMatrixMaster" and was posted on the Gamefaqs 
    Messageboard for this game.  How it works is the character is actually replaced
    by the one you want instead.  This Method is good because:
    A. Its the "Real" Character, including everything that comes with them, 
       including level growth, equips, and the like.
    B. The character you are hacking in is completely glitch free and are at the
       level that you got them to and such (Except the "glitchy" dark knight, and
       Golbez that are mentioned later on).
    C. They don't "replace" your character, they are just replacing them in the 
       menu, within the game, you still have the character that was in the slot 
       before hacking i.e. they should be waiting for you to switch them back into
       the party at Mysidia.
    D. Going along with the above, you can switch characters anywhere you want, you
       aren't limited to just having to switch them in the Tower of Prayers.
    E. The best way to revive Tellah and FuSoYa back into the party is to use this,
       as they aren't deleted after they leave, all their stats are retained.
    F. The best way to do a "Single Character Challenge" is to use these codes to
       delete all characters except the one you want of course.  Beware if Cecil is
       deleted from a slot and then a story scene is entered, it may crash the game.
       So it might be better to leave him in the party and just KOed.
    Now for the Codes:
    (all 8-bit)
    Slot 1 Modifier
    Slot 2 Modifier
    Slot 3 Modifier
    Slot 4 Modifier
    Slot 5 Modifier
    To make any character you want appear in the above slots use these digits:
    00 - Cecil (Paladin), (Dark Knight) before class change at Mt. Ordeals
    01 - Kain
    02 - Rosa
    03 - Rydia (Adult), (Child) before she first leaves party after Fabul
    04 - Cid
    05 - Tellah
    06 - Edward
    07 - Yang
    08 - Palom
    09 - Porom
    0A - Edge
    0B - FuSoYa
    0C - Golbez (very Glitchy, don't remove what he has equipped unless
                 you want the game to eventually crash, don't use him in
                 battle as the game will crash as well.)
    1E - Semi Glitched DK Cecil - (will not retain stat information)
    FF - Erases character from slot
    (any digits not listed are not worth mentioning)
    -----------Important Note--------------
    (Unfortunately the "Glitchy" Dark Knight Cecil will NOT retain his level
     and stat information, leaving the guy basically useless......if you really
     want him still, then use this code as a base point to alter his stats:
     02007268:??, that being his current HP. Then use the rest of the bytes
     from section IV to change the other stats, but beware as soon as the codes
     are off, he will forget every stat you hacked and will go back down to 0 in 
     every attribute when there is a "loading" screen [like going into a town].)
    -----------End Important Note-----------
    II. Sprite Modification Method
    This is a method I've discovered myself while playing around with character 
    codes. The difference is this method utilizes an existing character and
    actually changes his/her sprite.  Good Points about this method include:
    A. Characters like Young Rydia and Dark Knight Cecil are completely glitch free
       and come with their battle/out of battle menus and all sprites.
    B. You could actually change a member permanently, a.k.a. don't like Edward at 
       all? change him into Tellah for the duration of the game.
    C. Assuming the way this code works, the character can keep what equips they
       had on beforehand.  Meaning you can give DK Cecil some decent stuff for once.
    D. This character will act as though they were the character they were supposed
       to be, a.k.a., in story scenes they will say what they were originally meant
       to say.
    E. Both a good and bad point, they will have the stats of the character they 
       were supposed to be, from HP, MP and on, but as I said before they will have 
       the menus of the new "modded" character. Also on level up, they will level
       from then on like how that sprite you modded in is supposed to while
       retaining the HP and MP of who they were before.
    F. Utilizing this code you can have up to 5 of the same character in battle. 
       Five Rydias, Five Meteors, you get the picture, heh heh.
    So far the only really "bad" point is that they will not learn magic correctly.
    For example, if you turned Cecil into Rosa, if she didn't know all of her magic
    at that point, when this new modded character levels up they will most likely
    not get any new spells, only spells that the "real" version of the character
    knows.  But this can easily be solved with magic modifier codes.  Also for some
    reason although Golbez has a sprite using this method, his battle sprite is
    missing..........but his walking sprite and portrait are perfect, along with
    his menus.......damnit! :-P
    Without further annoying chatter, here are the addresses:
    (all 8-bit)
    To make any character sprite you want appear in place of the above, make the 
    value any of the following:
    00 - Dark Knight Cecil (Dark can only be used if a Dark sword is 
    01 - Dragoon Kain
    02 - W. Mage Rosa
    03 - Summoner Young Rydia
    04 - Engineer Cid
    05 - Sage Tellah
    06 - Prince Edward
    07 - High Monk Yang
    08 - B. Mage Palom
    09 - W. Mage Porom
    0A - Ninja Edge
    0B - Lunarian FuSoYa
    0C - Paladin Cecil
    0D - Summoner Adult Rydia
    0E - Golbez (with a job of "None" ;-P) (In battle he will be minied and
    (any digits not listed are not worth mentioning)
    III. Dark Knight Cecil & Young Rydia
    - Many character related questions seem to revolve around these two so I have
      devoted a seperate section explaining how to get them back and what that will
      do to your game as a whole.
    Young Rydia
    - Well this has been extensively tested and when bringing Young Rydia back with
      the sprite method it does absolutely.........nothing to the game.  The game
      still thinks Rydia is Rydia.  Her sprite doesn't even change during story
      scenes, unlike DK Cecil.  And her stat growth and spell growth is even
      unaffected, so use her all you want, she will not learn any new white mage
      spells though, unless you hack them yourself. So if you want those 3 white
      mage spells and to see her young face again on the menu and while she is 
      talking you just enter this,  02006A92:03 , simple enough right?
    Dark Knight Cecil
    - This one is a lot more limited in its use compared to the afformentioned Young
      Rydia.  Basically you'll loose use of White magic, and the "Cover" ability
      which actually is a pretty nice ability to have.  You gain back the "Dark"
      ability, but only if one of the three Dark Swords avaliable are currently
      equipped on him, all others will make the "Dark" ability blanked out on the
      battlefield.  In order to aquire him nearly glitch free, you'll have to use
      the sprite method just like Young Rydia, the code being, 02006A02:00 , which
      will revert Cecil back into Dark Knight form.  During story scenes, it is
      natural to see his sprite turn back into that of a Paladin, but his face in
      the spoken dialouge will still be that of a Dark Knight.  Otherwise during
      all other sections Cecil will look like a Dark Knight for battle and when
      walking around.  Cecil will gain stats as if he were a Dark Knight, so he
      will have more strength, but as for his equipment, he will be stuck with 
      the Demon equipment along with the Deathbringer sword for the duration of
      the game. So in order to keep him in tune with the others that gain new
      equipment, you should turn him into a Paladin each time you acquire new
      equipment, upgrade him, then change him back into a Dark Knight again
      form before his next level up, as this is the fastest way to re-equip him.
      The other way to use is Equipment modifiers, but there are five of those
      and only one code for changing sprite needed.  Stats are recalculated every
      time you equip or unequip weapons and armor, so keep this in mind.  Also 
      in this way you can't use "Dark" which kind of make it monotonous since its
      his only ability other then to just pick fight every round.
    IV. Stat Addresses for all Characters
    |How to use this chart                                                       |
    | Find the Current Hit Point Hex address of the character you want to        |
    | modify, then add how many bytes to that address to get to anything on this |
    | chart. Each character's data is 71 bytes long and are lumped together,     |
    | starting with Cecil and ending with FuSoYa. To go from one character to    |
    | the other, add 72 (48 in hex) or subtract 72 to go back and forth          |
    | ultilizing the current HP address as the base point.                       |
    |Character Starting Adresses (Current HP Byte)                               |
    |  Cecil  - 020069F8 (DK or Paladin)                                         |
    |  Kain   - 02006A40                                                         |
    |  Rosa   - 02006A88                                                         |
    |  Rydia  - 02006AD0 (Young or Adult)                                        |
    |  Cid    - 02006B18                                                         |
    |  Tellah - 02006B60                                                         |
    |  Edward - 02006BA8                                                         |
    |  Yang   - 02006BF0                                                         |
    |  Palom  - 02006C38                                                         |
    |  Porom  - 02006C80                                                         |
    |  Edge   - 02006CC8                                                         |
    |  FuSoYa - 02006D10                                                         |
    |Character Information Storage Bytes                                         |
    |Byte | Description                                                          |
    |1    | Current Hit Points                                                   |
    |2    | (16-bit) (0000-270F)                                                 |
    |3    | Maximum Hit Points                                                   |
    |4    | (16-bit) (0000-270F)                                                 |
    |5    | Current Magic Points                                                 |
    |6    | (16-bit) (0000-270F)                                                 |
    |7    | Maximum Magic Points                                                 |
    |8    | (16-bit) (0000-270F)                                                 |
    |9    | Current Status (Frog, Silence,                                       |
    |10   | (16-bit)        Poison, etc.) (0000-FFFF)                            |
    |11   | Current Sprites, Battle Menu, Inate Equips (8-bit) (00-0E)           |
    |12   | Current Level (8-bit) (00-63)                                        |
    |13   | Strength (In Battle) (8-bit) (00-FF)                                 |
    |14   | Agility (In Battle) (8-bit) (00-FF)                                  |
    |15   | Stamina (In Battle) (8-bit) (00-FF)                                  |
    |16   | Intellect (In Battle) (8-bit) (00-FF)                                |
    |17   | Spirit (In Battle) (8-bit) (00-FF)                                   |
    |18   |                                                                      |
    |19   | UnKnown Still (24 bits)                                              |
    |20   |                                                                      |
    |21   | Strength (Status Menu) (8-bit) (00-FF)                               |
    |22   | Agility (Status Menu) (8-bit) (00-FF)                                |
    |23   | Stamina (Status Menu) (8-bit) (00-FF)                                |
    |24   | Intellect (Status Menu) (8-bit) (00-FF)                              |
    |25   | Spirit (Status Menu) (8-bit) (00-FF)                                 |
    |26   | Attack Multiplier (8-bit) (00-FF)                                    |
    |27   | Attack (8-bit) (00-FF)                                               |
    |28   | Precision (8-bit) (00-FF)                                            |
    |29   | Defense Multiplier (8-bit) (00-FF)                                   |
    |30   | Defense (8-bit) (00-FF)                                              |
    |31   | Evasion (8-bit) (00-FF)                                              |
    |32   | Magic Defense Multiplier (8-bit) (00-FF)                             |
    |33   | Magic Defense (8-bit) (00-FF)                                        |
    |34   | Magic Evasion (8-bit) (00-FF)                                        |
    |35   | Good Hand (00 = Right, 01 = Left, 02 = Both)                         |
    |36   | Right Hand Equipment (Use Equipment Bytes)                           |
    |37   | (16-bit)                                                             |
    |38   | Number of Arrows Left (if equipped in right hand) (8-bit) (00-FF)    |
    |39   | Unknown Still (8 bits)                                               |
    |40   | Left Hand Equipment (Use Equipment Bytes)                            |
    |41   | (16-bit)                                                             |
    |42   | Number of Arrows Left (if equipped in left hand) (8-bit) (00-FF)     |
    |43   | Unknown Still (8 bits)                                                |
    |44   | Head Equipment (Use Equipment Bytes)                                 |
    |45   | (16-bit)                                                             |
    |46   | Body Equipment (Use Equipment Bytes)                                 |
    |47   | (16-bit)                                                             |
    |48   | Arm Equipment (Use Equipment Bytes)                                  |
    |49   | (16-bit)                                                             |
    |50   | Whether or not weapon absorbs HP (FF = Yes) (8-bit)                  |
    |51   | Elemental Attack Modifier (FF = All) (8-bit)                         |
    |52   | Unknown Still (8 bits)                                               |
    |53   | Status Attack Modifier (FF = All) (8-bit)                            |
    |54   | Element Absorption (possibly Element Def.) (FF = Absorb All) (8-bit) |
    |55   |                                                                      |
    |56   |                                                                      |
    |57   |                                                                      |
    |58   |                                                                      |
    |59   | Unknown Still                                                        |
    |60   | (72 bits)                                                            |
    |61   |                                                                      |
    |62   |                                                                      |
    |63   |                                                                      |
    |64   |                                                                      |
    |65   | Experience (00000000-FFFFFFFF)                                       |
    |66   | (32-bit)                                                             |
    |67   |                                                                      |
    |68   |                                                                      |
    |69   | Unknown Still                                                        |
    |70   | (32 bits)                                                            |
    |71   |                                                                      |
    |Notes on Specific Bytes                                                     |
    | Bytes 9 and 10 - Not sure how they work, but if set to FFFF you are        |
    | inflicted with everything. The reverse is true if set to 0000.             |
    | Byte 11 - Modifies the Sprite, what they can equip and what battle menus   |
    | they possess. They will level up like the sprite they appear as from then  |
    | on, although in story scenes the game won't crash.                         |
    | Bytes 13-17, 21-34 - If changed, whenever you equip or unequip weapons and |
    | armor your stats get recalcuated according to your 5 main attributes. So   |
    | if for example, you always want that 30 x Defense multiplier, then leave   |
    | the code on always while playing, otherwise it will revert upon armor and  |
    | weapon change.                                                             |
    | Byte 35 - If changed, effects take place immediately, for example Rydia    |
    | can have two whips equipped if set to "both".                              |
    | Bytes 36, 40, 44, 46, 48- Use equipment bytes for these.  If set to a      |
    | nulled out weapon/armor lots of garbage will appear, steer clear of        |
    | doing this. Can have anything in any slot otherwise, including items.      |
    | Bytes 50, 51, 53, 54- Not extensively tested, only FF has been used, which |
    | makes all elements, statuses, etc. occur.  If all statuses are inflicted   |
    | on a monster at once game may crash, beware.                               |
    | Byte 64- Experience can be modified, but experience remaining for the      |
    | next level cannot be.  Whatever experience is set to, experience remaining |
    | will change according to level.  If experience is set to something higher  |
    | then what it should be for that particular level, experience remaining     |
    | will show a bunch of garbage, so steer clear of this as its unknown how    |
    | this affects the numbers overall.                                          |
    Equipment Digits
    0001- Fire claw
    0002- Ice claw
    0003- Thunder claw
    0004- Fairy claw
    0005- Hell claw
    0006- Cat claw
    0007- Rod
    0008- Ice rod
    0009- Flame rod
    000a- Thunder rod
    000b- Rod of change
    000c- Fairy rod
    000d- Stardust rod
    000e- Rod of Lilith
    000f- Staff
    0010- Helaing staff
    0011- Mythril staff
    0012- Power staff
    0013- Kinesis staff
    0014- Sage's staff
    0015- Rune staff
    0016- Dark sword
    0017- Shadow blade
    0018- Deathbringer
    0019- Sword of Legend
    001a- Light sword
    001b- Excalibur
    001c- Flame sword
    001d- Ice brand
    001e- Defender
    001f- Blood sword
    0020- Ancient sword
    0021- Sleep blade
    0022- Gorgon blade
    0023- Spear
    0024- Wind spear
    0025- Fire lance
    0026- Ice lance
    0027- Wyvern Lance
    0028- Holy Lance
    0029- Blood lance
    002a- Gungnir
    002b- Kunai
    002c- Ahura
    002d- Kotetsu
    002e- Kikuichimonji
    002f- Murasame
    0030- Masamune
    0031- Assassin dagger
    0032- Mage masher
    0033- Whip
    0034- Chain whip
    0035- Blitz whip
    0036- Fire whip
    0037- Dragon's Whisker
    0038- Hand axe
    0039- Dwarf axe
    003a- Ogre killer
    003b- Mythril knife
    003c- Dancing dagger
    003d- Mythril sword
    003e- Knife (aka spoon)
    003f- Ragnarok
    0040- Shuriken
    0041- Fuma shuriken
    0042- Boomerang
    0043- Full moon
    0044- Dreamer's harp
    0045- Lamia harp
    0047- Poison axe
    0048- Rune axe
    0049- Mythril hammer
    004a- Gaia hammer
    004b- Wooden hammer
    004c- Avenger
    004d- Bow
    004e- Crossbow
    004f- Great bow
    0050- Killer bow
    0051- Elven bow
    0052- Yoichi's bow
    0053- Artemi's bow
    0054- Iron arrow
    0055- Holy arrow
    0056- Fire arrow
    0057- Ice arrow
    0058- Thunder arrow
    0059- Dark arrow
    005a- Poison arrow
    005b- Mute arrow
    005c- Angel arrow
    005d- Youchi arrow
    005e- Medusa arrow
    005f- Artemi's arrow
    0061- Iron sheild
    0062- Dark sheild
    0063- Demon sheild
    0064- Light sheild
    0065- Mythril sheild
    0066- Fire sheild
    0067- Ice sheild
    0068- Diamond sheild
    0069- Aegis sheild
    006a- Genji sheild
    006b- Dragon sheild
    006c- Crystal sheild
    006d- Iron helm
    006e- Dark helm
    006f- Hades helm
    0070- Demon helm
    0071- Light helm
    0072- Mythril helm
    0073- Diamond helm
    0074- Genji Helm
    0075- Dragon helm
    0076- Crystal helm
    0077- Leather cap
    0078- Feathered cap
    0079- Wizard's hat
    007a- Sage's miter
    007b- Gold hairpin
    007c- Ribbon
    007d- Twist headband
    007e- Green beret
    007f- Black cowl
    0080- Glass mask
    0081- Iron armor
    0082- Dark armor
    0083- Hades armor
    0084- Demon armor
    0085- Knights armor
    0086- Mythril armor
    0087- Flame mail
    0088- Ice armor
    0089- Diamond armor
    008a- Genji armor
    008b- Dragon mail
    008c- Crystal mail
    008d- Clothes
    008e- Leather garb
    008f- Gaia gear
    0090- Sage's surplice
    0091- Black robe
    0092- Light robe
    0093- White robe
    0094- Power sash
    0095- Minerva's plate
    0096- Prisoner's wear
    0097- Bard's tunic
    0098- Kenpogi
    0099- Black belt
    009a- Adamant armor
    009b- Black garb
    009c- Iron gloves
    009d- Dark gloves
    009e- Hades gloves
    009f- Demon gloves
    00a0- Gauntlets
    00a1- Mythril gloves
    00a2- Diamond gloves
    00a3- Giant's gloves
    00a4- Genji gloves
    00a5- Dragon gloves
    00a6- Crystal gloves
    00a7- Iron ring
    00a8- Ruby ring
    00a9- Silver armlet
    00aa- Power armlet
    00ab- Rune armlet
    00ac- Crystal ring
    00ad- Diamond armlet
    00ae- Protect ring
    00af- Cursed ring
    00b0- Bomb fragment
    00b1- Bomb arm
    00b2- Antartic wind
    00b3- Arctic wind
    00b4- Rage of Zues
    00b5- Rage of the Gods
    00b6- Stardust
    00b7- Kiss of Lilith
    00b8- Vampire fang
    00b9- Bacchus's cider
    00ba- Herme's shoes
    00bb- Hourglass
    00bc- Sliver hourglass
    00bd- Gold hourglass
    00be- Spider's silk
    00bf- Decoy
    00c0- Red fang
    00c1- White fang
    00c2- Blue fang
    00c3- Light curtain
    00c4- Bomb core
    00c5- Lunar curtain
    00c6- Bell of silence
    00c7- Gaia drum
    00c8- Crystal
    00c9- Coeurl's Whicker
    00ca- Grimiore
    00cb- Bestiary
    00cc- Alarm clock
    00ce- Unicorn horn
    00cf- Hi-potion
    00d0- X-potion
    00d1- Ether
    00d2- Dry ether
    00d3- Elixer
    00d4- Pheonix down
    00d5- Gold needle
    00d6- Maiden's kiss
    00d7- Mallet
    00d8- Diet food
    00d9- Echo herbs
    00da- Eye drops
    00db- Antidote
    00dc- Cross
    00dd- Remedy
    00de- Siren
    00df- Gold apple 
    00e1- Soma drop
    00e2- Tent
    00e3- Cottage
    00e4- Magazine
    00e5- Emergency exit
    00e6- Dwarven bread
    00e7- Goblin
    00e8- Bomb
    00e9- Cockatrice
    00ea- Mind flayer
    00eb- Gysahl greens
    00ec- Membership pass
    00ed- Gysahl whistle
    00ee- Bomb ring
    00ef- Baron key
    00f1- Earth crystal
    00f2- Magma rock
    00f3- Luca's Necklace
    00f4- Twin harp
    00f5- Dark crystal
    00f6- Rat tail
    00f7- Adamantite
    00f8- Frying pan
    00f9- Pink tail
    00fa- Dr. Lugae's key
    00fb- Dark matter
    00fc- Hand of the gods
    00fd- Apollo's harp
    00fe- Triton's dagger
    00ff- Seraphim's mace
    0100- Thor's hammer
    0101- Lightbringer
    0102- Flandango
    0103- Caliburn
    0104- Able's lance
    0105- Fiery hammer
    0106- Dragoon gloves
    0107- Hanzo gloves
    0108- Discipline armlet
    0109- White ring
    010a- Mist ring
    010b- Harmonious ring
    010c- Twin stars
    010d- Grimiore LO
    010e- Grimiore LL
    010f- Griniore LA
    0110- Grimiore LS
    0111- Grimiore LI
    0112- Grimiore LR
    0113- Grimiore LT
    0114- Grimiore LB
    0115- Grimiore LD
    0116- Courageous suit
    0117- Red jacket
    0118- Sage's robe
    0119- Lord's robe
    011a- Grand armor
    011b- Funny mask
    011c- Red cap
    011d- Coronet
    011e- Cat hood
    011f- Grand helm
    0120- Nirvana
    0121- Asura's rod
    0122- Sasuke's katana
    0123- Mitsunokami
    0124- Mist whip
    0125- Perseus's bow
    0126- Perseus arrow
    0127- Tiger fang
    0128- Dragon claw
    0129- Loki's lute
    012a- Rising sun
    012b- Assassin dagger
    012c- Gigant axe
    012d- Piggy stick
    012e- Hero's sheild
    012f- Rainbow robe
    0130- White dress
    0131- Chocobo suit
    0132- Tabby suit
    0133- Maximilian
    0134- Ceaser's plate
    0135- Dragoon plate
    0136- Assassin vest
    0137- Battle gear
    0138- Vishnu vest
    0139- Scrap metal
    013a- Clear water
    013b- Muddy water
    013c- Honey
    013d- Firewood
    013e- Torch
    013f- Doll
    0140- Raggedy Doll
    0141- Key
    0142- Megalixer
    0143- Bld-Skd Lance
    0144- Requiem Harp
    V. Other Miscellaneous Codes
    Item Modifier
    - Status Menu-
    Slot 1 = 02006EE4:???? (Type) (16-bit)
             02006EE6:???? (Quantity) (16-bit)
    Slot 48 = 02006FA0:???? (Type) (16-bit)
              02006FA2:???? (Quantity) (16-bit)
    - Fat Chocobo-
    Slot 1 = 02006FA4:???? (Type) (16-bit)
             02006FA6:???? (Quantity) (16-bit)
    Slot 126 = 02007198:???? (Type) (16-bit)
               0200719A:???? (Quantity) (16-bit)
    -All codes are 16 bit so add 4 to go to the next slot (in hex).  If there
     wasn't something in the slot to begin with the quantity will be messed up.
     Use quantity modifier to correct this.  Use equipment digits from the above
     section to fill these in.
    Enemy Dropped Item Codes
    0200E098:???? - 1st Item Drop Type (16-bit)
    0200E09A:???? - Quantity (16-bit)
    0200E09C:???? - 2nd Item Drop Type (16-bit)
    0200E09E:???? - Quantity (16-bit)
    0200E0A0:???? - 3rd Item Drop Type (16-bit)
    0200E0A2:???? - Quantity (16-bit)
    0200E0A4:???? - 4th Item Drop Type (16-bit)
    0200E0A6:???? - Quantity (16-bit)
    0200E0A8:???? - 5th Item Drop Type (16-bit)
    0200E0AA:???? - Quantity (16-bit)
    0200E0AC:???? - 6th Item Drop Type (16-bit)
    0200E0AE:???? - Quantity (16-bit)
    0200E0B0:???? - 7th Item Drop Type (16-bit)
    0200E0B2:???? - Quantity (16-bit)
    0200E0B4:???? - 8th Item Drop Type (16-bit)
    0200E0B6:???? - Quantity (16-bit)
    -As always, use the equipment digits with these, and the enemies will ALWAYS
     drop the specified item after every battle with the codes on.
    Monster To Fight Modifier
    0200E06C:???? (16-bit)
    -So far all I know is a few, like 0000 is 3 Goblins, 00B6 is with a Sorcerer
     that will summon a Green Dragon after his cohorts are dead, and 027F will give
     you 8 Flan Princesses to fight.  Experiment, its kind of fun. :-)
    Battle Command Modifier
    First Command 02027D0C:??
    Second Command 02027D0D:??
    Third Command 02027D0E:??
    Fourth Command 02027D0F:??
    Fifth Command 02027D10:??
    00 Attack
    01 Dark 
    02 Items
    03 Jump 
    04 W Magic
    05 Pray
    06 Aim
    07 B Magic
    08 Summon
    09 Recall
    0a Power
    0b Kick
    0c Gird
    0d Sing
    0e Heal
    0f Hide
    10 Bluff
    11 Twin
    12 Cry
    13 Study
    14 Throw
    15 Steal
    16 Ninjutsu
    17 Regen
    18 Cover
    - These codes are kind of limited in their use, as every party member in the
      battle will receive the command you pick for that slot. So far the only one
      I can think of that could be good for every character would be something like
      Throw, or Aim for arrows so they don't suck as much on average.
    Enemies die in one hit
    02024E10:0000 (all 16-bit)
    - Pretty self-explanatory....
    Debug Room
    7200e002 000c
    8200E04E 015D
    7200e002 000c
    8200e3c4 0078
    7200e002 000c
    8200e3c8 0068
    - I don't know the validity of this code, but as to how it works, it should put
      you in the Debug Room after you load a saved game, this is NOT a Debug room
      guide and I don't plan on making one since most of the options just seem to
      do what my other codes do in the first place, (switch characters, etc.) By the
      way this one is in Codebreaker format instead of the usual RAW.
    Gain 50,000 Exp. After Battle
    7200E000 0008
    82024994 c350
    7200E000 0008
    82024BAC c350
    - Codebreaker Format
    Gain 50,000 Gil After Battle
    7200E000 0008
    82024bb0 c350
    7200E000 0008
    82024998 c350
    - Codebreaker Format
    Infinite HP Version 1
    7200E000 0008
    82024ca0 270f
    7200E000 0008
    82024cc4 270f
    7200E000 0008
    82024d58 27of
    7200E000 0008
    82024db4 270f
    7200E000 0008
    82024cfc 270f
    - These codes ONLY work when starting a new game. Codebreaker Format.
    Infinite HP Version 2
    7200E000 0008
    82024a88 270f
    7200E000 0008
    82024b40 270f
    7200E000 0008
    82024a2c 270f
    7200E000 0008
    82024b9c 270f
    7200E000 0008
    82024ae4 270f
    - These codes ONLY work when loading a saved game(or a quick save).
      Codebreaker Format.
    Money (Gil) Modifier
    020072BC:???????? (32-bit)
    -98967F = 9999999 Gil
    Magic modifer Codes 
    (all 8-bit)
    - Rydia's White Magic (Young Only)-
    Slot 1 = 02006DF4:??
    Slot 24 = 02006E0B:??
    - Rydia's Black Magic (Young and Old)-
    Slot 1 = 02006E54:??
    Slot 24 = 02006E6B:??
    - Rydia's Summons (Young and Old)-
    Slot 1 = 02006EB4:??
    Slot 24 = 02006ECB:??
    - Tellah's White Magic -
    Slot 1 = 02006E0C:??
    Slot 24 = 02006E23:??
    - Tellah's Black Magic -
    Slot 1 = 02006E6C:??
    Slot 24 = 02006E83:??
    - FuSoYa's White Magic -
    Slot 1 = 02006E3C:??
    Slot 24 = 02006E53:??
    - FuSoYa's Black Magic -
    Slot 1 = 02006E9C:??
    Slot 24 = 02006EB3:??
    - Cecil's White Magic (Paladin Only)-
    Slot 1 = 02006DC0:??
    Slot 24 = 02006DDB:??
    - Rosa's White Magic -
    Slot 1 = 02006DDC:??
    Slot 24 = 02006dF3:??
    - Porom's White Magic -
    Slot 1 = 02006E24:??
    Slot 24 = 02006E3B:??
    - Palom's Black Magic -
    Slot 1 = 02006E84:??
    Slot 24 = 02006E9B:??
    - Edge's Ninja Magic -
    Slot 1 = 02006ECC:??
    Slot 24 = 02006EE3:??
    - Magic Digits -
    00 = Nothing (delete)
    White Magic
    01 = Hold
    02 = Silence
    03 = Confuse
    04 = Blink
    05 = Protect
    06 = Shell
    07 = Slow
    08 = Haste
    09 = Berserk
    0A = Reflect
    0B = Holy
    0C = Dispel
    0D = Scan
    0E = Cure
    0F = Cura
    10 = Curaga
    11 = Curaja
    12 = Esuna
    13 = Life
    14 = Full-Life
    15 = Mini
    16 = Teleport
    17 = Sight
    18 = Float
    Black Magic
    19 = Toad
    1A = Pig
    1B = Warp
    1C = Poison
    1D = Fire
    1E = Fira
    1F = Firaga
    20 = Blizzard
    21 = Blizzara
    22 = Blizzaga
    23 = Thunder
    24 = Thundara
    25 = Thundaga
    26 = Bio
    27 = Tornado
    28 = Quake
    29 = Sleep
    2A = Break
    2B = Death
    2C = Stop
    2D = Drain
    2E = Osmose
    2F = Meteor
    30 = Flare
    Summon Magic
    31 = Goblin
    32 = Bomb
    33 = Cockatrice
    34 = Mind Flayer
    35 = Chocobo
    36 = Shiva
    37 = Ramuh
    38 = Ifrit
    39 = Titan
    3A = Dragon
    3B = Sylph
    3C = Odin
    3D = Leviathan
    3E = Asura
    3F = Bahamut
    Twin Magic
    40 = Comet
    41 = Pyro
    Ninja Magic
    42 = Flame
    43 = Flood
    44 = Blitz
    45 = Smoke
    46 = Pin
    47 = Image
    Enemy Abilities
    48-AC, They cannot be used though, doh!
    -Rydia is the only one that can use summons.  Enemy abilities don't work at
     all unlike the SNES version.  White and Black magic can be swapped, meaning
     Black can be in a White magic menu and vice versa.  Same thing goes with
     Twin and Ninja Magic (Now the casting time for "Twin" magic doesn't have to be
     so attrocious, just hack it into their menu and the casting time will be a lot
    VI. Frequently Asked Questions
    - There are not any yet, as this is a relatively new guide. I just entered
      this section in case some roll in as time goes by.
    VII. What's to come?
    - Figuring out what the few unknown bytes are in the character information
      will be coming soon, but every stat is covered, so anything left that is
      undiscovered is probably not very important for the most part.
    - I would really appreciate having someone help me convert these into 
      Codebreaker/PARv2/ARv3/GamesharkSP codes for people who would like to use 
      the codes with their respective cheat device.
    VIII. Credits
    - Although he might not even know it yet, a big thank you to TheMatrixMaster 
      for giving me a reason to dig further and find out more about modding because
      of his Dark Knight Cecil code.
    - Thank you to Katie N., who puts up with my game playing as much as she can,
      while hating video games in general. The only exception to this is Ms.
      Pac-Man (she is also a feminist...... so go figure :-P).
    - Thanks to all of the people that showed a little interest on the Gamefaqs
      FF IV Advance Message board in relation to my codes.
    - Well, other then the above this has been all my own work thus far, except for
      some of the codes that appear in the Miscellaneous code section, those are
      from various members on the FF IV Messageboards and if they would like to be 
      credited fully by all means E-mail me and I will include your Name/Username as
      it was a lot of work to put all of the codes together, and it was hard to keep
      track of who made what code. Anyone who contributes to help make this guide
      all inclusive, maybe even to the point of the Final Fantasy Tactics Character
      Mod FAQ (that is maybe just wishful thinking, haha) will most certainly be
      credited highly in the next version of my FAQ!
    Well till next time........I'll be on the messageboards of FF IV (PuppyLoveDog)
    if anyone has suggestions and also for code contributions or tips. For more info
    on using these codes you can email me at juanatari@hotmail.com, but please no
    hate mail, if you hate cheating, you shouldn't be reading this guide in the 
    first place, right?
    Final Fantasy IV Advance is copyrighted by Square/Enix
    This guide is copyrighted by JuanAtari and so far I only want it on 
    Gamefaqs.com, if you see it elsewhere, please email me.

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