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    Lunar Ruins Walkthrough by RedSwordMage

    Version: 1.65 | Updated: 05/27/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Lunar Ruins Walkthrough 
    By: Red Sword Mage
    Created: January,23 2006
    Table of contents
    I. Copyright notice
    II Version History
    III Changes (GBA to SNES)
    IV. Frequently asked questions
    V Characters
    VI Walkthrough
    6a. Yang's Trial                                       [YANG]
    6b. Edward's Trial                                     [BARD]
    6c. Rydia's Trial                                      [SUMM]
    6d. Cecil's Trial                                      [PALD]
    6e. Rosa's Trial                                       [WHIT]
    6f. Edge's Trial                                       [EDGE]
    6g. Kain's Trial                                       [KAIN]
    6h. Cid's Trial                                        [CIDT]
    6i. Palom & Porom's Trial                              [TWIN]
    6j. The Final Trial                                    [FINALE]
    6k. The Brachioraidos                                  [DRAGON]
    VII Secrets
    VIII Authorized websites
    IX Credits
    X About the Author...
    I. Copyright Notice
    This FAQ/Walkthrough is for personal use only and cannot be reproduced for
    Commercial use unless you contact me. If you want this guide on your website,I
    will give you permission IF you have my name somewhere within the guide.
    My e-mail is strider_hiryu2003@yahoo.com. Please do not send spam or anything 
    of that nature for you will get blocked. If there's something you want to ask 
    or add e-mail me and label the subject as "FF4 Advance Guide".Please try to 
    use correct grammar and not like this: LI3K 0MG D00D,H3LP M3H 0UTT!11!1!1 
    Thank you for your cooperation.
    II. Version history
    Version 0.1:Guide Created today,Finished sections 1-3,4 45% completed.
    Version 0.25: Sections 1-4 completed,walkthrough 1/10th completed
    Version 0.3: Walkthrough 1/5ths done.
    Version 0.35: Walkthrough 2/5ths done.
    Version 0.5: Walkthrough 1/2 done.
    Version 0.6: Walkthrough 7/10ths done. Added new sections.
    Version 0.8: Walkthrough 9/10ths done.
    Version 0.95: Walkthrough done, Finishing Brachioradios section.
    Version 1.00: Walkthrough fully completed,corrected grammar and spelling.
    Version 1.1: Cleaned up some errors that I had left in the walkthrough
    without realizing it.
    Version 1.2: Added a new section,cleaned up some more errors,added some new 
    stuff in the walkthrough(see credits section for who did it.) 
    Version 1.5: Added new section, added more stuff on Cecil's trial, and revised 
    my strategy on Lunar odin.
    Version 1.6: Added more questions to the FAQ's.
    Version 1.65: Added some more stuff.
    III. Changes
    -ATB bar is added in,with some few minor bugs
    -2 new dungeons,Lunar Ruins and Cave of trials are added
    -Quicksave feature,now you can save anywhere you want!
    -New intro sequence when you start up the game
    -There's a music player and a bestiary
    -Instead of taking forever to walk through a dungeon you can now run.
    -Using Sight or Dwarven bread brings up a mini-map of the area of the outside 
    - You can now swap out your characters,instead of beating the game
     with the 5 original characters. There's even Final weapons for the 
    -Character portraits when they speak are new and graphically touched-up,
    as well as the battle fields.
    -The script has been retranslated and new dialogue has been added. The spells 
    have been upgraded. So instead of Fire 3 or White it would be Firaga or Holy.
    IV FAQs
    Question:Is there anyway to go back through the trials again?
    Answer: Yes, just use the Grimoire you recieved in the trial.
    Question:Is culex in ANY versions of this game?
    Answer: To date, Culex IS NOT,I repeat,IS NOT in any Final Fantasy game. 
    Culex was just for Super Mario RPG: Legend of the seven stars for the SNES.
    Nintendo and Square(now Square-Enix) just did it for a tribute to the FF 
    series. Even though the music is taken from FF2/4's "Dreadful Battle".The 
    Crystals are in some FF games. But you don't have to fight them.
    Question:How hard are the 3 versions?
    Answer: I think the SNES version is the Easy type, The GBA version is "Normal"
    and the PSX version(Final Fantasy Chronicles bundle) is the Hard type.
    Question:What are the chances of getting a pink tail?
    Answer: Mathematically, it would be 5/6272. Making it a breath's away near 
    impossible. You'd have better chance of winning the lottery. Or winning in a 
    bracket contest.
    Question: This game is WAY too hard. The enemies are attacking way too fast,
    It's crazy.
    Answer: Hey, buddy. Have you ever noticed that maybe THE BATTLE SPEED IS ON 
    TOO HIGH? Yeah, turning the battle speed on max will do that,especially on this
    Question: I have heard that there is a glitched telporter room in the 
    lunar ruins. What's glitched up about it?
    Answer: Well, the room looks sort of like the "serpent road". When you come 
    to the 1st fork in the road,no matter which path you choose, you'll end up at 
    the beginning of it again. Of course, some of you might get lucky and might 
    go to the correct way the 1st time you go through it. If you do get stuck in 
    that loop, just be patient. Alternate between both of them, you'll eventually 
    reach the right path.  
    Question:Does the Dark matter do anything?
    Answer: It does nothing. IT DOES NOT reduce how much damage you will take.It 
    just so happens that his Big Bang attack has a wide damage inflicting area
    (800-2500,I believe) that makes it look like it's reduced damage.
    Question: Is there a way to get back to that point without having to walk all 
    of it again? The FAQs mentionned using the Grimoire, but I can't do it from the
    Item screen outside of the battle and in-battle it summons the summon...
    Answer: OK,1st off the Grimiore lets you RE-ENTER the trial again. You may 
    have to find which one it is before you can actually enter the trial. So if I 
    wanted to go over Cecil's trial again, I would use the Grimiore LO,because 
    that is the grimiore I got when I beat the trial. It is also the name of the 
    boss from the trial, so remember which one you got from who's trial.
    Also, there is no way to get back to specific floor; you have to use the 
    telporter on the right in the trial floor and it will teleport you outside. 
    You'll have to start from the beginning again and have to put up with that 
    damn glitched telporter room and such.
    Question:Where can I get the pre-lunar ruins weapons?
    Answer: In the Lunar subterrane of course. The Ragnarok(Cecil's weapon) can be 
    obtained by defeating Dark bahamut, Holy lance (kain's wepaon) is found with 
    Plague, Murasame is obtained when you beat white dragon, you recieve Masamune
    when you beat Ogopogo(both Edge's), and you get the ribbons when you beat the 
    Lunasaurs(equip with Rosa and Rydia). The Crystal(Cecil) and Dragon
    (Kain,Dragoon?) armors are found in chest in the dungeon.
    Question:Can we use the weapon cloning trick in this version?
    Answer:Sadly,no. Square-Enix got rid of that bug.
    Question: How long does it take to get the Excalibur? I keep asking the old
    man and he says "I need more time..."
    Answer: Go get the Lunar Whale and return to him. If he needs more time, go 
    to the moon and get FuSoYa and return.
    Question:Who should I take with me to beat Zeromus or Zeromus EG with?
    Answer: These are balanced parties,you can take either the original party
    (Cecil,Rosa,Kain,Rydia,and Edge) or the advance party
    (Cecil,Porom,Yang,Edward,and Cid) with Prom and Edward in the back row. 
    Remember that you can beat Zeromus with only one of the twins to unlock their
    trial, but both to complete it.
    Question: What is the Chest that is glitched in the lunar ruins?
    Answer: That's the Nirvanna chest. When you open it, it will freeze up your 
    game. I have heard that opening it up from the side will bypass the lock-up.
    Also, the bugs is randomly triggered, so don't expect for it to lock-up every
    time you open the chest. IT'S THE CHEST,NOT THE WEAPON ITSELF!
    Question: What is a good level to be in the start of the Lunar ruins?
    Answer: 54,55+ is a good level.
    Question: How about when fighting Zeromus?
    Answer: 50 is the recommended level. Unless your playing the PSX version. It
    would probably be better to level up to 56-60 on there,with the battle speed 
    on 5 or 6.
    Question: How do I beat Dark Knight Cecil on Mt.Mysidia?
    Answer: "A true paladin will sheath his sword..." Just defend and heal when 
    your hp gets low.
    Question: What is this "Training Dungeon" the Instruction Booklet is refering 
    Answer: That's the Cave of trials. It's purpose is to get your old characters
    (Yang,Cid,Edward, and the twins) equipped for the final boss just like the 
    Lunar subterrane for the "Original Party". After you beat the Giant of Babel, 
    you'll go to the moon and you'll get a note from hummingway that tells you that
    you can go switch your characters at the hall of prayers(Mysidia).
    Question: What level should I be for [Insert location]?
    Answer: There's 3 ways to tell if you need leveling up:
    1. If your getting killed a lot by the enemies, level up.
    2. If your killing the enemies with no problem, your fine.
    3. If your killing the enemies within a couple of turns, go level up somewhere 
    V. Characters (taken from manual,except for Cid)
    Entrusted with the command of the Red Wings,Barons' Royal airship fleet,
    he masters the dark sword under the king's orders. 
    He is a pure-hearted young man with a strong sense of Justice.
    Personal Score: 9/10
    Favorite Ability: Fight
    When he's a D. Knight I like to use his Dark attack.
    A rival of Cecil's,yet at the same time a close friend.
    As the commander of the dragoon unit, Kain possesses great strength
    and is admired by all of Baron.
    Personal score: 8/10
    Favorite Ability: Jump
    Renowned for her beauty throughout Baron,Rosa harbors feelings for Cecil.
    Rosa's mother was also a white mage who once fought alongside
    and saved the king of baron. The determination to follow her mother's footsteps
    makes Rosa tread the path of the white mage-so that she,herself might save 
    Personal Score: 8.5/10
    Favorite Ability: W.Magic
    A young girl residing in Mist,the village of summoners. 
    While the blood she inherits from her summoner mother gives her the innate
    ability to summon creatures,within Rydia also lies a great power for both 
    White and Black Magic.
    Personal Score: 7.5/10
    Favorite Ability:  Young Rydia: B.Magic Older Rydia: Summon
    An engineer in baron,he built the Red Wing's airship fleet.
    Personal Score: 7/10
    Favorite Ability:Study
    The Prince of Damcyan,the desert kingdom. Detesting his own status as royalty,
    this kind and compassionate young man wanders the countryside freely as a bard
    Personal Score: 7.5/10
    Favorite Ability: Chant
    A sage famous amongst mages, tellah once used mighty magic as he pleased.
    However,age has dwindled his abilities far more than he would like to admit...
    Personal Score: 5.5/10
    Favorite Ability: Don't have one for him
    Palom & Porom
    Twin mage apprentices from the land of Mysidia. Palom trains as a black mage,
    while Porom trains as a white mage.
    Palom Score: 7.5/10  Porom Score 8.5/10
    Favorite Ability:  Palom:B.Magic,Bluff. Porom:W.Magic,sometimes Twin
    Prince of the Kingdom of Eblan, where a legendary ninja tradition has been
    passed down for generations. Edge comes off quite self-assured with his
    advanced arsenal of ninja techniques 
    Personal Score: 9/10
    Favorite Ability: Fight,Ninjutsu,and Throw
    Now,the moment you've been waiting for...
    VI. Walkthrough.
    Yang's Trial                                             [YANG]        
    Note: Every Mini-boss in here,you have to fight twice 
    Head up and prepare to fight a...
    Soldier Monk
    Difficulty: 5/10
    Gil: 5000
    Exp: 15000
    Have Yang use his kick to eliminate the guys with Nunchucks. 
    After,that use Power, or he can attack.Cecil/Cid/Edge/Edward needs to attack,
    Rosa/Porom heal when nessecary,Kain Jump,and Rydia/Palom needs to Cast Firaga
    or Flare,I recommend Firaga because you can use it on everybody and it doesn't
    cost as much MP as Bahamut does. Use Rydia's whip on them if they are
    After your done fighting that set,head up and fight...
    Super Monk
    Difficulty: 6/10
    HP: 8000
    Gil: 8000
    Exp: 18000
    Weakness: Fire
    Have Yang use his kick to eliminate the guys with Nunchucks. 
    After,that use Power,or he can Attack.Cecil/Cid/Edge/Edward needs to attack,
    Rosa/Porom heal when necessary,Kain Jump,and Rydia/Palom needs to Cast Firaga
    or Flare.I recommend Firaga because you can use it on everybody and it doesn't
    cost as much MP as Bahamut does.Use Rydia's whip on them if they are near-death.
    After that set, head up to fight yet another...
    Difficulty: 6.5/10
    HP: 10000
    Gil: 10000
    Exp: 20000
    Weakness: Fire
    Have Yang use his kick to eliminate the guys with Nunchucks. 
    After,that use Power,or he can attack.Cecil/Cid/Edge/Edward needs to attack,
    Rosa/Porom heal when nessecary,Kain Jump,and Rydia/Palom needs to Cast Firaga,
    Flare,or Bahamut.I recommend Firaga because you can use it on everybody and
    it doesn't cost as much MP as Bahamut does. Use Rydia's whip on them if they
    are near-death.
    After doing that, Lunar Titan will grow Impatient and decide to
    finish you off himself.
    *****BOSS ALERT!******
    Lunar Titan
    Difficulty: 7.5/10
    HP: 120,000
    Gil: 65000
    Exp: 65000
    Weakness: None
    Be sure to cast Float to take no damage from his Deadly Earthquake attack.
    Cecil/Edge/Edward/Cid needs to attack. Unless Edward has chant,use that. 
    Rydia can summon Bahamut or summon Asura when you really need the healing,
    Rosa/Porom heal when nessecary,Yang use his Power,Kain Jump,and have Palom cast
    Flare or such. When he flexes his muscles he is about to use his earthquake,
    luckily you have will float on so you won't receive damage.
    Later in the fight he uses his Crush attack which similar to the demon wall
    you fought inside the sealed cavern and is an Instant K.O. for one of your 
    party member.So have Rosa use Full-life or someone use a Phoenix Down. 
    After beating him you receive the Grimoire LT. Which summons Lunar Titan
    and deals 9999 damage. 
    After you hear LT's last words,you see something shiny on the ground,
    pick it up and you'll receive the discipline armlet for Yang, which turns
    the Power command into Deadly. Now instead of it doing twice as much damage,
    you'll do 3x as much when you use it.
    Edward's Trial                                         [BARD]          
    Watch the scene that occurs.
    Note: You have to kill the Specter first,then use Edward's sing ability to
    actually kill it.
    After that, go inside and fight every ghost you see in the castle.
    There are no random Encounters on this trial.After killing the Specters,
    use the healing pots on the left and right if needed on the top floor. 
    Then go back down to the 1st floor and go behind the doorway to see another 
    specter. After killing it,watch the short-scene.There's 5 specters on this 
    floor. When you're done with that,go to the doorway near the South-west corner.
    Watch the scene and prepare to fight...
    *****BOSS ALERT!*****
    Lunar Shiva
    Difficulty: 8.5/10
    HP: 100,000
    Gil: 65000
    Exp: 65000
    Weakness: Fire (Duh!)
    Have Cecil/Cid/Edward/Edge attack.Yang can use Power/Deadly,Rosa/Porom heal,
    Full-life,etc. Rydia can cast Bahamut,Palom casts Flare,and Kain Jump.
    When she holds her wand out she's about to use Ice storm that can deal 
    Big damage to your characters. Have Rosa/Porom cast Curaja and bring anyone 
    back to life. She can cast Blizzaga which would deal around 1000-1500 on your
    characters. If you attack she'll counter with Blizzaga on HERSELF. 
    Which heals her for around 2700,so make sure you deal more damage than she can
    recover. Her Physical attacks may deal under 1000.After beating her,you'll 
    receive the Grimoire LS.
    Watch the scene,and you'll receive the Harmonious Ring, which transforms 
    Edward's sing ability to chant. When you use chant it'll give you Protect and
    Shell on everybody. Onward to the next trial!
    Rydia's Trial                                           [SUMM]         
    Head on in, and watch the scene.
    To your SW is Ifrit,SE is Shiva,NE is Ramuh,and to the NW is Titan.
    I'm going to go in the order I just listed so if you go somewhere else 1st,
    scroll down.Once your in the SW corner talk to Ifrit and he'll challenge you.
    Difficulty: 3/10
    Exp: 50000
    Weakness: Ice,Water
    Cecil/Cid/Edward/Edge should attack. Unless you have Edward's chant,use that 
    1st,then Fight,Hide,Whatever. Yang should use Power/Deadly.Kain can Jump. 
    Rydia/Palom should cast Blizzaga. Rosa/Porom: Holy is a good spell to use 
    against him if no one needs healing.When he turns red,he's about to use his
    Flame attack,which deals under 1500-1800 damage.Ifrit is so pathetic,he'll 
    just stand there while you're pummeling him down with your attacks.
    Go now to the SE corner,talk to shiva and she will challenge you.
    Difficulty: 6/10
    HP: 64000
    Gil: 45000
    Exp: 50000
    Weakness: Fire
    Cecil/Cid/Edward/Edge should attack. Unless you have Edward's chant,use that 
    1st,then do whatever. His harp does pretty good on Shiva. Yang should use 
    Power/Deadly. Kain can Jump.Rydia/Palom should cast Firaga or Flare. 
    Rosa/Porom,you know what to do.
    She is the hardest of the 4 summon monsters you will fight here.
    When she holds her wand out she's about to use Ice storm which can deal a 
    little under 1500.Her physical attacks can cause much damage as well.
    Go to the NE corner and talk to Ramuh. He'll challenge you to a fight.
    Difficulty: 5/10
    HP: 60000
    Gil: 45000
    Exp: 50000
    Weakness: None
    Cecil/Cid/Edward/Edge should attack. Unless you have Edward's chant,use that 
    1st,then do whatever. Yang should use Power/Deadly. Kain can Jump.
    Rydia can summon Leviathan or Bahamut which deals a good chunk of damage. 
    Palom can use anything he wants.When he holds his staff up high he's about to 
    use Lightning, which deals good amounts of damage to your characters. 
    His Blitz attack can also deal a good chunk of damage to a character.
    After that go to the final one,Titan. Speak to him and he will offer you a 
    Difficulty: 4.5/10
    HP: 75000
    Gil: 45000
    Exp: 50000
    Weakness: None
    Be sure to cast float on yourself before you fight Titan.
    Cecil/Cid/Edward/Edge should attack. Unless you have Edward's chant,use that 
    1st,then do whatever. Yang should use Power/Deadly. Kain can Jump. 
    Rydia can cast Bahamut.Palom can do anything he wants.
    When he flexes his muscles he's about to use Earthquake, which deals big time 
    damage,around 2000, that is if you didn't have float on. 
    His Physical attacks should deal around 700.
    After defeating all four, go North,through the fog and watch the scene and 
    prepare to fight...
    ****BOSS ALERT!****
    Lunar Dragon
    Difficulty: 8/10
    HP: 105,000
    Gil: 65000
    Exp: 65000
    Weakness: None
    Cecil/Cid/Edward/Edge should attack. Unless you have Edward's chant,use that 
    1st,then do whatever. Yang should use Power/Deadly. Kain can Jump. 
    Rydia can cast Bahamut.Palom can cast flare if nothing else.
    Brace yourself for a LONG boss fight. His Physical attacks should deal 
    under 1500. He uses an annoying move called Poison Gas,which is similar to 
    Dr. Lugae's sleeping gas(which he can also use,but not a high chance of 
    putting you to sleep.), except it poisons you. When you get down to the 
    last character who has Poison,and heal them,he'll cast it again. The only one 
    I would heal would be Yang, because he can't use his Power/deadly when he's 
    poisoned. The Poison shouldn't deal too much damage.Do not attack him when 
    he's turned into mist,because it'll miss and he'll counter-attack with cold 
    mist which does about 1 HP worth of damage to your characters.He can also 
    use slow. Later in the fight,you'll hear a sound like he's turned into mist 
    again but won't turn into it. I don't know if this is a glitch or what. 
    Also,don't use holy on him because it will heal him. Speaking of healing, 
    he heals himself for around 9999 later in the fight,just like Zeromus does 
    sometimes. But,you can easily tear that down with Bahamut. Hopefully this 
    boss won't be too much of a pain-in-the-ass. After beating him, you receive 
    the Grimoire LD.
    Before leaving, be sure to fight the mist enemies. As you won't see them again
    until you play through this trial again. For beating Lunar Dragon you get the 
    Mist ring,which increases Rydia's Summoning power.
    Cecil's Trial                                            [PALD]        
    When you walk in you'll hear someone questioning you about you being a true 
    Paladin. Go through the door to continue.
    Note: The below quests are random.
    Room setting:(Submitted by Fairygoddess777)
    Walk inside and hear his story, don't open the treasure chest, or else you
    will fail the part of the trial.
    Town setting:
    Go up and watch the scene. Talk to the Kid on the left and he'll run off. 
    Then talk to the 4 kids surrounding the pig. Watch the scene and continue 
    through the door.
    Farm setting:(Submitted by Fairygoddess777)
    Walk inside and talk to the girl next to the fence. Go to the next room and
    successfully capture the chocobos in the room. There's 1 red & 1 blue chocobo
    near the top, 3 yellow chocobos running around, and a white chocobo near the 
    Mountain setting:
    Watch the scene and continue on,if you get the megalixer,you fail the 
    part of the trial.
    Town setting 2:
    Watch the scene and save the kid drowning in the lake. Continue on.
    Armory setting:
    Watch the scene and go around the corner and get the shiny thing.It is a 
    Golden Apple. Take it back to the man. If you use it you fail part of the trial.
    Guard setting:
    Go  past the soldiers and watch the scene. You heard him, so just take your 
    hands off the control pad and buttons and don't touch them again until the 
    guard comes back. The shiny thing the chocobo drops is an illusion,so are the 
    bombs. So don't go after them.
    Guard setting 2:
    Go around the corner and talk to the guard. Stand there and don't move. 
    Don't worry,nothing will tempt you to move from your spot. Just wait a while
    and he'll come back
    Castle setting:
    Help the soldiers defeat the enemy's Don't worry,they aren't hard they're 
    those giant robots you see in the 1st part of the Lunar subterrane and in the 
    Babel Giant. once your done with that,head out the right side.
    Cave setting:(Submitted by Jon spencer)
    Go up to the bridge and talk to the enemy blocking your path. DO NOT KILL HIM!
    Listen to his story and you will pass the trial.
    Room setting:
    Go up and touch the vase. Answer "Yes" to pass this part of the trail.
    Treasure room setting:(submitted by Tonberry)
    Walk into the room and you'll pass by a bandit. Listen to him,say "No" and 
    prepare to fight
    HP: 14651
    Difficulty: 2/10
    Gil: 0
    Exp: 0
    This is just like a normal random encounter. So do whatever you want.
    He will run off like a crybaby and you can go on to the next part of the 
    trial.If you say "Yes" you will fail the part of the trial.
    *There might be some more I'm missing you can e-mail me if you find any more.*
    Anyway,when you get to the throne room talk to the king. 
    Take what's in the box and equip it on Cecil. Now,prepare to fight...
    ****BOSS ALERT!****
    Lunar Odin
    Difficulty: 8.5/10
    HP: 95000
    Gil: 65000
    Exp: 65000
    Weakness: Thunder
    There are 2 ways you can beat this guy:
    Easy way: Bring edward along and have him hide, and cast thundaga spells on 
    him. On his 8th turn, a message will appear saying" Lightning courses through
    Odin's veins" and he will die.
    Cecil/Cid/Edge:Attack, hopefully cecil's lightbringer will cast holy.
    Edward: Chant, then hide, reapperaing whenever he needs to.
    Yang: Attack, because his power/deadly takes too long and you need to be quick.
    I would only use it if Everyone's alive after the 1st Zantetsuken.
    Kain: Jump, hopefully you cna time it to avoid his Zantetsuken.
    Rosa/Porom: She needs to cast slow on L.O. before his 1st Zantetsuken. 
    Otherwise,Full-life and curaja.
    Rydia:Summon Bahamut,Summon Asura,Cast Thundaga,Cast flare(if you have it)
    Palom: Cast Thundaga,or Flare(if you have it)
    Later in the fight he'll use haste which means he's getting ready for a double 
    Zantetsuken. There is no way to avoid this unless you have Edward hidden, or 
    Kain somehow jumps right before the Zantetsuken(which I doubt the latter).
    You receive the Lightbringer for beating that hard boss,and the Grimiore LO.
    When you attack with the Lightbringer it'll sometimes cast Holy. 
    If you don't pass all the parts of the trails,you don't get the lightbringer, 
    you get other stuff.
    Magic kid has a list of things that you can get whether you fail parts of 
    the trial or not.
    0 Correct - Scrap Metal-(Throwing weapon for Edge)
    1 Correct - Dark Blade(Blade for D.K Cecil)
    2 Correct - Shadow Blade(Blade for D.K Cecil)
    3 Correct - Caliburn(Legendary Holy weapon,very weak)
    4 Correct - Flandango(Weapon effective against flans)
    All Correct - Lightbringer / Lunar Curtain / Megalixir (The Lunarcurtain and 
    Megalixer differ from time to time)
    Rosa's Trial                                           [WHIT]          
    Head in the town and watch the scene that occurs.
    Walk around and heal anyone you see,but be careful. If you see something 
    that's not quite right don't heal them. For example,if you see a person stoned
    and is still moving,don't use esuna. If you do they will turn into a creature 
    called metamorpha and fight you. These creatures are only seen in this trail 
    so fight them if you want the bestiary.Also,you have a certain amount of time 
    to heal everyone so hurry.
    When you run out of time,you will have to fight...
    *****BOSS ALERT!*****
    Lunar Asura
    Difficulty: 7.5/10
    Have Cecil/Cid/Edge attack. Edward should use Chant then do whatever. 
    Yang can use Power/Deadly.Rydia can summon Bahamut,Palom could cast flare or 
    There is a way to block all of her attacks. 1st of all,cast reflect for her 
    heal spell to bounce off of her. If you have Palom in your party,cast Reflect
    on someone (namely him) so he can use B.Magic without worrying about it 
    hitting back one of your characters.If you have Lightbringer hope it doesn't
    cast Holy on someone. If you Have Kain's Trial weapon don't attack,Jump.  
    Blink and Shell help you reduce damage from her Physical and Magical attacks. 
    Use Edward's chant or Rosa/Porom can cast Protect/Blink and Shell on everyone.
    There's also a weapon that can get past her Immunity for Mute.I dunno what it's 
    called though.The only attack you can't block is her Globe 199,which is an 
    instant K.O for one of your party members,just like the Core you fought in 
    the Center of the Babel Giant. Just like her other counterpart,she's a 
    counter-attacker. So if your party needs healing badly,stop attacking. 
    Later if you hit her Physically she'll counter with Firaga or Blizzaga. 
    She'll use restore later in the fight which will heal her for 9999 HP. 
    If you need extra healing,you can have Rydia summon Asura and maybe she'll
    heal you.
    When you beat her you get the Grimoire LA.Depending on how many villagers you 
    saved you can get a number of things.
    Andrew parker has a table which tells you How many people you save and what 
    you'll get:
    People Rescued                              Prize
             0-1                                Nothing
             2-4                                X-Potion
             5-7                                Dry Ether
             8-10                               Elixer
             11-12                              Megalixer
             14                                 White Ring
    Edge's Trial                                               [EDGE]
    This trial can be a major pain-in-the-ass if you don't do everything right,
    so just follow my directions carefully and it may not take too long.
    Go in and watch the scene. When you can move,go up a left at the fork.Go up 
    and hug the wall for a secret passageway.Go in the 1st door. Examine the 
    button UNDER the torch,if you touch the other one you will get into a fight. 
    Take notice of the Palace guards for they will come in handy later. 
    After the 1st door,use the switch UNDER the shield. To your left is a MP 
    restoration Pot,use it if you must,then continue to the stairs. Go north to 
    the other side and up the stairs,go left and talk to the king on his throne,
    watch the scene. Go examine the switches UNDER the torch and shield and go up 
    the stairs. Watch the short scene and go step on the red switch to your left,
    don't come the way you went for the switch,for the floor is weak. Go through 
    the door that just opened and through the weak floor at the top, go down 
    through the weak floor and read the sign. It says 
    "Down 1,Right 2, Down 2,Right 1" 
    that means you have to move one space down,2 spaces right and so on. 
    You might wanna turn off the Auto-run under the config. menu. 
    If not,continue on and be careful. You cannot move anywhere else besides that 
    or you will fall off. Go left and read the next sign,basically you can go 3 to
    the right,up to the wall,left to the other wall, up the door and right onto 
    the flooring. When you get there, go all the way down and get the Blueish 
    switch. To get back,go down and through the south door and come back in. 
    Go through the newly opened door and hit the greenish switch. There isn't 
    anyway of avoiding falling down so,GERONIMOOooo!
    There's treasure in the Basement,and remember that you have to cast float to 
    walk across the lava. When you get done exploring,go find one of those stone 
    teleporters,and go back up to the 1st floor. Go right and use the tower 
    entrance. Walk left to the wall,up to the door(but don't go through it),and 
    right to the floor. Now,go down and use the open door to the right,the one 
    with the stairs in the middle. Go down and through the wall and left. Go 
    through the wall that has a dent in it. Go all the way down,go left 
    2 spaces,and go all the way down. When Edge,Cecil,whomever is visible 
    again, go west and north into the wall. Head west as much as you can and 
    when you're on the blue sky STOP RIGHT THERE. Take another step west then 2 
    steps south and all the way west to the wall. Remember what I said about 
    the palace guards? Well,when you kill them they drop keys so get about 3 or 4 
    of them. The quickest way to kill them is to have Rydia/Palom cast break on 
    them since they are stone-type. But,because they are stone-type they can use
    embrace which will instantly turn your character into stone,have Cecil or 
    Porom cast Esuna on them. Also,when they are in critical health they will
    cast Protect on themselves making it harder and harder to kill them so do it 
    quickly.Use the key on the door infront of you. Make your way west and go 
    north there's a MP pot on the right. Go north and west through the wall,and 
    use one of your keys on the door. Go SW through the wall and all the way up. 
    Go right and up to a secret door. Go and talk to the king and prepare to 
    *****BOSS ALERT!******
    Lunar Ifrit
    Have Cecil/Cid/Edge/Edward attack. Unless Edward has chant use that first then 
    do whatever. Yang should use Power/Deadly,Kain can Jump,and Rydia/Palom need
    to cast Blizzaga. 
    When he turns deep purplish he's about to use Flame which deals around 700 
    damage. Later in the fight he'll use Flame Thrower which won't deal as much 
    as the Flame attack. He is a counter-attacker so if your guys are weary stop
    attacking,and heal them. His counter-attack can deal quite a bit of good 
    damage,sometimes. He won't counter Kain's jump or Yang's Power/Deadly. 
    His Firaga can kill you if your not careful. He'll go down soon enough after
    you deal a lot of damage to him. You receive the Grimoire LI for defeating 
    Examine his chair and you shall receive the Hanzo gloves that turn Edge's 
    steal command into Plunder,which is more effective than steal. If you do this
    trial again,you'll receive a magazine. Use it and watch the scene that occurs.
    Kain's Trail                                                     [KAIN]
    Note: A lot of this trail is watching and talking.
    DAY 1
    Watch the scene and talk to everyone. Then,talk to the soldier near Cecil. 
    Watch the scene that occurs. Go into the Inn and talk to the guy behind the 
    counter and turn in for the day.
    DAY 2
    Examine the Lance in your room,after that, go outside and watch the scene. 
    Talk to Cecil and then talk to the soldier next to the weapons vendor. Watch
    the scene and turn in for the day. 
    (Good ol' 5 minute days.)
    DAY 3
    Head outside and watch the scene. Talk to everyone in the town. Head to the 
    Building North of the Item shop,and head down the stairs. Talk to everyone 
    down here. Go into the Inn and turn in for the day.
    NIGHT 3
    Go outside and talk to Cecil. Rosa is in the North corner of the town,tied up.
    watch the scene and go to the building north of the Inn and talk to Cecil. 
    Head in for the Night.
    DAY 4
    Go outside and go into Rosa's house,watch the scene. Go back to where you 
    found rosa and examine the white mark on the floor. Go back to the building
    North of the Item shop and down the stairs,and Talk to the soldiers. Head back
    into the Inn and watch the scene. Talk to the soldier near the door,and watch
    the scene.
    NIGHT 4
    Watch the next scene,and go outside. Chase down the monster,when you catch him, 
    watch the scene. Head back into the Inn and examine the Lance. Go back outside
    and into the Building North of the Item shop. Watch the scene. If you choose 
    Yes you will be transported outside the Trial and cannot enter it again. 
    So,choose No and prepare to fight...
    ******BOSS ALERT!*****
    Dark Kain/Lunar Bahamut
    Difficulty: 8.5/10
    HP: 0/50000
    Gil: 65000
    Exp: 65000
    Weakness: Ice/Water
    This is what you need to do. He's a counter-attacker so I suggest moving Kain 
    to the back row to receive as little damage as possible. When your fighting 
    Lunar Bahamut,he'll start the countdown.
    You need to jump between when he says 2 and 1. When your HP gets below 900 
    use a Lunar/Light curtain and use an X-Potion. You should have wore his HP 
    down enough for him to kill himself off. You'll receive the Grimiore LB 
    after defeating him.
    After beating Him, watch the scene and you'll receive Kain's weapon, 
    Abel's Lance. Which Turns Kain's Jump into Dbl Jump,and the dragoon gloves,
    which increases Kain's power. When you attack it'll sometimes cast tornado on 
    an enemy. Even though they are not weak to it.
    Cid's Trial                                                         [CIDT]
    Start on the world map and head to the Airship. Do as the guy says and fly
    South until you reach Mt. Ordeals,then west until you reach Mysidia. Be aware
    that you can't use Sight or Dwarven Bread in here. When you reach Mysidia
    watch the scene,and you'll meet another person. Fly him to Troia in under a
    Minute. Go west a little then north until you reach Baron. If you don't see it
    fly NW a little more. When you reach Baron, head NW again until you see a lot 
    of forests. Go North and into Troia. Watch the scene and you'll met yet 
    another person you have to take somewhere. Fly him to Fabul under 40 seconds.
    Go SE until you reach Mt. Hobbs. Go South then east until you reach Fabul.
    watch another scene and take another man to Kaipo in under 35 seconds. Fly
    west and south until you reach Damcyan. Keep going south until you find the
    desert.You can't park in the desert or near the town so find a patch of grass 
    near it and hurry into the town. Watch the scene and take the kid to Agart in
    30 seconds. Agart is south of Baron, by the time you reach your airship the 
    timer should be 00:20 unless you found a closer spot to the town. So fly 
    quickly to there. Watch the scene and prepare to fight...
    *****BOSS ALERT!*****
    Lunar Ramuh
    Difficulty: 9/10
    Cecil/Cid/Edge/Edward should fight,unless Edward has chant. Yang uses 
    Power/Deadly,Kain Jumps/Dbl Jumps or you can try to use tornado if you have 
    problems in the fight,Rydia should cast Bahamut,and Palom should cast Quake or
    Flare or whatever.
    He's a counter-attacker,he will cast Thundaga on the person who 
    attacked him which can deal under 1500,unless you character like Cid or Edge 
    is weak to Thunder,then it will probably give him near-death status.Unlike 
    Kain whom it will heal him. He'll cast Thundaga and Blitz,sometimes both, 
    whether you attack him or not.When he holds his rod up,he's about to use 
    Lightning which does about 1000-1500 damage to you. His physical attacks deal 
    around 1000. When you defeat him you'll receive the Grimoire LR.
    Watch the scene. You should get Cid's weapon,Fiery Hammer which randomly
    casts Flare on an opponent. Much like Cecil's Lightbringer and Kain's 
    Abel Lance. 
    Palom and Porom's Trial                                        [TWIN]
    Note: You must have Both twins to enter the trial.
    Watch the cut-scene and go after either one of the twins, it doesn't matter 
    and watch the next cut-scene. Use either one of the twins and examine the 
    switch on the wall, watch the cut-scene and continue on.
    As Porom:
    The stone infront of you that has a little man on it(You guessed it.) makes 
    you have mini-status.
    Your probably asking "Pssh. How useless. What am I supposed to do with this?"
    Well, you'll see soon enough. For now, step on it and continue, you'll soon 
    see some cracked tiles, you can't go on them yet for your weight is too much.
    There's a slab just like the mini-status effect one but it has a wing on it.
    This makes you have Float status so step on it to continue. Press the 
    switch and switch to Palom.
    As Palom:
    Make note that he is a Black mage (Ya think?) and he can cast Toad,or Pig
    on himself without the help of the slabs. Anyway,go up and watch the cut-scene
    go to the left and step on the slab that gives you Toad-status and go through 
    the small hole. Press the small switch and go to the door near the slab. 
    Switch back to Porom.
    As Porom:
    Go through the newly opened door and watch the short scene. Go through the 
    hole go to the right,press the switch,and Go to the door to the north. 
    Watch the scene,step on the slab and go through the door. Go right and step on
    the switch, go through the hole and switch to Palom
    As Palom:
    Go through the next 2 open doors. Step on the mini-status tile and go through
    the hole. Press the switch and go to the door at the top,use the Pig spell
    and go through.Step on the Float-status slab to your right and walk across
    the broken tiles. Get rid of the Pig status by either stepping on the slab or
    casting pig on yourself. Then cast Toad on yourself and go through the hole.
    Step on the switch to the left and either step on the slab or cast toad on
    yourself again. Go through the hole that you passed. Go to the green switch
    but don't press on it yet. Switch to Porom.
    As Porom:
    Go through the door and step on the pig tile unless you left it on yourself. 
    Go through the golden door,step on the float-status slab,and walk across the
    cracked tiles. Go through the bottom doorway and press the switch on the wall.
    Go through the opened door to your right,step on the slab and proceed.
    Now, step on the green switch and watch the scene. 
    Once your party has reformed go up,watch the cut-scene and prepare to fight...
    *****BOSS ALERT!*****
    Lunar Leviathan
    Weakness: Lightning
    Have Cecil,Cid,Edge,and Edward attack. If he has chant use that 1st then do 
    whatever. Kain should Jump/Dbl Jump,Yang should use Power/Deadly,Rydia/Palom
    needs to cast Thundaga on him.
    This joker will cast Tidal wave on your party IMMEDIATELY at the start,it'll
    deal 1300-2100 worth of damage,So heal ASAP.He'll get tangled up when he's 
    about to use it again later in the fight. He can cast Blizzaga on you which
    will deal around 1000-1500 points of damage. He also has another deadly attack
    called Maelstrom which you'll be familiar with if you've fought the Magic 
    Dragons in the Ruins. It will reduce you to single digits so heal with Curaja
    ASAP. He uses Entangle which your familiar with when you were fighting the 
    Gold & Silver Dragons in the Lunar Subterrane. The only way to get them 
    unparalyzed is to cast Esuna on them. Casting haste on Rosa/Porom helps here,
    or you can use a Hermes' shoes on them. This boss won't be too hard if you've
    been through all of the trials. If not,be prepared to fight a very hard boss.
    After the fight he'll give you the Grimoire LL. Watch the cut-scene and pick 
    up the Twin stars before you. There's 2 of them and when you use Twin now,
    instead of it being comet, it'll turn into Meteor. But it takes quite as long
    to cast as the normal spell.
    The Final Trial                                                 [FINALE]
    Well, this is it folks. The moment you've been waiting for has finally 
    arrived, The last trial. I'll guide you through the Last few floors as we get
    to the bottom of the Lunar Ruins. So get your party ready and take off!
    Enemies: King Behemoth,Coblepas,Gilgamesh
    Treasure: Megalixir(Golden Apple)
    Go straight across,the treasure in the middle contains a Megalixir, or a
    Golden apple if you've already been through this once. Head up the stairs and
    go to the next floor.
    Enemies:Brachioraidos(Secret Boss),No random encounters
    This is the Floor where the Brachioraidos lives. Refer to the next section to 
    see how to beat him. Heed the old man's message and dodge the Brachioradios. 
    The 1st one is visible, however the next 3 or 4 are invisible right until you 
    get up close to them so don't dash into the next room. Hug the walls and make 
    your way through unless the Dragon is in your way. You can safely run away if
    it hits you,do so if you want.
    Black & White Mage Floor
    Enemies:Gilgamesh, Proto Phase, Coeurl Regina, King Behemoth
    Treasure:Blue Fang, Ribbon, White Fang, Red Fang
    This is a random floor that you find your self on. It is pretty difficult to 
    find the exit in here so pay attention.At the start there's a path to the 
    western wall,go along the path and you'll reach the exit.
    Enemies:Grudge Puppet(x3),Death Puppet,No random encounters
    Treasure: Nirvanna
    Note:You have to fight every visible enemy on this map to continue to the 
    next level. Also, the chest containing the Nirvana is bugged, so don't open it
    unless you want to start back at your last save point. The chest appears after
    you beat all the enemies and appears at the door. It's the chest and not the 
    weapon that's bugged.
    Grudge Puppets(x3)
    Difficulty: 6/10
    The Grudge puppets can't be beaten by ordinary means,however they sometimes 
    can be easily defeated by summoning Odin,howeverIt may take more than one 
    summon. These Dolls have a lot of HP(Around 18,000 to be exact), and they can
    cast Protect on themselves.
    Death Puppet
    Difficulty: 6.5/10
    She can counter with Piercing laser, which deals under 1000. She can also have 
    one of your fighters charmed,Have Rosa/Porom use Esuna to cure them, or one of
    your weak fighters attack him.
    When your done fighting the dolls, a note of warning to the chest sitting near
    the door. If you open the chest, the game will freeze up when you go to equip 
    it.It happens randomly and more often for people who have just gone through 
    the L.R. the 1st time. So don't open the chest unless you want to start back 
    at the last save point.
    Enemies:Zeromus EG(Boss)
    Go to the Magical field,heal and save. Go up the stairs,watch the scene,and 
    prepare for your last fight...
    *****BOSS ALERT!*****
    Zeromus EG
    Difficulty: 9.5/10
    Edward:Cast Chant,then hide. Unless you want to use the "Psycho Edward" Glitch
    Kain: Dbl Jump
    Yang: Deadly
    Rydia: Bahamut
    Palom: Items. If you use one of his spells, he'll cast reflect.
    I recommend that you put on Cecil's Crystal Armor if you still have it. 
    His Attack pattern goes like this:
    1.Big Bang
    2.Dbl Cast: Toad & Mini
    3.Whirl(Maelstrom or Weak,but with a poison effect)
    5.Dbl cast: Drain x2
    6.Dbl cast: Osmose x2
    7.Triple cast: Earthquake,Lightning,and Flame
    He'll add some things in when your later in the fight. #2 is the reason why I
    recommended that you put on Cecil's Crystal Armor. You can cast esuna on 
    Porom/Rosa and could start healing everybody. Use your Megalixirs if your 
    party's HP gets low,but use life/phoenix downs first on whomever is dead,if 
    any. He'll use absorb which equals half of his HP. Sometimes he could gain 
    back 9999 HP.Usually it's like 2600, which his HP would be 5200.Keep 
    attacking him and you'll win.
    There is a glitch that if you use the Grimiore LD on him, he will turn into a 
    frog and you will deal loads of damage on him. best of all,he will deal 1 
    damage every time he attacks.
    You gain nothing for beating him, just the glory of your victory. He'll bid
    you farewell and begone. Behind him is a teleporter,use it to warp to the 
    & PUNCH!
    The Brachioraidos                                               [DRAGON]
    You can find the Brachioradios in one of the floors after the twins' trial.
    *****Secret Boss*****
    Difficulty: 10/10
    Don't mistake him to one of those yellow dragons that you fight every now and
    then.His attacks include:
    Glare(Similar to tornado but deals 9999 damage to character)
    Physical attacks(He can also deal 2 physical attacks just like those Red & 
    Blue dragons in the Lunar Subterrane)
    He'll countdown just like Bahamut does,beginning with 3,and'll use Mega Flare
    Dbl cast: Protect and Reflect
    Tpl cast: Firaga,Blizzaga,and Thundaga
    Tpl cast: Bio,Holy,and Flare. Usually flare is cast on someone else.
    Black Hole(Eliminates any positive status effects,just like Zeromus does.)
    When he's using the countdown move, DO NOT ATTACK HIM!! He will instantly 
    counter with Globe 199 and will instantly kill your character.Unless you want 
    him to stop and go into the phase below that,if you want to sacrifice a 
    An easy way to defeat him is to have Kain in your party and hope Abel's
    Lance will cast Tornado on the dragon. Otherwise you can defeat him by normal
    means that I suggest you won't do until you have a lvl 70+ party. Rydia's 
    summons and Palom's Flare do well against him. So does Rosa or Porom's Holy.
    I would cast Slow on him when the fight begins.
    You'll receive a Hero's Shield if you beat him, which is the best shield in
    the whole game. If you beat him, there won't be any other of him walking 
    VII Secrets
    -Music Player-
    Beat the game once to unlock the Music Player.
    -1991 Development Office-
    Go to the Underworld and into the dwarven castle. Go down the Stairs and find 
    the Armor & Weapon shops. Go inbetween the Shops and you'll enter the Lali Ho.
    Pub. There's a Cracked piece of floor to your left,go through the Wall and 
    through the secret passageway. Once you go down the stairs you'll be in the
    Office.There are a couple of enemies which are part of the development team
    which you will randomly encounter into a fight. Some of them you can kill,
    others will just present you with a message and begone.
    -Psycho Edward Glitch-
    This will take advantage of his Auto-hide. 1st you need to cast berserk on him,
    then get him into critical health either by Physical attacks or Tornado. He'll
    hide his next turn,the next turn he will come out and attack. He'll be
    berserked but also be considered "hidden". That means he'll constantly attack
    and won't be targeted by Spells or Physical attacks. As long as one other
    person is still alive,he will be in this state.
    -Red & Blue doors-
    TwoGlassEyes went through ALL the possible combinations of the R&B dooors* in 
    the Lunar ruins and here is his record:
    B=blue door
    R=red door
    NINJA: "Shuriken Set" 1 Shuriken, 1 Fuma Shuriken
    (any one of these combinations will get you the Ninja prize)
    MAGE: "Magical Box" 1 dry ether, 1 Soma drop
    (any one of these combinations... you get the point)
    ENGINEER: "Mech Set" 1 alarm clock, 1 siren
    PALADIN: Megalixir (no cute little name for it, heh)
    BARD: "Music Box" 1 gaia drum, 1 Gysahl whistle
    MONK: "Fruit Basket" 1 gold apple, 1 silver apple
    *In case you didn't know the R&B doors are a part of the Lunar ruins that you 
    will be asked questions as to what class you are most compatible with. 
    Depending on which class you get you'll get some goodies.
    -Save Erasure Bug-
    This discovered quite some time ago. It erases ALL of your saved games from 
    what I've heard. Here's how to trigger it.
    Step 1: You must have 1-4 party members.
    Step 2: Go to the menu screen and select Item, use a potion or something
    similar on your characters.
    Step 3: Now,go and select Order,and move the character on which you used the
    item on into an empty slot.
    Step 4: Go back to the Item screen.
    The way to get around it is exit out of the screen after you select order.
    Then,go back and select Item,this won't trigger the bug by doing so.However,
    the game will crap out on you if you proceed with Step 4. the bug doesn't 
    happen all the time,though.
    Square-Enix of Japan does recognize this bug. But Square-Enix of America does
    -Character Mod Codes-
    The 1st set of codes just swap out your character. In other words, they'll be
    waiting for you back at the Hall of Prayers.
    Slot 1
    Slot 2
    Slot 3
    Slot 4
    Slot 5
    By replacing the question marks with the numbers below,you can change that 
    character into whomever you want.
    00 - Cecil (Paladin), (Dark Knight) before class change at Mt. Ordeals
    01 - Kain
    02 - Rosa
    03 - Rydia (Adult), (Child) before she first leaves party after Fabul
    04 - Cid
    05 - Tellah
    06 - Edward
    07 - Yang
    08 - Palom
    09 - Porom
    0A - Edge
    0B - FuSoYa
    0C - Golbez (very Glitchy, don't remove what he has equipped unless
                 you want the game to eventually crash, don't use him in
                 battle as the game will crash as well.)
    1E - Semi Glitched DK Cecil - (will not retain stat information)
    FF - Erases character from slot
    The Glitchy DK will not retain his stat and level Information. Therefore,
    He will be at level 0 and have 0 HP. Making him useless. If you still want him
    here's a code that should alter his stats: 02007268:??. As soon as the codes
    are off, he will forget every stat you hacked and will go back down to 0 in 
    every attribute when there is a "loading" screen (like going into a town.)
    These set will permently Mod the character,and they're glitch-free. But, they
    will have the stats of the character you replaced.
    By replacing the question marks with the numbers below,you can change that 
    character into whomever you want.
    00 - Dark Knight Cecil (Dark can only be used if a Dark sword is equipped)
    01 -Kain
    02 -Rosa
    03 -Young Rydia
    04 -Cid
    05 -Tellah
    06 -Edward
    07 -Yang
    08 -Palom
    09 -Porom
    0A -FuSoYa
    0C -Paladin Cecil
    0D -Adult Rydia
    0E -Golbez (In battle he will be minied and incurable...)
    VIII Authorized websites
    These are the websites that have MY permission to host my file on their 
    website. If you want my file on your website,e-mail me
    (strider_hiryu2003@yahoo.com) and I'll get back to you. However, if you see my 
    file on someone else's website and it isn't on this list e-mail me.
    IX Credits
    Thanks to:
    Defcon999 who helped me in submitting this Walkthrough.
    Magic Kid who submitted the list about the weapons on Cecil's Trial.
    Tonberry for the added section of one part of Cecil's trial,and
    a couple of spelling errors.
    Fairygoddess777 for some parts of Cecil's trial
    Jon Spencer for the added section of one part of Cecil's Trial.
    Jetboy Phoenix for the glitch in Zeromus EG's battle.
    Andrew Parker for the table in Rosa's Trial.
    TwoGlassEyes for the part in the R&B door quiz.
    Juanatari (aka John Douglas) for the Character modification codes. See more 
    codes on his character modification guide.
    Me for creating this guide.
    You for reading it. Because if they're weren't any fans,they're wouldn't be 
    any FAQs
    Gamefaqs for accepting this and putting it on their website
    Square-Enix for releasing an awesome port for the GBA.
    X About the author...
    Red Sword Mage is a Freshman at a local college who is training to be a Game 
    Designer or Programmer. He is willing to go for 4 years then go back another 
    2 to get his Masters Degree. A quote that would have to apply to his life 
    would be:"Bullcrap happens, build a bridge and get over it." He likes to 
    watch anime and play video games. He also has a healthy,social life
    outside of the virtual world.
    Copyright 2006 
    End of Document.                      

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