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"Cecil's tale lands itself another port, but this time with a few positive tweaks."

Ah ports. They're basically the equivalant to a remake of a classic movie or song. Final Fantasy IV has had numerous ports and it's getting a makeover on the DS soon. This was my first 2D Final Fantasy game and I have to say I am impressed. This game is a classic and is worth the attention of any FF fan who hasn't played it yet.

The narritive tells the story of Cecil, a Dark Knight commanding the Red Wings, basically the army of the Baron kingdom. However, poor Cecil is troubled because of the deeds he has commited upon carrying out the orders of the king. It seems the king wants Cecil to obtain the four elemental crystals at all costs. And Cecil heeds his orders without question, but he becomes horrified when he and his men end up killing three innocent people to get the crystal of Myssidia (a village of mages). When the king realizes Cecil's faith in him is wavering he relieves him of his authority and orders him and his dragoon friend, Kain, to deliver a ring to the village of Mist. While the story was predictable, I still enjoyed it. The characters were not completely one dimensional and I actually took a liking to some of them. Oh and have no fear, the translations are better than in previous ports of this game and there's actually pictures of the characters that pop up in the textbox whenever they are speaking, so you can actually understand who's talking.

The graphics have been remastered for this game and I have to say they're wonderful. The colors are a huge improvment from the original SNES title and the backgrounds are animated and have a great look. The characters sprites are also beautiful and a step up from their original looks, especially Rosa, whose hair is actually blonde now instead of washed out white.The remasterd music is also well done. This is the sort of game where I actually like all the music in it.

But the gameplay is the best part. As most of us know, this was the first FF to include the ATB gauge. The ATB system is not one of my favorites, but it keeps the battles fast paced and exciting so I don't find it that bad. As usual, you level up, buy weapons, and the like. The gameplay is superb and it gets an A- from me!

A great addition Square made to this port is the optional dungeon you can tackle after you beat the game: the Lunar Trials. Depending upon which characters you used in the final battle, a few trials for each character who participated will open up. So to unlock all the trials, you have to beat the game with the other characters you didn't use the first time around. The dungeon is actually a lot of fun and seething with challenge.

Speaking of challenge, FFIV has a moderate difficulty to it. Noobs to the RPG genre would have a great starting point here. As for more hard core RPG fanatics, FFIV is still worth your time.

As for the replayability, I'm sad to say that there is barely any.


+ Enjoyable story and cast.
+ Good graphics.
+ Amazing music.
+ Good gameplay.
+ The optional dungeon is great.
+ Moderate challenge.

- The story is enjoyable, but predictable.
- Not enough replayability.

Score: 8

Well bye bye for now! (I'm too positive today...)


Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 01/03/08

Game Release: Final Fantasy IV Advance (US, 12/12/05)

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