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"The remake of the game we all know and love, but now hand-held."

Anyone remember the old school Final Fantasies released on SNES or even Playstation? It looks like it somehow made its way to the GBA. Not that it's a bad thing, it's in fact satisfying especially if you're bored out of your mind without a console nearby, or if you happen to go on a vacation. What's so great about this is that you can kick some pixel ass portably. Let's move on to the main reason why you're here.

Oh how I love starting a review with graphics. It amazes me how graphics can really change your opinion over a game. Since most games are essentially visual, this one shouldn't catch your eye too much. It's just like your favorite 2d Pixel fighting with sword swinging from afar and numbers appearing on the enemy. Realistic, no? I'd say so. Each character design is well structured. It's good enough to the point where you can tell what type of character he/she is. It's not visual enough to the point where you can stare blatantly at inappropriate parts of the male or female structure. But, it's good enough to consider it "good graphics" for a GBA game.

Your in control of the Dark Knight Cecil, captain of the Red Wing's airship force. He later turns into a Paladin for reasons that will not be mentioned in this review. The story really plays around with these two words: Trust and Betrayal. In the end, it kind of teaches you a lesson to not take anything for granted. Cecil's best friend Kain, delivers the message for the betrayal section numerous times in this game. Fear no more as you will experience an epic tale between best friends that soon become foes, romance that will simply warmth your heart, new companions that express the meaning of friendship, and a twisting, surprising new plot that unfolds half way through the story.

The music in this game is definitely catchy. The battle theme really fits the game because of all the trouble that occurs. In fact, the music is so good that you may want to pick up a soundtrack for this game just to repetitively listen to the music you loved in this game. The sounds are original for a Final Fantasy game so no changes were made in this department of the game. If you compare some of the sounds between Final Fantasies, you may notice many similarities.

This game has gameplay that you can never get tired of. It's an RPG! You can't ask for more. Well in this game, you explore with a party of four that may sometimes leave your party due to unknown twists and events that may have occurred right before. When engaged in battle, you have options to attack, use magic, use your abilities based on the type of character being used in command, using items if you're in dire need of anything, or running if you're desperate enough. It's a matter of exchanging blows. Needless to say, the gameplay will become more difficult as you progress through the story.

What Squaresoft offers you in this released version is being able to use the characters that were actually disabled of use in the PSX version for obvious reasons. There is also an extra dungeon which gives you the opportunity to reveal some untold stories about the characters you obtain as well as obtaining their final and best weapons.

This new released version has much more to offer. It's a great game nevertheless and it was an excellent idea to release it on a portable hand-held console.

Overall: 8.4/10

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 02/17/06

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