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"The FINAL Fantasy Game For Gameboy Advance"

o==========My Thoughts==========o

As Shadow is to Light, As Light to Shadow.....

This game is Horrid! They should of never brought this out for Gameboy Advance! Just leave the old Final Fantasy games alone! They don't need to be re-done! They are perfect how they are when they were released for the Super Nintendo. This game is absolutly EASY! The names of the monsters is terrible too, they should of left it how it was before.


The plot is like the old game style, collecting elemental crystals, a little twist at the ending, defeating minions that are elemental, earth,water,wind,fire. The game plot is cheap! I did like it for the Super Nintendo, but, for Gameboy Advance? Not a chance, I would never buy the game for this. At the beginning, we meet the very first character, Cecil, the dark knight. This dark knight worked for an organization called, the Red Barrens. Cecil feels bad about what he is doing. Then we meet Rosa and Kain(Cain which was translated onto the Gameboy Advance which is cheap!). Cecil and Cain gets banned from their positions and thats where there adventures start. They meet new characters and of course, someone gets kidnapped and they go save her and further on.

Plot Score 4.5/10


Now the graphics are great for Gameboy Advance, thats what I like about it. The graphics have improved by 79% compared to the SNES version. The battle graphics are great too. All I can say about these graphics that they are pretty awesome! Way to go for making this game not look like poop!

Graphics Score 8/10


The gameplay is pretty cheap. The puzzles are pretty easy. I don't even think that there are puzzles. The battles are horrid! They are too easy, bosses are very easy. Characters stats increase way more, which makes it easy to kill anyone in 1 hit. They should of atleast made a Super Hard Mania Mode so it wouldn't be so cheap!

Gameplay Score 6/10

If I were you, I wouldn't play this game. I wouldn't even buy this game, I would at least borrow it from a friend. This game takes atleast 6 hours. I beat the game less in 6 hours. There is nothing to great at the end except the Cave Of Trials, which I think was pathetic.

Replayability Score 4.5/10


The audio is great. The battle sounds are pretty weird when they strike. The boss music is just EXCELLENT! I love the boss music! The enemy music is great too, this is probably the best thing in the whole game, the music.

Audio Score 9.5/10

o==========Gameplay Hours========o

This game, should only take you a meer 3.5-8 hours if you play it straight through. The Cave Of Trials should take you a hour or so to bypass the traps and finding some items and facing the bosses. Of course, I beat the game in 4 hours atleast.

Gameplay Hours Score 3/10. Boo! Thats all I can say.


Overall, this game is cheap. I never bought it, I borrowed from a friend and gave it to him in 4 hours. Four hours for the Fourth Game, thats all I can say. If you want to buy this game, go ahead, but in the end, you will regret wasting money on this easy to beat game.

Overall Score 6/10

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 03/16/06

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