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    Cross/Beast Guide by zidanet129

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    "Rockman.EXE 6: Dennoujuu Faltzer/Greiga" Navi Cross/Beast Out Guide
    1. Legal Notice [^1]
    "Rockman.EXE 6: Dennoujou Faltzer", "Rockman.EXE6: Dennoujou Greiga" and all
    related contents and images are originally copyrighted to Capcom.
    This FAQ is copyright 2005 Zidanet_129 (Chao Tsan (Alan) Tseng).
    This Guide may only be allowed to be posted on the following websites:
    - GameFAQs (www.gamefaqs.com)
    - The UnderSquare (www.exe-undersq.com)
    Copying this guide or hosting it without my permission in anyway will force me
    to bring you to the law's justice, which is expensive for both sides, so just
    don't do it. Contact us at our e-mail if anything is needed.
    2. Contact Me [^2]
    Before I leak ANY of my contact information, I would like to remind you all,
    that I am a mere second-year university student (or Sophomore if you prefer),
    and I do NOT have too much time in my hands for answering your questions. If
    you have any suggestions, you're welcomed to e-mail me and tell me, IN DETAIL,
    what the suggestion/problem is. However, the following contents are STRICTLY
    - Asking questions. This includes EVERY SINGLE TYPE OF QUESTION RELATED TO THE
    - Flaming me. Flames goes to bill_gates@microsoft.com. If you can't tell that
      this is a joke, I pity you.
    - Typing in AOL spelling/grammar. This includes use of craps like "lol" or any
      improper grammar. Don't like it? Too bad. Don't know grammar? Do some
      reading instead of playing games.
    - Use of inappropriate title (explained later)
    - Request for credits after submitting information. If you do this, we will
      count the info as anonymously submitted.
    - Asking for the ROM.
    Should you violate ANY of the above terms, we reserve the rights to not reply
    your e-mail. Now, when you e-mail me, I would appreciate it if you would put
    "Rockman.EXE 6 Faltzer/Greiga: <Title that suggest the content of the mail>"
    in the title. Titles like "(none)" or "hello" will be ignored and deleted
    right away.
    Here it is: zidanet (underscore) 129 (at) hotmail (dot) com
    3. Version History [^3]
    - 1.01 (December 13, 2005)
    Made some corrections and additions on Slash and Elec.
    - 1.0 (December 4, 2005)
    Finished the backbone of the FAQ.
    Added all Crosses.
    4. Table of Contents [^4]
    1. Legal Notice
    2. Contact Us
    3. Version History
    4. Table of Contents (You're here!)
    5. Introduction
    6. How Crosses Work
    7. Faltzer Version Crosses
    8. Greiga Version Crosses
    9. Beast Out
    10. Beast Crosses (both versions)
    11. Credits
    5. Introduction [^5]
    Welcome to the Cross/BeastOut FAQ for Rockman.EXE 6! This is the first EXE6
    FAQ written by Zidanet. Being the lazy ass he is, you know you'll find at least
    ten mistakes made by copying from previous FAQs of his in this FAQ, which, if
    you report to him, will earn you a space in the credits...... Hopefully.
    Here, I will introduce you to the popular Index System, commonly used in many
    FAQs these days. People who have read my FAQs in the past would know how they
    Here's how you do it: To search for the part that you want, just simply press
    and hold "Ctrl" on your keyboard, and press "F" to bring up the "Find..."
    window. Type in the keyword (everything included in the [ ], including the ^
    sign) and hit Enter. Need an example? Here. If you want to find the
    Introductions (although I don't know why anyone would want to...... >_>),
    simply hit Ctrl + F, and type in "^5" without the quotation marks. Hit
    Enter/Return. You'll be taken to the title of this section right away.
    Convenient, no?
    6. How Crosses Work [^6]
    Navi Crosses and Beast Outs are the new power-up system introduced in
    Rockman.EXE 6. It is similar to Soul Unisons in that they both utilize the
    power of Navis who are friends of Rockman, but different in that you do not
    need to sacrifice Battle Chips in order to use the Crosses.
    Once you have received your first Linked Navi (AquaMan in Faltzer, HeatMan
    in Greiga), you may press UP on the D-pad to open up the Cross List. Select
    one and press A, and it will be automatically equipped. Unlike Soul Unison,
    it doesn't even take up one of the five spaces you're given to upload
    Chips. See how nice they are?
    Crosses have NO limit in number of turns (another improvement from Soul
    system), but it can only be equipped when Rockman is in Normal,
    Full-Synchro and Angry Mode. However, you lose the Cross as soon as you get
    hit by an attack the Cross is weak against, after taking the 2x damage.
    Some Crosses can charge elemental Chips up to deal 2x damage. This only applies 
    to Chips that does NOT freeze time.
    7. Faltzer Version Crosses [^7]
    Enough of my babbles already; let's go into the good stuff!
    Aqua Cross
    Obtain: Finish Shuko-chan's Mission in Seaside Area, then defeat AquaMan.
    - Charge up Aqua Chips by holding A button to deal 2x Damage.
    - 5% HP Recovery when charged-up Aqua Chips are launched.
    - No slipping on ice.
    - Charged Buster turns into a BubbleShot that deals 20+(10xAttack) Aqua damage
      and hits one panel behind the enemy/object that got hit.
    - Weak against Elec attacks.
    Tengu Cross
    Obtain: Finish Fuuten Roushi's Mission in Green Areas, then defeat TenguMan.
    - Wind Chips gain a +10 attack bonus.
    - Auto-AirShoes. As in, walking over cracked panels doesn't break them, and can
      walk over broken/missing panels.
    - Charged Buster turns into Tengu Racket, which pushes all enemies back to
      their back row (works even if it didn't connect), dealing 40+(20xAttack) Wind
      damage if it connects.
    - Press B + <- to cause a Suikumi (Fan) that sucks enemies to their front
      row and blows their aura/barrier away (with a rather funny/humiliating arc).
      Deals no damage.
    - Weak against Sword attacks.
    Tomahawk Cross
    Obtain: Finish Dingo's Mission in Sky Areas, then defeat TomahawkMan.
    - Charged Wood Chips deal 2x damage.
    - Cannot be affected by ANY status ailments.
    - Charged Buster turns into Tomahawk Swing, which cuts a DreamSword range (with 
      a rather large delay) for 40+(20xAttack) Wood damage.
    - Weak against Fire attacks.
    Ground Cross
    Obtain: Finish Horisugido Tarou's Mission in Central Areas, then defeat
    - Breaking Chips gain a +10 attack bonus.
    - Landing a hit with Breaking Chips will cause a maximum of three rocks
      dropping in enemy areas randomly.
    - Auto-SuperArmor.
    - Charged Buster turns into Ground Drill, which works like the DrillArm Chip
      that deals 10+(10xAttack) Breaking damage.
    - Weak against Cursor attacks.
    Dust Cross
    Obtain: Finish Mister Press's Mission in UraInternet Areas, then defeat DustMan.
    - Dust Recycling allows discarding up to 5 Chips in the Custom Window to have
      the same number of Chips replacing the discarded ones. Only works once per
    - Press B + <- to suck in an obstacle, then fire it off with B button for 200
    - Charged Buster turns into Scrap Reborn, which fires a ScrapRobot that hits
      the closest enemy on Rockman's row for 50+(10xAttack) Breaking damage.
    - Weak against Cursor attacks.
    8. Greiga Version Crosses [^8]
    Here's the Crosses in Greiga version of Rockman.EXE6. Funny thing is that
    we get TWO Fire Crosses here, just like we get two Breaking Crosses in Faltzer.
    Heat Cross
    Obtain: Finish Hinoken's Mission in Seaside Areas, then defeat HeatMan.
    - Fire Chips gain a +50 attack bonus.
    - Buster Attack increases by 1.
    - Charged Buster turns into FireArm (my, how original) that burns 3 panels
      ahead (hits more than once to Viruses moving towards you), dealing
      30+(20xAttack) Fire damage.
    - Weak against Aqua attacks.
    Slash Cross
    Obtain: Finish Pakuchii Faran's Mission in Green Areas, then defeat SlashMan.
    - Sword Chips gain a +50 attack bonus.
    - Charged Sword Chips will turn into a Sonicboom that flies to the end of enemy 
      area and hits the same range and damage as the Chip itself. (So charging
      Sword and LongSword does pretty much the same thing except for the 20 more
      damage from LongSword, but WideSword's Sonicboom can hit above and below the
      row Rockman was standing on as well.)
    - Using ANY Sword-elemental Chip will give the Charged Buster (Wide Slash) a
      +50 attack bonus. This may only be performed once per battle, and does not
      work for time-freezing Chips or PAs (*coughDreamSwordcough*).
    - Charged Buster turns into Wide Slash, which releases a slashwave that hits a
      WideSword range to up to 2 panels ahead (so it's, in a way, a DreamSword-
      ranged attack) for 60+(20xAttack) Sword damage.
    - Weak against Breaking attacks.
    Elec Cross
    Obtain: Finish Elec-fujin's Mission in Sky Areas, then defeat ElecMan.
    - Elec Chips gain a +50 attack bonus.
    - Charged non-elemental Chips paralyzes enemies if they connect.
    - Charged Buster turns into Thunder Bolt, which hits the whole row in front of
      Rockman for 40+(20xAttack) Elec damage.
    - Weak against Wood attacks.
    Killer Cross
    Obtain: Finish Dark Kirisaki's Mission in UraInternet Areas, then defeat
    - Cursor Chips gain a +30 attack bonus.
    - Non-elemental Chips cause instant death to Viruses and bugs to Navis if the
      number "4" is present in their HP.
    - Charged Buster turns into Killer Death Beam, which pierces through enemies
      dealing 40+(20xAttack) Cursor damage.
    - Weak against Wind attacks.
    Charge Cross
    Obtain: Finish Kurogane-sensei's Mission in Central Areas, then defeat
    - Charge Fire Chips for up to +100 attack bonus. The longer the Chip is
      charged, the more attack bonus it gains.
    - One more Chip becomes selectable in the Custom window for each turn passed
      while using this Cross.
    - Charged Buster turns into Charge Tackle, which makes Rockman dash 3 panels
      ahead, dealing 30+(20xAttack) Fire damage to anything in his way.
    - Weak against Aqua attacks.
    9. Beast Out and Beast Over [^9]
    As the names of the games suggested, there are two ancient "Dennoujuus",
    or "Cyber Beasts" sealed away deep inside the Internet. However, their
    powers were released, and Rockman ended up sealing the Dennoujuu inside
    his body. In Faltzer version, he sealed Faltzer inside him, and the same
    concept applies to Greiga version as well. With the super strong power
    of the Beasts, Rockman gained a new ability called Beast Out.
    The power of the Beasts work like this:
    - Beside Rockman's Emotion Window, there's now a Emotion Counter.
    - When Rockman is in Normal mode (blue background, Rockman with normal
      face with mouthguard in Emotion Window), the counter stays there.
    - When Rockman uses 50% of the power of the Beasts to achieve a Beast Out,
      the counter goes down by 1 every turn.
    - Should the counter reach 0 and the battle is not ended yet, Beast Out
      automatically ends. Rockman enters Tired mode (green background, Rockman
      with tired face with mouthguard down). The Crosses equipped before is
      automatically unequipped and cannot be equipped again in the same battle.
      In this status Rockman can still equip Crosses, but there is a different
      Emotion window for him.
    - If you activate Beast Out while Rockman is in Tired Mode, you unleash
      100% of the Beast's power and achieve Beast Over (The Over is supposedly
      from either "Overdrive" or hell, "Take over").
    - In Beast Over mode, you lose control of Rockman. He goes into battle
      like DarkInvisble in EXE5. As in, teleports around randomly, unleashes
      Chip attacks (those uploaded to him on that turn, that is) randomly, and
      basically goes crazy.
    - If the Beast Over mode ended without the enemies deleted, Rock enters
      Extreme mode. Int Extreme mode, RockBuster is set down to 1/1/1, no
      Crosses can be used, and he also suffers massive loss of HP in the form of a
      Glitch. In other words, you're screwed.
    That's the common part about the BeastOuts in the two versions. So what about
    the UNCOMMON part? Here they are:
    - Auto-FloatShoes and AirShoes. As in, pretty much floats in the air, Broken
      Panels and Cracked Panels pose no effect to Rockman.
    - Non-elemental Chips gain a +30 attack bonus.
    - Press and hold B to fire Faltzer Feather that hits to the end of enemy's area
      on Rockman's row, and up to 3 Panels ahead of Rockman, dealing the same
      damage as Rockman's Attack rating.
    - Press and hold A to charge non-elemental Chips to use Faltzer Claw, slashing
      in a LongSword then a WideSword range, dealing 50+(10xAttack) damage per
    - Targets an enemy automatically. When executing attacks, Rockman goes close to
      the enemy VERY quickly before executing the Chip attack.
    - Auto-SuperArmor.
    - Non-elemental Chips gain a +30 attack bonus.
    - Press and hold B to fire Greiga Vulcan that hits to the end of the enemy's
      area on Rockman's row only, dealing the same damage as Rockman's Attack
      rating, but fires VERY fast.
    - Press and hold A to charge non-elemental Chips to use Greiga Claw, slashing
      in a LongSword then a WideSword range, dealing 50+(10xAttack) damage per
    - Targets an enemy automatically. When executing attacks, Rockman goes close to
      the enemy VERY quickly before executing the Chip attack.
    10. Beast Crosses (Both Versions) [^10]
    Beast Cross is basically a mix of Beast Out and Crossing. To activate a Beast
    Cross, you can do it in two ways:
    - Beast Out first, then equip a Cross on the next turn. You can use the Beast
      Out for one turn before the Cross is equipped, but the Beast Cross will only
      last for two turns.
    - Equip a Cross first, then Beast Out on the next turn. You can use Beast Cross 
      for three turns if you do it this way, but if you get hit by a weakness
      attack before you Beast Out, you cannot use Cross Beast on the next turn.
    Considering that Beast Cross is a mix of Beast Out and Cross, it has the
    advantages and disadvantages mixed from the two of them too:
    - The bonus from the Cross and the Beast Out both presents.
    - Beast Out's Buster replaces normal charged Buster from Crosses.
    - The Emotion Counter still counts down for Beast Cross.
    - The weakness from the Cross still applies.
    - The targetting from Beast Out stays.
    As mentioned in the previous section, once the Emotion Counter reaches 0, BOTH
    the Cross AND the Beast Out will be cancelled. If you activate Beast Over while 
    Rockman has a Cross equipped, the Cross will be cancelled automatically.
    Finally, the Beast Cross gives Rockman a new Chip charge for non-elemental
    Chips as listed below:
    Faltzer Version:
    - Aqua Beast: Launches Aqua Spiral, a water tornado hitting two panels ahead
                  for 10+(10xAttack) non-flinching Aqua damage up to 5 times.
    - Tengu Beast: Launches Tengu Storm, firing a tornado that hits two panels
                   ahead of Rockman plus a WideSword range one panel following,
                   dealing 30+(20xAttack) non-flinching Wind damage. Three hits for
                   enemies caught in the WideSword-ranged area.
    - Tomahawk Beast: Launches Wing Boomerang, firing two Boomerangs that start
                      from the top and bottom and circles enemy's back area before
                      returning, dealing  50+(20xAttack) non-flinching Wood damage
                      to anything in the way.
    - Ground Beast: Launches Drill Drive, with Rockman charging ahead with a
                    DrillArm, in green-glow INVINCIBILITY, hitting each panel ahead 
                    of him with two hits of 90+(20xAttack) Breaking damage.
    - Dust Beast: Launches Dust Shooting, with Rockman flying into the air and
                  raining 6 Scraps randonly into the enemy, dealing 80+(20xAttack)
                  Breaking damage each and cracks Panels that got hit.
    Greiga Version:
    - Heat Beast: Launches Great Fire, spitting out fire on the panel directly
                  ahead of Rockman and then a DreamSword range following it (so up
                  to 7 panels) for 50+(30xAttack) Fire damage. FireGospel, anyone?
    - Slash Beast: (No, not the one from MMX4) Launches Slash-X, executing a
                   CrossSlash that does 50+(30xAttack) Sword damage (2x if the
                   enemy is right in front of Rockman) to the locked-on enemy. If
                   the enemy is not on Rockman's row, Rockman will only move enough 
                   so the edge of the X would hit the enemy.
    - Elec Beast: Launches Big Thunder, spitting out lightning in the same range as
                  Great Fire, dealing 40+(30xAttack) Elec damage.
    - Killer Beast: Launches Killer Tail Arrow, dropping a Killer Arrow on the
                    locked enemy, dealing 70+(30xAttack) Cursor damage and causing
                    Bugs to the enemy if it survived the arrow.
    - Charge Beast: Launches Charge Bite, with a growl that stuns all enemies, then
                    fires a Greiga face into the locked-on enemy, dealing
                    70+(30xAttack) Fire Damage.
    11. Credits [^11]
    I would like to show our appreciation to the following for the completion
    of this FAQ:
    - CJayC, for creating GameFAQs.com.
    - H0tsh0tz1623, for creating The UnderSquare, by far the BEST Rockman site
      out there.
    - Chibi Soma, for providing the names of the Operators in his Walkthrough.
      Nice walkthrough, btw. Helped me get through the game nice and quick.
    - Daimou43, for providing some missing info about the Greiga version Crosses
      and being a nice friend.
    - Eurasia21xx, for finding and testing out the WideSlash+50 effect of Slash
    - Lourde Incarnadine, for assisting the testing of the WideSlash+50 effect
      of Slash Cross.
    - Keiji Inafune, for being the producer of this game. You rock, man. I
      mean, sir.
    - Capcom, for producing this game. Censoring of the "R" in the company's
      nickname intended with difficulty.
    - GameFAQs.com Rockman.EXE 6 Boards for providing flaming targets when I'm
      frustrated and complete sillyness when I'm getting too serious. Relaxing
      is good, you know.
    - Zidanet_129, for producing this Guide. *ducks from flying objects*
    - And finally, YOU, for reading this Guide. Hopefully you enjoyed it and
      hopefully it helped you out.
                   *Insert random serene yet cool scene of the universe*
                                  THANK YOU FOR READING

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