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    Boss FAQ by SearchBomber

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    (Rockman.EXE 6: Dennoujuu Falzer)
    |Navi FAQ|
    2005 By SearchBomber
    1. Introduction-"Jack In, Megaman!" [INT]
    2. Playing against Link Navis-"There's TWO sides to every story!" [PVL]
    3. Playing against the Evil Navis-"Persistance pays off...right..." [PVE]
    4. Playing against Others-"Bass...yet again." [PVO]
    5. FAQs-"Hmm...an FAQ IN an FAQ." [FAQ]
    6. Version History-"Now you can keep track of how lazy I am." [VER]
    7. Legal Info-"That's MY horse!" [LEG]
    8. Contact-"Spammers need not apply." [CON]
    9. Thank-you's-"The Cookie stand is open for business!" [THK]
    1. [INT] Introduction "Jack in! Megaman!"
    MegaMan Battle Network 6 (Rockman.EXE 6) is perhaps the last game in MMBN.
    It is also one of the best, rivaling BN2 for the number one spot.
    I have many holes in this document, but eventually I will fill them. Any
    support from you guys would be greatly appreciated.
    [NOTE] If you haven't noticed, I now use Gregar and Falzar instead of Grega and
    Faltzer. This is because I'm using MMBN names (I will admit, however, that
    "Cybeast" sucks <_<). Besides, the puns I make here are worse than ANY
    name Capcom of America could come up with...
    So, here's how the FAQ's gonna work (keep in mind that this FAQ is geared more
    towards SP/Omega encounters, so some things may be different before the end
    of the game):
     -Navi Name-
    [V1 HP/EX HP/SP HP/RV HP (for villains)]
    >Danger Level
    >General Strategy
    >>Attack Name <Danger Level>
       Attack Description
       [V1 DMG/EX DMG/SP DMG]
    >Other Junk
    And, let's not forget our eight elements:
    -Fire burns Wood, Aqua douses Fire, Elec shocks Aqua, Wood grounds out Elec.
    -Sword splits Wind, Breaker shatters Sword, Cursor snipes Breaker, Wind
    blows Cursor's...um...targeting off. (Bear with me)
    2. [PVL] Playing AGAINST Link Navis "There's TWO sides to every story!"
     -AquaMan- "Hmm? That sounds like DC Comics whining..."
    >Danger Level: 3
    >Strategy: Shuuuuuuko!
    AquaMan has been almost entirely redid from BN4 in his offensive department.
    He's still really not that much to worry about, however. As an Aqua-type, 
    you can use Elec chips later on for great damage.
    >>Bubble Shot <Danger Level: 2>
      AquaMan's peashooter is back! He shoots a bubble at you, and it hits the
    target panel and the one behind it. SP version cracks the target panel.
    >>Aqua Hose <Danger Level: 3>
      Oh snap. He replaced his little spouts with an actual hose. It goes down the
    row and hits all panels in your column. Later versions use it multiple times.
    >>Sprinkler Dance <Danger Level: 3>
      No, not the Elebee (Plasma chip, BN3) attack! The middle panel is occupied
    by our little spout friend as he pours water over two opposite panels. He them
    moves his target panels clockwise, forcing to move between the two danger 
    panels. Don't try to get overzealous as you move around him.
     -TenguMan- "Who's up for some fanboy worship?"
    >Danger Level: 3
    >Strategy: Odd, this one is. TenguMan likes to double-step a lot, and uses a
    lot of attacks that are fairly hard to dodge, so take as much of TenguMan's
    area as possible. TenguMan is a Wind-type, so Sword chips put the hurt on him.
    Keep in mind that TomahawkCross's charge buster is Wood/Sword, so you can do
    big damage with that (if you can ever get it off in time...).
    >>Tengu Thrust <Danger Level: 3>
      TenguMan...thrusts...his nose...down the row.
    >>Wild Tornado <Danger Level: 3>
      TenguMan summons three tornados: two on one row, one on the other. They fly
    to their opposite row quickly, covering the entire field. Later versions use
    columns instead of rows. A couple of these can be hard to dodge.
    >>Tengu Drive <Danger Level: 4>
      TenguMan flies down the top two rows. Later versions use a different type of
    dash...except it has one of the strangest attack ranges since LarkMan.
     -TomahawkMan- "Your friendly neighborhood Native-American stereotype."
    >Danger Level: 3
    >Strategy: Well, well, well. TomahawkMan got beat with the suck stick when it
    comes to his attack power, and they STILL didn't put in his feather attack
    from Classic. His all-purpose totem got replaced by a stupid eagle. He DOES
    still have SuperArmor, though, so watch out for that. Oh yeah, and he's a
    Wood-type, so Fire chips disgrace him more that he already is. 
    >>Eagle Rush <Danger Level: 2>
      That little eagle rushes down the middle row. Weak.
    >>TomahawkSwing <Danger Level: 3>
      Here comes his signature move. He raises his tomahawk, then swings with
    LifeSword range. This attack does really, really bad things to TenguCross.
    >>Tomahawk Air Raid <Danger Level: 2>
      A tomahawk sweeps across your row.
    >>E Tomahawk <Danger Level: 3>
      He pulls out a giant freakin' axe and goes GutsMan on your sorry self,
    sending a monsterous shockwave down the row and breaking every panel in its
     -GroundMan- "...and WHY isn't DrillMan here?"
    >Danger Level: 4
    >Strategy: The main annoyance of this Navi is the fact that he is pretty safe
    through all of his attacks. He also has SuperArmor, and the ability to do
    massive damage compared to the other Navis. Beast Out/TenguCross is a good way
    to go here, and remember that he's weak to Cursor attacks.
    >>BreakDrill <Danger Level: 3>
      He appears under your panel, drilling through. Target panel is cracked.
    >>RC Drill <Danger Level: 3> 
      Drill....er, GroundMan shoots three drills at you. One moves ahead of the
    other, opening an opportunity to dodge. The drill with HP can be damaged.
    >>Ground Drive <Danger Level: 4>
      He charges at you until he hits the back row. Then he rains waves of rocks in
    your area. Rocks do half of the base damage.
     -DustMan- "Dust...without the dust...what?" 
    >Danger Level: 2
    >Strategy: The second Break-type Navi focuses on Panel-Breaking, with Scrap
    Reborn cracking your panels to setup for his other (stupid) attacks. This
    would be a problem...if this was Gregar version. But NO, this is Falzar, and
    F-Beast MegaMan laughs at cracked and broken panels. Once you hit that Beast
    Button, only Super Armor saves DustMan from total obliteration. You can use
    Target-types for extra destruction, but it doesn't really matter what you
    throw at him.
    >>Scrap Reborn <Danger Level: 3>
      He sends a little junk dummy to you. When it reaches you, it punches MetalMan
    style, cracking the target panel.
    >>Panel Shot <Danger Level: 2>
      He spits 3 red panels at you. They don't cause flinching, meaning that they
    can hit in succession
    >>Scrap Compressor <Danger Level: 1>
      Pulls you forward using Fan, then smashes the panel in front of him. By the
    time he uses this, you should be in BeastOut, making this attack USELESS since
    you'll coast over the broken panels meant to trap you.
    4. [PVE] Playing Against Evil Navis "Persistance pays off...right..."
     -BlastMan- "Capcom out of original names- Take 1"
    >Danger Level: 2
    >Strategy: BlastMan is one of the better first bosses...but then again, he's
    up against garbage like AirMan (BN2). His attacks are all fairly easy to dodge,
    and his Fire-Element means that Aqua-Types really mess up his day. So stick
    with AquaCross, and avoid using TomahawkCross.
    V1 Field:
      [_][_][_][I][_][_] I=Iron Cube
    Other Versions:
    >>Blast Explosion <Danger Level: 2>
      He throws...an explosion down your row. Good job, Capcom; you've made the
    lazyest attack sprite ever.
    >>Fire Tornado <Danger Level: 2>
      Like TornadoArm (GyroMan, BN5 Protoman), except it hits the ENTIRE row.
    >>Blast Rain <Danger Level: 3>
      This is the attack he uses during your first "dungeon" stage. Basically,
    embers appear in a direction, and then are followed by fireballs that appear 
    down every column or row. So what do you do? First, you find the side of your
    Iron Cube that you can hide behind. Then, you get over there!
     -DiveMan- "You sunk my Battleship!"
    >Danger Level: 3
    >Stategy: We've got no obstacle-happy Navis this time around, but this boat-
    shaped freak show is close enough. Like a Marina virus on steriods, DiveMan
    stays hidden in his panels for about 75% of the time. When he does stand up,
    however, you should be ready to attack, or get out of the way. As an Aqua-
    type, Elec chips can sink this rusty sailboat quick, fast, and in a hurry.
    >>Dive Torpedo <Danger Level: 2>
      Two missles appear from random panels in DiveMan's area and rush at you.
    >>Dive Mine <Danger Level: 2>
      He shoots two mines, one of which will land on your Navi's panel. Again,
    >>Dive Tsunami <Danger Level: 3>
      He attacks the two columns in front of you with waves. Man...this guy's
    about as exciting as Blizzardman.
     -CircusMan- "...and yet he's STILL not ClownMan."
    >Danger Level: 3 
    >Strategy: Freaky, this one is. Well, everytime he jumps, he attacks. Your
    best bet is to stay in motion and hit with whatever you've got.
    >>Tiger Ring: <Danger Level: 2>
      He creates a flaming ring on the field, then tigers run through them at
    >>Clap Circus: <Danger Level: 3>
      Basically a WideSword on your row.
    >>Chaotic Carosal: <Danger Level: 4>
      I dunno exactly how this works, but every time I've got hit with it, bad
    stuff happened. He turns into a giant carosal in the air, and if you happen to
    be on the target panel, it slams down on you and something freaky happens
    behind the curtain. Later versions target more than once.
     -JudgeMan- "Hah! You triggered my trap card!"
    >Danger Level: 3
    >Strategy: Whaddya know, ANOTHER freaky enemy Navi. There isn't too much
    to sweat about this guy, just watch out when he pulls out BookShield.
    >>Justice Whip: <Danger Level: 3>
      Hits you with an electric-looking whip, hits in a FighterSword-like manner.
    I'd keep Aqua-Cross away from that.
    >>Death Tome: <Danger Level: 2>
      Creates two books that try to bite you. Kinda like the demonic books off
    of that one stage in Mario 64.
    >>BookShield: <Danger Level: 3>
      Creates a RemoGate-like shield. The thing that seperates it from GateMan's
    shield, however, it the fact that it can emulate virus attacks. Star page
    is the Starfish Bubble, Flame is Hell's Burner, Rock is Golem's Arm.
     -ElementMan- "Capcom out of original names-Take 2"
    >Danger Level: 3 
    >Strategy: ElementMan tries to be unique by changing elements, but his attack
    pattern is so stiff that it doesn't even matter. It almost always goes 
    Whirlwind-Element-Whirlwind-Switch. Your safest zone is the middle-right panel.
    >>Whirlwind: <Danger Level: 2>
      Tosses a whirlwind in Boomerang-like fashon.
    >>Meteor: <Danger Level: 3>
      Summons a few meteors to hit you from above. Puts a death blow on Tomahawk.
    >>IceBreath: <Danger Level: 3>
      Hits the 3 panels in front of ElementMan, leaving Ice Panels and freezing
    you if you're unlucky enough to get hit by it.
    >>Lightning: <Danger Level: 2>
      Strikes your panel with lightning. Sure to fry Aqua Cross.
    >>WoodTower: <Danger Level: 3>
      Wood spikes chase after you, leaving Grass Panels.
     -Colonel- "Traitor! Reveeeeeenge!"
    >Danger Level: 4
    >Strategy: Colonel, what a backstabber. On top of this, he's changed his 
    arsenal around on you, too. Just stay quick on your feet and pack a couple
    of defense chips, and you'll be all right.
    >>Screen Divide: <Danger Level: 4>
      Screen Divide now shakes the screen. Oooh. But...there has been one addition
    to the Screen Divide arsenal: Screen Divide Z, which leaves you the middle-
    left and middle-right panels as a safe zone. You'll usually see Screen
    Divide Diagonal or V, followed quickly by Screen Divide Z. Oh, yeah, don't
    let TenguCross get hit by this.
    (Screen Divide Diagonal)
    (Screen Divide V)
    (Screen Divide Z)
    >>Colonel's Army: <Danger Level: 2>
      He don't need no stinkin' RockCubes! Colonel's Army is now restricted to the
    gunner, but the little bugger pops up into the field, waiting for you to draw
    level with him.
    >>Militant Missle: <Danger Level: 3>
      Looks like Colonel Cannon got replaced. Colonel jacked some of MetalMan's
    missles, firing them at random panels in your field. Target panels are cracked.
    >>Climax Swipe: <Danger Level: 5>
      Colonel tosses his cape. If it hits, the screen goes dark for a second, then
    shows Colonel in one of those overused sword scenes before your Navi dies (or
    goes to 1 HP with UnderSht on). You DON'T want to get hit by it.
      [Instant Deletion]
    5. [PVO] Playing against Others "Bass...yet again."
     -Falzar- "That's one rabid pigeon..."
    >Danger Level: 5
    >Strategy: This version's Cyber Beast is a bit weaker that Gregar, but is still
    fairly challenging. In contrast to Gregar, who had all panels, Falzar has NO
    panels at all, leaving only its HP as a hint as to where to hit the giant bird
    at. Beast Out works wonders on the cyber beast, since a fairly decent buster
    attack will wear down Falzar quick and the teleportation effect can bash
    the bird anywhere, unless he's in the sky. Just like Duo and Nebula Gray, any
    chips you have that require panels are garbage in this fight, as well as
    [_][_][_] Falzar
    [_][_][_] Space
    >>Falzar Feather Shoot: <Danger Level: 3>
      Falzar uses Fan to blow you back, then rains several feathers down on you 
    in Meteor-style. Flies into the air, making it invincible to attack.
    >>Phoenix Doves: <Danger Level: 3>
      Falzar creates three fireballs, which then send birds down each row, in a
    similar fashon to KillerMan's (Gregar Version) Killer Phantom. Puts the hurt
    on TomahawkCross.
    >>Claws Rain: <Danger Level: 4>
      Falzar strikes the back six panels with his claws. Flies into the air, 
    making it invincible to attacks.
    >>Gust of Falzar: <Danger Level: 3>
      Falzar's equivalent to Breath of Gregar. It hits in a T-shape similar to 
    TenguBeast's chip charge attack.
    [X][X][X] F
    >>Falzar Rush: <Danger Level: 3>
      Falzar turns into a tornado, rushing the top two rows, followed by the 
    bottom 2 rows.
    [X][X][X] Falzar
    [_][_][_] Space
    [_][_][_] Falzar
    [X][X][X] Space 
     -ProtoMan- "It's Zero time!"
    >Danger Level: 4
    >Strategy: Whether you call him ProtoMan, Blues, Zero-with-a-shield, or My
    Master, ProtoMan's aresenal changes will get you a few times, before you can
    adjust. You've gotta be quick to take him out, but keep in mind that he
    crumbles against Break-types. 
    >>Wide Sword: <Danger Level: 2> 
      Gee...the same Wide Sword's that's been in EVERY BN GAME? Why, yes.
    >>Fighter Sword: <Danger Level: 2>
      Surely you know this by now...it's LongSword +1
    >>SamuraiCut: <Danger Level: 4>
      ProtoMan attacks in an +-shape
    >>Blade Dance: <Danger Level: 4>
      Protoman dashes into you, moving multiple times.
    >>Shield Dash: <Danger Level: 3>
      Hoo boy. He tosses up that ProtoShield, then jumps in front of you and
    does a Wide sword.
     -Bass- "The gift that keeps on giving..."
    >Danger Level: 5
    >Strategy: Bass is back AGAIN. Like BN4 and BN5, he has no Aura, but he'll be
    all over you if you let him. You have to play smart to beat him; an all-out
    assault on him will get you deleted FAST. For starters, know that Dark Arm
    Blade, Darkness Overload, and Chaos Nightmare have been removed, leaving him
    with only TankCannon to crack panels. Pack some defensive chips and HP+
    NaviCustomizer pieces. Good luck!
    >>Shooting Buster <Danger Level: 4>
      Bass's machinegun buster returns! It hits random panels on your side of the
    field, but this time, it doesn't cause a flinch, so watch out.
    >>Hells Rolling <Danger Level: 4>
      We should know this one by now. Bass sends two wheels at you, but now at
    the same time.
    >>TankCannon <Danger Level: 4>
      Looks like Bass pulled some GetAbility on some poor Navi. Anyways...same as
    >>DarkSword <Danger Level: 4>
      BugSword/LifeSword/DarkSword...it's that attack.
    >>Golem's Arm <Danger Level: 3>
      Same as chip.
    >>Hell Burner <Danger Level: 2>
      Same as chip. Cracks panels. I've only seen this attack once.
    >>Breath of Gregar <Danger Level: 4>
      A throwback to the days of Bass GS. Watch out, though; he wields this thing
    like his second buster
     -The Count- "Hoo boy...wait, ShadeMan's GONE?!"
    >Danger Level: 3
    >Strategy: ShadeMan's gone! Now, we fight a REAL vampire. The Count's attacks
    are very varied, and unfortunately for Falzar players, he can lay the 
    smackdown with a couple of elemental attacks.
    As usual, stay alert, and boot this vamp back to Boktai.
    >>Bloody Spire: <Danger Level: 3>
      Needles spike up from the ground.
    >>Fireball Rain: <Danger Level: 3>
      Fires several fireballs at you. As his HP lowers, he'll attack in waves.
    >>Undead Shock: <Danger Level: 4>
      Fires an electric bolt that explodes in a +-shape. Sure to make AquaCross
    all toasty.
    >>Rain of Blood: <Danger Level: 4>
      Rains down blood in a 3x3 range. Eww.
     -F-Beast Megaman- "Rawr!"
    Danger Level: 4
    >Strategy: MegaMan DS...again. Oh wait, he DOESN'T throw your folder back at
    you? That's cool. Although he's a step down from G-Beast IMO, fighting him
    is still like trying to shoot a fly with a handgun. So what do you do?
    NUKE 'EM...er, use wide-effect chips. NaviChips are cool, too; use some of
    >>Beast Claw <Danger Level: 3>
      Slashes you with the first part of his chip-charge attack (LongSword). 
    Causes paralysis, and acts as setup for Falzar Feather Shoot.
    >>Double Beast Claw <Danger Level: 3>
      Slashes you with the chip-charge attack. Unlike G-Beast, F-Beast's claws 
    seem to be evenly powerful.
    >>Falzar Feather Shoot <Danger Level: 3>
      This is fun. Once paralyzed, F-Beast hits you with THIRTY feathers (yes, I
    counted). This causes recoil (not flinching), so there's no escape for you.
    >>AquaNeedle <Danger Level: 1>
      Same as chip, but totally pathetic.
    >>Boomer <Danger Level: 2>
      Same as chip.
    >>Gust of Falzar <Danger Level: 4>
      Ah, yes. The good ol' T-gust. Just move like you're trying to dodge a Tank
    Cannon attack and you'll live.
    6. [FAQ] FAQs "Hmm...an FAQ in an FAQ?"
    Q. Is there an English translation online?
    A. No. Stop asking, please.
    Q. Well, when is the U.S./European version coming out?
    A. The U.S. version is coming out in Q2 of this year (around June). As for
    Europe? I dunno...
    Q. Where do you find [navi]?
    A. I somehow keep forgetting where each Navi is located, so you'll have to look
    elsewhere until I find out and post it here.
    7. [VER] Version History "Now you can see how lazy I am!"
    Version 0.7 [3/3/06]
    I finally got off of my lazy arse and updated. Still pretty bad IMO, but there
    you go.
    Version 0.5 [12/28/05]
    First Version. Needs serious work, but lays a foundation for future versions.
    8. [LEG] Legal Info "That's MY horse!"
    This FAQ is copyright 2005-2006 SearchBomber. I don't care if 
    you message boards or whatnot use it, but the only major 
    sites I want this on is GameFAQs and Neoseeker. I don't care if you take 
    this and say that you made it; may your own guilt destroy 
    9. [CON] Contact "Spammers need not apply."
    E-Mail: searchbomber@yahoo.com
    You must put either "Megaman Battle Network 6" or "Rockman.EXE 6" in the title,
    or I'll end up putting you on my 100+ adress-long spam list.
    10.[THK] Thank-you's "Cookie stand is open for business!"
    -CJayC, for making this site.
    -Nintendo, for dominating the handheld market and being the company to provide
    the medium to play the MMBN games.
    -Capcom, for bringing MMBN to its former glory. Nice job!
    -Chibi Soma and the rest of the staff at The Undersquare, 'cause I probably
    would've gotten lost fairly quickly without you guys. (www.exe-undersq.com)
    -And you, the reader, for actually looking at this. ^.^
    [Document End]

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