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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Chibi Soma

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    > Rockman.EXE 6 - Dennoujuu Faltzer
    > Written by ChibiSoma
    > In response to those who snubbed me: Let there be Raito.
    #   .-=~| YE OLDE TABLEE OFE CONTENTSE |~=-.   #
    #                                              #
    # Section 01: Overview/Updates       - [Intro] #
    # Section 02: New Systems            - [Cross] #
    # Section 03: Main Walkthrough       - [Wkthr] #
    # Section 04: Post-Game Walkthrough  - [Extra] #
    # Section 05: Chip Library           - [Chips] #
    # Section 06: Program Advances       - [PrgAd] #
    # Section 07: Thanks/Notes           - [Askss] #
    #                                              #
    = Section 01: Overview/Updates       - [Intro] =
    Well, folks. Here we are again for the last time. Why last? Because EXE6 is the
    final game in the series on the GBA. My guess is that they're jumping to the DS.
    So unless a viable DS emulator comes out between now and then (doubtful) then
    this is it.
    But Capcom seems to be taking it out with a bang. More abilities, the ability to
    commandeer other Navis, and gaining super powers. Hey, works for me. Since the site
    I WAS a part of decided to fling me to the wayside, I've decided to post my guides
    up here after all. Rejoice and be merry!
    As I'm sure you've noticed, Greiga and Faltzer are really similar. The only real
    things that change are your Link Navi scenarios and the final boss. The rest is
    all basically the same. I - and many others at this point - have gone over the
    guides and I believe I've dealt with anything that MIGHT linger from the amount of
    copy and pasting I've done. But, should a Navi/Operator name show up in one version
    when they're clearly in the other - I apologize. I'm only human.
    Well, no one reads these anyway, I'm sure, so let's get down to bidness.
    = Section 02: New Systems            - [Cross] =
    / Cross System /
    The big change that looked EXACTLY like Souls to us for so long. The Cross System
    is much different. First of all, you can stay in the Cross you choose for the rest
    of the battle if you so desire. Hit up while in the Custom Window to access the
    Cross Menu. From there, it's a simple matter of choosing your poison and rockin'
    the flare.
    / Cross Beast /
    You can activate a stronger version of a Cross by invoking Juuka-Rockman statis
    while in one. Alternately, you can Beast Out first THEN choose a Cross. Either way,
    you're gonna be tearing up the field.
    / Beast Out /
    Hereby to be referred to as the Juuka System since 'Beast Out System' is both
    longer and clunky in English. Remember where the Add/Soul Unison button used to
    be? Well, that's where the Beast Button is now. Once you gain the ability, you
    can activate the Juuka System at any time. Rock will Beast Out and you then get
    three turns to kick ass as you so please. When this time is over, however, you
    can activate another interesting feature.
    / Beast Over /
    Consider this your new Chaos Unison. When the 3-turn Beast Out ends, you can
    hit the Beast Button again to force a Beast Over. Juuka-Rock's power will be
    increased even further, but it comes with the distinct disadvantage that you
    lose almost all control over Rock. All you can do while he's in this 1-turn
    frenzy is send battle chips.
    / Link Navis /
    These are the Navis you can Cross with. You gain control over them for a bit,
    do some fun stuff, and eventually get their help. Your band of merry men grows
    to five plus Rock by the end of the game.
    = Section 03: Main Walkthrough       - [Wkthr] =
    =                                              =
    = I:    Hello and Goodbye            - [Movng] =
    = II:   Hot For Teacher              - [Blast] =
    = III:  Fishy Business               - [Pengn] =
    = IV:   Aquarium Antics              - [Dvemn] =
    = V:    Water Logged                 - [Aqman] =
    = VI:   Awakening of the Beasts      - [Beast] =
    = VII:  Secret Scrolls Scattered     - [Tengu] =
    = VIII: Law and Disorder             - [Judge] =
    = IX:   Darkened Skies               - [SkyTn] =
    = X:    Weather or Not               - [Elmnt] =
    = XI:   Dusty Dealings               - [Urant] =
    = XII:  Dusty Ground                 - [FnlTw] =
    = XIII:  Home, Sweet Home            - [Akiha] =
    = XIV: Revelations                   - [BrCol] =
    = XV:   The End, The Beggining...    - [Raito] =
    =                                              =
    / I: Hello and Goodbye               - [Movng] /
    "Um, I'm Hikari Netto! It's the year 20XX!"
    For once, Netto and Rock give the intro to the game. Netto messes up, so Rock
    has to help him out. We then cut to home room at the school! And we start off
    with sad news - the class is going to lose a member! Dekao asks Netto if he
    knows who it'll be and, reluctantly, Netto says he does. Mariko-sensei asks
    Netto to the front of the class.
    Netto then explains that they're moving because of Yuuichirou's job. And after
    a lot of sad dialogue, including Mariko-sensei getting choked up, we cut to after
    school. Everyone gathers in front of the old Hikari residence. Yuui thanks them
    for looking after Netto up 'til now. He then explains the plot. >_> After that,
    Haruka says a few things to everyone, then both leave for the car and let Netto
    say his goodbyes on his own.
    Dekao says that no matter where Netto goes, they'll remain rivals. Yaito gets
    choked up. Mariko-sensei REMAINS choked up. The nameless kids cheer Netto on.
    Meiru gets choked up. And that, in turn, gets Netto all choked up. He wishes
    everyone well and the screen turns to black.
    We then fade in on Netto's new room. Apparently they now reside in Central Town.
    Head downstairs and look at HOW MUCH COOLER his new house is! Seriously. Totally
    worth the move. They have a bathroom now! Head on out of the house. Welcome to
    Central Town!
    You even live by another chip shop! It's called Asuta Land. There's a Sub-Chip
    Dealer behind it selling:
    Mini-Energy -   100z
    Open Lock   -  4000z
    Enemy Search - 7000z
    When you're ready to continue, head for the girl getting harassed by the rather
    large robotic dog. You'll plug-in (R Button, remember) and here we set up the
    generic, ever-present tutorial. If you've EVER played an EXE game, you know
    exactly what's happening here. After you save the day (already), Netto goes up
    to the girl and introduces himself. The girl seems really, really shy, though.
    She mumbles a thank you and scurries away.
    I'm sure you have to talk to everyone in town, too, to continue along. Yuui will
    send you an e-mail. You now get to go home and plug-in to Netto's computer! So
    go do it.
    You may notice an e-mail Program right when you plug-in. Why you need one of
    those when you have your PET is anyone's guess at this point. So Netto's new
    homepage looks nice, eh? Head across it and into...
    | Central Area 1 |
    | Skull Gate BMD:
    | BMD 2: Mini-Energy
    The green path is your guide here! The sign you encounter past the green navi is
    a map of the area. There's a purple sign leading into a yellow area - this is
    the Net Cafe. The blue Navi behind the counter offers the following Sub-Chips:
    Full Energy  - 1000z
    Enemy Search - 7000z
    Shinobi Dash -  500z
    You can also buy coffee that heals a whopping 10HP. Oh boy.
    Head to the back of the Cafe and inspect the purple gate. It requires a
    {Reflect Met 1} chip to pass. Well, you should've racked up a good half dozen
    of those by now, so there's no problem! Head on through.
    | Central Area 2 |
    | BMD 1: Regular Up 2
    | BMD 2: Copy Damage *
    Oh wow, a NetDealer RIGHT there. His wares are:
    HP Memory      - 1000z, 2000z, 4000z, 8000z
    Spread Gun 1 L -  600z
    Recovery 30  * - 1000z
    Senshahou 1  R - 2400z
    Yoyo         L - 4600z
    Once again, follow the green path. You'll reach another map kiosk eventually, so
    take a look at it. Notice the single upper path? Lotta back alleys here too, huh?
    Continue your way forward and talk to the green navi in front of the purple gate.
    We need [Key Data] to unlock the gate. You need to talk to everyone in Central
    1 and 2 to end the scenario. Plug-out for now and go to bed. It's been a very
    odd (and SHORT) first day in town.
    / II: Hot For Teacher                - [Blast] /
    Annnnd Netto oversleeps on his first day of school. Which wouldn't be an issue
    if this was his OLD school. Head out of the house and up towards the northern
    point of town. The school gate here looks like the old one, only it has a post-it
    note on it.
    You'll pass through a metal detector and trigger an alarm! Security Robots flood
    the area! Netto has a back-and-forth with them... but then they halt and ask if
    he's Hikari Netto. Things get cleared and we get to pass on from the lobby. Dumb
    new school and its psychotic deathbots! As Netto walks on, he sees... oh no, it's
    a Copyroid Dummy... Yeah, THAT can't possibly be good! When you regain control,
    go through the nearby gate that was just unlocked.
    Go around and talk to the guy with the pompador. Mahha Gou...-sensei. (Mach Go?!)
    GO SPEED RACER! You'll get a [Seito Techou/Student Notebook] from Mach-sensei.
    Man, that guy's a few plugs short of an engine. Head back out into the lobby and
    go over to the PINK gate. With your notebook, you gain entry. Head to the end of
    the hall and go through the green double doors. And there it is - classroom 6-1.
    Mach-sensei announces to the class that they have a new student. Netto nervously
    introduces himself. We get to be seated behind a Kojirou. Aragaki Kojirou. Not
    much for talking, is he? Netto introduces himself as he passes by, but Kojirou
    just brushes him off. Dick.
    After class, introduce yourself to your new classmates! There's even a tiny
    Yaito-girl here! Plug-in to the blackboard for a {Thunderball *} chip and 700z in
    a pair of BMDs. Plug-out and finish your classmate introductions with Kojirou.
    Netto and Rock will talk a bit, then Kojirou comes in. He seems to tell Netto
    that the next class involves virus busting. Netto wonders what's with his attitude.
    Everyone plugs-in for the next lesson. You can tell the orange one's Kojirou's
    because of the attitude. Dick. Senseibot then lets Rock take a crack at the virus.
    You'll fight some heat-based viruses (Little Boiler chip). They move like the
    Wide Shot viruses did and shoot flames three spaces ahead of them. Incredibly
    easy to avoid.
    And so we become the marvel of the class! Mach-sensei praises us and tells Kojirou
    to stay after. Ha-ha, emokid got in trouble! Plug-out to see a cutscene with
    Kojirou and his Navi bickering. In fact, Kojirou's downright mean to his Navi,
    calling him useless. The Navi isn't gonna sit there and take that crap, so he
    leaves. His Navi gone, Koji blames Netto.
    But then what's this? Someone calls out to Kojirou. It's from his PET! ...Who's
    THAT Navi? I smell trouble...
    Next class, we get a Copyroid! Another student explains what a Copyroid is.
    Basically, you can plug a Navi into one to allow it to walk around in the real
    world. Netto plugs Rock in and, after a brief transition - poof! And then Rock
    prods the hell out of Netto. Haha. We then get control of Rock... is this feelin'
    really frickin' WEIRD to anyone else?
    Talk to everyone and end with sensei to continue. Rock then goes back into Netto's
    PET and the Copyroid changes back to Dummy form. Meanwhile, Kojirou and Blastman
    plan something sketchy.
    One of the deathbots has busted in! Takamura-s...er...Mach-sensei tries beating
    the robot up with Mr. Satan-inspired karate. Sensei is passed out and even more
    deathbots float in. Kojirou then reveals it's him that's behind things. Once
    again: Dick.
    When you regain control, go over and inspect the Copyroid. You'll transfer Rock
    in. Head out of the class as CopyRock and run down to the first floor. See the
    kid in trouble in the hall? He's got a bucket on his head. Talk to him to get
    the [Bucket]. Now head back up to 6-1! Rock gets the security bots' attention
    and douses them with water. We then transfer Rock back into the PET. Now that
    we have control of Netto again, we can go hunt down that ass Kojirou!
    Head to Class 1-1 and plug-in to the blackboard for a {Full Energy} Sub-Chip and
    an {Energy Bomb K} battle chip. Plug-out.
    Class 6-2's board has a {Common Snake H} in a PMD and a {Regular Up 2} in a BMD.
    When you're ready to continue, talk to Mach-sensei to get [Shokuin/Personnel Pass]
    Head to the lobby and go over to the yellow gate - we're going into the office!
    Kojirou's having trouble controlling the security bots, which have the teachers
    under fire! But Blastman isn't going to listen. He tells them that they can all
    die there, basically, and leaves.
    The front door opens and a security bot guards the way out. Things do not look
    good for Homestar Runner! Netto slams Kojirou against a wall and demands to know
    where Blastman is. After some talk, we plug-in to the security system.
    | Robo Control PC 1 |
    | BMD 1: HP Memory
    | BMD 2: Spread Gun 1 M
    Head forward and Rock and the Program will talk for a bit before it gives you key
    item [Water Data]. And th--WHOA! Fire bombing! You basically have to go from safe
    spot to safe spot, hiding from the fire, or else Rock will lose 10HP. Watch which
    way the sparks go beforehand so you know which side of the safe blocks you need
    to get behind.
    Make your way SW to the end, then go NW and then NE along the parallel path to
    the one we just went down. There's a Program-kun on fire! Run up to him and Rock
    will use the Water Data to douse the flames. He then goes off to safety.
    Head across the conveyor tile and go SE. You'll see another Program on fire. So
    go put him out, too. You should also see another one to the SW. Make your way
    back to the central path and go SW again. Go all the way to the end again and
    go to the SE. All the way to the end. Then head NE to get to that third Program.
    That's all you need to put out the big fire near the original Program! We're
    free to continue in further! Also, the area is free of Blastman's curse, so
    you don't have to hide anymore. Go back to the Program and head NW to get to
    | Robo Control PC 2 |
    | BMD 1: Recovery 30 *
    | BMD 2: Regular Up 2
    Unfortunately, this area IS still affected. Head forward and...waugh! Rock gets
    surrounded by giant flames! We cut out to Netto - we've gotta stop those fires!
    Go talk to Kojirou. He'll ask where Kojirou's Navi is. Talk to him 3 times. Now
    then, see the monitor flashing orange nearby? Go inspect it. Kojirou's orange
    Navi! But he's still pissed off at Koji. Who can blame him? Kojirou heads over
    to the master control annnd gets his ass set on fire, literally. The orange Navi
    risks his life to activate the sprinkler system. It works, and the fires are
    put out! The staff is safe and so is Rock. Now we can continue!
    From the Long Platform we start on, go to the long platform to the NE. At the
    bottom-right on a path is a Burning Program. Now, take the SW path onto another
    big platform. From the Regular Up 2 BMD, you should see the second burning Program.
    Take the lower-right path off the platform and make your way around to him. Make
    your way all the way back, almost to the Long Platform. From the first safe block
    on the platform we're on, head NW as far as you can go. Then head SW and then
    SW along the nearby path. Head to the end, turn SW, and put out Program 3. Head
    back the way we came and this time go NE from the junction. Program 4 is at the
    end of this short path. This will put out the fire in from of Blastman. Go and
    save, your first boss fight lies in wait.
    HP: 400
    *1) Blastman 'throws' explosions in a line in front of him.
    *2) Blastman uses some kinda of firey tornado. Remember Gyro Soul's charged shot?
        Think that, only on fire.
    *3) Just like in his area, he'll rain fire on all three rows.
    Strategy: Blastman will rarely attack here, and all of his attacks are fairly
    telegraphed. He'll flash before using attack 1, the panels on the ground light
    up before attack 2, etc. If you have some Machinegun chips, they work wonders on
    this overgrown, mutant toaster. The battle's just about as simple as they get,
    really. You should have no trouble here. When he's low on life, he'll break out
    his desperation attack - thankfully, there should be some safe blocks on the
    field. Hide behind those. This attack is telegraphed by those firey sparks, just
    like the ones that signalled you to hide in the past two areas.
    You'll get 1000z for winning. But Blastman sets fires in between the two of
    you and escapes! Well, that's rare. Anyway, Kojirou comes up to apologize for
    his behavior afterwards, which is nice of him. Seems like this experience changed
    him for the better, eh? Netto thinks Koji's a lot like Dekao. Oi oi...
    Just then, someone calls out to Netto. This guy is Oomori Asuta. But he's being
    too formal, calling our dipstick heroboy Netto-san. We then get [Rakugaki] from
    Kojirou. Which...seems to be grafitti/scribble/scrawl. The hell? Seems like this
    might just open up something. After Kojirou leaves, Asuta invites Netto to come
    by Asuta Land. ... So this brat with hero worship owns a chip shop? Wonderful.
    It's time to leave school, finally, so head back out into the sunlight. Head home
    and upstairs to get an e-mail. Seems we have e-mail waiting for us on our homepage!
    Talk to the E-mail Program and... oh, hey, Meiru-chan e-mailed! She fills us in on
    how everyone's doing - seems Dekao's still kinda bummed out - and gives us a
    {Roll R} chip!
    Now then, head for Central Area 2. If you inspect Koji's note, it mentions
    something about a Navi and a hole. Hm. Okay, around where you go under the
    overhead path, there are two shaded panels. Inspect the lower of the two. Here,
    you'll find the buried [Key Data]. Now we can open the path forward! So go over
    there to the gate and unlock it!
    | Central Area 3 |
    | BMD 1: High Cannon L
    | PMD: Elec Sword E
    The map is right there as you enter, so take a gander. Pretty funky shape, ain't
    it? You can't get by the SWmost path, since the NetDealer-lookin' Navi stops you.
    You can't get past BMD 1 because of a sketchy thundercloud (*shudder*...). There's
    a water spill to the east, so you can't go THAT way. And some sort of Jell-O
    Christmas Tree is blocking the northern of the two exits there. Nurrr...
    In the back are statues of our title characters - Greiga and Faltzer. Read the
    legend of them to trigger a cutscene. Haruka gets onto you for, assumedly, being
    up too late. So head for bed. Tomorrow's another odd day here.
    / III: Fishy Business                - [Pengn] /
    Yuuichirou walks into the office of Smarmy Pompousman. Maybe it's my spider sense
    acting up, but I don't like the looks of that guy...
    The next day, we begin at school. Kojirou is late and...has a penguin following
    hi--WHAT?! He tries ushering it out, but it comes right back in! Mach-sensei
    tries telling Kojirou it's a penguin, but he's retarded and thinks it's a
    pelican. ...Netto thinks it's a pelican too, but we all know HE'S an idiot.
    After class, the penguin's about to do this-and-that to Kojirou up near the
    blackboard. ...And now we have to get it some food. Capcom, what the hell?
    Head to the office downstairs. Talk to the old scientist-lookin' dude. While
    we're heading back upstairs, talk to the little girl in class 1-2. She'll want
    to trade you a Double Shoot C for an Energy Bomb K. Well, we grabbed one of
    those in a BMD earlier. Make the trade! Now head upstairs and into 6-2. Talk
    to the kid over near the books and such.
    Now we can leave the school. There's an old man with a cane - I'm sure you've
    seen him around - that you need to speak with. He's over near the tall, purple
    building. Choose 'yes' when given the option and you'll get into a virus battle.
    From the old man's bugged cooler, we get [Sakana/Fish]! Now head back to 6-1 and
    feed that penguin!
    Now we need to go log onto the net and find out just what's going on. So head home
    and plug-in. You'll have four new e-mails waiting on your homepage! Mariko-sensei,
    Dekao, Meiru, and Yaito all mailed you with random chatter. Anyway, head for
    Central Area 3.
    You'll get a real e-mail from the Net Police once you enter Area 1. There's an
    internet storm warning, apparently. Whatever the hell THAT is. Upon going through
    Area 2, you may notice a gnarly-looking black Navi. Talk to him to get into a
    virus battle. Win and you'll get a [Sub Memory] - it lets you carry more Sub-Chips!
    Once in Area 3, talk to the pink Navi by the southeast exit. The flooded one.
    Go back to the Net Cafe. There's an aqua-colored Navi there. He'll fix the leak,
    but we need to find some tools for him, first. Plug-out and head for the toilet.
    Yes, the damn toilet. Haruka's in there - there's a problem with the terlet
    itself. *sigh* ... Plug-in to the damn toilet.
    And BOY, does Netto want to kill it. Rock doesn't. It's so cute! Look at it!
    Sadly, we do have to destroy it. But Rock is really, really reluctant to do so.
    We get the [Kougu/Tool Program] from the poor dead Plunger Met. It's the aqua
    Navi's operator! Plug back in to the toilet and grab the {Open Lock} Sub-Chip
    from the toilet first.
    Now plug back in and head for Central Area 3 again. Head to the leak and talk
    to the aqua Navi. Rock hands over the Navi's tools and he cleans up the spill.
    Needs more Mop Program.
    Just then, a massive earthquake hits the internet! Anyway, continue forward and
    | Seaside Area 1 |
    | BMD 1:
    | BMD 2:
    Make your way along the only path you can run on and look at the map. A pair of
    double spirals with a large, flat lower area. Got the place memorized? Good. I
    hereby will name sections of it. You've got your Central Exit, where we entered
    from, Top Spiral, Bottom Spiral, and Seaside 2 Exit, which is down south.
    The Top Spiral warp takes you to the lower platform! There's a BBS down here. Go
    over to it. Rock goes to inspect it and, after losing himself in battle techniques,
    he sees that, apparently, someone has lost their penguin! We auto plug-out.
    So head back to school. Talk to Kojirou. And, after a long sequence, exit the
    school. Now head over to the tall, purple building. Kojirou + Pengin will appear.
    This is the Linear Bus! Yay for flying cars!
    You'll arrive in Seaside Town. And look at that big honkin' whale building thing!
    Plug-in to the cyllinder-lookin' things on the lower-left area. You'll find a
    {Barrier 100 H} battle chip in a BMD! Plug-out and head on downstairs. There's
    a Sub-Chip Dealer here WITH:
    Full Energy  - 1000z
    Enemy Search - 7000z
    Shinobi Dash -  500z
    Now head northeast towards the whale building's entrance. You'll get a cutscene.
    Some grizzled old salt is having a fit. He bitches awhile, then walks past Netto,
    Kojirou, and Pengin. The doors to the building are locked, though, so you can't
    get in, either. There's nothing more we can do right now. So head for home and
    go to bed.
    / IV: Aquarium Antics                - [Dvemn] /
    You get mail immediately the next day. It's from the Support Center and talks
    about the Navi Customizer! Yay! And right into the usual tutorial we go! Take
    the Undershirt and put it touching the Command Line. Now put the Attack +1
    somewhere NOT touching it (Textured blocks can't touch). Finally, add the Rapid +1
    somewhere not touching Undershirt (same-colored blocks can't touch). Finally, hit
    Run to install the programs. If you did things right, Rock won't be glitched up.
    Head out and take the Linear Bus to Seaside Town again. Go talk to Kojirou in
    front of the whale building. After some talk, head inside. Oh, look - an
    aquarium! Penguin and owner will meet - the penguin apparently is named Ginjirou -
    and they have a happy reunion.
    Since we brought Ginjirou home, the owner seems to wanna let us look around as
    we see fit. Sounds good to me. Head down the stairs and look at the ugly-ass
    marine life. Then head through the SW exit. Go upstairs in the next room. There's
    a glowing, green panel on the left side. Plug-in here to get an {HP Memory} in
    a BMD and a {Tornado L} battle chip in a PMD!
    In addition, a green Navi wants to trade a Deathmatch A for a Panel Return *, so
    once you find one, there's the man to talk to.
    The warp here takes you to Seaside Area 2. So if I tell you to take the Aquarium
    Shortcut, this is where I mean. Okay?
    Plug-out and make your way back towards Kojirou, checking all the animals as you
    go. To make sure, go to the little plaques in front of them. Once you inspect them
    all, a chime will sound, telling you a show is about to start. Must be the one
    the old man yesterday wanted in on, huh?
    Head for area 2 and go through the door upstairs (It's near that green plug-in
    point). Netto and Koji will watch the live marine show for awhile. Netto will get
    chosen to ride the dolphin! (That has GOT to be a reference to his never getting
    laid... >_>) Netto will yell at Kojirou, who thinks the whole thing is wholly
    embarassing. After, Kojirou's ready to get the hell outta there. Seems he doesn't
    like being around all that water and such. Before leaving the room, check that
    green/orange box near the tank's corner for a {Regular Up 1}.
    Head for the front of the building. Hey, the old sea guy got in today! Anyway,
    once outside, head for the Linear Bus. But before we can leave, some woman screams!
    There's pirahnas in the fountain! And sharks in the water! And Koji's worried
    about the penguins. Aww.
    Head back to the aquarium and into the second room. Head up the stairs for a
    cutscene. There's a gator in the penguin pen and Kojirou's defending them with
    a broom! Gah! And the manager's in the gator pen... with a gator! Dumbass.
    After you talk with the manager, head back to the receptionist being harassed
    by a turtle. She's no longer at her post. So go past her desk and down the
    stairs. This next room gets you onto the marine show's stage. But a bigass
    seal thing is blocking the way forward! So head back and towards the water.
    Yuh-oh. The seal's ball is at the bottom of the tank - that ain't good. Netto
    wants to jump in, but Rock wants him that the jellyfish are poisonous. That
    stops THAT idea.
    Head back into the main part of the building, go past the desk and down the
    stairs. Netto will notice the girl he saved from Asuta Land's robot dog at
    the beginning! She'll teleport around and escape. Netto heads outside after
    her, but she's gone by then. But he turns around and there she is on top of
    the building!
    She points off to the southwest. Netto is briefly distracted by pirahnas, giving
    the girl enough time to vanish. When you regain control, head in the direction
    she pointed. Back up near the fountain is a Copyroid! I think you know what to
    do now. Plug Rock in!
    In control of Rock, head back to the show's stage. Take him down the stairs and
    into the drink. Grab the ball to trigger a cutscene. Rock will return to the
    PET. Now go give the ball to the seal-walrus-sealion-whatsit. Head through the
    door now unblocked!
    Hey, that grizzled old sea captain's behind this! Big surprise there, eh?
    This guy is Captain Kurohige (That's 'Blackbeard' to you and me) and he's
    Diveman's operator. After a LONG back-and-forth, Netto plugs rock in to the
    Main Computer.
    | Aquarium PC 1 |
    | BMD 1: Life Synchro *
    | BMD 2: HP Memory
    Run forward and talk to the Program near the gate. Once the conversation FINALLY
    ends, hit L and switch to Netto. Check the ladder leading into the pool for an
    {HP Memory} first of all.
    Switch back to Rock now. Make your way past the Life Synchro BMD and grab the
    Program on the platform. You have to make it back to safety WITHOUT running into
    the sharks that pop up. Nurrr. Take him back to the starting platform. You know
    those aquarium tanks we passed by? Take him to the first one of those. He'll
    revert to a pirahna.
    Time to go find our next fishy friend. Urgh.
    Our next Program can be found to the southeast. This time there's a longer haul
    back, so don't get stressed if you have to try a few times. Once you get back,
    drop him in the third tank. Order is important. If you get him in the wrong one,
    you have to fight viruses AND recollect him.
    One more, thank the gods.
    This one's furthest south of all, near the HP Memory BMD. Be quick when you grab
    him and get outta that southern bit, because a shark will patrol the only way out
    if you don't. Take him back up and drop him into the second tank. Thankfully,
    this is the last one here. The gate will open and we're free to proceed.
    | Aquarium PC 2 |
    | BMD 1: Regular Up 1
    | BMD 2: Fast Barrier Navi Cust Part (NCP)
    In here, head past the gate and through the warp. Three more tanks to fill. At
    least these areas are fairly small.
    Our first sharkfood candidate is sorta to the northwest. Go grab him and take
    him back. This little fellow goes in the third tank! He's a turtle!
    Now then, head back out. Our next buddy is almost directly SW of where we start
    from, so just keep going and you'll see his platform. Stick him in the middle
    The final one's to the southeast. Not much else over there, either. Go grab him.
    You'll probably need to hop up onto the BMD 1's platform as you go, else you'll
    probably have a hard time avoiding the sharks. And, of course, this guy goes in
    the upper tank.
    You'll want that NCP, too. It's damn useful. It's a blue 2x3 block and can fit
    into your NCP as it is. It'll give you a barrier at the start of every battle.
    When you're ready to advance, head back across the warp and into Aquarium Area
    | Aquarium PC 3 |
    | BMD 1: HP+50 (NCP)
    | BMD 2: High Cannon M
    Oh god. Four tanks. *rubs eyes* Well, at least Capcom's getting the annoying stuff
    outta the way early. And this isn't the hardest thing ever. You just need to
    save (state) often.
    Okay, let's get to work. ><
    The first one's across an odd little bridge area just west of the first BMD. Go
    get him! Yes, a shark appears on the path. But don't worry. It goes in a straight
    line. Just duck into the little alcoves and you'll get to the bridge again. From
    there, it's a short jog back to the tank platform. Tanks are gonna be numbered
    1-4 this time to avoid confusion. Tank near the purple gate is 1 and they go to
    the right. Got it? stick this guy in tank #4, all the way at the end. Pengin!
    The next victim is next to BMD 2. He belongs in tank #3.
    Head southeast after leaving the tank platform and you'll reach Program 3. You'd
    think he'd be easy to bring in since he's relatively close, eh? This is true to
    an extent, but I had two sharks right on my tail as I got back out into the main
    part of the area. So be careful. This little guy goes in tank #1.
    One left! He's in the southern part of the area, furthest away. Surprisingly, it
    didn't seem that tough getting him safely home. Maybe I lucked out in shark
    placement? Anyway, drop him in tank #2, the only empty one remaining. Save.
    Well, you may have noticed little skull tiles. Once before fighting Blastman,
    once now. These signify that a boss is coming up. It's a nice little touch, if
    a bit unneccessary. Anyway, get ready for a fight!
    HP: 500
    *1) Twin torpedos will fire regularly, going along two rows.
    *2) When Diveman emerges, he'll lob 2 mines from his chest. It'll hit where you're
    *3) Diveman will emerge, a 3x3 area will flash, and he'll use a huge tsunami
    Strategy: Good heavens, look at him! Seems he does have legs, they're just
    submerged. Speaking of, Diveman will immediately submerge once the fight begins.
    Be friggin' alert, because the torpedos will fire fast and furious. Avoiding
    them while tagging Diveman when he comes up isn't exactly easy. Be sure to keep
    your distance, as he can bust out with #3 at any time. You're safe on your back
    column, though.
    You'll get 2000z for winning.
    Rock will ring the feeding time bell, thus getting all the animals back to their
    own pens. Order is restored, but Kurohige is gone! Head to where Kojirou and the
    manager were keeping gators at bay. Kurohige has Kojirou hostage!
    Just then, a ball comes rolling in. It's Ginjirou riding that bigass lardbutt
    thing! Whomp.
    The police haul away Kurohige.
    The manager and Ginjirou see the two boys off.
    Just then, Kojirou thinks he sees Kurohige! ...But it's just that creepy fat
    person who's still lingering from EXE5! When it cuts back, Netto and Koji have
    escaped. Seems Ginjirou wanted to leave with them. Good thinking on their part,
    huh? Seems Koji took a liking to the penguin after all, though.
    Meanwhile, some shady Navi reports in to a mystery person. You can head home and
    go to bed when back in control.
    / V: Water Logged                    - [Aqman] /
    We see a weird dreamlike sequence with Rock running through nothingness. Something
    roars. Greiga appears behind him, a ghostly blue hue to it. Faltzer also appears,
    its color pink. The Dennoujuu attack Rock, who cries out for Netto to save him.
    Netto starts to call Rock's name...
    Mach-sensei then wakes him up. And gives him detention. Sorta.
    Leave class and you'll get mail from the aquarium's manager. You'll get [Tag Chip]
    from him. There will be more info on this crap second pass around or in another
    guide, as the concept sounds goofy and dumb to me, anyway. >_>;
    Anyway, head for the office. Talk to Mach-sensei and-- oh hey, look who it is!
    Shuuko arrives, looking like she forgot to change out of her pajamas. At least
    her mugshot's much nicer. Shuuko and Netto ask what the other is doing there.
    Yup - Shuuko's one of our teachers now! They talk for a bit, then Mach-sensei
    cackles like an idiot and wanders off. Shuuko then heads off to her office.
    Head back to class for now and-- gah, it's that girl again! She finally
    introduces herself as Iris. Took long enough, eh? But before Netto can get too
    far with her, Shuuko calls up. Head on downstairs and into her office. She'll
    give you the lowdown on the Cross System. You'll then get a P-Code. Go up to
    the PC behind her and inspect it.
    Aquaman! Looking as randomly adorable as ever-pyuu! Now then! Down to bidness.
    We need to head over to the Seaside Area. As Aquaman says: Let's go-pyu~! Before
    leaving the area, grab the {Fire Punch 1 F} and {Suikomi *} chips from the BMDs.
    Might be a good idea to get used to using Aquaman in battle. His charged shot is
    a sort of slower-moving Aqua Soul charge. His special battle chip is Aqua Shower.
    Use it and he'll zoom into enemy territory, spraying water all over.
    Head out and you'll wind up in Central Area 1. Use your P-Code to unlock the
    security cube nearby, and make your way to Seaside via Central 3. Head to the
    next area via the southeastern part of the upper area. Just make your way around
    the outside of the bottom spiral. You'll need a Train Arrow 1 chip to get through
    the gate.
    | Seaside Area 2 |
    | BMD 1: Panel Return *
    | BMD 2: Regular Up 2
    You need to access the aquarium's HP, which is located here. It's in the northwest
    part of the area. Once you arrive there, talk to the Net Police-lookin' orange
    Navi just south of the entrance.
    The guy laughs at Aquaman when he calls himself a teacher, and thus the net is
    flooded again. Ach. Touchy little guy, isn't he?
    Right, we need to hunt down Fish Data. You'll have an strength gauge up in the
    top-right. This is how long you can swim for. Read below to find out
    what I mean. ...Anyway, head on back out. As you can see, we have a 0/15 counter.
    We need to grab them thar fishies!
    To get the fish, you need to step into one of those underwater tornados. There's
    one nearby, to the southwest. So hop in it. You'll now be floating around on a
    higher area. Swim around and grab the fish. There's one by the aquarium HP - you
    probably saw it already. You'll have to chase after the fish to catch them. Just
    drive them in one direction until they can't run anymore. You'll probably be able
    to grab two before your gauge turns yellow.
    When your gauge starts to get low, head back to the tornado and go back down so
    you're walking. Your gauge will fill back up. Anyway, grab the five fish here,
    and you'll get some dialogue. Head back to the tornado and go back to ground
    level and go to Seaside 1. The tornado here's up near the Central 3 entrance.
    There are five fish in Seaside 1, too. Go at 'em from the front instead of from
    behind - they'll be easier that way. Or that's how it seems, anyway. Head back
    for Seaside 2 and head to the southern gate. We need to get to Seaside Area 3,
    but we'll have to do a 3-set battle to open the gate.
    | Seaside Area 3 |
    | BMD 1: Regular Up 2
    | BMD 2: Vulcan 2 D
    | PMD: Wide Blade B
    HP Memory       - 2500z, 5000z, 7500z, 10000z
    Bamboo Sword  W - 4200z
    Recovery 80   K - 3000z
    Barrier 100   H - 3800z
    Count Bomb 1  H - 8800z
    The tornado's right there as you enter. The final five fish are here, too. So
    let's get crackin', shall we? The area's fairly large, so watch your strength
    Once you get the last five, head back to the aquarium's PC. That Net Policeman
    dude will be back. Talk to him and the flooding will stop. Anyway, plug-out and
    talk to Shuuko again. She'll ask if you want to battle her. If you're ready,
    accept her challenge.
    HP: 600
    *1) Charged shot - Aquaman will lob a water ball at you that hits both the panel
        it touches and the one in front of it.
    *2) Water hose - Aquaman will whip out a giant hose, which will attack along the
        row/column you're on. Can do multiple shots.
    *3) Aqua Shower. Get ready to dodge in a clockwise motion to avoid it.
    Strategy: Aquaman's pretty easy. The only thing to worry about is the hose
    hitting at a bad time or Aqua Shower catching you off guard. Luckily, Aquaman's
    attacks are all pretty telegraphed. You'll see what he's upto a good second or
    two before the attack comes, so it's not really difficult to avoid. The hose can
    attack any column you're on, and the middle row's pretty much offlimits. Aqua
    Shower can be performed on any middle-row tile, it seems.
    After you win, you get {Aquaman A} plus Aqua Cross! You'll then get a tutorial
    showing you how you use the Cross System. Well, that was fun. Now what? Well,
    let's get outta school, for one thing...
    Nearby, a group of people are gathered. Kojirou's with, so Netto calls out to
    him. Hmm. Custom sprite. That ain't good. There's a...Dance Show? Wha? Koji and
    Asuta seem kinda smitten with this girl or something, because they keep friggin'
    stuttering. They leave, Netto leaves, and Iris watches on. You get an e-mail
    from Shuuko regarding Aqua Cross once you regain control. But before going in,
    go to Asuta Land! It's FINALLY open!
    There's a strange-lookin' Number Trader near the 3-Chip Trader. Speaking of, go
    get rid of the billion Reflect Met chips you surely have now. There's a...Program
    over there in the corner. He's the Information Desk, basically. Tells you about
    the Traders and the Request Board that's nearby.
    I'll hafta do a section on that later.
    Go talk to Asuta (see him behind the counter?) do get the full list (well... full
    so far.)
    Gun Del Sol 1 C -  1000z
    Air Hockey    N -  3800z
    Drill Arm     G -  5000z
    Long Blade    M -  6200z
    Wide Shot     P -  7000z
    Django        D - 10000z
    That's a NICE selection. Especially for those prices! Wanna see what the Number
    Trader can give you? You sure? Well, alright! Thanks to Labmaster, here's what
    we've got!
    87341489 - Full Energy  (Sub-Chip)
    45566783 - Full Energy  (Sub-Chip)
    39345472 - Full Energy  (Sub-Chip)
    79459146 - Shinobi Dash (Sub-Chip)
    15511679 - Shinobi Dash (Sub-Chip)
    74198795 - Shinobi Dash (Sub-Chip)
    59485971 - Untrap       (Sub-Chip)
    22812406 - Untrap       (Sub-Chip)
    09000465 - Untrap       (Sub-Chip)
    98766899 - Untrap       (Sub-Chip)
    68008194 - Enemy Search (Sub-Chip)
    16336487 - Enemy Search (Sub-Chip)
    37495453 - Enemy Search (Sub-Chip)
    04789479 - Open Lock    (Sub-Chip)
    99910954 - Open Lock    (Sub-Chip)
    41161139 - Open Lock    (Sub-Chip)
    82564319 - Open Lock    (Sub-Chip)
    19790420 - Buster Pack   (NCP)
    28271002 - Bodypack      (NCP)
    32132348 - Rush Support  (NCP)
    70741543 - Beat Support  (NCP)
    69548756 - Tango Support (NCP)
    12046210 - Rapid Max     (NCP)
    94305487 - Charge Max    (NCP)
    37889678 - HP+50         (NCP)
    49951337 - HP+100        (NCP)
    24823665 - HP+200        (NCP)
    54654618 - HP+300        (NCP)
    08749780 - HP+400        (NCP)
    55031325 - HP+500        (NCP)
    77837421 - Spin Red    (NC Accessory)
    41976910 - Spin Yellow (NC Accessory)
    09256524 - Spin Green  (NC Accessory)
    71757977 - Airwheel 3     O (Battle Chip)
    51702791 - Aquaman        * (Battle Chip)
    69544569 - Bamboo Lance   * (Battle Chip)
    24616497 - Blastman       * (Battle Chip)
    97049899 - Blizzard Ball  H (Battle Chip)
    92070765 - Chargeman      * (Battle Chip)
    51378085 - Circle Gun     V (Battle Chip)
    44892547 - Colonel's Army * (Battle Chip)
    23722234 - Count Bomb 3   M (Battle Chip)
    38116449 - Deathmatch     * (Battle Chip)
    32310827 - Diveman        * (Battle Chip)
    57656595 - Django         * (Battle Chip)
    60884138 - Drill Arm      M (Battle Chip)
    79814666 - Dustman        * (Battle Chip)
    30424514 - Elecman        * (Battle Chip)
    08789369 - Element Wrap   * (Battle Chip)
    10414878 - Groundman      * (Battle Chip)
    14212857 - Gun Del Sol 3  W (Battle Chip)
    12110031 - Hakushaku      * (Battle Chip)
    12404002 - Heatman        * (Battle Chip)
    84387543 - Killerman      * (Battle Chip)
    88674125 - Mega Boomerang M (Battle Chip)
    75641392 - Recovery 300   Y (Battle Chip)
    55910601 - Slashman       * (Battle Chip)
    00297421 - Tenguman       * (Battle Chip)
    67520179 - TomahawkMan    * (Battle Chip)
    97403000 - Uninstall      G (Battle Chip)
    Now go home and head for bed. Seems like something important's happening tomorrow.
    / VI: Awakening of the Beasts        - [Beast] /
    Two Navis discuss the upcoming storm.
    Netto will start to plug Rock in, but Haruka cuts it off. Go downstairs and talk
    to her. Seems Iris came by! Head for the bird statue just in front of the school
    to find her. She seems to think something bad's about to happen on the internet.
    Just then, Kojirou calls. Seems something bad IS happening on the internet...
    Circusman begins to dance.
    Shit, I'd say that's bad. Clowns are creepy as is, I don't wanna see one dance.
    Especially one as rotund as THAT clown!
    Seems the Navis think that too, because Circusman's dance screws their HP and
    causes them all to collapse. What I'm gonna assume is their souls pop out and
    that fat banana split sucks 'em all up! It's the Navi version of a Dementor!
    Circusman then floats - yes, floats... In there, they all float. And if you
    plug-in, you can float, too!
    Gah, sorry. I had to. I'm so sorry I had to reference that.
    Anyway, Circusman spits the Navi soul things into the giant gaping pit in the
    center of the area. In fact, he loogies a LOT of them in. It looks like tubby
    butterball reawakened the Dennoujuu! Greiga and Faltzer have been revived! See?
    THIS is why you should never trust a clown, they ALWAYS lead to destruction!
    Circusman then opens some gate in its body and tries sucking the Dennoujuu in.
    Unfortunately, he only captures one of them - Greiga. But the Net Police show
    up before he can try getting Faltzer! Faltzer does not like waiting and attacks!
    Circusman plugs out before it happens, but the Net Police get caught in the
    Head inside and you'll get an e-mail from the Net Police, warning people. Go
    upstairs and plug-in! Yuh-oh. Darkened internet = bad voodoo. All the Navis have
    collapsed, too. DAMN CLOWNS! Head for Central 3, quick! The internet SHAKING as
    you arrive is a bad sign. Run up past the Net Police to where Circusman was.
    You start to battle, but Faltzer bats you away easily. Rock plugs-out.
    Head downstairs and talk to Yuuichirou! Ah, he's useless! Go back upstairs!
    Rock tells Netto to shut up. He asks why. Rock says he can hear something. Seems
    Yuuichirou is hollering about something. He's on the phone, apparently. And talking
    about sealing the Dennoujuu. ...Inside a Navi's body. Kinda like Circusman did, I
    guess. Why do I not like where this conversation is going? It'd take a lot of
    memory to take in one of the Dennoujuu. He mentions Rockman and an [Ekusa Memory].
    Rock wants to go back. Plug him in and return to Faltzer. A downed Net Policeman
    will stop you before you get far. He mentions a few things: Soul Knife, Soul
    Sword, Soul Axe, and Soul Gun. He gives us the [Soul Weapon]. We then get a
    counter in the upper-right.
    Knife x 2
    Sword x 2
    Axe x 1
    Gun x 1
    Apparently some funky things are going on. Evil spirits must be stopped! See
    that red thing? Go up and choose Soul Knife. You'll take the creature out. We've
    gotta go drop the rest of the evil spirits now. Near the map here, you'll find
    two more. Get on the NE side of them and use a Soul Sword. Now use a Soul Knife
    on the remaining one. Head for the Net Cafe. Use the remaining Soul Sword. Then
    go to the SE of the three remaining, aim NW, and use the Soul Gun to hit the
    yellow spirit on the end. Finally, get in the middle and use the Soul Axe to
    delete all three. The barrier forward will be released! You'll also received
    {1 Bug Frag} for your effort. Continue on.
    Talk to the Net Policeman in Central Area 2 and get a new supply of Soul Weapons.
    Knife x 2
    Sword x 2
    Axe x 4
    Gun x 1
    Head forward. You'll come across a four-pack of evil spirits. Go a few tiles down
    from the three in a row, aim at them, and use the Soul Gun so that it hits the
    yellow spirit. Okay? Now, go use a Soul Knife on the single red spirit on the
    right. Then turn and Soul Axe the three remaining.
    Continue along. You'll see a three-pack on one of the alleyway paths. Knife the
    yellow one and Axe the lot.
    The next one's another of those damn Tetris-block shapes. Use an Axe on the
    two yellow ones, then Sword them all. The path to the end will then open. You'll
    get {1 Bug Frag} again.
    In Central 3, even more evil spirits have set up shop. Once more, talk to the
    downed member of the Net Police to get your Soul Weapons recharged. This time, we
    Knife x 3
    Sword x 4
    Axe x 4
    Gun x 2
    This area also introduces blue spirits. If red is level 1, and yellow is level 2,
    then blue is level 3. Got it? Blue takes three hits. Soul Gun the blue one nearby.
    Twice. That's right, use all of them on him. Then Sword him and the red spirit
    behind him. Take out the neighboring red spirit with the Knife.
    On the right is an L-shaped block. Sword both yellows. It'll fully delete one
    of them. Now go around and Sword the remaining reds.
    Nearby, another L-shaped sort of block. Sword the rightmost yellows in the
    back. It'll instant kill it - attacking from behind always will. Knife the
    neighboring red. Then Axe the two you initially Sworded.
    Continue around to the three in a row. Axe twice then Knife the remaining red.
    The final flame barrier will open. You'll get yet another {1 Bug Frag}. Faltzer's
    right there - go over to it!
    Rockman isn't going to fight Faltzer...he wants to absorb it! Yuuichirou calls
    in and addresses Rock by his true name. Netto even gets in on it with a
    'Saito-niisan.' Rock says goodbye to Netto and begins to install Dennoujuu
    Faltzer! He succeeds...but he's down for the count.
    Back on Netto's HP, he pleads for Rock to open his eyes. But the massive task of
    absorbing Faltzer has taken its toll on poor Rock. His body is trying to deal with
    the huge amount of power it just took in. Iris e-mails Netto and mentions something
    about [Iyashi no Mizu] which...seems to translate to [Evil Water].
    You'll get an e-mail from Asuta and Kojirou, as well.
    Well, we need to get to Seaside Area 3...but Rock's down for the count. What
    can we do?
    Well, don't we know someone whose Navi we can borrow?
    Head to the school and talk to Shuuko, then inspect the computer behind her to
    once more take control of Aquaman. This version's easier than Greiga purely
    because he's not weak to anything in Seaside. And Seaside IS where we need to
    go. Seaside 3, specifically. You may have noticed a bigass ol' machine to the
    southwest while swimming around earlier. That's where we need to hit up.
    Unfortunately, the evil spirits have infested the Seaside Area, too. In Seaside 1,
    talk to the fallen Net Policeman to get equipped with Bubble Lead. Er... Soul
    Knife x 4
    Sword x 4
    Axe x 3
    Gun x 3
    Head around and Sword the red/yellow duo in the first four-pack. Sword the next
    Leave that blue spirit there and head along the Bottom Spiral. Get between the
    two yellows and Axe once. Now Knife the remaining reds. Go back to the center.
    Gun the blue from behind for an instant kill.
    Kill the single red along the path into the Top Spiral. Turn and shoot the yellow
    one in the back for another instant kill. Continue around and through the warp
    to the lower platform.
    Sword the back two twice. Now Axe the three remaining in the back. The dark flame
    will fall and we'll get {3 Bug Frags} this time. Head back to the bottom spiral,
    near where we dropped those two yellows.
    Simple, yesno? Head into Seaside 2!
    Nearby Net Policeman for the reload!
    Knife x 3
    Sword x 3
    Axe x 3
    Gun x 3
    Lotta threes. There are two nearby blues, but look at how many conveyor tiles
    are here! Buh. We are NOT attacking them from the front. It's all about
    assassination here. Head southeast. Snipe the blue spirit in the 3-pack, then
    unlock the nearby security cube for 100z. Axe the two remaining, then Knife the
    last one.
    Continue north. Gun the sole red. Use a Sword on the red/yellow combo. Then
    Knife the remaining red. Sword the two yellows for an instant kill.
    Make your way around and Gun the red in the back from across the conveyor belt.
    Get behind the blue and use an Axe. Take out the remaining red with a Knife.
    Now go down and Sword those two blues from earlier in the back. The flames will
    fall! You'll only get {1 Bug Frag} this time.
    Head on through to our destination!
    Hey, a Net Policeman NOT down. Talk to him for a refill, anyway.
    Knife x 3
    Sword x 5
    Axe x 4
    Gun x 3
    Get behind the Net Policeman and Gun the yellow in the back. Then Knife the red
    NW of him.
    Head southwest, being careful to avoid the conveyor tiles. Sword the yellow from
    the side, then Knife him to finish. Sword the blue in the back for instant death.
    Hug the southwest wall and hit the conveyors at the lowest point so you can
    continue southwest. Once again hug the SE wall and hit the conveyors. You'll hit
    the friggin' motherlode.
    Sword the yellow/red duo, then knife the remaining red. Get behind the blue and
    Axe. Sword two of the reds and Axe the remainder. Now make your way back to the
    blues at the start. You should have 1 Sword, 2 Axes, and 2 Guns remaining.
    Get on the conveyors nearby so you can Gun the middle of the three blues. See
    the spot? On your way back, Gun another blue in the back. The closest one. In
    other words, shoot so you can get behind the other one. Now get up behind the
    remaining blues and drop them from behind. You'll have one Soul Weapon left over.
    You get to pick how to finish things here. You'll get {1 Bug Frag} for finishing.
    The double flames drop. Make your way back over to where the motherlode of evil
    spirits were loomin'. Inspect the Bigass Faucet. Heatman will attain some of this
    so-called [Iyashi no Mizu/Evil Water] stuff.
    Uh-oh. Circusman dropped by to play. He unloads viruses for you to play with!
    Once you smite them, Circuman gets outta there. Plug-out, then plug-in again.
    It's faster than walking back to Netto's homepage. Go up to Rock and inspect him
    to administer the voodoo juice.
    Well now we're in TROUBLE! Rock's awake again... but he's not exactly feeling like
    himself. Juuka-Rockman lets out a net-shaking roar. Yuuichirou tells Aquaman to
    get the hell outta there, but Aquaman stays. Juuka-Rock lets out another roar.
    And then Aquaman cries out for him to snap out of it. It reverts Rock from Beast
    Out form and back to normal. Annnd then he collapses again. D'oh! Aquaman then
    plugs out, as he's pretty torn up at this point.
    Days later, Rock's back. He overcame the Dennoujuu.
    The next day, Netto wakes up on his own. Yuuichirou e-mails us then, basically
    telling us of the benefits we get by having Faltzer within us. And then, you
    guessed it, we get thrown into a tutorial.
    See the button pointed out? Thassa Beast Button. You use it to Beast Out. This
    will invoke the Juuka-Rock form. Now watch the Kokoro Window. We get three turns
    like this. On the fourth, if we hit the Beast Button again, we go into Beast Over.
    Rock goes completely out of control, moving and attacking on his own. The only
    input you get is the chips you send him that turn. Once Beast Over is done - it's
    a 1-turn deal - you reach your limit. The Kokoro Window shows an exhausted Rock.
    Your hit points will drain, your Buster falls to 1/1/1/, and you cannot Cross with
    anyone. So use Beast Over wisely.
    Just try it out. Hold down B and witness the badass power of your Feather Shoot.
    Now try using some battle chips!
    After the tutorial, Kojirou stops by. And he isn't bringing good news. Circusman
    has been spotted again!
    You get an e-mail from Yuui detailing Beast Out features again. Go plug-in.
    Yaito's sent your HP mail, if you wanna read. Head for Central Area 3. While you're
    on your way, play with your new powers a bit. Beast Over and see what happens.
    You may notice that, after using Beast Out and, say, killing viruses in one turn,
    your Kokoro Window will read a '2' next time you enter battle. It'll drain down
    like that until you go through a fight WITHOUT using the Juuka System. The count
    goes up for each battle you DON'T use it. Got it?
    Once in Central 3, head for the statues. It's time to get revenge on that damned
    HP: 700
    *1) Two hands will appear on the column you're on. They come together in attack.
    *2) Circusman summons a hoop through which an animal will come flying from.
    *3) He'll come over to your side in an odd form. If it lands on you, prepare for
        pain. A LOT of pain.
    Strategy: His attacks come FAST, so watch out. The quickest and EASIEST way to
    beat him is to Beast Out at the start of battle and just use your Feather Shoot
    to eat away his hit points. Watch out for that third attack. If he lands the
    big top on your melon, you're in for deep hurting. In addition, if he has a
    desperation attack, I didn't keep him alive long enough to see it.
    You'll get 3000z for winning. Plus the pride in knowing that you just beat a
    clown up.
    Circusman's operator will report to that same mysterious figure that we 'saw'
    / VII: Secret Scrolls Scattered     - [Tengu] /
    Netto's in school. There's a banner for some World Fair going on, and the kids
    are gathered. Then the two idiots try working out a word...and getting it all
    wrong. Kojirou and Netto start to dash away when someone calls out to them.
    Unique sprite warning - operator ahead.
    Watch EXE Beast? Then you know exactly who THAT old fogey operates. The old
    man pops up behind Kojirou, startling him. His name? Fuuten Roushi. Which
    very well may just be one word (Fuutenroushi) since there isn't a name break
    dot anywhere in it. But that looks odd, so I picked the most natural-sounding
    break spot I could. Deal with it! Roushi babbles for awhile, then hobbles off.
    We're free to leave after that. You can now use the Chip Order in Asuta Land,
    by the way. Stop by your HP before doing anything else, as Meiru's sent you
    a {Roll V2 R} chip!
    Head for the Net Cafe in Central 1. Talk to the female, yellow Navi in the
    back. And, just like in Greiga, we've gotta find a cyber seal lion. Head for
    Seaside Town's aquarium. Behind the receptionist's desk and in the next room,
    there's a partially-hidden man. Battle him for 5 Bug Frags (BFs).
    Now continue into the Main Computer - the one where you had to save fish
    Programs from sharks. There's an aqua-colored Navi here. He'll give you another
    fight. You'll get a Charge +1 NCP for your troubles!
    Now plug-in to that glowing green screen and talk to the yellow and pink twins
    like we saw in the Net Cafe. Now plug-out and head to the taiyaki stand -
    it's next to the stuffed animal stand near the fountain. Inspect it then plug-in.
    Grab the {White Capsule *} chip and the {Open Lock} Sub-Chip from BMDs, then
    talk to the yellow/pink twins here.
    After that, plug-out and head back to Central. Go to class 6-1 at school and
    inspect the bug jar things the kid is staring at. Then talk to the kid himself.
    Head over near the east part of class and inspect the camera's control panel.
    Then plug-in. Grab the {Jungle Land} NCP and 3000z from the BMDs, then talk to
    the twins again. You'll get an {HP Memory} for your running around. Plug-out and
    head to the Linear Bus. There are two stops now.
    Seaside on the left.
    Green Town on the right.
    So head to Green Town.
    Ooh, lookit. It's all leafy and stuff. Saloma would love it here.
    There's a statue you can plug-into here. It has a {Regular Up 2} and 2400z in
    Sub-Chip Dealer sellING:
    Enemy Search - 7000z
    Shinobi Dash -  500z
    Untrap       -  800z
    Yay, Untraps! Bit PRICY, but...
    Also, near him is a shady character in a cloak and hat. Hmm...I don't buy it.
    Head up the stairs by this person and you'll trigger a cutscene. The cloaked
    figure tells you to stop, then comes up to you. Jerkman tries ordering us about.
    We don't listen. Naturally!
    ...Annnd then we trip an alarm. God dammit, what's WITH this place?! Oh look,
    deathbots. Eventually, the manager of the aquarium comes in and stops the bloody
    rampage. He'll talk for a LONG time and give you key item [Masakari] which
    references something being in full bloom or somesuch.
    Plug-in to the nearby machine.
    | Green's HP |
    | BMD 1: HP Memory
    | PMD: Black Bomb F
    Sub-Chip Dealer
    Full Energy - 1000z
    Open Lock   - 4000z
    Untrap      -  800z
    Talk to the aqua-colored Navi, then head on through to Green Area 1.
    | Green Area 1 |
    | BMD 1: Spread Gun 2 C
    | BMD 2: HP+100 NCP
    | PMD: Bamboo Lance W
    HP Memory      - 4800z, 8400z
    Custom1        - 4600z
    Mega Folder 1  - 3000z
    Float Shoes    - 3800z
    Search Shuffle - 6000z
    Attack +1      - 2000z
    HP+200         - 4200z
    Mmm, NCPs.
    Eww, portal area.
    One set of portals leads over to one of those weird Jell-O Xmas Trees and a warp
    to a Jiten HP. There's a {Yoyo *} and {Sub Memory} there in BMDs. So get those.
    The path to the PMD is via the northwesternmost portal (upper-left) shortly after
    you enter the area.
    Okay, um... Yeah. Portal your ass around until you reach the center of the area.
    >< After that, head down the stairs on the left. This'll let you reach Central Area 3!
    The right set of stairs lead to a gate that needs the [Houritsu no
    Chishiki] or Law of Knowledge. The hell that is.
    Well, after inspecting the Law of Knowledge gate, Netto starts babbling about
    a Program-kun's head. Hmm, lesse here. Okay, back to Green's HP. Talk to the
    Program, then go up and talk to the aqua Navi near the other two. He seems to make
    you pay 1000z for something or another. But the other two Navis wouldn't talk to
    me until after I did it. Talk to all three. The green one will tell you to,
    apparently, make a Program-kun MAD or something.
    And this is somehow the answer to the Law of Knowledge. >< Nurrr logic nurrr.
    | Green Area 2 |
    | BMD 1: Rapid +1
    | BMD 2:
    Run forward and look at that map. Look at that map. LOOK AT THAT MAP.
    Oh my god, why do I write these each year?!
    Get to the Net Cafe here. The green Navi will give you the [Kyoka Data].
    Firebrand? Okay. Whatever it is, I'd say it burninates something. Plug the hell
    out. Head for the security thing we stepped through earlier.
    The manager will call us over and... unique sprite alert. I'm thinking he calls
    himself Roppou, but that's just going on kanji alone. Netto wants to call
    him Kanji. I agree. Anyway, after the talk, go into the courtroom. Talk to
    everyone, then head to the front to trigger a scene.
    Netto tries getting...I'm guessing the judge's...attention. Then there's a
    blackout! Then the damn deathbots act up! Then there's a flash of light and the
    cloaked figure from earlier saves us! Then the Kenji guy pops in.
    Ahh, that's why we're here. Kurohige's trial! Netto gives his testimony in front
    of the court, nervously. Then a deathbot comes to haul the Cap'n away. If you
    aren't thinking something fishy's up here, you haven't played enough EXE.
    You'll get an e-mail from Fuuten Roushi when you finish up. He's outside, on
    the left of the two giant tree stumps!
    He'll give you two choices, select the left answer ('Yes') to both to trigger
    another scene. Then talk to the large, electronic book to gain control over
    Tenguman! His special chip is F Tornado and... well, go use it. It kicks ass.
    His charged shot is TENGU THRUST. Which is far dirtier-sounding than it could
    ever be. His nose shoots out three panels forward, that's what it does.
    Now head to Green Area 1. We have business there. Once there, Roushi will talk
    to you a bit. Hitting A on the field will cause Tenguman to whirl around, slicing
    up stuff. You'll also have a counter in the upper-right. And you'll notice that
    crows start flying at you. Hit A to shove them away. We must collect leaves and
    scrolls. Just be careful of those crows. If you get hit, you restart. Each time
    you hit A, you use a leaf. Get it? No leaves, no scarecrowery.
    The first leaf is on the platform with the warp to the PMD. The first scroll is
    on the main, central platform. Another leaf is just southeast of it. Now head
    down the left set of stairs and grab the next leaf you see. The next scroll is to
    the southwest, past another leaf. The next is almost directly southeast of the
    stairs. Once you have it, head back up and take the right set down. There's another
    leaf in the northeast, where a GMD usually is. The final scroll is just to the
    Now we need to repeat the process in Green Area 2. We need to find 4 scrolls
    again. Make your way towards the Net Cafe. You'll run across a leaf along the
    way, in case you need an extra attack. The first scroll is directly northwest
    of it, along the middle of three prongs jutting out from the path. After getting
    it, head into the Net Cafe. You can use the nearby portal to divert all the crows
    to the far south if you'd like to conserve leaves.
    Continue down to the southeast. The platform next to the one with the skull gate
    holds scroll 2. The next one has another leaf. There's another leaf nearby, too.
    Just as well - the crows should get back to you around the time you reach it.
    Continue as far south in the area as you can get over here, as scroll 3's down
    that way. Now head for the forest in the middle of the area. The final scroll
    is southwest of the large tree.
    Tenguman will plug out. Now talk to Roushi to get into a fight.
    HP: 800
    *1) Tengu Thrust - he'll attack three panels in front of him with his nose.
    *2) Tenguman will summon three tornados, which will move up/down all three
        columns on your side.
    *3) Tenguman will raise his arms and two whole rows, both sides, will light up.
        Tenguman will then rush the highlighted area.
    Strategy: Sword-type chips his weakness. If you're able to area lock him, do it.
    Then just slash to your heart's content. A good way to get him (if not neccessarily
    a brilliant battling method) is to get hit with Tengu Thrust, then slash him in
    the puss. He's not hard to fight at all, really. The worst he can do is the
    tornados, which are just mildly irritating if you can't move properly.
    When you win, you get {Tenguman T} and the ability to use him as a Link Navi!
    Tengu Cross is fun - built in Float Shoes. You can walk right over cracked or
    broken panels. And your charge is a Fuujin Racket. The ability to move over broken
    panels is definitely the best part of this Cross in my eyes. And hitting Back+B
    seems to make a breeze sweep through the enemy field, drawing enemies forward.
    Anyway, we're done here. Head back home. As soon as you step off the Bus,
    Yuuichirou calls out to you. Thankfully, it's nothing important. Head inside
    and go to bed.
    / VIII: Law and Disorder             - [Judge] /
    The next day, special maintenance is mentioned and Netto falls asleep in class
    again. When he wakes up, there's some odd noises coming from the locker behind
    him. After class, we get an e-mail from Haruka.
    Yuuichirou's been arrested.
    Head home and talk to Haruka. She mentioned something about someone hacking
    Green Town's Judgement System. Y'know, the stupid digital judge thing. Netto asks
    where Yuui is now, she says he's been taken to Green Town. So that's where WE
    need to go!
    Once there, head into the courtroom. The sentence gets passed and a deathbot
    starts to tote Yuuichirou away. Rock smells a rat and I do too. Yuuichirou isn't
    smart enough to do anything sneaky, for one thing. Speaking of rats, head up the
    side of the room and look at who's there. That creepy Kenji guy. But he does give
    us something that loosely translate to [Case Files] (Jiken no Shiryou) so...
    Netto has no idea what an alibi is, so he asks Rock. The crime was committed at
    4 yesterday... but THEY were with Yuui at that hour. So now our job is basically
    to get people who can vouch for Yuuichirou being around at the time of the
    hacking. Rock suggests that strange dude in the cloak. I concur! Head back to
    Central Town!
    Anyway, we need to talk to people who might have seen or had contact with Yuui
    at 4 yesterday. When we got off the short bus, he was comin' outta the school,
    so that's a good place to start, eh? Go in and talk to Mach-sensei. But that
    lead's no good. The blackboard maintenance took place before the hacking did.
    Near Mach-sensei, plug into the board right in front of him. Grab the {Enemy
    Search} Sub-Chip.
    While you're here, plug-in to class 1-2's blackboard. You couldn't before. You
    can find a {White Capsule *} and an {HP Memory} in BMDs. Also there is another
    one of those evil-looking punk Navis. For 2000z you can get a [Battler Card].
    This allows you to gain access to Virus Battler. See the post-game walkthrough
    for more on this.
    Go check out the green blackboard in the office for a {Charge +1} NCP and
    a {Regular Up 1} in BMDs.
    Now then, go to 6-1 and plug-in to the camera. Go up to that funky machine and
    inspect it. Viruses will pop out! After a LONG back-and-forth, a Program will
    float up to Rock. After even MORE talk, we get to see a playback. Kojirou walks
    in, followed by a securitybot. The lights go out when the bot inspects the locker
    that Rock thought was making odd noises. Looks kinda bad for ol' Koji, doesn't
    Go inspect that locker! Mach-sensei comes in and accuses Netto of swiping the
    robot. And then more talking. Next, go to the office and plug-in to the main
    PC. Y'know, the one where we fought Blastman.
    Head for the actual spot Blastman was sitting and inspect the giant face-looking
    thing there. We get another video playback. Sure enough, there's Yuui! Later that
    day, no one's around. At least, no one until Kenji enters. We get the robot's
    [Vision Data]. Plug-out and get back to Green Town.
    Go into the court building and talk to the man standing in front of the courtroom
    doors. After speaking with him, head to the right and into the side door usually
    guarded by a copbot. The bots seem to be administering shock treatment to him.
    Ouch. The nearby jailer dude can't do anything. So, as usual, it's up to us. Nurr.
    Head past him and into the open cell. Plug-in to the chair! Grab the {Full Energy}
    Sub-Chip in the BMD and the {Ojizousan O} in the PMD.
    Now plug-out and head into the Court through the jail-area's door. Kenji's
    lingering around. Unfortunately, he has control over the cyberjudge and THAT
    thing declares you guilty. So a league of deathbots swarm the room! And not only
    there - they're terrorizing Central Town, too!
    After you regain control, head through the side (blue) door usually guarded by
    that old man. The brown door nearby is locked, it seems. We need the password
    to gain entry.
    Go back into the main building and plug-in to the Green HP. Talk to the aqua Navi.
    He'll give you a three-digit number (153 in my case). Input this to gain access.
    Once inside, head around and climb the ladder. This will get you to the cyber
    judge's tree platform in the center of the courtroom! Netto will converse with
    Kenji, who's still hanging around.
    | Judgement PC 1 |
    | BMD 1: Coming Load *
    | BMD 2: Fumikomizan L
    Rock's hearing things. Okay, this area's kinda odd. Basically you have to walk
    over all the buttons to pass... But you can't get stuck. Screw up and you get
    waffled for 100HP and get thrown back to start. That's not a good thing. You
    can hit L to look around.
    Head forward and you'll encounter your first button puzzle. Now once you step
    on a brown tile and make grass sprout, you cannot step on it again, else you'll
    lose 100HP and have to restart, so be careful. Here's a guide. [S] is the starting
    place and [G] is the gate. ^ is up, < is left, > is right, and v is down.
    Head forward and grab the BMD, then continue on to the second button puzzle.
    After that, head forward and take the long way around to get the second BMD.
    The next button puzzle's right around the corner and fairly long.
    And that's the end of area 1. Simple, isn't it?
    | Judgement PC 2 |
    | BMD 1: Yoyo N
    | BMD 2: HP Memory
    It doesn't matter which path you take leading out, so long as you aren't an idiot
    and come right back to start. Anyway, the first button puzzle's up ahead.
    [^]   [>][v][^]
    [^]      [v][^][<]
    When you reach the next junction, hit L so you can see the path you need to take
    to the BMD. Continue around to reach the next button puzzle.
    [>][>][^]   [v][<][<]
    [^]   [v][<][<]   [^]
    [^][<][<]   [>][>][^]
    Now just continue yourself up the narrow path to the fourth button puzzle.
    [_][_][_]   [G]   [v][<][<]
    [>][>][>][>][^]   [v]   [^]
    [^]   [v][<][<][<][<]   [^]
    [^][<][<]   [>][>][>][>][^]
    Now head on to area 3.
    | Judgement PC 3 |
    | BMD 1: Regular Up 3
    | BMD 2: NCP Expansion Memory
    Final area.  Pay close attention to the multiple paths leading out of the starting gate.
    Don't take the third. In fact, to make things easier, take the rightmost
    path. Head up and into the first puzzle.
    [>][>][>][>][^]   [v][<]
    [^][_][_][_][v]   [_][^]
    Go through the gate and right into puzzle 2.
       [^]   [v]   [^]
    This one isn't as difficult as it looks. It's just LARGE.
       [v]   [^]
       [v]   [^][_]
       [v]   [^][_][_][v][S]
       [G]   [^][<][v][<]
       [>][v]   [^][v]
       [^][v]   [^][v]
    And now save, because there's that skull gate. But who could we be fighting?
    Not good - Colonel's jumped ship and is workin' for the other team now! You'll
    live to regret this! After a long talk, Colonel charges, there's a flash of
    light, and... ...Colonel is stopped in his tracks! But how? Another flash of
    light! Colonel isn't liking this. He plugs out, leaving his buddy Judgeman there
    to deal with us. As expected, Kenji's the operator for him. So what about Colonel?
    Hmm... oh well. No time to think about old allies becoming new enemies, we've got
    a fight ahead of us!
    HP: 800
    *1) He'll shoot out some kind of electrical whip along one row.
    *2) Judgeman summons a few Monster Book of Monsters to chase you.
    *3) Judgeman summons a blue book. If you attack it, it attacks you.
    Strategy: Judgeman always comes up to his frontmost column to use attack 1, plus
    the ground will flash before he uses it. Easily avoidable. I swear, his second
    attack looks like that book from the third Harry Potter movie. He'll summon two
    of them and they'll slowly home in on you, so watch out. You CAN destroy the
    books. The third attack acts like Gateman's gate from EXE2, sort of. Only this
    one attacks with random virus attacks. I've had it shoot bubbles, use Golem Punch,
    and use a Fire Arm-ish attack. It eventually goes away, but it's definitely
    annoying while it's out. You have to watch and avoid its attacks while keeping
    mind of Judgeman's movements.
    You get 4000z for beating him.
    Rock runs up and fixes the computer which, in turn, fixes the guardbots. Nearby,
    the cloaked figure watches on. Later, Kenji is found guilty and is presumably
    hauled off. Kojirou, meanwhile, is made to stand in the hall with a bucket of
    water on his head as punishment.
    Meanwhile, some dude with bad teeth comes up to...Barrel? Yup. That ugly, yellow
    jacket is unmistakable. Seems Barrel wants the WWW to revive or somesuch.
    Back at home, Netto watches TV. You then get an e-mail. Actually, it's two, but
    only one is important. The first mentions... Dingo?
    / IX:   Darkened Skies               - [SkyTn] /
    So yeah. Hey, Asuta Land has two new chips in for sale:
    Full Custom * -  7800z
    Number Ball N - 12600z
    Head over to the Linear Bus. You now have a third destination. The list is now
    as follows:
    Seaside | Green Town
    We want to go to Sky Town. Familiar sprite alert - over beside the elevator,
    look who it is! Yup, Dingo's returned from EXE5 with Tomahawkman! We'll be
    dealing with them shortly. For now, go and head down the stairs nearby. Plug in
    to the thing that looks like a battery pack. This is the Elevator PC and it has a
    {Rapid +1} NCP in a BMD. Also, you're gonna start encountering electric-type
    Talk to the manager-type dude before trying to use the elevator.
    Once in Sky Town proper, walk around and plug-in to the fan thing. There's 1600z
    and the {Oil Body} NCP in BMDs there.
    The next plug-in point is a cooler. A {Regular Up 1} and a {Color Point *} chip
    are in BMDs here.
    There's a heater near the cooler. Plug-in there, too. You'll net a {Charge +1} NCP
    and 1000z in BMDs.
    Yup. That light-lookin' thing can be plugged-into, too. Inside, you can buy an
    item called [Rush Food] from a sketchy-looking Navi for 3000z. Do so, because you
    KNOW it's gonna come into play sometime. Grab the {Bug Frag} and {Regular Up 1}
    before plugging out. This is actually called the Shower PC. Grab... oh, two
    'cans' of Rush Food if you've got 6000z laying around. Why? Because there are
    two really nice shortcuts you can make with them - you'll thank me for at least
    one of them.
    Once you're done pillaging Sky Town of its goods, head inside the building. This
    is the Operate Room. Hey, Koji's here. Go inspect those airtank things down
    southwest for an {HP Memory}. Then plug-in for {3 Bug Frags} in a BMD and a
    {Bug Shuusei P} in a PMD.
    Now plug into the thing displaying the world map. In here you'll find a {Regular
    Up 2} and 3000z in BMDs.
    When you're done, talk to the aqua Navi standing at the top of the stairs. A lot
    of talk happens. Basically, we gotta find something called Weather-kun. Head into
    the nearby elevator.
    Another unique sprite warning! The kid looking like a pallette-swap of Captain
    Harlock! Another one's nearby - the captain-looking guy. Inspect the Weather-kun
    compy for an [Amagasa] or 'Rain Hat'. >_> WELL WE CLEARLY DO NOT NEED THIS AS
    Head southeast and past the girl to go outside. There's a partially-hidden
    Sub-Chip dealer behind the next elevator.
    Full Energy  - 1000z
    Open Lock    - 4000z
    Shinobi Dash -  500z
    Head through the elevator - there's a 10-chip trader there! Head on up the
    stairs. Somehow, we're below the platform we were on earlier. Go over to the
    satellite dish and plug-in. This is the Sky HP. Talk to one of the Programs here
    for a Sky Banner. Now you can get here from Netto's HP.
    | Sky's HP |
    | BMD: Vulcan 3 A
    | PMD: Self Recovery (NCP)
    Talk to one of the Programs to get a banner back to Netto's HP. It's the most
    useful out of all of the banners you can get. Head out the other end to get to...
    | Sky Area 1 |
    | BMD 1: HP+100 NCP
    | BMD 2:
    | PMD: Spin Blue
    Bubble Wrap       Q - 24 Bug Frags (BF)
    Stealth Mine      S - 30 BF
    Poison Seed       P - 48 BF
    Steal Revenge     Q - 65 BF
    Neo Variable      N - 80 BF
    Bug Death Thunder V - 100 BF
    Whatcha wanna bet that Central Area 3's bigass staircase leads to somewhere here?
    We need... a Victory Card. Head forward and, at the crossroads, go NW for the
    first BMD. NW leads to Sky's Net Cafe. At the far end is a Net Police-lookin'
    Navi. Talk to him for a virus battle. It's a triple set. But once you win, you
    get [Victory Card A]! Head back to the crossroads and go down the SW set of
    There's the map, so take a look. Confusing, huh? Thankfully it's not too large.
    If you want to blow some bug frags, there's a dealer just up the NW stairs. There's
    some nice stuff, including Giga Chip 'Bug Death Thunder'...but it's the most
    Go SW down the nearby stairs and make your way SE then NE to get to another
    Net Police-looking Navi. This time you'll get in a five set battle. For winning,
    you get [Victory Card B]. Head up the nearby stairs and you'll get to the exit
    leading to:
    | Sky Area 2 |
    | BMD 1: Regular Up 3
    | BMD 2: Mega Cannon S
    | BMD 3: Django V2
    Head forward and up the large staircase. Check the map. The area's got a lot of
    access points, huh? Take the SW path to get to a warp. Make your way through this
    next area and go through the next warp. Make your way past the exit gate and
    down more stairs to reach the next Net Policeman. After a grueling 10 set battle,
    you get [Victory Card D].
    Head back over to the warp portal. But instead of taking it, go across the
    one-way tile to get to the next virus busting challenge. After a 5-set battle,
    you get [Victory Card C].
    Use your Rush Food on that dog bone tile. See how that works? Now you have a
    shortcut! Go down the stairs and talk to the aqua-colored Navi for a cutscene.
    You'll fork over your four Victory Cards and get [Vacuum Data] in their place!
    Now we can suck up the cloud in Central 3! Kojirou and his Navi didn't fare so
    well. Rock tries stopping an argument between them.
    Shortly after Kojirou's Navi leaves, and the aqua Navi mentions the Ura Internet,
    you call a call. Kojirou needs help! Head up the nearby stairs, across your
    Rush Road path, across the one-way tile, and through the gateway.
    | Ura Internet 1 |
    | BMD 1:
    | BMD 2:
    | PMD: Murasama Blade M
    Ahh, the Uranet. And what a waffle of pathways it is! Head northwest. You'll
    find a path through. You'll get to a big platform. At the NE end is a Sub-Chip
    Dealer, of all things.
    Full Energy  - 1000z
    Enemy Search - 7000z
    Untrap       -  800z
    You've probably seen that gnarly Dennoujuu statue over <-- thataway, right? Well,
    that's where we need to get. Head back to the waffle path and take a one-way tile
    to the east to find a warp portal leading to some personal PC. The second NCP
    expansion is here in a BMD! There's also a PMD in there with a {Fumikomizan B}.
    Head back to Ura 1 and make your way north. When you get to the platform with
    the PMD on its westernmost tip, head northeast. You'll see a wide staircase
    nearby. Go up it and you'll reach Kojirou's Navi and the gnarly Dennoujuu
    Yuh-oh. A gang of punk Navis. They seem to be the ones who shanked Koji's Navi!
    And it seems they're a Dennoujuu Cult of some weirdass sort, because they try
    to extract Greiga from Rock's body! Koji's Navi scrams while he still can,
    apologizing that he was useless.
    The Cult seems unprepared for the sheer power they start to feel. Juuka-Rock
    emerges on his own. But Rock overpowers it and collapses promptly afterwards.
    Crap. Rock's down again - we need... we need someone to get us back there to
    help. Looks like it's Link Navi time again!
    Head for Green Town. Take control of Tenguman - he'll be more useful than Aquaman.
    Make your way to Central, then up the long staircase. With the Vacuum Data, we
    can suck up the cloud blocking the way back to the Sky Area! Once there, head into
    Ura 1 and to Rock. The Cult didn't move him, thankfully.
    Unfortunately, he Beasts Out right when he wakes up. Juuka-Rock lets out another
    net-shaking roar, there's a flash of light... and normal Rock is down again. This
    time, a Navi in a blue cloak stands behind him. The Navi speaks to Netto then
    plugs out. Tenguman and Rock plug-out. This hasn't been a good day.
    / X:    Weather or Not               - [Elmnt] /
    The end of another school day. Kojirou's feeling pretty guilty. But the boys
    cheer him up, so that's good. Head outside and... oh lord, now what? It's
    mighty dark out, isn't it? And just as strange as the darkness was, it's even
    stranger when it lifts. But then it friggin' starts snowing! Then the snow
    stops and high winds pick up. What's going on?
    Head home to see a weather report coming in from Sky Town. An earthquake rocks
    the place. And for some reason, Iris was there. Let's go to the source, see
    exactly what the fruits is happening. Take the short bus to Sky Town.
    The elevator to the upper level is busted. Head downstairs and plug-in to its
    computer. Go NW and check that flashing box thing out. Viruses attack! Elevator
    fixed once you beat them. So plug-out. Go and talk to Dingo on the heliport and
    answer 'yes' to him twice. There be some mischievious totem poles littering the
    Sky Area that be buggin' him. Why am I using a pirate accent when talking about
    a chara from Jawaii? Inspect the panel behind Dingo to take control of his Navi.
    We must now hunt down four totems. Grab the {Open Lock} and {HP+50} in BMDs
    before heading out.
    Tomahawkman's special chip is E Tomahawk. It's basically a glorified Shockwave
    that cracks all the panels it goes along. His charged shot remains the giant
    tomahawk swing. Very cool, but takes two and a half days to charge and execute.
    You'll start in Sky Area 2 and right away there's a totem. Inspect it to initiate
    an odd minigame. You've got Liberation Mission controls here, sorta. L and R turn
    Tomahawkman around. Your goal is to slash up all the totems that rise up. Hit B
    to slash. After a certain amount (watch the spot the Custom Gauge is) you'll win.
    Start making your way back towards Sky Area 1 and you'll find the second totem
    blocking your way. Golden totems join the normal ones, and things seem a bit
    faster, but it's still really easy.
    Continue to Sky 1. Once there, start to make your way towards the Net Cafe and
    you'll run across totem 3 near some stairs leading NE. Blue-green totems are
    added and things once again speed up. Just keep slashing and you'll eventually
    The final totem is located in the back of the Net Cafe itself. This one adds
    reds totems and everything gets another speed boost. Just stay on the center
    two columns and move left/right as neccessary. Once the final totem falls,
    you'll plug out. Now talk to Dingo to initiate combat.
    HP: 1000
    *1) Tomahawkman's vulture thing flies out along the middle row.
    *2) Charged shot - it has Dream Sword range, so get to your back column.
    *3) Tomahawk boomerang - he'll throw it a few columns ahead of himself.
    *4) E Tomahawk - he'll shatter all the panels along one row.
    Strategy: Despite that foul fowl fluttering its feathers festively, this fight's
    pretty easy. The third attack can hit you on any column, so while Area Stealing
    might give you more room to move in regards to avoiding his charged shot, you
    can still be smacked with the boomerang. You can also shoot the bird as it comes
    at you to return it to its perch.
    When you win, you get {Tomahawkman T} and the ability to perform Tomahawk Cross.
    Your charged shot will be the same as Toma's, only a tiny bit faster. And you
    can beef up wood chips. In addition, you can't be paralyzed, blinded, confused,
    etc while in Tomahawk Cross.
    Now then, back to what we were doing. Head through the elevator upstairs and
    go around for a cutscene. Gak. All the programs are messed up. Head behind the
    fan and plug-in. Go inspect the control panel here, just like in the elevator.
    And, like there, virus fighting commences.
    Head up the stairs for a cutscene. Gak. All the programs are messed up. Head
    behind the fan and plug-in. Go inspect the control panel here, just like in the
    elevator. And, like there, virus fighting commences.
    Now head up, plug into the heater, and repeat.
    Once that's done, head upstairs, past the satellite, down the other side, and
    repeat this process for the remaining two machines. Careful with the cooler's,
    it's a bit tough.
    Once you deal with all four machines, head inside. Iris walks through a door
    next to a Copyroid. Yuh-oh. Go over and inspect the lockers. The manager dude
    was inside! Now you can follow Iris. Head towards the stairs outside and an
    earthquake will knock Netto to his knees...and knock the stairs away! Gah.
    Netto starts to make a long jump, but chickens out. So Rock wants to have a go
    at it!
    Go back and transfer Rock into the Copyroid. Now head out the front door, the
    way with all the machines. Go around behind them, up the stairs, past the
    satellite, and down the long path over where we just were. Rock makes the jump
    over to the other side! Netto jumps... and tries floating with an umbrella. Of
    course he fails... but thankfully Rock catches him.
    Head into the elevator. Now go into the Weather-kun PC room. That manager-type
    dude is...standing on the computer. Ahh...no, it's that shady teeth guy from
    before - the one who was talking to Barrel! This guy controls Elementman, who
    wants to take the Force Program. Netto runs up and plugs Rock in.
    | Weather-kun PC 1 |
    | BMD 1: Spread Gun 3 S
    | BMD 2: Regular Up 1
    'Tis raining here. And we have a rectangular box in the upper-right corner of the
    screen. Pretty weird area, huh? Run NW and talk to the Program. Apparently we need
    some kind of Rainbow Power, whatever the fruity hell THAT means.
    Anyway, head up the stairs to the right of the Program. Hop on the cloud. Now then,
    you must collect all the pieces of the rainbow that're floating around up there.
    Watch out for the swirling death in the center of the area. You can dock with
    the cloud platforms by going to the blue/green panel. Note that it does NOT
    matter what order you collect the rainbow pieces in. You get Rainbow Data once
    you complete it, though. Once you get all seven parts, you can hold down A
    to unleash a rainbow trail. Then all you have to do is circle the typhoon virus
    (swirling death thing) while holding A. Rainbow Power will kill the virus and
    stop the storm!
    | Weather-kun PC 2 |
    | BMD 1: Shield NCP
    | BMD 2: HP Memory
    The area is bigger, and there's more than one typhoon virus, but the strategy
    is the same. Collect Rainbow Power, circle typhoons, continue on. There are two
    typhoons here, if it wasn't obvious. They get a bit more aggressive, but don't
    worry. The most that can happen is you needing to go get another cloud. Your
    cloud can take two hits safely. On the third, it vanishes.
    | Weather-kun PC 3 |
    | BMD 1: Spin Pink
    | BMD 2: Recovery 120 F
    Two typhoons again here. Even more aggro than the last. The path to Elementman
    opens up at the end. So save your game. But if he's as easy as his little area
    here was, he shouldn't pose a threat.
    HP: 900
    *1) Elementman will throw a pair of tornados at you.
    *2) Wood Tower. Leaves Grass Panels behind.
    *3) He'll call down lightning to follow you around.
    *4) Ices over panels
    *5) Calls down meteors for multiple panel hits.
    Strategy: As his name would suggest, Elementman can switch elements at any given
    time. You can tell which one he's alligned to by what color he changes to. He'll
    throw tornados at any time, often comboing them with elemental attacks. The only
    one that's really annoying is #3. #4 he'll actually zip over in front of you
    and smack you with if you aren't careful. And #5 may as well be a meteor battle
    chip because that's what it is, only faster. He's not a hard boss, just a tricky
    one. He's actually really easy to beat since, if he isn't weak to the chips you
    have out, just wait a bit and he WILL be.
    You get 5000z for winning.
    The operator tries using ninja vanish skills, but Weather-kun grabs his ass before
    he can escape! But just as Netto walks away, someone cries out "Screen Divide!"
    Weather-kun is destroyed and Elementman's op is free! And there, in Copyroid
    form, is Colonel. Elementman's operator vanishes in a puff of smoke and Colonel
    tries attacking Netto!
    The screen goes black and when it ends, Iris is standing over Netto, arms spread.
    Colonel seems stunned: "Wh...why... are you... here?" When Iris doesn't reply,
    Colonel turns around. "Ch... Hikari Netto... You barely escaped death. You won't
    be so lucky next time."
    And with that, Colonel leaves the Copyroid's body.
    Iris is glad that Netto is alright. But before anything further can be said, the
    ground starts quaking! Iris goes to work on Weather-kun, typing away. And, through
    a lovely plot device, she manages to know enough to stop Sky Town from being
    destroyed. The elevator dings, causing Netto to look away. Iris vanishes in that
    Meanwhile, with Barrel... Kenji and Kurohige stand before him. Circusman and
    Elementman's operators walk in. And, if they're in order and I'm reading
    Elementman's op's kanji right, their names are Chiroru and Nyuudou.
    And then in walks Mach-sensei. Blastman's operator.
    Plot twist? You betcha!
    The WWW members chat amongst themselves. Barrel goes off to talk to... Dr. Wily.
    You know, I have to wonder. Wily's faced Netto a few times. Barrel knows what
    Netto's capable of. Do these two REALLY expect to win against him? I mean really.
    This is getting silly at this point, don'tcha think?
    / XI:   Dusty Dealings               - [Urant] /
    Meanwhile, in Central. A female addresses Netto and several other Netbattlers,
    including the captain and the Harlock kid. In walks that grey-haired man that
    Yuuichirou spoke with earlier and the cloaked figure. The man says stuff, then
    both leave.
    Before we get started, head to Asuta Land. Look who's there - it's Meijin! And
    he's sellin' chips this time? I guess he got tired of constantly switching Navis,
    huh? Here's what he's got:
    Heavy Gauge  * -  5800z
    Bad Medicine A -  6900z
    Bug Bomb     G -  8000z
    Navi Scout   L -  9200z
    Element Wrap S - 10600z
    Uninstall    L - 12000z
    Well, we need to go to the Uranet again, apparently. Plug-in at home. We have
    the banner to get there quickly. Plus you have HP E-mail waiting from Yaito and
    Talk to the reddish punk Navi at the start of Ura 1. He'll tell you that we need
    to go to Ura 2. Well where's the exit located? Check the map up ahead. We clearly
    can't get out the right exit. So head for the NW one. Talk to the punk Navi there.
    We need to find a password, it seems.
    To find the guy who'll help you, go to jail. Go directly to jail. Go not pass
    'GO,' do not collect 200 zenny. The guy in the greenish shirt at the NW end of
    the jail-dungeon is the one you talk to. If you don't get it - you need to be
    in Green Town, genius.
    Next, we need to find someone with a part-time job. Head to Seaside Town and
    talk to the girl in the pink maid-ish outfit by the stuffed animal stand. You'll
    have to talk to her three times before she forks over some info. And man, she
    talks awhile. Go back to Uranet 1. Finally you can unlock the gate and move on
    | Ura Internet 2 |
    | BMD 1: Recovery 150 M
    | BMD 2:
    NetDealer (NCPs)
    Shinobi Dash    -  20 BF
    Super Armor     -  35 BF
    Reflect         -  48 BF
    Collector's Eye -  62 BF
    HP+400          -  76 BF
    Giga Folder 1   - 100 BF
    As soon as you enter, you're told to stop. Punk Navis on the upper level! Four
    of 'em! They teleport down and start blathering about Rock having the Dennoujuu's
    power. They mention a 'Kyouso-sama' ... Kyouso = founder of a religious sect.
    They ARE a cult, y'know. Just as they start to try extracting Greiga again...
    Dustman appears!
    He uses Dust Press and seems to LAND on the four Navis. His operator, the
    skinny dude who was hanging with red-nosed boxerman, asks if we're alright.
    This is MISTER PRESS. The Navi is introduced as Dustman. They then take their
    leave. Nice folks, those two.
    Head up the stairs. Going SW leads nowhere. So head NE. Go down the next slope
    and NE across the one-way tile. Up the following slope and straight ahead. Go
    around the corner, under the upper area's slope, and all the way to the end
    where the map is. Cool, a skull.
    Anyway, head down the left of the two conveyor paths. Go straight SE down the
    slope, then SW and around the corner. Grab the BMD on the next platform. Head
    up the ramp at the northwestern end and continue NW. A warp portal here will
    take you to a 'Jihan PC' where you can nab the {Battery Mode} NCP and 1200z from
    BMDs. Head back to Ura 2 and we'll continue.
    Continue all the way NE until you reach a portal and some conveyors. Take the
    portal to get to the lower level. See the way those two punks are facing? There's
    an invisible path leading out into the dead space of the Uranet. This is where
    we'll find the Moon Stone we're looking for. Plug-out and leave the house!
    You'll get an {HP Memory} for your troubles. Talk to everyone around the statue.
    It's time to end the day.
    / XII:  Dusty Ground                 - [DstGr] /
    Seeing as how the grey-haired guy answers with "...Kochira Kein da ga." I'm gonna
    say his name is Cane/Cain/Kane/Kain. I like Cain. Lotta shady bidness goin' on.
    Meanwhile, Rock's on TV! And people cheer Netto's name! And Rock is still
    We then get a call. But whoever it is isn't showing. But then Meiru pops up!
    Seems she saw the commercial thing, too! Everyone misses each other. Netto says
    that the sound of Meiru's voice makes him think of Akihara. Aww. So he's gonna
    go home for a visit!
    The next day, you get a pair of E-mails. Yup. Two new teachers. Press-sensei and
    Now you have four options for the Linear Bus.
    Seaside | Green Town
    Sky     | Akihara
    Yup. We can go home now! But first, we're getting ourselves some more power.
    Now head down and into the office next to Shuuko's to speak with Horisugido
    Tarou, Groundman's operator. As usual, answer yes to both questions and you'll
    start Groundman's mission. Inspect the PC behind him to gain control over the
    massive tank Navi. We need to head for Central Area 2, but first grab the
    {Fumikomizan B} in the PMD. Groundman's special chip is the RC Breaker. And
    his charged shot fires bits of himself a la Plok at the enemy. Whatever he
    does, he does it slooowlyyyy. So adjust you Netbattling to properly control
    him. Let the RC Breaker crash into the back of the enemy's area to properly
    use it.
    We'll start out from Ura 1, which isn't a very good place for such a slow-moving
    Once you arrive in Central 2, you'll get a cutscene. Groundman will jump up,
    hover briefly, and when he comes down, boulders start falling! Your goal here
    is to break 35 boulders before the dynamite counter gets to 0. How? Line up
    with the boulders and hit A. A gauge will appear. Hit A again when it's in the
    red for the strongest drill forward. You'll also need to rescue the Programs
    you trapped. But uh...don't drill into them. They won't like that.
    Fail and you have to start all over again. After you get the area cleared, head
    to Central 1 to repeat the process. There are 40 here, 5 more than in Central 2.
    Don't forget to get the two off on the other side of the warp portal or the two
    next to the skull gate!
    You'll now plug-out and be ready to fight.
    HP: 1000
    *1) A panel will flash - get off of it before Groundman drills up from below.
        The panel will crack.
    *2) Groundman will do his charged shot, launching both arms and his head.
    *3) RC Breaker - Groundman will start glowing and will shoot across your
        area. When he collides with the back, rubble rains down in pairs of two.
    Strategy: Groundman's actually a fairly difficult opponent if you aren't
    prepared. He'll go for attack #1 at all the worst times, like when you're stuck
    in letting go a charged shot a split second too late, or you've just used a
    chip that stalls you. There's always a gap to slip between to get through attack
    2. And attack three is extremely easy to avoid. To make things easier on yourself,
    I recommend equipping the FloatShoes NCP before battling and/or using Tengu Cross
    so the cracked/broken panels don't matter much.
    You'll get {Groundman G} and the ability to use him as a Link Navi!
    Your charged shot in Ground Cross becomes some mutant combo of Step Sword and
    Drill Arm. There's a pretty sizable delay between the time you let go of the
    charge button and when Rock hits the target. Breaking-type chips will get a
    pithy boost, too. And you'll have a Super Armor effect when using it.
    Now then, to get our last Cross. Head to the aquarium and go into the second
    room. Next to the vending machines is Mister Press. Talk to him to accept his
    Link Navi mission. Now inspect the white vending machine to take control over
    Head for Uranet 2. Thankfully, it's right out the portal! Dustman's special
    chip is Dust Break. His charged shot sends some trash ghost thing flying out.
    Head up onto the skull. There's a reddish punk Navi near the PMD spot on the
    forehead. Talk to him to get into a minigame. Hit A to suck in garbage and hit
    B to smash bombs. Like with Tomahawkman's minigame, your Custom Gauge will show
    your progress.
    Now head down off the skull and go to the lower southwest side. It leads up to
    the warp portal we started at. Another reddish punk Navi is standing next to the
    ramp. Talk to him and get into round two. Things are faster this time, naturally.
    We've taken care of Ura 2's trash. Now head for Ura 1. Another one of them punks
    is located en route to that Dennoujuu statue that Rock was nearly sacrificed in
    front of. Things are faster again and this time, missiles are firing at you as
    well as the bombs. B-button smash 'em. Plug-out time! Talk to Mister Press to
    HP: 900
    *1) Charged shot. Junk shoots forward and punch the highlighted panel, cracks it.
    *2) Dustman's chest opens and three floor panel chunks fly out in a straight line.
    *3) Dust Break - He'll suck you forward and smash his hands together.
    Strategy: Dustman moves slowly and all of his moves are predictable. I'd like to
    once more recommend Tengu Cross or Float Shoes to deal with the panel destruction
    you'll be facing. At this point in the game, Dustman should pose to real problem
    to you.
    After you win, you'll get {Dustman D} and your final Link Navi!
    Dust Cross lets you inhale objects on the field. Go on, lay down a Stone Cube and
    suck it up using Back+B. Then you shoot it back out for some mean damage. Your
    charged shot becomes the same as Dustman's - the flying trash monster. Where's
    Oscar when you need him? Stupid grouch. Also, you may notice a little garbage
    chomper next to the Beast Button. Once per turn, you can move chips you don't need
    at the moment down to it. They'll be recycled back into the rest of your mix.
    Alright, folks. Ready to enter the final part of the game? You've got the power
    at your command. You should have a decent folder together at this point. Now
    let's see if we can shut down the WWW once and for all this time.
    / XIII:  Home, Sweet Home             - [Akiha] /
    Remember how I said we had four options for the Linear Bus? Take the fourth.
    Go home, Netto.
    Everyone is waiting for Netto by the Metroline station. In the park, Netto talks
    about Kojirou to everyone. There's a 10-chip trader near the Higure-ya, which is
    sadly closed at the moment. Higure seems to be vacationing. Now go around and
    talk to everyone. Let 'em know you're back!
    Plug into the old house's doghouse for {3 Bug Frags} and a {Going Load *}
    chip. Aww, the Program-kun in there gets all choked up if you talk to him.
    A Sub-Chip Dealer is staring at some girl's butt near Yaito's.
    Full Energy  - 1000z
    Enemy Search - 7000z
    Untrap       -  800z
    Check Dekao's door for an {HP Memory}. After you talk with everyone, you get
    another scene. After that, head to the park and plug-in to the squirrel.
    | Akihara's HP |
    | BMD 1: Ice Seed *
    | PMD: Variable Sword W
    Roll is waiting. She's also missing one Program-kun. Urf. Well, let's go. It
    figures that everyone is helpless when we're around, huh?
    | Akihara Area |
    | BMD 1: Spin White
    | BMD 2: HP+300
    | PMD: Attack +30 *
    HP Memory        -  4000z, 7500z, 10000z, 13000z
    High Boomerang B -  5000z
    Fuujin Racket  F -  7200z
    Magnum         F -  8800z
    Quick Gauge    M - 12000z
    No number? Nope. It's just one area. But check out the size. It's a pretty nice
    little community. Head northwest and through the portal here. You'll wind up on
    that secluded little platform with a gate on it. Unfortunately, the Program we're
    looking for is BEHIND it. Seems someone pulled a prank on him or somesuch. He's
    stuck, in any case.
    Now let's find that prankster.
    Uwaa. Check the shogi piece on Dekao's "homepage" (Man, they got shafted this year,
    huh?) for the Akihara Key. Seems like Dekao and Kojirou really ARE alike. ~.~;
    Go back and free that poor Program. We get an [Air Passport] for our troubles,
    which mean we can now get to Akihara Area from Sky Area 2. Now go back and talk
    to Roll.
    Now head to Yaito's HP, the biggest one of the three. Gutsman and Glyde have
    arrived! For old times' sake, Rock and Gutsman decide to have a friendly battle.
    But before they can start, there's a flash of light and when it dissipates...
    Blastman and Diveman stand between Rock and his friends! They kidnap Roll-tachi
    and take them to Uranet 2, those dicks!
    Head through the warp portal to access Sky 2. Head down the loooong staircase
    to get to Central Area 3! You'll show your newly acquired Passport to the desk
    Navi and you can pass on. Head up the long staircase here to get back to Sky.
    When you get to Ura Internet 2 again, head for the map. Instead of taking the
    left conveyor path, take the right one to get up onto the 'skull' part of the
    map. You're gonna have to fight both Blastman and Diveman again...only this time,
    it's their EX version. In EXE 6, the Navi power list goes Normal -> EX -> SP.
    It's basically the same stuff, though. Blastman's toting 800HP. But he's a
    friggin' pushover, anyway. They both have new attacks, though.
    Blastman's new attack takes awhile to charge. And you'll know it's charging
    because he'll hang in ONE spot for awhile and fire sparks will rain from the
    'bove. Then a row of flames rains down on you.
    You also do NOT get a break between the two fights.
    Diveman's got 1000HP now, but it's nothing to get worried over. Get ready to fry
    that submarine black. If Diveman gained a new attack, he never used it on me in
    the five minutes I sat and waited for him to do something new.
    Shortly after destroying those two... Circusman drops in...to try and absorb
    Rock like he did with Faltzer! And he succeeds! Circusmas plugs out. Let's...
    let's go back to Central now.
    / XIV: Revelations                   - [BrCol] /
    WWW members Kurohige, Kenji, Nyuudou, and Mach-sensei stand on Seaside's pier,
    talking. But Mach-sensei doesn't seem to like what's going on and splits. But
    then Chiroru comes in, bearing good news.
    Return to your house and you'll get a call. It's Kojirou. And he bears good news,
    too. For US. Head to Seaside! Gah! That isn't good! That's BAD! Rock's in a
    Copyroid body and in Beast Out form! Netto runs in and tries snapping Rock back
    to normal. The WWW four watch on from above, Chiroru confident that Netto's
    arrival isn't anything to worry about.
    Juuka-Rock roars, the screen flashes... Apparently, Iris has selective THE WORLD
    powers, because Juuka-Rock is frozen in place. She encourages Netto, who resumes
    trying to get Rock to remember him. Juuka-Rock rears back and screams again. The
    screen then goes white again and...the Copyroid is vacated! But Rock still isn't
    with us.
    Iris apologizes. The people nearby talk. Then Cain and the cloaked figure come
    in. Cain calls Juuka-Rock a monster, so Netto goes over to gripe at him. He goes
    in for a punch or something, but the cloaked jerk steps in-between. A girl walks
    in, talks to Cain, and all three take off. You then get e-mail...from Mach-sensei!
    He says they need to talk. He's waiting for you in Sky Town.
    Head up top and around the giant satellite dish at the top. He's waiting on that
    area we jumped from earlier.
    Mach: Netto... I'm sorry.
    Netto: Eh? For what?
    Mach: Your Navi friend's abduction... and Rockman's violence is... is because
    of me.
    Netto: Wh...what are you saying, Sensei? That isn't funny. Hahaha...
    Mach: I'm Blastman's operator. Your changing schools, Kojirou's tricks... the
    manipulation of the deathbots... it was all my doing.
    Netto: N...no way... You've gotta be kidding, sensei...
    Mach: [Something I can't quite get]. Right now, Rockman is underground.
    Netto: What?! Sensei, you know where Rockman is?!
    Mach: [Something about Central 3's giant hole and jumping in >_>]
    Netto: Sensei... So it was a lie, about being Blastman's operator... because
    you're worried for Rockman now...
    Mach: You're wrong, Hikari Netto. [Blar.] I'm truly a bad person. [Something
    about forgiveness of some sort]
    Anyway, some manager-type calls out and interrupts the conversation. Mach is
    already by the door when it cuts back. He then drops the bomb that Barrel is
    around, something Netto still apparently didn't know.
    Before he leaves, he says one final thing: Sarabada, watashi no oshiego yo...
    "Farewell, my student..."
    We need...to get to Central Area 3.
    Well, lesse. We used Aquaman to revive Rock. We used Tenguman to save Rock. We're
    in Sky Town already, so let's use Tomahawkman to rescue Rock! Talk to Dingo and
    examine the panel to gain control over Toma. Sakusen kaishi! ><
    Talk to the Net Policeman by the spot Circusman awakened the beasts. We have
    to plug-out for now. Head for the school. Head into the office and into the
    door at the back. Go around and talk to the securitybot. But it won't let you
    in. Damn robots. Go down to the lobby and talk to Kojirou. He's gonna create
    us a distraction. He plugs-in to the main monitor there and starts screwin'
    with stuff. The robot from above zooms down and, in an instant, Kojirou's
    surrounded. Head upstairs!
    Ah, I see. That dick Cain is the principal. So why's Kurohige talking to him?!
    God dammit, is the whole school affiliated with the World Three? We then get a
    story. Then Cain and Kurohige close in. Then the cloaked figure walks in. Looks
    like Cain's bodyguard wasn't working for him after all. Copyroid Net Police enter!
    If you haven't figured out who that guy is yet...you aren't very good at observing.
    Enzan has arrived! Cain and Kurohige get hauled off. Enzan then explains the plot
    to anyone who hasn't worked out what's happening and what's GOING to happen. And
    I pray I'm right here, because Enzan ends on "...Hikari, youjin shiro yo." ...
    Which, if I'm reading it right, means "...Hikari, you're important to me."
    Insert your own Netto x Enzan jokes here.
    Anyway, commandeer the Navi of your choice and get back to Central 3. The old
    Net Policeman is down and another one is nearby. Head out for where Circusman
    inhaled Faltzer. In we go! ...Crap, Colonel shows up.
    | Underground 1 |
    | PMD: Circle Gun P
    Downed Navi. ...Oh lord, it's SOUL WEAPON time again!
    Knife x 4
    Sword x 6
    Axe x 4
    Gun x 6
    Head downstairs and go around to where that cloud is in the southwest. The Navi
    there babbles button commands at you. Make your way to the map. See the blue
    spirit nearby? Shoot him in the back. Head SE. There's a line of four there;
    three blues, one yellow. Gun the first blue in the back. Go around to the yellow
    one and Axe, then Knife. Then Sword the blues in the back.
    Go through to this new, big area. Go up to the blue/red/red combo and Axe them.
    Sword the yellows, then Axe them. Sword the blue/yellow duo in the back. Sword
    the yellow/red.
    Now go down to the yellow and the 3 blues in a triangle. Gun all three blues in
    the back, then go around and Knife the yellow.
    Only a few left. Go east. Gun the lone red from behind. Sword the blue one from
    behind and Knife the red. DING! You'll get {3 Bug Frags} for this area.
    For anyone who cares, the Navi is just leftover data that keeps repeating
    the following: A R L A L A L LAB.
    Anyway! Head onward.
    | Underground 2 |
    | BMD 1: HP Memory
    | BMD 2: Sub Memory
    | PMD: Super Vulcan V
    Refill your Soul Weapons.
    Knife x 3
    Sword x 4
    Axe x 5
    Gun x 3
    At first look, it seems there are more evil spirits than you have ammo for.
    Head around the only way you can, until you reach a blue/red/red. Axe the center,
    leave the yellow. Go around until you see a blue near two one-way tiles. Go around
    behind him and Knife. Go down and Gun that lone yellow we just left behind in
    the back.
    Go all the way around until you reach a yellow/blue/yellow inverted L-shaped
    block. Axe the yellow/blue pair. Go across the SE panels, turn around, and Sword
    the yellow in the back.
    Now go all the way back around and to the red/yellow/red L-shaped set. Sword
    the red/yellow two in the back, then Knife the red.
    There are only two clusters left, both T-shaped. One's to the west, one to the
    east. Head to the eastern one. Go across the one-way tile and Gun the yellow
    in the blue/yellow/red trio in the back. Now go to where it was and Sword the
    yellow/blue duo in the back. Go down and Axe so that you catch the blue and
    red that remain.
    One cluster remains, so head for it. As you head for it, gun the blue facing
    away from you in the back. Knife the lone red so that you just have the
    yellow/red/blue trio left. Go up to the red and Axe, then Sword the remaining
    red. You'll get {1 Bug Frag} for winning.
    Head on through and go up the ramp. It's Rock...who... begs to be deleted!
    He then enters Juuka-Rock form. And then, since we have no choice... we fight.
    F-Beast Rockman
    HP: 900
    *1) Needles fly in from the sky to hit random panels.
    *2) Juuka-Rock will zip over and slash at you twice. Once Long Sword range,
        once Wide Sword range. Can paralyze.
    *3) Boomerang chip - stay in the middle and it'll go around you.
    *4) Rapidfire Feather Shoot. Tends to happen after paralyzation.
    Strategy: He's fast. He can also float over broken panels. Don't get hit by
    that stupid claw swipe of his, as he has a bad tendency to combo into the
    Feather Shoot. He honestly isn't too hard. Tenguman and Tomahawkman's chips
    do wonder if you can Area Steal on him. Like with G-Beast Rockman, the hardest
    part is just getting a hit in on him.
    After the battle, Rock reverts to normal and collapses. But he's alright. We got
    to him in time. But then that DAMNED CLOWN arrives to complicate things. Circusman
    starts to do his creepy dance... but then that mysterious, cloaked Navi arrives
    and stops him!
    And if you haven't guessed who THIS is after Enzan revealed himself, I'm-a come
    over to your house and punch you in the kidneys.
    Blues throws his cloak away and stares Circusman down. The clown scrams. Blues
    uses some deus ex machina to heal Rock. Everyone senses some bad voodoo and look
    to the southeast. Then Blues yells for Rock and Tomahawkman to hurry and plug-out.
    They hesitate... and Toma gets struck by Colonel's sword. Tomahawkman plugs out
    And now, Barrel finally reveals himself to Netto and Enzan. Blues tells Rock to
    leave this to him. But Rock refuses, instead choosing to try and talk reason to
    Colonel. Colonel charges! Blues takes the hit! Even then, Netto and Rock don't
    want to leave. And so it comes to pass that we must fight Colonel.
    HP: 1200
    *1) Missile rain - Colonel fires into the air and they come down randomly
    *2) Colonel will slash in one of those <, >, /, or \ shaped attacks.
    *3) Colonel's army - a goon pops up and fires at you.
    Strategy: Colonel isn't hard at all. He rarely combos his attacks and when he
    does, it's following up attack 3 with attack 2. He's easy to hit and stands still
    for a good while during attack 3. Catch him with a Number Ball when your HP ends
    in 90 and you'll REALLY put the hurt on him.
    You'll get 6000z for winning.
    Barrel speaks of fate, Netto says fate is bullpuckey. That the Barrel he knew
    believed in his OWN path. Barrel says it's been a long time since he thought
    that way or something. But he still won't leave the WWW. Barrel zips back and
    fades into nothingness.
    Chiroru, Kenji, and Nyuudou talk at the piers. Annnd Wily laughs maniacally - aww,
    he thinks he's gonna wiiiin.
    / XV: The End, The Beggining, and The Future - [Raito] /
    At school, Netto basically fills Kojirou and Asuta in. Then a weird noise sounds
    and...the three WWW members appear at the front of the class! Chiroru calls their
    group the... uh... Chiroru Lovelies. Which isn't as dirty as it sounds. Kenji wants
    it to be the Justice Club. Nyuudou calls them the Cloudy Bombers. ...What the name
    of goblin hell just happened here? Who knows, but they argue about the name.
    They want Netto to tell them where his girlfriend is. In other words - Iris.
    Kenji calls on Judgeman. And in come the Green Town deathbots! Christ, just call
    them the Keystone Kops and get it over with. Netto insists he doesn't know where
    she is, so he gets shocked by one of the bots.
    And there she is. Iris appears at the back of the class. Chiroru orders the robots
    around her... but Iris has deus ex machina powers like Blues and asks the robots
    to step aside, which they do.
    When Netto awakens, Iris is gone. Netto asks about the WWW, but Kojirou says they
    were too cowardly to try stopping them. Asuta explains stuff and we regain control.
    We need to head to the Ura Internet's BBS.
    But before we do that - remember way back, when I mentioned how you can get
    crap from the masters of the Net Cafes? Let's go cash in. Bring a couple hundred
    zenny and a port-a-john, because Rock's gonna be laced with java by the time we
    get through. Just keep buying coffee until you get Rock's "Item Get" pose.
    Central Net Cafe: Bug Stopper NCP
    Green Net Cafe: Shirahadori *
    Sky Net Cafe: HP Memory
    You may notice them mention lotto numbers - the masters will just hand over
    random tidbits of info as you become regulars to their Cafes. That Shirahadori *
    is gonna be useful after we beat the game, too.
    Head for the Ura Internet. You have new HP E-mail from Meiru, Yaito, and Dekao.
    Mostly apologizing for what happened. Oh well. When you get to Ura 1 and are on
    your way to Ura 2, you'll run across a punk Navi. You'll have to get in a virus
    battle to beat him. You'll have to face another one after going across the one-way
    tiles nearby.
    In Ura 2, you'll face one of them just after climbing the first slope. There's
    another en route to the map. Take the eastern of the two conveyors and you'll
    face a third before the ramp up to the skull.
    Once on the skull, head over and check the BBS that's on the right. Check the
    top message (It has 'WWW' as a part of it) and we can plug-out for now. Head out
    and go to Sky Town. Once you get there, head towards the heliport.
    Seems the rest of the WWW aren't too happy with Barrel, ya? Iris is still with
    them, too. Netto will run in and demand that they let Iris and Barrel go. Nyuudou
    and Kenji go to lob Barrel in the sea. Netto cries out for someone to help... and
    in drops Mach-sensei! In a flash, he drops Nyuudou and Kenji. The WWW members make
    their escape, leaving both Barrel and Iris behind.
    Mach talks for awhile about some daughter of his or...something. Long-ass speech.
    Afterwards, you end up back in class with Kojirou, Asuta, and Iris. The boys leave
    and Netto probably could've gotten to first base with Iris if they hadn't called
    for him to hurry up. Head out to the bird statue area outside the school. They
    talk a bit, then four Copyroid Navis wander in! They just seem to be talking
    amongst themselves, though, heading down the road.
    Head for home. Haruka isn't home. We get an e-mail. That night, thar be funky
    noises. The next day, we start in class. Now we must find and talk to Kojirou,
    Asuta, Iris, and Enzan. And then invite everyone from Akihara. Kojirou's at his
    normal spot in class. Iris is down in the lobby. Asuta's in Asuta Land, in front
    of the counter.
    Go home and plug-in. Check your HP E-mail. You'll have e-mail from Mariko-sensei!
    Now head for the Akihara Area. Blues is just SW of the warp portal on the mainland.
    Talk to him. Now go to Meiru's HP and talk to Roll, Dekao's and talk to Gutsman,
    and Yaito's and talk to Glyde. Plug-out when you're done and go to bed.
    Meiru, Yaito, and Dekao sneak in the following morning to scare Netto awake.
    Head downstairs and talk to Haruka. Then head outside and to the bird statue.
    The group of five talk amongst themselves for awhile. Netto comes in with Iris,
    so all we're missing is Enzan. Head for the western point in town. That spot
    behing Asuta Land is now open, so head through!
    An aqua Copyroid Navi greets you. He then points out all the pavillions to your
    group. Seaside's, Green Town's, Sky Town's, and Central Town's. He gives us a
    [Stamp Card]. The boys all decide where they want to go, leaving Netto with the
    girls. Then they all depart. Before you go anywhere, plug-in to that statue of
    the Copyroids and grab the {Mega Cannon *} chip and {Regular Up 1} from the BMDs
    Now we need to get stamps from the various pavillions. Head for Seaside Town's
    first. There's a "Stamp Rally" booth in the eastern corner. Inspect for your
    first one. Then go inspect the fountain Kojirou's standing at for a {Regular
    Up 2}. Head out and go to Green Town's area. The stamp booth is right near
    the entrance. Sky Town's booth is way up at the top, near Weather-kun. Head
    outside to continue. The group heads off into Central's pavillion.
    Chiroru, Kenji, and Nyuudou watch on.
    So many Copyroids. Iris seems to sense something bad about to happen. We've learned
    that we should trust Iris' instincts, as she's always right. And sure enough, in
    saunters Dr. Wily himself! He calls out Iris, then every Copyroid in the pavillion
    is taken over by punk Navis! The screen goes black and Netto's friends get carted
    But then a light flashes and in comes Copyroid Blues, slashing down all the punk
    Navis! Enzan enters after him. Enzan pulls Blues from the Copyroid and he and
    Netto take off. They get chased out of the building by an army of punk Navis.
    Maybe it would've been wise to keep Blues in Copyroid form awhile longer?
    The punk Navis are searching the town. Netto and Enzan escape to the school for
    the time being. Mach-sensei saves them when a trio of punk Navis enter. He's
    about to explain stuff when more punks head their way. Mach and Enzan head off.
    We should too. Head for the lobby. They start to head for the principal's office,
    but another trio of punks arrive. Enzan stays behind this time.
    Head past the two punks in the office and make your way upstairs. When you get
    to the principal's office, inspect that suspicious, yellow book. Pulling at it
    causes a secret passage to appear.
    Elsewhere, the group minus Iris are still trapped by Copyroids. Head into the
    secret passage when it comes back to you. You'll be in the Seaside pavillion!
    Chiroru and Nyuudou stand nearby. Kenji's off messin' with a panel. He screws
    up the animal pathway so we can't follow. Oh yeah? We'll fix THAT.
    | Pavillion PC 1 |
    | BMD 1: Recovery 200 Z
    | BMD 2: Spread Gun 3 *
    Aa. Water tanks! Looks like we'll hafta collect Programs and escape sharks once
    again, huh? Head down the ramp and go east and across the yellow bridge. Grab
    the first BMD and continue north to reach the first Program. As you may have
    guessed from the paths, you'll have to duck into the little alcoves when
    escorting your fishy Program friend back to safety.
    When you get back to the tanks, drop him in the first and... hey, that's not a
    Head back out into the troubled waters, making your way south this time. Get the
    second BMD and continue south to reach our next Program. Drop him in the third
    tank when you get back. This one IS a fish.
    One left! Head southwest. He's pretty far out there. Be sure to head up onto
    the yellow safety platforms if you need to, because you'll probably have to use
    one this time. Drop him in tank 2, the only empty one, and the gate forward will
    open. Go over and flip the switch to reset the animal pathway.
    Go along the newly reset path and through the exit. You'll wind up in the Green
    Town pavillion this time. This time, Judgeman stays behind and knocks a tree in
    front of the exit over. Run over and plug-in.
    | Pavillion PC 2 |
    | BMD 1: Regular Up 2
    | BMD 2: Gun Del Sol 2 E
    Yup, this one's modelled after Green Town's main 'net. Head forward and towards
    the first button puzzle. Here, take this route - G is the gate, S is your
    starting point:
    Head up and when you get to the split path, head left. There's nothing in that
    loop. Take a look (Remember - use L to look around) at the next button puzzle,
    then follow this diagram:
    [^]   [v]   [^]
    [_]   [_]   [^]
    Head through to the next one. Look around, then, again, follow this diagram.
    By the way, I'll go back during my second pass and do these diagrams for the
    real Green Town scenario. It's much easier. This one's REALLY easy, though.
    You shouldn't need a diagram, but I'm a nice guy and I kinda like making these,
    so there ya go.
    Head up and around the path. The next one's pretty easy, too.
    [^]   [v]   [^][S]
    Now continue around and save. You've got a skull gate, so you've got a boss fight
    ahead. Judgeman EX has 1100HP. And as far as I saw, he has no new tricks up his
    sleeve. I used Elec Cross here because A) it's my favorite and B) the charged
    shot can hit him even if you're holed up on your back column. After smiting him,
    Rock will run up and fix the tree, allowing you access to the next area.
    Yup, you guessed it - Sky Town pavillion's next. Nyuudou's plugged into Weather-kun
    and has Elementman mess up the cloud path overhead. He uses his awful ninja skills
    to appear up with his WWW chums. I betcha we're gonna be invoking Rainbow Power
    | Pavillion PC 3 |
    | BMD 1: Attack +1 NCP
    | BMD 2: HP Memory
    Sure enough, it's a stormy day in the neighborhood! You know what to do here -
    get on your magical cloud and collect the seven pieces of the rainbow. Then do
    donuts around the typhoon viruses that're rampaging all over tarnation. Be sure
    to grab and install that Attack+1 into your NCP while you're here. There's only
    two typhoon viruses, but they move a fair bit, so be careful. Save when you
    clear them both and get ready to fight Elementman EX. He's got 1300HP this time
    around. He also seems to jump around a lot faster. I saw no new attacks... but
    then, he had a fair amount to begin with. He doesn't really NEED any more.
    Rock will run up and fix the clouds. Head on up and go through. You're now in
    Central's pavillion, where Wily was. Chiroru is waiting. She and Circusman set
    up an electric barrier, preventing us from getting further.
    | Pavillion PC 4 |
    | BMD 1: Long Blade B
    | BMD 2: 6000z
    Run up and talk to the Program. This area is just like Blastman's. Remember that?
    Man, it seems like forever since we did that. At least to me it does. Anyway,
    we need to kill some evil spirits. Head SE from the Program's platform
    and take the first SW path. Go SE from there until you reach the end, then turn
    SE again. Go around the corner and head NW to almost the end. You'll see a blue
    evil spirit nearby! But... we don't have any Soul Weapons here! Oh well. Run up
    and talk to it to initiate battle. You'll face a couple of grey Mets and a
    dragon-lookin' virus that snakes onto your side of the field. Aqua chips, anyone?
    I'll be giving directions to the next one from the main platform, so head back
    that way. Head SE off it and take the first NE path out - directly opposite the
    one we just came from. Make your way SE and around the corner to reach a yellow
    evil spirit. You'll fight one of those Machine Sword chip enemies and a pair of
    those yellow sand dragon things. Head back to the starting platform and head
    straight southeast.
    Head all the way SE, then hang to the SW. At the end is a red evil spirit. You'll
    fight a flame sword enemy, a grey met, and a candle ghost thing. The candle ghost
    will set a 2x2 chunk of your field ablaze regularly. When you finish off the evil
    spirit, the path to that infernal clown will be opened. You'll definitely want to
    save before fighting Circusman EX. He's got 1200HP and is as quick and evil as
    ever. He doesn't have any new attacks... but he doesn't NEED any. He's faster
    than before and his attacks come quicker, as well. I used Elec Cross here due to
    the charge being quick and having good range. If you can attack him when he's
    about to launch something, it'll stop the attack. His third attack, the one where
    he turns into a top thing, will come down about three times in a row, so keep
    After the battle, Rock will run up and turn off the laser barrier. Netto runs up
    to where the WWW three are. Chiroru hides behind the men, who advance on Netto.
    Just then, an aqua Navi and a swarm of punk Navis appear. Roll, Glyde, and Gutsman,
    all in Copyroid form, appear and blow up them guys real good. Meiru, Yaito, and
    Dekao are above, too!
    Seems Wily has Iris. Asuta and Kojirou's Navis are down below dealing with the
    punk Navis there. Or they would be if they didn't suck so much. It's a good thing
    Blues wasn't busy. Our collected group corners Chiroru, Nyuudou, and Kenji.
    Chiroru tries sweet-talking her way out of things. Fat lot of good that'll do
    with Enzan around. So she runs and leaps off the southwest ledge! Nyuudou and
    Kenji follow suit. Well crap.
    Netto's friends wish him luck and head off, presumably after the WWW members. But
    then Barrel comes wobbling up the ramp! Seems Barrel wants to do things his way
    again. Netto steps aside to allow him access. The final battle lies ahead. Save
    your game here.
    Now those are some bigass Copyroids. It seems Wily's plan was to put the Dennoujuu
    into Copyroid form. He needed some monsterously large Copyroids for it, obviously.
    Seems like Wily created Colonel. And I believe Wily raised Barrel, too. Something
    like that. They're familiar. Wily prattles on for awhile and then the screen
    shakes. Iris then enters and stands by Wily's side. Turns out, Iris is a Navi and
    Colonel's little sister.
    Iris stands before one of the massive Copyroids and calls forth Greiga.
    Iris then leaves the Copyroid and enters Greiga.
    Barrel tries plugging Colonel in, but his energy finally leaves him and he
    Rock starts screaming. The power can't be contained and the second Copyroid gets
    taken over by Faltzer.
    All over Saiba City, things are going haywire.
    From inside Greiga, Iris calls out to Netto, apologizing. She talks for awhile,
    asking Colonel to defeat her. Rock asks you to plug-into Faltzer. Colonel takes
    care of Greiga, we take care of Faltzer.
    Final plug-in.
    | Copyroid PC |
    Make your way forward and around the path. Faltzer awaits.
    Next to you, Iris and Colonel are taking care of Greiga.
    HP: 2000
    *1) He'll unleash a tornado that does across one row and up/down one column.
    *2) Faltzer flies up high and uses a Feather Shoot-type attack on you.
    *3) Faltzer breathes fire. From this fire comes a wave of firebirds. The birds
        can be destroyed.
    *4) Faltzer will rear back, highlight two columns, and use a flurry of claw
    Strategy: Unlike Greiga, who stands on panels, Faltzer's more like a typical EXE
    final boss - he's so big, he HAS no panels on his side. To counter this, he has
    500 less HP than Greiga does. It's a double-edged sword, yeah? He's definitely
    easier to hit than Greiga is, but that's not saying much. It can often be tough
    to determine what row Faltzer's even actually on. That's your main difficulty
    here, because his attacks are very easy to avoid. The easiest (if not really
    fastest) way to win is just to get your favorite Cross loaded up, wait for attack
    1, and then unload a charged shot into his face as it ends.
    Congrats! You've beaten the game! Now let's see how Iris and Colonel are doing!
    Yayz, they've won, too!
    Yuh-oh. Faltzer doesn't want to go down with the ship. He shoots back into Rockman,
    causing him to enter Juuka-Rock form. He leaps over to the Greiga side. Netto
    cries for Iris and Colonel to run. Iris says that they can help Rock. Colonel
    tells Netto to pass a message on to Barrel. Iris starts to say something to
    Netto, but catches herself, saying she's just a Net Navi.
    Iris and Colonel turn gold and merge together. They shoot forward and banish
    Faltzer from Rock's body. Netto plugs Rock out. Netto calls for Iris and Colonel
    to hury and plug-out as well, but it isn't possible. They're going to go down
    with Faltzer.
    "Hikari Netto, Barrel, and Dr. Wily... Farewell."
    Wily and Netto talk a bit, then Barrel returns. Netto tells him he shouldn't
    be moving. Barrel asks about Colonel. Netto passes along Colonel's message.
    Netto says they need to go... and Barrel throws Netto down the stairs.
    Netto's friends all run in. Wily murmurs a "Farewell" too and the room explodes.
    Back in Akihara's school...
    Kojirou, Asuta, and some nameless folk seem to've joined Netto back home. Mach
    came with them! After homeroom is over, Mariko-sensei calls Netto up. After that,
    Netto and his friends group around his old house. Enzan comes in and everyone
    talks for awhile. Netto once again loses a chance to score with Meiru. Idiot.
    Netto then goes inside and comes back out...with Rock in a Copyroid.
    "Everyone, I want to introduce Saito-niisan!"
    Rock thinks he heard Iris' voice. Off in the park, everyone heads for the internet.
    And, as always, we end on Netto plugging Rock in.
    After the credits...
    We hear someone waking up late. Someone called Raito (Light) being told to hurry
    up. In the end, Netto and Meiru ended up getting together at last and having a
    kid, apparently.
    After this, the screen goes dark again and we're told what Dekao and Yaito get
    up to. Then Kojirou and Asuta. And, finally, Enzan.
    "Meiru is my wife."
    The older Netto gives one final plug-in speech, then the words "Rockman.EXE End"
    At this point, you can get back to the title screen. You'll have icon 1 (Faltzer)
    in the top left. Now you can access the other stuff we couldn't before.
    = Section 04: Post-Game Walkthrough  - [Extra] =
    = I:    Back to the Present          - [RshFd] =
    = II:   Rushing the Gates            - [RshGt] =
    = III:  Immortal Zero Graveyard      - [Secrt] =
    = IV:   Blues, RVs, and Uber-Beasts  - [Fight] =
    = V:    Virus Battler                - [VBatl] =
    / I:    Back to the Present          - [RshFd] /
    Marriage and a child can wait. We have business to take care of in the present.
    We've still got to explore more internet, get more items, and fight Forte. Oh
    yes, Forte's around. In fact, after getting access to Green Area 2, you can
    pretty much find and fight him whenever you want. But doing so at that point is
    suicide. So what do we do now that we've whomped Greiga?
    But Forte will have to wait. We aren't ready for him yet. Just because you beat
    Greiga doesn't mean you're ready for the Black Shadow yet. The first thing you
    need to do is get back into the game, dunderhead.
    Before you do anything else, go home and talk to Meiru for a {Roll V3 R} chip!
    So what do we do now? Well, first off, we go to Asuta Land and check out that
    help board we passed on earlier! Look at how many things are there! Get ready
    for the long haul, kids.
    Scroll to the bottom of the list. We'll start with the easy missions and go up.
    Mission 1: Virus Extermination
    When you take this mission, you'll get an e-mail from the Help Center. Now head
    to class 6-2 at school. The girl near the lockers is your contact. Ignore the
    punk Navi. Unless you talk to them to initiate combat (they leave the Copyroid
    if you win) they don't bug you.
    Go plug-in to the blackboard and inspect the Met to start the fight. Repeat this
    for all the Mets in the blackboard (4 in total) then plug-out and go talk to the
    girl again. You'll get {10 Bug Frags} for your trouble. Nice! Now head back to
    Asuta Land.
    Note: You also get {1 Help Point} for this. The more of these you get, the
    higher your rank is. At the moment, you're a C Rank.
    Mission 2: Searching For Memories
    You'll get an e-mail again. You always will when you take missions.
    Head back to the school. Near the entrance is a little old lady. She's your
    client. We're searching for something of her husband's.
    Go down towards Netto's house and inspect the tree between his place and the
    neighbor's. You'll find a pocketwatch or something. Anyway, go take it back to
    the lady. You'll get a {Regular Up 2} for your trouble this time, plus {1 Help
    Head back for Asuta Land.
    Mission 3: Help With an Errand
    Head for the school office and speak with the dude in the labcoat.
    We're to get a 'Figure' - We'll get 3000z. We need to go reserve this guy a
    special item or somesuch. Anyway, head to Sky Town. Plug-in to that fourth
    thing in the fan/heater lineup and buy more Rush Food. Then head for Seaside
    Area 1 any way you want.
    Make your way to the Bottom Spiral and take the warp portal in the center.
    It'll take you to the Stuffed Animal PC (Nurrr). Grab the 1000z and {Double
    Shoot *} chip in the BMDs, then talk to the pink Navi. Pay the 3000z that the
    old man gave us and you'll get a Reservation Ticket. Now plug out and head
    back to the scientist.
    You'll get a [Reference Book] and your usual {1 Help Point} for finishing. This
    key item gives you the Number Trader number "04789479" which, when given to the
    machine at Asuta Land, gives you an {Open Lock} Sub-Chip.
    Head over to the Help Board.
    Mission 4: Somebody Help!
    We have to skip that 2-star mission for now. Our rank isn't high enough. So choose
    the one directly above it.
    This client is in monetary problems. We need to head to Robo Control PC 1. You'll
    see a green Navi standing in the northwestern part of the area. Go talk to him.
    How much you give this guy now will pay off later. Pay him 10000z. Saying that
    he'll definitely pay you back someday, you'll have to end this one without a
    prize for now. You do get {1 Help Point} as always, though.
    Head back to Asuta Land.
    Mission 5: Get Me a Chip!
    This guy wants us to head over to Seaside Area 3's NetDealer. Well, alright.
    There's an aqua-colored Navi nearby. Talk to him. It seems he wants a "Doll
    Thunder 1 A" chip. Give him one and you'll get a {Regular Up 1} and {1 Help
    Point}. That was easy. Head back to Asuta Land.
    Mission 6: Worried About My Daughter
    Skip the two 2-star missions and go to the next 1-star.
    This client is worried about his daughter, obviously. Head over to Green Town.
    You'll find the man down on the second large tree stump, near the Sub-Chip
    Dealer. We'll have to go check up on the Internet Date that's going on. What,
    is this guy afraid his daughter's Navi is gonna get slipped some e-roofies?
    Head for Seaside Area 1's lower area. There's a punk Navi cornering a pink and
    aqua Navi duo in the eastern corner. Talk to the punk to initiate a conversation
    then combat. After the fight, head back to the father to get a {Regular Up 1} and
    {1 Help Point}.
    Asuta Land. Stat!
    Mission 7: Stop My Bro
    Take the 1-star above the one we just completed.
    Head for Green Town. Your client is a girl and is located in the courtroom. Head
    for Green Area 1.
    Take the warp that leads you to the map and talk to the orange Police-lookin'
    Navi. Select yes to his question to get into a 5-battle fight. The older brother
    will promise to stop being a dick. Head back to the sister for a {Big Bomb P}
    chip and {1 Help Point}.
    Asuta Land!
    Mission 8: About Tree-Fitty
    Take the third 1-star mission in a row here.
    Your client waits on Green's HP. He's the brownish Navi near the portal. After
    much prattling, head to the NetDealer in Central Area 2. There's a reddish punk
    near him. Talk and select yes to initiate combat. Talk to the green Navi that
    appears, then head for the NetDealer in Seaside Area 3. The same reddish punk Navi
    is there. Fight him again. This time you'll get [Cash Data] from him. Head back
    to your client. You'll fork over the Cash Data to him and get a nice 5000z in
    return, plus the usual {1 Help Point}.
    Asuta Land!
    Mission 9: I'm Worried
    Skip the 2-star and 3-star missions above the one we just did to get to the next
    1-star mission.
    Head for Seaside Town and go backstage of the show (behind the receptionist's
    desk). There's a woman near the door. Talk to her, then head to Central's school.
    Go to class 6-2 and talk to the fat kid. You'll get a [Fried Potato] for your
    uh...trouble... Head back and talk to the woman at the aquarium. In exchange,
    you'll get an [Invitation Card] and {1 Help Point}. The card has the following
    on it: RRAALLRRAABB. Probably a NaviCust compression code.
    Back to Asuta Land with you.
    Mission 10: Songwriter
    Take the next 1-star mission. You may note that it's also the LAST 1-star mission.
    This one's by a musician in a slump. He's waiting in the Sky Area's Net Cafe. So
    head on up there. He's the only one in there aside from the master. Go and talk
    to him. Basically, we have to help him write a love song. Hoo lord. Select yes
    when given the choice. Here's the order you do things in:
    1: #2
    2: #1
    3: #2
    4: #3
    5: #1
    6: #1
    7: #1
    You'll get a {Regular Up 1} and {1 Help Point}.
    With this 10th Help Point, we reach B Rank. We can now take on 2-star missions!
    So head back to Asuta Land and let's get started.
    Mission 11: The Key to Victory
    Scroll down to the bottom and we'll work our way up like we did with the 1-star
    missions. The first 2-star mission you see will be the fourth up from the bottom.
    The object is simple - the client wants a Gun Del Sol 1 C chip. We should have
    picked up one of those somewhere along the course of the game. The client awaits
    in Central Area 1. He's the green Navi standing next to the map. Fork over the
    Gun Del Sol 1 C chip and you'll get an {HP Memory}. You'll get {2 Help Points}
    as well.
    Head back to Asuta Land.
    Mission 12: Stocking Up
    The next 2-star mission is 3 up from the last.
    Your client is at the aquarium at Seaside. Talk to the fat kid in the first
    area. You'll get 10000z. We've gotta go get chubbyboy here some food online.
    Toro, anago, ikura, kazunoko, ebi, hamachi, uni, and tai
    (Tuna, eel, salmon, herring, shrimp, yellowtal tuna, sea urchin, and snapper.)
    Head for Seaside Area 1's lower area. Talk to the brownish Navi there - a fish
    monger, apparently - and we can begin. There are a number of fish mongers around.
    We have to get all 8 things above with the 10K provided. Here's how the options
    are laid out.
    #1 | #2
    #3 | Quit
    Brownish Navi - Ebi/800z (#2)
    Now go to the aquatic Navi just north of the brown one.
    Aqua Navi - Uni/1000z (#2) + Hamachi/1500 (#3)
    There's a punk Navi partially hidden nearby. You'll see him en route to the warp
    from above.
    Punk Navi - Toro/1000z (#1)
    Southwest of him is a green Navi.
    Green Navi - Kazunoko/800 (#3) + Tai/1000 (#1)
    There's a Pink Navi nearby, also partially hidden by the above paths.
    Pink Navi - Ikura/900 (#1) + Anago/900 (#3)
    When you have all eight, plug-out and head back for the kid. You'll get {Secret
    Memo} and {2 Help Points} for succeeding. The memo has the lotto number
    24823665 on it. Entering it in the Number Trader gives you an {HP+200} NCP.
    That was needlessly long. >_> Head over to the help board and let's hope for a
    shorter mission this next time.
    Mission 13: Stand-In Recruit
    Our client awaits in the aquarium's HP. He's the brown Navi standing near the
    Pink and Punk Navis. They're filming for the show Dennou Senshi Saibaou. They
    need help in scene 25, you see. Run over to the Punk Navi. We'll be given a
    choice of lines to say. Pick the lines in this order: #1, #3, #2 - You'll then
    get into battle. After that, choose the following lines: #3, #2.
    The director will call 'Cut!' and the filming will end. Go talk to him for an
    {HP Memory} and {2 Help Points}.
    Well, I asked for a shorter mission and by jove, I got one! Back to the board!
    Mission 14: Lumbering Merchant
    This one's near a 3-star mission, just below the last two 1-star missions.
    Head for Green Area 2's middle platform - the one with the massive tree on it.
    Your client is the brownish Navi over towards the eastern side. Talk to him to
    get a [Dennou Axe].
    Now head for Seaside Area 3 any way you feel like. Make your way over like you're
    going to the bigass fountain. Just before the set of conveyor tiles that would
    take you to it, you'll see a strange item. From this pail of legendary water
    springs a Program's ghost! After talking to the ghost, head back to Green Area 2
    and talk to your client. You'll give the axe back and get {10 Bug Frags} and
    {2 Help Points}. Not bad for purifying an axe or...something weird like that.
    Before we go back to the board, however, go to the school's office and plug-in.
    Remember that Navi we loaned 10000z to in Mission 4? Well, now he and his operator
    are in much better shape. And since we were so generous to them, we now get a
    massive 100000z!
    Mission 15: Buyer's Distress
    This mission is above the last 1-star mission.
    Head for Sky Area 1. Your client this time is a pink Navi in the Net Cafe. Talk
    to her then head for Ura 1. Make your way towards Ura 2. Right by the exit is
    a Punk Navi. Don't worry, you don't fight him. But he's the one we need to do
    our shady deal with.
    Best I can tell, you have to pick a company for the client to invest in. If you
    pick the right one, you'll get a big payback. Pick Black Hole. Trust me. The other
    two give 100z and 1000z payouts. So what's Black Hole give?
    Once you choose, go back to your client. She'll give you 100000z! We're in the
    money now, between this and the last one, huh? {2 Help Points} are attained as
    usual. Back to the board.
    Mission 16: Taiyaki Troubles
    Only three more 2-star missions to go. The next one is above a 3-star mission.
    The ever-gone owner of Seaside Town's Taiyaki-ya is in need of assistance. So
    head on over there. Talk to your client and then plug-in to the taiyaki stand
    Oh hey, it's those kettle viruses. There are three of them in here, so go make
    your rounds. At this stage of the game, you shouldn't have any problems. Just
    get into Heat Cross and nuke 'em. Plug-out after you bust all three and talk to
    the owner for an {HP Memory} and {2 Help Points}.
    Easy mission, huh?
    Mission 17: Facing My Daughter
    Our client awaits in Sky's HP. Surprisingly, it's a punk Navi. He's worried
    about his daughter - there's a lotta that, have you noticed? Anyway...
    Now head over to the Green Area 2. Go to the forest in the middle. There's a
    pink Navi staring at some of the trees. After talking with her, go back to your
    client. She'll make it there before you. Talk to your client again. Seems the
    mission isn't quite over yet.
    Head out the warp to Sky Area 1. Two reddish punk Navis are out there. Talk to
    them and you'll initiate a 2-set battle. Head back into Sky's HP and talk to
    your client again. You'll get a {Spread Gun 3 R chip} and {2 Help Points}. Now
    we can head back to Asuta Land.
    Mission 18: Music Major
    Final 2-star mission.
    Head for class 6-2 at school and plug-in to the blackboard. There's a green Navi
    next to the Program. He wants us to track down three chips for him:
    Ouenka Z
    Discord S
    Timpani T
    This one may be a bit of a problem. The viruses that give Ouenka chips can be
    found in Akihara. Discord viruses are there too, actually. For Timpani, you'll
    have to go to Ura Internet Zero. Where is that? Green Area 2, head to the forest
    and inspect the back of the large tree. Do NOT go deep into it, because there's
    an obelisk holding Forte not far from where you enter.
    It seems the only code for Timpani chips you can get from the viruses here are
    I-coded. But that's okay. Once you get one, go to Asuta Land and chip order will
    have a T-coded one.
    For your hellish hunt, you only get a pithy {Regular Up 2}. And the {2 Help Points}
    you need to reach A Rank, of course!
    Now let's start those 3-star missions. From the bottom, as per usual.
    Mission 19: Time Capsule
    Head for Green Town and head onto the second stump - the one near the Sub-Chip
    Dealer. We need to find a real time capsule in the Green Area...
    No problem. Head to the forest in Green Area 2. Head for the cluster of 2 trees
    in the northeast corner and check the upper of the two. Time Capsule get! Now
    head back and get yourself an {HP Memory} and {3 Help Points}!
    Asuta Land, here we come!
    Mission 20: Aquatic Answers
    Head for the Popcorn Stand at the aquarium in Seaside. Plug-in to it. Grab the
    {HP Memory} and talk to the green Navi by the box.
    In short order, you need to find the password to the safe. Your only hint?
    1 is Dolphin
    10 is Penguin
    100 is Kurione... the hell that is.
    The combo you seek is 564. Because there are 4 dolphins, 5 penguins, and 6 of
    those whatsits. For completing this, you get the very nice {Millionaire} NCP
    and {3 Help Points}. Back to base!
    Mission 21: Tailing the Crook
    Final 3-star. Yeah, not very many, huh?
    Head back to Seaside Town. There's a manager-type dude next to those round
    vending machine things near the fountain. He's your client.
    After you speak with him, go talk to the man in a green shirt next to the
    fountain three times. Then go talk to your client again. Now he wants some coffee.
    Go up to the vending machine in front of the Bus station. When you go back down,
    the client has moved and the other guy's gone. Talk to your client. We've gotta
    find the other guy. Dammit.
    Head through the green door next to the taiyaki stand. Follow the path around
    and talk to the other guy twice. Now plug-in to the machine he's standing in front
    | Water Pipe PC |
    | BMD 1: Ice Seed A
    Grab the BMD and head through to the other side. You'll wind up on the upper
    level of Central Area 2. Well that solves that mystery, huh?
    Head across and confront the punk Navis. After you fight a battle, you'll get
    [Classified Data]. By the way, the other portal? Takes you to behind that locked
    gate in Seaside Area 3.
    Plug-out. Your client's where the other guy was. Talk to him. You'll get the
    VERY nice {Roll *}, {Colonel *}, and {Blues *} battle chips! Plus you get your
    {3 Help Points} which, by the way, give you enough to raise you to S Rank!
    Back to Asuta Land. Only a few missions left, folks. If the payout was this
    good HERE, imagine what it'll be for THOSE.
    Mission 22: Where's My Navi?
    Head for classroom 1-1. There's an old woman in the northern corner. Talk to her
    and she'll blather in hideous old woman speak. I hate trying to decipher the
    Japanese elderly. But I'm pretty sure that she says something about seeing her
    Navi in her dreams on the horn of a giant skull.
    I only know of one skull in this game, and that's the giant one in Ura 2. Head
    there. Between the two 'eyes' of the skull, there are a total of three panels.
    Hit 'A' when on the middle one. You'll find [Navi Ruins]. Looks like her Navi
    was scrapped. Plug-out and take the remains back to the old woman.
    You'll get {Number Open} NCP and {4 Help Points}. Then the old woman simply
    vanishes. Seems she was just as dead as her Navi. Number Open is 5x5, but acts
    as a Custom Style/Number Soul did in precious games - lets you use 10 chips in
    battle instead of 5.
    Thanks go to Gamefaqs' Cybertic Dragon for helping me find the Navi's location.
    I checked pretty much everywhere BUT the middle of the eyes. ><
    Asuta Land!
    Mission 23: They're Fighting Again
    Hoo lord. This one details how a kid's parents are always fighting.
    Your client is right across the road from Asuta Land - a young boy. After you
    speak with him, head for Green Town. There's a young woman near the flower shop.
    Speak with her. The regular manager is out of town at the moment.
    Head to Akihara. You'll find the old woman who's usually minding the shop over
    near Yaito's, admiring the shrubbery. After speaking with her, head back to
    Green Town and talk to the young woman again. You'll get a [Tulip]. Head back
    to your client.
    His parents are there now, too, fighting once again. Talk to the man and you'll
    hand over the Tulip. Seems like tulips were involved during the proposal or
    something akin to that. It stops their fighting, in any case. After the parents
    stop fighting, talk to your client again to receive [Serial Data] and {4 Help
    The Serial Data has a lotto number on it: 94305487 - This gets you the
    {Charge Max} NCP! Head on over to the board.
    Mission 24: Seeking Support
    Head for Sky Town. Your client is an orange Navi near the giant satellite.
    Your client wants the following chips:
    Recovery 80 H
    Deathmatch  A
    Bubble Wrap Q
    Attack +30  *
    Discord     S
    That isn't so bad. In fact, you might already have them. Remember I mentioned
    earlier in the guide about a green Navi wanting to trade you a Deathmatch for a
    Panel Return? He's in the Green's HP computer, if you wanna find him. You'll have
    gotten an Attack +30 in Akihara's PMD. And you probably picked up a number of
    Discord S chips in Akihara while searching for an Ouenka for a previous chip
    hunting mission. Recovery 80 H is no problem, as Asuta Land's chip order has it.
    And Bubble Wrap can be attained from Sky Area 1's NetDealer for 24 Bug Frags.
    If you need BFs at this point, battle in Akihara, Underground, and the Uranet.
    In-battle GMDs often carry high BF counts in those places.
    Once you have all five chips, head back to your client. You'll get an {HP Memory}
    for all the hard work you probably had to put in for this one. The {4 Help Points}
    are little consolation. Back to Asuta Land for the FINAL help board mission!
    Mission 25: Negotiate
    Your client is outside the Sky Town Force Room. That's the room the Weather-kun
    PC's in. Head outside and he's right there. Head back inside and plug-into
    Weather-kun. We're goin' after someone in the first area.
    You can't miss him. He's the reddish punk Navi in the center of the lower level.
    Talk to him and you'll get [Cash Data] - that seems familiar. Now we need to go
    to Uranet 1.
    Once there, head over to where the PMD is/was. There's another reddish punk there.
    Talk to him. You'll give the Cash Data to him and will receive a [Pendant] in
    Now go back to Weather-kun and plug-in. Talk to the first punk Navi and you'll
    give him the Pendant. After some talking, you then get [Text Data]. We now need
    to go to Green Area 2.
    Once there, head for the Net Cafe. There's a pink Navi at the far end. Talk to
    her. You'll exchange the Text Data for [Henji no Tegami/Response Letter]. Now
    head BACK to the punk in Weather-kun. You'll fork over the Letter to him.
    And now, head to Green Town and plug-in to the Judgeman's PC. You don't have
    to worry about the ground now. Make your way to area 3. You'll see an aqua-colored
    Navi when you enter. Talk to him. This would be the hostage.
    Now go talk to your client. The hostage-taker - that punk in Weather-kun - has
    fled to area 3. So go get his ass! You'll get into a battle. After you win,
    plug-out and go talk to your client again. You'll get [Hashirigaki Data] (Scribble
    Data) and {4 Help Points}. On the Data is the lotto number 41976910. Entering
    it gets you {Spin Yellow}.
    Congratulations! You've slaved through all the help board missions!
    / II:   Rushing the Gates            - [RshGt] /
    Well, we've completed that. So now what? Well, we aren't gonna get to the two
    secret areas (Immortal and Graveyard) yet. First, we should go get all those
    BMDs and stuff that lie behind Rush Road paths and those elemental gates. What
    are elemental gates? Surely you've seen them - a giant burning blockage on the
    path, a water geyser, a tornado... They're all over.
    But first thing's first. Rush Roads. Rush Food can be bought for 3000z a pop in
    Sky Town. Plug-in to the Shower PC - it's the fourth of the four plug-in-able
    machines you can get to on the main path, remember. Sure, 3000z a pop may sound
    expensive... but we just made over 200000z doing help board missions!
    Here is a list of Rush Roads, how many tiles the path is, and what you get from
    completing the Road. Keep in mind that if a path if more than one tile long, you
    MUST have more than one 'can' of Rush Food available or you cannot complete the
    path. So if you see a Road 2-tiles long and you only have 1 'can' of Food, you
    cannot complete it.
    If an area is not listed, is has no Rush Roads.
    Central Area 2
    2-Tiles - Shortcut from one side of the area to the other.
    Seaside Area 1
    1-Tile - Shortcut to the entrance to Seaside 2.
    Green Area 1
    1-Tile - Shortcut to the rest of the area - no need to use all the warp portals.
    Green Area 2
    1-Tile - Gets to a platform with a BMD (HP Memory)
    Sky Area 1
    2-Tiles - Gets to a platform with a BMD (Colonel Army B)
    3-Tiles - Creates a shortcut
    Sky Area 2
    1-Tile - Shortcut to the NW part of the area without need to use warps.
    Ura Internet 1
    1-Tile - Leads to a previously unreachable platform. There is a BMD with a
             {Regular Up 1} there. Also leads to a purple, password-protected gate.
    Akihara Area
    1-Tile - Gets you to a single tile with {Spin White} in a BMD.
    As you can see, the Akihara and Ura 1 areas are probably of most interest. Now
    then, on to the elemental gates. What you need to do here is go and commandeer
    your Link Navi buddies and haul them around the internet. When you find an
    elemental gate, they'll get rid of it, allowing you to swipe the plunder within.
    Heatman removes Fire Gates and Tree Gates
    Slashman removes Tree Gates and Tornado Gates
    Killerman removes Water Gates and Cloud Gates
    Chargeman removes Tornado Gates and Fire Gates
    Elecman removes Water Gates and Cloud Gates
    Seaside Area 1
    Water Gate - Sub Memory
    Seaside Area 2
    Tornado Gate - Attack +1
    Sky Area 1
    Fire Gate - Django V2 D
    Sky Area 2
    Water Gate - Program with compression code (ALARBRARLB)
    Underground 1
    Tornado Gate - Navi with compression code (LBBRBAALRR)
    Underground 2
    Fire Gate - Sub Memory
    Ura Internet Zero
    Fire Gate - Punk Navi with compression code (ARAABARRBA)
    Water Gate - 5 Bug Frags
    Tree Gate - Waraningyou F
    Cloud Gate - Punk Navi with compression code (BRBBBBARRR)
    Graveyard 1
    Fire Gate - Punk Navi with a compression code (ABLLAALRBA) + EXE 1 Tombstone
    Water Gate - HP+300 NCP + EXE 2 Tombstone
    Tornado Gate - 10 Bug Frags in a BMD + EXE 3 Tombstone
    Cloud Gate - Count Bomb 3 L + EXE 4 Tombstone
    Tree Gate - Navi with compression code (AAABRLBAAL) + Other EXE 4 Tombstone
    Graveyard 2
    Tree Gate - Charge +1
    Cloud Gate - Navi with compression code (LAABRRLRLR)
    Water Gate - Poison Anubis P
    Fire Gate - Regular Up 2
    Tornado Gate - 8000z
    Now then. I'm sure you're all wondering what the Graveyard is. Well, it's one
    of the two secret areas in the game. The tombstones listed above simply list all
    the Navis from each game, then "Here they sleep." At the end of a gate that
    requires you to have all the Mega Chips (The 'Mark of M') to continue.
    There's another set of gates we haven't covered yet - the Skull Gates. I'm sure
    you're wondering about those, right? Well, those technically belong in the next
    section - the secret areas.
    / III:  Immortal Zero Graveyard      - [Secrt] /
    There are two true secret areas and then there's Ura Internet Zero. I've mentioned
    elsewhere in this guide that Forte is in Ura Zero. But he's only available via the
    back entrance in Green Area 2. As I've said, head to the forest and investigate
    the back of the largest tree to access Forte's area of Ura Zero. After maneuvering
    around the path, you'll reach an obelisk. Forte will break free, not happy that
    someone's disturbed his slumber. Get ready.
    HP: 1800
    *1) Shooting Buster - he'll fire multiple, random shots on your side
    *2) Hell's Rolling - two wheels come out and rush at you. Dodge at the last second.
    *3) Forte will come up and use a sword (see below)
    *4) Forte will bust out with a Golem Punch.
    *5) He'll bust out a Senshahou-type attack.
    Strategy: You need some kind of barrier. Seriously. Forte doesn't have an aura
    this time around, but then, he doesn't really need one. For the most part, he'll
    use his Shooting Buster or Hell's Rolling. Sometimes he'll come up and use a
    sword that has a two column range. Other times he'll use a Golem Punch. He didn't
    bust out anything other than this when I fought him.
    He'll vanish in a flash of light when you when, leaving behind the [Bat Key]
    You should get an e-mail from a NO NAME. It'll contain the {Gigant Hook H} chip!
    (Note that I fought him in the quest for a Timpani chip in the help board missions,
    and thus my e-mail came between the mails from the board. I only got it after
    beating Forte, though).
    So what does this Bat Key open? One thing at a time. First, let's go and enter
    Ura Zero properly. You may have wondered where that purple gates in Ura 1 and
    2 do. Ura 1's is past that Rush Road. The password to that one is 729. The
    password to Ura 2's gate (lower area, past the conveyors) is 012. Each area
    has its own stuff. But I'll be treating both halves as a whole. Only Forte's
    back door area got its own part above.
    | Ura Internet Zero |
    | BMD 1: Waraningyou F
    | BMD 2: 5 Bug Frags
    Via Ura 1's entrance, go and look at the map to see what's going on with Ura Zero.
    Split right down the center, isn't it? On the Ura 2 side, Otenko-sama lies behind
    a gate we can't open yet. You may also notice a bloody load of elemental gates
    here. Annoying, aren't they?
    On the right side, at the top of the ramp, is an orange Navi willing to give you
    the "Soul Folder" as your Extra Folder. It's not really that great, but none of
    the extra folders really are. Nearby is a reddish punk Navi. For 3000z, he'll
    sell you the [WWW ID]. Very nice, yes? Here's a list of all the WWW Gates' goods.
    Central Area 1: 5000z (We just got our investment back + 2000!)
    Seaside Area 1: HP+200 NCP
    Green Area 2: Holy Panel A
    Akihara Area: HP+300 NCP
    There really isn't a whole lot here, to be perfectly honest. Until we can free
    Otenko-sama, anyway. Speaking of Bokura no Taiyou, we've got a date with the
    Head to Underground 2. There's a purple gate in the northeast. If you've beaten
    Forte, you'll have attained the Bat Key. That key opens this gate. Continue
    forward and into...
    | Immortal Area |
    | BMD 1: Air Wheel 3 T
    | BMD 2: HP Memory
    | BMD 3: Sanctuary Z
    This is pretty much what the Graveyard looks like, too. Kinda gnarly, huh?
    First of all, the area is gigantic. Map's on the eastern side of the 'center,'
    which is marked with some conveyor paths.
    Cut right and start making your way towards the northeast back part of the area.
    When you get to the large, back platform, you'll get a cutscene. A dark hole,
    like the one that gives access to Forte's area of Ura Zero, blocks the path.
    The ground shakes, Rock hunches over, and out comes the Count! You've got no
    chance to prepare - it's time to fight!
    HP: 1500
    *1) The Count lobs some fireballs at you. They'll hit the ground and the panels
        will burn for awhile.
    *2) A number of bloody spikes will shoot up from the ground multiple times.
    *3) The Count will use electricity to strike a +-shaped area.
    *4) Towards the end, The Count will use attack 1 numerous times in a row.
    *5) He'll raise his arms and cause a blood rain to come down on a 3x3 area.
    Strategy: You cannot win. No, really. Nothing you do can damage him. Your goal
    here is simply to stay alive for a set amount of time. Strangely enough, you
    can actually get a counter hit on him. The battle will end after awhile and
    another cutscene will occur.
    The Count will raise his arms in preperation to strike you down... when in rides
    Django, dealing severe damage to the Count and sending him running! Django will
    mention Otenko-sama being imprisoned somewhere by the Count. You'll get the
    [Solar Key] from him.
    Now go back to Ura Zero (from Ura 2) and open the gate keeping Otenko-sama
    captive. Go up and talk to him. He'll rush off to join Django, and that's exactly
    what we should do. Head back to the Immortal Area! Once there, get back to the
    large platform we fought the Count on.
    Looks like even with their combined power, Django and Otenko-sama can't beat
    him! Rock runs in at that point. Django starts to initiate the Piledriver on
    the Count and tells Rock to weaken him. Now it's time to fight. The same
    strategy as above applies here, except your attacks WILL hurt him now. He's
    pretty easy, so just unload on him.
    After you beat him, the Count once more raises his arms. Then Django appears
    on the field. Rock unloads with his Buster as Django fires the Gun Del Sol at
    the Count. This does the trick - The Count is destroyed. After this, Otenko-sama
    and Django say their goodbyes and walk through the still-open portal. It closes
    behind them, leaving the {Hakushaku H} chip behind. Now you can continue on
    around. Head across the one-way tile in the back of the area and walk all the
    way around the long path. Take the warp portal to get spit into the center of
    the area. Grab {Sanctuary Z} from the BMD and head out. We're done here.
    Now then, there's only one thing left to do - enter the Graveyard.
    How? Go to Uranet 3. Where's that? Well, you need to go to the skull in Ura 2
    and hang a left. The purple gate up there will only open if you have a Machine
    Sword chip.
    | Ura Internet 3 |
    | BMD 1: Rapid +1
    | BMD 2: HP Memory
    | BMD 3: Barrier 200 K
    | PMD: Dream Aura U
    Ura 3 is a slightly confusing area because of all the invisible paths. Now, we
    need to get to the central platform - the one with the eerie, swirling vortex on
    it. (Note: There will be a map here showing all the routes in Ura 3 for the
    visual guide)
    You'll need 100 Standard chips to open the portal, so you need to have that many,
    at least, for the portal to appear. Go through it to enter...
    | Graveyard 1 |
    | BMD 1: HP+300
    | BMD 2: 10 Bug Frags
    | BMD 3: Count Bomb 3 L
    | PMD:
    HP Memory        - 10000z, 16000z, 23000z, 30000z
    Mega Boomerang W - 10000z
    Noise Storm    M - 14600z
    Blizzard Ball  T - 18400z
    Cross Divide   D - 30000z
    Looks just like the Immortal Area, doesn't it?
    Except for those creepy, glowing obelisks. Those are, apparently, tombstones for
    all of the fallen Navis we've beaten over the past 5 1/2 games. Each one stands
    for one EXE game's Navi cast. This area's a giant zigzag, tagged with lots of
    elemental gates. Yes, you'll have to drag Link Navis into this creepy place to
    open them. Have fun with that, by the way. And yes, you really can buy Delta Ray
    To continue to the next area, you need the 'Mark of M' - Or every Mega chip in
    the game. For those of you counting, that's 45 chips. Here's your checklist:
    01: Roll
    02: Roll V2
    03: Roll V3
    04: Blues
    05: Blues EX
    06: Blues SP
    07: Aquaman
    08: Aquaman EX
    09: Aquaman SP
    10: Tomahawkman
    11: Tomahawkman EX
    12: Tomahawkman SP
    13: Tenguman
    14: Tenguman EX
    15: Tenguman SP
    16: Groundman
    17: Groundman EX
    18: Groundman SP
    19: Dustman
    20: Dustman EX
    21: Dustman SP
    22: Blastman
    23: Blastman EX
    24: Blastman SP
    25: Diveman
    26: Diveman EX
    27: Diveman SP
    28: Circusman
    29: Circusman EX
    30: Circusman SP
    31: Judgeman
    32: Judgeman EX
    33: Judgeman SP
    34: Elementman
    35: Elementman EX
    36: Elementman SP
    37: Colonel
    38: Colonel EX
    39: Colonel SP
    40: Hakushaku
    41: Hakushaku EX
    42: Hakushaku SP
    43: Django
    44: Django V2
    45: Django V3
    Basically, you have to nuke every Navi in the game. So where do we get all of
    these? Well...
    Roll:       All versions attained from Meiru in some form or another.
    Blues:      Enzan can be found near Netto's Akihara house after beating the game.
    Aquaman:    Shuuko's always in her office at school.
    Tomahawkman:Dingo's still at the heliport in Sky Town.
    Tenguman:   Roushi's at the left stump outside the courtroom in Green Town.
    Groundman:  Tarou's in his office, which is next to Shuuko's
    Dustman:    Press is in the aquarium's second area, near the vending machines.
    Blastman:   [Pic here]
    Diveman:    [Pic here]
    Circusman:  [Pic here]
    Judgeman:   [Pic here]
    Elementman: [Pic here]
    Colonel:    [Pic here]
    Hakushaku:  [Pic here]
    Django:     You can buy his V1, you'll find his V2 behind Sky Area 1's Fire Gate.
                His V3 is a Virus Battler prize.
    Pretty hefty task, I know. But what would an EXE game be without something to
    bring our forward momentum to a screeching halt? Crossover Battling will help
    get the Django and Hakushaku chips, apparently. There's some kinda trader that'll
    churn those kinda things out, it seems.
    In any case, when you're ready, head on through.
    | Graveyard 2 |
    | BMD 1: HP Memory
    | BMD 2: Charge +1
    | BMD 3: 8000z
    | BMD 4: Regular Up 2
    | PMD 1: Poison Anubis 1
    | PMD 2: HP+500
    Okay, now things are getting kinda creepy. Those three tombstones? Heatman's,
    Slashman's, Elecman's. In fact, all of EXE 6's Navis are apparently buried here.
    You're going to need all of the Standard Class Chips to continue past a certain
    point in here. Fun, I know. Abuse the chip traders, that's all I can recommend.
    And, as I'm sure you've noticed, there are a friggin' lot of elemental gates in
    You may have noticed a large ramp over there on the northern part of the area.
    I wouldn't go up it if I were you. ...You really want to? You like slopes? Well,
    alright... It's your funeral. Why? Because, after you rudely disrupted his sleep,
    Forte went off to find a new place to bed down for the night. And you've run in
    on him again.
    HP: 2700
    *1) Same as before
    *2) Same as before
    *3) Same as before
    *4) Same as before
    *5) Same as before
    Strategy: Why 2700? Why not 2800? Odd number. Anyway... Forte's basically the
    same as last time, only a LOT faster. Don't worry - there's yet a third version
    of Forte waiting for us after this.
    Forte can sense the beastly power lurking within you. And that isn't a good
    thing, folks. That is NOT a good thing. You don't want Forte to be scheming things
    that involve your body.
    In any case, Forte leaves behind the {Forte Another F} chip. Head southeast and
    make your way around to the other exit. Where does it lead?
    Back to Graveyard 1, of course! Follow the path around and hit the warp portal.
    Before heading down the ramp, head NW to reach the Bug Beast Trader. It's
    basically a BF Trader. For 10BFs a pop, you too can get random crap!
    Down the ramp is a giant tombstone dedicated to Navis in offshoot games. Turboman,
    Ring, Starman, Brightman, Needleman, Swordman, Gravityman, and Zero.
    So what now? You've fought Forte twice, you've had to collect pretty much
    everything in the game. Is there anything left? Yes. Yes there is. And it's
    going to brutally kick your ass.
    You know where Colonel's ghost data was located in Underground 2? Head back
    there. For the love of all that is unholy, save or something before you head up
    that ramp. Because you're in for something that will make Forte SP look like
    When you get up to the top, Rock will say that he can feel the Dennoujuu's
    power. The screen will flash... and Juuka-Rock will be standing before you.
    A strange voice will fill the air, the screen will flash again, and Forte will
    arrive behind Juuka-Rock. Prepare yourself!
    F-Beast SP
    HP: 1800
    *1) Same as before
    *2) Same as before
    *3) Same as before
    *4) Same as before
    *5) He'll do the same type of tornado attack Faltzer himself used on us during
        the final battle. One row, one column. Works exactly like Aquaman's hose does.
    Strategy: Yes, it's Rockman vs Juuka-Rockman! Not only that, it's his SP form!
    Most of his attacks are the same as the first time. And, in reality, it's not
    that tough when you actually can use Rock to his full potential.
    But see...the problem isn't fighting F-Beast SP. The problem is that Forte has
    absorbed what remained of Greiga!
    HP: 3400
    *1) Greiga Breath - Just like with Gospel, Forte pulls out Greiga's head and
        uses a giant breath-type attack that hits the panel in front of him and
        then the two columns beyond that. The only safe spots are the front top and
        bottom panels.
    Strategy: Forte BX is blazingly fast. His attacks are relentless and equally
    sped-up. Almost of his attacks are the same as the previous versions. The only
    new attack is the one I've listed. Forte enjoys absorbing giant monstrosities,
    doesn't he? His pattern is pretty much Shooting Buster -> Hell's Rolling ->
    Greiga Breath. He'll still use his other attacks, of course. It's just that
    this seems to be his favorite pattern. Fortunately, the fact that he does fall
    into patterns so easily means one thing - you only have to worry about his
    Shooting Buster once your reflexes get used to his speed.
    After you win - IF you win - go up and collect what's probably going to be the
    final chip you get - {Saito Batch J}.
    Congratulations. Now you can truly say you've beaten the game. Which isn't to say
    there isn't stuff still left - it's just that it's pretty much all ass-kickery.
    / IV:   Blues, RVs, and Uber-Beasts  - [Fight] /
    So you may have seen Enzan loitering near Netto's old house in Akihara. Sure,
    you can fight him. Note that, if you have trouble at this point, breaking-type
    chips (Golem Punch, Iron Shell, etc) will be super-effective against him. And
    load up them damn Anti-Sword chips best ya can.
    HP: 1800
    *1) Blues will slash along one row.
    *2) Alternately, Blues will slash one column.
    *3) Blues will target a +-shaped area on your side and do this crazy-ass ballet
    *4) Alternately, he'll do 1, then 2 in quick succession.
    *5) Blues will act like Colonel and hit a \-shaped area.
    Strategy: Blues... is nothing but predictable patterns. All you need to do is
    not get goddamn jumpy when facing him and you'll be fine. Pack a buncha Reflect
    Mets then turtle in the back-center. Blues will eventually target you somehow.
    Just raise up your shield and it'll go back at him and you'll get a counter. Then
    you can run up and kick him in the grundies or something. His only impressive
    move here is his +-shaped one, and it looks cooler than it really is.
    To fight Blues SP (He has no EX version - he has an FZ version, though the only
    way to fight that is via cheats, apparently) you need to do the following:
    Clear the help board -> Examine the help board -> Check your rank -> Fight.
    Blues starts using his shield to great effect in SP form. And he gets to be an
    even bigger pain in the ass. The difference is very apparent between forms.
    Now then, the RV Navis. You'll have needed to have beaten Forte SP for this.
    Once you have, head back to Graveyard 2. You'll notice some of the tombstones
    are actually GLOWING. Inspect them and you'll get into a fight with the WWW Navis'
    RV forms. Changes listed as follows:
    Blastman:  2000HP; 3000z for winning. Nothing added aside from slightly quicker
    Diveman:   1900HP; 3000z for winning. No new attacks, nothing really different from
               his SP version.
    Judgeman:  1900HP; 3000z for winning. Nothing added aside from the monster books
               moving faster.
    Elementman: 2000HP; 3000z for winning.
    Circusman: 2100HP; 3000z for winning. Attacks come MUCH faster than his SP version,
               The circus tent coming down and pounding the hell out of you will also
               BLIND you now. 5 lions jump through hoops rather than 3.
    Colonel:   2600HP; 3000z for winning. More than one Colonel's Army drone summoned.
               He'll do the same thing his EX/SP forms does - throws some blue thing at
               you. If it hits, you're in for DEEP pain. He also shoots out more
               missiles here.
    If you beat all the RV Navis, you can go back over to where we fought Forte SP
    earlier to fight him again. There's no REAL point to all of this, aside from
    having all the WWW Navis and Forte gathered in one place. Once you beat an RV
    Navi, his tombstone will go silent again. Plug-out and plug-in again to re-fight
    the RV Navis. Note that only Rock can take part in the Forte SP rematch. If you're
    using a Link Navi, beat all the RV Navis, and go up the ramp expecting to try
    punking the Black Shadow with Killerman or something, you're outta luck. After
    beating Forte BX, you'll get HIM as a random encounter in Graveyard 2, though
    (with G-Beast SP in Graveyard 1) so just wander a bit and you might get (un)lucky.
    Now then. The last 'new' fight you can do... is Faltzer SP. And to get to him, you
    need: All chips. All PAs. And Forte SP owned. After all of that, go back to where
    you usually face him.
    Faltzer SP has a whopping 32000HP. Thankfully, Faltzer SP is much easier than
    Greiga SP, who jumps around like a raving derelict on crack. His movement isn't
    much quicker, in all honesty. His Feather Shoot attack seems to come quicker and
    last longer. And thankfully, unlike Greiga, his claw attack doesn't start
    targetting all rows like Greiga's tail cannon did. His firebirds seem to be able
    to take more damage before being destroyed, too. He does have one new attack,
    though: He'll vanish, turn into a sideways tornado with his head poking out the
    side, and charge at you, much like Greiga does. Once he goes offscreen left,
    move, because he'll be coming back to the right.
    For beating Faltzer SP, you get something special added after the ending footage.
    You'll see Cross and his Link Navi friends dash and cross each other, first
    showing the normal Cross, then the Cross Beast forms. You then see Rock with
    Greiga behind him, fusing into G-Beast form. Juuka-Rock is joined by the five
    Cross Beasts and you get the words "Thank You For Playing!!" along with a cool
    set of poses.
    / V:    Virus Battler                - [VBatl] /
    Sorry this is at the end of the post-game stuff, all. But honestly, I never really
    liked the Virus Battler, thought it was a tedious pain in the ass to collect
    viruses, etc etc etc.
    Anyway... The Virus Battler is what it sounds like - it lets you fight viruses
    against OTHER viruses. The catch here is that to USE a virus, you first must
    COLLECT a virus. Here, I'll explain.
    In classroom 1-2 at school, a Navi will sell you the [Battler Card] for 2000z.
    After this, you'll start running into specialized groups of viruses. Say, just
    for example, you'll run into two normal colored Metools, then a third, differently
    colored one. All these special viruses seem to have 'Rare' in their names. There's
    also a 'Rare [virus] 2' that shows up - basically just for the third version of
    chips and stuff.
    Anyway. Once you run afoul of these special virus groups - and they're random...
    and about as rare as you'd imagine - you 'get' the virus for use in the Virus
    Battler games.
    Each virus on your Battle Card comes with HP, AT, and MB listings. HP is obvious -
    the virus' hit points. AT is its attack power. And MB is how much space it takes
    up. You can only load 50MB of data per battle. So if you load a 30MB virus (they
    come in 10MB, 20MB, 30MB, and 40MB flavors) you cannot load a second 30MB virus -
    only 10MB and 20MB ones. Got it? You can only load two viruses total, however.
    It doesn't matter if both only are 10MB viruses - you can't have more than that.
    You'll want to find viruses with both good HP and AT. Your viruses' HP will be
    tallied together, as will the enemies'. Your job is to strategically position
    YOUR viruses so that they can do the max damage to the enemies while keeping out
    of trouble themselves. It sounds a LOT easier than it is. Obviously, you'll want
    to sit around more dangerous areas, hoping to find the best viruses for your
    You can get into actual battles by going to five spots. There are five levels of
    Virus Battling. The first is in the robotic dog outside of Asuta Land. Head NE
    after plugging in to find a cool, colored Program-kun. Talk to him to get started.
    Once you select your viruses, you must place them - this is important due to
    how the viruses all behave. After you finish placing, the battle begins. And you
    just sorta watch on as things unfold. Note that the Custom Gauge is once again
    a timer of sorts. You can Draw.
    Virus Battle 1
    Location: Robo Dog Outside Asuta Land
    Fight 1: Metool + Gunner     = 100HP
    Fight 2: Chanpuru + Darusuto = 140HP
    Fight 3: Metool + Darusuto   = 120HP
    Prize 1: Air Wheel 1 F
    Prize 2: 2 Bug Frags
    Prize 3: 500z
    Virus Battle 2
    Location: Those cyllinder vending machine things near the statue at Seaside Town
    Fight 1: Aaboruboui (2)      = 140HP
    Fight 2: Quaker + Senbon     = 160HP
    Fight 3: Senbon + Onifutode  = 140HP
    Fight 4: Aaboruboui + Quaker = 150HP
    Fight 5: Senbon + Onifutode  = 140HP
    Prize 1: Kawarimi R
    Prize 2: 4 Bug Frags
    Prize 3: 700z
    Virus Battle 3
    Location: Electric chair in Green Town's jail
    Fight 1: Hanihou + Arman     = 230HP
    Fight 2: Hanihou + Morikyuu  = 230HP
    Fight 3: Bomb Corn (2)       = 280HP
    Fight 4: Hanihou + Bomb Corn = 270HP
    Fight 5: Bomb Corn + Arman   = 240HP
    Prize 1: Deathmatch L
    Prize 2: 6 Bug Frags
    Prize 3: 1500z
    Virus Battle 4
    Location: The air tanks inside the building at Sky Town.
    Fight 1: Zeropurein + Paruforon = 260HP
    Fight 2: Kyatakku + Paruforon   = 250HP
    Fight 3: Kyatakku (2)           = 260HP
    Fight 4: Zeropurein (2)         = 280HP
    Fight 5: Paruforon (2)          = 240HP
    Fight 6: Kyatakku (2)           = 260HP
    Fight 7: Zeropurein + Kyatakku  = 270HP
    Fight 8: Kyatakku (2)           = 280HP
    Fight 9: Zeropurein + Paruforon = 260HP
    Fight 10: Paruforon (2)         = 240HP
    Prize 1: Fuujin Racket *
    Prize 2: 8 Bug Frags
    Prize 3: 2000z
    Virus Battle 5
    Location: Central Area 1, the floating platform (Betcha wondered what that thing
    was used for, huh?)
    Fight 1: Swordin + Sunaamu         = 220HP
    Fight 2: Metool + Nightmare        = 140HP
    Fight 3: Asashinmeka + Killers Eye = 280HP
    Fight 4: Kyatakku + Tsuboryuu      = 330HP
    Fight 5: Paruforon + Hanihou       = 250HP
    Fight 6: Arman + Zeopurein         = 240HP
    Fight 7: Dorudaara + Darubaana     = 230HP
    Fight 8: Gurasan + Quaker          = 180HP
    Fight 9: Chanpuru + Aabaruboui     = 130HP
    Fight 10: Metool + Blastman        = 440HP
    Prize 1: Django V3
    Prize 2: 10 Bug Frags
    Prize 3: 3000z
    Now for some selective notes: Wander Green 2 until you get the Arman set. Those
    are the viruses that give you the Iron Shell battle chips. Those things are VERY
    good to have, as they have a fair invincibility period. If you're fighting Hanihou
    viruses, for instance, and this is the setup:
    [_][_][_][_][_][V] <-- V for Vict-- er...Virus
    [_][_][A][_][_][V] <-- Stick Arman there
    It won't completely avoid the bees, but you won't take hardly anything from 'em,
    so it's a moot point. If, for some reason, your Arman can't reach a Hanihou due
    to broken panels, make your two attackers go after the other virus exclusively.
    Hanihou tends not to attack if you leave it the hell alone. This goes for a
    number of things - it's sometimes easier to focus your attack on just one of
    the two enemies - their HP is combined, remember - you only need to attack one
    to lower the total. You don't have to try and 'delete' the viruses. Play around
    with the viruses, see which ones you like. Personally, I like them dang Air Raid
    viruses a fair amount, too. Senbon's pretty useful at times.
    Thanks go to Aegean Knight on the TUS forums for providing me with the HP info
    for the 4th and 5th Rounds. I have to admit not being quite good enough to get
    past the early 4th set. Stupid Pulse virus things.
    = Section 05: Chip Library           - [Chips] =
    Standard Class Chips
    001: Cannon
    002: High Cannon
    003: Mega Cannon
    004: Air Shot
    005: Vulcan 1
    006: Vulcan 2
    007: Vulcan 3
    008: Super Vulcan
    009: Spread Gun 1
    010: Spread Gun 2
    011: Spread Gun 3
    012: Senshahou 1
    013: Senshahou 2
    014: Senshahou 3
    015: Gun Del Sol 1
    016: Gun Del Sol 2
    017: Gun Del Sol 3
    018: Yoyo
    019: Hell's Burner 1
    020: Hell's Burner 2
    021: Hell's Burner 3
    022: Wide Shot
    023: Train Arrow 1
    024: Train Arrow 2
    025: Train Arrow 3
    026: Bubble Star 1
    027: Bubble Star 2
    028: Bubble Star 3
    029: Thunderball
    030: Doll Thunder 1
    031: Doll Thunder 2
    032: Doll Thunder 3
    033: Elec Pulse 1
    034: Elec Pulse 2
    035: Elec Pulse 3
    036: Corn Shot 1
    037: Corn Shot 2
    038: Corn Shot 3
    039: Risky Honey 1
    040: Risky Honey 2
    041: Risky Honey 3
    042: Rolling Log 1
    043: Rolling Log 2
    044: Rolling Log 3
    045: Iron Shell 1
    046: Iron Shell 2
    047: Iron Shell 3
    048: Aura Head 1
    049: Aura Head 2
    050: Aura Head 3
    051: Air Hockey
    052: Drill Arm
    053: Tornado
    054: Noise Storm
    055: Machinegun 1
    056: Machinegun 2
    057: Machinegun 3
    058: Minibomb
    059: Big Bomb
    060: Energy Bomb
    061: Mega Energy Bomb
    062: Flash Bomb 1
    063: Flash Bomb 2
    064: Flash Bomb 3
    065: Black Bomb
    066: Bug Bomb
    067: Grass Seed
    068: Ice Seed
    069: Poison Seed
    070: Sword
    071: Wide Sword
    072: Long Sword
    073: Wide Blade
    074: Long Blade
    075: Flame Sword
    076: Aqua Sword
    077: Elec Sword
    078: Bamboo Sword
    079: Fuujin Racket
    080: Fumikomizan
    081: Variable Sword
    082: Neo Variable
    083: Engetsu Kunai
    084: Murasama Blade
    085: Machine Sword
    086: Element Sword
    087: Assassin Sword
    088: Crack Shoot
    089: Double Shoot
    090: Triple Shoot
    091: Reflect Met 1
    092: Reflect Met 2
    093: Reflect Met 3
    094: Wave Arm 1
    095: Wave Arm 2
    096: Wave Arm 3
    097: Sand Warm 1
    098: Sand Warm 2
    099: Sand Warm 3
    100: Summon Black 1
    101: Summon Black 2
    102: Summon Black 3
    103: Common Snake
    104: Number Ball
    105: Fire Punch 1
    106: Fire Punch 2
    107: Fire Punch 3
    108: Burn Square 1
    109: Burn Square 2
    110: Burn Square 3
    111: Ryuuseigun
    112: Aqua Needle 1
    113: Aqua Needle 2
    114: Aqua Needle 3
    115: Blizzard Ball
    116: Killer Sensor 1
    117: Killer Sensor 2
    118: Killer Sensor 3
    119: Boomerang
    120: High Boomerang
    121: Mega Boomerang
    122: Bamboo Lance
    123: Heat Dragon
    124: Elec Dragon
    125: Aqua Dragon
    126: Wood Dragon
    127: Golem Punch 1
    128: Golem Punch 2
    129: Golem Punch 3
    130: Justice One
    131: Air Wheel 1
    132: Air Wheel 2
    133: Air Wheel 3
    134: Toppuu
    135: Suikomi
    136: Magnum
    137: Circle Gun
    138: Stone Cube
    139: Little Boiler 1
    140: Little Boiler 2
    141: Little Boiler 3
    142: Air Raid 1
    143: Air Raid 2
    144: Air Raid 3
    145: Count Bomb 1
    146: Count Bomb 2
    147: Count Bomb 3
    148: Stealth Mine
    149: Ouenka
    150: Discord
    151: Tinpani
    152: Silence
    153: Waraningyou
    154: Guardian
    155: Poison Anubis
    156: Recovery +10
    157: Recovery +30
    158: Recovery +50
    159: Recovery +80
    160: Recovery +120
    161: Recovery +150
    162: Recovery +200
    163: Recovery +300
    164: Panel Steal
    165: Area Steal
    166: Steal Banish
    167: Steal Revenge
    168: Panel Return
    169: Deathmatch
    170: Holy Panel
    171: Sanctuary
    172: Coming Load
    173: Going Load
    174: Heavy Gauge
    175: Quick Gauge
    176: Full Custom
    177: Buster Up
    178: Bug Shuusei
    179: Invisible
    180: Barrier
    181: Barrier 100
    182: Barrier 200
    183: Bubble Wrap
    184: Dream Aura
    185: Magne Coil
    186: Colonel Army
    187: Element Wrap
    188: Navi Scout
    189: Kawarimi
    190: Shirahadori
    191: Bad Medicine
    192: White Capsule
    193: Uninstall
    194: Copy Damage
    195: Life Synchro
    196: Attack +10
    197: Attack +30
    198: Navi +20
    199: Color Point
    200: Double Point
    Mega Class Chips
    01: Roll
    02: Roll V2
    03: Roll V3
    04: Blues
    05: Blues EX
    06: Blues SP
    07: Aquaman
    08: Aquaman EX
    09: Aquaman SP
    10: Tomahawkman
    11: Tomahawkman EX
    12: Tomahawkman SP
    13: Tenguman
    14: Tenguman EX
    15: Tenguman SP
    16: Groundman
    17: Groundman EX
    18: Groundman SP
    19: Dustman
    20: Dustman EX
    21: Dustman SP
    22: Blastman
    23: Blastman EX
    24: Blastman SP
    25: Diveman
    26: Diveman EX
    27: Diveman SP
    28: Circusman
    29: Circusman EX
    30: Circusman SP
    31: Judgeman
    32: Judgeman EX
    33: Judgeman SP
    34: Elementman
    35: Elementman EX
    36: Elementman SP
    37: Colonel
    38: Colonel EX
    39: Colonel SP
    40: Hakushaku
    41: Hakushaku EX
    42: Hakushaku SP
    43: Django
    44: Django V2
    45: Django V3
    Giga Class Chips
    01: Forte Another
    02: Meteo Knuckle
    03: Cross Divide
    04: Saito Batch
    05: Bug Death Thunder
    = Section 06: Program Advances       - [PrgAd] =
    01: Giga Cannon 1:   Cannon A, B, C
    02: Giga Cannon 2:   High Cannon L, M, N
    03: Giga Cannon 3:   Mega Cannon R, S, T
    04: Wide Burner 1:   Wide Burner 1 F, G, H
    05: Wide Burner 2:   Wide Burner 2 S, T, U
    06: Wide Burner 3:   Wide Burner 3 C, D, E
    07: Flame Hook 1:    Fire Punch 1 D, E, F
    08: Flame Hook 2:    Fire Punch 2 R, S, T
    09: Flame Hook 3:    Fire Punch 3 A, B, C
    10: Power Wave 1:    Wave Arm 1 E, F, G
    11: Power Wave 2:    Wave Arm 2 L, M, N
    12: Power Wave 3:    Wave Arm 3 R, S, T
    13: Corn Party:      Corn Shot 1 J, K, L
    14: Parallel Shell:  Iron Shell 1 J, K, L
    15: Destroy Pulse:   Elec Pulse 1 J, Elec Pulse 2 J, Elec Pulse 3 J
    16: Giga Count Bomb: Count Bomb 1 F, G, H
    17: Stream Head:     Aura Head 1 B, C, D
    18: Super Wide:      Wide Shot P, Q, R
    19: Hyper Burst:     Spread Gun 1 L, M, N
    20: Dream Sword:     Sword H, Widesword H, Longsword H
    21: Yoyo Great:      Yoyo L, M, N
    22: Jigoku Hockey:   Airhockey L, M, N
    23: Poison Pharaoh:  Poison Seed P, Poison Seed P, Poison Anubis P
    24: Bodyguard:       Navi Scout *, Shirabatori *, Kawarimi *
    25: Double Hero:     Wide Blade B, Long Blade B, Blues SP B
    26: Dark Messiah:    Waraningyou F, Waraningyou F, Forte F
    27: Master Cross:    Fire Punch 3 A, Aqua Needle 3 A, Elec Pulse 3 A,
                         Riskey Honey 3 A
    28: Sun and Moon:    Ryuusei Gun R, Attack +30 *, Aninsutouru R
    29: Twin Leaders:    Blues SP B, Navi Scout *, Colonel *
    30: Cross Over:      Django D, Django V2 D, Django V3 D
    = Section 07: Thanks/Notes           - [Askss] =
    It has been a long and awkward road for my EXE 6 guides. Before the game came out,
    I decided NOT to post them here and instead give them to EXEHQ. But then bad voodoo
    went down there and I decided to give my guide to the still-young TUS. Unfortunately,
    as a certain member of staff saw fit to cross me for no good reason, I've decided
    that I'd do the same thing. I do not appreciate being stabbed in the back. I worked
    my ass off for churn this thing out and they sat on it a MONTH before finishing the
    visual guide.
    But the events that led to my posting this here on Gamefaqs was the last straw. My
    guides are for the public and they always have been. I can only hope you lot get
    use out of them.

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