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    Request BBS Guide by BluesSoul617

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    ||  ~ MegaMan Battle Network 6 Cybeast Gregar & Falzar Request BBS guide  ~ ||
                                 ~ Final Version ~
                             ~ Written by BluesSoul617 ~
    "Megaman Battle Network 6 Cybeast Gregar", "Megaman Battle Network 6 Cybeast 
    Falzar", & all related contents & images are originally copyrighted by Capcom.
    This FAQ is 2006 Copyrighted by BluesSoul617 (Johnren Barinque).
    Any other site may not have the latest version since they've asked via e-mail
    when I first uploaded this on the internet. (If you want to use this guide,
    send an e-mail) Credits to me is a must.
    The purpose of this FAQ is to help others with the game and reduce curiousity.
    If you can't find what you're looking for, punch Ctrl then the F key, then type
    the section/shortcut to jump to that section of the guide.
    -----------------------------1) Table of Contents------------------------------
    ||           ~ Name of Section ~            |          ~ Shortcut ~          ||
    ||    1) Table of Contents                  |      (you're reading it!)      ||
    ||    2) Version History                    |           2vershstry           ||
    ||    3) Introduction                       |           3intrdctin           ||
    ||    4) Request BBS Guide                  |           4rqstbbs             ||
    ||    5) Frequently asked Questions (FAQ)   |           5faqscton            ||
    ||    6) Contact Info                       |           6contact             ||
    ||    7) Credits                            |           7credits             ||
    -------------------------2) Version History------------------------------------
    ~ Version (Final) - 3/4/08 ~
    Changed guide the same way as my FAQ/Walkthrough. I'm using a similar style.
    ~ 7/31/07 ~
    ~ 6/17/07 ~
    My 15th birthday! =D
    ~ Version 1.1 - 9/11/06 ~
    Added the ratings and rewards for each request.
    ~ Version 1.0 - 7/31/06 ~
    The day this guide is submitted.
    --------------------------------3) Introduction--------------------------------
    Thank you THUGTHAWSK8R for reminding me to make this section and GigaSPX for
    helping create the 35 Requests guide.
    The Request BBS. Remember the Mission board from EXE 3? It's much similar to 
    this sidequest. Just like EXE 3, completing the requests would mean receiving
    prizes such battle chips you can't get anywhere else, navi customizer programs,
    Zenny (not just zenny, a huge amount of it), and most of all: Upgrades.
    The BBS is located at Asterland chip shop. The Mr. Prog there can give info
    about it. Examine the BBS and you'll see the list of requests.
    There are rules for the Request BBS. When choosing a request, you cannot accept
    any request whenever you want. You can only take requests that match your 
    current rank. The first time you accept a request, your rank will be "Rank C".
    With that rank, it allows you to accept only 1 star requests. 
    Shown below tells what your current rank does:
        Letter      |             Effect
        Rank C      |     Can accept 1 star requests
        Rank B      |     Can accept 2 stars or less
        Rank A      |     Can accept 3 stars or less
        Rank S      |     Can accept all requests
    If you don't know or forget your current rank, just press Select on the BBS.
    If you're wondering how to raise your rank, that's simple. Completing a request
    along with your reward, you'll receive request points, which raises your rank. 
    Collect enough request points to upgrade to the next rank, allowing you to 
    accept higher star requests.
    There is a certain amount of request points needed to raise your rank. If you
    complete a 1 star request, you'll receive 1 request points. A 2 star request
    completed gives you 2 request points. You should know the rest.
    Note this: It is only possible to do requests with Megaman. Using navis other
    than Megaman will not let you interact with requestors.
    --------------------------4) Request BBS Guide---------------------------------
    * Press Ctrl+F to jump to the request you're looking for. *
    - Request 1: Virus Deletion         - Request 19: Songwriter
    - Request 2: Find Keepsake          - Request 20: Buy Which Stock?
    - Request 3: Errand Request         - Request 21: Can't Open Safe
    - Request 4: For Victory!           - Request 22: Get The Bad Guy
    - Request 5: Juvenile Division      - Request 23: Update Help
    - Request 6: Somebody Help!         - Request 24: Do Something!
    - Request 7: Get The Chip!          - Request 25: Want to Meet Daughter
    - Request 8: Stock Up!              - Request 26: Not Enough Member
    - Request 9: Stand In Recruit       - Request 27: Track The Criminal
    - Request 10: Penguins Ran Away     - Request 28: Self Research
    - Request 11: Daughter Worry        - Request 29: Official Request
    - Request 12: Stop Him!             - Request 30: Where's My Navi
    - Request 13: Loan Collection       - Request 31: One More Time.
    - Request 14: Lumber Merchant       - Request 32: Support Chip Please
    - Request 15: Time Capsule          - Request 33: Negotiate!
    - Request 16: Diet Goods Money      - Request 34: An Experiment!
    - Request 17: Find The Virus!       - Request 35: Road To Soul Battler!
    - Request 18: Got A Problem.
    Request 1: Virus Deletion
    Rating: 1 star
    Go to Classroom 6-2 and talk to the girl who requested this task. 
    Go over to the blackboard, plug in, and go forward. There are four Mettaurs in 
    the blackboard, find them, delete them, and plug out. Go back to the Requester. 
    She will thank you.
    Reward: 10 BugFrags
    Request 2: Find Keepsake
    Rating: 1 star
    Go over to the front of the school and you will see an old lady. She says that
    she lost an item that she received from her husband. Go and to the tree that is
    next to your house. You got the item. Now go back to the requestor. 
    Reward: RegUp2
    Request 3: Errand Request
    Rating: 1 star
    Head to the Cyber Academy's Teacher's Lounge. Talk to the scientist,and he'll 
    give you 3000 Zenny. Head to Seaside Area 1. Go to the lower warp panel. Talk
    to the pink navi, and you'll get a ticket in exchange for the 3000 Zenny. Then
    return to the scientist.
    Reward: Reference Book (Unlocker subchip lotto #)
    Request 4: For Victory!
    Rating: 2 stars
    Plug into Central Area 1. Talk to the normal navi and give him a GunDelSol 1 C
    chip. To get it, go to Tab's place. Yes, this request is that easy.
    Reward: HP Memory
    Request 5: Juvenile Division
    Rating: 2 stars
    Head to the Foyer Hall of Cyber Academy and plug into the monitor. Talk to the 
    NetPolice guy, then go in front of Asterland. Talk to the boy near the Robodog. 
    The boy talks about his life and stuff and his only friend is this Robodog. The
    Robodog suddenly freezes and you must plug in. Talk to the black navi. He is 
    actually part of the officials so don't worry; you and the black navi are teach-
    ing this kid a lesson. Defeat the viruses and go back to the requestor.
    Reward: Folder Pack 1 NCP (yellow)
    Request 6: Somebody Help!
    Rating: 1 star
    Head over to RoboControlComp 1 and talk to the normal navi. He needs a loan.
                       Loan Payback Timing
      100 Zenny loan  = Expo Navi Selection Test round 1 chapter
     1000 Zenny loan  = Expo Navi Selection Test round 2 chapter
    10000 Zenny loan  = Chapter after Iris is kidnapped by the ex-WWW
    Give him 10,000 Zenny. He will thank you. Talk to him again and he will give 
    you 10x the money as he promised!
    Reward: Zenny (variable)
    Request 7: Get The Chip!
    Rating: 1 star
    Go over to Seaside Area 3 and talk to the blue navi. He is looking for a Battle
    chip: Doll Thunder A chip, because it is his operator's favorite chip. If he 
    doesn't have it, his operator will abandon him.
    Give the chip to him and he will thank you so much that he won't forget you. 
    This request can be easy or hard so good luck to ya.
    Reward: RegUp1
    Request 8: Stock Up!
    Rating: 2 stars
    Head to the Aquarium and talk to the kid in front of the sunfish tank. He gives 
    you 10000 Zenny that you must spend on cybersushi toppings.
    Here is the food he wants:
    Food: Tuna, Eel, Salmon, Herring, Shrimp, Yellowtail, Urchin, and Snapper
           Best Fish Prices
    Fish   |   Price   |   Navi
    Tuna        1000       Black
    Eel          900       Red
    Salmon       900       Red
    Herring      800       Green
    Shrimp       800       Brown
    Y-Tail      1500       Blue
    Urchin      1000       Blue
    Snapper     1000       Green
    If you choose the correct prices that I mentioned above, you would spend 7900 
    Zenny. That means we get to keep the other 2100 Zenny. Nice, eh?
    Now plug out, talk to the kid and get our reward.
    Reward: Secret Memo (HP+200 NCP white lotto #)
    Request 9: Stand In Recruit
    Rating: 2 stars
    Talk to the brown navi in the Aquarium HP, and you get to act in a movie.
                  Movie Lines
    Prompt 1  | Halt, Villain!
    Prompt 2  | CyberWarrior Cybo
    Prompt 3  | My soul will die!
    These lines are followed up by a virus battle, so make sure you're set.
    Prompt 4  | (You must win the battle)
    Then, select the following options: 
    Prompt 5  | Well, I'm off...
    Prompt 6  | It's just a dream...
    Reward: HP Memory
    Request 10: Penguins Ran Away
    Rating: 2 stars
    Time for some Penguin Capture!
    Go to the Seaside Aquarium and head to the Piranha tank. Talk to the guy there 
    and then let's go capture some penguins.
    Your first penguin is where the Aquarium Dolphin and Seal show takes place, 
    right outside the room where we fought Diveman. The second one is just south of 
    the mermaid statue in Seaside Town.
    Next up is one in Classroom 6-2, wtf? Followed up by one in Asterland. The 
    final Penguin's inside... Lan's bathroom! 
    Go back to the guy and get your reward.
    Reward: Penguin Thank (Rush NCP yellow lotto #)
    Request 11: Daughter Worry
    Rating: 1 star
    Head to the plaza at the south end of Green Town and talk to the man in the 
    suit. Head to the lower area of Seaside Area 1 and talk to the black navi.
    Reward: RegUp1
    Request 12: Stop Him!
    Rating: 1 star
    Head to Green Town and go to the Courtroom. Talk to the girl, then go to Green 
    HP. Head to Green Area 1. Skip the first warp panel and go to the second one.
    Then, go to the nearest warp panel. You will see an official. 
    Talk to him, and select "Try me!". You will do a five-in-a-row virus battle. 
    After the cutscene, go back to the girl, and get your reward.
    Reward: BigBomb P 
    Request 13: Loan Collection
    Rating: 1 star
    Talk to the brown navi at Green HP to get this party started. Head to Central 
    Area 2's Netdealer, where the reddish black navi is waiting. Fight him and
    follow him to the shop in Seaside Area 3.
    Reward: 5000 Zenny
    Request 14: Lumber Merchant
    Rating: 2 stars
    In Green Area 2, the brown navi in the big square with the trees is looking for 
    a new axe. Head to Seaside Area 3 and find a bucket.
    Reward: 10 BugFrags
    Request 15: Time Capsule
    Rating: 3 stars
    The southern square in Green Town has a man looking for his cyber-time-capsule 
    in Green Area. Make your way to the big grove with the giant tree in Green 
    Area 2. The capsule is at the base of trees.
    Reward: HP Memory
    Request 16: Diet Goods Money
    Rating: 1 star
    Talk to the chunky kid in Cyber Academy's first floor hall. He wants his money 
    back from a black navi in Seaside Area.
    Go to Green Town's courtroom and talk to the lawyer there. Return to Seaside 2,
    and the scammer is surrounded by lawyers.
    Reward: 5000 Zenny
    Request 17: Find The Virus!
    Rating: 3 star
    Go to the LevBus station and talk to Mr. Famous.
    He sends you looking for five sets of viruses hiding in computers through 
    Central and Seaside Town.
    Central Town Viruses
    Robo Dog Comp
    Monitor Comp
    TeacherRoom Comp
    Seaside Town Viruses
    Water Machine Comp
    Popcorn Shop Comp
    Reward: Fast Guage *
    Request 18: Got a Problem.
    Rating: 1 star
    The woman at the Aquarium stage needs to learn how to swim, and needs help 
    from  "Dolphin" from Cyber Academy.
    Reward: Invite Card (UnderShirt compression code)
    Request 19: Songwriter
    Rating: 1 star
    Race over to Sky Area's Net Cafe. Talk to the blue navi on the north of the 
    area select the following options: 
    Lyric 1 | Your love
    Lyric 2 | To soar in the sky
    Lyric 3 | Only memories
    Lyric 4 | Love
    Lyric 5 | Your smile
    Lyric 6 | That you're free
    Lyric 7 | I still love you
    If you pick a wrong option, you must prevent the guy from trying to delete him-
    self by fighting viruses. Suicidal much?
    Reward: RegUp2
    Request 20: Buy Which Stock?
    Rating: 2 stars
    Get over to the Sky Area Net Cafe and talk to the pink navi. Then, go to the 
    exit to Undernet2. Talk to the black navi there and then you'll be presented 
    with three options:
    Company     | Reward
    Toyosan     |    100 Zenny
    Papaya Comp |   1000 Zenny
    Blackhole   | 100000 Zenny
    If I were you, I'd pick Blackhole. The higher the stock, the better the return.
    Go back to the pink navi for the Zenny you chose.
    Reward: Zenny (variable)
    Request 21: Can't Open Safe
    Rating: 3 stars
    Plug into the PopcornShop Comp at the Aquarium and talk to the normal navi 
    there. On the box has a paper that says "1 is dolphin. 10 is penguin. 100 is 
    sea angel." What that means is count the number of those animals in there tanks
    The 1, 10 and 100 means which digit place they belong. 
    Either do that or save some time. The code is "564".
    Reward: Millions NCP (red)
    Request 22: Get The Bad Guy
    Rating: 3 stars
    Head to the right hand corner of Central Town and talk to the official. 
    Megaman must track down five reddish black navis in Central Areas 1-3.
    Reward: Custom 2 NCP (white)
    Request 23: Update Help
    Rating: 2 stars
    Talk to the scientist at the lower level of the Aquarium's first room. He gives 
    you the Update Data. Travel through each section of the Aquarium Comp and talk
    to the Mr. Progs. Return to the scientist to to find you have the wrong update
    data. Now you have to go back and re-install the updates. They're now in new
    locations too.
    Reward: Mega Folder 2 NCP (white)
    Request 24: Do Something!
    Rating: 2 stars
    Have some Fire chips ready IN your folder.
    The Aquarium's Fish Stick Shop Comp is on the fritz. You have to delete Boiler
    viruses. Heat and Charge Cross solves this, that is if your playing Gregar.
    *Keep in mind that if you enter the fight WITHOUT fire attacks, you're stuck.
    Reward: HP Memory
    Request 25: Want to Meet Daughter
    Rating: 2 stars
    Enter the Sky HP and talk to the black navi there. He wants to find his
    daughter and his only clue is that she's somewhere in Green Area. Head for the
    tree grove and talk to the pink navi there. Return to Sky HP, and the dad-navi
    notes his old buddies are out to get him. Exit the HP and enter Sky Area 1.
    Talk to the two reddish black navis there.
    Reward: Spreader 3 R
    Request 26: Not Enough Member
    Rating: 2 stars
    Enter the Class 6-2 Comp and talk to the green navi. He needs some chips from 
    you: Fanfare Z, Discord S, and Timpani T.
    Fanfare and Discord can be found in ACDC Area, but Timpani can only be found 
    in Undernet Zero - but usually in the wrong code.
    Once you get a Timpani chip, you can order it from the chip shop in the correct 
    code. Now go back to the requestor.
    Reward: RegUp2
    Request 27: Track The Criminal
    Rating: 3 stars
    Next to the water vending machines in Seaside Town is a guy in a suit.
    The detective blew it, and the man under surveillance is gone. Check out the 
    doorway next to the Fish Stick Shop; you can enter it now! This leads to the 
    catwalk in the back of the Aquarium's control room, where the man is hiding.
    Rewards: Roll *, Protoman *, and Colonel *  
    Request 28: Self Research
    Rating: 2 stars
    Go to Classroom 1-1; plug into the board. Talk to the normal navi there. The PA 
    in question is the Poison Pharaoh, which consists of Poison Seed P, Poison 
    Seed P, Anubis P. Sky Area 1's has a BugFrag Trader who'll sell you the Poison 
    Seed Ps, and Anubis P is found in the Graveyard's PMD. 
    Basically, just use the PA and then talk to to the green navi.
    Reward: Science Manual (Beat NCP blue lotto #)
    Request 29: Official Request
    Rating: 3 stars
    Head on over to Sky Town, go up the elevator, and then go down the straight 
    path. Enter the room, and plug into the main computer. Talk to the official 
    there, and then battle the image data of WWW navis you've fought through the 
    Rewards: Area Grab *, Anti Navi *, and Anti Recovery*
    Request 30: Where's My Navi
    Rating: 4 stars
    Go to Classroom 1-1 and talk to the old lady there. Now plug into the net and 
    go to Undernet 2, climb to the top of the "skull" which is where the Undernet 
    BBS is, and examine the center tile between the two flames to find what you're
    looking for. (If you want to see the top part of Undernet2, use Megaboy's Game
    Maps. It will look like a skull)
    Talk to the lady, get your reward, and watch her disappear >_>
    Reward: Number Open NCP (pink)
    Request 31: One More Time.
    Rating: 4 stars
    Talk to the young boy in western side of Central Town. We hear that his 
    parents have been fighting lately so we need to get them some flowers. Green
    Town is where the flowers are, so talk to the young lady at the flower store 
    there. You need to find the owner, who is out making a deliver to Yai's house 
    in ACDC Town! Talk to her, then return to the Green Town shop to get the Tulip.
    You should know what to do with it.
    Reward: Srial Data (Charge Max NCP blue lotto #)
    Request 32: Support Chip Please
    Rating: 4 stars
    Head on up to that huge orange orb above Sky Town and talk to the navi there 
    (she must be in a copybot). The chips we need are Recovery 80 H, Geddon A, 
    Bubble Wrap Q, Attack +30* and Discord S.
    Recovery 80 H can be bought from Asterland's chip order, Discord can be found 
    in ACDC Area, you can trade a Panel Return for a Geddon in Aquarium HP, 
    Bubble Wrap Q is found at the Sky Area 1 BugFrag Trader, and we have to give 
    up our Attack +30 that we got from the PMD in ACDC Area...
    Reward: HP Memory
    Request 33: Negotiate!
    Rating: 4 stars
    This request is a long one, so get ready...
    Talk to the man on the ledge outside of Sky Town's Force Room. He wants you 
    to talk to a kidnapper in the middle of Mr. Weather Comp1.
    The brother navi is on the path to the Cybeast Statues in Undernet1. Return to 
    the kidnapper with the Pendant as proof of your meeting. Deliver TextData to a 
    pink navi in Green Area 2.
    The pink navi is at the NetCafe, and she has a letter for you to give back to 
    the kidnapper. Once you've reached the hostage in JudgeTreeComp3, go back to
    the kidnapper, who has retreated to Mr. Weather Comp3.
    Reward: Scrabble Data (Spin Yellow lotto #)
    Request 34: An Experiment!
    Rating: 3 stars
    It's another job with Mr. Famous. Meet him at the Aquarium's shark tank, where 
    he has a set of 20 straight virus battles for you to fight through!
    Rewards: Circusman *, Judgeman *, and Elementman *
    Request 35: Road To Soul Battler!
    Rating: 3 stars
    Talk to the official navi at the Green HP, and he sends you to find some 
    NetMafia goons hiding somewhere in Green Town. Plug into the statue near the 
    flower shop to find the NetMafia there. Note that each battle has a BigHat 
    virus. Tengu Cross solves this, that is if your playing Falzar.
    Reward: Soul Emblem (Tango NCP green lotto #)
    As soon as you get the Master Rank, you'll receive a phone call. It is...Chaud!
    He will tell you to go to Classroom 6-1 (your classroom), to fight Protoman's 
    "true form". When you fight Protoman, he will be in his FZ form. He's pretty 
    quick so watch out.
    ////Protoman FZ/////
    HP: 2800
    Difficulty: Hard-Super Hard
    Protoman is his US name; Blues is his Japanese name. Because of the margin
    limit, I may refer to him as Blues.
    Hero Sword ~ His main attack. The Blues will slash three panels forward.
    Wide Sword ~ Secondary move. Blues will use this when he warps onto your side.
    Cross Slash ~ This slash will take up most of your field, so be prepared.
    P = Protoman X = Cross Slash
    Range > [_][X][_][_][_][_]
          > [X][X][X][P][_][_]
          > [_][X][_][_][_][_]
    Shield Dash ~ Blues will sometimes bring up his shield. If you attack, it will
                  be blocked (unless Break type) and he'll dash and slice ya.
    Blade Dance ~ When Blues' sword "shines", he'll do his pseudo DeltaRay attack.
    Range (Protoman will slide through the field like the ninja he is.)
    [<][_][_][_][_][_]       [v][_][>][_][_][_]
    [_][<][_][_][_][_]   >   [v][>][_][_][_][_]
    [_][_][<][_][_][_]       [>][_][_][_][_][_]
    [_][_][_][_][_][_]       [_][_][<][_][_][_]
    [>][>][>][_][_][_]   <   [<][<][_][_][_][_]
    [_][_][_][_][_][_]       [_][_][_][_][_][_]
    ~ Rewards ~
    1000/1500/3000 Zenny, Protoman Icon
    -----------------5) Frequently asked Questions (FAQ)---------------------------
    Shown below are the FAQs. Some of them are commonly asked, so please read 
    them before posting them.
    Q: How do you create a PA (Program Advance)?
    A: Select the chips in the correct order in the same turn.
    Q: How do you fight Protoman SP?
    A: Complete 25 Requests off the Request BBS. If he isn't upgraded to SP yet
       somehow, try checking your rank on the BBS by pressing Select. 
    Q: Where can I find GunDelSol1 C?
    A: Buy it from Asterland Chip store.
    Q: How do I get Doll Thunder 1 A?
    A: S-Rank the ScarCrow1 virus in Sky Area. 
    Q: Where do I get the following chips for the P.A. Poison Pharaoh?
    A: Poison Seed P, Poison Seed P, Anubis P. The Locations are shown below:
                  Poison Seed P - Bugfrag Dealer for 48 Bugfrags from Sky Area 1
                  Anubis P - Purple Mystery Data from Graveyard Area
    Q: How do you fight Protoman FZ?
    A: Complete all 35 Requests from the Request BBS. You'll know when you've
       completed them when Chaud contacts you.
    ----------------------------6) Contact Info------------------------------------
    Before you ask for help, title it "Megaman Battle Network 6 BBS". This makes
    things easier. I don't see why not.
    If you would, please make sure you check the entire guide before asking. The
    Ctrl+F feature is made for a reason. You can find more answers from other
    people's guides if this one didn't help. 
    Found any errors? Let me know and I may fix it up. I'm not a perfectionist but
    I care about neatness. I'm a bit of a neat freak.
    If this guide helped you greatly, don't be afraid to say thank you. I'd like to
    see that my guide still helps people today seeing how this game has aged a bit.
    My email address- JohnBoyJB617(at)gmail(dot)com
    -----------------------------7) Credits----------------------------------------
    ~ Me, BluesSoul617 for putting the time and effort into creating this guide
      and helping people out on the game. 
    ~ The Megaman EXE 6 Cybeast Gregar and Falzar Instruction Booklet and 
      Official Strategy guide, allowing me to copy down useful things. (Sadly I
      lost both of these around 2007 so I had to finish it without them)
    ~ GigaSPX for typing the Requests.
    ~ THUGTHAWSK8R, for recommending the birth of this whole guide.

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