How do I beat (bass sp)?

  1. how do i beat bass sp in any time just to beat him ?How?
    Is Bass sp the strongest in megaman battle network cybeast gregar 6?

    User Info: baylon666

    baylon666 - 8 years ago

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  1. In gregar version, this is the easiest straregy for me but I only reccomend it if you can predict Bass' moves. You need Areasteal. Why? Because it will limit Bass' moves and you can move further. Did wou notice how Bass moves? Ordinary navis and viruses move by panel. While Bass slides (or glides?) through the panels which makes sime freezing chips hard to hit him. Why again? Sometimes he's in the middle of two panels, making chips such as Protoman, Roll and Blastman chips really hard to hit him.

    Now for the strategy, use Slashcross. Why? Because it's a grat combo to areasteal. Bass' moves will be limited and your chargeshot can hit him even if he's in the middle of two panels. Stock up also on healing and defensive chips. I recommend life aura so that you don't need to evade is very annoying buster. And another thing, be careful i using single target chips such as cannons. If you want to counter him Beast out is useful. There, good luck!

    User Info: William_time

    William_time - 8 years ago 2 0


  1. If you are playing Falzar, formulate a folder with a lot of *-coded chips and use ground cross(Note: all of these chips should be elementless or you cannot charge them while youre on beast cross and also take note that you should only use ground cross) and on the second turn of the battle with Bass beast out so that you can Ground BeastCross. The use of that beastcross is that the ground beastcross can dash to the enemy while being invincible when you charge an elementless chip and deal massive damage.

    User Info: falzarbuster

    falzarbuster - 8 years ago 0 3
  2. To dodge Bass SP's buster you just need to (before he attacks) move up and down until he stops or just counter him.
    his order of attacks are:
    Hells Rolling
    Dark sword
    Buster <----------(not sure)
    umm...the punch thing if your in the front and middle row
    tank cannon if your in the back row
    by this time you should have beaten him.

    Bass BX is strongest in my opinion because moving up and down constantly wont work anymore.

    User Info: CPIA

    CPIA - 8 years ago 0 0

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