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    Help Desk Guide by GeoffMendicino

    Version: 1.2 | Updated: 12/18/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Copyright (c) 2005 Geoff Mendicino, TheWebbuilder
                  EXEHQ (http://www.exehq.com).
    <<*||RockMan.EXE 6: Help Desk FAQ/Walkthrough||*>>
    Version 1.2
    Table Of Contents
    -Help Task #1
    -Help Task #2
    -Help Task #3
    -Help Task #4
    -Help Task #5
    -Help Task #6
    -Help Task #7
    -Help Task #8
    -Help Task #9
    -Help Task #10
    -Help Task #11
    -Help Task #12
    -Help Task #13
    -Help Task #14
    -Help Task #15
    -Help Task #4: Part 2
    -Help Task #16
    -Help Task #17
    -Help Task #18
    -Help Task #19
    -Help Task #20
    -Help Task #21
    -Help Task #22
    -Help Task #23
    -Help Task #24
    -Help Task #25
    -Disclaimer + Contact Info
    -Credits + Acknowledgements
    Well, if you're like me, then you skipped over the optional help jobs during 
    your first play-through. Well, now that we've cleared the game, we're stuck 
    doing them with that annoying "Danger Music" playing endlessly in the 
    Stinks, huh?
    Well, enough of the grumbling. We've got lockets to find, damsels to save, 
    viruses to bust, and Zenny to find. Ah, yes, never forget the Zenny...
    Anyways, here's how the system works. To the right of the Prog in Chibi-
    Higure's chip shop is a Help Desk. When you examine the Desk, you see a list of 
    side quests that you can pick from and carry out, while you don't HAVE to do 
    them, you get lots of nice stuff if you do.
    So let's attack them, shall we?
    First off, there are rules to this Help Desk. At first you can only choose from 
    the missions marked with one star. After you clear them, you can do the 
    missions marked with two stars, etc... We're going to start at the bottom and 
    work our way up, since that's about the only way we can do this.
    Help Task #1: Virus Busters.
    Don't worry, there's no ghosts involved here. Go to the Help Desk and select 
    bottom mission. You'll promptly get an Email explaining the mission. Since 
    you're using this guide, I'm assuming that you don't know Japanese, therefore 
    ignore it.
    Go to the school, and head over to Classroom 6-2. Talk to Ms. Generic Girl 
    Sprite. Seems that viruses have invaded the blackboard and no one knows what to 
    Go over to the blackboard, plug in, and walk forward. There are four Mets in 
    blackboard, find 'em, destroy 'em, plug out.
    Talk to the girl for our reward... 10 Bug Frags.
    Run back to the chip shop and select our next mission, the one just above the 
    one we just completed.
    Help Task #2: Polly Locket.
    After the Email arrives, go over to the school. See that old generic lady? 
    the one we talk to. As near as I can tell, she's missing a locket that her 
    husband gave her back before he kicked the bucket. She wants us to find it.
    After running all over Saiba City, I found the blasted thing in the tree beside 
    Netto's house.
    Take it back to the lady and get some Regular Memory for our troubles.
    Let's go tackle that next mission! /o/
    Help Task #3: Message Boy.
    Another Email to ignore.
    Run over to the school's Teacher's Lounge. Talk with the dude in the lab coat, 
    he'll give us 3000 Zenny. No, you can't go blow it on Battle Chips! Get with 
    the program here!
    Plug into the Net from the location of your choice and then get your tail over 
    to SeaSide Area 1. Hit the bottom warp to get to some computer we might've been 
    at before, I'm not real sure. If there's stuff there, grab it. Then talk to the 
    generic pink Net Navi, fork over the 3000 Zenny and get something in return. 
    Take whatever it is back to the lab coat teacher and we'll wind up with a 
    Check the Notebook in your Key Items sub-screen to get a Number Trader code.
    Help Task #4: Gimme a hand(out)
    Accept the fourth one star mission then get over to the computer in the 
    Teacher's Lounge where we founght BlastMan. Over in the northwest corner you'll 
    see yet another generic Navi. Seems the guy's fallen on hard times and needs a 
    He wants a whopping 10,000 Zenny loan.
    Kindly pick your jaw up off the floor. Thank you.
    Trust me on this one, fork over the cash. And DO NOT talk to him again, doing 
    so will wreck everything. We're done, head back to the Help Desk. /o/
    Help Task #5: Son of Thunder!
    Accept the fifth one-star mission, ignore the Email.
    Go over to SeaSide Area 3 and track down the guy selling Chips and such. 
    an Aqua Navi standing beside him, he's the one we want to talk to.
    Huh? All he wants is a Doll Thunder 'A' chip?
    Hand over the chip, and get some Regular Memory in exchange. Back to the Help 
    Help Task #6: Not-so-overprotective Father.
    You know the drill.
    Head over to Green Town and head down to the last cut off Tree Stump. Talk to 
    the guy who's standing on it. Seems he's worried about his daughter, who's off 
    on an internet date. We get the awesome job of chaperoning them.
    Well, plug in somewhere and get over to SeaSide 1. Hit the top warp to get to 
    that lower blue area and go to the northeast corner.
    Hey, that's my client's daughter! Get your hands off of them, you mugging jerk!
    Talk to the punk Navi and once the cut scene FINALLY ends, beat the living 
    daylights out of him.
    Go back to the guy in the brown suit for our reward.
    Help Task #7: Smackdown!
    Guess what? We're going to get paid to beat up some snobby kid's Net Navi.
    Head over to Green Town and go to the courtroom. Talk to the girl there then 
    run back to our favorite marble slab. Plug in and get over to Green Area 1. 
    From there, go to the Map, and talk to the orange Navi.
    The 'Yes' option plunges you into a five-set battle. But that's what we came 
    here to do.
    Once we win, talk to the girl, get our dough, and head back to the Help Desk.
    Help Task #8: By the Bookie
    You know the routine. Select the eighth one-star mission and off we go!
    Go to Green Town and plug into that slab again. Talk to the brown Navi, then 
    plug out and go to Netto's room, plug in, and go to Central Area 2. See that 
    red punk that sticks out like a sore thumb? Talk to him, say yes, and beat him 
    up. Talk to the green Net Navi and go to SeaSide Area 3. Beat up the Punk 
    again, and we'll get some money.
    See previous statement about spending said money on Battle Chips.
    Head back to Green Area's Home Page, give the money to the brown Navi, collect 
    Help Task #9: Hot potato!
    This one's bizarre. That's all I'm going to say.
    Head over to SeaSide City and run past the receptionist's desk and go to that 
    area where we had to find the seal's ball. Talk to the slightly edited EXE 4 
    person. From there, go to school and drop by classroom 6-2. Talk to Chubby and 
    we're rewarded with potatoes... riiiiight...
    Take them 'taters back to the EXE 4 person in SeaSide City and collect our 
    reward. Honestly, folks, the only thing I can come up with is that she forgot 
    her lunch and Junior took it to school.
    Help Task #10: Sing Me a Song.
    Time for an easy mission, one that actually makes sense. Accept our last one-
    star Help Task and then race over to Sky Area's Cafe (that area by the welcome 
    Talk to the generic Navi on the extreme north of the area select the following 
    options: 2, 1, 2, 3, 1, 1, 1.
    We just helped this guy compose a song. Go us!
    Help Task #11: Sell your Gun Del Sol!
    Accept our first two-star mission and we're good to go.
    Head over to Central 1 and drop by the Map. Talk to the Net Navi nearby and 
    fork over a Gun Del Sol 1 C chip and collect our reward.
    Simple, huh?
    Back to the Help Desk!
    Help Task #12: Fish Food for Davey Jones' Locker.
    Get ready, this one's a pain.
    Head over to SeaSide City and enter the aquarium. Find the Chubby Kid and talk 
    to him (I found him just inside the Aquarium, but a friend found him down near 
    the fish vendor...), he wants us to order food for him online.
    Well, we gotta get some fish for Tubby, so run over to that green panel next to 
    the door to the Marine Show and plug in. Get over to SeaSide 1 and drop down to 
    the lower blue area.
    Here's the deal, there are four vendors down here. Each one sells stuff for 
    different prices. We've got to pick out an assortment of food for our chubby 
    friend that doesn't go over 10,000 Zenny. Here's the layout I'm using:
    Option #1|Option #3
    Option #2|Cancel
    And here's the combo that worked for me:
    Pink Navi: Buy Option #1 and Option #2.
    Green Navi: Buy Option #2 and Option #1.
    Hell Navi: Option #1.
    Aqua Navi: Option #3 and Option #2.
    Brown Navi: Option #2.
    Plug out, talk to Chubby and get our reward.
    Help Task #13: Lights, Camera!
    Ready for our acting debut?
    Get over to SeaSide and plug into the green screen, make your way over to the 
    north corner of SeaSide's Home Page and we come across a film crew... Seems 
    that their star is out of the running and they want us to fill in.
    Filming starts and RockMan forgets his lines. Lend him a hand by picking these 
    options: 1, 3, 2.
    Select the following options: 3, 2.
    Collect your HP Memory and get back to the Chip Shop.
    Help Task #14: WTF?
    Yet another bizzare mission... I hope the English game clears this mess up. 
    It's got me bamboozled.
    Get to Green Area 2 and work your way around to that giant tree in the center 
    of the area. Talk to the Brown Navi and he'll give you something. From here, go 
    to SeaSide 3 and head for that water spout that we got the water to restore 
    RockMan from. Along the way, we'll come across a bucket of water.
    A Program will pop out of the bucket and then launch into a speech. Once that's 
    done, go back to Green Area 2, give the whatever back to the Brown Navi and 
    shebang, we're done.
    Help Task #15: Win the lottery?
    I think this one is random. The people I checked this with all chose different 
    options and all came up with different results.
    Anyways, get over to the Sky Area Cafe and talk to Ms. Generic Pink Navi. 
    Exchange words with her and then get over to the exit to Ura Net 2. Talk to the 
    Hell Navi there and then you'll be presented with three options. Pick one and 
    go back to the Pink Navi for a nice sum of Zenny.
    Help Task #4: Gimme a hand(out): Part 2
    Yep, go back to the Navi we forked out that 10,000 Zenny to. In case you 
    forgot, he's in the northwest corner of the school computer.
    He's back on his feet, and gives us a whopping 100,000 Zenny!
    Not a bad interest rate, huh?
    Help Task #16: Whoa, deja vu.
    Third two-star mission from the top.
    Head over to SeaSide City and- hey, there's someone minding the Fish Stand! 
    Talk, then plug in.
    Greiga users, remember those kettle viruses? THEY'RE BACK!
    Three of them have infested this stand. Find 'em, heat 'em up, blow 'em up. 
    Plug out, reward get, head back to the Chip Shop!
    Help Task #17: Haven't we done this before?
    Get your tail over to Sky Area's Home Page. Talk to the Hell Navi there- huh? 
    HE'S our client? Seems he's worried about his daughter... whoa, who knew that 
    Hell Navi's could feel like this?
    Head back to that giant tree in Green Area 2. Talk to the Pink Navi there, then 
    hightail it back to the Hell Navi on Sky's Home Page. Pink Navi will be there 
    this time, problem is, she's being harrassed by a couple of punk Navi.
    You guessed it, it's up to us to bust their chops.
    You'll find the two trouble-makers over in Sky Area 1. Talk to them, wipe them 
    both out, report back to the boss.
    Help Task #18: Viral Symphony.
    Visit Classroom 6-2, plug into the blackboard. Check with the green Net Navi 
    there, he wants three chips: Ouenka Z, Discord S, Timpani T.
    If you've already beaten the final boss, prepare for torture.
    Ouenka and Discord can be found in Akihara, but the Timpani can only be found 
    in Area Zero- but usually in the wrong code.
    To get to Area Zero, go to Green Area 2 and examine the back of that tree. 
    Select 'yes' and you'll wind up in Area Zero. Now, I cannot stress this enough: 
    DO NOT STRAY FAR FROM THE ENTRANCE!!!! I'm dead serious, don't go outside of 
    the initial loop unless you have done some serious levelling up, and by that I 
    mean you have over 1000 HP, and have a good deck. Forte's lurking back in 
    there, and if you go too far, you'll wind up as smear marks on his boots.
    Once you get a Timpani chip, you can order it from the Chip Shop in the correct 
    code. If you've already beaten the final boss, then you can't use the order 
    system- which means that you're stuck until one of the Timpani viruses drops a 
    their chip in the T code.
    Help Task #19: Are we there yet?
    Head over to Green Town and pay a visit to that sawed off stump next to the sub 
    chip dealer. Talk to the client there and then head to our favored marble slab 
    and plug in.
    Go to Green Area 2, and go to that big tree again. Examine the two trees on the 
    northeast side to get a capsule of some kind. Take that back to our client and 
    we're done.
    Help Task #20: What's your number?
    Visit the Aquarium over in SeaSide City and drop by ye olde popcorn stand. Plug 
    in and talk to the green Net Navi. As near as I can tell, he wants a password. 
    Since I couldn't make heads or tails of most of the conversation, I just reset 
    the game until I stumbled across the password: 564.
    And no, it did not take me five hundred and sixty-three tries to get it right.
    It took me five hundred and sixty-four tries. (I'm joking, I'm joking...)
    Help Task #21: O. I. C. U.
    ^ Because I'm running out of catchy titles.
    We need to get to SeaSide. Talk to the guy in the brown suit next to the trash 
    cans, once we're done with that, run over to the guy in the green suit and talk 
    with him three times. Go back to Mr. Brown suit.
    For some oddball reason, we have to go to up to the vending machine by the 
    Metro, check it, and then go back down to where Mr. Brown suit is again. (Thank 
    you, Laser, for telling me this.)
    Head through that door by the Fish Vendor and continue on until we get find 
    Green Shirt. Talk to him twice and plug into the thing behind him.
    Head through the area and emerge in Central Area 2. Knock the Hell Navi's heads 
    together, get the data, and then go back to our client.Roll, Colonel, and Blues 
    chips! In the "*" code! \o/ SCORE!
    Help Task #22: Skull-duggary.
    Get ready for another bizarro mission. What is it with these?
    Make your way over to Classroom 1-1. Yack with the old woman there, then get 
    your tail end over to Ura Net 2.
    Climb up to the top of the skull tiles and examine the middle tile between the 
    two holes that make up the eyes. We get something... morbid.
    Take that data back to the old woman and she vanishes.
    Help Task #23: Divorce Court.
    Exit the chip shop and talk to the generic kid just across the street. From 
    there, go to Green Town and exchange words with the lady in front of the 
    flowers. From what I gather and am told, she's the kid's mother and isn't on 
    the best of terms with her hubby. We've got to smooth things over- fun, huh?
    Go to Akihara in the real world, talk to the old lady near Yai's house. Go back 
    to Green Town and talk to the lady by the flowers to get a flower. Go back to 
    Saiba City and talk with the kid near the Chip Shop.
    Give the flower to the kid, who in turn uses it to stop his parents from 
    fighting. We get a number code for all of this hassle.
    Help Task #24: Buy it in Bulk.
    Pay a visit to Sky Town, drop by the satellite and exchange words with the 
    Orange Net Navi. We need the following chips:
    Recovery 80 HDeathmatch A
    Bubble Wrap Q
    Attack +30 *
    Discord S
    Well, we've definately got Discord S's coming out our ears... There's a green 
    Navi in Sky Town's Home Page who will give you the DeathMatch for a Panel 
    Return, and everything else you should have by now.
    Fork 'em over and get the hey outta there.
    Help Task #25: Running shoes!
    Last one.
    Get over to Sky Town and visit the room with the Clown Computer, go outside, 
    exchange words with the generic sprite person, head back inside and plug into 
    the Clown Computer. Talk to the Hell Navi in the first area, then get over to 
    Ura Net 1.
    There's a red Hell Navi over by that Purple Mystery Data that I've been too 
    lazy to open, chat with him and exchange the data for another item. Go back to 
    the Clown Computer and talk with the Hell Navi there, exchange the item you got 
    from Ura Net Punk for yet another item.Now, go to Green Area 2 and drop by the 
    Cafe, talk with Ms. Pink Navi and swap items once again. Ferry this item back 
    to the Clown Computer and talk to the Hell Navi there.
    Go to Green Town and circle all the way back around to the Judgment Computer. 
    That giant thing we plugged into to defeat JudgeMan. Go to the third area and 
    talk to the Aqua Navi there, go BACK to the Clown Computer and go to the third 
    area of the Clown Computer. Talk to the Hell Navi to start a fight and wipe the 
    floor with him...
    Plug out, talk to our client and get a number trader code.
    After you complete all 25 jobs, battle Blues a couple of times. You'll finallly 
    be granted to battle his SP form, giving you a chance of having his EX or SP 
    Disclaimer + Contact Info
    This walkthrough is the result of many hours of blood, sweat, tears and labor 
    of the staff of the EXE HQ (www.exehq.com). Should you take this guide and 
    claim it as your own or repost it to any forum, website, or publicly visible
    source without the consent of the EXE HQ (www.exehq.com) we will NOT be
    happy campers.  Should you steal this guide you will bear the brunt of our
    anger, be humiliated on the Internet, and top that all of that off with
    the fact that we will haunt you for the rest of your life (and afterlife!)
    after we die.
    This walkthrough is NOT to be reproduced in any way, shape, or form on any 
    website, CD or printed media unless you submit a full request to the staff of 
    the EXE HQ detailing why you want our work and how it will be used, and such
    a request is approved.
    This guide is only to appear on the following websites:
    - GameFAQ's  < http://www.gamefaqs.com >
    - The EXE HQ < http://www.exehq.com    >
    Should you read or see this walkthrough anywhere else, kindly let us know at 
    mendicino@gmail.com. Thank you.
    *tips hat*
    All copyrights and trademarks not expressly recognized anywhere within this
    document are respected.
    Credits + Acknowledgements
    * TheWebBuilder (A.K.A. Web) for creating this walkthrough, and doing a huge 
    amount of work for the entire Rockman Community.
    * Synchro-Kun for the aftermath details.
    * Head webmaster of the EXE HQ, Geoff Mendicino, for creating the RockMan 
    community known as the EXE HQ (www.exehq.com) that brought this walkthrough 
    into existance in the first place.
    * Thanks to all of the members and supporters of EXEHQ, REO, RPM, MMN, MMC and 
    many other Rockman 
    communities for all the support you've given our FAQ team to keep creating for 
    the Rockman community.
    Fight, Rockman. For everlasting piece.

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