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    S-Ranking Navi Guide by thecooltodd

    Version: 1.5 | Updated: 08/17/08 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

      /     \   ____   _________    _____ _____    ____  
     /  \ /  \_/ __ \ / ___\__  \  /     \\__  \  /    \ 
    /    Y    \  ___// /_/  > __ \|  Y Y  \/ __ \|   |  \
    \____|__  /\___  >___  (____  /__|_|  (____  /___|  /
            \/     \/_____/     \/      \/     \/     \/ 
    __________         __    __  .__          
    \______   \_____ _/  |__/  |_|  |   ____  
     |    |  _/\__  \\   __\   __\  | _/ __ \ 
     |    |   \ / __ \|  |  |  | |  |_\  ___/ 
     |______  /(____  /__|  |__| |____/\___  >
            \/      \/                     \/ 
     _______          __                       __       ________
     \      \   _____/  |___  _  _____________|  | __  /  _____/
     /   |   \_/ __ \   __\ \/ \/ /  _ \_  __ \  |/ / /   __  \ 
    /    |    \  ___/|  |  \     (  <_> )  | \/    <  \  |__\  \
    \____|__  /\___  >__|   \/\_/ \____/|__|  |__|_ \  \_____  /
            \/     \/                              \/        \/ 
     /  _____/______   ____   _________ _______ 
    /   \  __\_  __ \_/ __ \ / ___\__  \\_  __ \
    \    \_\  \  | \/\  ___// /_/  > __ \|  | \/
     \______  /__|    \___  >___  (____  /__|   
            \/            \/_____/     \/       
      _   _   _   _   _   _   _   _   _     _   _   _   _   _  
     / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \   / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ 
    ( S | - | R | a | n | k | i | n | g ) ( G | u | i | d | e )
     \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/   \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ 
                       MMBN6 Gregar S-Ranking Navi Guide
    -Written by thecooltodd
    Table of Contents
    1. Important Stuff --------------- [IMP]
    2. Navis
       Heatman –---------------------- [HE1]
       Slashman -------------– [SL1] & [SL2]
       Elecman –---------------------- [EL1]
       Killerman ----------------------[KI1]
       Chargeman –-------------------- [CH1]
       Protoman –--------------------- [PR1]
       Blastman –--------------------- [BL1]
       Diveman –-------------- [DI1] & [DI2]
       Circusman –------------ [CR1] & [CR2]
       Judgeman –--------------------- [JU1]
       Elementman –------------------- [EM1]
       Colonel –---------------------- [CO1]
       Bass -------------------------- [BA1]
    3. Humor Glitch
       Humor Glitch –----------------- [HUM]
       Damage Table –----------------- [DAM]
    4. FAQs -------------------------- [FAQ]
    5. Credits ----------------------- [CRE]
    6. Legal Stuff
       Version History --------------- [VER]
       Contact Information ----------- [CON]
       Copy Rights ------------------- [COP]
    Important Stuff [IMP]
    Navi Cust – The best set up for the Navi Cust for S-Ranking Navis is 
    installing Custom 1, Custom 2, Chip Shuffle, and Bug Stop. This is recommended
    because it ensures you are able to get the right chips most of the time. 
    Adding in buster ups and HP ups will not help you S-Rank them any faster. 
    You’ll need to rely purely on getting the right chips, and timing of using the
    Full Cust – Very useful. Strategies that require the use of this chip, means 
    you have to preset it. Remember, this chip does have 50 MB, so the only way 
    you can preset this is if you got every single Reg Up in the game. When using 
    Full Cust, it is normally more efficient to use it as the first chip as soon 
    as the battle starts. This way you can open your Custom Window slightly faster.
    Beast Out – Very useful in certain situations. For one, it has Auto-Target. 
    Real useful because certain chips have a real limited range. An example of a 
    chip that Auto-Target is essential is Tornado. It only hits two squares ahead 
    and is basically impossible a Navi quickly to hit without Beast Out. Another 
    useful thing, which is much less obvious, is it cancels slow animation. Since 
    you can stay in Full Synch while in Beast Out, it is especially useful to 
    cancel the infamous slow Reflect animation.
    Reflect – The easiest way to counter period. If Reflect can counter a Navi, 
    then it is not only the easiest, but the best. Reflect is normally used after 
    Full Cust, and Beast Out follows it to cancel the slow animation.
    Spreader – The most simple and fastest chip that can be used for countering. 
    This chip can be used to counter any Navi and it is also very efficient in 
    terms of speed and the amount of time it takes to use a chip after that. It 
    hits the enemy instantly and you can use chips after that almost instantly. 
    Very useful for countering whenever Reflect doesn’t work.
    Double Point – This chip sacrifices your right-most column in order to add 
    attack to your next chip. It adds 20 damage per panel that is sacrificed. 
    However, if possible, I try to avoid using this chip if it is not needed. It 
    does take a little longer to use, but it does add a lot of attack. But, your 
    time will be slightly faster if you can delete without using this chip.
    Wasting Chips – If you are using a strategy that takes two turns, then on your
    first turn you can “waste” chips. This is basically selecting chips that you 
    don’t need and opening your Custom Window before using them. Waste as many 
    chips as you can, so you have a better chance of getting chips you need.
    Instant Activate – IMO (In My Opinion), the most useful skill you’ll need in 
    order to get a fast deletion time. A perfect example of when this is useful is
    the Blastman strategy. All that’s required is to use two chips as fast as 
    possible. For practice, I recommend presetting Blastman and walking around the
    net and deleting viruses with Blastman by using it as fast as possible. Once 
    you can consistently get 0:00:61 on them, then you have mastered activating 
    the first chip instantly.
    Full Synch – This is necessary in a lot of cases to delete Navis. However, if 
    it can be done without countering, then it is a much easier and faster way to 
    delete Navis.
    Calculator – Very useful tool… This way you can see if Double Point is really 
    necessary or not. Of course, there are people that can do the math in there 
    head like me! There is also a damage table. It includes damage for Bass, Delta
    Ray, and Bass Anly with and without Full Synch.
    Heatman – 1900 HP [HE1]
    Fastest time: 0:04:21 (thecooltodd)
    Heatman! There is nothing special about him. All it requires is pure skills 
    and the right chips. There is a luck factor involved to delete him faster.
    1) Black Bomb
    2) Double Point
    3) Bass
    Strategy: It’s simple and it only requires 3 chips. Throw Black Bomb and it 
    will land 3 squares ahead. Make sure it doesn’t land on Heatman and then use 
    Double Point. Heatman will move into the back column and perform his Heat Wave
    attack. In doing so, he will light the Black Bomb and he will be countered. As
    soon as this happens, use Bass. I also discovered that Heatman moves a random 
    amount of times before he uses Heat Wave. The luck factor involves him only 
    moving 4 times before using Heat Wave, but normally he moves 5 or more.
    Notes: In order for Bass to delete Heatman, all you need is to add 50 attack 
    points to Bass. Also, Aquaman can be used instead of Bass, but you need to add
    at least 90 damage to it. Remember, you can use Navi +20 on Aquaman. Credit 
    for using Aquaman instead of Bass goes to Spark_Flash.
    Slashman – 1500 HP [SL1]
    Fastest Time: 0:04:03 (thecooltodd)
    Slashman is fast, but he is actually easy to counter; the secret: Reflect. 
    This actually has some luck involved. And not only in getting the right chips.
    1) Full Cust
    2) Reflect 1/2/3
    Open Custom Window
    1) Beast Out
    2) Big Hook
    Strategy: Use Full Cust as soon as the battle starts. Do not open Custom 
    window yet. When Slashman starts to move faster, use Reflect and you should be
    able to counter him. Now, open the custom window as soon as you counter him. 
    Use Beast Out and use Big Hook as soon as possible. The thing that involves 
    luck is Slashman ending up in the middle column. If he doesn’t after you 
    counter him then Big Hook will not hit twice and Slashman will not get 
    Notes: Big Hook is a Breaker chip, so it does double damage to Slashman. The 
    purpose of Beast Out is to cancel the Reflect animation. It does decrease time
    significantly. Don’t forget to preset Full Cust. If you are just aiming to 
    beat him, counter with Reflect and use Big Hook when he is in the middle 
    column. No Beast Out or Full Cust necessary. A very useful tip is using Area 
    Grab before countering Slashman. This raises your chances of him ending up in 
    the middle column (without increasing your time) after countering from 1/3 to 
    1/2. Credit for this tip goes to AxelXIII.
    Slashman – 1500 HP [SL2]
    Fastest Time: 0:01:75 (xxsniperxx31)
    This is pretty simple. It just requires some button mashing skills and luck in
    getting the right chips.
    1) Big Hook
    2) Attack +10
    3) White Capsule
    4) Area Grab
    5) Golem Hit 3
    Strategy: Simple. Use Big Hook, Area Grab, and Golem Hit as fast as you can. 
    That’s it! Big Hook should be used before Slashman even begins to move, so he 
    is stunned on his middle column. Use an Area Grab and then use Golem Hit 3.
    Notes: Big Hook and Golem Hit 3 are a Breaker chips, so it does double damage 
    to Slashman. The Golem Hit 3 must be in the H code. Credit for this strategy 
    goes to xxsniperxx31.
    Elecman – 1800 HP [EL1]
    Fastest Time: 0:02:48 (thecooltodd)
    Elecman is actually easy. But, if you aim for faster and more competitive 
    times, than more attack add-on chips are necessary. There is some luck 
    required in him using his lightning attack right away.
    1) Double Point
    2) Risky Honey 3
    3) Attack +30
    4) Attack +10
    5) Attack +10
    Strategy: Use Double Point as soon as the battle starts. Then, as soon as you
    see Elecman using his lightning attack (the one that attacks the entire row), 
    use Risky Honey. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that Elecman does 
    not always use the lightning attack right away. Keep resetting until he does.
    Notes: Risky Honey does double damage to Elecman. It also does more damage if 
    you get hit while using the chip because it sends out another swarm of bees. 
    If you are just aiming to beat him, only 70 extra attack to Risky Honey 3 is 
    Killerman 1600 – HP [KI1]
    Fastest Time: 0:02:08 (branskamage)
    Killerman/Eraseman has a very simple strategy. 2:11 is a relatively fast time 
    using this strategy. This requires pure skill and possibly some luck of timing
    because if you use Tornado at the wrong time, then not all the hits will hit 
    1) Beast Out
    2) Elementman
    3) Double Point
    4) Tornado
    5) Attack +30
    Strategy: Use Elementman (the grass attack) as soon as the battle starts and 
    follow it immediately with Double Point. Now, using Tornado is the tricky 
    part. During Double Point, there are 3 different stances of Killerman: 1) if 
    he is still pushed back from Elementman, use Tornado as fast as you can, 2) if
    he appears normal (after recovering from being pushed back), then there is 
    about a 50% chance that all the hits of the Tornado will hit him, or 3) if he 
    is about to move to another square, then by the time you activate Tornado, he 
    will have already moved. The third way is the easiest way to hit him, but also
    the slowest. The first way is the best, although you have to be sure to use 
    Tornado fast enough.
    Notes: Remember, Tornado does double damage on grass and double damage to 
    Killerman. This means it does quadruple damage. Since Tornado is not a time 
    freezing chip, the amount of damage it does per hit does matter. Chips such as
    Bass, freeze time so all you need to do is enough damage to delete him. Preset
    Elementman * and pray that you get a Double Point and Attack +30. Tornado 
    should be easy to get since you can have 5 of them. The interesting thing I 
    discovered was that using Elementman to make a grassy field significantly 
    decreases your time. If you are just aiming to beat him, all you need to do is
    add 30 attack to the Tornado.
    Chargeman – 2000 HP [CH1]
    Fastest Time: 0:02:58 (thecooltodd)
    Chargeman is actually one of the harder ones to beat. This is because it not 
    only requires some skill, but it requires a considerable large amount of luck.
    1) Sword *
    2) Wide Sword *
    3) Long Sword *
    4) Double Point
    5) Bass
    Strategy: Step forward one square and use Life Sword as soon as he can be 
    countered. I recommend practicing the same thing but with a Long Sword first. 
    This way, you get the timing down of the earliest possible time to counter 
    him. You do not need to step back when you use Double Point, and finish him 
    off with Bass. You need a lot of luck to get Life Sword and Bass on the first 
    turn. Don’t forget to preset Double Point.
    Notes: To do this properly, you need to use both Double Point and Bass fast 
    enough so you don’t need to move to avoid the flaming coals he lobs at you. If
    you are still not confident about using the chips before the coal hits you, 
    you can sidestep first, although it will significantly hurt your time.
    Protoman – 2000 HP [PR1]
    Fastest Time: 0:02:95 (thecooltodd)
    Protoman is almost exactly the same as beating Slashman. They both require 
    luck and not that much skill (unless fast fingers are considered a skill).
    1) Full Cust
    2) Reflect 1/2/3
    Open Custom Window
    1) Beast Out
    2) Double Point
    3) Bass
    4) Attack +30
    Strategy: Use Full Cust as soon as the battle starts and then take a step 
    forward. Do not open Custom window yet. Use Reflect when you get a premonition
    that Protoman will attack and you should be able to counter him. Open the 
    custom window as soon as you counter him. Go into Beast Out. Use Double Point 
    and Bass as fast as you can. You do not need to step back when using Double 
    Point, as long as you have at least 20 more attack added to Bass to compensate
    for the loss in attack. Now, the weird thing about Protoman is sometimes he 
    pulls up a Shield, and sometimes he doesn’t. I believe it has to do with the 
    timing that you use Full Cust. The later you use it, the less likely he is to 
    pull up his Shield. (Please let me know if you have a better explanation or a 
    more exact reason about Protoman’s Shield.) If he does pull up a Shield, you 
    time significantly increases.
    Notes: The purpose of Beast Out is to cancel the Reflect animation. It does 
    decrease time significantly. Don’t forget to preset Full Cust. If you are just
    aiming to beat him, counter with Reflect, take a step back, and use Double 
    Point and Bass. It also does not matter which Reflect version chip you use. As
    long as you add at least 60 damage to Bass, then you’re fine.
    Blastman – 1400 HP [BL1]
    Fastest Time: 0:01:63 (zenigame96)
    Blastman is the easiest navi to S-Rank in the lowest time possible (which is 
    1:63). This is because he requires pure skill to S-Rank. Only 3 chips are 
    1) Double Point
    2) Blizzard Ball
    3) Attack +30
    Strategy: Easier sad than done, all you need to do is use the chips before 
    Blastman moves. So, use Double Point as soon as the battle starts (before 
    there is any pixels in the custom gauge), and use Blizzard ball as soon as 
    you can. If Blastman move before then, reset the game because it is unlikely 
    Blastman will move back behind the two Steel Cubes.
    Notes: Found in Central Area 2. Adding at least 80 attack is all that you 
    need. So using two Attack +10s instead of an Attack +30 is completely 
    acceptable. The best thing to do is equip Oil Body in your Navi Cust to find 
    Blastman. Also, preset Double Point because it is the most essential chip. 
    Also, throw in Attack +30, 3 Blizzard balls, and 5 Attack +10s into your 
    folder. Credit for this strategy goes to zenigame96.
    Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NexNO4vNIbE
    Finally made a video for this! =D And if you think anyone can button-mash the
    "A" button any faster then keep in mind I was using a ROM that rapidly button
    mashes faster than humanly possible.
    Diveman – 1500 HP [DI1]
    Fastest Time: 0:02:91 (thecooltodd)
    (Note: The time given here is against the RV version of Diveman.)
    Quite simple but requires a lot of luck when it comes to getting the right 
    1) Beast Out
    2) Full Cust
    3) Elementman (EX/SP)
    4) White Caps
    Open Custom Window
    1) Double Point
    2) Tornado
    3) Attack +30
    4) Attack +10
    5) Attack +10
    Strategy: Use Full Cust and Elementman as fast as you can. The Elementman chip
    is to generate grass panels, so make sure you use Elementman’s wood attack. 
    Also note, by the time you use Elementman, Diveman will have started diving 
    but not be full submerged. Open your Custom Window right after using 
    Elementman. Now, when the next turn starts, just use Double Point and Tornado 
    as fast as you can. You shouldn’t have to worry about Diveman moving.
    Notes: Found in Seaside Area 1. Now remember, Tornado does double damage on 
    grass panels. If you are just aiming to beat Diveman, then a regular 
    Elementman and a Tornado that does 110 damage per hit will easily delete him. 
    To get faster times, use Elementman SP and Tornado with as much power ups as 
    Diveman – 1500 HP [DI2]
    Fastest Time: 0:03:05 (Elec Man EXE)
    This is also a nice and simple strategy that just comes down into getting the 
    right chips.
    1) Little Boiler 2 E
    2) Elecman SP E
    3) White Capsule *
    4) Elecman E
    5) White Capsule *
    Strategy: Immediately use Little Boiler into Diveman’s center panel. He will 
    move before it hits him. Step forward and use both of the Elecman chips, as 
    long as you use the second Elecman chip before the Little Boiler explodes. 
    After the second Elecman, just wait for the Boiler to explode.
    Notes: Found in Seaside Area 1. Electric chips do double damage to Diveman and
    Elecman is not only useful because it is an electric chip, but it also attacks
    obstacles on the field, hitting the surrounding panels. This not only makes it
    hit Diveman twice, but it can hit him even while he is submerged. The Little 
    Boiler chips are interesting… When you throw it, it lands 3 squares ahead. And
    when you hit it, it absorbs damage and releases it to the surrounding panels. 
    This is what delivers the finishing blow on Diveman. Credit for this strategy 
    goes to Elec Man EXE.
    Circusman – 1600 HP [CR1]
    Fastest time: 5:06 (thecooltodd)
    Circusman is actually easy to S-rank. All you need to do is get the timing 
    down, and you’re good. This strategy is slightly different from the other 
    ones, because in order for you to get a faster time, you have to get hit.
    1) Full Cust
    2) Machine Gun 1/2/3
    Open Custom Window
    1) Beast Out
    2) Bass
    3) Attack +30
    4) Attack +10
    Strategy: Do not use Full Cust as soon as the battle starts. Use it after 
    you are sure that he will land on the top panel in the back row. If you use 
    it to early, he will land on the bottom panel. When Circusman uses his clap 
    attack, do not move. After you get hit, Circusman will jump to the bottom 
    panel. As soon as he lands, use Machine Gun. After countering him, open the 
    Custom Window. Use Bass.
    Notes: The hardest part is the timing of countering when Circusman lands. If 
    you can get the timing correct, then the rest is easy. Beast Out, it to cancel
    very long Machine Gun animation, which will greatly reduce your time. Also, 
    this will get you an S-Rank even though you got hit. You get 10 points for 
    beating him under 30 seconds, and another 1 point for countering him once.
    Circusman – 1600 HP [CR2]
    Fastest time: 0:02:68 (thecooltodd)
    Another great way to S-Rank Circusman… Not only is it easier, but it’s faster 
    too. It just requires some button mashing skills.
    1) Beast Out
    2) Elementman SP
    3) White Capsule
    4) Full Cust
    Open Custom Window
    1) Double Point
    2) Tornado
    3) Attack +30
    4) Attack +10
    5) Attack +10
    Strategy: Use Elementman SP (the wood attack) and make sure it hits him before
    Circusman jumps. If it doesn’t, that’s okay, but your time will be slower than
    what it could be. After opening your custom window, use Double Point and 
    Tornado. If you failed to hit Circusman before he jumped, then make sure he 
    fully lands before using Tornado. If you did hit with Elementman SP before he 
    jumped, then using Tornado on him should be easy.
    Notes: All that’s really needed to delete Circusman is a grass stage, and a 
    Tornado powered up by at least 80 attack. This is a simple strategy, and it 
    only requires luck for getting the right chips.
    Judgeman – 1600 HP [JU1]
    Fastest time: 0:03:16 (Hoothoot15)
    Same old trick… Counter and use Bass.
    1) Spreader 1/2/3
    2) Bass
    3) Attack +30
    4) Attack +10
    Strategy: Plain easy. Judgeman will try to use his whip move on you… And all 
    you need to do is counter it and use Bass. That’s it.
    Notes: Found in Green Area 2. He is pretty simple and straight forward to deal
    with. Just get the timing down with Spreader.
    Elementman – 1700 HP [EM1]
    Fastest Time: 0:03:56 (thecooltodd)
    Ah yes. Elementman. Easy and still fun with some skill required. Do you take 
    advantage of his element changing? No. He changes from Null to Wood, Wood to 
    Fire, Fire to Elec, and Elec to Aqua if you are interested. And there are no 
    fire chips worth using against Elementman after he first transforms. Not to 
    mention it also takes even more time to for him to transform.
    1) Full Cust
    2) Yoyo
    Open Custom Window
    1) Beast Out
    2) Bass
    3) Attack +30
    4) Attack +10
    5) Attack +10 
    Strategy: Use Full Cust as soon as the battle starts. Move to the right one 
    square and follow whatever row Elementman moves on. As soon as you see him 
    raise his arms to perform the Downburst (whirlwind) attack, use the Yoyo. 
    Open your Custom Window as soon as you counter him. Now, use Beast Out and 
    Notes: Found in Sky Area 1. Taking advantage of his element changes is a very 
    inefficient strategy. I also didn’t use Double Point because it does take 
    slightly longer to activate Double Point and then Bass rather than just 
    activating Bass. Don’t be surprised, but I credit maylshot17 (Faded) for the 
    tip in countering Elementman.
    Colonel – 2000 HP [CO1]
    Fastest Time: 0:04:26 (thecooltodd)
    Colonel requires about as much skill as Elementman to S-Rank. Just a bit of 
    dodging and a very easy to pull of counter attack against Colonel followed by 
    the Bass combo.
    1) Spreader 3
    2) Double Point
    3) Bass
    Strategy: It is self explanatory. Don’t move until you see the panels flashing
    in a V-shape. Move up or down to the same row as Colonel and use Spreader 3. 
    This pretty much guarantees a counter because he has a relatively long counter
    opportunity. Then use Double Point and Bass.
    Notes: Found in Underground Area 2. Spreader 3 is just the easiest way to go, 
    especially if you preset Double Point. If you use Spreader 1 or Spreader 2 
    instead of Spreader 3, then all you need to do is add on another Attack +10.
    Bass BX – 2000 HP [BA1]
    Fastest Time: 0:10:00 (Jeremy)
    Personally I haven't tested this, but it doesn't sound too hard.
    1) Bass
    2) Double Point
    3) Anti-Navi
    4) Anti-Sword
    5) Anti-Damage
    Strategy: (Quoted word for word from Jeremy): First, put the NumberOpening or 
    ChipShuffle in the NaviCust. Never cross or beast out during the battle. Make 
    sure you have these five chips which are Bass, DoublePoint, [AntiNavi, 
    AntiSword and AntiDamage (Program Advance: Bodyguard)]. Wait until Bass fires 
    his crazy machine gun or whatever you call his buster. When he is about to 
    fire it, quickly use the gigachip 'Bass' to stop his attack. Next, he will 
    use his two dark wheels which is called the Hell Rollings. Do NOT do anything.
    Just stand in the middle of the field and recieve his hits. This is to enable 
    MegaMan to be in angry mode. After MegaMan is in angry mode, use the 
    DoublePoint and finish him off with Bodyguard.
    Notes: Found in Underground Area 2.  If you don't have a strategy when you 
    fight him, he may put up a good fight.
    Humor Glitch [HUM]
    Heatman - 0:01:65 (xxsniperxx31)
    Elecman - 0:01:73 (zenigame96)
    Slashman - 0:01:63 (igy973)
    Eraseman - 0:01:70 (zenigame96)
    Chargeman - 0:01:63 (xsniperxx31)
    Blastman - 0:01:63 (FireEmblemXD)
    Diveman - 0:01:65 (zenigame96)
    Circusman - 0:01:63 (zenigame96)
    Judgeman - 0:01:71 (zenigame96)
    Elementman - 0:01:68 (zenigame96)
    Protoman - 0:01:66 (zenigame96)
    Colonel - 0:01:75 (zenigame96)
    GBeastMegaMan - 0:01:65 (zenigame96)
    ProtomanFZ - 0:01:91 (zenigame96)
    Bass BX - 0:04:50 (zenigame96)
    Here's how the Humor Glitch works: you obviously use the Humor NCP and glitch 
    it. It doesn’t matter how (weather it is off the command line, out of the 
    grid, or touching another pink NCP). The Humor Glitch causes random emotions 
    during battle. This means that about 20-25% of the time (rough estimate), your
    emotions will go into Full Synchronization (FS) or Anger mode (which both 
    doubles chip attack power). Note, it takes a few split seconds for your 
    emotions to change at all, which means you will NEVER start a battle with a 
    random emotion. So how do you use it? Time freezing chips. While time freezing
    chips do freeze time (and the timer), they do not stop your emotions from 
    randomly changing. During this time, pray that you get Full Synch or Anger 
    Mode because that’s all the time you have.
    Here are your recommended chips:
    Double Point – Preset this. It acts not only for adding attack power, but 
    it is also your time freezing chip.
    Bass – This is the main source of damage. Delta Ray and Bass Anly will work as
    Attack +30 – An important chip. It is in your folder to add attack to Bass’s 
    Attack +10 – It is recommended that you have 5 of these in your folder.
    [DAM] This damage table shows the values of how much Bass, Delta Ray, and Bass
    Anly can do with and without Full Synch.
    | Attack | Damage | Damage  |  Damage   | Damage FS |  Damage   | Damage FS |
    | Add on | Bass   | FS Bass | Delta Ray | Delta Ray | Bass Anly | Bass Anly |
    |    0   |   480  |   960   |    780    |   1560    |     640   |    1280   |
    |   10   |   560  |  1120   |    810    |   1620    |     680   |    1360   |
    |   20   |   640  |  1280   |    840    |   1680    |     720   |    1440   |
    |   30   |   720  |  1440   |    870    |   1740    |     760   |    1520   |
    |   40   |   800  |  1600   |    900    |   1800    |     800   |    1600   |
    |   50   |   880  |  1760   |    930    |   1860    |     840   |    1680   |
    |   60   |   960  |  1920   |    960    |   1920    |     880   |    1760   |
    |   70   |  1040  |  2080   |    990    |   1980    |     920   |    1840   |
    |   80   |  1120  |  2240   |   1020    |   2040    |     960   |    1920   |
    |   90   |  1200  |  2400   |   1050    |   2100    |    1000   |    2000   |
    |  100   |  1280  |  2560   |   1080    |   2160    |    1040   |    2080   |
    |  110   |  1360  |  2720   |   1110    |   2220    |    1080   |    2160   |
    FAQs – [FAQ]
    Believe me, almost every possible question about the game is answered here:
    Q: The strategy doesn’t work! Why can’t I do it?
    A: Just keep trying. It does work, trust me! I would never lie in an FAQ! ;D
    Q: How come the Humor glitch never changes my emotions to Full Synch or Anger?
    A: Remember, the Humor glitch is random. Sometimes you may get anger in the 
       first couple seconds, and sometimes you need to wait a few custom gauges.
    Q: I beat one of the records, so how do I let you know?
    A: Go to one of these places:
       Well, it used to be let me know through Game FAQs.  But that was over a 
       year ago when I was an active user.  Now email is probably best XD
       On a side note, I am not going to update my entire guide for one record
    Q: I just discovered a new strategy!
    A: (Yes, I know this isn’t a question.)  Email me!  And by the way, a strategy
       is not chaining a bunch of random high damage chips together.
    Q: Why isn’t Bass and G-Beast Megaman in this guide?
    A: For Bass, go here (for an excellent guide written by maylshot17):
       The main purpose of this guide is to help you beat SP Navis under 10
       seconds to max out your attack. The other Navis in this game are not 
       required to be beaten within a time limit.
    Q: Why aren’t the Falzar link Navis in here?
    A: Sorry, this is a Gregar guide and I cannot write strategies for Falzar 
    because I don’t have the game.
    Q: What is the strongest combo in the game?
    A: Gregar only:
       Turn 1:
       1) Beast Out
       2) Area Grab
       3) Area Grab
       4) Countering chip
       5) Full Cust (Optional)
       Turn 2
       1) Double Point
       2) Colonel Force
       3) Attack +30
       4) Attack +10
       5) Attack +10
       For Double Point you have to be standing on one of the front panels so it
       only absorbs two panels instead of the full three. Then, use Colonel Force 
       when they are in the same row as you. If done properly, it can do 4500
       damage! Credit for original Colonel Force damage goes to thekillerasian. I 
       tweaked it a bit.
       The before using Double Point looks like this:
       [M] = Tile you are standing on while using Double Point
       [m] = Area that is yours (before and after Double Point)
       [d] = Area lost to Double Point (you control it before Double Point)
       [E] = Tile Enemy has to be standing on for maximum damage =D
       [e] = Area that enemy controls (before and after Double Point)
    Q: How do you fit Custom 1, Custom 2, Chip Shuffle, AND Bug Stop in your NC?
    A: Here's a nice little picture:
       In case you don't know, you can put parts off of the NC grid as long as a 
       portion of it is on. (And you're most likely not going to have 9 HP+500
       parts of each different color!)
    Credits [CRE]
    -Spark_Flash, for the tip on Heatman.
    -AxelXIII, for the great tip on Slashman.
    -xxsniperxx31, for his major contributions of tips, strategies, records, and 
     for the awesome ASCII title!!!
    -branskamage, for his Killerman record.
    -Hoothoot15, for his new Judgeman record.
    -zenigame96, for his major contributions to the Humor Glitch section, and
     all of his records. Also, that great strategy against Blastman.
    -Elec Man EXE, for his record and strategy on beating Diveman.
    -igy973, for the Humor Glitch Slashman record. (I won't forget how you beat 
     my record by 0:00:02. GRRRR)
    -FireEmblemXD, for his Humor Glitch record against Blastman.
    -maylshot17 (Faded), for the tip against Elementman and for permisson to post
     a link to the wonderful Bass FAQ.
    -Jeremy! I quoted him word for word on his Bass BX strategy.
    -thekillerasian, for his tip on Colonel Force.
    -drakes677, for permission to post a link to his very helpful FAQ topic.
    -CJayC, the founder of this Game FAQs!!!
    -Myself...  I did write this!
    -And last but not least... YOU!!! for actually reading this.
    Legal Stuff
    Version History [VER]
    September 27, 2006
    Version 1.0
    Guide Submitted
    September 27, 2006
    Version 1.01
    Guide Resubmitted because of two lines had a margin width too wide.
    Credits slightly updated.
    December 15, 2006
    Version 1.02
    Awesome title added!!! You can thank xxsniperxx31 for that. =D
    New records!
    August 17, 2008
    Version 1.5
    Old out of date links removed.
    Rewrote some answers under the FAQs (boring stuff).
    Now the good stuff:
    Blastman video! Fastest time possible!
    New record for Judgeman!
    Bass BX guide! (Now you can S-rank him =D)
    Contact Information [CON]
    t h e c o o l e s t t o d d (at) h o t m a i l . c o m
    (Don't forget to delete the spaces in between.)
    You can e-mail me as long as it is not spam, junk mail, viruses, etc. You can 
    ask/suggest/comment/contribute anything to this guide. If you do contribute, I
    will not guarantee that it will be added to this guide. Also, I will gladly 
    allow you to point out mistakes I may have made.
    Copy Rights [COP]
    All information in this FAQ is copyrighted to Todd Yamakawa and respective 
    contributors listed in the credits section, the exact date being 9/27/2006,
    This FAQ may only be posted on GameFAQs. If you would like to host this FAQ, 
    contact me by e-mail at thecoolesttodd@hotmail.com. Also, please contact me aa
    and let me know if there is a site using information off of this guide on a 
    site I did not give permission to.

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