Review by ChaosWeevil13

Reviewed: 06/15/06

Beast-- I mean BEST Mega Man EXE to date!

Ok, I've been playing MMBN (Mega Man Battle Network) since the third installment, and I've loved it. This is by far the best one I've played.

Story: 9/10

Mega Man games are not known for their story, but this one s excellent. Lan Hikari, the hero, is moving away from the town he has lived in since before the MMBN series started. He must make new friends and enemies in Central City, but this is not to say old character won't be appearing. The ending is very, very good, but is not totally unsurprising, but it is nice to see Capcom finally do what they did with the ending.

Gameplay/Controls: 9/10

Same gameplay from the previous Battle Network games. Battles take place on a 3x6 grid, half of which is yours to move on. The other half belong to the enemy, but this can change with chip effects and virus abilities. You send "Chips", a little like spells (if this were a fantasy game), and you move Mega Man up, down, left, and right on the field, and use chips to damage enemies while dodging heir attacks.

A new feature is "Crosses". A lot like Souls from MMBN 4 and 5, you fuse with other Navis to gain power. One of the changes is that you do not need a chip to use a cross. You simply select a cross from the Cross menu, then select your chips. In previous games, this effect wore off after three turns (Turns are not as in turn based games, turns are marked by when you select new chips), but in this game, Crosses last until you either win or get hit by an attack of the element that Cross is weak to, such as a Fire Cross getting hit by a Water attack.

Another new feature is the "Beast Out". This is similar to the Cross, but it only lasts three turns. You can combine a Beast Out and a Cross, you gat a Beast Cross, which combines the advantages and disadvantages of both the Beast and the Cross.

If you Beast Out twice in a battle, you enter "Beast Over" mode. You totally lose control of Mega Man, except for sending him chips to use. For one turn, Mega Man will be totally invincible, and attack the enemy like there's no tomorrow. After that turn is over, he changes back into regular Mega Man, but in "Extra Tired" mode. This means your Buster (backup weapon) is made very weak, you can't use crosses, and you lose HP ever, very fast. This means that you are very, very screwed.

Sound: 6/10

The sound is pretty good, but not worth mentioning. Except for the main theme, the music is 20-30 second loops. The loops are good, but it still gets repetitive after a while.

Graphics: 8/10
Uses pretty much the same graphics as MMBN 4 and 5. Overall, very good for a GBA game, but don't expect uber-3d-xBox 360 graphics.

Replay: 7/10

With a library to complete, Forte to battle, and sidequests galore, there is quite a bit of this. Not to mention that it's always fun to come back to these games and totally own the final boss (Or, heck, just viruses) again just to make yourself feel good after killing yourself playing the latest Mega Man Zero or other insanely hard game.

Overall (Not an average): 9/10

Rent or buy:
Well worth the $30, unless you absolutely hate all things Mega Man Battle Network.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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