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"The End of the Battle Network Series is Here, and it Couldn't Have Ended Any Better."

Well people, this is it. The final Battle Network game is here. Thankfully, the series ends with a true bang and not a whimper. Here is my review.

Story: 10/10. Battle Network 6 probably has the deepest story out of all the BN games. At the beginning, Lan, Yai, Dex, and Mayl are all in school, as usual. Everyone is very happy, until Ms Mari gives the class some terrible news. Lan is moving away. Lan's dad got a job over in Cyber City, and so everyone is moving there. Almost as soon as Lan moves, he spots a young girl getting attacked. After Lan saves her, he asks her name. She just runs away without saying a word. Later, Lan and Megaman discover that Cyber City and it's net has a legend: Once, long long ago, there were two Cybeasts called Gregar and Falzer. They waged many battles across the net, until one day they were finally sealed away in a place called The Underground. I'm not gonna go any further into the story, but I will say that this game is full of plot twists. Sure, the main bad guy is Dr Wily, as usual, but you won't believe who betrays you and starts working for him!

Gameplay:10/10 For the first 20% of the game, it's just like the previous BN games. You run across the net fighting Viruses using Battle Chips, and you also buy stuff from Net Merchants and talk to many Navis and Townspeople. But eventually, you will actually gain the ability to morph into a Cybeast in battle! This is called "Beast-Out". This makes you ridiculously powerful. It adds 30 damage to normal chips, and turns your Megabuster into a gatling gun that fires nearly 5 bullets a second! Also, there is one new thing they added. Link Navis. Say you wanna control Heatman, Mr. Match's Navi.(Yes, he finally became a good guy.) Well, all you have to do is go to Match's lab in the school and get on his computer! Now, you can control Heatman! There are 4 or 5 other Link Navis too, but I won't spoil them. There are certain areas on the net that can only be accessed with certain Link Navis as well. Now, have you played BN5? If so, you are probably familar with the Liberation Missions. There are no Liberation Missions in BN6, but there is something very similar. Later on, many evil spirits will take hold of certain areas of the net, and you will need to "liberate" them to move forward. To do this, you must use Soul Weapons. There are no battles or anything, you just have to kill all the evil spirits with Soul Weapons. They can withstand 1, 2, or 3 hits and are red, yellow and blue, respectively. Hitting them from the sides or front take 1 HP, hitting them from behind kills them instantly. You must use strategy to kill them all before running out os Soul Weapons. Now, there is one more thing I would like to add. They have put the Job Board back!(If you played BN2 or 3, you will know what I am talking about) I have missed this thing dearly, it was never in 4 or 5. See, people put requests and stuff on this, and you get to take them on. They are side missions, and definatly add on replay value.

Graphics: 9/10. They look just like they did in the previous BN games. Nothing really new.

Sound:10/10 The music in this game is great. The backgrounds sound OK, the normal battle theme is great, and the boss theme is awesome.

Overall:10/10. This is probably the best BN game I have ever played. You can turn into a cybeast, it has a story that almost ranks with Final Fantasy, the job board is back, and the music is awesome! Thank you Capcom for bringing us this wonderful series, and thank you for ending in the best way possible!

Final score: 10/10.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 06/17/06

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