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"Could this be the beast game in the series >.> <.<"

Ahh, as with all things new, we need a review. But this isn't really new this is the 6th game in the series. Well, let us not waste your time anymore.

Story: 8/10

Ahh, we all know that Megaman games and there story's aren't always the best thing in the world, but I think that they did quite good on this one. The story starts off with Lan leaving all his friends behind, it is a quite sad part if you have played all the games and I think the first time that the opeaning has featured Lan only. The game pics up right at the start.

Gameplay/Controls: 8/10

Battles take place on a 3x6 grid, half of which is yours to move on. The other half belong to the enemy, but this can change with chip effects and virus abilities. You control basically both Lan and Megaman in battle, the onlything you do as lan is control the chips that are selected. Yout hen switch to megaman in which you battle useing the chips... you can move up, down, left, or right in this field of battle.

A new feature is "Crosses". A lot like Souls from MMBN 4 and 5, you fuse with other Navis to gain power. One of the changes is that you do not need a chip to use a cross. You simply select a cross from the Cross menu, then select your chips. Also unlike its predicessor, you do not get taken out of your cross after 3 turns. You now get taken out if you are hit by your weak element, I find it a hassle and a stupid idea.

Another new feature is the "Beast Out". This is similar to the Cross, but it only lasts three turns. You can combine a Beast Out and a Cross, you gat a Beast Cross, which combines the advantages and disadvantages of both the Beast and the Cross.

If you Beast Out twice in a battle, you enter "Beast Over" mode. You totally lose control of Mega Man, except for sending him chips to use. For one turn, Mega Man will be totally invincible, and attack the enemy like there's no tomorrow. After that turn is over, he changes back into regular Mega Man, but in "Extra Tired" mode. You get taken out of beast over automatically so use Slow Gauge to counter this. This means your Buster (backup weapon) is made very weak, you can't use crosses, and you lose HP ever, very fast. This means that you are very, very screwed.

Sound: 7/10

I loved the sound in this game, that is untill I beat the game, then the music kept repeating over and over and over.

Graphics: 8/10
Uses the same sprites from EXE 4-5. That means they are nicely rendered to say the least. Don't espect something great but they are good for the GBA.

Replay: 9/10

There is always something to do here, and you can always pick up the game just to play it with a friend, there are chips to collect, optional bosses to beat and a bunch more that I just don't wana mention.

Overall (Not an average): 8/10

You should pick this game up as fast as you can... >.> What your still reading after that...

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 06/27/06

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