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"Capcom really did their best this time!"

I played Mega Man Battle Network 1-5 all versions also Battle Chip Challenge and Network Transmission. I could honestly say this is the best in the series.

Story: 9/10

All the MMBN (Mega Man Battle Network) games tries to make the story great but, this time Capcom did it! In the beginning of the game Lan Hikari and his buddy Megaman EXE (who lives in a PET which stands for PErsonal Terminal) are moving away from their friends and town ACDC and must meet new friends and also meet new enemies in Cyber City.

Gameplay/Controls: 10/10

The only reason why this game is the best in the series is the gameplay. Do you remember souls from MMBN 4 and 5? Well those are gone and now there is the Cross Change System which is way better. If you want to get a cross then you have to do a quick trial with the Navi who cross you want and after you are done with the trial you have to battle the Navi and have to win to get the cross after you do all that stuff than you get to use the Navi on the net any time you want. To activate the cross you have push up on the control pad on the chip select screen and you will see a list of your crosses that you have gotten. There is also something different you can use called Beast Out Mode. You get this when Megaman seals the Cybeast called Gregar into his body. To activate this mode all you have to do is press the Cybeast button on the bottom right corner of the chip select screen but, there is a catch you can only use it for three turns. If you use Beast Out when Megaman is in his tired state you go to Beast Over Mode. When you activate this mode you can't control Megaman and if you are still battling then you go to your very tired state and your HP drops fast. If you want to get your three turns back you could jack out or battle three times without using Beast Out Mode. Also if you combine a cross with beast out then you get a mode called CrossBeast. The Controls are the same from the other MMBN games.

Graphics: 7/10

The graphics look good, but still looks like the same from MMBN 4 and 5.

Sound: 8/10

The Title and virus battle music sounds cool, but the boss music sounds like something you would want to put on you MP3 player.

Replay: 8/10

You would have to get all standard, mega and giga chips like in every game, also get to battle Bass SP, get all Icons and complete all the jobs on the BBS Board so I would say the replay value is good.

Overall: 9/10

You should really buy this game if you played any of the games in this series. If you are a first timer you should still buy this game.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 06/29/06

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