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"Capcom brings this series out with a BANG!"

I've played the entire MMBN series, and i have to tell you. This game is the probably one of the best Megaman games invented! The great story combined with the awesome battle sequences, no wonder it was a great series!

This game probaly has the best story of all the MMBN games. And this story again follows the adventures of Lan and Megaman. Until an event about 45 minutes into the game, you do the somewhat annoying tutorial level, but when that is all said and done, you can get into the fun gameplay MMBN is known for. Soon, you will get a special power called Beast Out, which lets you activate a powerful err... beast that literally increases your power tenfold! Anyway, you have many quest you need to fufill, including giving a stalking penguin fish!

As in all MMBN games, you use battle chips to defeat viruses and enemy navis.
There are many new chips to enjoy this time around. Also, each version includes 5 crosses (Gregar includes Heat, Slash, Elec, Erase, and Charge, as referred in the instruction booklet). Alone, they are fun to use, but when you combine it with Beast Out, you get an awesome power called Beast Cross. An example is when you have EraseCross equipped and you use Beast Out, you get (ta da) Erase Cross! One more thing I need to mention. you have a thing called Emotion Points. You can only go into Beast Out mode when you have Emotion Points. When you try to when you have no Emotion Points, you enter a stage called Beast Over. For one turn (exactly) you turn into an invincible being that you CAN'T CONTROL. And when you come out of it, you enter Very Tired mode, and you lose HP quickly.

Like all MMBN games, great, but can be a bit better.

Sound and Music-10/10
The music in this game is great. The sound effects could of used a little work, but it's still worth it.

Replay Value-10/10
In all MMBN games, there are chips that need collecting! And there is a few secrets to uncover. You will be playing this game hours AFTER the actual game!

As I said before, this game is probably the best MMBN game created. For it is the last in the series, I am hoping to know what the next Megaman series Capcom is making now!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 06/30/06

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