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"A true finale for a Mega Man series? No way!"

The final installment of Megaman Battle Network 6 is, in my opinion, the best of the entire series. While the game is heavily recycled in terms of sprites, music, and most of the game design for that matter, as a standalone game MMBNET6 is more polished and more balanced than most of the previous games and can certainly live up to an 8/10

Here are the scores for the game in these catagories-

Graphics- 7/10
The graphics-- what can I say? Same recycled sprites with a few new ones, but nothing really "wow"s the player, and while the graphics certainly does its job, it is clear that Capcom is just plain lazy.

Music- 6/10
Again, recycled from previous games, with lots of remixes for better or worse.
None of the tunes are particularly memorable either, though the music isn't annoying either. It does its job.

Gameplay- 8/10
After five previous installments, the battle system still hasn't worn off. Indeed, it is still fun to play on that 3x6 grid and build massive attacks with powerful chips. The new levels are refreshing and actually fun to play as opposed to the nightmarish puzzles of Mega Man BattleNetwork 4. Capcom also tweaked the system again to allow players to fuse with other Navi's and play as other Navi's much more often than in the previous installments, which adds variety but not as much as one would think.

Difficulty Balance- 10/10
Ahh, here is where this game shines. The difficulty in the game is perfect, not too hard and not too easy, and the difficulty gradient is also excellent. The game starts off easy to give new players a chance to adapt, and towards the end offers a balanced amount of challenge. The chip collecting system is also far more balanced than any previous game, as the selection of virii one encounters in this game allows the player to easily create respectably (but not top-tier) powered, single-coded folders for devastating Program Advances and combos. While one has to work towards creating a truely powerful folder, the game does give the casual gamer an opportunity to make it through the game with different, easy folder possibilities that appeal to different gamers' playing styles.

Story (Yes, this actually matters)- 9/10
What?!? Mega Man Battle Network actually has a plausible, even enjoyable story now? Yes! This game actually does have a pretty tight story with *gasp* multiple plot twists. Though one can see some (or all, of one is sharp) of these plot twists, they do make the game much more entertaining even if they only propel the player from dungeon to dungeon, which is the storyline's job anyways in such a game. The end is also quite solid and wholesome, bringing the entire series to a close.

Overall Game Design- 8/10
With excellent balance and a good storyline, fans of the series will without a doubt enjoy this installment. However, a lack of initiative on Capcom's part is also quite apparent, as for casual gamers it is clear that the series is currently running on an aging graphical style and worn out gimmicks. The need to blacken the screens for cutscenes even in on-spot locations is simply unforgivable when the ability to go instantly from gameplay to cutscene is available. Capcom could have done so much to make the series go out with a true bang, but besides the great, even brilliant, storyline everything else fell well short of a truly great 10/10 game.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 07/10/06

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