Review by SaintKnight

"Prepare to Beast Out!"

The MegaMan that came before MegaMan is back in what is projected as his final game (which I doubt). Once again, the game comes in two fresh flavors: Cybeast Falzar and Cybeast Gregar.

If you have played MegaMan Battle Network 3 and 5, then you'll know about most of the stuff that you can do in this game. Once again, the Soul Crosses are back, which is the ability to apply certain Navi's powers to MegaMan. Also, the Navi Customizer is back, which, instead of using items to power up MegaMan, you must use "programs" in a customizer to power him up. Finally, as usual, a new set of Battle Chips has been used. Sure, there are few old Chips that made it onto the game (again, but I don't care), but you'll love the new ones.

Be forwarned that each game has its own Crosses and has Battle Chips that are exclusive to that version. You can get the other Battle Chips in trades, but you can't trade the Crosses.

The story, however, takes little Lan away from his hometown of ACDC Town and moves him to a new place called Central City. So you'll have to get used to the new faces and the pointless early exploring. Some faces do return as you'll see later in the game and you'll still get E-Mails from the old gang back in ACDC Town every now and then.

This game's newest addition is the Beast Out, which you won't get until after the second boss, but it's well worth the wait. The with the new Beast Out, you can take the form of a ferocious Cybeast. HOWEVER the version that you choose to buy will change which Beast Out you'll get.

There are downsides to both games, however. First off, you can't customize the Gift Folder .... AGAIN! Also, the music is a little better than before, but music that you hear over and over does get repetive and will make you want to turn down the volume for a little while. Also, if you try to play this game and the other version at the same rate, then you'll notice that you may be doing some things a lot earlier on one version and not on the other one. I like that because it adds to the variety, but then you gotta remember what you did and what you didn't do on each one.

Gregar gets a higher score than Falzar because it contains some cooler Soul Crosses and I personally prefer the Gregar Beast Out over the Falzar Beast Out.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 08/01/06

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