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"Capcom. Can I kiss your feet?"

I have played countless Megaman games. But the idea of "beast" that Capcom brought to us in this version was astounding. It is a great game to have and the best of the whole series.

Story: 8/10

We find ourselves in year 200X and the story takes place in a town called ACDC. The main character, pretty much everyone in the world has a device called a PET. So we find out Lan Hikari, the main character, is leaving his beloved town, ACDC, because his Dad got transferred to Cyber City. He has to adapt to the new town and gets a new school. The ending was outstanding and seemed surprising.

Game Play: 9/10

The gameplay in this game is very smooth and nice. You will find yourself exploring the net in many areas. You can get onto the net by "jacking in" to certain areas. Including computers, toilets, and many other places. Everyone has Internet warriors or "Net Navis" inside their PETs, which they use in fights on the net or "Netbattles." Each NetNavi fights on a 3x3 field. During Netbattles you can use your buster or battlechips. You can charge the buster and shoot a powerful shot or just rapidly shoot it. For battle chips you use a variety of different powers and combos. With over 250 battlechips, including Megachips, GigaChips, and SecretChips. When you get more into the game you get a special ability to use crosses with other navis. You pretty much just fuse with a navi you've met and get their special abilities. When you get even more into the game you get more crosses, giving you even more special abilities. During the game you get "Beast Out", which gives you the powers of the Cybeast Gregar. During Beast Out you get a vulcan-like gun instead of a buster which shoots at a rapid speed. Also when you have a non-element chip hold down A and you will charge up and slash twice at the enemy. Also when you're using a cross and use beast you will do "Beast Cross", which pretty much crosses Gregar with that navi's cross. One more thing, is the Navi Customizer. With this you pretty much use programs that can increase/improve certain stats for Megaman or help him during netbattles. This is pretty much the gameplay and everything you can do.

Graphics: 9/10

The graphics in MMBN6 have the best so far in any BN game. Each Navi has it's own unique design and with all the awesome areas this game is just beautiful. The graphics may not be perfect but it just has that special style that makes it cool.

Music: 7/10

Yup. This is the same music that's in every Battle Network game. Especially the Net music. But it's still good enough for you to hum while playing. Sometimes you just get annoyed of the music though and find it repetitive.

Overall: 9/10

At first it was like any Battle Network game but then we were introduced to Beat and Crosses. With new chips, new bosses, and new areas this has to be the best Megaman Battle network game. Good jod Capcom.

Final Score: 9/10

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 09/05/06

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