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"Somebody save Megaman from the animal he has become!"

First let me apologize for that review heading. Now let me go on about how good this game is. I love the Megaman BN series; I've played BN3 and all through 4 some of 5 and now this. Honestly this is the best one yet which I can say with confidence, since it brings some much new to the table. So let's get onto the review.

Story: 7/10
Its nothing special really, its what you would have come to expect from most of the other Battle Networks by now, all though at the beginning of the game there is an interesting twist that is somewhat unexpected. Now this game is substantially shorter than the others (maybe it only seems that way because I've been playing it non stop). Anyway the stories main plot is about an evil organization, which is attempting to revive "cybeasts" to bring destruction and chaos to the net. Megaman through certain means gets a cybeast inside of him and new powers with it, but ill explain those in a moment. The story mostly follows the events of Megaman and Netto trying to stop the organization from harnessing the cybeasts power and causing chaos. Yes somewhat whimsical but the game rocks.

Game play 10/10
Ultimately it's fun, fast, cool and addictive. The main aspect when you play as Netto/Lan is searching around the world for tasks or plot developments as well as places to "jack in" Rock/Mega. While playing as Rock the game gets much more interesting, while exploring the net and completing tasks u will enter battles with either viruses or other navis. Battles take place on 6x3 arenas half of that area goes to your opponent the other half goes to you. The battles are fought using downloadable weapons you obtain throughout the game through either purchase or battle, these weapons are called battle chips and they have different powers abilities and stuff like that. For example you may have a cannon battle chip which does 40 damage and fires in a straight line, if you miss then no damage if u hit your opponent 40 damage. Some battle chips allow you to take the powers of another navi temporarily to attack (a navi is a program like megaman owned by another person i.e. Guts man, Jump man). Now a new enhancement to this game is the soul cross system which now no longer requires you to fork up a chip of a certain type to fuse with a Navi, a soul cross is when Megaman and another Navi he has trained with cross there souls and gain new powers. You gain a special attack affiliated with them and you may use those to your will. Now new to this game is the ability to join with a cybeast, a mythical net creature of great power and destruction. Whenever megaman has enough energy he may combine with a Cybeast (in this games case Cybeast Gregar). Once you do this you gain amazing power for example if you hold down B while transformed to initiate the Gregar buster, which is much like a powerful gatling gun, and can deal alot of damage quickly.

Further more you can Soul Cross and Beast Out (what its called when u go beast) together to from even more powerful combinations. If you are in Beast out for a while it tires out megaman and once he turns back he will be in a tired state. If you then try to Beast Out you enter a New State called Beast over in which the Beast completely takes over Megaman and he becomes invincible and powerful.

Now one of the most intriguing parts of the game is folder customization, which allows you to take you favorite battle chips and place them together and make them the ones you will use when you go virus busting. The assortment of chips is very plentiful and awesome in this game, but I still think that after 6 games they should increase the amount of chips as opposed to changing them around to make room for new ones. Ultimately though the game play is very intriguing engaging and fun and allows allot of customization into Megaman.

Graphics 7/10
There's really nothing to say about the graphics really, there's nothing to special about them, but they are above mediocre as they are very colorful and they are nice to look at, as well the enemy designs are quite good. But that's about it.

Sound: 8/10 ultimately catchy nice tunes that is good to listen to in the game. After some time certain tunes become repetitive such as when something disastrous is happening the music becomes the same rampid and hectic sounding tune it always is.

Replay ability 10/10
After you finish the game there is so much you can do.
-Collect all the chips
-Finish Sub quests
-Fight the SP rank Navis (navis that you have prior deleted which come back stronger)
-Fight Bass/Forte (yes he's still alive)
-Explore the entire net
Really you can be kept busy for a very long time with this game even after the main story.
Multiplayer N/A
I have yet to play the multiplayer but if its similar to the one for MMBN4 then it's gonna be fairly fun to battle and trade chips.

Overall Rent or Buy 9/10
You've read my review, Buy it now. Its fantastic and brillaint. A suberb finale of a fantastic series. Run and buy it now

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 01/16/07

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