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"Capcom's got their groove back!"

For years, Capcom has been chugging out games based on Rockman (or MegaMan), the famous blue bomber. Their latest series is the BN series, and they had three excellent games but as it advanced, the quality got much worse in BN4, and only slightly better in BN5. Capcom has made up for its past disappointments with MegaMan Battle Network 6! Be warned, since this review has spoilers! But seriously, BN6 was worth the wait and time Capcom spent on it. Ranks up there as one of the best BN games to ever grace the Earth!

Graphics: 7/10
Eh. Same chibi-style graphics, but a little too cartoon-ish. I much preferred the graphics style from BN1-3. The chibi-style is just too small and silly-looking for me.

Sound/Music: 5/10
Didn't like the music as much as the previous games, but it was an improvement of BN4's music. It didn't catch me as much as BN5's did. The sounds were the same sounds from the previous games. Nothing new or earth-shattering.

Story: 8/10
Yay, a story that DOES NOT involve excessive repetitiveness! The tournament system and the Liberation system from BN4-5 were removed, and a plot more like BN2-3 took it's place. It starts off with Netto moving to Saiba City, and is filled with plot-twists. Oh yeah, and did I mention that WWW and Wily are finally back? The plot-twists kept me going, because I really wanted to see what happened next. Trust me: this is a good plot. Also, none of this typical Dark vs. Light stuff.

Play Control: 9/10
Easy to control, although it can get annoying for first timers to run around diagonally on a map, but the running option was a welcome addition for the impatient ones! Rock responds readily in battle (except when in BeastOver), and poses little-to-no problems whatsoever.

Gameplay: 10/10
The system has improved. It seems like they took the best of the previous games and blended it in here. The Cross System is like the Soul Unison system, except you don't have to sacrifice a chip and you can keep it for the entire battle. The catches are that it can only be equipped once per battle, and it goes away if hit with the weakness weapon (a good thing, actually, because you won't be extremely vulnerable!). The Regular system is gone, not that I used it. The chip MB now determine how many of each chip can go into a folder. The smaller the MB, the more of that chip can go in. Almost as broken as BN2's chip system, but still with enough cons to balance it out. Now, the new stuff... BeastOut. Awesome, and would be drastically overpowered if not for 3-turn limit, and having to recharge the turn limit each battle. Also, staying in BeastOut for the max limit will drastically lower Rock's stats to the min, but when you BeastOut again in that condition, you activate BeastOver, which makes Rock go out of control. However, wisely combine the BeastOut with a Cross, and you're almost like a God... (remembers SlashCrossBeast). Oh yeah, one more thing: the Job System (or something very similar) is back!

Replayability/Extras: 8/10
I feel that the main plot is worth playing through again and again, even if you just want to hone your strategies. No extra playthroughs (thank God) to get all of your crosses. You simply talk to the respective Op to do their mini-quest and get the cross (meaning, it is possible to skip a cross or two and get them later. You can't however, skip the first one.). The extras were kind of lacking, in my opinion. Extras were never really my strong point, but they can get interesting. Just see!

Rent or Buy?
Buy! Buy it! Buy it now! It's so friggin' awesome that you will be unhappy if you rent it 'cause you have to give it back again. Trust me: you'll be glad you bought it. Wait for the English version if you want, but either way it'll be a great game.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/30/05

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